MOE :: Volume #10

#55: Heavenly King projection

vampire viscount single Xi selects the place, deeply lowered the head, territory......” then his sound lived on the stem, does not know how likely should reply. 血族子爵单膝点地,深深低下头去,“领地……”然后他的声音就梗住了,像是不知道该怎么回答。 The Nighteye sound transfers gently, said: Stands the speech. Initially hadn't I probably seen you?” 夜瞳声音转为柔和,道:“站起来说话。当初我好像没有见过你?” I am only a Kaos Count your excellency distant branch of family descendant, the bloodlines am not outstanding, reluctantly after promote step Viscount, obtains in the opportunity of side old Count working, at that time, you are Monroe your highness. Therefore you do not know me.” “我只是卡奥斯伯爵阁下的一个远支后裔,血脉并不出众,勉强晋阶子爵后才得到在老伯爵身边效力的机会,那个时候,您已经是门罗的殿下了。所以您不认识我。” What matter do you ask me to have?” “你来找我有什么事吗?” Your excellency has a thing to give you.” “阁下有一件东西要交给您。” The Nighteye facial expression is startled slightly, actually she does not need to ask at present this Viscount, knows the condition of that small clan on Evernight Continent Kaos leaves behind not. Old Count initially was seized by Edward, but Monroe perhaps not for a far away lower-level Continent collateral branch and Son of God conflict directly. Nighteye has not thought that in that situation, Kaos can also leave behind the thing unexpectedly to her. 夜瞳神情微微一怔,其实她不用问眼前这个子爵,也知道永夜大陆卡奥斯留下的那支小氏族的境况不会好。老伯爵当初是被爱德华抓走的,而门罗恐怕不会为了偏远下层大陆的一个旁支和圣子正面冲突。只是夜瞳没有想到,那种情况下,卡奥斯居然还能留下东西给她。 vampire viscount said: You know...... Your excellency was taken away by the Paz clan is not peaceful. He likely is early some premonitions, when outside notifies some people visit, the same thing gives me, making me run away from the dense [say / way], and if certainly wants the means to transmit to the hand of your highness.” 血族子爵道:“您知道……阁下被帕斯氏族带走的时候并不和平。他像是早有预感,在外面通报有人来拜访的时候,就把一样东西交给我,让我从密道逃走,并且一定要想办法转交到殿下的手里。” The Nighteye facial expression is very tranquil, but also hears to be very earnest. 夜瞳神情很平静,但是也听得很认真。 I escaped by luck, did not have your positive news, afterward heard that you resembled that side Human race. Until now, news that you return to officially spreads officially, I dare to look for you.” “我侥幸逃过一劫,却一直没有您的确切消息,后来又听说您好象去了人族那边。直到现在,您正式回归的消息正式传出,我才敢来找您。” Nighteye can definitely imagine, that she crossed with the castle of childhood and most young girl time once had had anything. She asked: Clan...... How many people survive?” 夜瞳已经完全能够想象,那个她渡过和童年和大半少女时代的城堡曾发生过什么。她问:“氏族……还有多少人存活?” Hears this issue, Viscount collapses suddenly, is choked with tears, sobs: Sir died, the descendants many died, other, heard that they were seized, said that must make any bloodlines extraction. These bloodlines are not very pure, at the scene was massacred, they...... They want to exterminate our clans!” 听到这个问题,子爵忽然崩溃,痛哭失声,哽咽道:“大人死了,后裔们好多都死了,其余的,听说他们被抓走,说是要做什么血脉提取。那些血脉不够纯净的,都被当场杀掉,他们……他们就是想灭绝我们的氏族!” The Nighteye silent moment, the sound is cold is similar to the cold wind that the polar deep place blows out, except for Edward, with the Paz clan, but also who?” 夜瞳默然片刻,声音冷得如同极地深处吹出的寒风,“除了爱德华,和帕斯氏族,还有谁?” Probably the powerhouses of some other clans, oh, was right, I can confirm has two Viscount to be the Dracula clan.” “好象还有一些其它氏族的强者,,对了,我能确认的是有两个子爵属于德库拉氏族。” Lightless Monarch?” 无光君王?” Viscount lowered the head, appears somewhat panic-stricken, returns saying: I am not clear your majesty is whether related with Metatron.” Merely two Viscount behaviors cannot represent the clan will, where does not have the evidence to dare to indicate and confirm dark Grand Monarch by his status. 子爵低下头,显得有些惊恐,回道:“我并不清楚是否和梅丹佐陛下有关。”