LM :: Volume #3

#100: „Provocation”

Tracy sees Elaine attractively to be similar to the pupil of emerald, two lightnings shine for the first time, silver white dazzling, occupied to fill own arc of visibility thoroughly. 特雷茜看见“伊莲”漂亮如同绿宝石的眸中,两道闪电乍亮,银白耀眼,彻底占据满了自己的视界。 Her arc exquisite chin raises fiercely, as if must send out the pitiful yell of violent pain. 她弧线优美的下巴猛地扬起,仿佛要发出极端痛苦的惨叫。 However, she was stiff in same place, the illusion broke equally, that whole body mirror crack that in the room placed split, the rapid disintegration, has sprinkled place. 但是,她却僵硬在了原地,幻象一样破碎了,房间内摆放的那面全身镜喀嚓裂开,迅速崩解,洒了一地。 Mirror Substitution Spell! 镜子替身法”! Tracy put on the form of pure white shirt cream color trousers jet black leather boots to reappear in the whole body mirror with the side corner , the slow air/Qi, had not heard the heavy deng deng deng sound of footsteps with enough time, after seeing the red hair the Elaine long skirt swung, the glove that the chariot crush, left palm wears pale was passing some dark green. 特雷茜穿纯白衬衣米色长裤漆黑皮靴的身影浮现在了全身镜同侧的角落里,还未来得及缓气,就听见了沉重的蹬蹬蹬脚步声,看见红发的伊莲长裙后荡,战车般碾压了过来,左掌戴着的手套苍白中透着些许阴绿 Klein has cut to the Living Corpse condition, the muscle is dark, the strength rises steep. 克莱恩已切换至活尸状态,肌肉暗紧,力量陡升。 Near his sleeve cuff lotus leaf flutters, the fist grips tightly, the iron hammer pounded to Vice Admiral Disease Tracy. 他袖口荷叶边一飘,拳头紧握,铁锤般砸向了“疾病中将特雷茜 Bang! Bang! Bang! 砰!砰!砰! Although he as before is maintaining the Elaine appearance, but the movement is actually similar to the beast of prey, vicious strong, one after another, a foot meets a foot, only hit Tracy to resist strongly, could not find the crevice to use other extraordinary capability. 他虽然依旧保持着伊莲的样子,但动作却如同猛兽,凶狠强硬,一拳接一拳,一脚接一脚,打得特雷茜只能竭力招架,找不到空隙使用别的非凡能力。 If not Demoness of Pain Sequence Nine of correspondence is Assassin, in wrestling and on dodging has the rare skill, this round violent storm attack has been able to make Tracy be seriously battered. 若非“痛苦魔女”对应的序列9是“刺客”,在格斗和闪躲上有着超乎寻常的技巧,这一轮狂风暴雨般的攻击已经能让特雷茜遭受重创。 Bang! Bang! Bang! 砰!砰!砰! On the Klein's fist fills the air/Qi of efflorescence, with Lady of Diseases Tracy every contacts can make the opposite party shiver slightly, the body surface concentrates gradually the floating ice. 克莱恩的拳头上弥漫出霜白之气,与“疾病少女特雷茜的每一下接触都能让对方轻微颤抖,体表渐渐凝出浮冰。 This is Living Corpse to the frost strength grasps! 这是“活尸”对冰霜力量的掌握! Saw with own eyes that the blood gradually changes stiff, Tracy no longer hesitates, hard anti- a fist. 眼见血液逐渐变僵,特雷茜不再犹豫,硬抗了一拳。 The mouth that her lip color becomes white opened slightly, has sent out an invisible scream. 她唇色变白的嘴巴随之微微张开,发出了一声无形的尖叫。 Follows this scream, her body gushed out a quiet blue illusory halo outward, the place visited, frost congealment, overlapping. 伴随这尖叫,她身体内部往外涌出了一道幽蓝色的虚幻光环,所过之处,冰霜凝结,层层叠叠。 Also is 12 seconds, she and Klein has placed oneself freezing the world, the surroundings are the thick transparent ice piece, outside is covering the soft hoar frost, two people seem like separate really nearly, actually need to break layer on layer/heavily hinder to meet again. 也就是12秒的时间,她和克莱恩已置身于冰冻世界内部,周围是厚厚的透明的冰块,外面覆盖着松软的白霜,两人看似隔得很近,却需要打破重重阻碍才能再会。 On the Tracy heroic spirit bright-colored face revealed to wipe the smiling face, the body from inside to outside burns the peaceful black flame. 特雷茜英气明艳的脸上露出了抹笑容,身体从内到外燃烧起了安静的黑焰。 They fast are melting surrounding frost, for Lady of Diseases counter-attack, has the initiative to pave the way for her. 它们飞快融化着周围的冰霜,为“疾病少女”的反扑,为她掌握主动权开辟着道路。 At this time, she saw insufficiently firm and resolute Elaine expression invariably to hit a sound to refer to frequently weakly. 