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#31: Ultimate awakening of indigenous people

Does the Beihe Great Emperor treasure, perform all divides half? 北河大帝的宝物,尽皆分自己一半? Under Dongbo Xueying very clear paragon the strength arranges first faintly Beihe Great Emperor is having the what kind power and influence, the treasure that has are many! Said that Broken Tooth Mountain Range treasure innumerable chances are innumerable, making Practitioner Experts batches of come to take risk to try one's luck. May in fact, most peak mostly was already monopolized! 东伯雪鹰很清楚至尊下实力隐隐排第一的‘北河大帝’拥有着何等的权势,拥有的宝物何等多!都说‘断牙山脉’宝物无数机缘无数,令修行者强者们一批批进来冒险碰运气。可实际上,最顶尖的大多早就被独占了! Eight Great Sage in five big paragon and low status Chaotic Source Being, an audiences Great Emperor...... 五大至尊、低等浑源生命中的八位大圣,还有一众大帝们…… These strength, can occupy already occupied! 这些实力强的,能占的早就占下! Also cannot take a liking whatever Practitioner compete. 也就瞧不上的才任由修行者们去争夺。 What's wrong, doesn't believe?” Beihe Great Emperor looks at Dongbo Xueying. “怎么,不信?”北河大帝看着东伯雪鹰 „The Great Emperor spoke this saying, is what intent?” Dongbo Xueying looks at Beihe Great Emperor. “大帝说这话,是何意?”东伯雪鹰看着北河大帝 Was I says! The treasure that my treasure, and even the future obtains, performs all your 50% my half! All completely divide equally!” Beihe Great Emperor looks at Dongbo Xueying, „is the 30 six spirits of my subordinates, I have said never with their any! You were first have qualifications to make me speak this saying.” “就是我说的!我的宝物,乃至将来得到的宝物,尽皆你一半我一半!一切尽平分!”北河大帝看着东伯雪鹰,“便是我麾下的30六神将,我都从未和他们任何一个这么说过!你是第一个有资格让我说这话的。” This in society advantage with no reason at all, the treasure of Great Emperor is not good to take.” Dongbo Xueying said that what I do need to pay?” “这世间没有无缘无故的好处,大帝的宝物不好拿吧。”东伯雪鹰说道,“我需要付出什么?” Ha...... Does not have anything, but becomes my life and death brothers.” Beihe Great Emperor said that my this powerful influence, your status will be equal to with me from now on the future, is the Flying Snow Great Emperor! Words that you spoke, is the words that I spoke.” “哈哈哈……也没什么,只是成为我的生死兄弟。”北河大帝说道,“我这一方势力,你地位从今往后与我等同,为飞雪大帝!你说的话,就是我说的话。” „Is status equal to?” Dongbo Xueying frowned, I said that stops attacking that many world?” “地位等同?”东伯雪鹰皱眉,“我说,停止攻打那诸多世界呢?” That stops!” Beihe Great Emperor said with a smile. “那就停止!”北河大帝笑道。 „The region of Great Emperor rule, making their also recovery free?” Dongbo Xueying said again. “大帝原先统治的区域,让他们也恢复自由呢?”东伯雪鹰再道。 I said that you said that was I says!” Beihe Great Emperor looks at Dongbo Xueying. “我说了,你说的,就是我说的!”北河大帝看着东伯雪鹰 Dongbo Xueying felt the Beihe Great Emperor sincerity. 东伯雪鹰感觉到北河大帝的诚意了。 May discard the world. 可舍弃天下。 Completely all divides half the treasure, what of chart? 将宝物尽皆分自己一半,图的什么? Brother Flying Snow! Do not look down on yourself.” Beihe Great Emperor said with a smile, „before me, reason that must control subordinates many world as far as possible, to let many Experts was adopted by us! Listens to me to dispatch, so, many battles in entire Broken Tooth Mountain Range I can have more superiority. Can obtain me to want.” 飞雪兄弟!你别小瞧自己。”北河大帝笑道,“我之前之所以要尽量的掌控麾下诸多世界,就是为了让更多的强者为我所用!