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#79: Also met

Klein one has transferred the body, looked to that say/way both familiar and strange person's shadow. 克莱恩一下转过身体,看向了那道既熟悉又陌生的人影。 He had estimated the Utopia encounters all sorts of situations of attack, but has not been learned to attend the meeting to present such scene absolutely. 他预想过乌托邦遭遇袭击的种种情况,但绝对没有料到会出现这样的场景。 If Amon parasitic Gehrman Sparrow this Secret Puppet, and Origin Castle above all -weather monitoring of Insect of Spirit in the Klein present position standard, can definitely the earliest possible time find the problem, if Zarath switches over spiritual body string , can only hide the truth from him shortly, and must have Knowledge Emperor or Servant of Secrets this Angel assistance, cannot achieve the effect of such foray, only has the person performance that Audience gives to ferment slowly, semblance not tiny bit exceptionally. 如果是阿蒙“寄生”格尔曼.斯帕罗这个秘偶,以克莱恩现在的位格和“源堡”之上“灵之虫”们的全天候监控,肯定能第一时间发现问题,而若是查拉图“灵体之线”转接,也只能短暂瞒住他,且必须有“知识皇帝”或“隐秘之仆”这种天使辅助,达不到这样突然袭击的效果,唯有“观众”给予的人性能慢慢发酵,外表没有一丝一毫异常。 To guard against this situation, can only be cut off regularly spiritual body string, making Secret Puppet enter the death condition, in that case, no matter had the human nature, finally will not exist. 要想防备这种情况,只能定期断掉“灵体之线”,让秘偶进入死亡状态,那样一来,不管原本有没有人性,最终都将不复存在。 What a pity, before Klein, simply has not heard this method, but is guarding against virtual personality purely to the invasion of Secret Puppet. 可惜,克莱恩之前根本没有听说过这种手段,只是单纯防备着“虚拟人格”对秘偶们的入侵。 This perhaps is the Dreamer prestige energy, can fictionalize to each, insufficiently real life unique human nature. 这或许就是“空想家”的威能,可以给每一个虚构出来的,不够真实的生命独特的人性。 That line is firm, when the semblance solemn face maps the Klein's view, he felt that had a strength to push oneself. 那张线条刚硬,外表冷峻的脸孔映入克莱恩的眼帘时,他感觉有股力量推了自己一把。 He falls down immediately backward, falls from the overlapping Old One metropolis ruins toward, falls toward the historical dense fog outside. 他顿时向后栽倒,从层层叠叠的旧日都市废墟上落往下方,落往历史迷雾之外。 In this process, he wants to control itself, but is helpless, because that nail in the cross wooden stake seal of his heart place his all sorts of extraordinary capabilities. 这个过程中,他想控制自己,可却无能为力,因为那钉在他心脏处的十字木桩封印了他的种种非凡能力。 A Klein thought revolution, looks at Gehrman Sparrow, lifted the hand to hit a sound to refer. 克莱恩念头一转,看着格尔曼.斯帕罗,抬手打了个响指。 ! Origin Castle in Insect of Spirit received his will, gave up this Secret Puppet spiritual body string, and took up „the stick of star, prepared strikes to Klein fatally, oneself killed himself. 源堡”内的“灵之虫”们接收到了他的意志,放弃了这个秘偶“灵体之线”,并拿起“星之杖”,准备给克莱恩致命一击,自己杀死自己。 When the main body died thoroughly, Klein can resurrect in above the grey mist, breaks out of the difficult position. 等到本体彻底死去,克莱恩就能于灰雾之上复活,摆脱困境。 After knowing Adam is secretly Manipulator, he does not hug luckily any. 知道亚当是幕后操纵者后,他已不抱任何侥幸。 At this time, the Klein under foot presented stone system square of a float in void. 就在这个时候,克莱恩脚下出现了一个漂浮于虚空中的石制广场。 The one after another jet black stone column also towered, haunched a broad sacred church, contains Klein. 