MCBW :: Volume #28

#2790: Young succuba

Pen interest pavilion 笔趣阁, renews my iceberg beauty wife latest chapter most quickly!,最快更新我的冰山美女老婆最新章节! Ye Fan naturally knows its meaning. 叶帆自然知道它的意思。 Since is this, Ms. Gleiter, is even more should withdraw the war earlier? “既然是这样,那格莱特妮女士,是不是更加应该早点撤出战局? Participates in the such dispute, did not fear that draws fire to oneself? ” Ye Fan asked. 参与这样的纠葛,不怕引火烧身么?”叶帆问道。 Gleiter smiles: „ Nameless, even if really has in the back adds fuel to the flames, still does not have any must protect the meaning of heptarchy and abyss succuba. 格莱特妮抿嘴一笑:“无名就算真的有在背后推波助澜,也没有任何一丝要保护第七王国和深渊魔女的意思。 We and fifth kingdom, fight for the resources of heptarchy, the plan with spear/gun sovereign Tai Cang, by no means is contradictory. 我们和第五王国,争夺第七王国的资源,跟枪皇太沧的计划,并不矛盾。 The heptarchy must end in any case sooner or later, gives the deity these territories with it, was inferior that our devil oneself remains. ” 反正第七王国迟早要完了,与其把那些领地送给天神,不如我们恶魔自己留着。” Even if you compete for some territories now, in the future could face, I and Guelaud Lya Princess collaborates...... “就算你现在争夺到了一些领地,未来可能就要面对,我和格洛莉亚公主的联手…… You did not fear, present greedy, does take to your thorough destruction? ” Ye Fan asked cold. 你就不怕,现在的贪婪,带给你彻底的毁灭?”叶帆冷然问道。 Gleiter face helpless shakes the head, „ Sword God, you do not seem clear. 格莱特妮一脸无奈地摇了摇头,“剑神,你似乎还不明白。 Compares in provoking also not mature you, with young succuba who has not grown up. 相比于招惹一个还未成熟的你,和一个远还没长大的小魔女。 I am not willing to provoke Tai Cang, does not want, because stood ahead of time mistakenly the team, provoked nameless. 我更不愿意招惹太沧,更不愿意因为提前站错了队伍,就招惹到无名。 Although your commitment is precious, I also believe that but...... 你的承诺虽然珍贵,我也相信,但是…… Can you live from the Tai Cang spear/gun, is a question. ” 你能不能从太沧的枪下活着回来,都还是一个疑问呢。” Solemn Devil King, feared that this fears that isn't aggrieved?” Ye Fan smiles. “堂堂魔王,怕这怕那,不憋屈么?”叶帆笑了笑。 „ Because will be sometimes aggrieved, therefore I am only Devil King, could not become the demon emperor. “正因为有时候会憋屈,所以我才只是魔王,成不了魔帝。 You did not say, I do become the demon emperor to be hopeless? Such being the case, that naturally must bow to powerhouse. 你不也说,我成为魔帝无望么?既然如此,那自然也要向强者低头。 After all from the present, nameless seems like wants to look at you and Tai Cang, fought a victory and defeat...... to play such a game of chess. 毕竟从现在来看,无名似乎是想看着你和太沧,决一胜负……才摆了这样一局棋。 Our insect clan is cautious, does not want before the potential state is not clear, stood mistakenly the team, provoked nameless...... ” 我们虫族如履薄冰,可不想在势态未清晰之前,就站错了队伍,招惹了无名……” Gleiter is not sure from the start, actually which more well-respected, which while will win finally. 格莱特妮压根就吃不准,到底哪一边更受重视,哪一边会最终取胜。 If it listens to Ye Fan words now, stands in line the heptarchy, that Ye Fan lost by some chance, it will naturally be involved. 它若是现在就听叶帆的话,站队第七王国,那万一叶帆输了,它自然就会受到牵连。 Wants it to stop the war now, that is equal to surrendering something submissively the victory in vain, that is not possibly plays. 要它现在停止战争,那等于白白将战果拱手让人,那是玩玩不可能的。 Therefore, after Gleiter analyzes the success and failure, safest advantageous, is continues to maintain the war, when all does not know existence of nameless this backstage manipulator. 所以,格莱特妮分析得失后,最稳妥有利的,就是继续保持战争,全当不知道无名这个幕后人物的存在。 