听我调遣,如此,在整个断牙山脉内的诸多争斗我才能占据更多优势。才能得到更多我想要的。” „If there is name of Great Emperor merely spatially, very few that under each one ramble, genuine hear of I dispatch, did that this Great Emperor, work as also had what using?” Beihe Great Emperor looks at Dongbo Xueying, may, if I have you to assist, that was different.” “如果仅仅空有大帝之名,手下个个逍遥,真正听我调遣的少之又少,那这个大帝,当了又有何用?”北河大帝看着东伯雪鹰,“可如果我有你相助,那就不同了。” Before you, the quantity is insignificant.” “在你面前,数量并无意义。” Beihe Great Emperor shakes the head, weak god before you will be the joke! Will wait for few several like the skeleton god, even though reluctantly maintains a strength. The retainable that strength, to me is also nothing to speak.” 北河大帝摇头,“弱些的神将在你面前都是笑话!像骸骨神将等屈指可数的几个,虽然勉强保持点战力。可保留的那点实力,对我而言也不值一提。” Dongbo Xueying approval. 东伯雪鹰赞同。 The skeleton god, will be weaker than Beihe Great Emperor plans. 骸骨神将,本就比北河大帝弱一筹。 Strength only remaining 30% under own Illusion! Was bigger with the Beihe Great Emperor disparity, whether to escape from Beihe Great Emperor is difficult to say. 在自己幻境下实力只剩下三成!和北河大帝差距就更大了,能否从北河大帝面前逃命都难说。 Is other Great Emperor! Before you, the strength similarly will also pelt. My book is closest paragon. If these Great Emperor strengths fall again, not my match.” Beihe Great Emperor looks at Dongbo Xueying, is five big paragon! Five big paragon, is only the emperor level is complete. soul and initially enters the emperor level not qualitative change. The will is quite extraordinary. They under your soul move, the strength feared that the drop are also many! After strength drop, perhaps was also almost the same as me.” “就是其他的大帝!在你面前,实力也同样会大降。我本就是最接近至尊的。若是那些大帝们实力再降,也非我对手。”北河大帝看着东伯雪鹰,“就是五大至尊!五大至尊,也只是皇级圆满。灵魂和初入皇级的并无质变。只是意志较为非凡。他们在你的灵魂招数下,实力怕也得下降不少!实力下降后,恐怕和我也相差无几了。” Your I collaborate! Is a worthy opponent sufficiently paragon!” “你我联手!足以匹敌至尊!” Your I collaborate, one crowd of emperor levels collaborate before us are the jokes.” Beihe Great Emperor looks at Dongbo Xueying, paragon, collaborate somewhat to be troublesome facing the critical mass many emperor levels. But we do not have this flaw. Your I collaborate, is the optimum matching, sufficiently able to move unhindered entire Broken Tooth Mountain Range! The resources that we can obtain, will surpass the present!” “你我联手,一群皇级联手在我们面前都是笑话。”北河大帝看着东伯雪鹰,“至尊们,面对足够数量多的皇级联手都会有些麻烦。可我们却没有这一缺陷。你我联手,才是最佳配合,足以纵横整个断牙山脉!我们能获得的资源,将远超现在!” Beihe Great Emperor looks at Dongbo Xueying: „The Flying Snow brother, you should understand my sincerity!” 北河大帝看着东伯雪鹰:“飞雪兄,你应该明白我的诚意了吧!” Dongbo Xueying understands clearly. 东伯雪鹰了然。 Yes. 是了。 Beihe Great Emperor was weaker than paragon plans, has itself to assist, can definitely with paragon fight of equally matched! Even if also has the disparity, disparity small can also neglect. 北河大帝本就比至尊弱一筹罢了,有自己相助,完全能和至尊斗个不相上下!就算还有差距,差距小的也可以忽略了。 As for besieging? In the face of the soul move, is the joke! 至于围攻?在灵魂招数面前,也是笑话! What that I and other cultivation until now this step, strove for?” The Beihe Great Emperor vision is blazing, what asked was that mysterious Chaotic source level! That level, genuine called to jump out confinement! We now are basket inside ants.” “我等修炼到如今这一步,求的什么?”