MOSS :: Volume #4

#375: Status crisis

Tao Yanrong has not discovered any clue, still color of the face doubt sized up all around. 陶燕蓉没发现什么端倪,仍然一脸狐疑之色打量四周。 Pang sea asked in the one side: Can be the misconception? After mother -in-law you obtain the soul bead of severe founder, the strength enters greatly, Nascent Soul Stage great expert does cultivator want to hide the truth from your sensation not to be easy?” 庞海在一旁问道:“会不会是错觉?婆婆你得到厉祖师的魂珠后,实力大进,元婴期大能修士想要瞒过你的感知也不容易吧?” Was difficult to say.” Tao Yanrong expression is instead prudent: Your this time, the lots, I have not mastered, perhaps has unknown magic weapon or magic technique can hide the truth from my sensation.” “难说。”陶燕蓉反而语气慎重:“你们这个时代,很多东西,我都还没有搞懂,说不定就有未知的法宝或者法术能瞒过我的感知。” She takes back the line of sight of to look into the distance|far away: I a moment ago at heart some improper feelings, but actually anything had not discovered now that is actually more dangerous, explained the opposite party cannot be underestimated.” 她收回远望的视线:“我刚才心里有不妥的感觉,但现在却什么都没发现,其实更危险,说明对方不容小觑。” Pang Haiwen said that the facial expression also enforced: We what to do?” 庞海闻言,神情也严肃起来:“那我们怎么办?” He is a little slightly hurried: Senior Brother met the person of army a moment ago, the opposite party has the counter- fortress to ambush spirit gun, can very -long-range attack, perhaps have other higher state-of-art military weapon magic weapon.” 他稍微有点慌:“师兄刚才碰见过部队的人,对方有反堡垒狙击灵枪,能超远程攻击,说不定还有其他更高尖端的军用武器法宝。” I guard is these things.” Tao Yanrong leads Pang sea to transform a time position , to continue to seek for the new shield, and displays many magic technique continuously, hides their whereabouts. “我提防的就是这些东西。”陶燕蓉带着庞海又变换一次位置,继续寻找新掩护,并连续施展多个法术,隐藏他们的行踪。 I, although obtains the soul bead of founder, the strength has the growth, but before has not completed the law meter, still when was inferior to be prosperous in the past, you currently this new times have many new thing beyond expectation, have to many thanks the mind be good.” Tao Yanrong was saying, while the vision glitters slightly, took a look at that void gateway one. “我虽然得到祖师爷的魂珠,实力有增长,但没有完成法仪前,仍然不及当年鼎盛时,你们现在这个新时代又有许多出人意表的新玩意,不得不多谢心眼才行。”陶燕蓉一边说着,一边目光微微闪烁,瞅了那个虚空门户一眼。 When Pang Haidun smiles bitterly: Mother-in-law, you...... Is it possible that wants the sole to rub the oil to walk first, throws in the Senior Brother does not manage?” 庞海顿时苦笑:“婆婆,你……莫非想要脚底抹油先走,把师兄扔里面不管了?” Tao Yanrong snort/hum: These enemies are he annoy, why do I want to help him brave dangers? Did not hit a person when he is down showed extreme tolerance, was looked that he had not given up the nether world tribulation, otherwise I looked forward to him dead, in order to avoid exposed our secrets.” 陶燕蓉哼了一声:“那些对头是他惹来的,我凭什么要帮他担风险?不落井下石已经是仁至义尽了,也就是看他一直没放弃幽冥劫,否则我巴不得他死,以免暴露我们的秘密。” Saying, her has been sweeping Pang sea one eyes: Worries about yourself, if a moment ago were not my misconception, but truly some people monitored here, saw clearly your appearance appearance, you have exposed, that nuisance university you did not need to go back, waited to flee the horizon with me together.” 说着,她扫了庞海一眼:“多操心你自己吧,刚才如果不是我错觉,而是确实有人监视这里,看清楚你长相模样的话,你就已经暴露了,那劳什子大学你不用想回去了,等着跟我一起亡命天涯吧。” A Pang sea face thoroughly changes the bitter melon. 庞海一张脸彻底变苦瓜。 