MP :: Volume #52

#5145: Incantation line

Yang Kai is built on the bow, catches the eye to look, sees only front tattered Battleship to flee toward here, behind piece of huge black ink cloud is in hot pursuit, the distance pulls closer rapidly, entire Universe Paradise, winds and rains want the feeling. 杨开立于船头,抬眼望去,只见前方一艘破破烂烂的战舰正朝这边遁逃,身后一片巨大墨云紧追不舍,彼此间的距离迅速拉近,整个乾坤福地,一片风雨欲来之感。 In black ink cloud, together the aura especially ominous offense, obviously is the Territory Lord level powerhouse, side that Territory Lord, several hundred Black Ink Clan accompanying, existence of many feudal lord level. 墨云之中,一道气息尤为凶戾,明显是域主级强者,在那域主身旁,更有数百墨族相伴,其中不乏领主级的存在。 During the pursuit, Black Ink Clan Secret Technique from that black ink cloud rumbles, Human Race Battleship that the hit front flees is surrounded by perils, distressed incomparable. 追击之中,从那墨云内一道道墨族秘术轰出,打的前方遁逃的人族战舰险象环生,狼狈无比。 Daybreak when arrives in this place, when that Territory Lord acts, in black ink cloud, a giant palm finds out, obstructs the day to shade, grasps toward fleeing Battleship. 破晓抵达此地时,正值那域主出手之际,墨云之中,一只巨大手掌探出,遮天蔽地,朝遁逃的战舰抓来。 Battleship above, Human Race martial artist counter-attacks furiously, is actually the effect few, the disparity of strength boundary is too big, making them facing Territory Lord attack quite somewhat helpless. 战舰之上,人族武者奋力反攻,却是效果寥寥,实力境界的差距太大,让他们面对域主攻击颇有些无能为力。 Saw that black big hand then wants in the racket Battleship, 7-Rank Open Heaven suddenly big shout that is built on the stern: Gets up!” 眼看那墨色大手便要拍中战舰,一位立于船尾的七品开天忽然大喝一声:“起!” When the words fall, the universe buzz the cry, had been arranged the Formation activation, flickers instantaneous, will pursue the Black Ink Clan package that comes. 话落之时,乾坤嗡鸣,一座早就被布置在此间的大阵激活,瞬瞬间,将追击而来的墨族包裹。 Battleship actually does not stay, is rushing toward the gateway. Has Territory Lord, is not they can contend, that Formation is unable really to surround a Territory Lord level powerhouse, delays time at most, enough they flee this Universe Paradise. 战舰却毫不停留,直朝门户所在奔去。此间有域主,已经不是他们能够抗衡的了,那大阵也无法真的困住一位域主级强者,顶多就是拖延一点时间,足够他们逃离这一处乾坤福地 Actually sees the front daybreak to welcome. 却见前方破晓迎来。 Feng Ying shouted loudly: Junior Brother Zhou!” 冯英高呼:“周师弟!” Just now stimulates Formation 7-Rank Open Heaven to decide the eye to look, greatly is astonished: Senior Sister Feng, how did you come?” 方才激发阵法七品开天定眼瞧去,大为讶然:“冯师姐,你们怎地过来了?” Feng Ying said: Junior Brother Yang discovered that here some are not right, then leads us to have a look, this Territory Lord what's the matter?” 冯英道:“杨师弟发现这里有些不对,便带我们过来看看,这个域主怎么回事?” A that Junior Brother Zhou face is resentful: He has hidden in the Black Ink Clan army, went into hiding oneself aura, perhaps has not settled what good intention to think, Junior Brother does not observe for a while, encircled him.” 周师弟一脸愤懑:“他一直藏身在墨族大军之中,隐匿了自身气息,恐怕没安什么好心思,师弟一时不察,将他也圈进来了。” Which Territory Lord is?” Yang Kai asked. “是哪位域主?”杨开问道。 That Junior Brother Zhou said: Without misreading, should be the incantation line.” 