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#5146: 1 games decide the universe

Is good before Battleship damages, their simultaneous shifted daybreak above, depended upon Feng Ying and the others aiding, did not have the casualties on personnel finally. 好在战舰损毁之前,他们都齐齐转移到了破晓之上,依靠冯英等人的接应,总算没有人员上的伤亡。 Two squads gather the daybreak, the strength has not actually increased many. Does not have him, daybreak on many formation and Secret Treasure have the fixed personnel to stimulate to movement, the Dawn present disposition displays the daybreak complete prestige energy sufficiently, comes some helpers plays the role of rotation at most, has no way to strengthen daybreak killing again. 两支小队汇聚破晓,实力却没有增加多少。无他,破晓上的诸多法阵秘宝都有固定人员催动,晨曦如今的配置足以发挥出破晓的全部威能,多来些帮手顶多就是起到轮换的作用,没法再加强破晓的杀伤。 Moreover now the entire Universe Paradise condition is also less optimistic. 而且如今整个乾坤福地的状况也不容乐观。 After Universe Paradise is only 7-Rank Open Heaven dies leaves behind, although becomes side Small World, has the limit of withstanding. Previously Dawn did not have, that side the gateway then had the Void crack to appear, these crack naturally impossible for no reason to appear for no reason, was that incantation line of Territory Lord making a move remaining prestiges causes. 乾坤福地只是七品开天死后遗留,虽自成一方小天地,却也有承受的极限。此前晨曦没进来的时候,门户那边便有虚空裂缝出现,这些裂缝自然不可能平白无故地出现,乃是那咒行域主出手余威导致。 Dependence these cracks, Yang Kai can spy on inside the situation, detected that here has Territory Lord to submerge, leading Dawn to help. 正是依靠那些裂缝,杨开才能窥探到内里情况,察觉到这里有域主潜入,领晨曦来援。 Now Yang Kai and abyss of suffering of incantation line of hitting, the wild energy sweeps across, entire Universe Paradise is not even more steady, in Void the every big and small crack, wants to come everywhere obviously soon, this Universe Paradise must crash. 如今杨开与咒行打的水深火热,狂暴的能量席卷,整个乾坤福地愈发不稳,虚空中处处可见大大小小的裂纹,想来用不了多久,这一处乾坤福地就要崩塌。 Before that if not depart, will be very likely with crash is involved in the Void crack, but when the time comes does not know that must drift where. 在那之前若不离去,极有可能会随着此间崩塌被卷入虚空裂缝之中,到时候可就不知要漂泊何处了。 Some this kind of considered, therefore 8-Rank Open Heaven responsible is Universe Cave Heaven, after Universe Cave Heaven is 8-Rank dies leaves behind, is firmer, 8-Rank Garrison's Chief and Territory Lord in the battle can also insist longer time, otherwise trades to make Universe Paradise, how long cannot do well has not hit to be able the disintegration. 正是有这样的考虑,所以八品开天们负责的皆都是乾坤洞天,乾坤洞天八品死后遗留,更加坚稳,八品总镇们与域主在其中争斗也能坚持更长时间,否则换做一个乾坤福地,搞不好没打多久就会崩碎。 At this moment, Universe Paradise is facing momentarily the possible disintegration risk. 此时此刻,此间乾坤福地就面临着随时可能崩碎的风险。 But to this time, Yang Kai wants to delay time is not impossible even again, he is skilled in Space Principle, does not fear the universe disintegration actually, even if were really involved in the Void crack, the road that can also find, while convenient the opportunity incantation line of Territory Lord Exile to the Void crack, letting his old and alone person life-long. 而到了这个时候,就算杨开再想拖延时间也不可能了,他本身精通空间法则,倒是不怕乾坤崩碎,纵然真的被卷入虚空裂缝,也可以找到回来的路,顺便还有机会将咒行域主放逐虚空裂缝之中,让他孤老终生。 