MUD :: Volume #16 百年孤独·不死之心

#984: A new creation world god

full Chuan the people are thinking how to make the warship maintain the balance, on a Ling Xian person, looks like two fools generally with a smile. 满船的人都在想着怎么去让战船保持平衡,就凌仙一个人,如同二傻子一般笑着看。 Un, right, at this time, I cannot involve, if involved, then went bad my fate.” “嗯,对,这个时候,我不能介入,要是介入了,便是坏了我的运道。” Then makes it crash, which falls to then!” “便让它自己坠落吧,落到哪儿便是哪!” Warship fierce swaying, in the vortex that in zha of nihility forms crashes. Ling Xian is also only the person who the revolution immortal strength anchors steadily, has not done other what matters. 战船剧烈的摇晃,在虚无之吒形成的漩涡之中坠落。凌仙也只是运转仙力稳住船上的人,并没有做什么其他的事。 The warship flutters with the wind direction in zha of nihility, one day later, was crashes finally above stars. 战船在虚无之吒中随着风向飘飞,在一天之后,终于是坠落到了一颗星辰之上。 Above this stars, has cultivation, as for most powerful cultivation, the Ling Xian sensation, not, is only the degree of second-order Great Emperor, here is a deviation in the great antiquity world, various lives, the extraordinary hugeness, above the land, is giants. 这颗星辰之上,同样有着修行者,至于最强大的修行者,凌仙感知了一番,并不强,只是二阶大帝的程度,这里是一个偏向于洪荒的世界,各种生灵,都出奇的巨大,在大地之上的,都是一个个巨人。 Ling Xian hid own cultivating is, made the funeral arrangement of warship, the subordinate who let accompanying repaired the warship here, oneself were has a look at this world to have any special place. 凌仙隐藏了自己的修为,料理好战船的后事,让随行的属下在这里修理战船,自己便是去看看这个世界到底有着什么特殊的地方。 Above the land, countless giants, are moving mountains, digs out giant stones, goes to one to construct the palace. 在大地之上,无数的巨人,搬动着一座座大山,从中挖出一块块巨大的石头,前往一处修建着宫殿。 These giants, although the strength is tremendous, but the body does not have many clothing, has, is tattered. 这些巨人,虽然力量巨大,但是身上却是没有多少衣物,就是有,也不过是破破烂烂的。 It seems like, seems like some slaves. 看起来,似乎是一些奴隶。 Giant body like gold/metal iron, indestructible, the Ling Xian eyes flash through wipe none, is observing the bodies of these giants, only by the mortal body intensity, these giants, is his several times continues unexpectedly! 巨人身躯如同金铁,坚不可摧,凌仙双眼闪过一抹精光,观察着这些巨人的身躯,只论肉身强度,这些巨人,竟然是他的数倍不止! This is what strange race, why mortal body unexpectedly powerful to so situation! 这是个什么奇怪的种族,为何肉身居然强大到了这般地步! However above their bodies, Ling Xian has not felt any magic power and immortal strength, in other words, is these giants, is nothing cultivates is, their bodies, inborn are so! 不过在他们的身躯之上,凌仙并没有感受到任何法力和仙力,换句话来说,就是这些巨人,都是没有任何修为的,他们的身躯,天生便是如此! Ling Xian is not only flabbergasted secretly, seriously is the very powerful mortal body talent. 凌仙不仅暗自咂舌,当真是好强的肉身天赋。 Ling Xian closes the eyes, the huge thought covers the whole world instantaneously. 凌仙闭上双眼,庞大的意念瞬间笼罩整个世界。 The endless news converges in his mind, enabling him to know a more careful information to these giants. 无尽的消息汇入他的脑海之中,让他可以对这些巨人知道更多更仔细的信息。 Kua Fu clan, inborn supernatural power, a branch of giant clan. The intelligent degree is not high, therefore is unable cultivation. 夸父族,天生神力,巨人一族的分支。智慧程度并不高,所以无法修行 Mortal body far ultra Immortal Monarch, because of being not actually able cultivation, therefore by here governing spirit clan suppression is the slave. 肉身远超仙王,却是因为无法修行,故而被这里的御灵族镇压为奴隶。 The governing spirit clan, the leader is the azure deep domain eight step feudal lord Great Emperor, observes slowly. 御灵族,首领是青冥界域八阶领主大帝,徐徐观。 Ling Xian opens eyes, looks again to these giants, as for these giants, can become the introduction of cultivation six samsara, must have a look at six samsara books that the master leaves behind, can accept. 凌仙睁开眼,再次看向这些巨人,至于这些巨人,能否成为修行六道轮回的引子,就要看看师父留下的六道轮回书,到底会不会接受了。 Before body of Ling Xian, a void flower is in full bloom, his form appears before the broken warship, the people look to him, sees only Ling Xian to say slowly: Goes to several people, with bringing the race bag, goes to info clerk 10 million Kua Fu!” 