MCBW :: Volume #37

#3689: Finals interim adjustment

Pen interest pavilion, renews my iceberg beauty wife most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新我的冰山美女老婆! Difficult to be inadequate the old glutton to teach Tai Cang especially, for this day? 难不成老吃货特训太沧,就是为了这一天? Ye Fan nonstop, the direct sword intent shift returned to the day of Fèng pavilion. 叶帆马不停蹄,直接剑意转移回到了天阁。 Just arrived develops the martial stage, the discovery in all directions shout was shocking, several million viewer emotions ran high! 刚一到演武场,就发现四面八方喊声震天,数百万看客情绪高涨! Fixes the eyes on looks, on that stage is standing impressively two forms! 定睛一瞧,那台上赫然站着两个身影! Tai Cang, holds a gun to stand proudly. 一个太沧,傲然持枪而立。 Another is to grasp three golden dices, a long gown is the high thin men of Pai Gow designs. 另一个则是手持三枚黄金骰子,一身长袍全是牌九图案的高瘦男子。 What's the matter?” Ye Fan asked the females on the scene. “怎么回事?”叶帆问在场众女。 Women surface flood helpless, did not wait for them to say anything, listened to the radio Dong azure voice to start to shout. 女人们面泛无奈,不等她们说什么,就听广播里董青的声音开始大喊。 Audience! Eight have agreed compared with the organization committee greatly!” “观众们!八门大比组委会已经同意了!” Original finals because of to win from the absence of night, temporarily put aside!” “原本的决赛因为嬴从夜的缺席,暂时搁置!” From wild deity clan emperor spear/gun guest, Tai Cang, will challenge three of Heaven palace to manage a household Qi Sanchuan, the Qi three masters!!” “来自蛮荒的天神族帝王枪客,太沧,将挑战九重天宫的三当家祁三川,祁三爷!!” Ye Fan hears to smile, organization committee? Even if not one group of advertisement sponsors, is still person of one crowd of primordial chaos established influences. 叶帆听得都想笑,组委会?就算不是一群广告赞助商,也就是一群鸿蒙老牌势力的人。 This fellows to gain the benefit, definitely want to put on the block Tai Cang Ah ! 这帮家伙为了获取利益,肯定想把太沧放到砧板上啊! What make his speechless is Tai Cang, how such obedient? 让他无语的是太沧,怎么这么“听话”? It is well known, the Qi three masters are six tribulation Azure Dragon, the strength is next to that two in the Heaven palace!” “众所周知,祁三爷是六劫青龙,实力在九重天宫仅次于那两位!” However this god clan spear/gun guest, causes heavy losses to the lead who the wind seized the day it is said!” “而这位神族枪客,据说就是重创了风擒天的主角!” Illustrated that Yan Song said with a smile: „It is not it is said that is the fact, this matter, old man has tried to prove in every way.” 解说严松笑道:“不是据说,就是事实,这个事情,老夫已经多方求证了。” „, This is fighting of Ah ! revenge “如此说来,这可是一场复仇之战啊! actually is deity clan emperor spear/gun guest continuation makes the Heaven palace face countenance damage greatly, do the Qi three masters guard the glory of Heaven palace?” 到底是天神族帝王枪客继续让九重天宫颜面大损,还是祁三爷捍卫九重天宫的荣耀呢?” Person who the scene watches the good play, was even more excited, nuisance and angry that before the finals does not have ratio became, was nothing left! 现场看好戏的人,越发激动了,之前决赛没有比成的懊恼和愤怒,也荡然无存! Is up to mischief?” “搞什么鬼?” Ye Fan is speechless: This Tai Cang does not run back the home to see the wife and kid, what here hits?” 叶帆无语:“这太沧不跑回家看老婆孩子,在这里打什么?” My that uncle, not on this temperament?” Patricia shows the whites of the eyes. “我那姑父,不就这脾气?”帕特里夏翻了个白眼。 Tai Cang one, entrained a moment ago is like anything, raises the spear/gun to enter developed the martial stage, for fear that no one sees him, Ning Zimo sighed. “刚才太沧一来,就拽得跟什么一样,提着枪就进了演武场,生怕没人看见他”,宁紫陌叹道。 By me understanding Feng Jiuxiao, Tai Cang, so long as makes an appearance, even to run, is still being able to run away, Xiao Wangge frowns saying that look has a faint trace worry. “以我对风九霄的了解,太沧只要一露面,就算想跑,也是跑不掉的”,萧忘歌蹙眉道,眼神有一丝丝担心。 