周师弟道:“如果没看错的话,应该是咒行。” Blue Sky War Zone, no matter Human Race 8-Rank or is Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, the quantity are not many, each side be only dozens, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord quantity are more, actually are also no more, each other battle so many years later, the respective details and status have exposed, therefore Human Race to Black Ink Clan Territory Lord many is also some finding, only if were Territory Lord of that new promote, otherwise under putting in an appearance, basically can judge the Territory Lord status. 碧落战区这边,不管是人族八品又或者是墨族域主,数量都不算多,每一方都只有几十个,墨族域主的数量多一些,却也多不到哪去,彼此争斗这么多年下来,各自的底细和身份早已暴露,所以人族这边对墨族域主多少也是有些了解的,除非是那种新晋的域主,否则照面之下,基本能判断出域主的身份。 Yang Kai recalled silently, incantation line of Territory Lord, gives out in the middle of the material that to have the record in the area inside the Great Wall, in the middle of all Territory Lord, his strength is not strongest, arranges the middle reaches level at most, must miss many compared with Black Abyss that Yang Kai faced initially. 杨开默默回忆了一下,咒行域主,在关内发放的资料当中有记载,在所有域主当中,他的实力不算最强,顶多排个中游水准,比起杨开当初面对的黑渊要差很多。 The incantation line biggest skill is to then suppress aura, he can simulate feudal lord level Black Ink Clan all perfectly, the this kind of skill enables him to avoid nosing of Human Race 8-Rank on battlefield very much with ease, seeks for the opportunity sneak attack, in the past years in the war, Human Race had several 8-Rank then to suffer his, was sneak attacked to cause heavy losses. 咒行最大的本事便是压制自身气息,他能完美模拟领主级墨族的一切,这样的本事让他在战场上可以很轻松地避开人族八品的查探,找寻机会偷袭,历年大战中,人族有好几位八品便吃过他的亏,被偷袭重创。 His time hides in the Black Ink Clan army, camouflages a feudal lord, obviously is harbors evil intentions, finally actually by this squad annexing here, does not know that is he unlucky or this Human Race squad is hapless. 他这次藏身在墨族大军之中,伪装成一个领主,显然是不怀好意的,结果却被这一支小队给圈进了这里,也不知是他倒霉还是这支人族小队倒霉。 Zhao Junior Brother does not observe by its sneak attack for a while, the body has fallen, we are also depend on here several Formation to socialize now.” Zhou martial artist whole face is sorrowful, encounters such Territory Lord, the squad will have the buckle is unavoidable, but Zhao Junior Brother in his mouth, is one of the squad only two two 7-Rank. “赵师弟一时不察被其偷袭,已经身陨,我们也是靠着这里的几处大阵才得以周旋到现在。”周姓武者满脸悲恸,遭遇这样一个域主,小队会有折损是在所难免的,而他口中的赵师弟,则是这支小队唯二的两个七品之一。 How long can also delay?” Yang Kai asked. “还能拖延多久?”杨开问道。 Zhou martial artist said: How long cannot delay, Brother Yang you also know, Formation that our responsible Universe Paradise arrange perhaps, in view of Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, he many helpers, does not have more than ten breath Formation to be broken let alone now at most again.” 周姓武者道:“拖延不了多久的,杨兄你也知道,我们负责的乾坤福地所布置的阵法,都不是针对墨族域主的,更何况他如今还有不少帮手,顶多再有十几息大阵恐怕就要被破。” Other Formation available?” “还有别的大阵可用吗?” Did not have.” Zhou martial artist shakes the head, three Formation had been activated completely, was lucky that three Formation, perhaps otherwise our cannot live, Brother Yang, should walk, when he got out of trouble perhaps without enough time.” “没了。”周姓武者摇头,“此间三处阵法已经全部被激活,也多亏了那三处阵法,否则我们恐怕一个都活不下来,杨兄,该走了,待他脱困恐怕就来不及了。” Yang Kai visual front, slow sound said: We come, 8-Rank that side person, obviously also with the Territory Lord battle. At this time leaves, the incantation line must tag along, when may no one be able to keep in balance him to the outside, is the war is remains all in an instant.” 