一根根漆黑的石柱随之耸立了起来,撑起了一座恢弘神圣的教堂,将克莱恩包容在内。 bone church, Adam bone church, Dreamer Divine State! 尸骨教堂,亚当尸骨教堂,“空想家”神国 Rumble! 轰隆隆! The innumerable silver white lightnings fall from Origin Castle, penetrate the historical dense fog, divided in this church, is actually not able to shake its slightest. 无数银白的闪电从“源堡”落下,穿透历史迷雾,劈在了这座教堂上,却无法撼动它分毫。 Meanwhile, in the ancient palace, sits that form in Fool position drops down toward side suddenly, collapses the vortex that one group of transparent worms composed. 与此同时,古老宫殿内,坐在“愚者”位置上的那道身影突然往旁边倒下,崩溃成了一团透明蠕虫组成的漩涡。 This vortex extends creamy strange tentacles, is whipping the surroundings crazily, threw off the junks pile, destroyed the motley long table. 这漩涡延伸出一条条滑腻奇异的触手,疯狂地拍打着周围,掀翻了杂物堆,毁灭了斑驳长桌。 Klein's clone and main body were cut off the relation, but the main body had not died truly, therefore, they lost control, was crazy, like initial Zarath. 克莱恩的分身与本体断掉了联系,而本体又未真正死去,所以,它们失控了,疯狂了,就像当初的查拉图一样。 In the first era beforehand Old One metropolis, wears half high silk top hat, puts on Gehrman Sparrow of black windproof coat to look up to Origin Castle, the expression becomes quite complex. 第一纪之前的旧日都市中,戴着半高丝绸礼帽,穿着黑色风衣的格尔曼.斯帕罗抬头望向“源堡”,表情变得颇为复杂。 His essence is a corpse, after spiritual body string was given up, naturally has no way to maintain own existence again. 他的本质是一具尸体,在“灵体之线”被放弃后,自然没法再维持自身的存在。 Adam gives only has the human nature, without fantasizing life, because the latter will be discovered. 亚当给予的只有人性,没有空想出来的生命,因为后者会被发现。 Gehrman Sparrow, the vision went to rooms in Old One metropolis slowly but actually. 格尔曼.斯帕罗缓缓倒了下去,目光投向了旧日都市中的一个个房间。 He died in this stretch of ruins. 他死在了这片废墟中。 ............ ………… The Klein both feet fell to the ground, stands in the church center, saw only here each pillar each arch each vault to mount the different race skulls, their majority dark green white, gathered densely and numerously, is gazing at outsider with the empty eye. 克莱恩双脚落地,站在了教堂中央,只见这里每一根柱子每一处拱券每一块穹顶都镶嵌着不同种族的头骨,它们大部分都偏苍白色,密密麻麻地聚集在一起,用空洞的眼睛注视着外来者 On the wall, window and front door church, transparent, the distortion, the painful face highlighted, separates the interior and outside world completely. 教堂的墙壁、窗户和大门上,一张张透明的,扭曲的,痛苦的脸孔凸显了出来,将内部与外界完全分隔。 But the frontline of church, is towering over a hundred meters high crucifix. 而教堂的最前方,耸立着一个上百米高的十字架 Before crucifix, places rows of black to have the seat of seat back cushion. 十字架前,摆放着一排排黑色有靠背的座椅。 Wears the simple white robe, has the pale gold/metal beard, hangs Adam that silver crucifix is hanging to fall to stand under crucifix, facing that rows of seat, as if a preparation to the pastor who the follower preached. 穿着简朴白袍,留着淡金胡须,挂着银制十字架吊坠的亚当立在十字架下,面对那一排排座椅,仿佛一位准备向信徒布道的牧师。 His facial expression is genial, pupils is limpid, as if invited Klein to listen. 祂神情和煦,眼眸清澈,似乎只是邀请克莱恩来听一听经。 Klein looked down the eye to insert in the cross wooden stake of chest, gradually moved toward the first row of seat, sat most that position naturally. 克莱恩低头看了眼插在胸口的十字木桩,缓步走向了第一排座椅,大大方方地坐到了最中间那个位置。 