北河大帝目光炽热,“求的是那神秘的浑源层次!那一层次,才真正叫跳出樊笼!我们现在不过都是笼子里面的蝼蚁而已。” In the Dongbo Xueying heart approves. 东伯雪鹰心中赞同。 Jumps out confinement? 跳出樊笼 When watching for the high-level world, ‚the technique of broken transmission watching for, oneself can watch for a source world instantaneously, is only a farther place is fuzzier! Heard after achieving Extreme Peak Realm, all sorts of method mystical. Like stone Old Monster, the body may be ubiquitous, can the instantaneous investigate entire source world everywhere. 在窥伺更高层世界时,‘破界传送窥伺之术’,自己能够瞬间窥伺一座源世界,只是越远的地方越加模糊!听说达到‘究极境’后,种种手段更加神异。像石老怪,身体可无处不在,能瞬间查探整个源世界处处。 This is the Universe God Extreme Peak Realm method. 这才是宇宙神究极境的手段。 If jumps out confinement, the method cannot imagine simply! Is close, more thinks the specialness of that level. That jumps out the confinement qualitative change! 若是跳出樊笼,手段简直不可想象!越是接近,越是觉得那层次的特殊。那是跳出樊笼的质变! Universe God, to Extreme Peak the hope is words, to jumping out the hope of confinement, that is 100, 1000 and 10,000! 宇宙神们,对‘究极’的渴望是一的话,对跳出樊笼的渴望,那就是100、1000、10000! Our indigenous people and your Practitioner are different.” Beihe Great Emperor said that „said that we and dead evil clan leaves a source.” “我们原住民和你们修行者不同。”北河大帝说道,“说起来,我们和死孽族才算同出一源。” In the Dongbo Xueying heart moves. 东伯雪鹰心中一动。 You may know, in legend, two extremely terrifying Chaotic Source Being skeletons in Broken Tooth Mountain Range.” Beihe Great Emperor said that these two Chaotic Source Being skeletons, are Chaotic Source Being of genuine significance, the method are unthinkable. They were once and Yuan slaughter crazily, Zhiyuan caused heavy losses, these two skeletons were thrown in Broken Tooth Mountain Range, they were too formidable, even if residual aura, sufficiently is killed by shock common Wang Ji. Suppressed emperor level!” “你可知晓,传说中,有两具极为恐怖浑源生命尸骸在断牙山脉。”北河大帝说道,“这两具浑源生命尸骸,才是真正意义的浑源生命,手段匪夷所思。它们都是曾和‘元’疯狂厮杀的,甚至元都遭到重创,这两具尸骸被扔到了断牙山脉中,它们太强大了,即便残留的一点气息,都足以震死寻常王级。压制皇级!” Dongbo Xueying has thought that ash-gray eye, he touches merely, avatar then instantaneously annihilates. 东伯雪鹰想到了那灰色眼睛,自己仅仅触摸,分身便瞬间湮灭。 Our indigenous people and dead evil clans, come from these two formidable Chaotic Source Being skeleton births.” Beihe Great Emperor said that „our indigenous people clan is good, contains Chaotic Source Being bloodlines, the wisdom is also high. The men and women give birth to the child, the nature multiplication.” “我们原住民和死孽族,就是源自于这两具强大的浑源生命尸骸诞生的。”北河大帝道,“我们原住民一族还好,内含一丝浑源生命血脉,智慧也算高。男女生出孩子,自然繁衍。” However the dead evil clan is different! The dead evil clan, why is called this name , because they bred from the death, they did not have the parents, death aura breeding of pure Sky Island lived.” Beihe Great Emperor said that „, therefore their 99% wisdom very lowly just like the wild animals! Only knows that slaughters and gobbles up!” “而死孽族不同!死孽族,为何被称作这名字,就是因为它们是从死亡中孕育,它们没有父母,纯粹浮空岛的死亡气息孕育而生。”北河大帝道,“所以它们99智慧都很低下犹如野兽!只知道杀戮、吞吃!” Beihe Great Emperor looks at Dongbo Xueying: Our these two clans, because of that two formidable Chaotic Source Being blessings left by predecessors, the strength are also more formidable than your Practitioner. Were many so-called emperor level.” 