杨开目视前方,缓声道:“我们进来的时候,八品那边一人未出,显然都还在与域主争斗。此时离开,咒行必会尾随,待到外间可没人能制衡他,是战是留全在他一念之间。” Zhou martial artist hears saying: How does Brother Yang want to do?” 周姓武者闻言道:“杨兄想如何做?” Yang Kai offers a sacrifice to Azure Dragon Spear: Constrains him! Soon, having 8-Rank can stop doing, even if when the time comes he leaves, some outside still people tidy up him, kills my Human Race robe Ze, wants his blood debt blood to recompense surely!” 杨开祭出苍龙枪:“拖住他!用不了多久,自有八品能抽出手来,到时候就算他离开此间,外面也有人收拾他,杀我人族袍泽,定要他血债血偿!” Zhou martial artist does not hesitate, immediately nods: Good, listens to Brother Yang.” 周姓武者也不犹豫,当即颔首:“好,就听杨兄的。” He also knows that the Yang Kai strength is splendid, Dawn Squad has a strong lineup, his squad does not have the odds of success facing Territory Lord only, but if adds on Dawn not necessarily not to have strength of the war, did not strive for being able to massacre Territory Lord here, but delayed time, should no major problem. 他也知道杨开实力彪炳,晨曦小队阵容强大,单他一支小队面对域主毫无胜算,可若加上晨曦未必没有一战之力,不求能在这里杀掉一个域主,只是拖延时间的话,应该没什么大问题。 During the speeches, that Formation has the shape of collapse, Yang Kai shouts lowly: Incantation line gives me, your own is careful, did not strive for killing the enemy, as far as possible dragging!” 说话间,那大阵已有崩溃之象,杨开低喝道:“咒行交给我,你们自己小心,不求杀敌,尽量拖延!” The words fall to flicker, has thrown toward the front. 话落瞬瞬,已直朝前方扑去。 Formation is solved loudly, in black ink cloud, the incantation line angrily roars again and again, only Human Race squad, by several Formation, makes him dirty unexpectedly, this makes him quite angry, sets firm resolve secretly, must that Human Race squad kill to the last one/being ruthless, be able surely hate of disappearing heart. 大阵轰然告破,墨云之中,咒行怒吼连连,区区一支人族小队,凭借几处阵法,竟让他灰头土脸,这让他极为愤怒,暗暗下定决心,定要将那一支人族小队赶尽杀绝,方能消心头之恨。 Human Race has Expelling Black Ink Pill now, he did not count on that black ink melts them, naturally can only kill. 人族如今有驱墨丹,他也不指望墨化他们,自然只能杀了了事。 However this thought side gets up, one group of dazzling rays of light then stamped passes come, incantation line of raises the head look, is out of sorts slightly. 然而这个念头方起,一团耀眼光芒便印照而来,咒行抬头望去,微微失神。 This side Universe Paradise small Sun, solar above, has three legged strange bird to organize to cry unexpectedly, moreover that small Sun unexpectedly at extremely quick speed toward own. 此方乾坤福地居然有一轮小太阳,太阳之上,有三足怪鸟腾挪啼鸣,而且那小太阳竟以极快的速度朝自己袭来。 After small Sun, seems together the person's shadow, imposing manner like the rainbow. 小太阳之后,更似有一道人影,气势如虹。 This is not Sun, is Human Race Secret Technique! 这不是太阳,是人族秘术 Is better than incantation line of this kind of Territory Lord, can feel that this together Secret Technique to the threat that own brings, if were really hit by this thing front surface, definitely has no good fruit to eat. 强如咒行这样的域主,也能感觉到这一道秘术自己带来的威胁,真要是被这东西迎面击中,肯定没什么好果子吃。 Lifts by incantation good both hands, the rich black ink cloud gathering is the barrier, keeps off in the direction that small Sun hits. 是以咒行双手一抬,浓郁墨云汇聚为屏障,挡在那小太阳撞来的方向。 