Comprised of many Insect of Spirit to one, true legendary creature, the injury of chest is far from fatally, the cross wooden stake leading role of that ancient bloodstained is the seal extraordinary capability. 对一个由诸多“灵之虫”组成的,真正的神话生物而言,胸口的伤势根本谈不上致命,那古老染血的十字木桩主要作用是封印非凡能力。 If not True God stands in the front, Klein can definitely rely on the strength of physical body, draws out the cross wooden stake, relieves the seal. 如果不是一位真神就站在前方,克莱恩完全可以凭借肉体的力量,自行将十字木桩拔出,解除封印。 At this time, he has not made the attempt is the fear from does not dare to make turning not to do. 此时,他没做尝试是害怕从“不敢做”变成“不想做”。 I have not thought that you will directly meddle this matter, you want to cope with me, does not need to wait till today completely.” Klein looked by the chest blood incarnadine shirt, said own doubts earnestly. “我没想到你会直接插手这件事情,你想对付我,完全不需要等到今天。”克莱恩看了看被胸口鲜血染红的衬衣,认真地说出了自己的疑惑。 He not terrified, probably very assured Adam will not kill him. 他一点也没惶恐,好像很笃定亚当不会杀他。 Adam grips that silver crucifix to hang to fall single-handed, the voice said gently: 亚当单手握住那个银制十字架吊坠,嗓音平缓地说道: Before then, you can play a big role in many places.” “在此之前,你能在很多地方发挥不小的作用。” It forwarded two steps, the vision continued to say clearly: 祂向前走了两步,目光澄澈地继续说道: „When Amon steals bone church, I and It made a deal, It helps me attain first piece Flagstone of Blasphemy, I help It hold you.” 阿蒙来偷尸骨教堂时,我和祂达成了一项交易,祂帮我拿到第一块亵渎石板’,我帮祂抓住你。” Like this...... Klein has the institute immediately suddenly. 这样啊……克莱恩顿时有所恍然。 Adam does not want when becoming the god wait/etc. at the same time by True Creator had the obstruction, on the other hand wants to obtain first piece Flagstone of Blasphemy, therefore, with giving Radiant Cross and other means promoted Klein to go to Royal Court of Giants, opens the front door of Saslier deep sleep place, attracts the vision that True Creator and other parts had, while through his brothers Amon, at crucial moments, steals first piece Flagstone of Blasphemy. 亚当一方面不想在成神时被“真实造物主”等存在阻挠,另一方面又想得到第一块亵渎石板”,于是,一边用给予“无暗十字”等办法推动克莱恩巨人王庭,打开萨斯利尔沉睡处的大门,将“真实造物主”等部分存在的目光吸引过去,一边通过祂的兄弟阿蒙,在关键时刻,窃走第一块亵渎石板”。 But wants to hold will soon control Origin Castle initially Klein, is definitely arranged by Dreamer appropriately. 而想抓住即将初步掌控“源堡”的克莱恩,肯定由“空想家”安排最为妥当。 Do not look that Amon and Adam usually become estranged very much, how the blood brother is easier than to cooperate...... Klein others to nod the head gently, side looked at the eye to highlight to twist the colored drawing on pottery glass of face saying: 别看阿蒙亚当平时很疏远,亲兄弟再怎么样都比别人容易合作……克莱恩轻轻颔首,侧头望了眼凸显出扭曲脸孔的彩绘玻璃道: I also have not thought that Zarath can cooperate with you, It did not fear that turns into Amon’s food?” “我同样没想到查拉图会和你合作,祂不怕变成阿蒙的食物吗?” When Klein foundation Utopia, it is expected that crosses Amon to attack, Zarath will destroy, but has not expected them in some sense to cooperate. 克莱恩创建乌托邦时,预想过阿蒙会袭击,查拉图会破坏,但没料到祂们会在某种意义上合作。 In his opinion, Zarath turns to the Tree of Desires probability to compare this to be big completely, only if, Adam also arranged It unknowingly. 在他看来,查拉图完全投靠“欲望母树”的概率都比这个要大,除非,亚当也不知不觉安排了祂。 