After he thinks, clenches teeth: „ Mother-in-law, that after all is the person of army, if the human hair presently we are a nether world people, will decide will not let off us, definitely notice more people will encircle, our simple who strikes the first blow has the advantage, will strive, in he will contact before the outside, first will kill him. 他想了想之后,一咬牙:“婆婆,那毕竟是部队的人,如果真发现咱们是幽冥道中人,定不会放过咱们,肯定通知更多人来围剿,咱们干脆先下手为强,争取在他与外界联系前,先干掉他。 You want the refine soul bead, needs the peaceful environment? If there is become a fugitive with the person fights, is unable to maintain the law meter stably, not? 您要炼化魂珠,也需要安静的环境吧?如果一直逃亡与人战斗,就无法稳固维持法仪了,不是吗? That is also fellow apprentice's enemy, he with our one group, will get rid to help us. ” 那也是师兄的敌人,他跟咱们一伙儿的,会出手帮咱们。” Tao Yanrong hears word, has not spoken, but stares at Pang sea to look that looks at him to be absolutely terrified. 陶燕蓉闻言,没有说话,只是盯着庞海看,看得他毛骨悚然。 Mother-in-law, I...... Did I think mistakenly?” Pang sea braces oneself to ask. “婆婆,我……我想错了?”庞海硬着头皮问道。 No, you said are not groundless.” Tao Yanrong smiles: I sigh with emotion, you have made finally a little an all-out effort, in the two years later, you are some progress.” “没有,你说得不无道理。”陶燕蓉笑起来:“我只是感慨,你终于有点狠劲了,这两年下来,你还是有些长进的嘛。” Pang sea is startled slightly: Others must kill me, my who strikes the first blow has the advantage always right? This with me whether learns the nether world to say from you magic technique has not related.” 庞海微微一怔:“那别人要来杀我了,我先下手为强总没错吧?这与我是否跟你学幽冥道法术没关系。” These are unimportant.” Tao Yanrong smiles saying: Said that you proposed a moment ago, the idea is good, was responds slowly, waited for you to have this thought that early already late.” “那些不重要了。”陶燕蓉微笑说道:“说回你刚才的提议吧,想法不错,就是反应慢了,等你起这个念头,早已经晚了。” Tao Yanrong beckons to the sky, that nether world returns to the great hawk that summons to come to drop from the clouds. 陶燕蓉冲天空招招手,那只幽冥返召得来的巨鹰从天而降。 Whether or not my misconception, that suspicious place can determine a moment ago now, already nobody.” She said: I just made the puppet descend to that side examine, have achieved nothing, does not have including a trace.” “不管是不是我的错觉,刚才那可疑的地方现在能确定,已经没人了。”她说道:“我刚刚让傀儡降落到那边去查看,一无所获,连一点痕迹都没有。” Sees Pang sea to have appearance of relaxing, Tao Yanrong curls the lip: What to be happy? Has changed me, I can also when departure the cleanness that cleans here, does not keep any clues.” 见庞海有松口气的模样,陶燕蓉撇撇嘴:“高兴什么呢?换了我,我也可以在离开时把这里打扫的干干净净,不留任何蛛丝马迹。” Pang sea brow tight wrinkle: In other words, possibly had the person a moment ago, but left?” 庞海眉头紧皱:“也就是说,刚才还是可能有人,但已经离开了?” Tao Yanrong nods: „If there is person, your boy can only pray that the opposite party had not seen clearly your appearance a moment ago, my vigilance is quick, just came out to block from you.” 陶燕蓉点头:“如果真的有人,你小子就只能祈祷对方刚才没看清你模样了,我警觉的还算快,刚出来就遮住你。” Pang sea said: Depended entirely on you.” 庞海说道:“全靠您了。” Inside that boy day does not feel better.” Tao Yanrong turned the head to look at that void gateway one: If is really to the officers who he comes, realized here, because the founder soul bead is born the sound that sends out, guesses that he is concerned with my nether world people.” “不过里面那小子日子就不好过了。”陶燕蓉转头看了那座虚空门户一眼:“如果真是冲着他来的官兵,察觉这里因为祖师爷魂珠出世而发出的动静,就会猜他与我幽冥道中人有关。” Pang Haimian worried look, then felt where has probably not to be right. 