MP :: Volume #43

#4245: Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture

Ok, does not have the meaning really!” Pei Wenxuan waits and sees one, suddenly flings the sleeves, the stride goes toward that stele line, your own plays, I do not accompany.” “算了,真没意思!”裴文轩观望一阵,忽然一甩衣袖,大步朝那石碑行去,“你们自己玩吧,我不奉陪了。” Sees him to depart, Qu Huachang also slightly relaxed, if this fellow is unforgiving, today must certainly suffer a loss, however Yang Kai, if has killed him, that troublesome was big. 见他离去,曲华裳也微微松了口气,若这家伙不依不饶的话,今天肯定要吃大亏,然而杨开若是真的杀了他,那麻烦就大了。 Turns around to look at Yang Kai with a smile, that pupil will as if speak, there is a faint trace inexplicable pleasant surprise, sound weakness as always: Junior Brother Yang, is really Horizon where does not meet by chance, didn't expect can bump into you here.” 转身笑吟吟地望着杨开,那眸子仿佛会说话,有一丝丝莫名的惊喜,声音一如既往的酥软:“杨师弟,真是天涯何处不相逢,没想到在这里能碰到你。” Yang Kai salutes saying: For many years left, Senior Sister elegant demeanor as before, but also wants thanks Senior Sister to break through.” 杨开行礼道:“经年一别,师姐风采依旧,还要谢过师姐解围。” Qu Huachang covers the mouth to say with a smile: Must thank is not one's turn you, should be that bastard thanks me is.” Beckoned with the hand saying: Did not say this, you how with the Great Battle Heaven person in the same place?” 曲华裳掩嘴笑道:“要谢也轮不到你,该是那混蛋谢我才是。”摆了摆手道:“不说这个,你怎么跟大战天的人在一起了?” Curiously looks at Bu Lianzhong and the others, in the beautiful pupil full are the doubt. 好奇地看着步连忠等人,美眸中满是狐疑。 Bu Lianzhong said: Senior Brother Yang and others had the graciousness of life-saving to me, before my fellow apprentices five people, falls into a hopeless situation, is Senior Brother Yang gets rid to rescue.” 步连忠道:“杨师兄对我等有救命之恩,我师兄弟五人之前陷入一处绝境,是杨师兄出手相救。” Listens to his such explanation, Qu Huachang suddenly saying: This, but you do not need to care, Junior Brother Yang this person was usually warmhearted, he has saved the person may be many, I have also received the graciousness of his life-saving, this not thinks the report, was planning that permits by the body.” 听他这么一解释,曲华裳才恍然道:“这样啊,不过你们也不用放在心上,杨师弟这人素来古道热肠,他救过的人可多了,我也受过他救命之恩,这无以为报,正打算以身相许呢。” Before that Great Ruins Boundary, if not the Yang Kai final time came out with the Mysterious Small Boundary belt these Bearer, they who competed for the unfavorable situation decided however must withstand the each and everyone Holy Spirit anger, it is estimated that most at least must die 50% people. 之前在那太墟境中,若非杨开最后时刻将那些承载者小玄界带出来,争夺失利的他们定然要承受一个个圣灵的怒火,估计最起码也要死上一半人。 Bu Lianzhong and the others looked at each other in blank dismay, solid didn't expect Yang Kai has rescued including Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Qu Huachang. 步连忠等人面面相觑,实在没想到杨开阴阳洞天曲华裳都救过。 Yang Kai hear of she said actually anything permits by the body, for a moment somewhat cannot shoulder, thought that this woman also was really anything dares saying that lost says with a smile: Senior Sister not must crack a joke.” 倒是杨开听她说什么以身相许,一时间有些扛不住,心想这女人还真是什么都敢说啊,不由失笑道:“师姐莫要开玩笑。” Qu Huachang covers the mouth chuckle, the character and style ten thousand types. 曲华裳掩嘴轻笑,风情万种。 Circling is Bu Lianzhong and the others came Great Battle Heaven, each one dispositions are calm, somewhat looks to look blank, thought Eldest Senior Brother guidance right, female that Yin-Yang Cave Heaven comes out is really the source of trouble...... 