凌仙的身前,一朵虚空花盛开,他的身影出现在残破的战船前,众人都是看向他,只见凌仙缓缓道:“去几个人,用带来的人种袋,去收纳一千万个夸父!” „Others, fast fix the warship, we prepared to return.” “其他人,速速修好战船,我们准备返航了。” At this time, some people asked: Our info clerk so many Kua Fu, what to do if they don't agree?” 这个时候,有人问道:“我们收纳那么多的夸父,要是他们不同意怎么办?” Ling Xian smiles, that gives money, my Great Yan, anything lacks, is not short of money!” 凌仙笑了笑,“那就给钱,我大燕,什么都缺,就是不缺钱!” Chen Ming just wanted to continue to try to practice the tower to try, at this moment, he heard a few words suddenly, those words, are dignified and great. 陈明刚想要继续去试练塔试试,就在这时,他忽然听到了一句话,那句话,庄严而宏大。 God photo!” “神照!” Destiny!” “天命!” The surrounding all forbid, is similar to the time to stop passing, besides Chen Ming also active beside, is the rivers that flows, the wind of howling, stopped in this moment. 周围的一切都禁止,就如同时间已经停止流逝,除了陈明还能动之外,就是流淌的河流,呼啸的风,都是停止在了这一刻。 Puts on a ghost business of golden clothes robe, appears in the Chen Ming front again, he takes up in front of Zhuo Qingyao also not the pickled cabbage noodles that starts to eat, started Hulun to eat. 穿着一身金色衣袍的鬼商,再次出现在陈明的面前,他拿起卓青瑶面前还没开始吃的酸菜面,开始呼伦吃了起来。 Chen Ming did not say a word, the opposite party was a god . Moreover, seeming like was also not the common gods. 陈明也不言语,对方是神,而且,看起来还不是一般的神明。 Finished eating the pickled cabbage surface, the ghost business wiped the mouth, is saying with a smile: This bowl of surface flavors are good, next time will also come.” 吃完了酸菜面,鬼商擦了擦嘴,笑着道:“这碗面味道不错,有空下次还来。” Chen Ming to the ghost business one cup of water, then asked but actually: Has an accident? Did you find me?” 陈明给鬼商倒了一杯水,然后问道:“出了什么事吗?你又找到了我?” The ghost business said with a smile: Pulverized the dice of lucky goddess, comes to hide while convenient.” 鬼商笑道:“将幸运女神的一颗骰子弄碎了,顺便过来躲躲。” The Chen Ming doubts, asked: How It must cope with you, lets your good luck simultaneous/uniform heaven?” 陈明疑惑,问:“祂要怎么对付你,让你鸿运齐天?” The ghost business hehe smiles, then said: You possibly do not know, the lucky goddess and disaster hardship goddess, in fact is a god. The lucky goddess truly has no attack ability, but, after It cleared oneself luck, is the disaster hardship goddess, in god, is four column gods, is afraid his, the fellow daoist hold your steps.” 鬼商呵呵一笑,然后道:“你可能不知道,幸运女神和灾厄女神,实际上是一个神。幸运女神确实没有什么进攻能力,但是,祂散尽了自己的幸运之后,便是灾厄女神,神界之中,就是四柱神,也害怕祂那一句,道友留步。” Lucky goddess has no self-preservation ability, therefore, after It cleared oneself luck, loans a time of luck that oneself the authority can control forcefully, was encumbered by own disaster hardship. This also why world has big destiny life many reasons.” “幸运女神没有什么自保能力,故而,祂散尽了自己的幸运之后,又强行借出了自身权柄能够控制的一倍幸运,让自己灾厄缠身。这也是为什么世间拥有大气运的生灵繁多的原因。” The Chen Ming slight nod, regarding the matter of god, does not understand completely, but can also taking advantage of give others luck? 陈明微微点头,对于神界的事,完全不懂,还能借幸运给别人的? The ghost business then spoke of the proper business, right, your Shen Road must start, I came to say a saying with you.” 鬼商这才说到正事,“对了,你的神路要开始了,我过来与你说上一说。” Chen Ming asked: „Is this Shen Road, what meaning?” 陈明问道:“这个神路,到底是什么意思?” Clever road: Shen Road is a road, you have communicated a Shen Road, but, has not trod.” 鬼商道:“神路是一条路,你已经沟通了一条神路,只是,还没有踏上去。” So-called Shen Road, great aspirations, the great aspirations achieve, then took this step.” “所谓神路,一步一宏愿,宏愿达成,便是迈出了这一步。” When you take the entire Shen Road, is the true god.” “当你走完整个神路,便是真正的神。” Chen Ming asked: What are great aspirations?” 陈明问道:“宏愿是什么?” Clever road: When the time comes you know, it will appear above your divine tool, you according to above reading on line.” 鬼商道:“到时候你就知道,它会出现在你的神器之上,你照着上面的念就行了。” The ghost business puts out a hand, touched the Chen Ming divine tool samsara book baseless, he handed in the hand of Chen Ming, then said: Now, you should be able to open this p. 1, above will present your great aspirations, read to listen.” 