仅仅两名子爵的行为并不能代表氏族意志,以他的身份没有证据哪敢指认一名黑暗大君 Nighteye nods, said: Good, I knew, this matter I will process. Do you want to take to my thing?” 夜瞳点头,道:“好,我知道了,这件事我自会处理。你要带给我的东西呢?” Here.” Viscount unties the clothes, takes out a seal complete wooden box from the underwear, restless tunnel: Your highness, I feared that was robbed by others, like this puts.” “在这里。”子爵解开衣服,从内衣里面取出一个封装完整的木盒,不安地道:“殿下,我只是怕被别人抢走,才,才这样放的。” Has not related, brings.” “没关系,拿过来吧。” Viscount both hands shiver slightly, go forward several steps, has handed in front of the wooden box Nighteye. 子爵双手微微颤抖,上前几步,将木盒递到了夜瞳面前。 The wooden box the ruler the square, middle finger is probably thick, the surface is engraving the close pattern, with specially-made close seal. In cannot have any thing evidently. 木盒大约尺许见方,三指厚,表面镌刻着细密花纹,用特制的胶漆封口。看样子里面装不下什么东西。 to seal|confer He of this type of model, Nighteye never has also seen, in the memory as if in the old Count study room has not seen similar matter. The pattern of surface is origin array, the function is actually unclear, however in Nighteye's both eyes, the Origin Force fluctuation is quite weak, even if that in other words useful will not have anything to use greatly. 这种式样的封盒,夜瞳还从未见过,记忆中似乎也不曾在老伯爵的书房里看到过类似的物事。表面的花纹其实是原力阵列,功用不明,然而在夜瞳的双眼中,原力波动极为微弱,那也就是说即使有用也不会有什么大用。 Old Count when realizing own disaster is imminent, does everything possible to it deliver, actually what in this to install is what? 伯爵在意识到自己大祸临头之际,想方设法要把它送出来,这里面究竟装的是什么? Nighteye puts out a hand to prepare to meet the wooden box, Viscount because perhaps anxious, both hands shook in a big way, does not know that touched any mechanism, the lid ball opened voluntarily, has revealed inside thing. 夜瞳伸手准备去接木盒,子爵或许因为紧张,双手抖得大了一些,不知触动了什么机关,啪的一声,盒盖自行弹开,露出了里面的东西。 Unexpectedly is a book. 居然是一本书。 Viscount had a scare, explained incoherently: This...... This...... Your highness, I pledged that I have not opened it!” 子爵吓了一大跳,语无伦次地解释道:“这……这……殿下,我发誓,我没有打开过它!” Nighteye is actually very calm, said lightly: Has not related, should be the Kaos desire.” 夜瞳倒是很镇定,淡淡道:“没关系,应该是卡奥斯的愿望吧。” This book obviously is the Human race ancient book, but is not the Vampire Race common sincere magnificent style. In the front cover of book completely empty, does not have a character. The page is very thick, puts in order this book seems few several pages. 这本书显然是人族古书,而不是血族常见的厚重华丽风格。书的封页上空空如也,没有一个字。书页十分厚,整本书看上去不过寥寥十几页而已。 Nighteye puts out a hand to take up the ancient book, hits the unseal surface, pleasant impressively is dead characters! 夜瞳伸手拿起古书,打开封面,入眼赫然是一个死字! In an instant, indescribable aura blasts out from the ancient book in together, such as the peak, such as the deep sea, has looking disdainfully in society certainly unsurpassed aggressive, suppressed the entire Theseus old castle instantaneously! 刹那之间,一道无法形容的气息自古书上炸开,如绝峰,如深海,自有睥睨世间的无上霸气,瞬间压制了整个底修斯古堡! Nighteye both eyes completely melted the scarlet calmly, the ancient book that the pupil deep place screens from opening, goes out of an old person from the page, the distant fist strikes to her. 夜瞳双眼已尽化血色,瞳孔深处映出的古书无风自开,从书页中走出一个老人,遥遥一拳向她击来。 Extreme Point King! 指极王 Nighteye whole body blood energy blasts out suddenly, in her hand presents a handle giant black sickle, knees down, inserts the black sickle in the front ground, keeps off Extreme Point King hardly strikes. 夜瞳全身血气突然炸开,她手中出现一柄巨大黑镰,单膝跪地,将黑镰插在面前地上,硬挡指极王的一击。 Extreme Point King remains unmoved, a fist, does not turn head, the form passes through from Nighteye on instantaneously, then vanishes, unexpectedly is phantom. 