MCBW :: Volume #37

#3690: The finals are never

Pen interest pavilion, renews my iceberg beauty wife most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新我的冰山美女老婆! The instance that the voice drops, thick ice and Tianfeng of even more powerful, sweep across! 话音落下的瞬间,一股更加强力的玄冰与天风,席卷而来! Customs handed down from past generation return to the snow!” “流风回雪!” The wild wind and snow formed a giant dragon volume, entire wraps in which Tai Cang! 狂暴的风雪形成了一个巨大的龙卷,将太沧整个都包裹其中! „A horizon!” “一步天涯!” Tai Cang tried to put forth the spear/gun of hopeless situation, let all attacks all around, wanted to achieve his nearby, became extremely slow! 太沧试着使出了绝境之枪,让周遭的所有攻击,想要达到他的身边,都变得极度缓慢! But an effect of horizon, simply cannot display many, the snowstorm embezzled him! 可是一步天涯的效果,根本没能发挥出来多少,暴风雪就将他吞没了! Ah !-” 啊!-” Tai Cang felt that the bloodlines are icing up unceasingly, is very painful! 太沧感觉血脉都在不断地结冰,痛苦不堪! Tries to work loose these thick ice with spear/gun intent, but how diligently, the own strength was suppressed unceasingly completely, cannot turn the spray! 试图用枪意将这些玄冰挣脱,但不断怎么努力,自己的力量都被完全压制,翻不起浪花! Ye Fan, you save the uncle, there is no way to hit! The disparity was too big!” 叶帆,你去救救姑父吧,这根本没法打!差距太大了!” Patricia worries, for fear that a Kety's child birth did not have the father. 帕特里夏着急,生怕凯蒂的孩子一出生就没了父亲。 Ye Fan also deeply frowned, such hits, truly has nothing to win considers as finished. 叶帆也眉头紧锁,这么打下去,确实没什么胜算了 Actually, Tai Cang before original originally primordial chaos, has possibly lost. 其实,原本来鸿蒙前的太沧,可能早就输了。 Although this Qi Sanchuan cannot compare Feng Jiuxiao, but also is the primordial chaos top strength, is also almost the same as Xiao Wangge. 这祁三川虽然比不上风九霄,但也是鸿蒙的顶尖战力,跟萧忘歌也相差无几。 Tai Cang can in such short several months, promote to this level, is very astonishing. 太沧能在这么短短数月里,提升到这个水平,已经是非常惊人。 That raises the training of axe firewood, was really strengthens his entire body and cultivation base sharply. 那提斧头劈柴的训练,真是将他整个身体修为都大幅增强了。 May because of the increase and amplitude contraction of dice god, one plus one reduces, was equal to that turns weakens! 可因为骰神的增幅和减幅,一加一减,等于翻倍削弱! Tai Cang was weaker than Qi Sanchuan, depends entirely on emperor spear/gun intent this advantage to make up. 太沧本就比祁三川弱了一些,全靠帝王枪意这点优势来弥补。 May weaken under the condition like this, Tai Cang was equal to by all -around steamroll! 可这样削弱状态下,太沧等于被全方位碾压了! haha! Third Uncle really understands me, this/should such plays him slowly! Drains off his last drop of blood!” 哈哈!三叔果然还是懂我,就该这么慢慢玩死他!流干他最后一滴血!” In the Divine Dragon pavilion, the wind seizes the day to see all these, laughs to continue. 神龙阁内,风擒天看到这一切,大笑不止。 However without smiling several, the wind seizes the day on fierce coughs! 不过没笑几声,风擒天就剧烈咳嗽起来! cough...... cough cough!!” ……!!” The wind seizes the day mouth to spit the blood, the complexion suddenly becomes pale! 风擒天口吐鲜血,脸色突然变得铁青! Weather!” The Feng Jiuxiao complexion sinks. “天儿!”风九霄面色一沉。 