庞海面露忧色,然后又感觉好像有哪里不对。 Tao Yanrong coldly said: „ It seems like did you also think? The opposite party suspected that he with nether world related, later specially will look up him from this aspect. 陶燕蓉冷冷说道:“看来你也想到了?对方怀疑他跟幽冥道有关,之后就会专门从这个方面查他。 Some experts inspect specially attentively, he cannot conceal the truth. 有高手专门用心检查,他瞒不过去的。 To conceal the truth, only if he has the means to discard oneself nether world tribulation. 想要瞒过去,除非他有办法废掉自己身上的幽冥劫。 If he did not have the nether world tribulation, we cannot trust him again. ” 如果他没了幽冥劫,我们也就不能再信任他了。” Mother-in-law......” Pang sea pursing the lips lip of: Until now, I thought actually, even if the Senior Brother does not have the nether world tribulation in the body, will not betray our.” “婆婆……”庞海抿了抿嘴唇:“时至今日,其实我觉得,就算师兄没有幽冥劫在身,也不会出卖我们的。” Tao Yanrong laughs at one: „Do you your life and death safety, pin in the idea of another person momentarily possibly change?” 陶燕蓉嗤笑一声:“你把你的生死安危,寄托在另一个人随时可能改变的想法上?” Pang sea said slow of speech: „ Mother-in-law you did not say that the Senior Brother did have the means to eliminate the nether world tribulation before? For a long time, wanted clear early morning. 庞海讷讷说道:“婆婆你不是说,师兄以前就有办法清除幽冥劫吗?都这么长时间了,要清早清了。 Also, fellow apprentice's Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator in strength by no means general sense, his boost was not only then that Black Dragon, you put together a mutual wounds with him, perhaps in vain other cheap enemies. ” 再说,师兄的实力并非一般意义上的筑基期修士,他的助力也不是只有那条黑龙,您跟他拼个两败俱伤,说不定白白便宜其他敌人。” Behind you these words, but also calculates that said on the drop.” Tao Yanrong hesitates slightly: Such being the case, you prayed much, prayed a moment ago nobody, even if some people have not seen clearly your appearance, prayed that boy surnamed Shen will not supply us.” “你后面这句话,还算说在点子上。”陶燕蓉微微沉吟:“既然如此,你多多祈祷吧,祈祷刚才没人,或者即便有人也没看清你的模样,祈祷那姓沈的小子不会把咱们供出来。” Pang sea smiles bitterly: Also can only so.” 庞海苦笑:“也只能如此了。” Brat, you worry, I early am impatient.” Tao Yanrong snort/hum: Looks for the peaceful place procedure as soon as possible, the soul bead of refine founder is proper.” “臭小子,你发愁,我也早不耐烦了。”陶燕蓉哼了一声:“尽快找个安生的地方作法,炼化祖师爷的魂珠是正经。” Was saying, Shen Jian comes out from that void gateway. 正说着,沈健从那座虚空的门户中出来。 Handles!” He said. “搞定!”他说道。 Senior Brother, we possibly had been discovered a moment ago, although had not affirmed, but completely safe in order, we leave here as soon as possible.” Pang sea goes forward to say hastily. “师兄,我们刚才可能被人发现了,虽然还不是十分肯定,但万全起见,我们尽快离开这里吧。”庞海连忙上前说道。 Shen Jian asked: „The person of army?” 沈健问道:“部队的人?” Cannot affirm, but has the possibility very much.” Pang sea said: „If pure makes mother -in-law unable to find out the trend depending on own cultivation base strength, at least is the Nascent Soul Stage old ancestor, if established Nascent Soul Stage, in that case, mostly directly hit. The opposite party retreats temporarily possibly calls reinforcements, such looks like, is the possibility that the army looks for is very high.” “不敢肯定,但很有可能。”庞海说道:“如果是单纯凭自身修为实力让婆婆也摸不清动向的话,至少是元婴期的老祖,而且还要是老牌元婴期,那样的话,多半直接就打过来了。对方暂时退走可能是呼叫援兵,这么看来,是部队找来的可能性很高。” Shen Jian nods: Good, we separate, I stay in Nanzheng for several days, you leave first.” 沈健点头:“那好,咱们分开走,我在南郑多停留几天,你们先离开。”
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