MP :: Volume #42

#4111: Blockade

This is difficult engaging in fierce battle, plain above, both armies charges, battlefield changes to the meat grinder, long swords are stave, rays of light is gloomy, that battlefield above, counts the 100,000 sword fierce combat continuous! 这是一场艰辛的鏖战,平原之上,两军冲锋,战场化作绞肉机,一支支长剑破碎,光芒暗淡,那战场之上,数十万剑激战不休! A side is regiment of Yang Kai command, another side is another Gold Sword regiment. 一方是杨开统帅的军团,另外一方则是另一把黄金剑的军团。 Before occupied six footholds, the subordinates 300,000 army, consumed four months of time to find together gold ore, after Yang Kai has swallowed the energy in that gold ore, succeeds to promote Gold Sword. 之前占据六处据点,麾下三十万大军,耗费四个月时间才找到一块黄金矿,杨开吞噬了那黄金矿中的能量之后,成功晋升黄金剑 The this kind of efficiency was too low, wants to seek for under together gold ore, does not know that must wait till lord knows, Yang Kai wants to continue to promote own, naturally might as well search the trouble of other Gold Sword. 这样的效率太低了,想寻找到下一块黄金矿,不知要等到猴年马月,杨开想要继续提升自己,自然不如去寻觅别的黄金剑的麻烦。 In the world of this sword, the Gold Sword quantity does not calculate too, scout the team to be sent, has consumed one month of time, found. 在这剑的世界之中,黄金剑数量并不算太多,一支支斥候队伍被派出去,耗费了一个月功夫,才找到一把。 This also has anything quite to hesitate, Yang Kai selects the complete soldiers and horses immediately, makes war directly. 这还有什么好犹豫的,杨开当即点齐兵马,直接开战。 Several 100,000 swords attack, bustling that hits mutually, has the long sword to be destroyed unceasingly, has the long sword to obtain enough many energies unceasingly , to promote higher level. 十万剑互相攻伐,打的热火朝天,不断地有长剑被打碎,也不断地有长剑获得足够多的能量,临阵晋升更高的层次。 But true decisive point not in them, but in that upper air above battlefield. 但真正的决胜点并不在它们,而是在那高空之上战场 In that upper air, two golden gold/metal shuttles back and forth, sword dance Nine Heavens, Golden Sword Qi cut broken Void, sword qi able to move unhindered. Speed wonderful quick of two swords are incomparable, a luster is without doubt brighter, but another slightly gloomy several points. 那高空中,两把黄金金穿梭来回,剑舞九天,一道道黄金剑气斩破虚空,剑气纵横。两把剑的速度都奇快无比,其中一把的色泽无疑更明亮一些,而另外一把则稍微暗淡几分。 In battlefield, Lang Qingshan raises the head looks, focuses attention on that luster slightly gloomy Gold Sword trend, that is the Yang Kai incarnation golden gold/metal, he just promoted shortly, naturally cannot compare other established Gold Sword, firm of sword blade, the sharpness of sword blade edge, the sword glow prestige energy that cuts, miss on some compared with the own match. 战场之中,浪青山抬头仰望,瞩目那色泽稍微暗淡的黄金剑的动向,那是杨开化身的黄金金,他才刚刚晋升没多久,自然比不得其他老牌的黄金剑,无论是剑身的坚固,剑刃的锋锐,还是斩出来的剑芒的威能,都要比自己的对手差上一些。 But he had now with the qualifications that Gold Sword compares! 但他如今已经有了与黄金剑一较长短的资格! Like before, will not have the strength to hit back facing Gold Sword. 再不会像之前那样,面对黄金剑毫无还手之力。 So long as has this qualifications, he then has very big opportunity to gain the victory, this is also he dares to launch the attack to the regiment that Gold Sword leads outrageously the reason. 而只要有这个资格,他便有很大的机会能够取得胜利,这也是他敢悍然向一把黄金剑率领的军团发起进攻的原因。 