LM :: Volume #5

#63: Presents must always return

The words that listens to the old man, Leonard relaxed immediately much. 听完老头的话语,伦纳德顿时又放松了不少。 He re-focused on the Angel level fight of afternoon, quite asked curiously: 他将注意力转回了下午发生的天使层级战斗,相当好奇地问道: Which path Angel that great snake does phantom belong to?” “那个巨蛇虚影属于哪条途径天使?” Pales Zarathustra silent, sighed: 帕列斯.索罗亚斯德沉默了一下,叹了口气道: Snake of Destiny, Life School speaker, Sequence One Angel. “‘命运之蛇’,生命学派的议长,序列1天使 Never expected that he also joined them......” “没想到祂也加入了他们……” Life School speaker? Does he also become Mister Fool's favored one? Corresponding tarot card is, Wheel of Fortune? The Leonard eye slightly opens, even more thought that the Mister Fool's influence has endured compared with seven big righteous God church, is deep is unable to survey. 生命学派的议长?祂也成为了“愚者”先生的眷者?对应塔罗牌是,“命运之轮”?伦纳德眼睛略有睁大,愈发觉得“愚者”先生的势力已经堪比七大正神教会,深得无法测量。 Death Consulate...... Snake of Destiny...... incomplete messenger...... under the Mister Fool place, has appeared at present, no wonder quickly how long has enough three Angel...... Klein to become half God...... then to pass, I was involved in the Angel level fight, in the future will have anything, is unable to imagine...... Leonard to take the letter paper simply, sat on the sofa, regarding digesting Soul Calmer magical medicine, promoted Spirit Shaman, added several points of urgent sentiment. “死亡执政官”……“命运之蛇”……“残缺的信使”……“愚者”先生座下,目前出现过的,已经有足足三位天使……难怪克莱恩能那么快就成为半神……这才过去多久,我都卷入天使层级的战斗了,将来还会发生什么,简直无法想象……伦纳德拿着信纸,坐到了沙发上,对于消化掉“安魂师”魔药,晋升“灵巫”,又平添了几分急迫之情。 He has been bustling about these days spirits that comforts the Beckland region, but because the duty quantity are too many, from completing also has very long section of distance, could not find the opportunity and gives a pretext Thengen City to steal that to drop the strength of Eternal Blazing Sun blood, but the arrival of Amon clone, estimates quickly much compared with him. 他这段时间一直在忙碌着安抚贝克兰德区域的魂灵们,但由于任务数量太多,距离完成还有很长一截距离,找不到机会和借口去廷根市窃取那滴“永恒烈阳”鲜血的力量,而阿蒙分身的到来,比他预想得快不少。 ............ ………… Bridge southern district, Rose Flower Street, in Church of Harvest. 大桥南区,月季花街,丰收教堂内。 Exchanges Emlyn White that the brown priest took to stand by placing the long table of candlestick, diligently Ounes Boya who looks at cleans the chancel, lifts the right hand, along with representing pointing out: 换上了褐色教士服的埃姆林.怀特站在摆放烛台的长桌旁,看着努力擦拭圣坛的欧内斯.博雅尔,抬起右手,随意指了指道: Side, the left, has not scratched cleanly.” “侧面,左边,没擦干净。” Also is one Earth Goddess Ounes Boya of clergy clothing resented that stared Emlyn one, but obeys the instruction, scratches the region that was a little perfunctory a moment ago again. 也是一身“大地母神”神职人员服装的欧内斯.博雅尔愤恨地瞪了埃姆林一眼,但还是听从吩咐,重擦了刚才有点敷衍的区域。 I know that you are angry very much, knows like me when you sell the old castle information actually to conceal the critical information to me intentionally.” A Leonard point does not care about the opposite party vision to say with a smile, „, forgets to tell you a matter, I was also a viscount, on last week matter.” “我知道你很生气,就像我知道了你卖古堡情报给我却故意隐瞒关键信息时一样。”伦纳德一点也不在意对方目光地笑着说道,“还有,忘记告诉你一件事情,我也是子爵了,就上周的事情。” blood race viscount corresponds Moon path Sequence Five Crimson Scholar, one of the promotion ceremony conditions is to under shining of full moon, except for this, but must sufficiently collect the metal and gem that represent the different moon conditions, and blood of extraordinary creature, quite complex. 血族子爵对应“月亮”途径序列5深红学者”,晋升仪式的条件之一是要在满月的照耀之下,除了这个,还必须凑够代表不同月亮状态的金属、宝石,以及超凡生物的血液,相当得复杂。 