LE :: Volume #21

#2036: Sphere

? The night lan stream takes back the vision, the somewhat scruple appearance, she also wants to stay here, but feared that puts to trouble to Zhao Fu, but has thought leaves with other people, because this strength is really not strength that she can resist. ?夜阑溪收回目光,有些迟疑的样子,她也想留在这里,但又怕给赵甫添麻烦,但想了一下还是跟着其它人离开,因为这力量真的不是她能够抵挡的力量 Bai Wu (white mist) Dragon God turns head a face shocking looks behind, that giant grey air column, feels that fearful strength, he also wants to leave this place, because felt that was extremely dangerous. 白雾龙神扭头一脸震惊的看着身后,那一根巨大的灰气柱,感受那一股可怕的力量,他也想离开这个地方,因为感觉太过危险了。 Therefore Bai Wu (white mist) Dragon God, quick flies to the distant place, this place cannot treat. 所以白雾龙神,很快的向远方飞去,这个地方不能在待。 These ordinary powerhouses frighten also hurriedly escape, this strength such terrifying, frightened their people on one's own side to run, they do not dare to keep this place, will die really! 那些普通强者吓得也急忙逃跑,这力量如此的恐怖,吓得他们自己人都跑了,他们更不敢留在此地,真的会死啦! The golden Flower Ancestor expression similar shock, this Ten Yin Immortal Constitution awakens fearfully, does not owe can become Immortal Constitution.” 黄金花祖神色同样震惊,“这十阴仙体觉醒好可怕,不亏是可以成为仙人体质。” However, feels this formidable Yin Qi, golden Flower Ancestor in same place has not treated, flies to the distant place. 不过,感受到这一股强大的阴气,黄金花祖也没有在原地多待,向更远处飞去。 The vision returns in the altar, now altar only then stands in formation center Yue Shenya, is standing on one side Zhao Fu. 目光转回祭坛上,现在祭坛只有站在法阵中心的月神芽,还有就是站在一边的赵甫 Because that huge Yin Qi falls in torrents , the line of sight also completely blocked from, therefore in the average person cannot see what happened. 但是因为那庞大的阴气倾泻而下,视线也被完全遮住,所以一般人看不见里面发生什么事情。 However, the Zhao Fu's eye is not quite common, can see to induce to the Yue Shenya present condition. 不过,赵甫的眼睛比较不一般,能够看见感应到月神芽现在的状态。 At this time, Yue Shenya opens Ten Yin Immortal Constitution initially, caused that innumerable Yin Qi fall in torrents from the sky, Yue Shenya unceasing absorption this Yin Qi, so huge Yin Qi continuous was inhaled in body by her. 此时,月神芽初步开启十阴仙体,引得无数阴气从天空之中倾泻而下,月神芽正不断的吸收这一股阴气,如此庞大的阴气源源不断的被她吸入身体之中。 Consciousness in the world, Yue Shenya absorbs endless Yin Power, the hand that obtain more formidable strength, will have raised directly takes back. 意识世界内,月神芽吸收无尽的阴力,已经获得更为强大的力量,更是直接将举起的手收回。 Bang! 轰! Huge strength erupts from her body, spreads to entire Yin Qi formation in directly, ten spheres send out the intense ray, that invisible formation faster revolving. 一股庞大的力量从她身体之中爆发出来,直接扩散到整个阴气法阵之中,十个圆球都散发出强烈的光芒,那一个无形的法阵更加快速的旋转起来。 That terrifying strength, spreads unceasingly from Yue Shenya body, in sky that giant black hole, seems by formidable strength is pulled open, becomes stronger big, many Yin Qi fall in torrents under. 那一股恐怖力量,不断从月神芽身体之中扩散出来,天空之中那一个巨大的黑洞,也好似被一股强大的力量拉开,变得更强的大,更多的阴气从中倾泻而下。 Yue Shenya absorbs Yin Qi continuously, strength also more comes strongly, to that innate cloudy source formation grasps also more comes strongly. 月神芽继续不断吸收阴气,力量也越来强,对那先天阴源法阵的掌握也越来强。 Finally the black hole in sky expanded hundred kilometer, continuous gray Yin Qi, such as the flood fell in torrents generally , the fluctuations of terrifying proliferated, Heaven and Earth was flooding gloomy and cold. 