Yang Kai fully realized that own insufficiency, to come up is fighting tooth and nail -type sending, that Gold Sword estimate didn't expect Yang Kai so will be also maneating, by, even if the inside story is slightly strong, was given the dozen to be ignorant by Yang Kai. 杨开深知自己的不足,是以一上来便是搏命式的打发,那黄金剑估计也没想到杨开会如此凶悍,是以纵然底蕴稍强,也被杨开给打懵了。 However had the superiority in capital, after holding one's ground, the defensive counter-attack, making Yang Kai suffer a loss continuously. 不过到底占据了资本上的优势,稳住阵脚之后,防守反击,让杨开接连不断地吃亏。 Half day time, on the Yang Kai's sword blade had the opening, which although the match also very to goes, but the situation obviously be better than him, Yang Kai attacks each time is the wound enemy 800, damages 1000. 半日时间,杨开的剑身上已经多有豁口,那对手虽然也好不到哪去,但情况明显要比他好一些,杨开每次进攻都是伤敌800,自损1000。 Continuously for a long time hence will get down, he decides however can assign mourning place, even if knows this point, the meaning that he has not changed, still sticks to one's own way of doing things. 长此以往下去,他定然会命丧此地,然而纵然知道这一点,他也没有改变的意思,依然我行我素。 Also after is a double-hour, that Gold Sword unexpectedly is sword blade one revolution, flushes away toward , the strength of its war, is also better than the Yang Kai's condition, but it was also damaged, wants to make up for own injury, but the repair injury best means are to cut to kill the long sword on battlefield, swallows their strengths. 又是一个时辰后,那黄金剑竟是剑身一转,朝下方冲去,它还有一战之力,比杨开的状态要好,但它也有所受损,想要弥补自身的伤势,而修复伤势最好的办法就是斩杀战场上的长剑,吞噬它们的力量。 Yang Kai at present one bright, explodes drinks one: Qingshan (azure mountain)!” 杨开眼前一亮,爆喝一声:“青山!” He has been waiting for this opportunity, at the present is waited till by him finally. 他一直在等这个机会,而今总算被他等到了。 Nearly one year of going on an expedition in all directions, he discovered that these long swords are the fellows of fearing death, once will receive the injury to exceed the certain extent, they first will patch oneself body, when compelled will not have the means that will meet life-and-death wrestles. 将近一年的四处征战,他发现这些长剑都是怕死的家伙,一旦所受伤势超过一定程度,它们就会优先修补己身,只有在被逼的没有办法的时候,才会殊死一搏。 This Gold Sword has this action, explained that its damage was in the certain extent. 黄金剑有此举动,就说明它的损伤已经到了一定程度。 Among the moment, that Gold Sword then approached battlefield, a sword blade revolution, Golden Sword Qi then cuts together toward crowded sword formation, covers the big range, does not divide the enemy and ourselves. 须臾之间,那黄金剑便已接近战场,剑身一转,一道黄金剑气便朝密集的剑阵之中斩下,笼罩偌大一片范围,不分敌我。 This Golden Sword Qi is sharp, under Gold Sword is unable to resist. 黄金剑气锋锐无匹,黄金剑之下根本无法抵挡。 Gave up any idea of!” Lang Qingshan shouted angrily, sword surface above, facial features cold resolute, behind more than 30 Silver Sword led by him, enormously and powerful. “休想!”浪青山怒喝,剑面之上,面容冷毅,身后30多把白银剑以他为首,浩浩荡荡而来。 This is one deals with the team that this scene establishes specially, each Silver Sword in team cultivated the peak, so long as there is a golden fluid, then can promote. 这是一支专门应对这种场面而建立的队伍,队伍中的每一把白银剑都修炼到了巅峰,只要有黄金液,便能晋升。 