MUD :: Volume #16 百年孤独·不死之心

#985: Insanity pill

Chen Ming feels indifferent actually, his both hands one, then said: But, do all these, what relations have with me?” 陈明倒是觉得无所谓,他双手一摊,然后道:“可是,这一切,跟我又有什么关系呢?” Clever business rarely not laughing, a fat face ties tight, this creates the world god, never makes an appearance, was actually gives you to open Shen Road, you said, what relations had with you?” 鬼商罕见地没有嘻嘻哈哈,一张胖脸紧绷,“这位创世神,从未露面,却是给你开启了神路,你说,跟你有什么关系?” Life goddess god throne, I felt, you come out to chat are quite good.” “生命女神神座,我觉得,你还是出来谈谈比较好。” The form of old woman appears among two people, puts out a hand to cancel the chin, I, even if appears is also useful? Present I, all lawful rights have dispersed in world. Must be vast by the experience, I may be inferior to the ghost business you.” 老女人的身影出现在两人之间,伸手勾着下巴,“我就算出现又有什么用?如今的我,所有的权柄都已经分散在世间。要论见识广博,我可不如鬼商你啊。” The ghost business smiles, did not ask too, but asked: I only asked that god throne, was wants Chen Ming to become a column god, should right?” 鬼商笑笑,却也不问太多,只是问道:“我只问一点,神座,是想要陈明成为一位柱神,应该没错吧?” The old woman did not speak, a moment later, seemed like thought that could not hide the truth from the ghost business, slight nod. 老女人不说话,片刻之后,似乎是觉得瞒不过鬼商,微微点头。 The ghost business then nods saying: I understood, since this exists mystically, is always mystical, is the important matter that wants to make a fairy fright. Therefore, he needs more column gods, but you, because inherited the god life goddess strength, can only grow in secret, therefore he will select you.” 鬼商这才点头道:“那我就明白了,既然这一位神秘存在,历来神秘,想必是想要做一件神鬼惊魂的大事。所以,他需要更多的柱神,而你,因为是继承了神生命女神的力量,只能在暗中成长,所以他才会选中你。” After all, does such matter, cannot expose.” “毕竟,做这样的事,不能暴露。” Even exposed, these gods of present, still only think that you are the life goddess successor, but like not thinking.” “就算是暴露了,如今的这些神明,也只会想到你是生命女神的继承者,而不像想到更多。” The ghost business looks exuberantly to the surroundings, determined that has not had what strange matter. This method, seriously is fearful, he knows my existence surely, therefore dares to make you know his revering name.” 鬼商神神道道地看向周围,确定并没有发生什么奇怪的事情。“这一位的手段,当真是可怕,他必定是知道我的存在,所以才敢让你知道了他的尊名。” After all, I will help you conceal, nonchalant, I have become this board game piece.” “毕竟,我才会帮你掩饰,不经意之间,我已经成为了这一位的棋子。” A Chen Ming palm of the hand claps on the table, scolded: Let alone these useless, I now the Daoist deity am not, but also the gods, how can I be able to grow my strength now most quickly?” 陈明一巴掌拍在桌子上,骂道:“别说那些没用的,我现在连道君都不是,还神明,我如今到底要如何才能最快增长自己的实力?” The ghost business hehe smiles, then said: I cannot make a move now, if acts, then exposed, present you, can only depend on you. However, I can you a reminder, in this azure deep domain, have a heart actually.” 鬼商呵呵一笑,然后道:“我现在可不能出手,若是出手,便是暴露了,如今的你,只能靠你自己。不过,我倒是可以给你一点提醒,在这青冥界域中,有着一颗心。” The old woman then got angry immediately, ghost business, at his present main body powerful degree, even if obtained this heart, still withstands great pressure, cannot display!” 老女人当即便是怒了,“鬼商,以他如今的本体强大程度,就算是得到了这一颗心,也只是泰山压顶,根本施展不出来!” The ghost business beckons with the hand saying: That is not, matter that I can manage has talked clearly, walked, I continue to treat, will be discovered by here other gods, bye.” 