MOSS :: Volume #3

#222: The first sword

By the beforehand that nether world technique master one noisy, although the seal of black coffin and whole wide world spirit lock recovers, but the black coffin formerly really had been touched, malignant influences leak. 被之前那幽冥术师一闹,虽然黑棺和八荒灵锁的封印重新复原,但黑棺先前实实在在被触动过,煞气外泄。 To seal up once more thoroughly, needs top-level great expert cultivator to get rid. 想要再次彻底封闭,需要高层次大能修士出手。 Wen Peng seizes this once in a thousand years opportunity, uses own sword air/Qi, fuses sword ghost that in the black coffin saves. 温鹏就抓住这千载难逢的机会,利用自己的剑气,融合黑棺内积蓄的剑煞。 The inner and outer coffin because of the fetter of whole wide world spirit lock, is hard movement to open. 棺椁因为八荒灵锁的束缚,难以移动打开。 Wen Peng wants to fuse in the absorption coffin the sword ghost , can only bit by bit, pull out leaves. 温鹏想要融合吸取棺内剑煞,也只能一点一点,一丝一丝抽离。 The sword ghost that but even if so, after the fusion is divided the day guest falls from the sky, lives, lets his aura, starts to surge upward. 但即便如此,融合分天客陨落后所生的剑煞,也让他的气息,开始高涨。 Originally because of the severe wound, already nearly spent force, Wen Peng who cannot withstand weakly, immediately gives full play to the vitality the indication. 原本因为重伤,已经近乎强弩之末,虚弱不堪的温鹏,顿时又重新焕发生机的征兆。 On his face reveals not only pain and pleased facial expression. 他脸上露出既痛苦又快慰的神情。 The pain , because the sword ghost is ominous. 痛苦,是因为剑煞凶厉。 Wen Peng has not been injured, is under the most flourishing condition, wants to absorb the refine sword ghost, is beset with difficulties, full is the danger, not careful will injure for the sword ghost, if especially divine soul were affected, changes is the bloodthirsty lunatic also perhaps. 温鹏就算没有受伤,处于全盛状态下,想要吸收炼化剑煞,都困难重重,满是危险,一个不小心自己就会为剑煞所伤,尤其神魂如果受到影响,变作嗜血疯子也说不定。 All needs attempt it slowly, is careful, slowly refine absorption. 一切需要徐徐图之,小心谨慎,慢慢炼化吸收。 At this moment his severe wound in the body, risk fuses the sword ghost forcefully, immediately gives the body to cause the great suffering, only felt own whole person as if must be torn by the malignant influences. 此刻他重伤在身,冒险强行融合剑煞,顿时给身体造成巨大痛苦,只感觉自己整个人仿佛都要被煞气撕裂。 His both eyes become blood red, crazy and ominous severe, the intelligence was affected obviously. 他双目变得血红,疯狂而又凶厉,神智显然已经受到影响。 But painful at the same time, Wen Peng the body also feels stimulated and happiness of pinnacle. 但再痛苦的同时,温鹏身体同时还感到极致的亢奋和欢愉。 In the process of fusion sword ghost, his strength continually is promoting, even starts to suppress the original severe wound faintly. 融合剑煞的过程里,他的力量在不断提升,甚至隐隐开始压制原先的重伤。 Although is only the temporary suppression, the feeling that but the body is lively, calling the warm Péng mood to be very happy. 虽然只是一时的压制,但身体重新轻快起来的感觉,叫温鹏心情无比舒畅。 Thinks the minute of day guest tomb pit is a huge chance. 原本以为分天客墓穴是自己一场天大机缘。 Who knows the person who that causes trouble is not a pure grave robber, but is the nether world says expert, wanting refine to divide the day guest to lose sheds for the nether world puppet. 谁知那闹事的人并非单纯盗墓贼,而是幽冥道强者,想要炼化分天客遗蜕为幽冥傀儡。 Was thinking one were in vain happy, result that nether world technique master is defeated. 正觉得自己白高兴一场,结果那幽冥术师失败了。 Federal high-level expert chases down that nether world saying that odd|surplus Nie goes, in the winding peaks and paths, divided the day guest inheritance to be also cheap oneself. 联邦高层强者追杀那个幽冥道余孽而去,峰回路转间,分天客遗产又便宜了自己。 To the warm Péng, just now the short moment time, the mood continual major rises, now, as if finally arrived at the abundant harvest time. 对温鹏来说,方才短短片刻功夫,心情连续大起大落,如今,似乎终于到了丰收的时刻。 