MP :: Volume #36

#3556: Barely satisfactory

Moreover, he is gripping Bei Limo Demon Heart now, momentarily can cause heavy losses to it, what pours does not have to be good to dread that instead in that Divine Soul battlefield, finally what regardless of wins is, Divine Soul must re-enter front this body after all.? 而且,他如今攥着北璃陌魔心,随时可以将之重创,倒也没什么好忌惮的,反正在那神魂战场内,无论最后赢的是谁,神魂总归要重回面前这具身躯。? Feared that time does not wait for person.” Embodiment complexion is dignified, Xue Li and Yu Rumeng already to Cloud Shadow.” “就怕时间不等人。”法身面色凝重,“血厉玉如梦已经到云影了。” A Yang Kai hear speech/words brow wrinkle. 杨开闻言眉头一皱。 Is this piece of Continent master, Embodiment, since said that definitely induces anything. The Yu Rumeng arrival does not have any too big relations actually, instead is a good deed, is only that Xue Li, lets some Yang Kai headaches. 身为这片大6的主人,法身既然这么说,那肯定是感应到了什么。玉如梦到来倒是没什么太大的关系,反而是件好事,只是那血厉,让杨开有些头疼。 Needs to bring here Yu Rumeng?” Embodiment asked. “需要将玉如梦引来此处吗?”法身问道。 Yang Kai has hesitated, shakes the head to say slowly: No need, here matter for the time being do not make her know.” 杨开沉吟了一下,缓缓摇头道:“不必,这边的事暂且不要让她知道。” Although before , on Zhoutian Continent, Yu Rumeng has the maintenance to own, but Yang Kai is unable to trust her thoroughly, is not bright before here situation, will bring in her will only add variable -- she and Bei Limo relations may be poor, if really sees the Bei Limo present situation, will unable to do well to meet under the seizing the chance pain the killer. 尽管之前在宙天大6上,玉如梦自己多有维护,但杨开还是无法彻底信任她,在这边的局势没有明朗之前,将她引来只会平添变数——她与北璃陌的关系可一直都不怎么好,真要是看到北璃陌眼下的情况,搞不好会趁机痛下杀手。 Even said that even if here matter becomes, Yang Kai does not plan to tell Yu Rumeng, this protection must guard, perhaps when has saved the own life. 甚至说,就算这边事成,杨开也不打算告诉玉如梦,该防备的总要防备一下,说不定什么时候就救了自己的性命。 But two Demon Saint both arrived at Cloud Shadow, sooner or later will find here, now looked that Embodiment can camouflage here Internal Qi long time. 但两位魔圣都到了云影,迟早都会找到这里来的,如今就看法身能遮蔽这边的气机多长时间了。 How long can you delay their?” Yang Kai asked. “你能拖延他们多久?”杨开问道。 Embodiment shakes the head saying: I have no way to delay their, but they are searching for in Cloud Shadow now, in half double-hour will search this place.” 法身摇头道:“我没法拖延他们的,只不过他们如今正在云影四下搜寻,半个时辰内会搜索到此地。” Yang Kai heard that word complexion sinks: Now shifted only fears without enough time.” Here also remains to have Bei Limo aura, even if shifts does not help matters, now can only expect that the fight of Xuan Bing and Bei Limo can decide the victory and defeat in half double-hour. 杨开闻言脸色一沉:“现在转移只怕来不及了。”这边还残留有北璃陌气息,就算转移也无济于事,如今只能期望玄冰北璃陌的战斗能在半个时辰内分出胜负。 two people is speechless for a while, that Demon Heart that only then Yang Kai grasps firmly, unceasingly thump beat. 两人一时无言,只有杨开攥住的那颗魔心,正在不断地咚咚跳动。 Useless half double-hour, time that but burns a joss stick, Yang Kai then suddenly realized that in the Bei Limo body recovered strength of the Divine Soul, Bei Limo that pair of empty beautiful pupil becomes flexible, resembling feels the ache, could not bear snort|hum one stuffily. 