鬼商摆手道:“那就不是我能管的了,事情已经说清楚了,走了,我继续待下去,会被这里的其他神祗发现,再会。” God photo!” “神照!” Destiny!” “天命!” The ghost business vanishes in same place, Chen Ming looks then eats surface Zhuo Qingyao, the sense of crisis in heart is getting more and more heavy, he starts to long for the strength crazily. 鬼商消失在原地,陈明愣愣地看着接着吃面的卓青瑶,心中的危机感越来越重,他开始疯狂地渴望实力。 In this chaotic various heaven ten thousand boundary/world, only has the strong strength, can guarantee Zhuo Qingyao their safety. 在这个混乱的诸天万界,唯有强大的实力,才能保证卓青瑶他们的安全。 The strengthen, only has the strengthen, can base in this tumultuous times! 变强,唯有变强,才能在这乱世之中立足! Looks at Zhuo Qingyao to finish eating ”, did Chen Ming toward the Zhuo Qingyao smile, „ eat to the full? 看着卓青瑶吃完了面,陈明朝着卓青瑶微笑,“吃饱了吗?” Zhuo Qingyao wiped the mouth, the nod, ate to the full.” 卓青瑶擦了擦嘴,点头,“吃饱了。” Chen Ming sets out, shows the self-confident smile, that walks.” 陈明起身,露出自信的微笑,“那就走吧。” Before arriving again tries to practice the tower, before present trying practices the tower, is the sea of people, many Great Emperor sees Chen Ming to come here , to continue to start to clash the tower hastily. 再次来到了试练塔之前,如今的试练塔前,还是人山人海,众多大帝见陈明来到此处,连忙继续开始冲塔。 The Great Emperor who has not turned to the feudal lord, in this tumultuous times, too has not safeguarded. 没有投靠领主的大帝,在这乱世中,太没有保障了。 Each feudal lord, at least ten thousand years of no worries. 每一个领主,至少万年无忧。 Even if oneself died in battle, then own descendant, can still obtain the asylum of feudal lord. 自己就算是战死了,那么自己的后代,也可以得到领主的庇护。 Above the limitless starry sky platform, the innumerable stars generally giant Great Emperor, toward trying to practice the tower to fly, starts fights, longs for obtained Chen Ming to recruit. 无边无际的星空平台之上,无数星辰一般巨大的大帝,朝着试练塔飞去,开始在其中战斗,渴望得到陈明招纳。 However Chen Ming is actually then shows a faint smile toward Zhuo Qingyao, remembers that awakens me.” 然而陈明却是回头朝着卓青瑶微微一笑,“记得叫醒我。” Zhuo Qingyao[ for a very long time novel] the hand is pinching the lower hem corner, has the worry. 卓青瑶[久久小说]的手捏着衣角,还是有着担心。 After all, Chen Ming this is courts death in oneself. 毕竟,陈明这是在自己找死。 cultivation, struggles to assign/life with the day, now, assigns/life with various Tianzheng. 修行者,与天争命,如今,与诸天争命。 Chen Ming marches into to try to practice in the tower, flies directly toward fourth layer, here, has numerous fourth-order Great Emperor illusory images. 陈明步入试练塔之中,直接朝着第四层飞去,在这里,有着众多的四阶大帝幻影。 His big sleeve move, an insanity pill has entered the throat. 他大袖一招,一颗疯魔丹已经入喉。 The next quarter, the whole body bloodlines thrive, in the blood, the group star surges, in the heart is similar to has a round hot sun to raise. 下一刻,浑身血脉勃发,血液之中,群星涌动,心中如同有着一轮烈日升起。 The chain of endless main road flees in all directions from the body, vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered surrounding area ten thousand li (0.5 km)! 无尽的大道之链从身躯之中流窜而出,纵横方圆万里! Before starting this to fight, his seal own Immeasurable, Only left behind the war bugle. 在开始这一战之前,他封印了自己的【道无量】,只留下了战争号角。 His eyes gradually flood red, so, the next quarter, in his eyes presents piece of profound distant starry sky, he at this moment, has completely immersed during the fight, his whole body war intent, but just started, then has reached the peak! 他的双眼逐渐泛红,不禁如此,下一刻,他的双眼之中出现一片深邃悠远的星空,此刻的他,已经全然沉浸在战斗之中,他浑身的战意,不过刚刚开始,便是已经达到了巅峰! The eyes become red, is only the anger. 双眼变红,只是愤怒。 Chen Ming at this moment, in the eyes is actually piece of starry sky. 