But two Human Race squads here, he was unable to do that. 但还有两支人族小队在此,他就不能这么做。 By and with incantation line of entanglements a moment later, Yang Kai the figure flashes immediately, comes in the long-range raid toward the daybreak, simultaneously Spiritual Mind passes message: Walks!” 是以又与咒行纠缠片刻之后,杨开立刻身形一闪,直朝破晓所在奔袭而来,同时神念传音:“走!” Protracted such long time, outside should the general situation decide, did not say other, always had 8-Rank Open Heaven to stop doing. 拖延这么长时间,外面应该已经大局已定,不说别的,总有八品开天能抽出手了。 Daybreak has circled near the gateway, the listened Yang Kai verbal command, Zhou martial artist takes out jade immediately, is making together mysterious light to the sky somewhere, in mysterious light enters, the gateway opens, daybreak speeds away, Yang Kai follows. 破晓一直在门户附近盘旋,听的杨开号令,那周姓武者当即取出玉珏,对着天空某处打出一道玄光,玄光入内,门户开启,破晓疾驰而出,杨开紧随其后。 Follows several hundred Black Ink Clan after daybreak to see that also the fish flees in abundance, the incantation line falls on finally, actually also before the gateway closes up again escaped the birth day. 跟在破晓之后的数百墨族见状,也都纷纷鱼窜而出,咒行落在最后,却也在门户再次合拢前逃出生天。 However has not waited for the incantation line to stand firm the figure, bolt of white silk rays of light has then cut together toward him, destroyed his all defenses instantaneously, cuts a huge wound on him. 然而还不等咒行稳住身形,一道匹练般的光芒便已朝他斩下,瞬间摧毁了他的所有防御,在他身上斩出一道巨大伤口。 The incantation good pain and angry roaring, turn head to look toward the one side, the view shrinks suddenly: Zhong Liang!” 咒行痛而怒吼,扭头朝一旁望去,眼帘骤缩:“钟良!” Not only there is Zhong Liang, Ding Yao and Liang Yulong, three people assume the potential of triangle, assembles him all round, incantation line of hearts sink to the valley immediately, so situation, what end is a heaven enters roadless impossible. 不但有钟良,还有丁耀梁玉龙,三人呈三角之势,将他团团围聚,咒行一颗心顿时沉入谷底,如此局势,端的是一个上天无路入地无门。 Three Regiment's Commander are existences of 8-Rank Peak, while Human Race squads begin, they also drew Black Ink Clan Territory Lord to enter respective responsible Universe Cave Heaven using jade. Even if their strengths are more powerful compared with Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, independent combat is impossible such quickly on the solution opponent, to their levels, hitting for ten days is impossible to decide the victory and defeat for half a month, do not say the life and death. 三位军团长都是八品顶峰的存在,在一支支人族小队动手的同时,他们也利用玉珏拉了一个墨族域主入了各自负责的乾坤洞天。纵然他们的实力比起墨族域主要强大一些,单打独斗也不可能这么快就解决对手,到了他们这种层次,打起来没有十天半个月不可能分出胜负,更不要说生死了。 However Human Race arranged formation in that Universe Cave Heaven actually to give them ahead of time everywhere the opportunity. 然而人族提前布置在那一处处乾坤洞天中的法阵却给了他们机会。 These formation, all consumed a lot of materials, is intended to arrange by topest Formation Law Expert, is Territory Lord falls must peel the 1-layer skin. 那些法阵,皆都耗费了大量的材料,由最顶尖的阵法师出手布置,便是域主落入其中也得脱一层皮。 The strength occupied superiorly, there is an advantage then, in addition the assistances of several Formation, Zhong Liang and the others cut to kill the respective opponent to be nothing unusual. 本就实力占优,又有地利之便,再加上数道阵法的辅助,钟良等人斩杀各自对手就不足为奇了。 