He knows, oneself son remnant body, was very weak, because in addition the life is not limited, even more is void. 他知道,自己儿子这个残躯,本就很弱了,加上因为生活不节制,更加空虚。 Two maidservants seize the day to support by the arm the wind, trembles, for fear that Feng Jiuxiao blames to them on. 两个侍女将风擒天搀扶住,瑟瑟发抖,生怕风九霄怪到她们头上。 I cannot die, the wind seized the day to lick the blood on lip, said: old man, hurries to look for the patron god!” “我死不了”,风擒天舔了舔嘴唇上的血,道:“老头子,赶紧找守护神!” Perhaps big brother, the weather really could not support is too long, must chat with the dragon master a bit faster, Ji six directions also frowned to say. 大哥,天儿恐怕真撑不了太久,要快点跟龙爷聊聊了”,姬六合也蹙眉道。 But dragon Ye to the present, the does not have news, Feng Jiuxiao is a little agitated. “可龙爷到现在,都没有消息”,风九霄有点烦躁。 I remember that god clan named Tai Cang, was taken away before that to the courtyard of master and servant?” “我记得,那个叫太沧的神族,之前是被带去了那对主仆的院子吧?” Then seemed like to the master and servant, therefore Tai Cang came out.” “那对主仆好像走了,所以太沧才出来的。” Dragon master is very ripe with them, perhaps that Tai Cang knows where dragon Ye is at, Ji six directions said. “龙爷跟他们很熟,或许那太沧知道龙爷在哪啊”,姬六合道。 Feng Jiuxiao one hear, is busy at passes message: „The third child, keeps the living witness! I must ask his dragon Ye whereabout!” 风九霄一听,忙传音下去:“老三,留活口!我要问他龙爷的下落!” Qi Sanchuan heard, this slowed down the offensive. 祁三川闻听,这才放缓了攻势。 The thick ice storm of scene falls suddenly weakly, Tai Cang also had the opportunity of respite. 现场的玄冰风暴骤然降弱,太沧也有了喘息之机。 Why do you call a halt?” Tai Cang eyes reveal angry color. “你为何停手?”太沧目露愤然之色。 No rush, first asked that your matter, Qi Sanchuan asked: „Can dragon master where, you know?” “别急,先问你个事”,祁三川问道:“龙爷在何处,你可知晓?” Dragon master?” Tai Cang knits the brows: Walked.” “龙爷?”太沧皱眉:“走了。” Walked? Where went to?” “走了?去哪里了?” Walked walked, no matter this King these!” Tai Cang agitated say/way. “走了就是走了,本王不管那些!”太沧烦躁道。 Qi Sanchuan looked at look dragon pavilion, later also asked: „Did dragon master leave the primordial chaos? In primordial chaos?” 祁三川看了眼神龙阁,随后问道:“龙爷是离开了鸿蒙?还是在鸿蒙内?” Left, will not come back, listened clearly?” The Tai Cang angry glare said. “离开了,不会回来了,听清楚了么?”太沧怒目道。 You talked nonsense! dragon Ye is the primordial chaos patron god, how to leave the primordial chaos?” “你胡说!龙爷乃鸿蒙守护神,怎会离开鸿蒙?” this King is a emperor, believe it or not!” Tai Cang said proudly. 本王乃帝王,信不信由你!”太沧傲然道。 These dialogues, the audience also listened. 这几句对话,现场观众也很多都听了进去。 Suddenly arouses thousand overlapping waves, many primordial chaos member look to be amazed and suspicion. 一时间激起千层浪,许多鸿蒙修士都面露惊诧和怀疑。 Did the patron god walk? Missing? How can like this? 守护神走了?失踪了?怎么会这样? But the patron god does not come the this time eight big ratios, truly makes many people have to get suspicious! 可守护神迟迟不来这次的八门大比,确实让很多人不得不起疑心! Feng Jiuxiao complexion cloudy clear uncertain, passes on the sound said: „The third child, calls me, projects on him to be willing to speak the truth.” 