Silver Sword air/Qi cut from these Silver Sword, changes to 30 bolt of white silk rays of light, welcomed Golden Sword Qi. 一道道白银剑气从这些白银剑中斩出,化作30多道匹练般的光芒,迎上黄金剑气 Rumbling...... 轰轰轰…… golden and silver color collide, the latter disintegrates, former rays of light is slightly gloomy. 金色银色碰撞,后者分崩离析,前者光芒微微暗淡。 Although the Silver Sword air/Qi cannot compare Golden Sword Qi, but 30 fire, can always weaken some prestige energies. 白银剑气虽然比不上黄金剑气,但30多道齐发,总能减弱一些它的威能。 chi chi chi chi...... 嗤嗤嗤嗤…… The Silver Sword squad that Lang Qingshan leads cuts, cuts again! 浪青山率领的白银剑小队又斩,再斩! Consecutively three cut, altogether about hundred Silver Sword air/Qi by that Golden Sword Qi smashing, but that Golden Sword Qi prestige can also be worn down the larger part, the gloss compared with wants at first gloomily many. 连续三斩,总共近百道白银剑气被那黄金剑气粉碎,但那黄金剑气的威能也被消磨了一大半之多,光泽比起最初要暗淡不少。 Did not have time to continue to cut sword qi again, Lang Qingshan hesitates, not leading behind Silver Sword to scatter in all directions to open, does not dare to offend its front. 已经没有时间再继续斩出剑气了,浪青山毫不迟疑,率领身后白银剑四散而开,根本不敢直撄其锋。 Even if that Golden Sword Qi were worn down the larger part prestige energy, is not their these Silver Sword can resist, once were hit, is the fate of meeting a cruel death. 纵然那黄金剑气被消磨了一大半威能,也不是他们这些白银剑能抵挡的,一旦被打中,便是粉身碎骨的下场。 Saw that Golden Sword Qi then must cut in the sword group, across the sky also has Golden Sword Qi together to cut, afterward this sword qi cut together directly on front sword qi, comes collapse that it hits, remaining power does not reduce, bang in sword group. 眼看那黄金剑气便要斩进剑群之中,横空又有一道黄金剑气斩来,后来这一道剑气直接斩在前面的剑气上,将它打的崩散而来,余势不减,轰在剑群中。 In the wink of an eye, several thousand swords are stave, several thousand Principle Light glow depart, crash in Yang Kai within the body, Yang Kai damage, immediately patches slowly. 瞬息之间,数千剑破碎,数千道光芒飞出,冲进杨开体内,杨开身上的损伤,立刻缓慢修补起来。 That afterward Golden Sword Qi, naturally was he cuts, has destroyed sword qi of enemy, has prevented its plan, while convenient also has patched oneself body. 那后来的一道黄金剑气,自然是他斩出来的,打碎了敌人的剑气,阻止了它的打算,顺带还修补了己身。 In inverse proportion, the Yang Kai's strength dominates in that Gold Sword above immediately! 此消彼长,杨开的实力立刻凌驾在那黄金剑之上 hesitates, does not kill once more! 毫不迟疑,再次杀上! In that Gold Sword sword surface, a face appears startled and look of anger, only thinks that own this time match sinister deceitful, unexpectedly links coming out that this cruel idea can think. 黄金剑的剑面上,一张面孔浮现出又惊又怒的神色,只觉自己这次的对手阴险狡诈至极,竟连这种阴损的主意都能想的出来。 Cursed without enough time, can only deal with the Yang Kai's wanton bombing, but Yang Kai has resulted in nutritiously, its actually still sword blade harmed, the strength that can display was really inferior to the peak, these was infiltrated unexpectedly thoroughly leeward. 来不及咒骂,只能应对杨开的狂轰滥炸,只是杨开得了滋补,它却依然剑身有损,能发挥出来的力量实在不如巅峰,这一下竟是被彻底打入下风。 