The fierce sound spreads, the wild energy sweeps across, incantation line of figure of suddenly short several points, under the energy of blazing cremated myriad things sufficiently, black ink cloud thin several points. 剧烈的声响传出,狂暴的能量席卷,咒行的身形猛然矮了几分,炽热的足以焚化万物的能量之下,墨云都稀薄几分。 However he is also Territory Lord, Golden Crow Casting Sun, although is strong, how actually without the means really him, on the contrary is his behind some strength not high Black Ink Clan, reverses one piece under that powerful impact. 不过他好歹也是域主,金乌铸日虽强,却没办法真的将他怎么样,反倒是他身后的一些实力不高的墨族,在那强大的冲击下翻倒一片。 Does not wait for him to get back one's composure, the continuous spear/gun curtain has covered him, black ink blood whirlwind flies, the incantation line angrily roars. 不等他回神,连绵枪幕已将他笼罩,墨血飚飞,咒行怒吼。 Meanwhile, two Battleship above, the Secret Treasure prestige can under formation blessing, the bang enter the Black Ink Clan gathering place. 与此同时,两艘战舰之上,一道道秘宝的威能在法阵加持下,轰进墨族聚集之地。 Black Ink Clan were hit instantaneously ignorant. 墨族们瞬间被打懵了。 They under the leadership of incantation line of Territory Lord, pursued that Human Race Battleship ascended the sky before enter roadless impossible, how in an instant by fleeing like a scared rat that others hit. 他们之前在咒行域主的带领下,追的那人族战舰上天无路入地无门,怎地一转眼被人家打的抱头鼠窜。 However a moment later, then had Black Ink Clan Territory Lord to see clearly the truth, originally only then Human Race Battleship, turned into two at this moment unexpectedly, obviously was the Human Race reinforcements arrives. 不过片刻之后,便有墨族域主洞察了真相,原本只有一艘人族战舰,此刻竟变成了两艘,显然是人族援军到来。 Moreover that Battleship that comes is bigger, the prestige can really! 而且来的那一艘战舰更大,威能更甚! Although Black Ink Clan the casualty are many, actually happy does not fear, under leadership of several feudal lords, stimulates to movement the Secret Technique counter-attack, compelling Human Race two Battleship to organize to move aside. 墨族虽死伤不少,却是怡然不惧,在几个领主的率领下,催动秘术反击,逼得人族两艘战舰腾挪躲闪。 Zhou martial artist Battleship, is daybreak, has damaged in the beforehand war, particularly the protective function, naturally does not dare to be hit again. 无论是周姓武者战舰,还是破晓,都在之前的大战中有所损伤,尤其是防护功能,自然不敢再被击中。 Then, then when gives Black Ink Clan panted for breath, several hundred Black Ink Clan under feudal lords' leadership, go against bombing of Battleship to throw. 如此一来,便给了墨族喘息之际,数百墨族在领主们的带领下,顶着战舰的轰炸扑将而来。 Helpless, two Battleship can only socialize circuitously, the attack strength reduces greatly. 无奈,两艘战舰只能迂回周旋,攻击力道大减。 Another side, on incantation line of Territory Lord were many over a hundred wounds on extremely short time, is not he does not want to hide, but cannot hide, attached Space Principle Great Unrestrained Spear Technique facing Yang Kai that any avoidance is the futile effort. 另一边,咒行域主身上在极短的时间上多了上百道伤口,不是他不想躲,而是躲不掉,面对杨开那附加了空间法则大自在枪术,任何躲避都是徒劳。 The ache makes the incantation line even more angry, he is also a ruthless offense, since cannot hide, that does not hide, the wild fist goes toward the front bang. 疼痛让咒行愈发愤怒,他也是个狠戾的,既然躲不掉,那就不躲了,狂暴一拳朝前方轰去。 Trades the wound by the wound! 以伤换伤! He can detect, what attack own is only Human Race 7-Rank, by his Territory Lord background, trades by the wound surely is the opposite party who the wound words drop down finally. 