没用半个时辰,只不过一炷香的时间,杨开便忽然察觉到北璃陌的身躯内复苏了一股神魂之力,紧接着,北璃陌那双空洞的美眸变得灵活起来,似是感受到了疼痛,又忍不住闷哼一声。 The field of vision focus, sees only a Yang Kai face alert to stand in front of own, a hand inserted in the chest of own, the heart made an effort to grasp firmly by that hand, keeping her from panting for breath. 视野聚焦,只见杨开一脸戒备地站在自己面前,一只手已经插进了自己的胸膛内,心脏被那只手用力地攥住,让她无法喘息。 Bei Limo?” The Yang Kai brow raises, Divine Soul aura of everyone is different, Divine Soul that coming out that Yang Kai naturally can distinguish in this body recovers at present is anyone. 北璃陌?”杨开眉头一扬,每个人的神魂气息都是不一样的,杨开自然能够分辨的出来眼前这身躯内复苏的神魂到底属于谁。 Slightly what makes him feel at ease, before had not vanished in that feeling that the Xuan Bing Divine Soul Spirit Body inner sense received, eternal truth Xuan Bing said evidently, the Divine Soul brand mark has passed the burden on Bei Limo. 只不过让他稍稍心安的是,之前在玄冰神魂灵体内感受到的那种感觉并没有消失,看样子真如玄冰所言,神魂烙印已经转嫁到了北璃陌身上。 Yes!” Bei Limo clenches teeth, the vision torching is staring Yang Kai. “是!”北璃陌咬牙,目光喷火地瞪着杨开 Then, did Xuan Bing die?” Yang Kai shouted the one breath lightly, did not have many accidents, before Xuan Bing own did not have the big confidence to swallow to seize to abandon Bei Limo, now this kind of result but actually also within expectation. “这么说来,玄冰死了?”杨开轻呼一口气,也没多少意外,之前玄冰自己都没有多大信心能够吞噬夺舍北璃陌,如今这样的结局倒也在预料之内。 „Are you very disappointed?” Bei Limo sneers. “你很失望?”北璃陌冷笑一声。 Is far disappointedly actually.” Yang Kai shakes the head lightly, for me, anyone of you lives who dies is unimportant, in any case is not the good thing.” “失望倒是谈不上。”杨开淡淡摇头,“对我来说,你们谁生谁死并不重要,反正都不是什么好东西。” Bei Limo take a deep breath, full milk-white bosom fluctuating, affects the injury in chest place, the black eyebrow coloring eyebrow cannot bear micro pressed, lowers the head to look at the Yang Kai's big hand saying: Now can pull out your hand? You did not think that like this treats a woman to be disrespectful very much?” 北璃陌深吸一口气,饱满的酥胸起伏,牵动胸口处的伤势,黛眉忍不住微蹙,低头望着杨开的大手道:“现在可以把你的手抽出来了吗?你不觉得这样对待一个女人很失礼?” You are Demon Saint, the exactly common woman!” Yang Kai light snort|hum, but had not insisted again, but is such as she says, loosens that Demon Heart slowly, Dragon Claw has pulled out. “你是魔圣,可不是一般的女人!”杨开轻哼一声,不过也没有再坚持,而是如她所言,将那魔心缓缓松开,龙爪抽了回来。 The fresh blood sputtering, Bei Limo is one stuffy, the complexion is suddenly pale. 鲜血溅射,北璃陌又是一声闷哼,脸色蓦然苍白。 Has not waited for her to gasp for breath, Yang Kai Spiritual Mind moved. 还不等她喘口气,杨开已经神念一动。 Bei Limo holds to whin immediately, lifts the view, stares Yang Kai to shout to clear the way tenderly: You make anything!” 北璃陌立刻抱头哀嚎起来,抬起眼帘,瞪着杨开娇喝道:“你做什么!” Yang Kai said lightly: Tries that Divine Soul brand mark to have big prestige energy!” 杨开淡淡道:“试一试那神魂烙印有多大的威能!” Has not stopped! Do you want to kill me?” The Bei Limo hissing screamed that the whole person has squatted, the body rustlings to shake. “还不住手!