风九霄脸色阴晴不定,传音道:“老三,给我打,打到他肯说实话。” Yes! big brother!” “是!大哥!” Qi Sanchuan listens, once again turned into the dim chilly ice purgatory the battlefield! 祁三川一听,再次将战场变成了昏暗的寒冰炼狱! big brother, emperor ideal condition general will not lie, did the could it be patron god really leave the primordial chaos?” Ji six directions worries to say. 大哥,帝王意境一般不会说谎,难道守护神真离开鸿蒙了?”姬六合忧心道。 Is impossible! Is impossible! The patron god walked, who makes me restore!?” “不可能!不可能的!守护神走了,谁让我恢复!?” The wind seizes the day to bellow to yell, full is the color of going wild, felt that the own world collapsed! 风擒天大吼大叫,满是抓狂之色,感觉自己的世界都崩溃了! Shut up!!” “闭嘴!!” Feng Jiuxiao stares to curse angrily suddenly, „is your matter, how could missing to place on a par with the patron god?” 风九霄突然瞪眼怒骂,“你这点事,岂能与守护神失踪相提并论?” The wind seizes a day of complexion to be startled, at once shows the smile of demented taunt. 风擒天面色一怔,旋即露出癫狂嘲讽的笑容。 haha...... indeed, my hadn't thought? If the patron god really left, your Feng Jiuxiao, didn't become the primordial chaos patron god?” 哈哈……是啊,我怎么没想到呢?守护神如果真的离开了,你风九霄,不就成鸿蒙守护神了吗?” Can press your existence only, no longer here, you were all control!” “唯一能压着你的存在,都不在了,你就是一切的主宰了!” My this waste son, what use also did not have, yes? The Feng Jiuxiao palace main...... Oh is not right, new patron god?” “我这个废物儿子,也就没了什么用处了,是么?风九霄宫主……不对,新任守护神?” Feng Jiuxiao cursed: presumptuous! Patron god what kind of is noble and pure, can you call can it be that at will?” 风九霄大骂:“放肆!守护神何等高洁尊贵,岂是你能随意称呼?” Snort, do not install, the old thing, you like me, is not because...... I most can understand your idea?” The wind seizes the day to sneer again and again. “哼,别装了,老东西,你之所以喜欢我,不就是因为……我最能理解你的想法么?”风擒天冷笑连连。 Ji six directions transferred the revolutions in side eyeball, big brother, I send people to investigate immediately, perhaps that only remains in Yellow Springs entrance nine not like, knows anything.” 姬六合在旁眼珠子转了转,“大哥,我立刻派人去调查一下,或许那只留守在黄泉入口的九不象,知道些什么。” Um, is important, must over and over confirmation, Feng Jiuxiao sincere said. ,事关重大,务必再三确认”,风九霄正色道 While at this time, has fallen into passive Tai Cang, suddenly one elder brother Neil in hand ejects! 正当这时,一直陷入被动的太沧,忽然将手中的昆古尼尔一把抛出! Really, god spear/gun, outstandingly vigorous!!” “真,神枪,万夫不当!!” Smuggles Tai Cang to use all spear/gun intent, Kunming Neil with irresistible force, arrived at the position of that three dice! 夹带着太沧倾尽所有的枪意,昆古尼尔势如破竹,来到了那三枚骰子的位置! Under outstandingly vigorous condition, so long as Tai Cang undying, the god spear/gun will attack infinitely! 万夫不当状态下,只要太沧不死,神枪就会无限进攻! The time, three golden dices start to be rotated unceasingly, cannot stop! 顿时间,三枚黄金骰子开始不断地被转动,根本停不下来! Ye Fan sees this, shows a faint smile, a fellow of this muscle, discovered the key finally. 叶帆看到这一幕,微微一笑,这个一根筋的家伙,总算发现了关键。 Sure enough! 果不其然! After Qi Sanchuan discovers, the expression changes suddenly! 祁三川发现后,表情陡然大变! Dice is not such plays! Do you...... your boy do!?” “骰子不是这么玩的!