Their three come out from the place of being responsible for respectively also shortly, must remain here Shen Ao pass on message, which has not known that Yang Kai is hitting what wicked scheme, without enters rashly, after all is only Universe Paradise, three 8-Rank go in cannot unshackle, then such as Yang Kai expects, keeps outside ambush. 他们三个从各自负责之地出来也没多久,得留守在这边的沈敖传讯,哪还不知杨开在打什么鬼主意,也没贸然进入其中,毕竟只是一个乾坤福地,三个八品进去也放不开手脚,便如杨开所料,留在外面埋伏。 Daybreak and Yang Kai came to turn, follows close on several hundred Black Ink Clan that is running to be killed a cleanness by their three suddenly, was one's turn the incantation line, came swiftly then suffers a loss. 破晓和杨开依次现身,紧跟着跑出来的几百墨族眨眼间被他们三个杀了个干净,轮到咒行,倏一现身便吃了个大亏。 Strength in the middle of Territory Lord only medium, facing besieging of three Regiment's Commander, incantation group of can it be that opponents? The Zhong Liang three people rubbish with him, coming up is divine ability Secret Technique, hit incantation group of left Zhiyou is clumsy. 实力在域主当中只算中等,面对三位军团长的围攻,咒行岂是对手?钟良三人也不跟他废话,上来便是一道道神通秘术,打的咒行左支右拙。 Not far away, in daybreak, Yang Kai and the others wait and see from afar, is not only they, many have solved the squad of own opponent to come one after another, outside 3-layer this trim battlefield surrounding in 3-layer. 不远处,破晓上,杨开等人远远观望,不但是他们,还有许多已经解决了自己对手的小队都陆陆续续地现身,将这整片战场包围的里三层三层 Incantation line.” Feng Ying light one, three Regiment's Commander joint attacks, are topest Territory Lord cannot support, incantation line of falls will be sooner or later matters. “咒行完了。”冯英淡淡一声,三位军团长合力围攻,便是最顶尖的域主也支撑不住,咒行陨落是早晚之事。 The Yang Kai's attention is not at the incantation line and three Regiment's Commander, but with rapt attention sensation and distant place. 杨开的注意力却不在咒行和三位军团长这边,而是凝神感知及远处。 Beyond several million li (0.5 km), has the powerful energy complementary waves to fill the air indistinctly. Also has the complementary waves on that far location/position, obviously person of battle of strength. 数百万里之外,隐约有强大的能量余波弥漫过来。在那么远的位置上都还有余波,可见交战之人的实力之强。 But outside Blue Sky Pass, Old Ancestor and Royal Lord that will also without that has been in sharp opposition, wants to come, in the distant place fights was this two. 碧落关外,也没了那一直针锋相对的老祖王主的意志,想来在远方交手的便是这两位了。 Also does not know when they hit, at least before Yang Kai, has not detected, but the confrontation of this level, commonplace 8-Rank cannot meddle, thought that therefore Yang Kai has not gone to observe. 也不知他们是什么时候打起来的,最起码杨开之前没有察觉到,不过这种层次的交锋,等闲八品都插不上手,所以杨开也没有去观战的念头。 Each other was the old opponents, this war hit the estimate is a mutually wounded result. 彼此都是老对手了,这一战打起来估计又是个两败俱伤的结果。 Has the gateway to open unceasingly, from these gateways, returning home with a full load squads comes, there is 8-Rank Open Heaven successively to appear, even Black Ink Clan Territory Lord is following closely the condition of appearance. 不断地有门户开启,从那些门户中,一支支满载而归的小队现身,也有八品开天陆续出现,甚至还有墨族域主紧随着现身的状况。 Said actually not these Territory Lord killed 8-Rank Open Heaven to get out of trouble, after all in that Universe Cave Heaven had the formation arrangement everywhere, even if some 8-Rank did not beat, was insufficient to be killed, time that just hit was long, Universe Cave Heaven could not withstand, in soon the disintegration moment, 8-Rank also has to turn on the gateway to leave, Black Ink Clan Territory Lord naturally can follow to run. 