However, Emlyn obtains blood race high-level to hold the commitment of ceremony for him free, as soon as approaches to the full moon, successfully completed the promotion. 不过,埃姆林早已得到血族高层免费为他举行仪式的承诺,一等到满月来临,就顺利完成了晋升。 As for Magical Medicine Professor the digestion, he thought that oneself also not attentive, has succeeded, the civilian follower who because he is willing to study in Church of Harvest frequently teaches the herbal medicine study, even some special magical medicine matching, but usually except for collecting Secret Puppet, studies the history, is the voluntary worker to church, he also likes pondering over various magical medicine, so that different fight scene use. 至于“魔药教授”的消化,他觉得自己还没怎么用心,就已经成功,因为他经常在丰收教堂给愿意学习的平民信徒讲授草药学,甚至一些特殊用途的魔药搭配,而平时除了搜集秘偶,研究历史,到教会做义工,他还爱好着琢磨各种魔药,以便不同的战斗场景使用。 „...... Were you a viscount?” The Ounes Boya standing body, is fiercely stunned. “……你是子爵了?”欧内斯.博雅尔猛地站直身体,一脸错愕。 In blood race, because each other is the immortal plants, the total population of accumulation are many, the Extraordinary characteristics quantity is also limited, the promotion of title can say is difficult, needs long lining up, has the possibility to wait, but Emlyn White becomes the Baron about a half year! 血族内部,因为彼此都是长生种,积累的人口总数并不少,非凡特性的数量又有限,爵位的提升可以说非常困难,需要漫长的排队,才有可能等到,而埃姆林.怀特成为男爵才半年左右! Ounes remembers own baronet to the viscount, used for enough 60 years, this is because oneself father receives the attack of man-made Vampire, the premature death, left the heritage. 欧内斯记得自己从男爵到子爵,用了足足六十年,这还是因为自己的父亲受到人造吸血鬼的袭击,过早死亡,留下了遗产。 Naturally.” The happy expression on Emlyn face was more obvious, but is maintaining reserved, I attained Sequence Five Extraordinary characteristics from man-made Vampire.” “当然。”埃姆林脸上的笑意明显了一些,但又保持着矜持,“我拿到了一份来自人造吸血鬼序列5非凡特性。” Ounes Boya looks at Emlyn, does not know for a while unexpectedly should say anything, as if received compared with to become the Church of Harvest voluntary worker serious attack. 欧内斯.博雅看着埃姆林,一时竟不知该说点什么,仿佛受到了比成为丰收教堂义工更沉重的打击。 Your expression is very interesting.” Emlyn „”, perhaps one day, you must call my Earl your excellency.” “你的表情很有趣。”埃姆林“啧”了一声,“也许有一天,你得称呼我伯爵阁下。” Extremely arrogant! Arrogant!” Ounes blurted out. “狂妄!自大!”欧内斯脱口而出。 I am very modest, without saying must become the duke, even the crown prince...... does not arrive at the Angel level, how to become the blood race Savior? Moreover, our Tarot Society, Mister World has promoted half God, Lady Hermit was also quick, this future is a meeting of half God level...... Emlyn smiles absolutely, not disputed like in the past and Ounes, exhibited opposite party words not the stance that was worth refuting. 我已经很谦虚了,没说要成为公爵,甚至亲王……不到天使层级,怎么成为血族的救世主?而且,我们塔罗会内部,“世界”先生已晋升半神,“隐者”女士也快了,这将来绝对是一个半神层次的聚会……埃姆林笑了笑,不像往常那样和欧内斯争执,摆出了一副对方话语不值得反驳的架势。 Naturally, he also understands, the blood race race advantage after Crimson Scholar this stage, will not exist, becomes the Earl difficulty not compared with the man-made Vampire promotion Wizard King low. 当然,他也明白,血族的种族优势在“深红学者”这个阶段后,将不复存在,成为伯爵的难度不比人造吸血鬼晋升“巫王”低。 Crimson Scholar the digestion of magical medicine is simple, so long as likes moon devotionally, worships moon, studied moon, will be fine, this was most blood race usually at the matter of doing......, but, the corresponding ceremony grasped in the half God hand, without their permissions, I, even if can get so far as Wizard King from Sun there Extraordinary characteristics, could not become Earl...... Emlyn to turn over to arrogantly arrogantly, to the following path was any appearance is very clear. 