绕是步连忠等人出身大战天,个个心性沉稳,也有些看直了眼,心想大师兄教导的没错,阴阳洞天出来的女子果然都是祸水…… Also must consult Senior Sister Qu, what situation here is, why these many people gather this place, what that center of the lake is Palace?” Yang Kai shift topic, so as to avoid this female goes crazy. “还要请教曲师姐,这边到底是什么情况,为何这么多人聚集此地,那湖心宫殿又是什么?”杨开转移话题,免得这女子又发疯。 Qu Huachang the complexion, said: That center of the lake Palace should be an inheritance of Blood Monster Divine Monarch is.” 曲华裳正了正脸色,道:“那湖心宫殿应该是血妖神君的一道传承所在。” Yang Kai and the others the personal appearance inspires, some do not dare to believe: Really is the inheritance?” 杨开等人身形一振,都有些不敢置信:“真的是传承?” Before listened that person mentioned, that person is unable to determine that only said that has the possibility, now said including Qu Huachang, right real. 之前听那人说起的时候,那人也无法确定,只说有可能,如今连曲华裳都这么说,搞不好是真的。 Qu Huachang shakes the head saying: Blood Monster Divine Monarch 8-Rank Open Heaven, was powerful, is skilled in Blood Principle and Controlling Beast Principle, in addition, his achievement definitely also involved many other Domain, although this place should have Blood Monster Divine Monarch the inheritance of together, but was, on the one hand the inheritance has not known that most people speculated, here inheritance should be related with Blood Principle.” 曲华裳摇头道:“血妖神君八品开天,实力强大,生前精通血道驭兽之道,除此之外,他的成就肯定还涉及了其他许多领域,虽说此地应该有一道血妖神君的传承,但到底是哪一方面的传承还不知道,大多数人推测,这里的传承应该是跟血道有关。” Why has this speculation?” Yang Kai is puzzled. “为何有此推测?”杨开不解。 This blood lake is an aspect.” During the Qu Huachang speeches, referred to near that lakeshore stele saying: „The biggest basis is this Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture, therefore everybody has this speculation.” “这血湖是一方面。”曲华裳说话间,指了指那湖岸边的石碑道:“最大的根据是这大衍不灭血照经,所以大家才有此推测。” Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture!” The Yang Kai mind shakes, if did not remember incorrectly, but this Cultivation Technique one of the Blood Monster Divine Monarch before death majoring in Cultivation Technique, Proprietress gives in his jade slip to have this record, can say that Blood Monster Divine Monarch has the 8-Rank Open Heaven achievement, this Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture has lasting achievements. 大衍不灭血照经!”杨开心神一震,若是没记错的话,这功法可是血妖神君生前的主修功法之一,老板娘给他的玉简之中有此记载,可以说血妖神君八品开天的成就,这大衍不灭血照经功不可没。 Bu Lianzhong startled say/way: Senior Sister Qu meant, on that stele seal cutting Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture Technique?” 步连忠惊道:“曲师姐的意思是说,那石碑上篆刻了大衍不灭血照经法门?” Qu Huachang nods the head dignifiedly: „, Before you come, I in that side am perceiving through meditation mysteriously.” So was saying, greeted: Has a look together.” 曲华裳凝重颔首:“正是,你们来之前,我正在那边参悟其中奥妙。”这般说着,招呼道:“一起去看看吧。” Yang Kai and Bu Lianzhong look at each other one, does not hesitate, immediately follows in Qu Huachang behind, arrives under that stele. 杨开步连忠对视一眼,也不犹豫,立刻跟在曲华裳身后,来到那石碑下方。 Under stele encircled completely the person, but this stele was not small, by, even if were away from the crowd, clearly that can also look, sure enough, that stele most place above, then one line with the large character that fresh blood wrote: Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture! 