Su Qingxue said: „Can husband, directly interfere? to win does not come back from the night in any case, the big ratio pressed the say/way to end, needing buckle Tai Cang.” 苏轻雪道:“老公,要不要直接干涉?反正那嬴从夜不回来,大比按道理该结束了,没必要折损太沧。” indeed, our goals make the patron god know, we have the sufficient strength, now goal also achieves, Patricia said. 是啊,我们的目标只是让守护神知道,我们有足够的实力,现在目的也达到了啊”,帕特里夏道。 Ye Fan looked at two people on the stage, is not anxious, making Tai Cang reveal two well.” 叶帆看了眼台上的二人,“不急,让太沧露两手也好。” The person who if wish lets the primordial chaos submits, only by Ren Tiankuo the performance, truly also insufficient. 若想要让鸿蒙的人臣服,单靠任天阔的表现,确实还不够。 If Tai Cang can the technique press the third child in Heaven palace, that can be powerful heavy blows! 太沧如果能技压九重天宫的老三,那会是强有力的一记重拳! At this moment, Tai Cang that resolute face, after passing one reads is completely lively the faintness. 此时此刻,太沧那张刚毅的脸庞,透着一股阅尽繁华后的淡漠。 Before entering primordial chaos compares, were many dust, vicissitudes. 与进鸿蒙之前比,多了一丝出尘,一丝沧桑。 To be honest, the master I most repugnant fights with your emperor ideal condition, goes straight there and comes straight back, without what meaning.” “说实话,爷我最讨厌跟你们这些帝王意境者交手,直来直去,没什么意思。” For my family weather, must take you today.” “不过为了我家天儿,今天必须要将你拿下。” Deity clan, you have any last words, can say, Qi Sanchuan grins to say with a smile. “天神族,你有什么临终遗言,可以说了”,祁三川咧嘴笑道。 Tai Cang said straightforwardly: You are not the this King opponent, trades Feng Jiuxiao.” 太沧耿直说道:“你不是本王的对手,换风九霄。” Ha?” “哈?” Qi Sanchuan expression is exaggerating, immediately haha laughs. 祁三川表情夸张,随即哈哈大笑起来。 The audience also bursts out laughing, smiles. 现场的观众也都纷纷捧腹,笑得不行。 Interesting interesting, hadn't thought your also funny talent!” “有趣有趣,没想到还有点搞笑的天分!” Qi Sanchuan smile collects, look becomes ice-cold, „, but, three masters I hear...... is not happy.” 祁三川笑容敛去,眼神变得冰冷,“不过,三爷我听得……可不怎么高兴。” The instance that the voice drops, Qi Sanchuan threw the three golden dices in oneself hand. 话音落下的瞬间,祁三川丢出了自己手中的三枚黄金骰子。 Three dices in in the air bang bang bang blast open continuously, change to three groups of big diamond dust light groups. 三枚骰子在空中“嘭嘭嘭”连续炸裂,化作三团偌大的金粉光团。 The time, three golden energy dices, appear in the midair. 顿时间,三个黄金能量骰子,在半空中浮现。 Swings!” “摇起来!” Qi Sanchuan big hand wields, everywhere started to get down the black side cold snowflake! 祁三川大手一挥,漫天开始下起了黑色的极寒雪花! Six tribulation the Azure Dragon technique, the black ink snow! 六劫青龙技,墨雪! The light and heat, in a twinkling crazily suction, the arena becomes dim! 光与热量,在霎时间被疯狂吸走,擂台变得一片昏暗! That three golden dices, under the function of snowflake, are rolling only unceasingly! 唯独那三枚黄金骰子,在雪花的作用下,正不断地滚动! Tai Cang has not moved, the whole body was congealed thick ice, probably turned into the ice sculpture! 太沧还没动,浑身就被凝结出了一层玄冰,像是化成了冰雕! Tai Cang knits the brows under the ice surface, bursts out emperor spear/gun intent directly. 太沧在冰面下一皱眉,直接迸发出帝王枪意。 A rushing overlord spear/gun intent releases the flaming golden red brilliance, thick ice working loose. 一股澎湃的霸王枪意释放出熊熊金红色光焰,将玄冰给挣脱。 Instantly!” “刹那!” Tai Cang spear/gun killing to go out, arrives in front of Qi Sanchuan instantaneously! 太沧一枪杀出去,瞬间来到祁三川面前! May just about to hit, the Tai Cang also whole body iced up unexpectedly!? 可刚要击中,太沧竟然浑身结冰了!? The Qi Sanchuan idle courtyard takes a walk general, retroceded, a face is contemptuous. 祁三川闲庭散步一般,后退了开去,一脸轻蔑。 You said that who isn't an opponent?” “你说谁不是对手?” The voice drops at the same time, a Qi Sanchuan finger point. 话音落下的同时,祁三川手指一点。 dragon Nu, shadow dragon arrow! 