MCBW :: Volume #28

#2789: Nameless

Pen interest pavilion 笔趣阁, renews my iceberg beauty wife latest chapter most quickly!,最快更新我的冰山美女老婆最新章节! In the insect hole royal palace, the atmosphere in conference room, is strange and tight. 虫穴王宫内,会议室中的气氛,诡异而紧绷。 Ye Fan makes oneself calm as far as possible, in the mind flashes through various possibilities fast. 叶帆尽量让自己冷静,脑海里飞快地闪过各种可能性。 His did nearby present the rebel? 身边出现了叛徒? Is impossible, whereabouts of oneself and women, the origin, except for they themselves, should no one be able to understand completely. 不可能,自己和女人们的行踪,来历,除了他们自己,应该没人能完整了解。 The they themselves family member, who will certainly not turn to Gleiter. 他们自己家人,当然不会有谁投靠格莱特妮。 Did the Ye Wuya master and servant say? 叶无涯主仆说出来的? Also not, if they do, Gleiter why must doubts Titan the matter of body? 也不会,若是他们做的,格莱特妮何须疑惑泰坦尸体的事情? Then...... is Gleiter oneself investigates! 那么……就是格莱特妮自己调查出来的! Will it know so many? could it be does it have the intelligence network of seizing every opportunity? 它怎么会知道这么多难道它有无孔不入的情报网? Suddenly! 忽然! Ye Fan notices these insect clan maidservant body, is printing fly king, in mind suddenly quivering! 叶帆注意到这些虫族侍女身上,印着的“蝇王”,脑海里猛然一激灵 Demon fly!” Ye Fan blurted out. “魔蝇!”叶帆脱口而出。 „Before could it be comes, did no one tell you? What has to be worth surprisedly?” 难道来之前,没人告诉你吗?有什么值得惊讶的吗?” Gleiter said with a smile: „ Battle efficiency, no doubt our sixth kingdom is inferior to the first five countries. 格莱特妮笑吟吟道:“论战斗力,固然我们第六王国不如前五国。 However by the intelligence capability, the first kingdom, is still well below our insect clan even. 但是论情报能力,就算第一王国,也远远不如我们虫族。 Therefore...... I really is very curious, actually behind you actually hid the any person thing. ” 所以……我真的很好奇,到底你背后到底隐藏了什么人物。” At this point, Gleiter look concentrates suddenly, the complexion changes! 说到这里,格莱特妮忽然目光一凝,脸色一变! A its pair of eyes pupil, turned into the compound eye instantaneously, then also restores extremely quickly! 它的一双眼眸,瞬间变成了复眼,然后极快地恢复! In look, reveals wipes the stunned color. 眼神中,露出一抹错愕之色。 How can...... be he!?” “怎么会……是他!?” Ye Fan knits the brows, what are you saying?” 叶帆皱眉,“你在说什么?” Gleiter complexion is gloomy, appears somewhat loses presence of mind. 格莱特妮脸色阴沉,显得有些失措。 Following close on, a spirit is tying, suddenly the appearance, keeps off side these maidservants standards outside. 紧跟着,一道精神结界,突然出现,将旁边的那些侍女都格挡在外。 Ye Fan also thinks that must begin suddenly, but discovered that this is only for does not make the dialogue leak out. 叶帆还以为要突然动手,但发现这只是为了不让对话泄漏出去。 Is actually what matter, needing Gleiter such discrete? 到底什么事情,需要格莱特妮这么谨慎? Sword God...... you can comprehend emperor level sword intent no wonder, also expert guarantee you. 剑神……难怪你能领悟帝王级剑意,还有高手保你。 Originally...... you with him are one group, how, are you also his disciple? ” Gleiter look complex asked. 原来……你跟他是一伙的,怎么,你也是他的弟子?”格莱特妮目光复杂地问。 Gleiter is, actually you saying what? What you see?” Ye Fan strange said. “格莱特妮,你究竟在说什么?你是看到什么了?”叶帆奇怪道 Just, I pitiful descendants, on remote that Titan body, were killed by somebody. “刚刚,我一个可怜的子孙,在遥远的那具泰坦尸体上,被某人打死了。 Luckily before...... at the point of death, the picture that it will see, told me ”, Gleiter sneers. 幸好……临死前,它将看到的画面,告诉了我”,格莱特妮冷笑。 The Ye Fan heart thump, this Devil King, really is monitoring potential surface all with the insect! 叶帆心头咯噔一下,这个魔王,果然是用虫子在监控着位面的一切! On including that Titan body, is unable to avoid its informer. 就连那泰坦尸体上,都无法躲避它的耳目。 