MMKOBTOTVOD :: Volume #13

#1210: Ten thousand clan congress

Is turning toward Xu Fan that Hidden Spirit Gate hurries along, suddenly the heart has the induction to put out a hand generally gently. 正在向着隐灵门赶路的徐凡,突然心有感应一般轻轻伸出手。 Finally has entrained a beautiful female from the space. 最后从空间之中拽过一位美丽的女子。 Husband, Weiyun is good to think that you ~ Zhang Weiyun closely grasps Xu Fan to say. “夫君,微云好想你~”张微云紧紧抱住徐凡说道。 Xu Fan embraces the Zhang Weiyun comfort saying: „After my time comes back, does not walk.” 徐凡揽住张微云安慰说道:“我这次回来之后就不走了。” Two people hugged in this chaos dense fog were long time separated. 两人在这混沌迷雾之中抱了良久才分开。 We first return to sect ~ Xu Fan said with a smile. “咱们先回宗门吧~”徐凡笑着说道。 Good ~ “好~” Thereupon, ultra long-distance transmission appears before two people together. 于是乎,一道超远距离传送阵出现在两人面前。 Direct transmission in Hidden Spirit Gate. 直接传送到了隐灵门中。 In Xu Fan returned to Hidden Spirit Gate at that moment, the multi-colored sunlight that was shot by 3000 deep places to shine together entire sect. 就在徐凡回到隐灵门那一刻,一道由三千界深处射过来的霞光照耀了整个宗门 From this multi-colored sunlight, Xu Fan felt wooden source paradise Heavenly Dao will aura. 从这霞光之中,徐凡感受到了一丝木源仙界天道意志的气息。 This acknowledged the position of Xu Fan sage on behalf of the wooden source paradise Heavenly Dao source. 这代表木源仙界天道本源承认徐凡圣人之位。 Your this coming far away, some are not worthwhile ~ Xu Fan felt flattering aura from this multi-colored sunlight. “你这大老远的过来,有些不值当的~”徐凡从这道霞光中感受到了一丝讨好的气息。 The Xu Fan strength has broken through in the chaos to the sage boundary forcefully. 徐凡的实力已经在混沌中强行突破到圣人境界。 In 3000, even if no acknowledgment of paradise he also to display the sage rank the strength. 在三千界中哪怕没有仙界的承认他也能发挥出圣人级别的战力。 The wooden source paradise far away for the sage proof that he issues is completely unnecessary. 木源仙界大老远为他颁发的圣人证明完全是多余。 At this time, sky over Hidden Spirit Gate were also many a eye. 此时,隐灵门上空也多了一双眼睛。 That eye looks to Xu Fan, is very temperate, seems because mother looked that is ordinary to own child. 那一双眼睛看向徐凡,很是温和,仿佛是因为母亲看向自己孩子一般。 Xu Fan looks to that eye slight nod. 徐凡看向那一双眼睛微微点头。 Has saying that the paradise Heavenly Dao will is 3000 big Heavenly Dao wills, looks after to Xu Fan very much. 不得不说,无论是仙界天道意志还是三千界的大天道意志,对徐凡都很照顾。 Every time returns, when Xu Fan need, the performance is very powerful ~ 每回在徐凡需要的时候,表现都很给力~ At this time, the Xu Fan form appears on the Hidden Spirit Gate prominent peak, attracted the attention of all disciples instantaneously. 此时,徐凡的身影出现在隐灵门的主峰上,瞬间吸引了所有弟子的注意。 Entire sect instantaneous is jubilant. 整个宗门瞬间欢腾起来。 In these several thousand years that Xu Fan leaves, although Hidden Spirit Gate develops as usual, but some disciple elders, felt lacked the pillar to be the same. 徐凡离开的这几千年中,隐灵门虽然照常发展,但无论是弟子还是一些长老,都感觉缺了主心骨一般。 If not on the 3 rd Xu Fan clone still to guard in sect, these disciples may not have the security sense thoroughly. 如果不是徐凡的三号分身还在宗门镇守,那些弟子可能会彻底没有安全感。 Welcomed Great Elder to return to sect!” “恭迎大长老宗门!” Suddenly, all disciples return to Hidden Spirit Gate to stand in sect look up to that great form, deeply did obeisance. 一时间,所有弟子回到隐灵门站在宗门中抬头看向那伟岸的身影,深深地拜了下去。 Sets out.” “都起身吧。” I not in this period of time, you have been able to haunch entire sect.” Xu Fan happily said. “我不在的这段时间,你们已经可以撑起整个宗门了。”徐凡欣慰说道。 