The energetic barrier remove, one crowd of insect clan maidservants complexion doubts, do not know that a moment ago Devil King and Ye Fan said anything. 精神屏障撤掉,一群虫族侍女都面色疑惑,不知道刚才魔王叶帆说了什么。 Sword God Excellency, must say has said that please leave. 剑神阁下,要说的已经说完了,请你离开吧。 You can feel relieved freely, because must kill your person, in the deity clan, I will not begin to you. 你可以尽管放心,因为要杀你的人,在天神族,我不会对你动手。 I anticipated very much, emperor level sword intent, actually can show, is the strongest emperor ideal condition...... good luck. ” 我很期待,帝王级剑意,到底能不能证明,是最强帝王意境……祝你好运。” Gleiter look hinted under the nearby blue fruit. 格莱特妮眼神示意了下身边的蓝果。 The blue fruit leads two maidservants, immediately comes up, puts out a hand to direct, said: Mr. cold, I delivers you to go out.” 蓝果带着两个侍女,立刻上去,伸手一引,道:“冷先生,我送您出去。” Ye Fan frowns slightly, hesitant, also without said anything again, turns around to walk. 叶帆微微蹙眉,犹豫了下,也没再多说什么,转身就走。 wait a moment. 等一下”。 Gleiter stops suddenly, look looks to the blue fruit behind two insect clan maidservants. 格莱特妮突然阻拦,眼神瞄向蓝果身后的两个虫族侍女。 Blue fruit delivered was good, do not deliver. “蓝果送就行了,你们就别送了”。 Ye Fan discontented said: Ms. Gleiter, you do not deliver me personally, sending several maidservants to be parsimonious?” 叶帆不满道:“格莱特妮女士,你不亲自送我,派几个侍女都吝啬?” Sword God Excellency spoke discreetly, since your such said, I deliver you to leave personally. 剑神阁下言重了,既然您这么说,那我亲自送你离开吧”。 Saying, Gleiter sets out, leading one group of maidservants, the step to move toward the palace front door. 说着,格莱特妮起身,带着一群侍女,移步走向宫殿大门。 To the entrance, Gleiter made the blue fruit call a winged insect. 一直到了大门口,格莱特妮让蓝果叫来一只飞虫。 Sword God Excellency, the blue fruit will deliver you to transmit, walks slowly. 剑神阁下,蓝果会送你去传送阵,慢走”。 The Ye Fan complexion deep ground the insect, the blue fruit also followed. 叶帆面色深沉地上了虫子,蓝果也跟着上去。 Saw that a maidservant must sit, blue fruit turned head stares. 见到有个侍女也要坐上来,蓝果回头瞪了眼。 What's the matter? Let you come up?” “怎么回事?让你上来了么?” The maidservants reveal the timid color, I...... I......” 侍女露出怯怯之色,“我……我……” This insect clan girl is very lovable, such wants to deliver me, makes her come up, Ye Fan turned head said with a smile. “这虫族丫头挺可爱的,这么想送我,就让她上来吧”,叶帆回头笑道。 Since Mr. cold such said that that......” “既然冷先生这么说,那……” The blue fruit is just about to comply, was actually broken by Gleiter once again. 蓝果正要答应,却被格莱特妮再次打断。 Shut up!” “闭嘴!” Gleiter walks to go forward, looks at that insect clan maidservant with a smile. 格莱特妮走上前,笑吟吟看着那虫族侍女。 „Does child, you name?” “孩子,你叫什么名字?” One group of maidservants look at each other in blank dismay, does not know Devil King what meaning. 一群侍女面面相觑,不知道魔王什么意思 Your highness, she called......” “殿下,她叫……” Shut up! I asked her, has not asked you, Gleiter blocked the blue fruit that must speak. “住口!我问她,没问你”,格莱特妮拦住了要说话的蓝果。 The Ye Fan brow is tight, holding the breath Congealing Divinity gradually, concentrates on. 叶帆眉头紧蹙,渐渐的屏息凝神,专注起来。 The young maidservant lowers the head, look moves aside erratically. 小侍女则是低着头,眼神躲闪不定。 Sword God Excellency...... you know why I said a moment ago, although the abyss succuba is difficult to look, but not necessarily is difficult to kill?” 剑神阁下……你知道,为什么我刚才说,深渊魔女虽然难找,但却未必难杀吗?” Gleiter does not wait for Ye Fan to reply, continues saying: „ Right, the abyss succuba can concealment own all aura, pressure. 格莱特妮不等叶帆回答,继续说道:“没错,深渊魔女可以隐匿自己的一切气息,威压 Can be ever changing, hidden in all living things, it can be said that one devil of most difficult assassination. 