Really is inconceivable, if the insect clan can be many some strategy levels, what will become. 真是难以想象,如果虫族能多一些战略级,会强成什么样。 Person who your mouth said that is who?” Ye Fan doubt. “你嘴里说的人,是谁?”叶帆狐疑。 Gleiter experienced the incomparably long life, experiences several eras. 格莱特妮经历了无比漫长的生命,经历数个纪元。 could it be said, it does know the old glutton? Knows the origin of old glutton? 难道说,它认识老吃货?知道老吃货的来历? Ye Fan does not believe, Ye Wuya really is only Martial God on Earth. 叶帆早就不怎么相信,叶无涯真的就只是地球上的武神 Thing rather too many that the issue of actually is not strength, rather, pure Martial God, he knows. 倒不是实力的问题,而是,单纯武神而言,他知道的东西未免太多了。 The Ye Wuya master and servant, the inevitable origin is not simple. 叶无涯主仆,必然来历不简单。 Child, do you also install now muddled with me?” Gleiter shakes the head with a smile. “孩子,你现在还跟我装糊涂?”格莱特妮笑着摇头。 You experience such to be broad, truth lie that I told, is it possible that won't distinguish?” Ye Fan asked back. “你见识这么广,我说的真话假话,莫非不会分辨?”叶帆反问。 Gleiter look twinkle, careful and Ye Fan looking at each other. 格莱特妮目光闪烁,仔细与叶帆对视。 „Doesn't that person, you really know he is who?” Gleiter asked. “那个人,你真不知道他是谁?”格莱特妮问。 I only know that he likes eating, calls Ye Wuya, in name is my grandfather, but the real origin is not clear, Ye Fan confident reply. “我只知道他爱吃,叫叶无涯,名义上是我祖父,但真实来历不清楚”,叶帆坦然回答。 Your grandfather? Did he call Ye Wuya?” Gleiter frowns. “你祖父?他叫叶无涯?”格莱特妮蹙眉。 Not?” “不是么?” When he called boundlessly, he obviously was nameless, Gleiter whispered. “他什么时候叫无涯了,他明明是无名”,格莱特妮嘀咕道。 Nameless? Without the name?” “无名?没名字?” Perhaps, as far as I know, he said initially, called nameless, possibly was disinclined to give the name. “或许吧,据我所知,他当初自称,就叫‘无名’,可能只是懒得取名字。 The concrete origin...... I am not very clear. 具体来历……我也不是很清楚。 Knows person who he has, was few in the entire Taishi potential surface, possibly other six Devil King, did not know his existence. 知道他存在的人,在整个太始位面都很少,可能其他六个魔王,都不知道他的存在。 Because my intelligence capability is extremely strong, therefore I about him knew that are more. 因为我的情报能力极强,所以我对他才了解多一些。 I once saw him to appear and disappear times several Titan god territories, sees him to have the contact with some people of deity clan. 我曾经看到他出没几次泰坦神域,也见他与天神族的一些人有过接触。 Moreover, he is thousand Queen mysterious powerhouse at the same time, after thousand Queen vanish, he also disappeared. 另外,他是和千面女王同一时期的神秘强者,千面女王消失后,他也就消失了。 Although does not know the specific reason, but I have suspected, thousand Queen vanish, nameless has the greatest relations with this. 虽然不知道具体原因,但我一直怀疑,千面女王消失,跟这个无名有莫大关系。 Thousand Queen heyday, the entire Taishi potential surface, no one dares to horizontally view with her. 千面女王全盛时期,整个太始位面,无人敢与她平视。 Even if deity clan that side mortal enemy, can only the shame lower the head, even a Titan clan is also well-mannered. 哪怕天神族那边的死敌,都只能耻辱地低头,甚至泰坦一族也规规矩矩。 Can with thousand confront only, does not drop the wind, is this nameless. 唯一可以跟千面对峙的,不落下风的,也就是这个无名。 Only pitifully, how I have not seen him to act, he confronts with thousand Queen, my children were destroyed. 只可惜,我也没见过他怎么出手,他与千面女王一对峙,我的孩子们就被摧毁了。 Made concrete them to chat anything, had anything, I did not know...... ” 具体他们聊了什么,发生什么,我也不知……” The Ye Fan heart jumps crazily, suddenly felt too many astonishing information, drilled into the mind. 叶帆心头狂跳,一时间感觉太多惊人的信息,钻入了脑海里。 Ye Wuya? Nameless? 叶无涯?无名? actually what's the matter, which is really? Said, is only the aliases? 