就在这个时候,她看见经常软弱不够坚毅的伊莲表情不变地打了个响指。 Not paid attention matches ignite, the scarlet flame class/flow prances, covers in within/inner the form of that red hair long skirt instantaneously. 一根不被注意的火柴燃起,赤红的焰流腾跃,瞬间将那道红发长裙的身影覆盖于内。 The Tracy pupil shrinks, the spirituality intuition had extremely not the good premonition. 特雷茜瞳孔一缩,灵性直觉有了极为不好的预感。 Behind her in the peaceful black flame, was Elaine appearance Klein leapt as before, before both arms extended, surrounds Lady of Diseases Tracy, imprisoned her both arms in same place firmly. 她背后的安静黑焰里,依旧是伊莲样子的克莱恩跃了出来,双臂前伸,环抱住了“疾病少女特雷茜,将她的双臂牢牢禁锢于原地。 Meanwhile, he opens the mouth, makes the sound: 与此同时,他张开嘴巴,发出声音: Bang!” “砰!” Invisible air bullet projects, the might has surpassed the revolver, endures compared with the latest rifle. 无形的空气弹射出,威力超过了左轮,堪比最新型的步枪。 It crossed void, accurately has hit the back of the head of Tracy. 它越过虚空,准确地命中了特雷茜的后脑。 ! 噗! The bullet lifts the skull, wormed one's way into, but Vice Admiral Disease the form actually suddenly contracted, turned into a black stick of velamen interruption. 子弹掀开头骨,钻了进去,但“疾病中将”的身影却霍然收缩,变成了一根被打断的黑杖。 Magic wand substitution spell! “魔杖替身法”! Tracy appeared in the diagonally opposite rapidly, the shirt button falls off, has revealed the snow white attractive scenery. 特雷茜迅速浮现于斜对面,衬衣纽扣脱落,露出了雪白诱人的风景。 However, captures the Klein attention is not this, but is the opposite party palm contamination that wipes the blood! 然而,吸引克莱恩目光的不是这个,而是对方掌心沾染的那抹鲜血! Klein imprisons Tracy time, by opposite party palm to become claw, had torn off women's clothing cotton material backward, has scratched the thigh. 克莱恩禁锢住特雷茜的时候,也被对方手掌成爪,向后扯掉了一块衣裙布料,抓伤了大腿。 At this time, Tracy mouth fast gathered two, the palm has emitted the illusory black flame suddenly, fired that to wipe the blood. 这时,特雷茜的嘴巴快速张合了两下,掌心突地冒出虚幻的黑焰,灼烧起那抹血液。 This is the black magic, this is the curse technique of Witch! 这是黑魔法,这是女巫的诅咒术! The Klein's form trembles uncontrolled, from inside to outside, from the sole to the top of the head, simultaneously ignited the black flame, the whole person turned into the paper scraps rapidly. 克莱恩的身影不受控制地颤栗,从内到外,从脚底到头顶,同时燃起了黑焰,整个人迅速化成了纸屑。 He just highlighted in another a corner, all around the feeling has the innumerable invisible spider's silk winding to come, some are hard, tries to tie up, some are soft, is instigating the body different places, when lets Klein this fight extremely calm Extraordinary heartbeat speeds up, the ear gives off heat, body slightly crisp belt/bring hemp, there is a cold illness, there is an impulsion that under the blood wells up. 他刚凸显于另一个角落,就感觉四周有数不清的无形蛛丝缠绕而来,有的坚硬,试图捆绑,有的柔软,挑拨着身体不同地方,让克莱恩这战斗时极为冷静的非凡者都心跳加快,耳朵发热,身体微酥带麻,既有感冒般的不适,也有血液下涌的冲动。 Compared with Thengen City that Madam Sharon, ability of Tracy in spider's silk fearful far more than! 比起廷根市的那位雪伦夫人,特雷茜在蛛丝上的能力可怕了何止一层! Klein does not dare to neglect, immediately hit a sound to refer. 克莱恩不敢怠慢,当即打了个响指。 , Nearby spider's silk was lit completely, the scarlet flame extends reverse, has rushed Vice Admiral Disease tidal Tracy. 啪的一声,附近的蛛丝全部被点燃,赤红的火苗反向延伸,潮水般涌向了“疾病中将特雷茜 In Thengen, Klein knows Demoness of Happiness the spider's silk fears the fire! 廷根的时候,克莱恩就知道“欢愉魔女”的蛛丝怕火! At once, in the room the central region turned into a lit giant spider web, Tracy is unexpected, had been swept across the side by the scalding hot hot wave. 一时之间,房内中央区域变成了一个被点燃的巨大蛛网,特雷茜猝不及防,已被灼热的火浪席卷到了身旁。 Snort!” In her nose aspirates, within the body has outside quiet blue illusory brilliance to well up again, frozen in transparent and giant crystalline lens. “哼!”