石碑下围满了人,不过这石碑不小,是以即便隔着人群,也能看的清清楚楚,果不其然,那石碑最上方,便有一行似是用鲜血书写的大字:大衍不灭血照经 Yang Kai is flabbergasted secretly, one of Cultivation Technique but this thing Blood Monster Divine Monarch majors, before all people speculated that this Cultivation Technique hides during the inheritance of Blood Monster Divine Monarch surely, after all this is can make an older generation promote 8-Rank Cultivation Technique, who can not be jealous? 杨开暗暗咋舌,这东西可是血妖神君主修的功法之一,以前所有人都推测,这门功法必定藏在血妖神君的传承之中,毕竟这可是能让一位先辈晋升八品功法,谁能不眼红? Who knows such in undisguised fashion appears in a blood lakeside at this moment unexpectedly, lets all come here person to observe and emulate to perceive through meditation. 谁知此刻竟这么毫无遮掩地出现在一个血湖边,让所有来到这里的人都能观摩参悟。 Is Blood Monster Divine Monarch up to mischief? 血妖神君在搞什么鬼? However on this stele also only then these characters, in addition, do not have the otherness again. 不过这石碑上也就只有这几个字而已,除此之外,再无他物。 Presses down the heart doubts, Yang Kai raises the head, looks with rapt attention, the mind then seemed pulled suddenly by an invisible strength, spills into stele. 按下心头疑惑,杨开抬头,凝神望去,瞬息间,心神便仿佛被一股无形的力量拉扯,涌进石碑之中。 A grotesque and gaudy picture cannot help but appears in the mind, meridians Cultivation Technique revolution chart also electric light flint flash before, is startled hastily Yang Kai retreat several steps. 一阵光怪陆离的景象不由自主地浮现在脑海之中,一幅幅经络功法运转图也电光火石般地闪现而出,惊得杨开连忙后退几步。 This moves, the mind is lax, immediately got rid of involving of stele. 这一动,心神松懈,立刻摆脱了石碑的牵扯。 The Qu Huachang sound resounds in the ear: In this stele then has Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture operational Technique, if can perceive through meditation thoroughly, does not raise other, most at least can also obtain this Blood Shine Scripture the law of revolution!” 曲华裳的声音在耳边响起:“这石碑中便藏有大衍不灭血照经的运行法门,若是能参悟透彻,不提别的,最起码也能得到这血照经的运转之法!” Yang Kai shook the head, doubt said: Senior Sister Qu, this Technique somewhat seems to be incomplete.” 杨开晃了晃脑袋,狐疑道:“曲师姐,这法门似乎有些残缺不全啊。” His mind was involved time by stele, although is short, the thing that sees are not many, but can feel the thing that stele inside contains is incomplete. 他的心神被石碑牵扯时间虽短,看到的东西也不多,但可以感觉的到,石碑里面蕴藏的东西并不完整。 The Qu Huachang surprise looked at Yang Kai one: Junior Brother such short time sees was mysterious? Really fierce, I spent dozens breath times to look before.” 曲华裳诧异地瞧了杨开一眼:“师弟这么短时间就看出其中玄妙了?果然厉害,我之前可是花了几十息功夫才瞧出来的。” Said: Good that Junior Brother said that this Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture is truly incomplete, should be only then first, but wants in that lake Palace, must perceive through meditation carefully may not, did Junior Brother see the islands in these lakes?” 顿了顿道:“不过师弟说的不错,这大衍不灭血照经确实残缺不全,应该是只有第一篇,不过想要去那湖中宫殿,非得仔细参悟不可,师弟看到那些湖中的小岛了吗?” Yang Kai nods, he comes time noted, this stele in the shore, the center of the lake had Palace, however between stele and Palace, actually three was separated the thousand feet (333 m) island. 杨开点点头,他一来的时候就注意到了,这石碑在岸边,湖心有宫殿,但是在石碑宫殿中间,却有三座间隔百丈的小岛。 