MLS :: Volume #22

#2180: Quick, was quick!

Alarmed, is unable to explain. 触目惊心,无法言喻。 Ao Ya on the spot. 奥雅愣在原地。 Blue flame big bird unceasing sad and shrill sounding of space. 天上的蓝色的火焰大鸟不断的凄厉鸣叫。 The Qiaoqiao last aura as if feels to have the person behind, spells air/Qi with every effort, turns around difficultly, sees is Ao Ya, her heart also gently loosen. 乔乔最后一点气息似乎感受到身后有人,拼尽力气,艰难转身,看到是奥雅,她的心头也轻轻一松。 She does not want to make Long Fei see own this appearance. 她不想让龙飞看到自己这个样子。 She feels the clown. 她觉得好丑。 Ao Ya goes forward one step, Qiaoqiao elder sister, you , you , you how?” 奥雅上前一步,“乔乔姐,你,,,你,,你怎么了?” She are shocked, same could not speak. 她内心震惊,还是一样说不出话来。 Qiaoqiao smiled gently. 乔乔轻轻的笑了一下。 She had not said that but the blue flame bird in sky said: Because of me, is my mistake, I should not promise her, I should not plant her essence and blood on the body of Long Fei, making her bear the sequela pain that the Long Fei essence and blood stimulation erupts, is my mistake, is my wrong......” 她没有说,但是天空中的蓝色火焰鸟却说道:“都是因为我,都是我的错,我不应该答应她,我不应该在龙飞的身上种下她的精血,让她承受龙飞精血刺激爆发出来的后遗症痛苦,都是我的错,都是我的错……” The blue big bird is crying. 蓝色大鸟在哭。 The little girl who probably does the wrong thing is the same. 像是一个做错事的小女孩一样。 She is Antiquity Blazing Soul. 她就是远古燚魂 When feels Qiaoqiao critically-ill she puts together completely all,...... she also evolved in that flash. 在感受到乔乔生命垂危的时候她拼尽一切,在那一瞬间……她也进化了。 But…… 只是…… Qiaoqiao is shaking the head gently, said: Has not related with you, do not blame yourself, this is my choice, moreover I am willing to bear all pain for the young master.” 乔乔轻轻摇着头,道:“和你没关系,你别责怪自己,这是我自己的选择,而且我愿意为少爷承受一切痛苦。” Heart shock of Ao Ya. 奥雅的心更加的震惊起来。 The present all horrors for the pain that Long Fei bears. 眼前的一切恐怖画面都是为龙飞承受的痛苦。 Does this have loves a person? 这是有多爱一个人啊? In this moment. 在这一刻。 Heart of Ao Ya also slightly painful, „can I achieve? What I can be like this reckless is a person pays? I......” 奥雅的心也微微痛了一下,“我能做到吗?我能这样不顾一切的为一个人付出吗?我……” She likes Long Fei. 她喜欢龙飞 Likes very much. 很喜欢。 However...... her liking, her love appears such being unable to withstand in front of Qiaoqiao. 但是……她的喜欢,她的爱在乔乔面前显得那么的不堪。 Absolutely does not have the comparability. 完全没有可比性。 Ao Ya said: What also let alone, I lead you to go back.” 奥雅道:“什么也别说,我带你回去。” Qiaoqiao smiles lightly, said: Was useless, the heart lineage/vein broke, Knowledge Sea also burst.” 乔乔淡淡一笑,道:“没用了,心脉断了,识海也破裂了。” Smiled is still very beautiful. 笑的依旧很美。 At this moment. 此刻。 The Qiaoqiao body incomparable severe pain, spoke puts together fully the strength. 乔乔的身体无比的剧痛,就连说话都是拼足了力气。 The heart of Ao Ya sinks, the tears cannot stop to well up, said: „, Long Fei will not certainly have the means that the Qiaoqiao elder sister, Long Fei has certainly the means to rescue your.” 奥雅的心又是一沉,眼泪也止不住涌出来,道:“不会的,龙飞一定有办法的,乔乔姐,龙飞一定有办法救你的。” Don't!” “别别别!” Do not let the young master see my, he will be sad, I do not like seeing him to be sad, he will be sad I to love dearly.” Qiaoqiao weak saying. “别让少爷看到我这样,他会难过的,我不喜欢看到他难过,他难过我会心疼的。”乔乔虚弱的说道。 Even if the death, she thinks is still Long Fei. 就算是死,她心里想到的也是龙飞 Ao Ya goes forward a footpath: That is not good, no matter I, I must make him save you.” 奥雅又上前一步道:“那也不行,我不管,我一定要让他救你。” Qiaoqiao rapid say/way: „The Ao Ya younger sister, you listened to me to say.” 