你想杀了我吗?”北璃陌嘶声尖叫,整个人都蹲了下去,身躯瑟瑟抖。 overlook that Yang Kai occupies a commanding position she, facial expression unfeeling: Is short before me puts on airs, I know, even if there is Divine Soul brand mark is not possible to kill you, but this does not hinder me to the pain that you bring, remembers this feeling, if which day you dare to give birth to my disadvantageous thought that this feeling follows you until the death!” 杨开居高临下的俯瞰着她,神情一片冷酷无情:“少在我面前装模作样,我知道纵然有神魂烙印也不可能杀的了你,但这并不妨碍我给你带来的痛楚,记住这份感受,若是哪一天你敢生出对我不利的念头,这种感受将会伴随着你直到死亡!” The Divine Soul brand mark truly is unable to control the Bei Limo life and death, but can actually divert the motion of Bei Limo, if when Bei Limo and life dead decisive battle were such carried out by Yang Kai, definitely the body dies at the scene. 神魂烙印确实无法掌控北璃陌的生死,但却可以牵制北璃陌的行动,若是在北璃陌与人生死决战的时候被杨开这么搞一下,肯定得身死当场。 The sound of whinning is miserable, coming out that looks, Bei Limo is quite truly uncomfortable, in the body jumps unexpectedly uncontrolled projects the murderous intention, because just dreaded that does not dare to begin. 哀嚎之声凄凉无比,看的出来,北璃陌确实极为难受,身躯内竟不受控制地迸射出杀机,只不过因为有所忌惮没敢动手。 Yang Kai has urged the maximum degree the prestige of that Divine Soul brand mark, cannot want the Bei Limo life, but makes her miserable howling be more miserable. 杨开一直将那神魂烙印的威力催到最大程度,也没能真的要了北璃陌的性命,只是让她的惨嚎更凄凉罢了。 After a little while, Yang Kai receives the hand, he experimented this Divine Soul brand mark to have the big effect, although before Xuan Bing says some differences, in range that but also in can accept. 少顷,杨开收手,他已经试验出这神魂烙印有多大效果了,虽然与玄冰之前所言有些出入,但也在能接受的范围之内。 Bei Limo such as one mud same have lain down on the ground, the big mouth is panting for breath, the whole body was moistened by the sweat, a pair of beautiful pupil is gazing at the sky emptily atheistic, long time cannot focus, seemed comes to the verge of death the fish. 北璃陌已经如一摊烂泥一样躺在地上,大口喘息着,浑身都被汗水打湿,一双美眸空洞无神地注视着天空,半晌没能聚焦,好似一条濒临死亡的鱼。 The strong winds blow, a cool feeling spreads the whole body, making Bei Limo unable to bear shiver with fright, this has gotten back one's composure. 狂风吹来,一股凉意蔓延全身,让北璃陌忍不住打了个冷战,这才有所回神。 Catches the eye to look, Yang Kai stands before her, lowers the head overlook, she crossed the head, the double fist grips tightly, the corner of the eye somewhat is slightly moist... 抬眼望去,杨开就站在她面前,低头俯瞰,她偏过了脑袋,双拳紧握,眼角微微有些湿润… Since has become Demon Saint, may never withstand the so big humiliation! Xuan Bing that slut, did not hesitate dead unexpectedly must suspend own together. 自从成为魔圣以来,可从未承受如此大的屈辱!玄冰那个贱人,居然不惜死亡也要摆自己一道。 Opens wide Consciousness Sea, I need to reinforce the Divine Soul brand mark!” Yang Kai told. “敞开识海,我需要加固一下神魂烙印!”杨开吩咐道。 Bei Limo is motionless, as if deaf was the same. 北璃陌一动不动,仿佛聋了一样。 The Yang Kai air/Qi said with a smile: Do not exhibit such one by the appearance that I humiliate, do you know that your this appearance is very attractive, my heart that if annoys big...” 