Qu Huachang points at the first island saying: Only has to perceive through meditation first, has the qualifications to step that first island, but in that island above, then has Blood Shine Scripture second, and so on, third, fourth, fifth! Only then fuses thoroughly these five Blood Shine Scripture, is truly complete Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture, can obtain Blood Monster Divine Monarch Blood Principle inheritance Cultivation Technique!” 曲华裳指着第一座岛道:“唯有参悟出第一篇,才有资格踏上那第一座小岛,而在那小岛之上,便有血照经的第二篇,以此类推,还有第三篇,第四篇,第五篇!只有将这五篇血照经彻底融合起来,才是真正完整的大衍不灭血照经,才能得到血妖神君血道的传承功法!” Originally is this!” Yang Kai understands clearly. “原来是这样!”杨开了然。 The strange other source of this blood lake also saw, wants to enter that lake Nakakoshima, Controlling Air Flight brings about own destruction simply, but Blood Monster Divine Monarch, since intends to hand down the inheritance of own, naturally can give the numerous tests, record in this stele then tests, only has to perceive through meditation the mystery of Blood Shine Scripture, has the qualifications to obtain this inheritance! 这血湖的诡异他方才也看到了,想要进入那湖中小岛,御空飞行简直就是自寻死路,但血妖神君既然有意将自己的传承传下,自然会给予重重考验,这石碑中的记载便是考验,唯有参悟出血照经的玄妙,才有资格得到这份传承! Thinks of here, the Yang Kai heart sinks, Blood Principle this thing he has not browsed, even if Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture is placed in him he also can only stare at present dry. 想到这里,杨开心头一沉,血道这东西他可没涉猎过,就算大衍不灭血照经摆在他眼前他也只能干瞪眼。 Resembling was looks in his heart to worry, Qu Huachang said with a smile lightly: Junior Brother do not think are too many, I had perceived through meditation before, thinks this Blood Shine Scripture, although mysterious obscure, but I and others does not have the opportunity, since Blood Monster Divine Monarch supposes to inherit here, always does not hope that saw all people return empty-handed.” 似是瞧出了他心中顾虑,曲华裳轻笑道:“师弟也别想的太多,我之前参悟了一下,觉得这血照经虽然玄妙晦涩,但我等也并非没有机会,血妖神君既然在此设下传承,总不会希望看到所有人都空手而归吧。” What Senior Sister said is.” Yang Kai nods gently, already so, that tries.” 师姐说的是。”杨开轻轻点头,“既如此,那就试一下吧。” Was defeated in any case did not have anything to lose, if succeeded! 反正就算失败了也没什么损失,万一成功了呢! Here the voice just got out, then sees one to sit cross-legged to sit the martial artist suddenly long body under stele, laughs: I have become aware, the inheritance of this Blood Monster Divine Monarch was my.” 这边话音方落,便见一个一直盘膝坐在石碑下的武者忽然长身而起,哈哈大笑:“我悟了,这血妖神君的传承是我的了。” Yang Kai is speechless. 杨开无语。 In front of these many people to say this words, hates in pulling simply, on said the flesh and blood completely lost, changes to the bleached bone dead in the blood lake, this fellow does not know that can be any destiny. 当着这么多人的面说出这种话,简直是在拉仇恨啊,上一个这么说的已经血肉尽失,化作枯骨死在血湖中了,这家伙也不知会是什么命运。 under the public gaze, that person goes toward the lakeside line step by step, when the shore, the whole body shakes suddenly, the whole body blood energy winding, changes to the dark red blood fog to wrap him, this person one step treads, steps on gently on the lake surface. 众目睽睽之下,那人一步步朝湖边行去,待到岸边,忽然周身一震,浑身血气缠绕,化作殷红血雾将他包裹,紧接着,这人一步踏出,轻轻地踩在湖面上。 Many people have turned head, does not endure to wait and see, lest saw that this person by one that the bloody water melts. 不少人都扭过头去,不忍观望,唯恐看到此人被血水消融的一幕。 However what is strange, this person treadons, has not dropped in the blood lake unexpectedly, instead steps on steadily above, this person lifted another foot, the whole person stands in the blood lake. 