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#32: Obligation person( second)

Do not give up on the evil clans to be stupid, but Wang Ji the wisdom was good. The emperor level wisdom is not naturally low.” Beihe Great Emperor said that dead evil clans and our indigenous people tribal groups, are pursuing ultimate awaken transformation! All sorts of precious foreign object, in struggle! Because the dead evil clan is on Sky Island breeds to live, got the advantage, occupied most resources.” “别看死孽族们愚蠢野蛮,可王级智慧就不错了。皇级智慧自然也不低。”北河大帝道,“死孽族和我们原住民族群,都在追求终极觉醒蜕变!种种珍贵外物,都在争!死孽族因为都是浮空岛上孕育而生,更占优势,占据了大多数资源。” Brother Flying Snow.” Beihe Great Emperor looks at Dongbo Xueying, I need you to help! Your I collaborate, are less than the paragon shortcoming.” 飞雪兄弟。”北河大帝看着东伯雪鹰,“我需要你帮忙!你我联手,比至尊缺点还少。” Dongbo Xueying looked at present Beihe Great Emperor. 东伯雪鹰看了看眼前的北河大帝 The Beihe Great Emperor look is very sincere. 北河大帝的眼神很真诚。 Dongbo Xueying is also very clear, life eternal they, when felt that oneself is the ants in confinement is not feeling well, to jumping out confinement, Life this qualitative promotion is the what kind hope. 东伯雪鹰也很清楚,寿命永恒的他们,当感觉到自身是樊笼内的蝼蚁是何等不爽,对跳出樊笼,生命质的提升是何等渴望。 But 可是 The Beihe Great Emperor method, Dongbo Xueying is unhappy! 北河大帝的手段,东伯雪鹰不喜! For own goal does not fold method, indigenous people tribal group numerous world, some small and weak world do not submit to easily, Beihe Great Emperor even wants to extinguish directly kills! Trades one to submit to own. By this and other brutal method deterrents, making other world submit to as soon as possible. 为了自己的目标不折手段,原住民族群众多的世界,一些弱小世界不轻易臣服,北河大帝甚至欲要直接灭杀!换一个臣服自己的。靠这等残酷手段威慑,让其他一些世界尽快臣服。 Too does not fold the method, not the suitable syngenesis dies.” Dongbo Xueying secret passage. “太不折手段,不宜同生死。”东伯雪鹰暗道。 Great Emperor.” “大帝。” Dongbo Xueying opens the mouth saying that your I collaborate, that in the future, will other masters and even paragon ask me to help?” 东伯雪鹰开口道,“你我联手,那将来,其他一些高手乃至至尊请我帮忙呢?” Naturally cannot comply easily.” Beihe Great Emperor said that they do not have you to assist. Like this we have the superiority! After all the resources are limited, others snatched, we were short.” “当然不能轻易答应。”北河大帝道,“他们没有你相助。这样我们才更有优势!毕竟资源有限,别人抢了,我们就少了。” I understood.” Dongbo Xueying said that asked the Great Emperor to excuse me, I have not wanted to tie up temporarily completely on Warship.” “我明白了。”东伯雪鹰说道,“请大帝见谅,我暂时并没想要将自己完全绑在一艘战船上。” Beihe Great Emperor gawked, has gawked moment. 北河大帝一愣,愣了片刻。 My happier freedom, facing various meddlesome, happy make a decision, is not willing to bind together with other people.” Dongbo Xueying said \; first, he is unhappy the Beihe Great Emperor manner! Second, the resources of indigenous people and dead evil clan incomparable hope, he mostly does not care! Practitioner, what cares is the promotion of own boundary. “我更喜自由,面对诸多事,也喜自己决断,不愿和他人绑在一起。”东伯雪鹰说道,一是他不喜北河大帝为人!二是原住民和死孽族无比渴望的资源,他大多都并不在乎的!修行者,更在意的是自身境界的提升。 Such being the case, why and Beihe Great Emperor binds together, hits to live to kill? 