最终天空之中的黑洞扩大到了十万米,源源不断的的灰色阴气,如洪水一般倾泻而下,一股股恐怖的波动扩散开来,天地都充斥着一种阴冷 Slightly a about point place, the person or the beast early ran away cleanly, the person in distant place, sees only the horizon to be covered by the haze together, simultaneously can feel a huge gloomy and cold aura, such as the tide wells up to them. 稍微近一点的地方,不论是人还是兽早已经逃得一干二净,更远处的人,只见天边被一道阴霾笼罩,同时能够感受到一股庞大的阴冷气息,如潮水向他们涌过去。 Their not clear what's the matter, but can also understand that the front definitely had any important matter. 他们不清楚怎么回事,但也能够明白前方肯定发生了什么大事。 Afterward, they also saw the people of innumerable becoming a fugitive, had known matter that the front has, frightened, because that huge Yin Qi must raid quickly to them, when the time comes their fates are the same with them. 随后,他们也看见了无数逃亡的人,得知了前方发生的事情,也恐惧了起来,因为那庞大的阴气很快就要向他们袭来,到时候他们的下场和他们一样。 In the altar Yue Shenya continues to absorb Yin Qi, consciousness in the space Yue Shenya to send out the intense color light, is shining the entire consciousness space, she has controlled innate cloudy source great formation completely. 祭坛上月神芽继续吸收着阴气,意识空间之中月神芽散发出强烈的彩光,照耀着整个意识空间,她已经完全掌控先天阴源大阵 Now has completed one step. 现在只是完成了一步。 The consciousness withdrew from the consciousness space, Yue Shenya has opened both eyes, both eyes has sent out ten color rays, the whole body braves a continuously colored aura, sent out extremely huge strength, the void unceasing distortion, imitated such as Immortal to be ordinary. 意识退出了意识空间,月神芽睁开了双眼,双目散发出十彩光芒,浑身冒着一缕缕彩色气息,散发出极为庞大的力量,虚空不断扭曲,彷如仙人一般。 The giant black hole in sky is closing up slowly, Yin Qi that flows are also getting fewer and fewer, finally vanishes does not see. 天空之中的巨大黑洞正缓缓合拢,流出来的阴气也越来越少,最终消失不见。 Sun sends out the intense ray, sky is deep blue, does not have white clouds, probably restored to former that appearance. 太阳散发出强烈光芒,天空是深蓝色,没有一朵白云,好像恢复到之前那个样子。 Bai Wu (white mist) Dragon God is somewhat surprised, how did black hole vanish? Lost like this finished? Did Yue Shenya awaken successfully Ten Yin Immortal Constitution? 白雾龙神有些意外,怎么黑洞消失了?难道失去就这样结束了吗?月神芽成功觉醒出了十阴仙体了? Yue Shenya opens both eyes, both eyes light look to the front, innumerable Yin Qi cannot cover her line of sight, Zhao Fu stands in that position. 月神芽睁开双眼,一双目光看向前方,无数阴气遮挡不住她的视线,赵甫就站在那一个位置。 That Yin Qi cannot block from Zhao Fu similarly, saw Yue Shenya to complete the first step, Zhao Fu expression dignified saying, then you must be careful!” 阴气同样遮不住赵甫,见到月神芽完成了第一步,赵甫神色凝重的说道,“接下来你也要小心一点!” On the Yue Shenya face emerges a smiling face, in the heart felt that warm feeling, then slowly looks up to the sky, has raised a hand. 月神芽脸上浮出一丝笑容,心中感到一股暖意,然后缓缓抬头看向天空,举起了一只手。 Bang! 轰! Huge colored strength gushed out from her hand, changes into the a ray of light bunch to rush to the sky, made a huge sound, colored fluctuations proliferated in the sky, covered the trim sky. 一股庞大的彩色力量从她的手涌出,化为一道光束冲上了天空之中,发出一声巨大声响,一股股彩色波动在天空之中扩散开来,覆盖住整片天空。 Suddenly! 忽然! A huge purple sphere, having the formidable pressure to emerge from the sky, sends out ancient Yin Qi. 