He cannot attend to oneself body whether to withstand, desires strongly by all means that fuses the sword ghost in black coffin greedily. 他顾不得自己身体能否承受,只管如饥似渴,贪婪融合黑棺内的剑煞。 In other whole wide world spirit lock surrounding caverns, Huang Zhaoxi, Yuan Dong and the others the forms also successively appear. 八荒灵锁周围其他洞窟里,黄昭熙、袁东等人的身影也陆续出现。 Just now the vibration of land features, similarly makes them in an extremely difficult situation, is in serious danger. 方才地脉的震动,同样让他们狼狈不堪,危如累卵。 Shen Jian sweeps, discovered that has been short of several people. 沈健一眼扫过去,发现少了几个人。 Also does not know whether died. 也不知道是否已经遇难。 In these Dragon Ridge students who comes , many people have hung out colored streamers. 重新现身的这些龙岭学生里,有不少人已经挂彩。 Everybody this time dreaded, is the startled anger is looking at Wen Peng. 大家这时候都又是忌惮,又是惊怒的望着温鹏。 Ye Jiao knits the brows movement that looks at Wen Peng: His intelligence was affected by the malignant influences, although has only self to blame, but such is putting, no matter, will then create to us greatly troublesome.” 叶觉皱眉看着温鹏的动作:“他神智受煞气影响了,虽说咎由自取,但这么放着不管,接下来会给我们造成大麻烦。” Communication is inconvenient, does not contact with on other people, can only we try.” Huang Zhaoxi sinking sound track. “通讯不便,联系不上其他人,只能我们自己试试了。”黄昭熙沉声道。 The match is Golden Core Stage cultivator, but their leading teachers are mutually wounded, at present is when weak. 对手是金丹期修士,但与他们的带队老师两败俱伤,眼下正是虚弱之时。 The Dragon Ridge University agile and fierce school spirit reveals in this moment without doubt. 龙岭大学剽悍的校风在这一刻显露无疑。 Even if faces land features cataclysm a narrow escape before this, this moment match is also quite formidable, but Huang Zhaoxi summons, Yuan Dong and the others the community responded, displayed no fear. 哪怕此前面临地脉灾变九死一生,此刻对手也极为强大,但黄昭熙一号召,袁东等人群体响应,毫无惧色。 The Qi Condensation Stage cultivator strength is spirit is willing insufficient, but Huang Zhaoxi, Yuan Dong and other Foundation Establishment Stage complete complete imperial swords, fly to the black coffin. 练气期修士心有余力不足,但黄昭熙、袁东等几个筑基期齐齐御剑而起,飞向黑棺。 Ye Jiao looks at that turbulent black coffin, looks solemn, draws a sword the sheath. 叶觉看着那动荡的黑棺,神情肃穆,也拔剑出鞘。 Sees you such to have working zeal rarely.” Nearby Shen Jian said. “难得见你这么有干劲。”一旁的沈健说道。 Sleeping soundly of minute of day guest senior, should not be disturbed.” Ye Jiao said: But I thought that your this time is not positive, obtains the batardeau iron plating, didn't you as if have the working zeal?” “分天客前辈的安眠,不该被人打扰。”叶觉言道:“可我看你这次不怎么积极,得到堰镀铁,你似乎没干劲了?” Just the opposite, my working zeal is very full, but I want to let it fully.” Shen Jian said. “恰恰相反,我干劲很足,只不过我想让它更足一些。”沈健说道。 Ye Jiao hears word, vision immediately one bright, the line of sight sweeps toward Shen Jian whole body: „Did you prepare one are two?” 叶觉闻言,目光顿时一亮,视线朝着沈健全身上下一扫:“你准备了一手还是两手?” The issue is listening without reason, but Shen Jian first replied: Two.” 问题听着没头没脑,但沈健第一时间答道:“两手。” How long do you want?” Ye Jiao looks at Wen Peng on black coffin to ask: Time towed for a long time, his cultivation base strength more restored more.” “你要多久?”叶觉看着黑棺上的温鹏问道:“时间拖得久了,他的修为实力越恢复越多。” They want to solve Wen Peng, the speed is fast. 他们想要能解决温鹏,速度必须要快。 The people on the scene, the cultivation base realm highest is only Foundation Establishment Stage Fourth Layer Huang Zhaoxi. 在场众人,修为境界最高者只是筑基期四层的黄昭熙。 The matches are Golden Core Stage cultivator, camel of skinny are big, both sides cultivation base realm differs too. 对手却是金丹期修士,瘦死的骆驼比马大,双方修为境界相差太多。 Their opportunities have the wound while Wen Peng in the body. 他们的机会就是趁温鹏有伤在身。 