杨开气笑道:“别摆出这么一副被我凌辱的模样,你知不知道你这个样子还是很诱人的,万一惹的我兽心大…” Did not wait for Yang Kai to say the words that Bei Limo staggered to set out, Yin Ya/silver tooth was nipping red lips, the grief and indignation in the extreme. 不等杨开把话说完,北璃陌就踉跄起身,银牙咬着红唇,悲愤的无以复加。 Similar words I will not say second!” Yang Kai is cold the face to say. “同样的话我不会说第二遍!”杨开冷着脸道。 Bei Limo closes the eye, her for fear that again looks at Yang Kai cancould help beginning. 北璃陌闭上眼睛,她生怕再看着杨开就忍不住要动手了。 This is clever!” Yang Kai hey hey smiled one, Spiritual Mind surged, crashes in Bei Limo Consciousness Sea. “这样才乖!”杨开嘿嘿笑了一声,神念涌动,冲进北璃陌识海之中。 I warned you, reinforced brand mark then to reinforce the brand mark, if you dare to spy on my private, this Senior/true body then spelled with you!” Bei Limo opens eyes to say suddenly. “我警告你,加固烙印便加固烙印,你若敢窥探我的私密,本尊便跟你拼了!”北璃陌忽然睁眼道。 Yang Kai was startled, chin said: Relax, I have not spied on others ** custom.” So was saying, then acts. 杨开怔了一下,颔道:“放心,我这个人没有窥探别人**的习惯。”这般说着,便施为起来。 Bei Limo has been vigilant, realized after Yang Kai really not unnecessary movement, this felt relieved. 北璃陌一直警惕有加,察觉杨开真的没有多余的动作之后,这才放下心来。 Because the brand mark in Bei Limo Consciousness Sea passes the burden through Xuan Bing, therefore somewhat will be inevitably loose, this reinforcement has also guaranteed solid of brand mark. 因为北璃陌识海中的烙印是通过玄冰转嫁过去的,所以不可避免地会有些松动,这一番加固也确保了烙印的坚实。 Completes these, Yang Kai said: I need your Divine Soul mark, thinking Holy Senior should be able to meet my this request.” 做完这些,杨开才道:“我需要你的一份神魂印记,想必圣尊应该能满足我这个要求。” I , if dissatisfied?” Bei Limo complexion ugly tunnel. “我若不满足呢?”北璃陌脸色难看地道。 That has not related.” Yang Kai shows a faint smile, Rumeng in Cloud Shadow Continent, I can make her come, thinks that she will be glad to chat with you very well.” “那也没关系。”杨开微微一笑,“如梦就在云影大6,我可以引她过来,想必她会很乐意跟你好好谈谈。” Bei Limo hears the word complexion big change. 北璃陌闻言脸色大变。 Was planted the Divine Soul brand mark by Yang Kai in Consciousness Sea is also not the dead end, after all she only needs to spend some time, pays some prices, should be able to eradicate that brand mark, when the time comes naturally can re-enter the body of freedom. 杨开识海中种下神魂烙印还不是死局,毕竟她只需要花费一些时间,付出一些代价,应该能将那烙印破除掉,到时候自然能重回自由之身。 But this matter, if called Yu Rumeng to know that ended, by the relations of own with Yu Rumeng, Bei Limo estimated that she will be glad to plant together the Divine Soul brand mark in own Consciousness Sea very much again. 可这事若是叫玉如梦知道那就完了,以自己玉如梦的关系,北璃陌估计她会很乐意在自己识海中再种下一道神魂烙印的。 In 12 Demon Saints, Yu Rumeng, because is the relations of Succubus family background, Divine Soul cultivation level is most formidable, this point has to acknowledge including Huang Wuji, if were planted the brand mark by her , after that own , when again do not want the retrieval freedom, really thoroughly becomes the board game pieces on others hand. 