北河大帝看着东伯雪鹰:“我们这两族,因为那两具强大浑源生命的遗泽,实力也比你们修行者强大。多了一个所谓的‘皇级’。” Um.” Dongbo Xueying nods. “嗯。”东伯雪鹰点头。 Emperor level. 皇级。 A rank that indeed comes out! 的确是多出来的一个级别! In Practitioner, even if there are to high secret, like Sword Master, is only probably Wang Ji the complete strength! 修行者中,即便有‘至高秘传’,像剑主,也只是大概王级圆满战力! Has helps one another to high Secret Treasure this grade of external force! Eternal Night First Ancestor, Ancestor Fan, Emperor Cang, Ji Ye First Ancestor, Mo Tian Monarch , etc. exists invincibly, is Wang Ji is roughly complete. 拥有至高秘宝这等外力相助!永夜始祖樊祖苍帝极夜始祖摩天国主等一个个无敌存在,也约莫算是王级圆满。 Sovereign Xia and Immortal Dark Emperor, are two report Extreme Peak...... to break down this boundary! 夏皇不死冥帝,都是两条道达到究极……才打破这个界限! Emperor level, was too difficult to Practitioner.” Dongbo Xueying said. “皇级,对修行者而言太难了。”东伯雪鹰说道。 Difficult?” Beihe Great Emperor laughs, I hear, your Practitioner boundary is more profound, some can control a source world the source, becomes Master of source world. The huge source world is the foundation, immediately becomes formidable Chaotic Source Being. Some are the dissemination beliefs, making all living things believe that by all living things will influence source world source, controls the source world. Even some boundaries are higher, is extraordinarier, directly in strength broken law! The natural law aspect, achieves a higher boundary forcefully.” “难?”北河大帝嗤笑,“我听闻,你们修行者境界越加高深,有的能够控制一座源世界的本源,成为源世界的主人。有一座庞大源世界为根基,立即成为强大的浑源生命。有的是传播信仰,让众生信仰,以众生意志影响源世界本源,掌控源世界。甚至有的境界更高,更了不得的,直接以力破法!规则方面,强行达到更高境界。” You from small and weak get up step by step.” “你们是从弱小一步步起来。” Achievement Chaotic source, that understands natural law. To strength displaying also mysterious ten thousand sides.” The Beihe Great Emperor bitter and astringent [say / way], we are different, our present wholes are stronger than your Practitioner, may also because merely the tribal group origin is special. What our cultivation is the strength of bloodlines, this strength promotes relatively quickly, may be more difficult in the future.” “成就浑源,那都是参透规则的。对力量的施展也玄妙万方。”北河大帝苦涩道,“我们不同,我们现在整体是比你们修行者强,可也仅仅因为族群来历特殊。我们修炼的是血脉的力量,这种力量提升起来相对快,可越往后越难。” However emperor level is complete! Is our known Peak.” Beihe Great Emperor said that Yuan, had informed our tribal group. Said so long as emperor level steps forward completely again one step! Can the bloodlines ultimate awaken, the genuine atavism, changes for our tribal group ancestor race, becomes genuine Chaotic Source Being. Our ancestor's tribal groups, are not Broken Tooth Mountain Range these low status Chaotic Source Being can compare.” “而皇级圆满!就是我们已知的极致。”北河大帝道,“元,曾经告知过我们族群。说只要皇级圆满再跨出一步!便可血脉终极觉醒,真正返祖,变化为我们族群‘祖先’的种族,成为真正浑源生命。我们祖先的族群,可不是断牙山脉那些低等浑源生命能比的。” But this step, in legend has to achieve. May at least not have in Broken Tooth Mountain Range.” Beihe Great Emperor looks at Dongbo Xueying, „the path that we ultimate awaken is very difficult, except for oneself, needs all sorts of foreign object to assist.” “可这一步,传说中有做到的。可至少在断牙山脉是没有的。”北河大帝看着东伯雪鹰,“我们终极觉醒的道路很艰难,除了自身,更需要种种外物相助。” ******* *******
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