In these several thousand years Hidden Spirit Gate experienced many matters, depends entirely on pooling brains and brawn of sect disciple to solve. 这几千年中隐灵门遇到了不少事,全靠宗门弟子的群策群力才能解决。 Hears the Xu Fan words, all disciple eyes with tears. 听到徐凡的话,所有弟子眼含着泪。 At night, after the entire sect holds the banquet . 夜晚,全宗举行完大宴之后。 Xu Fan, Zhang Weiyun and his several apprentices all chatted in the mid grade of tea yard. 徐凡,张微云和他那几个徒弟全都在小院之中品茶闲聊。 Looks all becomes the disciple of Great Principle saint, Xu Fan is very satisfied. 看着全都成为大罗圣者的弟子,徐凡很是满意。 Master, this period of time that you walk, Human Clan and other top race layouts are successful, tows the main battleground far away from 3000 places.” “师傅,您走的这段时间,人族和其他顶尖种族布局成功,把主要战场牵引到远离三千界的地方。” During this period, 3000 except for receiving the disturbance of that chaos giant beast, other time not big changes.” “在此期间,三千界除了受到那混沌巨兽的干扰,其他时间没有大的变化。” Hidden Spirit Gate actually suffered these to be destroyed the foreign land powerhouse in the world.” “不过隐灵门却遭受到了那些被毁灭世界的异域强者。” Under resistance of furiously entire sect, that several different powerhouses flies back without any results.” Xu Gang said that in the facial expression has an excitement. “在整个宗门的奋力抵抗下,那几个异界强者无功而返。”徐刚说道,神情之中有一丝兴奋。 At that time he clearly knows that is sect to the opportunity that he exercised, after he led the entire sect disciple to expel that several different powerhouses. 那时候他明知道是宗门给他锻炼的机会,但是当他带领着全宗门弟子把那几位异界强者赶走之后。 Feeling that one type the great aspirations completed initially. 还是有一种当初宏愿完成的感觉。 Xu Fan hears here, puts out a hand to reappear with the microcosm in the Xu Fan palm. 徐凡听到这里,伸出手与小世界浮现在徐凡手掌中。 In the microcosm is stranded him in that several different powerhouses who on the road meet. 小世界之中困着他在路上遇见的那几位异界强者。 Is these?” Xu Fan asked. “是这几位吗?”徐凡问道。 They are only one of them, initially came several wave-guide-slot powerhouses.” “他们只是其中之一,当初来了好几波异界强者。” Great Sage person rank all blocked by white snake and Hongshan seniors.” Li Xingci said. “其中大圣人级别的全都被白蛇和红山前辈挡住了。”李星辞说道。 That this matter I do not worry, the storm my Hidden Spirit Gate, this enmity gave you.” Xu Fan is saying the microcosm in hand toward the direction gently ball of sect front door. “那这件事我就不操心了,强攻我隐灵门,这个仇就交给你们了。”徐凡说着把手中的小世界向着宗门大门的方向轻轻一弹。 Outside Hidden Spirit Island were many different powerhouses of several sage ranks to protect immediately. 隐灵岛外顿时多了几个圣人级别的异界强者守护。 Master felt relieved, within 100,000 years, disciple guarantee report enmity.” The Wang Xuanxin stand said. “师傅放心,10万年之内,徒儿保证报此仇。”王玄心站出来说道。 Different powerhouse who initially had not left behind that several sage ranks, now had turned into the Wang Xuanxin half heart knot. 当初没留下那几个圣人级别的异界强者,现在已经变成了王玄心半个心结。 Good, this matter gave you ~ Xu Fan said with a laugh. “好,这件事就交给你们了~”徐凡笑呵呵说道。 Xu Fan and these disciples chatted long time, arrives at Hidden Spirit Gate after Huangshan of genesis sect stops. 徐凡和这些弟子聊了很长时间,直到元始宗的黄山来到隐灵门后才停止。 What's wrong, this several thousand years does not see, you looked on as an outsider to me.” Huangshan in receiving a guest palace said. “怎么,这才几千年不见,你就给我见外了。”迎客殿中的黄山说道。 This did not express that respect to senior ~ Xu Fan said with a smile. “这不是表示对前辈的尊敬嘛~”徐凡笑着说道。 