MT :: Volume #7

#657: Striving to turn the tide

In front of biology of this terrifying, what even if the Great Emperor is? 这个恐怖的生物面前,哪怕是大帝又算什么? When these proud Great Emperor realized, world that oneself live, is only the entire world is insignificant, field of vision that they can see, but is a limited in outlook and shallow in experience Little Fang world. 这些骄傲的大帝们什么时候意识到,自己生活的天地,只是整个世界沧海一粟,他们所能看到的视野,不过是管窥蠡测的一小方天地。 How could also to think that some excellent outside person of Outerspace do have the day? 又何曾想过人外有人天外有天? The emperors are busy hurrying to fend, an eye of terrifying seems only closely associated, so long as locks these Great Emperor, the strength suddenly will erupt, first releases the spirit and soul attack, making these Great Emperor speeds slow, then death rays shot. 众帝忙着慌忙闪避的时候,一只只恐怖的眼睛却仿佛如影随形,只要锁定这些大帝,其中力量就会骤然爆发出来,先释放出精神和灵魂打击,让这些大帝速度变得缓慢,接着一道道死亡光线射出来。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Each bombardment can cause space and time to shake. 每一次轰击都会造成时空震荡。 Each bombardment can have the unbelievable power and influence. 每一次轰击都会产生难以置信的威势。 These think that has stood in world peak Expert, face to face when to this overwhelming strength, only then defends distressedly, the defense that but they condense fully, is hard to resist this fearful biological impact unexpectedly. 这些自以为已经站在世界巅峰的强者,当面对这股压倒性的力量时,只有狼狈防御,可是他们全力凝聚起来的防御,竟然难以抵挡这个可怕生物一次冲击。 The vault of heaven seemed torn general. 天穹仿佛被撕裂一般。 The Great Emperor were hit spits blood to back up. 大帝们纷纷被打得吐血倒退。 And several had made into the severe wound. 其中有好几位已经被打成了重伤。 When loses the Great Emperor level character to prevent in front, the innumerable death beam continuously wreaking havoc lasing rearward, the universe avalanche, the universe separate, all around space presented ripples tearing the trace, Miracle City the regiment that gave support is even swept by the hundreds of rays, almost shortly will be destroyed completely one-third. 当失去大帝级人物在前面阻挡,无数死亡射线不断肆虐激射向后方,天宇崩塌,宇宙割裂,四周空间都出现道道涟漪甚至撕裂的痕迹,奇迹城前来支援的军团被数以百计的光线扫过,几乎顷刻间就被灭掉1。 Several might infinite warships, have almost not assumed an awe-inspiring pose. 几艘威力无穷的军舰,几乎还没有发威。 Not dazzling thick ray falls on above together. 一道并不耀眼粗大的光线落在上面。 The entire autodecomposition collapses. 整个自动分解崩溃开来。 This several hundred meters colossus, was scattered the naked eye the granule that loudly is difficult to distinguish, entire vanished in the air, just liked has not appeared has been same. 这个几百米长的庞然大物,被轰然打散成肉眼难辨的粒子,整个消失在了空气中,犹如从来就没有出现过一样。 In this moment, has to hold the sword Great Emperor to shout angrily, the both hands great sword changes to the hundred zhang (333m), the innumerable sword soul shop above, each is condensing the extremely sharp power and influence, by epoch-making, divides the sea crack mountain the imposing manner to divide in this tentacle. Finally tentacle facing the swift and fierce attack of Great Emperor, not only has not fended or defended, instead pulls out on own initiative on. 就在这个关头,有位持剑大帝怒喝一声,双手巨剑化作百丈,无数剑魂铺在上面,每一道都凝聚着极其犀利的威势,以开天辟地,分海裂山的气势劈在这条触手。结果触手面对大帝的凌厉攻击,非但没有闪避或防御,反而主动一抽而上。 The tentacle surface eye vanishes, turns into abyss incantations completely, this covers entirely the arm and sword light of contact deep purple abyss incantation instant, the people feel a glass shatter sound. 触手表面眼睛都消失,全部化成一道道深渊咒文,这条布满深紫色深渊咒文的手臂与剑光接触的刹那,众人都感觉到一阵玻璃破碎的声音。 Actually breaks to pieces is not the glass, but is the entire space of planes. 其实碎开的并不是玻璃而是整面空间。 