一个巨大的紫色圆球,带着强大的威压从天空之中浮出,散发出古老的阴气 A huge golden sphere, is having the huge imposing manner, appears in the sky, sends out formidable and honored Yin Qi. 一个巨大的金色圆球,带着庞大的气势,也在天空上浮现出来,散发一股强大而又尊贵的阴气 A huge white sphere, bringing powerful strength to appear in the sky, sends out gentle Yin Qi. 一个巨大的白色圆球,带着强悍的力量出现在天空中,散发一股柔和的阴气 ...... …… Giant spheres, are having the formidable imposing manner, appears from the sky, altogether is ten, float in sky, is centered on that together colored light beam, then starts migration slowly, an invisible great formation formation. 一个个巨大的圆球,带着强大的气势,从天空之中浮现出来,总共是十个,悬浮在天空之中,以那一道彩色光束为中心,然后开始缓缓的移动,一个无形的大阵形成。 Now Yue Shenya innate cloudy source great formation in within the body, displays outside, this is awakens the Ten Yin Immortal Constitution second step, is most important one step. 现在月神芽就是将体内的先天阴源大阵,在外面施展出来,这就是觉醒十阴仙体的第二步,也是最重要的一步。 Yue Shenya stopped strength that gushes out from the hand, that shoots at the sky the colored light beam to dissipate together, the hand that but Yue Shenya raises has not taken back, her both eyes also slowly closes. 月神芽停止了从手中涌出的力量,那一道射向天空的彩色光束消散开来,但是月神芽举起的手并没有收回,她的双眼也缓缓闭上。 Bang! 轰! Huge rumbling sound resounds, sees only the fair arm that Yue Shenya raises to press to, innate cloudy source great formation in sky shakes, then starts to revolve. 一声巨大的轰鸣声响起,只见月神芽举起的白皙手臂向上一按,天空之中的先天阴源大阵一震,然后开始旋转起来。 This time does not extinguish the strength of world general crush to proliferate, but is one swallows the Heaven and Earth general suction to erupt. Innumerable Power of Heaven and Earth madness well up to that innate cloudy source formation, the sky in the unceasing tremor, seemed is unable to withstand that to well up past huge strength. 这一次不是灭世一般的碾压之力扩散,而是一股吞噬天地一般的吸力爆发出来。无数的天地之力疯狂向那先天阴源法阵涌过去,天空都在不断的颤动,好似无法承受那涌过去的庞大力量 The world also in one time fell into dark(ness), all around does not have a sound, is flooding a deathly stillness. 世界也在一次陷入了黑暗之中,四周也没有一点声音,充斥着一种死寂。 Ten giant spheres send out the different rays, that invisible innate cloudy source formation was also dyed colored, appears to the dark(ness) sky outside bright, in the beacon light just like endless dark(ness) is ordinary. 十个巨大的圆球散发出不同的光芒,那一个无形的先天阴源法阵也被染成彩色,在黑暗的天空之中显得给外的明亮,宛如无尽黑暗之中的明灯一般。 However that is only the surface, innate cloudy source great formation is absorbing huge Power of Heaven and Earth unceasingly, terrifying fluctuations, such as beyond a tide wave of wave direction proliferate, 但是那只是表面,先天阴源大阵不断的吸收着庞大的天地之力,一股股恐怖至极的波动,如潮水一波波向外扩散, That is one type makes you feel that is quite tiny, is unable to revolt, despairs extremely, does not have hope strength. 那是一种让你感觉到极为渺小,无法反抗,极度绝望,没有一点希望的力量 Bai Wu (white mist) Dragon God and golden Flower Ancestor also has the Shen Xiaoyi people, arrived at the distant place, a pair of eyes looks at this direction, feels fearful strength that continually wells up, expression is also dignified. 白雾龙神黄金花祖还有神小依众人,已经来到了远处,一双眼睛看着这个方向,感受到不断涌来的可怕力量,神色也非常凝重。 They know that awakens Ten Yin Immortal Constitution to be very fearful, however the present terrifying degree, has surpassed them to expect. 他们知道觉醒十阴仙体很可怕,但是现在的恐怖程度,已经超出他们预料。
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