可以千变万化,隐藏于众生之中,可以说是最难刺杀的一种恶魔。 However...... the abyss succuba strongest concealment ability, specters, the consumption is actually very big. 但是……深渊魔女最强大的隐匿能力,‘魔影’,其实消耗很大。 Once the time grew, the abyss succuba must be separated from the specters condition. 一旦时间长了,深渊魔女必须脱离魔影状态。 Lost nearly invincible specters condition, that childhood succuba, killing is not difficult. 失去了近乎无敌的魔影状态,那小时候的魔女,杀起来就不难了。 Often at this time, succuba through changing changing appearance, hidden oneself. 往往这种时候,魔女会通过变化易容,来隐藏自己 But turns into others, unavoidably will have the flaw, even if appearance, sound exactly the same...... 而变成别人,难免会有破绽,哪怕样貌,声音一模一样…… But something, remember, makings, manner...... 可有些东西,记忆,气质,神态…… Has not passed through the severe training and experience, cannot keep. ” 没经过严苛训练和历练,还是藏不住的。” Gleiter look smilingly looks at young maidservant. 格莱特妮眼神笑眯眯地看着“小侍女”。 Welcomes to the insect hole, Guelaud Lya Princess......” “欢迎光临虫穴,格洛莉亚公主……” The incarnation becomes young maidservant Sally knows that could not conceal the truth, raised the head suddenly, neat look became cold and gloomy decisive. 化身成“小侍女”的莎莉叶知道瞒不下去了,猛然抬头,楚楚眼神变得森冷果断。 Realizes situation not wonderful, her first considered that by no means is the retreat, instead attacks! 意识到情况不妙,她的第一考虑并不是后退,反而是进攻! Sees only her arm to turn into the black granule directly! 只见她的一条手臂直接化成黑色的粒子! Abyss demon blade!” “深渊魔刃!” An arm of Sally, after turning into the devil granule, the granule turned into one suddenly , if there is black long blade of essence, makes a great show of one's talents, ignites the black roaring flame! 莎莉叶的一条手臂,化成恶魔粒子后,粒子陡然化成了一把如有实质的黑色长刀,锋芒毕露,燃起黑色烈焰! Sally waves the arms about blade, has delimited Gleiter head directly! 莎莉叶甩手一刀子,直接划过了格莱特妮的脑袋! Gleiter head, was cut an opening instantaneously, then bang explodes a Tuantuan black flame! 格莱特妮的头部,瞬间被切出一道口子,然后“嘭”地一声爆炸成一团团黑炎! Success?!” The Sally double pupil flashes through wipes the pleasant surprise. “成功了?!”莎莉叶双眸闪过一抹惊喜。 She actually comes, is very smooth, therefore has wanted to give a try, can kill Gleiter. 她其实一路过来,都很顺利,所以早就想要试试看,能不能杀了格莱特妮。 After all the devil granule of abyss succuba, was known as that is strength of the most powerful devil. 毕竟深渊魔女的恶魔粒子,号称是最强大的恶魔之力。 Sally is deliberately considering, perhaps oneself even not grown, so long as there is an opportunity, through the assassination, same can kill Devil King. 莎莉叶寻思着,或许自己就算没成年,只要有机会,通过刺杀,一样可以杀死魔王 But, one crowd in the side insect clan maidservant, is not startled, instead drew back silently. 可是,一群在旁边的虫族侍女,却并没太惊慌,反而只是默默退了开去。 Sally is one confuses, does not know what's the matter. 莎莉叶则是一阵迷惑,不知道怎么回事。 Be careful!!” “小心!!” Sees the girl to beset with a crisis, actually did not know, Ye Fan shouts one, heart shouts 'motherfucker'! 看到女孩陷入危机,却不自知,叶帆大喊一声,心里一阵骂娘! wretched! Has not concealed the truth! 该死的!还是没瞒过去! He actually in the conference room, uses sword intent the time, noticed Sally to hide in the maidservant. 他其实在会议室内,使用剑意的时候,就注意到莎莉叶隐藏在侍女中了。 Has wanted to practice trickery, does not dare to reveal, the result...... pulled rank! 一直想瞒天过海,不敢显露,结果……还是托大了! Devil King is Devil King, the opposite party has also held after all is installing clearly muddled! 魔王毕竟是魔王,对方也一直揣着明白装糊涂啊!
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