指极王不为所动,一拳即出,再不回头,身影瞬间自夜瞳身上穿过,然后消失,竟是一个虚影 After Extreme Point King strikes, then vanishes. Nighteye is both hands grasps the sickle, motionless. Listens to Bang one suddenly, the sofa that her originally sits blasts out suddenly, changes into the powder powder. Ping ping keeps ringing, in the living room all matters 11 blast out, changes into the tiniest powder. 指极王一击之后,便即消失。夜瞳则是双手握镰,一动不动。忽听砰的一声,她原本所坐的沙发突然炸开,化为齑粉。紧接着砰砰砰砰响个不停,客厅内所有物事11炸开,都化为最为细小的粉末。 Incessantly is furniture decorations, the wall, floor and ceiling also start 11 explosions . Moreover the smashing range rapidly is still expanding, spreads to the entire old castle main building. Extreme Point King and clashing of Nighteye two strengths, the reality is extremely terrifying, has the Theseus old castle of over a thousand years of history unable to withstand. 不止是家具饰物,就连墙壁、地板和天花板也开始11爆炸,而且粉碎范围还在迅速扩大,蔓延到整个古堡主楼。指极王夜瞳两股力量的对撞,实是太过恐怖,有着上千年历史的底修斯古堡也承受不住。 When the entire main building starts the avalanche, third ascends two huge blood energy, with destruction strength fierce confrontation. In their scarlet domains phenomenon numerous, but just formed is destroyed the strength to destroy, the terrorist forces of final two duke levels , can only protect the body on Monday the range of small circle. 整座主楼都开始崩塌之际,第三层升腾起两道庞大血气,与毁灭力量激烈对抗着。他们的血色领域内异象重重,但刚刚成形就会被毁灭力量摧毁,最终两道公爵级的恐怖力量,也只能保护身周一小圈的范围。 In an instant, the main building on the thorough avalanche, after the dust the cold wind whisks off, the wreckage of original position remaining three cylinders, above separately is only setting up two dukes and Nighteye. 转眼之间,主楼就彻底崩塌,灰尘被寒风拂去之后,原处只剩下三座圆柱形的残骸,上面分别立着两位公爵和夜瞳 Two dukes look one, is difficult to cover the shock, they one step arrive in front of Nighteye, asked: Your highness, are you all right?” 两位公爵对望一眼,都是难掩震惊,他们一步来到夜瞳面前,问:“殿下,您没事吧?” Nighteye is lowering the head lifts slowly, the face whiten, the corners of the mouth together scarlet blood line slowly lets fall. She is supporting the black sickle, wants to stand up strenuously, but just borrowed the strength, black sickle sickle handle Little Duan also change into the powder powder suddenly. Nighteye staggers, nearly tumbles. 夜瞳低着的头缓缓抬起,脸色苍白之极,嘴角一道猩红血线慢慢垂落。她撑着黑镰,吃力地想要站起,可是刚刚借力,黑镰的镰柄突然有一小段也化为齑粉。夜瞳一个踉跄,险些跌倒。 Two dukes want to hold, pauses, carefully and Nighteye is maintaining the distance. 两位公爵想要去扶,又都停步,小心地和夜瞳保持着距离。 Vampire Race is exquisite and sensitive, when severe wound, is rashly close, perhaps will cause the misunderstanding. 血族都是细腻而又敏感,重伤之际,贸然接近,说不定会引起误会。 Nighteye steady, finally stands up slowly. She lowers the head suddenly, saw own abdomen are unexpectedly many around cavity that passes through, the size just and fist of Extreme Point King is exactly the same. After Nighteye has looked, the facial expression still does not have momentous change too, is only the closing up coat front piece, blocks the wound. 夜瞳稳了稳,终于慢慢站起。她忽然低头,看到自己腹部竟多出一个前后贯穿的空洞,大小正和指极王的拳头一模一样。夜瞳看过以后,神情依然没有太大变动,只是合拢外衣衣襟,将伤口挡住。 Just that was...... Extreme Point King?” A duke asked cautiously. To this level, if also has anything to exist, only depends on a name to make him produce dreads, except for Holy Mountain supreme, probably was Extreme Point King. “刚刚那是……指极王?”一名公爵小心翼翼地问。到了他这个位阶,如果说还有什么存在,仅凭一个名字就能让他产生畏惧的话,除了圣山至尊们,大概就是指极王了。 Is he, but is not I, merely is his incarnation projection, has strength of the striking.” “是他,不过不是本人,仅仅是他的化身投影,只有一击之力。” In two duke eyes rejoiced, is the fear, Extreme Point King strikes is not good to meet. By might that just struck, if falls on them, perhaps now the station cannot stand. 两位公爵眼中又是庆幸,又是后怕,指极王的一击可不是那么好接的。以刚刚一击的威力,若是落在他们身上,恐怕现在站都站不起来了。 „Will the projection of Extreme Point King appear here? Was that fellow just?” 指极王的投影怎么会出现在这里?难道是刚刚那家伙?” Nighteye said: He died.” 