Did not need to call the senior, I thought that you suppress me now also on the matter of staring.” Huangshan beckons with the hand to say. “不用叫前辈了,我看你现在镇压我也就瞪瞪眼的事情。”黄山摆了摆手说道。 „The Huangshan seniors chatted.” “黄山前辈说笑了。” Stares a little reluctantly, to use a method after all. 瞪瞪眼有点勉强,总归要用点手段。 My this time comes to invite you to return to 3000, attended ten thousand clan congresses.” “我这次来是想邀请你回三千界,参加万族大会。” Hears here, Xu Fan asked curiously: „Wasn't matter the solution?” 听到这里,徐凡好奇地问道:“事情不是解决了吗?” How must hold ten thousand clan congresses ~ “怎么还要开万族大会~” One group of light shadow appear before the Huangshan body, later selected several luminous spots above. 一团光影浮现在黄山身前,随后在上面点了几个光点。 Is pointing at a luminous spot said: This luminous spot is our 3000.” 指着其中一个光点说道:“这个光点是咱们的三千界。” Under is also afterward straight the distance 3000 recent 12 luminous spots. 随后又直下距离三千界最近的一两处光点。 This and this scale is not weak in 3000, but was swept by the chaos Great Sage person god demon fight complementary waves unlucky, complete collapse.” “这个和这个的规模不弱于三千界,只是倒霉被混沌大圣人神魔战斗余波扫中,全部崩坏。” Now the main purposes of ten thousand clan congresses are to assign the profit.” “现在万族大会的主要目的是分配利润。” Although these two collapsed, but the good thing to be many.” Huangshan explained said. “虽然这两界崩溃了,但是好东西可不少。”黄山解释说道。 „Do I go to at ten thousand clan congresses to need to do?” The Xu Fan doubts said. “那我去万族大会上需要干什么?”徐凡疑惑说道。 You before were 3000 top formation god masters, you attended ten thousand clan congresses to strengthen the Human Clan background.” “你以前是三千界的顶级阵法神师,你去参加万族大会可以增强人族底蕴。” Presently you are promoted the sage boundary not to need is so persuasive, whom looks at is not feeling well by there later on the resentment anyone.” “现你晋级到圣人境界就不用这么婉转了,到那里之后看谁不爽就怼谁。” Makes these alien races look in the future the power and prestige of Human Clan most powerhouse.” On the Huangshan face shows the happy expression. “让那些异族看一看未来人族最强者的威风。”黄山脸上露出笑意。 „The Huangshan senior, a Yuan lord is my Human Clan the column of heaven, I may work as not to this most character.” Xu Fan shakes the head to say hastily. “黄山前辈,元主才是我人族的苍天之柱,我可当不得这个最字。”徐凡连忙摇头说道。 Saw the response of Xu Fan, the brow of Huangshan wrinkled, finally changed to a long sigh. 看到徐凡的反应,黄山的眉头皱了起来,最后化作一声长长的叹息。 „The Yuan lord initial personality was like you, on the genesis sect an profound lord abandoned the life for him, he is not willing to work as the heavy responsibility of Human Clan.” “元主当初的性格跟你一样,要不是元始宗上一任的玄主为他舍命,他也不愿意当起人族的重任。” Now you are this, it seems like our Human Clan wants to unify 3000 also to have the good long section of road to walk.” Huangshan feeling said. “现在你又是这样,看来咱们人族想统一三千界还有好长一段路要走。”黄山感慨说道。 Senior cannot say, Human Clan unifies 3000, may, when the Human Clan heavy responsibility was simpler.” “前辈不能这么说,人族统一三千界,可比当起人族重任简单多了。” If Human Clan wants to dominate 3000 when the time comes, I will definitely do utmost to act.” Xu Fan guarantees to say. “如果到时候人族想要称霸三千界,我肯定会竭尽全力出手。”徐凡保证说道。 Fights several and takes on the heavy responsibility of Human Clan, these two which is the lighter and which is the heavier Xu Fan can obtain clear. 打几场架和担起人族的重任,这两个孰轻孰重徐凡还是能分得清的。 „A Yuan lord had also spoken similar words initially ~ in Huangshan tone quite expecting too much meaning. “元主当初也说过类似的话~”黄山语气之中颇有一丝恨铁不成钢的意味。
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