乔乔急促道:“奥雅妹子,你听我说。” Young master really needs your help now, your eight big diamond are the young master strongest backing, you go quickly, went late without enough time.” “少爷现在很需要你的帮助,你们八大金刚是少爷最强的后盾,你快去吧,去晚了就来不及了。” I alone can be good.” “我一个人能行的。” „?” “好吗?” She very clear own situation. 她很清楚自己的情况。 She has soon died. 她已经快要死了。 The Ao Ya tears cannot stop, look at the Qiaoqiao look, she retrocedes slowly. 奥雅的眼泪止不住,看着乔乔的眼神,她慢慢的后退起来。 Qiaoqiao smiles, said: Told the young master, thanked him to take to my different world.” 乔乔轻轻一笑,道:“告诉少爷,谢谢他带给我不一样的世界。” Hee hee......” “嘻嘻……” , Smiles gently lightly. 轻轻一声,淡淡一笑。 Reveals two dimple, after the pear flower of smile like rain, beautiful suffocating. 露出两个浅浅的酒窝,笑容如同雨后的梨花,美的让人窒息。 Ao Ya turns around to dash to go. 奥雅转身飞奔而去。 Several seconds...... 几秒钟…… In the sky, Antiquity Blazing Soul exudes a sad and shrill cry, Elder Sister Qiaoqiao......” 天空之中,远古燚魂发出一声凄厉的叫声,“乔乔姐姐……” Ao Ya could not bear, suddenly cried loudly, but she has not turned head, how she does not know turns head, the tears like the line, well up crazily under. 奥雅也没忍住,突然大声哭了起来,但是她没有回头,她不知道如何回头,眼泪如线,狂涌而下。 One step steps into Contending for Hegemony Battlefield. 一步踏入争霸战场 ...... …… „Can the yi soul, help me?” “燚魂,能帮我吗?” Leads me to the primordial chaos world?” “把我带到鸿蒙世界吧?” I want to serve young master one time again.” “我想再伺候少爷一次。” Can?” “能吗?” Helps me.” “帮我吧。” I good to keep side the young master again, is good to think, is good to think......” “我好想再留在少爷身边啊,好想,好想……” The Qiaoqiao sound vanishes slowly. 乔乔的声音慢慢消失。 Antiquity Blazing Soul exudes a sad and shrill cry. 远古燚魂发出一声凄厉的叫声。 Phoenix Nirvana, each time incomparable frigidity, moreover is one by one painful. 凤凰涅槃,每一次都无比的惨烈,而且一次比一次要痛苦。 Antiquity Blazing Soul looks at Qiaoqiao that drops down slowly, the blue flame to/clashes fiercely, blasts out like Heavenly Fire together, mutters: Elder Sister Qiaoqiao, I lead you to go to the primordial chaos world...... to put together completely all my strengths......” 远古燚魂看着缓缓倒下的乔乔,蓝色的火焰猛地一冲,如同一道天火炸开,喃喃道:“乔乔姐姐,我带你去鸿蒙世界……拼尽我的一切力量……” The blue flame wraps the body of Qiaoqiao. 蓝色的火焰将乔乔的身体包裹住。 Flame combustion horizon...... 火焰燃烧天际…… ...... …… Contending for Hegemony Battlefield. 争霸战场 Kills off them!” “杀光他们!” Ha haha...... Long Fei has died now.” “哈哈哈……龙飞现在已经死了。” Your these trash also give Dang dead entirely.” “你们这些垃圾统统也给我去死吧。” Kills!” “杀啊!” Ha haha......” “哈哈哈……” Under the leadership of Lord God, the army who Long Fei leads drops down one after another, no one can block the Hong Tu steamroll. 在主神的带领下,龙飞率领的大军一个接着一个倒下,没有人能够挡得住洪屠的碾压。 They brought dead desperately. 他们带着绝望死去。 The Long Fei death makes them feel desperate. 龙飞的死让他们感到绝望。 The body cuts such, but can also live? 身体都切割成那样,还能活吗? Hong Tu is fierce exceptionally. 洪屠凶猛异常。 He in frantic vent, vented the anger in heart. 他在疯狂的发泄,发泄心中的怒火。 The young man looks at seven luminaries blood firm Long Fei, is saying with a smile: Sees not to have, your person must die immediately, you were also about dead.” 年轻男子看着七曜血牢中的龙飞,笑着道:“看到没有,你的人马上就要死光光了,你也快没命了。” Long Fei said: Relax, does not kill you, the father will not die.” 龙飞道:“放心,不杀了你,老子是不会死的。” Ha haha......” “哈哈哈……” Kills me?” “杀我?” This is I have heard the funniest joke.” The young man is manipulating the vault of heaven sword, said: „Are your waste fathers by running away of my steamroll, like the dead dog, you also wanted to kill me?” “这是我听到过最好笑的笑话。”