Under these cultivation base are lower than Heaven Domain Realm Elite to be shaken, almost spits blood completely. In the Great Emperor hand the great sword is split up directly, he also face upwards to spout a big blood, was flushed like the rocket far away, it seems like it was the complete disappearing battle efficiency. 那些修为低于天域境界的精英被一震之下,几乎全部吐血到底不起。大帝手中巨剑直接四分五裂,他也仰天喷出一大口血,就像火箭般被冲出去老远,看来是完全散失战斗力了。 This Great Emperor is called the Saint sword Great Emperor. 这位大帝被称为圣剑大帝。 The entire Continent sword repairs the first person. 整个大陆剑修第一人。 This sword repaired usually to relentlessly in attack sweep away all obstacles to be famous, can practice the Great Emperor rank Expert, was the innumerable chance good fortunes and strong talents can achieve absolutely. This Great Emperor in the striking power, entire Continent sufficiently is first three, moreover not necessarily is third, so formidable existence, links unexpectedly in the tentacle causes a scratch ability not to have, instead was stroked by this tentacle flies. 这剑修素来以攻势凌厉所向披靡著称,一个能够修炼成大帝级别的强者,绝对是无数机缘造化和超强天赋方能做到。这位大帝在攻击力上,整个大陆足以名列前三,而且不一定是第三,如此强大的存在,竟然连在触手造成一条刮痕的能力都没有,反而是被这条触手给一击打飞了。 This covers entirely purple black Rune is several hundred meters tentacle lifts high, layer on layer shells in the ground, the surrounding area the ground within dozens li (0.5km) breaks to pieces completely, the terrifying shock-wave spreads to several hundred meters, the Miracle City reinforcements throws off entirely, the space gate is under the enormous force impact also to be disintegrated, a shock-wave even passes through Miracle City from the space gate, collapses the Miracle City construction bang instantaneously dozens, the mountain peak also breaks to pieces 45, the entire Miracle City fierce earthquake sways , to continue for dozen minutes not to restore. 这条布满紫黑色符文长达数百米的触手高高抬起,又重重地轰击在地面上,方圆几十里内的地面全部碎开,恐怖冲击波蔓延到好几百米,奇迹城援军统统被掀翻,空间门受到巨大力量冲击也被瓦解,一股冲击波甚至从空间门穿越到奇迹城,瞬间将奇迹城建筑轰塌好几十座,山峰也碎开45座,整个奇迹城都剧烈地震摇晃,足足持续十几分钟都没有恢复过来。 The audiences Great Emperor generally carries the severe wound. 众大帝普遍身负重伤。 When sees a diameter dozens li (0.5km) big hole, being split up ground, as well as the piled up corpse fragment, everyone deeply was shocked, and attacked. They to be unparalleled in the world, the summit of standing erect world to be proud, struggles for such one mu three cuns (2.5cm) place, is a Continent status, but almost gets angry with Miracle City. 当见到直径几十里的大坑,还有四分五裂的地面,以及堆积成山的尸体碎片,每个人都被深深震撼并且打击到了。他们一个个都以独步天下、屹立世界之巅而自豪,为那么一亩三寸地争来争去,为一个大陆地位而差点跟奇迹城翻脸。 Now the brutal fact puts at present. 现在残酷的事实摆在眼前。 What living thing is this? Its main body simply has not come, but closes right up against a tentacle, unexpectedly crush entire Continent Expert. 这到底是什么生物?它本体根本没有进来,只是靠着一条触手,竟然碾压整个大陆强者 Too fearful! 太可怕了! Too formidable! 太强大了! This strength radically not in a level line. 这实力根本就不在一个水平线上。 If this living thing entire appears in Continent, perhaps the nadir does not have what thing to defeat it. Now even if merely is a tentacle, enough makes people feel that shocks with desperately. 如果这个生物整个出现在大陆,恐怕天底没有什么东西能击败它吧。现在哪怕仅仅是一根触手,也足够让人感到震撼和绝望。 After this tentacle starts the startled day strikes, it in continue attack, in the eye of this living thing, these fellows is not worth wasting the time probably. The tentacle stands upright once more high, two hundred zhang (333m) lengths all sneak in the place, table full Rune shines the ray in abundance, a strength of tearing earth fills the air to all around. 这根触手发动惊天一击之后,它没有在继续攻击,大概在这个生物的眼睛里,这些家伙根本就不值得浪费时间。