既然如此,何必和北河大帝绑在一起,去打生打死? You can help a star light clan , helping some small and weak world. Also can help me?” Beihe Great Emperor looks at Dongbo Xueying. “你能帮星光一族,帮一些弱小世界。也能帮我吧?”北河大帝看着东伯雪鹰 Naturally.” The Dongbo Xueying smile, what needs to look is.” “当然可以。”东伯雪鹰微笑,“不过需要看是何事。” Ha Ha, Flying Snow brother's temper, I also early hear, hate the wicked as if they were personal enemies, feared that cannot look at my conduct method.” Beihe Great Emperor smiles at will, I want to ask you to help, mainly to cope with paragon in dead evil clan.” “哈哈,飞雪兄的性子,我也早听说,嫉恶如仇,怕是瞧不惯我的行事手段。”北河大帝随意一笑,“不过我想要请你帮忙的,主要是为了对付死孽族中的一位至尊。” „?” “哦?” Dongbo Xueying understands clearly, good, I can comply.” 东伯雪鹰了然,“好,我可以答应。” His even though somewhat method, may not be willing to enrage Beihe Great Emperor, making the star light world and other numerous world meet with a disaster! 虽然有几分手段,可也不愿激怒北河大帝,令星光世界等众多世界遭殃! Moreover what copes is paragon of dead evil clan. 而且对付的是死孽族的至尊 Dead evil clan altogether three paragon, possibly they bred the reason that was born from the death, these three paragon each one method ominous offenses, did not have the controversy big devil! Has indigenous people two paragon to frighten luckily, the critical moment stops, the indigenous people tribal group can have such day. 死孽族一共有三位至尊,可能它们是从死亡中孕育诞生的缘故,这三位至尊个个手段凶戾,都是毫无争议的大魔头!幸好有原住民两位至尊震慑,关键时刻阻拦,原住民族群才能有这样的日子。 Before I cannot think that has the Flying Snow brother, I somewhat grasp.” Beihe Great Emperor hear of Dongbo Xueying comply, immediately great happiness, I also need to prepare well, when prepares, then informs the Flying Snow brother.” “之前我也不敢想,有飞雪兄在,我才有几分把握。”北河大帝东伯雪鹰答应,顿时大喜,“我还需要好好准备,待得准备好,便通知飞雪兄。” I will have avatar to keep the star light world, the Great Emperor must look for me, may go to the star light world.” Dongbo Xueying said. “我会有分身留在星光世界,大帝要找我,可去星光世界。”东伯雪鹰说道。 Good, you help me, I will not treat unjustly you.” The Beihe Great Emperor smile, before attacked many world, can stop, was apologizes.” “好,你帮我,我自不会亏待你。”北河大帝微笑,“之前攻打诸多世界,便可停下,也算是赔礼了。” Dongbo Xueying hear of great happiness of: That thanked the Great Emperor, thought many world, will thank the Great Emperor.” 东伯雪鹰听的大喜:“那谢谢大帝了,想必诸多世界,都会感激大帝。” They should thank you!” Beihe Great Emperor said. “他们应该感激你!”北河大帝道。 ...... …… After and Beihe Great Emperor chatted to separate. 待得和北河大帝聊完分开后。 Dongbo Xueying then and star light advocates incarnation to leave together. 东伯雪鹰便和星光之主化身一同离开。 „Does this leave?” The lord of star light passes message asks. “这就离开?”星光之主传音问道。 Um.” “嗯。” „The Great Emperor so big sound, this magpie flower feast to greet you, with you said that several words, did ask you to leave?” The lord of star light has a head wet from the fog. “大帝如此大动静,这鹊花宴都是为了迎接你,就和你说几句话,就让你走了?”星光之主满头雾水。 Dongbo Xueying shot a look at his one eyes, had not said that outward flies directly. 东伯雪鹰瞥了他一眼,没多说,直接朝外飞去。 Wait / Etc. I.” star light advocates incarnation to overtake continually. “等等我。”星光之主化身连追上。 incarnation is unimportant! That piece that but incarnation carries magpie flower flower petal is very important! 化身是不重要!可化身携带的那一片‘鹊花花瓣’却很重要! ...... …… After this banquet ended. 这一场宴会结束后。 