十二魔圣之中,玉如梦因为是魅魔出身的关系,神魂修为最为强大,这一点连荒无极都不得不承认,若真被她种下烙印,那自己以后就再别想有重获自由之时,就真的彻底成为人家手上的棋子。 This threatens Bei Limo to attach great importance, in the heart to the extreme, if not before that slut that Xuan Bing hates disclosed many information, how Yang Kai so will be careful. 这个威胁北璃陌不得不重视,心中对玄冰痛恨的无以复加,若非那贱人之前透露了许多信息,杨开又如何会这般小心谨慎。 Is staring Yang Kai bitterly well long time, Bei Limo suddenly smiles, opens the mouth saying: Gives you not to relate the Divine Soul mark, you have destroyed that mark in any case, I was also selected the wound, will be insufficient dead.” 恨恨地瞪着杨开好半晌,北璃陌才忽然抿嘴一笑,开口道:“将神魂印记交给你也没关系,反正就算你毁了那印记,我也不过是受点伤罢了,不至于真的会死。” Was extinguished by Bright Moon including a wisp of soul kills is injured, will not die, how can a Divine Soul mark control her life and death? 连一缕分魂被明月灭杀都只是受伤,不会死亡,一份神魂印记又如何能左右她的生死? I know.” Yang Kai smiles gently, „, but has always to compare not to have.” “我知道。”杨开轻轻地笑着,“但有总比没有好。” He truly does not have the means to take advantage of that Divine Soul brand mark and Divine Soul mark controls a Demon Saint life and death, but there are these two insurances in the hand, he can guarantee that Bei Limo does not dare to use any trick in front of own easily. 他确实没办法依仗那神魂烙印和神魂印记掌控一个魔圣的生死,但有这两份保险在手,他就可以确保北璃陌自己面前不敢轻易耍什么花招。 Sees him to insist that Bei Limo is also filled with reluctantly, finally is only the chin said: Good, then such as you hope, but you must guarantee that treats me well, otherwise this Senior/true body does not depend on.” 见他坚持,北璃陌也满心无奈,最终只是颔道:“好吧,便如你所愿,但你得保证好好待我,否则本尊可是不依的。” Yang Kai said: You, if thought that my guarantee is useful, I do give you a guarantee also to have why not?” 杨开道:“你若觉得我的保证有用的话,那我给你一个保证又有何妨?” Bei Limo cannot bear curl the lip. 北璃陌忍不住撇了撇嘴。 After the moment, Yang Kai received a Bei Limo Divine Soul mark, will place in that seven color Treasure Island above, this whole body loosen, turns the head to look at Bei Limo saying: You should better not to explain that Divine Soul brand mark, my every other time will inspect, if asks me presently you not to be obedient, will decide to ask you not to seek livehood, will ask unable.” 片刻后,杨开收了北璃陌一份神魂印记,将之安置在那七彩宝岛之上,这才浑身一松,转头望着北璃陌道:“你最好不要去破解那神魂烙印,我每隔一段时间都会检查一下,若是叫我现你不听话,定会叫你求生不得,求死不能。” Knows!” Bei Limo full is should say grudgingly. “知道啦!”北璃陌满是不情愿地应道。 Moreover...” Yang Kai feels the chin to hesitate saying: Your my matter, can not make anybody know.” “另外…”杨开摸着下巴沉吟道:“你我的事,不得让任何人知晓。” Bei Limo hear speech/words blinked, the long eyelash vibrated several: „Didn't Yu Rumeng tell?” 北璃陌闻言眨了眨眼睛,长长的睫毛抖动了几下:“玉如梦也不告诉吗?” That is my matter, you did not need to take the trouble.” “那是我的事,你就不用费心了。” Bei Limo could not bear transfer in an instant the bead, covered the mouth to smile tenderly: Strange, don't you have Heart Seal Secret Technique to divert? How do you also very much guard against her appearance?” 北璃陌忍不住转了转眼珠子,掩嘴娇笑:“奇怪,你们不是有心印秘术牵制吗?怎么你还很防备她的样子?”
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