然而诡异的是,此人一脚踏出,竟是没有落进血湖中,反而稳稳地踩在上面,紧接着此人又抬起另外一只脚,整个人都站在了血湖上。 People in great surprise! 众人大惊! That person is actually lowly smiles one: Mediocre!” 那人却是低笑一声:“不过如此!” The starting to walk stride, toward leading the way, falls step by step, the under foot swings the layer upon layer scarlet ripples, is actually sends lossless, but along with his vanguard, the blood fog creeping motion transformation of his whole body, resembles unceasingly is acting according to a mysterious Technique revolution, forms marvelous resonating with the ripples that the under foot lake surface swings, hold-up he is leading the way unceasingly. 迈开大步,朝前行去,一步步落下,脚下荡出一层层血色的涟漪,却是毫发无损,而随着他的前行,他周身的血雾不断地蠕动变换,似在根据一种玄妙的法门运转,与脚下湖面荡起的涟漪形成一种奇妙的共振,托浮着他不断前行。 thousand feet (333 m) distance, but the moment time then walked, that person quick stepped the first island, stood in the island. 百丈距离,不过片刻功夫便已走完,那人很快就踏上了第一座小岛,站到了岛上。 The screams resound, all people are shocked envy are looking at that person, although he is away from the distances of center of the lake Palace also two islands, but took first successfully, occupied the important situation. 惊呼声响起,所有人都震惊又羡慕地望着那人,虽说他距离湖心宫殿还有两座小岛的距离,但已经成功地迈出第一步了,占据了重要的先机。 Even if behind some people can also perceive through meditation mysterious, will fall inevitably everywhere behind him. 后面即便有人也能参悟出其中奥妙,也势必处处落后于他。 Fierce!” Yang Kai acclaimed heartfeltly, on this day under Wind and Cloud fluctuated, really the hero poured forth. “厉害!”杨开由衷地赞叹,这天下风云变幻,果然英雄辈出。 Qu Huachang congealing sound track: Words that has not misread, should be Great Thousand Blood Land disciple.” 曲华裳凝声道:“没看错的话,应该是大千血地弟子。” Great Thousand Blood Land?” Yang Kai strange saying. 大千血地?”杨开奇道 Is a top second-rate influence, compared with Cave Heaven Paradise, although missed, but was also quite good, this influence was skilled in Blood Principle, this person can so rapidly perceive through meditation the Blood Shine Scripture first mystery, should be because he had the deep foundation of this field of endeavor.” “是一个顶级的二等势力,比起洞天福地虽然差了一些,但也极为不俗了,这个势力精通血道,此人能如此迅速地参悟出血照经第一篇的奥妙,应该是因为他有此道的深厚根基。” Yang Kai: Blood Monster Divine Monarch this inherits together then about Blood Principle, that this person does not have the exceptional superiority.” 杨开啧了一声:“血妖神君这一道传承便是关于血道的,那此人不是有得天独厚的优势。” Qu Huachang silent, obviously also thinks. 曲华裳默了默,显然也是这么认为的。 Then at this time, side was screams transmits, many people decided to look toward that island. 便在这时,旁边又是一阵惊呼声传来,不少人都定定地朝那小岛上瞧去。 The Yang Kai rotation vision looks, immediately is surprised. 杨开转动目光一瞧,顿时惊奇不已。 Because of that island, in front of Great Thousand Blood Land martial artist, does not only know when presented three round stage, in that round stage has placed three Monster Beast Core, was covered by 1-layer light barrier. 只因那小岛上,大千血地武者面前,不知何时出现了三个圆台,那圆台之中摆放了三枚妖兽内丹,被一层光幕笼罩。 . Our drawing continue for three days, today is next day, must congratulate the book friend who yesterday drew a prize-winning ticket first, then asked everybody to leave behind the own contact way carefully. 咱们那个抽奖活动持续三天,今天是第二天,先要恭喜昨天中奖的书友,然后请大家仔细留下自己的联络方式。
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