龙弩,影龙箭! shadow crazy dragon Baoshe, holds to put on the Tai Cang body directly! 暗影狂龙爆射而出,直接将太沧的身躯捅穿! Tai Cang just worked loose the thick ice, suffered such dragon Nu, spurts the blood directly! 太沧刚将玄冰挣脱,就实打实挨了这么一记龙弩,直接喷血! But he just spouted the blood, body also was given Freeze by the black ink snow! 可他刚喷出血,身体被墨雪给冻结了! The member of audience looks is flabbergasted, exclaims in surprise Qi Sanchuan the strength of Azure Dragon to be intrepid, while curses the Tai Cang too waste, how to be one-sided? 全场的修士看得乍舌,一边惊叹祁三川的青龙之力强悍,一边大骂太沧太废物,怎么一边倒? The people in day Fèng pavilion, look are anxious for Tai Cang. 阁内的众人,都看得替太沧揪心。 Although has no favorable impression to Tai Cang, but this was also too miserable, moves to be iced lives, but how also to play? 虽然对太沧没什么好感,可这也太惨了,动一下就被冰住,还怎么玩? „The black ink snow of this fellow, is the might so how astonishing? I looked before the billows billows use, probably without that terrifying Ah ! desolate Huaisu calls out in alarm. “这家伙的墨雪,怎么威力如此惊人?我之前看澜澜用,好像没那么恐怖啊!”萧怀素惊呼。 Others are proper six tribulation Azure Dragon, the Qinglan elder sisters imitate six tribulations, can be the same?” Shi Lanyu said. “人家是正经六劫青龙,清澜姐是模仿六劫,能一样吗?”时蓝雨说。 „...... The effect of this black ink snow, truly is unusual.” “不……这个墨雪的效果,确实不寻常。” Ye Fan knits the brows, look looks to the dice of that three trundle. 叶帆皱眉,目光看向那三枚滚动的骰子。 That dice cannot be underestimated, is the masterstroke/divine skill of this fellow.” “那骰子不容小觑,是这家伙的神技。” Xiao Wangge nods, uncle eyesight is extraordinary, not bad, this Qi Sanchuan is liking to gamble that becomes famous, especially the dice, does not leave the body from the small dice.” 萧忘歌点头,“叔叔眼力非凡,不错,这个祁三川是出了名的好赌,尤其骰子,从小骰不离身。” His masterstroke/divine skill dice god, seemingly plays noisily, but if underestimated it, but can be the big deal......” “他的神技‘骰神’,看似玩闹,但若是小看了它,可是会出大事的……” It seems like, through the size of points, conducts the increase to oneself, and weakens opponent, Ye Fan saw the principle probably. “看来,是通过点数的大小,对自己进行增幅,并且削弱对手”,叶帆大概看出了原理。 yes, only if cultivation base can steamroll Qi Sanchuan, otherwise, if the dice cannot play him...... is very difficult opportunity, Xiao Wangge said. 是的,除非修为能碾压祁三川,不然,若是骰子玩不过他……很难有机会”,萧忘歌道。 Tai Cang had fallen into the absolute disadvantage at this time, how long just without hitting, was suppressed stubbornly by Qi Sanchuan. 太沧此时已经陷入了绝对的劣势,刚没打多久,就被祁三川压制得死死的。 Qi Sanchuan like the sniper who in the darkness walks randomly, dragon crossbows puncture Tai Cang unceasingly. 祁三川如同黑暗中游走的狙击手,一道道龙弩不断地将太沧打穿。 Tai Cang tries to attack, but his spear/gun is half beat behind each time, body was disturbed smoothly is unable by the black ink snow to move. 太沧试图攻击,但每次他的枪都慢半拍,身体被墨雪干扰得无法顺畅移动。 He is unbelievable, oneself trains hard such to be long, thinks the strength to rise sharply, the result comes out, the Heaven palace third child cannot be victorious!? 他难以置信,自己苦练这么久,自以为实力大涨,结果一出来,连个九重天宫老三都打不过!? also is this look.” 是这种眼神。” Qi Sanchuan as if completely understood the Tai Cang innermost feelings. 祁三川仿佛看透了太沧的内心。 Your these emperor ideal conditions, bragged is a cut above others, anything is thinking suppressed with the absolute strength.” “你们这些帝王意境,自诩高人一等,什么都想着用绝对力量压制。” Person lives first, a vegetation autumn, but is the game world, understood that game rule, is the true emperor!” “人活一世,草木一秋,不过是游戏人间,懂得游戏规则的,才是真正的帝王!” Qi Sanchuan sneers: Only boorish fellow, overestimated you.” 祁三川冷笑:“区区一介莽夫,真是高估了你。”
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