触手再次高高挺立而起,两百丈长度全部钻进地里,表满符文纷纷亮起光芒,一股撕裂大地的力量向四周弥漫。 Place visited. 所过之处。 Landslide cracks in the earth. 山崩地裂。 Dozens li (0.5km) earth was torn suddenly again, the terrifying energy flux continues to go forward enormously and powerful. 几十里大地眨眼间再次被撕毁,恐怖的能量流浩浩荡荡继续前进。 Beautiful Moon Empress covers the chest face whiten to shout: „Does it want to do?” 风月女帝捂着胸口脸色苍白喊道:“它想干什么?” Awful!” Dragon elder lived tens of thousands years of Lao Dragon to reveal the fear and panic-stricken color: It looks like destroys energy volcano seal to continue to open the gate of abyss!” “糟糕!”龙长老这位活了几万年的老龙露出恐惧和惊骇之色:“它像摧毁能量火山封印继续开启深渊之门!” Because now the gate of abyss is too small, the monster does not have the means entire to come, if destroys the energy volcano seal, makes again greatly little, even if can extend two three that the abyss gate opens to get rid, it can also be invincible in the world, regardless of the opposite party comes many manpower not to fear. 因为现在深渊之门太小,怪物没有办法整个进来,如果把能量火山封印摧毁,让深渊门开启的再大一点点,哪怕能伸进来两条三条出手,它也可以在则个世界无敌,无论对方来多少人手都不怕。 Prevents him!” “阻止他!” The emperors already dropped out any distracting thoughts and prejudice in this moment, to prevent this monster destroys the energy volcano seal, they have to start the combustion essence and blood and life, even Secret Technique of soul, to lose cultivation base even life price, the violent was increased several times by own cultivation base in a short time. 众帝在这种关头早已抛下任何杂念和成见,为阻止这个怪物摧毁能量火山封印,他们一个个都不得不发动燃烧精血、生命、甚至灵魂的秘术,以损耗修为甚至寿命代价,让自己修为在短时间内暴增好几倍。 This does not have the matter of means. 这也是没办法的事情。 Such terrifying living thing invaded enter the world, Continent thoroughly was finished! 这样恐怖生物侵入世界,大陆就彻底完蛋了! The emperors strengthen under cultivation base by Secret Technique, simultaneously attacks this getting rid, may also reluctantly suppress, how long such condition could not continue. The Beautiful Moon Empress whole body is burning the fire of life, her hair has the flood white sign, a causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman face twists the extreme, exhausts the whole body strength to shout greatly: Chu Tian, we could not insist that several seconds, you try to find the solution quickly!” 众帝以秘术强化修为之下,同时攻击这根出手,可也不过勉强压制住,这样的状态根本持续不了多久。风月女帝浑身都燃烧着生命之火,她的头发都出现泛白的迹象,一张倾国倾城面孔扭曲到极点,用尽全身力气大喊道:“楚天,我们坚持不了几秒钟,你快想办法啊!” The Great Emperor thorough despaired. 大帝们已经彻底绝望了。 Their this strengths simply do not have the means to prevent this getting rid probably. 他们这点力量好像根本没有办法阻挡这个出手。 Now can only pin not to have on their formidable Chu Tian the only hope, at this time also can only hope that Chu Tian can think of the way, again or creates Miracle. 现在只能把唯一的希望寄托在还没有他们强大的楚天身上,这种时候也就只能希望楚天能想到应对办法,或者再一次创造出奇迹 Chu Tian were shaken severe wound, now sees several Great Emperor and abyss big devil goes all out to be hit the disastrous defeat, he sighed the one breath, has not thought that the matter will change to this situation. The strength of this other dimension present stage is too weak, if the other dimension time several thousand years open ahead of time, then the consequence is dreadful. 楚天自己都被震成重伤,现在见十几位大帝与深渊大恶魔拼命被打得惨败,他叹一口气,没有想到事情会变到这种地步。这个位面现阶段的实力太弱,位面时代要是提前数万年开启,那么后果是不堪设想的。 All because Chu Tian moves in Purgatory, causes becoming less crowded of Purgatory seal. 全都因为楚天尼根活动,导致尼根封印的松动。 Chu Tian have not thought that will have this type is. 楚天自己也没有想到会发生这种是。 