倒不是说这些域主杀了八品开天得以脱困,毕竟那一处处乾坤洞天中有法阵布置,些许八品纵然不敌,也不至于被杀,只不过打的时间久了,乾坤洞天承受不住,在即将崩碎的关头,八品也不得不开启门户离开,墨族域主自然能跟着跑出来。 Territory Lord immediately of these lucky lives then display escape methods to be far away, their clearly knows, when Human Race offers a sacrifice to hundred years of arrangement divides battlefield, Black Ink Clan has then been unable to save the situation, continued to remain to wait for death, escapes the birth day words also to stage a comeback hopefully, therefore there is an opportunity of life, they simply did not have the heart of again war. 这些侥幸活命的域主第一时间便施展遁法远离,他们都清楚地知道,当人族祭出百年布置分割战场的时候,墨族便已无力回天了,继续留下来只是等死,逃出生天的话还有希望东山再起,所以有活命的机会,他们根本没有再战之心。 These cannot cut to kill 8-Rank of own opponent naturally in Universe Cave Heaven unable easily to let off them, each one is in hot pursuit, is thorough toward Void. 那些没能在乾坤洞天中斩杀自己对手的八品自然不会轻易放过他们,个个都紧追不舍,朝虚空深入。 The incantation line only insisted in three Regiment's Commander hand/subordinate does not arrive at the 5 minutes time, was broken to pieces the head by a Ding Yao fist bang. 咒行在三位军团长手下只坚持了不到半盏茶功夫,便被丁耀一拳轰碎了脑袋。 More and more squads come from the different gateways, basically is complete complete, such as Junior Brother Zhou squad such unlucky situation is rarely seen. 越来越多的小队从不同的门户中现身,基本上都是完整无缺,如周师弟小队那样的倒霉情况并不多见。 Similarly comes also many 8-Rank, each of them's appearance alone, means Black Ink Clan Territory Lord falls. 同样现身的还有不少八品,他们每一个人的独自现身,都意味着一位墨族域主陨落 Magnificent victory. 何等辉煌的战果。 Establishes mountain pass to resist Black Ink Clan still not to know many years from Human Race a everywhere, two clan wars also break out are innumerable, but never has to capture time so greatly. 人族建立一处处关隘抵挡墨族至今已不知多少年,两族大战也爆发过无数次,但从来没有哪一次斩获如此巨大。 Now can see, only Black Ink Clan Territory Lord falls about 20, this has not then been counted these not to come at the battle, if counted, perhaps must be more. 如今能看到的,单是墨族域主便已陨落将近二十位,这还没算上那些还在争斗没有现身的,如果算上的话,恐怕还要更多。 A war strikes to kill more than 20 Territory Lord, before placing, is the completely not unimaginable matter, looks over Human Race the war of defending pass/test, cuts to kill Territory Lord most one time, is about five, is that time, paid the two 8-Rank Garrison's Chief falls price. 一战击杀二十多位域主,放在以前是完全无法想象的事,纵观人族的守关之战,斩杀域主最多的一次,也不过五位而已,便是那一次,也付出了两位八品总镇陨落的代价。 The strength to Territory Lord this level, 8-Rank wants to beat them to be easy, wants to cut to kill is difficult. 实力到了域主这个层次,八品们想击败他们容易,想斩杀就难了。 Without that has arranged Universe Cave Heaven everywhere ahead of time, how Blue Sky Pass can achieve the so magnificent achievement? 若是没有那一处处提前有所布置的乾坤洞天,碧落关又如何能取得这般辉煌的成就? Yang Kai is also choked up with emotions, when he helped initially Blue Sky Pass seeks for that everywhere Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven gateway, although also knows that can give a Black Ink Clan big pleasant surprise surely, actually didn't expect can be this. 杨开也不禁心潮澎湃,他当初帮碧落关寻找那一处处乾坤福地乾坤洞天的门户时,虽也知道定能给墨族一个大大的惊喜,却没想到会是这样。 