But Wen Peng keeps fusing sword ghost, although the intelligence is damaged, but the injury is restoring gradually, the strength gradually is also restoring to be increased. 可是温鹏不停融合剑煞,虽然神智受损,但伤势在渐渐恢复,实力也在渐渐恢复提升。 Most one minute good.” Shen Jian replied: So long as can disturb to delay his refine sword ghost the speed, making his strength restore to be slower on the line.” “最多一分钟就好。”沈健答道:“只要能干扰拖延他炼化剑煞的速度,让他实力恢复慢一些就行。” Dexterous that said.” Ye Jiao whispered, has not talked too much again, holds a sword to fly the midair. “说的轻巧。”叶觉嘀咕一句,没再多言,仗剑飞上半空。 The Dragon Ridge student on the scene, forms sword immediately, unites, attacks to Wen Peng on black coffin! 在场的龙岭学生,当即结成剑阵,团结一心,攻向黑棺上的温鹏! Does not use group star, we use wind luan.” Ye Jiao said decidedly. “不用群星阵,我们用风鸾阵。”叶觉断然说道。 Yuan Dong and the others stare, muddy has not expected was usually ignorant, muddles along Ye Jiao of drifting along appearance to give orders to them unexpectedly on own initiative. 袁东等人都是一愣,浑没料到素来浑浑噩噩,得过且过一副混日子模样的叶觉居然会主动冲他们发号施令。 Huang Zhaoxi actually facial expression remains unmoved, but immediately, forms the coordination with Ye Jiao. 黄昭熙却神情不为所动,但在第一时间,就同叶觉形成配合。 Their sword light dances in the air, as if Luanniao opens the wings, rides the wind. 两人剑光飞舞,仿佛鸾鸟张开双翼,乘风而起。 Although together is the Dragon Ridge seven swords, but Yuan Dong also always approves Huang Zhaoxi the strength. 虽然一起位列龙岭七剑,但袁东也一向认可黄昭熙的实力。 Huang Zhaoxi does not get rid already, once joins sword, inevitably is a sword leader. 黄昭熙不出手则已,一旦加入剑阵,就必然是剑阵的主导者。 At this time Ye Jiao and Huang Zhaoxi two people directed, everybody then cannot help but, coordinated them, together under arrange wind luan sword of Dragon Ridge University secret. 这时叶觉和黄昭熙二人一引,大家便不由自主,协同他们,一起布下龙岭大学秘传的风鸾剑阵。 When launches to sword, the Ye Jiao mouth middle finger made unceasingly. 待到剑阵展开,叶觉口中指令不断。 Yuan Dong and the others are one surprised, Huang Zhaoxi this is even/including Jianzhen the dominant position, completely has given Ye Jiao. 袁东等人又是一愕,黄昭熙这是连剑阵主导地位,都完全让给了叶觉 The experts get rid, has on the knowledge. 行家一出手,就知有没有。 As the Dragon Ridge outstanding student, Yuan Dong and the others can judge very much easily, Ye Jiao grows to this sword change, the place of knowing extremely well not only surpasses them, even also above Huang Zhaoxi. 作为龙岭高材生,袁东等人很轻易就能判断出,叶觉对这剑阵变化衍生,熟稔之处不仅远超他们,甚至还更在黄昭熙之上。 Although everybody is irritable, but this moment powerful enemy current, only has relinquishes difference first, wholeheartedly foreign. 虽然大家心里别扭,但此刻强敌当前,也唯有先捐弃前嫌,一心对外。 As if Luanniao spreads the wings, sword falls on the black coffin, the dexterous flexible isothermia Péng socializes, by the way disturbance opposite party of guerrilla warfare. 仿佛鸾鸟展翅,剑阵落在黑棺上,轻巧灵活的同温鹏周旋,以游击战的方式干扰对方。 I may also once be the person of Dragon Ridge, your this few tricks, before me, with vaudeville what Yi?” Wen Pengguai smiles the move, 2-3 must break Ye Jiao and the others wind luan. “我可也曾是龙岭之人啊,你们这两下子,在我面前,与杂耍何异?”温鹏怪笑出招,三两下就要破去叶觉等人的风鸾阵。 Wind luan does not have the indication, under the Ye Jiao direction, instantaneously changes group star! 孰料风鸾阵毫无征兆,在叶觉指挥下,瞬间变回群星阵! The group star gathers magnificent changes displays, all people attack the point gathering at 1 : 00. 群星聚华之变施展开来,所有人攻击锋芒汇聚于一点。 cultivation base realm highest swordsmanship talent Huang Zhaoxi is acting as the arrow character, the body and sword gathers, the person the sword unites, changes into the radiant sword light, by the potential of meteor falling down, direct impact Wen Peng! 修为境界最高的剑道天才黄昭熙充当着箭头人物,身与剑合,人剑合一,化为璀璨剑光,以陨星坠地之势,直冲温鹏!
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