The following several double-hour, this golden gold/metal repeatedly wants to patch oneself body, the silver squad anything matter that but in battlefield, Lang Qingshan leads is not dry, is only staring at its trend, where it goes, where the Silver Sword squad goes, once realized that it has to patch the sign of oneself body, immediately blocks its Golden Sword Qi crazily, wears down its sword qi prestige energy, will get rid by Yang Kai again crushing. 接下来的几个时辰,这黄金金屡次想要修补己身,但战场之中,浪青山率领的白银小队啥事也不干,只盯着它的动向,它去哪里,白银剑小队就去哪里,一旦察觉它有要修补己身的迹象,立刻疯狂地阻击它的黄金剑气,消磨它剑气的威能,再由杨开出手将之击碎。 Gets rid one after another 78 times, this Gold Sword does not have one time to go well unexpectedly! 接连出手78次,这黄金剑竟是没有一次得手! Enough after one day a night, this Gold Sword is unable to maintain to stabilize including the flight strength, does the sword blade sway in the midair, Golden Sword Qi is unable to cut, only in sword sharp above turnover sword glow. 足足一天一夜之后,这黄金剑连飞行的力量都无法维持稳定了,剑身在半空之中摇摇晃晃,黄金剑气也无法斩出,只在剑尖之上吞吐剑芒 It is the spent force, a strength worn down cleanness. 它已是强弩之末,一身力量被消磨的干干净净。 Then was one's turn it to go all out, Yang Kai unperturbed, at a moderate pace with it socializing. 这下轮到它来拼命了,杨开老神在在,不紧不慢地与之周旋。 To some moment, this Gold Sword last strength pressed out to do finally, plants to fall from the midair, inserts in the ground slantingly, in that sword surface, facial features thin and pale dispirited, facial expression grey defeat. 终到某一刻,这黄金剑最后一丝力量被榨干,一头从半空中栽落下来,斜斜地插在地上,那剑面上,面容憔悴萎靡,神情灰败。 Yang Kai falls on it slowly at present, sword blade one horizontal, flies high to cut. 杨开徐徐落在它眼前,剑身一横,凌空斩下。 That Gold Sword closes the view, closed pupil waits for death. 黄金剑阖上眼帘,闭眸等死。 But Yang Kai's sword blade edge is away from it three cuns (2.5 cm) place to stop suddenly, cracks into a smile, shouted to clear the way: Qingshan (azure mountain)!” 杨开的剑刃在距离它三寸的地方忽然止住,咧嘴一笑,喝道:“青山!” Lang Qingshan rushes toward immediately, respectful sound track: humble officer in!” 浪青山立刻奔赴过来,恭声道:“卑职在!” Has killed it!” Yang Kai hints saying that we have tried, its truly strength did not have.” “杀了它!”杨开示意道,“我方才试过了,它确实一点力量都没有了。” Lang Qingshan has gawked evil ways: humble officer it is too much!” 浪青山愣了一下道:“卑职受之有愧!” He also knows, if own has cut this Gold Sword, ten have 98 also to promote Gold Sword, but this was Yang Kai has consumed two day time after all, the achievement that the laborious fight must come, where can he take it? 他也知道,自己若是斩了这黄金剑,十有98也会晋升成黄金剑之列,但这毕竟是杨开耗费了两日时间,辛苦战斗得来的成果,他哪能取之? Yang Kai said: You, if promotes, about your my two people of strength, if will meet Gold Sword not to have this to struggle hard again, I will cut it to strengthen some strengths, the income will not be big! Begins in a big hurry, don't to the opportunity that it restores.” 杨开道:“你若晋升,合你我二人之力,若再遇到黄金剑就不会有此苦战了,我斩它只是增强一些力量,收益不大!快快动手,别给它恢复的机会。” Listened to Yang Kai saying that Lang Qingshan did not hesitate, has complied with one, vertical the sword blade cut toward that Gold Sword. 杨开这么说,浪青山再不犹豫,应了一声,纵起剑身朝那黄金剑斩去。 Clang, the Lang Qingshan personal appearance inspires, that Gold Sword is actually sends lossless, both have missed a level after all, even if at present this Gold Sword the strength runs out, but sword blade as before firmly. 