This giant tentacle has chiselled the bottom completely, the landslide cracks in the earth strength spreads to the surroundings unceasingly, under the impact of this terrifying strength, lets the surrounding environment and landform has the change completely. The smooth plain splits forms Grand Canyon, the palatial mountain peak avalanche turns into the ruins, several energy volcano seals almost must be destroyed in the flash. 这根巨大触手已经完全凿进地底,山崩地裂的力量不断向周围扩散,这股恐怖力量的冲击之下,让周围的环境和地貌全部发生改变。平坦的平原裂开形成大峡谷,巍峨山峰崩塌变成废墟,几座能量火山封印几乎就要在一瞬间被摧毁了。 I, no matter you are, since there are father in this other dimension, you gave up any idea of that bribes one inch, where leave to return to there!” “我不管你是谁,既然有老子在这个位面,你们就休想染指一寸,从哪里来滚回那里去吧!” Chu Tian Nine-Eyes Demon God Source Spirit releases, but nine eyes simultaneously shut, is shutting throughout the eye actually opens, but can only open a small slit reluctantly. 楚天九目魔神元魂释放出来,只不过九只眼睛同时闭起来,其中一只始终闭着的眼睛却睁开,只是只能勉强打开一条小小缝隙而已。 The Chu Tian both eyes pupil vanished. 楚天双眼眸子消失了。 That transparent air-to-air color. 那透明般的空空颜色。 This type spatial is by no means empty, this spatial, is ten thousand has, includes the world, sees clearly the myriad things. The tentacle must defeat emperors, at this time suddenly felt anything, unexpectedly violent twitches, the change direction, attempts to launch the attack to Chu Tian hastily. 这种空并非空洞,这种空,是万有,包罗天地,洞察万物。触手本来就要战胜众帝,这个时候忽然感觉到什么,竟然猛烈的抽搐一下,连忙改变方向,企图向楚天发起攻击。 Too late! 太迟了! This strength surmounts the element, to surmount the material and super spirit, to surmount the soul together, to exceed the space and time, it is above domination all living things all living things, outside the unique temporals, control all living things, are actually controlling the time myriad things, is truly the aloof all strengths! 这一道力量超越元素、超越物质、超越精神、超越灵魂、超越时空,它是凌驾芸芸众生众生之上,超脱世间万物之外,却又主宰者芸芸众生,控制着时间万物,是真正超然一切的力量! Formidable such as god also irresistibly! 强大如神也无法抵抗! The Chu Tian target is not the tentacle of abyss big devil, he utilizes the strength of this destiny directly, lets open the abyss door to close forcefully, sends out the pain from the tentacle hissing the howling sound, sees only gate of closed time space, under the strength of separate space and time, this terrifying tentacle simply does not have the means to draw back, was ripped two sections at the scene. 楚天攻击对象并不是深渊大恶魔的触手,他直接运用这股命运之力,让打开深渊门强行关闭,从触手里面发出痛苦的嘶嚎声音,只见空间之门闭合的时候,时空之力割裂之下,这条恐怖触手根本没有办法退回去,当场就被撕成了两截。 Chu Tian falls from the space. 楚天从天上掉下来。 He fell in the middle of the stupor. 他已经陷进昏迷当中。 The survivor was few, the people are looking at the sores all over the eye earth, is in a daze to stare for a very long time, has not passed the god. This fought the loss in too to be big, Continent most at least over more than 100 Heaven Domain Expert died in battle, 19 entered the war the Great Emperor to cause heavy losses completely, moreover injury quite stern. 现场幸存者已经寥寥无几,人们望着满目疮痍的大地,一个个久久发傻愣,没有晃过神来。这一战损失是在太大了,大陆最起码超过100多个天域强者战死,19位参战大帝全部重创,而且伤势相当的严峻。 Quick!” “快!” Seal gate!” “封印这个门!” The emperors collaborate to carry on once more seal to abyss gate position, to prevent the gate of this abyss again to be opened, this sudden fight had ended finally, the price of paying is also too serious, various countries' regional Expert die innumerably, the army is almost also annihilated, several Great Emperor level characters caused heavy losses, perhaps the following ten years are very difficult to recover. 众帝联手对深渊门位置进行再次封印,以防止这道深渊之门被再一次打开,这场突如其来的战斗总算是结束了,不过付出的代价也太惨重一点,各国各地强者陨落无数,军队也几乎全军覆没,十几位大帝级人物受到重创,恐怕接下来十年时间都很难恢复元气。
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