你……你小子干嘛!?” But at this moment, Tai Cang worked loose the customs handed down from past generation to return to surrounding of snow suddenly, displayed one toward Qi Sanchuan instantly! 可就在这时,太沧霍然挣脱了流风回雪的包围,朝着祁三川施展出一个刹那! Bang!!” “砰!!” Tai Cang dashing, withstand/top Qi Sanchuan directly spits blood to depart! 太沧一个冲撞,将祁三川直接顶得吐血飞出! Tai Cang whole body injury, recovered rapidly! 太沧浑身的伤势,也迅速地痊愈了! What's the matter? How did the uncle reverse suddenly?” Patricia calls out in alarm. “怎么回事?姑父怎么突然就扭转了?”帕特里夏惊呼。 Is the relations of dice points, Su Qingxue said: Tai Cang will not play the dice, but he thinks the spear/gun to make the dice keep forcefully transferring, causing Qi Sanchuan unable to control the fluctuation condition.” “是骰子点数的关系”,苏轻雪道:“太沧不会玩骰子,但他强行用神枪让骰子不停地转,导致祁三川无法控制增减状态。” „The absolute distance of overlord spear/gun intent, making Qi Sanchuan unable the dice move back, therefore definitely will be disturbed.” “霸王枪意的绝对距离,让祁三川无法将骰子拉远,所以必然会被干扰到。” Earlier such hits, what as far as was hit so distressedly, Ye Fan shakes the head with a smile. “早点这么打,何至于被打得如此狼狈”,叶帆笑着摇头。 Actually this dice god, compared with the past god sovereign Kelander's amusement park, must be easier to decode. 其实这个骰神,跟当年神皇凯兰德的游乐园比,要更容易破解。 Therefore Ye Fan felt, Tai Cang should think of the means that finally also really is this. 所以叶帆觉得,太沧应该会想到办法,最后也果然是这样。 The dice turned into beyond control existence, gambler Qi Sanchuan not only not disappointed, instead is very excited! 骰子变成了无法控制的存在,赌徒祁三川非但没失望,反而很激动! haha! Interest interesting! This can be called the opponent!” 哈哈!有趣有趣!这样才称得上对手!” Qi Sanchuan displays crazy dragon Xueqi, once again and Tai Cang dogfight in the same place. 祁三川施展出狂龙血炁,再次太沧缠斗在一起。 Because Tai Cang needs to trace the dice with elder brother Neil, can only be unarmed, but his supernatural power, coordinate spear/gun intent, deals with sufficiently. 太沧因为需要用昆古尼尔追踪骰子,只能赤手空拳,但他一身神力,配合枪意,也足以应付。 In the unceasing points change of dice, two people frequent each other, gives the opponent mutually the solid injury. 在骰子的不断点数变化中,两人你来我往,互相给与对手结结实实的伤害。 After spelling to several hundred moves, cut and bruised, restores already without enough time. 拼到数百招后,已经都是遍体鳞伤,恢复都已经来不及。 Several million people look stare dumbfounded, who hadn't thought, this wild god clan, really can fight to have Qi Sanchuan! 现场数百万人看得瞠目结舌,谁也没想到,这个蛮荒的神族,真能跟祁三川打得有来有回! Feng Jiuxiao in Divine Dragon pavilion, actually has no interest in observing radically. 神龙阁内的风九霄,却是根本无心观战。 Waited for a while, Ji six directions arrives at his nearby in a hurry, is shivering in a low voice the say/way: big brother, the news confirmed that nine like not witnessing, the dragon master went to the dwelling place of the dead!” 等了一会儿,姬六合匆匆来到他身边,低声颤抖着道:“大哥,消息确认了,九不象亲眼目睹,龙爷下了九泉!” Feng Jiuxiao heard, the double pupil fine glow explodes flashes, the corners of the mouth are hard to contain raise a curve...... 风九霄闻听,双眸精芒爆闪,嘴角难以遏制地扬起一丝弧度……
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