Blue Sky Pass, that side Yin-Yang Pass perhaps will not be so bad, after all he also helped Yin-Yang Pass open many gateways. However among Black Ink Clan should have the news circulation, ate such big one to owe, the Yin-Yang Pass that side wants to repeat this time magnificently is some are not realistic. 碧落关如此,阴阳关那边恐怕也不会太差,毕竟他也帮阴阳关打开了许多门户。不过墨族之间应该也有消息流通,吃了这么大一个亏,阴阳关那边想要重复此次辉煌却是有些不现实了。 This fights Territory Lord falls so many, Black Ink Clan under Territory Lord is fatal, basically is involved in the hope that closed room Black Ink Clan simply has not escaped a everywhere. 此战域主陨落这么多,域主之下的墨族更是死伤惨重,基本上被卷进一处处封闭空间的墨族根本没有逃生的希望。 A war decides the universe! Entire Blue Sky War Zone Black Ink Clan had been hit thoroughly remnantly, waits for Blue Sky Pass, will be several hundred over a thousand years and even longer of time gentle periods, during this period, that side Black Ink Clan will be incapable of launching the attack again. 一战定乾坤!整个碧落战区墨族已经被彻底打残了,等待碧落关的,将是数百上千年甚至更长时间的平和期,在此期间,墨族那边将再无力发起进攻。 How however Zhong Liang and the others will satisfy? 然而钟良等人又岂会满足? This was to the excellent good opportunity that Black Ink Clan hit a person when he is down by after 2nd, was headed by several Regiment's Commander, Blue Sky Pass gathered 30 8-Rank, 20,000 armies, pushed onward toward the Void deep place. 这可是对墨族落井下石的大好良机是以在两日之后,以几位军团长为首,碧落关聚集了三十位八品,两万大军,朝虚空深处挺进。 Blue Sky Pass this time has not turned out in full strength completely to leave, after all needs to keep few people to look after the house, moreover some Universe Cave Heaven battles had not ended, needs 8-Rank to look. 碧落关这一次没有倾巢尽出,毕竟还是需要留一部分人看家的,另外就是有一些乾坤洞天的争斗还没有结束,需要八品们照看。 However 30 8-Rank, 20,000 armies , was almost the Blue Sky Pass larger part military, many could not reassign again. 不过三十位八品,两万大军,也差不多是碧落关一大半的兵力了,再多也抽调不出来。 Brought the purification from Yang Kai start light/only, Zhong Liang and the others was preparing Human Race expedition, but the matter of expedition was extremely significant, exactly in one single day can complete. 杨开带来了净化之光开始,钟良等人就在筹划人族远征事宜,但远征之事太过重大,可不是一朝一夕能够完成的。 Happen to attempts taking this opportunity, the goal, Black Ink Clan King City! 正好借着这个机会尝试一番,目标,墨族王城 Blue Sky Pass hopeless this time expedites can be truly successful, Royal Lord does not die, how King City can break, is only an attempt, will be the Human Race future important matter treads a direction, while guaranteeing own strength, where will project on calculates. 碧落关没指望这一次远征能够真正成功,王主不死,王城又如何能破,只是一种尝试,为人族未来的大计踏出一个方向,在保证自家力量的同时,打到哪算哪。 This has made the good plan, except for 8-Rank Garrison's Chief, under officers no one knows, by after hearing to expedite, numerous Open Heaven all roused inexplicably. 这是早已制定好的计划,除了八品总镇们,底下的将士谁也不知,是以在听说要远征之后,一众开天皆都振奋莫名。 Finally went out of this, Human Race defended against a siege various mountain pass innumerable years, finally had must counter-attack. 终于走出这一步了,人族困守各处关隘无数年,终于有要反攻的时候了。 https:// https:// Talent one second remembers the home station address: Cell phone version reading website: 天才一秒记住本站地址:手机版阅读网址:
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