年轻男子摆弄着苍穹剑,道:“就连你那废物父亲都被我碾压的逃窜,像条死狗一样,就你还想杀我?” Was too funny.” “太好笑了。” Sees not to have, vault of heaven sword, your Long Family one of the three big most precious objects, now how? Fell in my hands.” The young man is very self-satisfied. “看到没有,苍穹剑,你们龙家的三大至宝之一,现在怎么样?落在我的手中了。”年轻男子无比得意。 Long Fei said lightly: This is my sword.” 龙飞淡淡道:“这是我的剑。” Tittered......” “噗嗤……” Ha haha......” young man laughs, said: Your sword? You take actually.” “哈哈哈……”年轻男子又大笑起来,道:“你的剑?那你倒是来拿啊。” Long Fei said: Relax, I do not like taking generally, I quite like exploding!” 龙飞道:“放心,我一般不喜欢拿,我比较喜欢爆!” The young man despises saying: Good-for-nothing, you? Does not match!” 年轻男子鄙夷道:“废物东西,就你?不配!” Long Fei corner of the eye one ferocious, said: Whom has a look at is actually the waste.” 龙飞眼角一狞,道:“倒是看看谁是废物。” Quick! 快了! Long Fei can feel the seven luminaries blood moon/month the strength to weaken, can the clear feeling. 龙飞能感受到七曜血月的力量在减弱,能清晰的感觉到。 Although...... 虽然…… He does not know that the seven luminaries blood moon/month tribulation takes to him is anything, now these are unimportant, more importantly he must cross the tribulation to be successful. 他不知道七曜血月劫带给他的是什么,现在这些也都不重要,重要的是他就要渡劫成功了。 At this time. 就在这时候。 Rumble!” “轰隆隆!” The Contending for Hegemony Battlefield sudden loud sound, seven big diamond killed. 争霸战场突然一声巨响,七大金刚杀了进来。 Looks that Long Fei of distant place tied up by the seven luminaries blood firmly, the Giant Spirit god axe in Li Yuanba hand shakes., 看着远处的龙飞被七曜血牢捆住,李元霸手中的巨灵神斧一震。、 God of the principle to/clashes, a blade cuts. 一名法则之神冲上来,一刀砍下。 However. 然而。 Li Yuanba looked that has not looked at one, an axe divided, moves my eldest child, the death!” 李元霸看都没有看一眼,一斧头就劈了下去,“动我老大者,死!” Bang!” “轰!” God of the principle was massacred by the second directly. 一名法则之神直接被秒杀掉。 Principle god one move of second kills. 法则神一招秒杀。 Li Yuanba anger is burning. 李元霸身上的怒火在燃烧。 Another six people are also same. 另外六人也是一样。 Mother female genitals!” “妈了个巴子的!” Moves our eldest children, the absolute monarch I must kill you.” The Fatty Chen anger soars to the heavens, huge body one volume, turns into a giant sphere directly, pounded layer on layer/heavily. “动我们的老大,天王老子我也要弄死你。”陈胖子怒火冲天,庞大的身体一卷,直接变成一个巨大的圆球,重重的砸了出去。 A black blade greatly black blade blade gives to cleave in two god of the principle, the body flushed, flew. 黑刀一柄大黑刀一刀将一名法则之神给劈成两半,身体一冲,飞了上去。 The diamond get angry. 金刚发怒。 Irresistible. 势不可挡。 Distant place. 远处。 The young man coldly says with a smile: Your helper came evidently.” 年轻男子冷冷一笑道:“看样子你的帮手来了。” Rumor.” “传言。” They were the eight pillars in ancient times world, ancient times the world I had not gone,...... made the pillar to have the consciousness of making the pillar.” The look of man passes is killing intent. “他们是远古世界里的八根柱子,远古世界我没有去过,不过呢……做柱子就要有做柱子的觉悟。”男子的眼神透着杀意。 The Long Fei empty shadow shouts loudly: Do not come, do not come, walks...... walks...... leaves here quickly......” 龙飞的虚影大声喊道:“别过来,别过来,走……走……快离开这里……” Seven people have not heard. 七人没有听见。 Even if heard them not to leave. 就算听见了他们也不会离开。 Attacks full power. 全力冲击上去。 At this time, Ao Ya also crashed in Contending for Hegemony Battlefield. 这个时候,奥雅也冲进争霸战场 Hong Tu gloomy say/way: Eight big diamond came neat, today must die!” 洪屠阴森森道:“八大金刚来齐了,今天都得死!” …… …… Thank the support! 感谢支持!
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