到底怎么回事,哪个是真的?还是说,都只是化名? Naturally, actually he called anything, was immaterial. 当然,其实他叫什么,都无关紧要。 More importantly...... Gleiter actually believes, the old glutton can be on par with the demon emperor? 重要的是……格莱特妮竟然认为,老吃货可以跟魔帝比肩? Since then, recent nameless appearance, 200,000 years ago” “自那以后,最近一次无名出现,是在二十万年前” Gleiter look twinkle, several points recalls said: „ That appearance, is the Silver kingdom of deity clan. 格莱特妮目光闪烁,几分回忆地道:“那一次出现,是天神族的西尔弗王国。 From the beginning my also does not have attention, discovered afterward time, he already in king Chengdai more than 30 years. 一开始我也没有注意,后来发现的时候,他已经在王城待了三十多年。 During that he from the street, picked a abandoned child, brings up. 在那期间,他从街头,捡了一个被抛弃的孩子,抚养成人。 In a while, he disappeared again. 只是没过多久,他就再度消失了。 These for 200,000 years, I have not obtained his news again ”. 这二十万年来,我再也没得到过他的消息”。 Silver kingdom?” “西尔弗王国?” In the Ye Fan mind appears some strange thoughts, cannot such fortunately...... 叶帆脑海里浮现一些奇怪的念头,不会这么凑巧吧…… You are thinking, orphan that the nameless foster grows up, is who?” Gleiter asked with a smile. “你是不是在想,无名抚养长大的孤儿,是谁?”格莱特妮笑吟吟问。 Ye Fan is silent, does not say a word. 叶帆沉默,一言不发。 You guessed right, that child, is one of the nowadays deity clan three crowns, emperor level spear/gun intent owner, spear/gun sovereign Tai Cang!” “你猜对了,那个孩子,就是现如今的天神族三冠之一,帝王级枪意拥有者,枪皇太沧!” Nameless, is his foster father and master!” “无名,就是他的养父和师傅!” You...... can Ye Fan, possibly shout Tai Cang senior brother?” “你……叶帆,可能得喊太沧一声师兄?” Gleiter eyes reveal several points of pondering happy expression. 格莱特妮目露几分玩味的笑意。 Leaf does not have...... that old glutton, does not calculate my master. “叶无……那老吃货,不算我师傅”。 The Ye Fan sinking sound said, heart is overwhelming at this time. 叶帆沉声道,心里此时已经翻江倒海。 No wonder this spear/gun sovereign Tai Cang, will so strongly request to make war. 难怪这个枪皇太沧,会如此强烈地要求开战。 Not hesitating to make the deity within the clan section relations to be anxious, wants prestige Wakigami sovereign Kelander to tear up the treaty. 不惜闹得天神族内部关系紧张,也要威胁神皇凯兰德撕毁条约。 Originally...... Tai Cang with the old glutton, has the such deep origin!? 原来……太沧跟老吃货,有这么深的渊源!? Nameless? he actually is who? 无名?他到底是谁 He trains Tai Cang, what goal stems from? 他培养太沧,是出于什么目的 oneself and are Tai Cang, is it possible that only the board game pieces under his arrange/cloth? 自己太沧,莫非都只是他布下的棋子? Ye Fan grips tight both hands, this feeling, making him not feel better very much. 叶帆攥紧双手,这种感觉,让他很不好受。 Gleiter also realized something obviously...... 格莱特妮显然也意识到了一些事…… I said, spear/gun sovereign Tai Cang and has no interest in strive for hegemony, he but who pursues the spear/gun say/way peak wholeheartedly, how will attempt the throne Kelander suddenly. “我就说,枪皇太沧并无心争霸,只是一心追求枪道巅峰的他,怎么会突然逼宫凯兰德。 Even lets the god sovereign under helpless, imprisons Patricia Princess that he most loved dearly...... 甚至让神皇迫于无奈,囚禁了他最心疼的帕特里夏公主…… Originally was the Tai Cang most important father and Honored Master comes back. 原来是太沧最重要的父亲和恩师回来了。 such looks like...... nameless definitely has to get up to some tricks in behind. 这么看来……无名肯定在背后有做一些手脚。 This mysterious powerhouse, if really wants to let the heptarchy destruction, should easily be able to achieve. 这位神秘的强者,若真想让第七王国毁灭,应该轻易就能做到。 His such does...... definitely has the profound meaning ”, Gleiter looks at Ye Fan looking pensive. 这么做……肯定是另有深意啊”,格莱特妮若有所思地看着叶帆
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