The Adam limpid vision left for several points to pity much: 亚当清澈的目光多出了几分怜悯: Him, you becomes Old One, means that It falls from the sky inevitably, but if is Amon becomes Old One, so long as It displays oneself loyalty, can retain the present position standard and level as before, Lord of Mysteries always needs Servant of Mysteries. “于祂而言,你成为旧日,就意味着祂必然陨落,可如果是阿蒙成为旧日,祂只要表现出自己的忠诚,依旧可以保留现在的位格和层次,‘诡秘之主’总是需要‘诡秘侍者’的。 Therefore, It chose and me cooperates, in this process, if It can seize the opportunity, snatches before me, turns into Secret Puppet you, enters Origin Castle with the aid of you, becomes that source qualitative master, It has the qualifications to go to night there to demand one facing the Antigonus opportunity, makes the final competition with Amon, otherwise, It admits defeat thoroughly, gives loyalty to Amon. “所以,祂选择了和我合作,这个过程中,如果祂能抓住机会,抢在我之前,将你变成秘偶,借助你进入‘源堡’,成为那份源质的主人,那祂就有资格去黑夜那里索取一个面对安提哥努斯的机会,与阿蒙做最后的竞争,反之,祂就彻底认输,效忠阿蒙 In this regard, It has the resolution very much.” “在这点上,祂很有决断。” Explained so many not like your style.” Klein first was speaks thoughtlessly to respond to one, then knit the brows to ask, became Old One not to need corresponding path all Sequence One Extraordinary characteristics?” “解释这么多不像你的风格。”克莱恩先是随口回应了一句,接着才皱眉问道,“成为旧日不需要相应途径所有的序列1非凡特性?” He eight big King of Angels had to speculate this point from ancient times the relations of Sun God and, but thinks that must first become Old One or accurate Old One, latter division characteristics. 他从远古太阳神和八大天使之王的关系里有推测出这一点,只是认为必须先成旧日或准旧日,后分割特性。 The Adam expression replied temperately: 亚当表情温和地回答道: Regarding neighboring path, only needs uniqueness and Sequence One Extraordinary characteristics, occupies forcefully instead is easier to cause out-of-control, therefore, after Zarath gives loyalty to Amon, has the opportunity to become King of Angels, but It has no way to give loyalty to you, because It does not have the means to divide Sequence Two clone to come out like Thief path, uses It to steal completely main body spiritual body, consciousness and spirit, by auxiliary is changed the lord.” “对于相邻途径,只需要‘唯一性’和一份序列1非凡特性,强行占据更多反而容易导致失控,所以,查拉图效忠阿蒙之后,是有机会成为天使之王的,而祂没法效忠你,因为祂没办法像‘偷盗者’途径那样分割一个序列2分身出来,利用祂将本体的灵体、意识、精神全部窃取过去,由辅变主。” Divinator Secret Puppet clone and Thief Insect of Time clone has the essential difference in this aspect, the former related to spiritual body string, the latter only depends on itself. “占卜家”秘偶分身“偷盗者”“时之虫”分身在这方面有本质的区别,前者涉及“灵体之线”,后者只靠自己。 And, Thief Angel can accomplish this matter , because their Sequence Two are Destiny Trojan. 并且,“偷盗者”天使能办到这件事情,是因为祂们的序列2是“命运木马”。 Klein just nodded, saw Adam to lean suddenly the body, making under a crucifix thing reveal. 克莱恩点了下头,忽然看见亚当侧过身体,让十字架下方的一件事物显露了出来。 That is the flagstone that unslaked lime throws, the surface has the motley trace to remain, appears quite the vicissitudes. 那是一块灰扑扑的石板,表面多有斑驳痕迹残留,显得颇为沧桑。 This and first piece Flagstone of Blasphemy looks like very much, but without that exceptionally ancient feeling. 这和第一块亵渎石板”很像,但没有那种异常古老的感觉。 Its above also has that writing that is similar all language sources, write the sequence names, one after another magical medicine formula. 