他能察觉到,攻击自己的只是个人族七品,以他域主底蕴,以伤换伤的话最终倒下的必定是对方。 This fist has the effect very much, that Human Race 7-Rank was rumbled to fly far away, in the midair bleeds like the fog, he bullies good-fittingly, then must give the opposite party a happiness. 这一拳很有效果,那人族七品被轰飞出去老远,半空中喋血如雾,他合身欺上,便要给对方一个痛快。 The opposite party figure flashes who would imagine, vanished in unexpectedly same place. 岂料对方身形一闪,竟消失在了原地。 Incantation line of fists pounded spatial, figure staggered, was feeling strange that Human Race went to where, the side unexpectedly was together murderous intention. 咒行一拳砸了个空,身形不禁一个趔趄,正奇怪那人族去了何处,侧面竟是一道杀机袭来。 Turns head to look, Human Race 7-Rank that vanishes strangely does not know unexpectedly when appears side him, long spear/gun straight thrust, lance point above, a round of small solar shining person view. 扭头望去,诡异消失的人族七品竟不知何时出现在他身旁,长枪直刺,枪尖之上,一轮小太阳耀人眼帘。 Incantation line slightly startled, actually disregards, a fist rumbles again. 咒行微惊,却是不管不顾,再次一拳轰出。 That small Sun annihilates, in the incantation line of also figure backing up fist peaks burnt, sore he looks fierce. 那小太阳湮灭,咒行也不禁身形倒退拳峰上一片焦糊,疼的他龇牙咧嘴。 Although he does not feel better, that Human Race cannot withstand, once again departs, fresh blood of this time blowout were more. 他虽不好过,那人族更加不堪,又一次飞出,这一次喷出的鲜血更多了。 The suppression on strength Rank is not fierce can make up senselessly. 实力品阶上的压制不是勇猛无谓能够弥补的。 Yang Kai has truly killed Territory Lord, but that time is he and Bai Yi collaborates, what killed is heavy losses in the body, Chasing Wind that the strength drops sharply. He can pursue Black Abyss to kill in the Yin-Yang war zone, because of the Black Abyss Divine Soul heavy losses. 杨开确实杀过域主,但那一次是他与白羿联手,杀的还是一个重创在身,实力大跌的逐风。在阴阳战区他能追着黑渊杀,也是因为黑渊神魂重创。 Incantation line of strengths are inferior to Black Abyss, even is inferior to Chasing Wind, but he is actually the most flourishing condition, by the Yang Kai present strength to such Territory Lord, the natural forces falls short. 咒行的实力不如黑渊,甚至都不如逐风,可他却是全盛状态,以杨开如今的实力对上这样一个域主,自然力有不逮。 Is good only needs to delay time because of him, does not need really with fighting of incantation good life and death. Some injuries want not the bad foundation, is not the important matter. 好在他只需要拖延时间,不需要真的与咒行生死之斗。些许伤势只要不坏根基,就不是什么大事。 The heart has to decide the idea, the Yang Kai offensive does not reduce, with frequenting each other of incantation line of hitting. 心有定计,杨开攻势不减,与咒行打的你来我往。 Naturally, majority are the conditions of coming under attack, but by mysteriously appearing and disappearing Space Principle, the incantation line wants to strike to be killed violently is also impossible. 当然,大多数都是挨打的状态,不过凭借神出鬼没的空间法则,咒行想要一击毙命也是不可能。 time passes slowly. 时间缓缓流逝。 After half double-hour, two Battleship only had one. 半个时辰后,两艘战舰只剩下一艘了。 Junior Brother Zhou their Battleship damaged seriously, now is pursued by several hundred Black Ink Clan, crazy bang several times, cannot support finally, explodes to break to pieces thoroughly. 周师弟他们的战舰本就破损严重,如今又被数百墨族追击,狂轰几次,终于支撑不住,彻底爆碎开来。 https:// https:// Talent one second remembers the home station address: Cell phone version reading website: 天才一秒记住本站地址:手机版阅读网址:
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