The name of Flying Snow Emperor, disseminates gradually, the most top layer of especially entire Broken Tooth Mountain Range indigenous people tribal group vibrates. 飞雪帝君之名,也逐渐传播开去,特别是整个断牙山脉原住民族群的最顶层更是为之震动。 „? The soul move, can readily make the emperor level perish unexpectedly, wind smoke god instantaneously will perish including 30 six spirits?” tall Shou a purple robe old man, aura terrifying exceptionally fills the air in all directions, some surroundings innumerable thunder appear from void, surround around him. He is one of the indigenous people tribal group two big paragon Heavenly Thunder paragon. “哦?灵魂招数,竟能轻易让皇级沉沦,连30六神将中的风烟神将都瞬间沉沦?”一位高瘦的紫袍老者,气息恐怖异常弥漫四面八方,周围都有无数雷霆从虚无中出现,环绕在他周围。他便是原住民族群两大至尊之一的‘雷霄至尊’。 He awakens the emperor level complete this step the strength of bloodlines, frequently can feel another level the strength. 他将血脉之力觉醒到皇级圆满这一步,时刻能够感受到另一层次的力量。 That is a terrifying strength. 那是一种恐怖的力量。 Can jump out this side world, jumps out Yuan natural law obstruction, genuine goes through endless Space, goes to all sorts of mysterious places. 能够跳出这一方世界,跳出‘元’的规则阻碍,真正穿行无尽空间,前往种种神秘之地。 Such soul move, listens not to listen, perhaps on paragon, scores points many mental effort resistances.” Purple robe old man secret passage, that Beihe indeed is also sly enough, first on invitation that Flying Snow Emperor.” “这样的灵魂招数,听都没听过,恐怕就至尊,也得分出许多心力抵抗。”紫袍老者暗道,“那北河也的确够狡猾,第一时间就邀请那飞雪帝君。” ...... …… Flying Snow Emperor? Actually still has such soul move?” 飞雪帝君?竟然还存在这样的灵魂招数?” Hao ancient paragon whole body leaps around heat wave, even strength slightly weak is unable to look straight ahead, Hao ancient paragon nature sending out dazzling rays of light, just like a big fireball. 昊古至尊全身腾绕着热浪,甚至实力稍弱的都无法直视,昊古至尊自然散发刺眼光芒,宛如一颗大火球。 even though his strength is very directly ordinary, close combat strength low can neglect. But the soul move can actually affect me to wait, this Heart Boundary Continent has also figured out extraordinary Experts.” Hao ancient paragon secret passage, long years, he has not cared about Heart Boundary Continent Practitioner. But this time, he attached great importance. 虽然他正面战力很一般,近战实力低的可以忽略。可灵魂招数却能影响我等了,这界心大陆也算出了一个了不得的强者。”昊古至尊暗道,漫长岁月,他从来没在意过界心大陆修行者。可这一次,他重视了。 Even in his heart, this Flying Snow Emperor threat, is higher than the Great Emperor. 甚至在他心中,这飞雪帝君的‘威胁性’,比大帝们都还要高。 ...... …… This Beihe is really sly, immediately invited on own initiative, gave a banquet to gather! He acts enough quickly, I obtained the information also late.” A black robe single-horned man shakes the head slightly. “这北河真是狡猾,立即主动邀请,设宴招揽!他动作够快的,我得到情报也晚了。”一位黑袍独角男子微微摇头。 ...... …… Slow one step, hopes that Flying Snow Emperor do not hire oneself Beihe.” A beautiful female who the strength of world gathers looks at the star light world direction distantly, muttered whispers, „the Beihe ambition was too big, Hao ancient paragon subordinates another three big imperial capitals were planned by him, the gambling fought completely all loses. If this time this Flying Snow Emperor helps again, perhaps my clan really had third paragon to appear.” “慢了一步,希望那飞雪帝君别投靠北河。”天地之力汇聚成的一名绝美女子遥遥看着星光世界方向,喃喃低语,“北河野心太大,昊古至尊麾下另外三位大帝都被他算计,赌斗尽皆输了。