它的上面同样有那种仿佛所有语言源头的文字,书写着一个又一个序列名称,一份又一份魔药配方 second piece Flagstone of Blasphemy?” Klein slightly reveals the surprise to open the mouth to ask. 第二块亵渎石板’?”克莱恩略显诧异地开口问道。 His vision has delimited the flagstone fast, has not explained the front part the writing, looks directly to the final several lines. 他目光快速划过石板,没去解读前面部分的文字,直接望向最后几行。 His intuition told him, there had very important information. 他的直觉告诉他,那里有非常重要的信息。 Does not need to worry, Amon wants, when completes the ceremony, becomes Sequence Zero, can steal your destiny, otherwise, It does not have the means to withstand the status of Origin Castle master, but before then, making you continue to treat in my Divine State, is the best choice.” Adam like the follower who comforts a confession. “不用着急,阿蒙要等到完成仪式,成为序列0,才会来窃取走你的命运,否则,祂没办法承受住‘源堡’主人的身份,而在此之前,让你继续待在我的神国,是最好的选择。”亚当就像在宽慰一位忏悔的信徒。 Killed me...... Klein to mutter one at heart. 杀了我吧……克莱恩在心里咕哝了一句。 At this time, he has explained the final several lines of partial contents: 这个时候,他已解读出最后几行的部分内容: The God, creators, Creator, omniscient and omnipotent and stellar world lords of: 上帝、创造者、造物主、全知全能者、星界之主: Chaos sea Dreamer unique Sun unique Tyrant unique Bai Tower unique Hanged Man uniqueness 1 Author Extraordinary characteristics 1 Pure White Angel Extraordinary characteristics 1 God of Thunder Extraordinary characteristics 1 „the eye of entire knowledge Extraordinary characteristics 1 Dark Angel Extraordinary characteristics. “混沌海”“空想家”唯一性“太阳”唯一性“暴君”唯一性“白塔”唯一性“倒吊人”唯一性一份“作家非凡特性一份“纯白天使非凡特性一份“雷神非凡特性一份“全知之眼”非凡特性一份“暗天使”非凡特性 Lord of Mysteries, King of Time and Space, Beacon of Destiny, Incarnation of Origin Castle and Ruler of Spirit World: 诡秘之主时空之王命运道标源堡化身灵界支配者: Origin Castle Fool uniqueness mistake uniqueness gate unique 1 Servant of Mysteries Extraordinary characteristics 1 Insect of Time Extraordinary characteristics 1 Key of Stars Extraordinary characteristics. 源堡“愚者”唯一性“错误”唯一性“门”唯一性一份“诡秘侍者”非凡特性一份“时之虫”非凡特性一份“星之匙非凡特性 Sees here, Klein side looks to Dreamer Adam, quite the doubts asked: 看到这里,克莱恩侧头望向“空想家”亚当,颇为疑惑地问道: Why do you want to think these to me?” “你为什么要给我看这些?” The direct hypnosis I, making me rest to Amon to become God am not safer? 直接催眠我,让我睡到阿蒙成神不是更稳妥吗? The Adam look is limpid, the expression said temperately: 亚当眼神清澈,表情温和地说道: honestly speaking, if another side is not Amon, I am willing to help you become Ruler of Spirit World. 坦白地讲,如果另外一边不是阿蒙,我更愿意帮你成为‘灵界支配者’。 We have too many similarities, in some sense, old friend who has met.” “我们有太多的相似之处,从某种意义上来说,还是见过一面的老朋友。” At this point, It shows a faint smile saying: 说到这里,祂微微一笑道: we meet again, secretive.” 我们又见面了,诡秘。” ps1: First after changes, right, will have the matter tomorrow morning, therefore second in 7 : 00 pm. ps1:先更后改,对了,明天上午有事,所以第二更还是在晚上 7 点。 ps2: Wish all hairy baboon happy birthday ps2:祝所有卷毛狒狒们生日快乐 ps3: In the April's first day asked to guarantee a minimum the monthly ticket! ps3:四月第一天求保底月票! High-speed writing hits the Lord of Mysteries chapter list 高速文字手打诡秘之主章节列表
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