鬼商伸手,凭空摸来了陈明的神器轮回书,他递到陈明的手里,然后道:“现在,你应该可以翻开这第一页了,上面会出现你的宏愿,念出来听听。” Chen Ming receives, opens the samsara book, can discover, can read p. 1, other, actually have turned motionless. 陈明接了过来,翻开轮回书,可以发现,可以翻看第一页,其他的,却是已经翻不动。 Own divine tool, after finishing, unexpectedly turns motionless, but also is really strange. 自己的神器,写完之后居然翻不动,还真是奇怪。 He looked that to the samsara book p. 1 presents in golden god article, discussed: Respects start/open Zhigao the supreme unsurpassed bright immeasurable day to revere, respects god of start/open Zhuohuang the bubbling spring, the respect opens the god of emerald dreamland, the respect opens the god of seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, the respect opens the god of reversal life and death, my Chen Ming distributes the big great aspirations in this ....... 他看向轮回书上第一页所出现在的金色神文,念道:“敬启至高至尊无上光明无量天尊,敬启浊黄涌泉之神,敬启翡翠梦境之神,敬启七情六欲之神,敬启逆转生死之神,我陈明在此发下大宏愿.......” The look of ghost business is strange, he looks to Chen Ming, interrupted the Chen Ming words, you read one first again.” 鬼商的神色诡异莫名,他看向陈明,打断了陈明的话,“你再念一遍第一句。” Chen Ming discussed again: Respects start/open Zhigao supremely unsurpassed bright eternal not to extinguish the immeasurable day to revere, respects column of god start/open Zhuohuang the bubbling spring, the respect opens the column of god emerald dreamland, the respect opens the column of god seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, the respect opens the column of god reversal life and death, my Chen Ming distributes the big great aspirations in this......” 陈明再次念道:“敬启至高至尊无上光明永恒不灭无量天尊,敬启浊黄涌泉之柱神,敬启翡翠梦境之柱神,敬启七情六欲之柱神,敬启逆转生死之柱神,我陈明在此发下大宏愿......” The ghost business stood suddenly, looked regarding Chen Ming, then asked: You determined that hasn't misread?” 鬼商忽然站了起来,围绕着陈明看了一圈,然后问道:“你确定没有看错?” Chen Ming nods, has not misread, what incorrect place has?” 陈明点头,“没看错啊,有什么不对的地方吗?” The ghost business said with a smile: No incorrect place, is only the eternal two characters, only then three before the honorific titles that creates the world god, will have.” 鬼商笑道:“没什么不对的地方,只是永恒二字,只有三位创世神的尊号之前,才会有。” Chen Ming asked: to become God, must pass through creates conferring rank and title and testimony of the world god, without problem.” 陈明问道:“成神,要经过创世神的册封和见证,没毛病啊。” The ghost business smiles, is actually cold piercing, is only your honorific titles that creates the world god, have not heard, this was the issue.” 鬼商还是笑,却是冷的刺骨,“只是你这位创世神的尊号,从来没有听说过,这就是问题了。” The ghost business looks up the day, does not know that is thinking anything, creation world god who never makes an appearance, but also has four column gods, only listens to the reversal life and death four characters to confer a title upon, then knew the authority of this column god also above the life goddess and death goddess. It seems like that this time played sent greatly, originally only thought a small prize, never expected that award.” 鬼商抬头望天,不知道在想些什么,“一位从未露面的创世神,还有着四位柱神,只听逆转生死四个字封号,便知道这位柱神的权柄还在生命女神和死亡女神之上。看来,这次玩大发了,本来只想中个小奖,没想到中了个大奖。” Chen Ming pursues asks: What award?” 陈明追问道:“什么大奖?” The ghost business said with a smile: Reverses the column of god life and death, was stronger than the life goddess and death goddess, but the life goddess and death goddess, were the attached chaos column gods, but was chaos, dies out, destiny three strengths actually about the same, eternal also wants the strong creation world god compared with present that two, has been hiding, now makes an appearance, you said, was the matter becomes blustery?” 鬼商笑道:“逆转生死之柱神,比生命女神和死亡女神还要强,而生命女神和死亡女神,是附属混沌的柱神,而混沌,寂灭,命运三位的实力其实在伯仲之间,一位比如今那两位永恒还要强的创世神,还是一直隐藏着,如今才露面,你说,是不是事情变得风起云涌了呢?”
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