这次若是再得这飞雪帝君帮助,我族说不定真有第三位至尊出现了。” ****** ****** The indigenous people tribal group most top layer news nature is quick, is paying attention to this Flying Snow Emperor. 原住民族群最顶层消息自然灵通,都关注着这位飞雪帝君 But Dongbo Xueying returned to the star light world. 东伯雪鹰已经回到了星光世界。 And quick news to spread opens 并且很快一则消息传 The Beihe Great Emperor subordinates army that attacked indigenous people world, all retreats! 原本攻打一座座原住民世界的北河大帝麾下军队,全部撤退! Withdrew troops.” “都撤军了。” All withdrew troops, the Beihe Great Emperor subordinates army all withdraws troops, the dust Yao Great Emperor Commander region, recovery was free.” “全部撤军了,北河大帝麾下军队全部撤军,尘曜大帝原本统领的区域,都恢复自由了。” The army that these retreat said! Is Flying Snow Emperor asks favor, Beihe Great Emperor complied, no longer attacks.” “那些撤退的军队说了!是飞雪帝君求情,北河大帝已经答应,不再攻打。” Is Flying Snow Emperor sympathizes with various world, Beihe Great Emperor answers the receivable hand.” “是飞雪帝君同情诸世界,北河大帝才答应收手。” A news crazily disseminates. 一则则消息疯狂传播。 Many world despaired, now the Beihe Great Emperor army withdraws, their hometown recovery were tranquil, they can the past are equally free and unrestrained. After desperate, has the freedom, they are more grateful. 许多世界原本都绝望了,如今北河大帝军队撤去,他们的家乡恢复了宁静,他们又可以和过去一样逍遥自在。在‘绝望’过以后,重新拥有自由,他们才越加感激。 Knows that was Flying Snow Emperor and Beihe Great Emperor has the agreement, Beihe Great Emperor withdrew. 都知道,是飞雪帝君北河大帝有了约定,北河大帝才撤去。 All parties incomparably feel grateful. 各方都无比感激。 This is to save the entire hometown world the big benevolence! Has saved a big benevolence of their clan! 这是拯救整个家乡世界的大恩情!拯救了他们一族的大恩情! Obligation person.” “大恩人。” Flying Snow Emperor, has saved our clan!” 飞雪帝君,拯救了我们一族!” By the Beihe Great Emperor temper, is impossible to stop attacking with no reason at all. After is so the huge region, definitely was Flying Snow Emperor has paid anything.” “以北河大帝的性子,不可能无缘无故停止攻打。毕竟是如此庞大的区域,肯定是飞雪帝君付出了什么。” Has been lucky Flying Snow Emperor.” “多亏了飞雪帝君啊。” World send out team to go to the star light world, visits their obligation people Flying Snow Emperor. 一座座世界都派出队伍前往星光世界,拜访他们的大恩人‘飞雪帝君’。 ...... …… The continuous team comes. 连绵不绝的队伍过来。 Emperor.” 帝君。” Flying Snow Emperor.” 飞雪帝君。” The Envoy teams from different world, many are marriage go-between of the side world from leading, in each one is full of the gratitude to be excited, visits Dongbo Xueying. They have all prepared the gift! This saved the hometown world, saves an obligation of clan...... Do they get rid few possibly? As long as thought to this cultivating the mind family background Flying Snow Emperor useful, they already prepared. 来自不同世界的使者队伍,许多都是一方世界之主亲自带领,个个眼中充满感激激动,都来拜访东伯雪鹰。他们个个准备了礼物!这等拯救家乡世界,拯救一族的大恩……他们出手怎么可能少?但凡觉得对这位修心者出身的‘飞雪帝君’有用的,他们早就准备好了。 Dongbo Xueying facing team continuously, facing such as the treasure of mountain, actually some dumbstruck. 东伯雪鹰面对连绵不断的队伍,面对如山的宝物,却有些目瞪口呆 This Beihe Great Emperor, said intentionally is because I asked favor, because of my reason? Must give me this favour.” Dongbo Xueying understands the idea of Beihe Great Emperor. “这位北河大帝,故意说是因为我求情,因为我的缘故?是要给我这个人情啊。”东伯雪鹰明白北河大帝的想法。 ****** ******
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