深红学者魔药的消化还算简单,只要虔诚地喜欢月亮,崇拜月亮,研究月亮,就行了,这是大部分血族平时都在做的事情……不过,相应的仪式掌握在半神们手里,没有他们的许可,我哪怕能从“太阳”那里弄到“巫王”的非凡特性,也成不了伯爵……埃姆林高傲归高傲,对接下来的道路是什么样子还是非常清楚的。 Crimson Scholar the ability of most core has two points ; first, can build to help own environment-, when the enemy is not good at spirituality and spiritual world being relevant, manufacture full moon effect, otherwise makes moon of that region hidden go ; second, can in the certain range that the moonlight shines, obtains flickers to move to flash before ability and moon/month actinic condition, even if were crushed, can reorganize in the moonlight. 深红学者”最核心的能力有两点,一是能营造有利于自身的环境-当敌人不擅长灵性灵界相关时,就制造“满月”效果,反之则让那片区域的月亮隐去,二是能在月光照耀的一定范围内,获得瞬移闪现般的能力和月光化的状态,哪怕被人击碎,也可以在月光中重组。 But the strongs and weaks of these abilities, depends on Crimson Scholar the understanding and research to the Moon domain. 而这些能力的强弱,又取决于“深红学者”对“月亮”领域的了解和研究。 As for the improvement and acquisition of Nightmare kind of influence of resistance strengthen and magical medicine effect of dark kind of magic arts, is the supplementary. 至于黑暗类法术的变强、魔药效果的提升、梦魇类影响抵抗能力的获得,属于附带。 Ounes was enraged by the Emlyn attitude, will open the mouth again, actually saw mountain peak same half giant bishop Vatrovski to walk from the church. 欧内斯埃姆林的态度激怒,正要再次开口,却看见山峰一样的半巨人主教乌特拉夫斯基从教堂后方走了出来。 He hurries curved under back, buries the low head , to continue to clean up the chancel. 他赶紧弯下腰背,埋低脑袋,继续清理起圣坛。 Emlyn White also took up the cleaning rag and candlestick, proficiently cleans the surface. 埃姆林.怀特也是拿起了抹布和烛台,熟练地擦拭表面。 In the peaceful atmosphere, he thinks a matter, that is if the present leaves Church of Harvest, the blood race high level can make him hand over magical item or the unusual item that attains from Ounes there. 安静的氛围里,他想到了一件事情,那就是如果现在离开丰收教堂,血族高层会不会让他交出从欧内斯那里拿到的神奇物品或超凡道具。 This...... they, if proposed, I really have no way to reject, because some item did not belong to Ounes...... Emlyn seriously to ponder, decided under went to the room, arranged the ceremony, the spoils of war that will obtain offered sacrifices to give Mister Fool, when the time comes again and The Star, Justice and other members carved up. 这……他们要是提出,我真的没法拒绝,因为有些物品本身就不属于欧内斯……埃姆林认真思考了一下,决定等下就回房间,布置仪式,将获得的战利品献祭给“愚者”先生,到时候再和“星星”“正义”等成员瓜分。 „The oath of rose ring does not need to offer sacrifices, this is only, who attains, who by the holder discovery and confirmation of another ring...... when it is my spoils of war, I give marquis Nibais in the evening directly, should be able to trade to a reward...... remaining, I no longer participated in the assignment...... Emlyn soon having a more specific plan. 呃,“玫瑰之誓”戒指不用献祭,这只是其中一枚,谁拿到,谁就会被另一枚戒指的持有者发现和确认……就当它是我的战利品,我晚上直接交给尼拜斯侯爵,应该可以换到一笔奖励……剩下的,我不再参与分配……埃姆林很快有了更加具体的方案。 Can therefore bear a grudge his issue as for the blood race high level angrily, he too did not worry, when submits that „the oath of rose ring, his Rose School will also send the important member to seek the cooperation by the way limited the matter. 至于血族高层会不会因此恼怒记恨他的问题,他不是太担心,因为提交那枚“玫瑰之誓”戒指时,他还会顺便提一句玫瑰学派节制派重要成员寻求合作的事情。 This matter happened last week, Emlyn wants to pass on to the blood race high level at that time, who knew in the following several people of small meetings, Hanged Man suggested him, when the disciplinary punishment action ended does that again, showed own importance by this, calmed the hidden anger with resentment. 