铛地一声,浪青山身形一振,那黄金剑却是毫发无损,两者毕竟差了一个层次,眼前这黄金剑纵然力量告罄,可剑身依旧坚固非常。 Lang Qingshan does not believe in evil doctrines, aims at a place to cut continually several times, flies back without any results unexpectedly. 浪青山不信邪,又对准一个地方连斩几次,竟都无功而返。 In the Gold Sword sword surface, that face appears the color of ridicule. 黄金剑的剑面上,那面孔浮现出嘲弄之色。 Yang Kai sees that the sword blade floats slowly, arrives in front of that Gold Sword, the sword aims at a place sharp, the turnover from the sword point leaves the Gold Sword glow. 杨开见状,剑身徐徐漂浮起来,来到那黄金剑面前,剑尖对准一个地方,从剑尖上吞吐出黄金剑芒。 Cuts gently, cuts a large shortfall on its sword blade directly, almost cuts off it. 轻轻一斩,直接在它的剑身上斩出一道巨大缺口,差点将其斩断。 Lang Qingshan knows its meaning, aims at that gap one to fiercely attack, enough one 5 minutes of time, cuts off two sections this Gold Sword. 浪青山知其意,对准那缺口一阵猛攻,足足一炷香时间,才将这黄金剑斩断成两截。 golden rays of light flows from that Gold Sword, plunges Lang Qingshan, changes to one group of gold/metal Wu, sends out dazzling divine light, covers him thoroughly. 金色光芒从那黄金剑中流淌出来,扑向浪青山,化作一团金雾,散发耀眼神光,将他彻底笼罩。 After golden light diverges, stands in front of Yang Kai is not Silver Sword, but with his same Gold Sword, sword blade above, the rays of light circulation of golden, looks like the supernatural might is unusual. 等到金光散去后,站在杨开面前的已经不是一把白银剑了,而是与他一样的黄金剑,剑身之上,金色光芒流转,看起来神武非常。 Many thanks Sir!” The Lang Qingshan gratitude, was realizing the enhancement of strength, a face is joyful. “多谢大人!”浪青山感激不已,体会着力量的增强,一脸欣喜。 To promote Gold Sword, either swallows the golden fluid in gold ore, either was such as a moment ago such, cut to kill handle Gold Sword, swallowed its strength, what Yang Kai used was a previous method, Lang Qingshan was the latter type. 想要晋升黄金剑,要么吞噬黄金矿中的黄金液,要么就是如刚才那样,斩杀一柄黄金剑,吞噬它的力量,杨开用的是前一种方法,浪青山则是后一种。 Has turned around, Yang Kai overlook battlefield. 转过身,杨开俯瞰战场 Gold Sword dies, noise on battlefield stops immediately, his subordinates army also gave up the resistance, focuses attention on toward Yang Kai, piece of a look of prostrating oneself. 黄金剑一死,战场上的喧闹立刻停止下来,其麾下大军也放弃了抵抗,纷纷朝杨开瞩目过来,一片膜拜的神色。 In this world continuously so, so long as cuts to kill the enemy the earthly branch, then can take over the influence of his subordinates smoothly, will not encounter the least bit hindrance. 在这个世界一直如此,只要斩杀敌酋,那么就可以顺利接手其麾下的势力,不会遇到半点阻碍。 Yang Kai itself has 300,000 soldiers and horses, this Gold Sword 400,000, altogether the fierce struggle of 700,000 sword in this battlefield two days two nights, lived at this moment, only about remaining half. 杨开本身有300000兵马,这黄金剑有400000,总共七十万剑在这战场中激斗了两天两夜,此刻还活下来的,只剩下一半左右。 Although the quantity has tailed off, but the strength has not actually reduced the slightest, in 300,000 armies, Silver Sword is everywhere, the black iron sword is endless of number. 数量虽然变少了很多,但力量却没有减少分毫,在300000大军之中,白银剑比比皆是,黑铁剑更是数之不尽。 In this kind of battlefield, so long as not hit meeting a cruel death, can fortunately survive can grow huge! 这样的战场中,只要不被打的粉身碎骨,能幸存下来的都可以得到巨大的成长!
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