此刻的陈明,双眼之中却是一片星空 This was he enters the dustlessness not to read, the condition of wholeheartedly fighting. 这是他进入了无尘无念,全心全意战斗的状态。 Puts out a hand a move, the multi- valuable umbrella appears in the hand, the next quarter, the multi- valuable umbrella changes to the black cicada blade, he brandishes a sword, instantly skylight! 伸手一招,多宝伞出现在手中,下一刻,多宝伞化作黑色的蝉刀,他挥刀,刹那天光! Like can traverse a skylight of microcosm to flash before together, this skylight, four corners, four blades have wielded together, is four empty shades is defeated and dispersed. 如同一道可以横断一个小世界的天光闪现,这一道天光,四次转角,四刀挥过,已经是四个虚影溃散。 The people look to this fourth layer Chen Ming, sighed: „, This feudal lord, the fight skill unexpectedly is also so powerful!” 众人看向在这第四层陈明,不禁感叹道:“没有想到,这一位领主,战斗技巧居然也是如此强大!” Such feudal lord is better, can see cultivation the strength strong and weak, along with will not believe the honeyed words of some people corpulently.” “这样的领主更好,可以看出一个修行者的实力强弱,不会随便便听信了有些人的花言巧语。” This blade, exquisite peerless! In the Great Emperor, it may be said that is the outstanding, few person and!” “这一刀,精妙绝伦!在大帝之中,可谓是出类拔萃,少有人及!” Others were discussing, Chen Ming actually moves again, in the front 100,000 li (0.5 km), nine illusory images stands abreast in row! 其他人在议论,陈明却是再动,在前方十万里,九个幻影并排而立! They want to block the Chen Ming road, in the Chen Ming hand the black cicada blade again changes, changes to a long bow, he puts out a hand to grip the bowstring, the string draws the full moon, nine feather arrows appear on the bowstring. 他们想要拦住陈明的路,陈明手中黑色蝉刀再变,化作一柄长弓,他伸手握住弓弦,弦拉满月,九根羽箭出现在弓弦上。 ! 咻咻咻! Nine feather arrows break open endless void, before passes through the space arrived at nine illusory images, but strikes, nine illusory images crush! 九根羽箭破开无尽虚空,如同是穿越了空间来到了九个幻影之前,不过一击之间,九个幻影粉碎! Annihilates to kill nine empty shades, this is Chen Ming usually the unthinkable matter, but now, actually achieves, if Chen Ming at this moment sober, he also thinks that does not understand reason. 一击灭杀九个虚影,这是陈明平时想都不敢想的事,但是如今,却是做到了,陈明此刻若是清醒的,他自己也想不明白其中的缘由。 Enters the pinnacle the battle condition, all methods, to slaughter to live. 进入极致的战斗状态,所有的一切手段,都是为了杀戮而生的。 He is burning oneself condition, to slaughter. 他在燃烧自己的状态,一切为了杀戮。 He breaks in the illusory image, the multi- valuable umbrella in palm changes to the long spear/gun from time to time, from time to time changes to the long sword, from time to time changes pair of claws, from time to time changes to the long blade, 18 weapons change, the innumerable techniques display from his hand. 他冲入幻影之中,掌中的多宝伞时而化作长枪,时而化作长剑,时而化作双爪,时而化作长刀,十八般兵器变化,无数技艺从他的手中施展而出。 His whole body in stimulated, next quarter six Chen Ming go out from his back, in the hand is grasping all kinds of pointed weapons. 他的全身都在亢奋,下一刻六个陈明从他的背后走出,手中握着各种各样的兵刃。 A gasified Taoist trinity! 一气化三清! Chen Ming at this moment, a gasified Taoist trinity obtained the following cultivation method Shen Taicang here, his realm has been seven(th) layer, now had the following cultivation method, naturally easy cultivation had/left six clone. 此刻的陈明,一气化三清在沈太仓这里得到了后续修行法门,他的境界早就已经是第七层了,如今有了后续修行法门,自然是轻而易举修行出了六个分身。 His condition promotes crazily, is getting stronger and stronger, but that war bugle, is more and more melodious. 他的状态疯狂提升,越来越强,而那战争号角,也是越来越悠扬。
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