这件事发生在上周,埃姆林当时就想转告血族高层,谁知接下来的几人小聚会里,“倒吊人”建议他等到惩戒行动结束再这么做,以此展现出自身的重要,化解暗藏的愤怒和怨念 Knocks with the big stick, again to a carrot? At this moment, Emlyn suddenly had a more profound understanding of this suggestion. 用大棒敲一下,再给一根胡萝卜?此时此刻,埃姆林对这个建议忽然有了更加深刻的理解。 ............ ………… Boklund street No. 160, in Dawn Dantes bedroom. 伯克伦德街160号,道恩.唐泰斯的卧室内。 Their this time spoils of war are good, a promotion energy, keeps sober, resists the mental influence diamond collar pin, can guard against the mortally injured and spirit piercing substitute person paperman, leather belt that reduces Sun and lightning injury, the wallet that installed more than 300 pounds cash...... just received to offer sacrifices to return to Klein of real world silent to sigh several, sits before the desk, put out a transparent worm. 他们这次的战利品不错啊,一根提升精力,保持清醒,对抗心智影响的钻石领针,一个可以防备致命伤害和精神刺穿的替身纸人,一条降低“太阳”和“闪电”伤害的皮带,一个装了300多镑现金的皮夹……刚接收完献祭返回现实世界的克莱恩无声感叹了几句,坐至书桌前,拿出了一条透明的蠕虫。 Sees this insect, he feels the headache, recalled the mental body torn ache. 一看到这虫子,他就感觉头疼,回忆起了精神体被撕裂的疼痛。 This is he „the insect of spirit splits from oneself, is used to manufacture to give the "Snake of Destiny" Will Ascetin reward. 这是他从自己身上分裂出来的“灵之虫”,用来制作给“命运之蛇”威尔.昂赛汀的报酬。 How regarding duplicate/restores to carve that to restore the opposite party strength shortly item, he has the mentality, that takes „the insect of spirit as the carrier, with previous time transcribed the complete symbol that inspires the response of above the grey mist mysterious space. 对于怎么复刻那件短暂恢复对方实力的物品,他已有了思路,那就是以“灵之虫”为载体,用上次抄录下来的完整符号引动灰雾之上神秘空间的响应。 Regarding this, his divination result is, matter is quite smooth. 对此,他的占卜结果是,事情较为顺利。 That item essence is actually Divinator path Sequence Three Ancient Scholar in which ability, from the history, from past there, borrowed some strengths shortly...... me by the status response of Fool, definitely no problem...... “那件物品的本质其实就是‘占卜家’途径序列3古代学者’的其中一种能力,从历史之中,从过去的自己那里,短暂地借来部分力量……我以‘愚者’的身份响应,肯定没有问题…… „ The only trouble is, corresponding symbol three-dimensional, mysterious, complex, the danger, has no way to inscribe on various sheet metal directly...... according to the view of Will Ascetin, with the meditation way, actuates spirituality, on outlined in the insect of spiritdirectly ‚...... “唯一的麻烦是,相应的符号立体,神秘,复杂,危险,没法直接铭刻于各种金属薄片上……按照威尔.昂赛汀的说法,得用冥想的方式,驱动灵性,直接在‘灵之虫’上勾勒…… If successful, I also make one to myself, looks at past were any appearance, will have a look to trace Klein Moretti in childhood, was hanging on the light gate silkworm cocoon......, if the latter, had better be able determine that the suspension many years......” Klein had entered the meditation condition looking pensive, then kept outlining the symbol in mind, guided spirituality to reappear this process by this outside, infiltrated into „the insect of spirit. “如果成功,我也给自己做一个,看着过去的自己是什么样子,看看会追溯到克莱恩.莫雷蒂小时候,还是悬挂于光门上的‘蚕茧’……若是后者,最好能确定已悬吊了多少年……”克莱恩若有所思地进入了冥想状态,然后不停地在脑海里勾勒符号,以此引导灵性于外面重现这个过程,渗透入“灵之虫”内。 This is a complex and difficult work, will be defeated incautiously. 这是一个复杂而艰难的工作,一不小心就会失败。 Invisible symbols fall, in addition in „the insect of spirit on, suddenly, the Klein body shakes slightly, that „the insect of spirit burnt, turned into the ashes. 一个个无形的符号落下,加于“灵之虫”上,突然,克莱恩身体微微一抖,那条“灵之虫”自行燃烧,化成了灰烬。 looks at empty palm, a Klein headache, long-time silent, good long while talked to oneself: 看着空荡的掌心,克莱恩一阵头疼,长久沉默,好半天才自语了一句: Life is really difficult......” “生活真是艰难啊……”
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