夜瞳道:“他已经死了。” Sends the ancient book that Viscount to place the central area that Extreme Point King and Nighteye battle, where can escape by luck? In is ground the flying ash that the destruction strength erupts instantaneously, has not stayed behind including a relic. 送来古书的那名子爵身处指极王夜瞳交战的中心区域,哪里能够幸免?在毁灭力量爆发的瞬间就已被碾成飞灰,连一点遗物都没有留下。 A duke facial color is dignified, said: Human race this is accumulates deliberately empty, wants to drive you to commit suicide!” 一名公爵面色凝重,道:“人族这是处心积虚,想要置您于死地!” Another duke also said: „When on the same day you return, their Extreme Point King and Green Sun King set out the interception, wish to make you forever unable to return to Twilight Continent. Did they know what?” 另一名公爵也道:“当日您回归之时,他们的指极王青阳王就出动拦截,想要让您永远也回不了暮光大陆。难道说,他们已经知道了什么?” This is impossible! The matter of concerned Your Highness Nighteye all belongs to the Council top secret, Council President also only knows that part that he should know. How Human race possibly knows.” “这不可能!有关夜瞳殿下的事情全属于议会最高机密,就连议长也不过只知道他该知道的那个部分。人族怎么可能知道。” Do not forget, some Human race also many Heaven's Mysterious masters, in this regard, they are much stronger than us.” “你别忘了,人族也有不少天机高手,在这方面,他们可是比我们要强得多。” „Is Heaven's Mysterious Art so fierce?” 天机术有这么厉害?” Two dukes talked, when was discussing, suddenly dark void came from the day beyond, arrived in front of them instantaneously, at once changes into the endless darkness, covered the entire old castle, the duke could not see anything. 两名公爵你一言我一语,正讨论之际,忽然一点黑暗自天外虚空而来,瞬间就到了他们面前,旋即化为无尽黑暗,笼罩整个古堡,就连公爵也看不到任何东西。 The darkness is not fearful, fearful is in the darkness that crushes all terrifying aura, making two Grand Duke not can be popular the heart of resistance. They knee down, caress the chest to salute, said with one voice: Demon Sovereign your majesty!” 黑暗并不可怕,可怕是黑暗中那压倒一切的恐怖气息,令两大公爵丝毫兴不起抵抗之心。他们单膝跪地,抚胸行礼,齐声道:“魔皇陛下!” The dark deep place, resembling presents together the form, actually nobody can see clearly his appearance and attire. He is without consulting anybody good to Nighteye in front, said: What kind of?” 黑暗深处,似是出现一道身影,却无人看得清他的容貌和衣着。他径自行到夜瞳面前,道:“怎样?” Nighteye said: „It is not fatal, but injured Blood Core.” 夜瞳道:“不致命,但伤到了血核。” Demon Sovereign has been startled being startled, 魔皇似是怔了怔, Stops, Fang [say / way]: How can like this? Ji Wentian is strong, does not have the projection of independent consciousness comes, should not.” 停顿一下,方道:“怎么会这样?姬问天再强,来的也只是没有自主意识的投影,不应该啊。” They seem to be clear my weakness, the method have also aimed.” “他们似乎非常清楚我的弱点,手段也都有所针对。” Demon Sovereign sighed, said: According to this logic, before you awaken in the experience of Human race world is perhaps related. Perhaps they moved any hands and feet on you, can such accurately find you, and in view of your weakness attack. Ji Wentian always considers oneself as high, uses this method including him, it seems like Human race wants to kill your heart, not shakable.” 魔皇叹了口气,道:“这样说来,或许和你觉醒前在人族世界的经历有关。他们恐怕在你身上动了什么手脚,才能这么准确地找到你,并且针对你的弱点攻击。姬问天一向自视极高,连他都用出这种手段,看来人族想要杀你之心,无可动摇。” Nighteye is very calm, said: This is very normal, after all I am in us weakest one point.” 夜瞳十分冷静,道:“这很正常,毕竟我是我们中最弱的一环。” Demon Sovereign shakes the head, not, even if now, you are not weakest. In fact, you are in us one of several is difficult to kill. Normally, they should not choose you. I think that this should have other reasons secretly.” 魔皇摇头,“不,就算是现在,你也不是最弱的。实际上,你已经是我们中最难杀的几个之一。正常情况下,他们绝不应该挑选你。我想,这幕后应该有其它原因。” Demon Sovereign paused, said: Perhaps you have thought of anything.” 魔皇顿了顿,道:“也许你已经想到了什么。” No, I am not clear.” “不,我不清楚。” The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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