她鼻中吐气,体内再有幽蓝色的虚幻光华外涌,将自己冰封于了透明而巨大的晶状体内。 The scarlet flame wells up, making the ice piece outer layer melt unceasingly, oneself is also getting more and more weak. 赤红的火焰涌来,让冰块外层不断融化,自身也越来越虚弱。 Klein has not gone to pick that to mount the bracelet of diamond, actually because not the clear that thing has any negative effect. 克莱恩没去捡那镶嵌着钻石的手镯,因为不清楚那玩意究竟有什么负面效果。 Uses magical item in the situation of insufficient understanding hastily, to itself, the big probability is the harm, but is not the boost! 在不够了解的情况下仓促使用神奇物品,对本身来说,大概率是危害,而不是助力! He straightens up the body, stretches out the arms, the left palm glove caught the luster of Sun. 他挺直身体,张开双臂,左掌的手套染上了太阳的色泽。 Priest of Light! 光之祭司”! At this moment, the Tracy sleep/felt in hiding ice piece was only familiar to extreme Elaine were more than in the past several points of sacred brilliance, among the facial features has been brimming with unprecedented firm and resolute, beautiful no longer delicate, looked like a sun plant of being in full bloom, moistened full blood the flower of battlefield. 这一刻,藏身冰块内的特雷茜只觉熟悉到极点的伊莲比往常多了几分神圣的光彩,眉眼间洋溢着前所未有的坚毅,美丽不再柔弱,更像一朵盛开的太阳花,一朵沾满鲜血的战场之花。 The Tracy voice slightly hoarse shouts: 特雷茜嗓音略显嘶哑地喊道: Actually are you who? “你究竟是谁? Why does not dare to reveal the true appearance!” “为什么不敢露出自己真正的样子!” In the situation of wearing the skirt, is out of sorts with own appearance, is Elaine quite appropriate...... The Klein state of mind pulls out leaves, the thought flashes past. 穿着裙子的情况下,用自己的样子多违和啊,还是伊莲的比较合适……克莱恩心境抽离,念头一闪而过。 He praised Sun. 紧接着,他赞美了太阳。 The broad bright light beam falls together baseless, is winding around the golden flame, covers together with Tracy the ice piece completely. 一道恢弘明净的光柱凭空落下,缭绕着金色的火焰,将冰块连同特雷茜完全笼罩。 The ice layer fast dissolves at the naked eye obvious speed, vanishes does not see, the bright sacred ray is dim, disintegrates shatter. 冰层以肉眼可见的速度飞快溶解,消失不见,灿烂神圣的光芒随之黯淡,瓦解破碎。 The face whiten of Tracy, a tumbling, the movement has avoided the Klein cut agilely to Interrogator spirit piercing, cannot see in the light beam received anything to injure specifically. 特雷茜的脸色苍白了下来,一个翻滚,动作敏捷地避开了克莱恩切换至“审讯者”的“精神刺穿”,看不出在光柱里具体受到了什么伤害。 Sacred Light restraint dead souls and contamination, to demoness can only calculate that normal Sequence Five strikes. 神圣之光”克制死灵和污秽,对魔女只能算正常的序列5一击。 Bang! Bang! Bang! 砰!砰!砰! Tracy makes the tumbling continually, evades air bullet that Klein has made, on rug were many holes. 特雷茜连做翻滚,躲过了克莱恩打出的空气子弹,地毯上则多了一个又一个孔洞。 During the tumblings, the Tracy form did not see suddenly, disappears in the line of sight of enemy. 翻滚间,特雷茜的身影霍然不见,消失在了敌人的视线里。 demoness stealth...... Klein slightly curved back, is highly vigilant, and using own inspiration and Clown the danger had a premonition, seeks for the Tracy trace. 魔女的隐身……克莱恩微弯腰背,高度警惕,并利用自身的灵感和“小丑”的危险预感,寻找起特雷茜的踪影。 But, short, his anything cannot discover, but his forehead is getting more and more hot, the lungs are similar to burn down, the throat pain and itchy, will not soon be able to control cough. 可是,短暂之间,他什么都没能发现,而他的额头越来越烫,肺部如同火烧,喉咙又痛又痒,即将控制不住地咳嗽。 No, cannot delay again! The Klein train of thought phonograph, has smiled one suddenly low and deep, changes to the stiff male sound said: 不,不能再拖延下去了!克莱恩思绪电转,突然低沉笑了一声,改用生硬的男音道: Elaine told me your secret. 伊莲把你的秘密都告诉了我。 Also completely told me her secret......” “也把她自己的秘密全部告诉了我……” His voice has not fallen, the inspiration has triggering suddenly, because in some corner had the strong mood to fluctuate, the meaning of that angry hatred was hard to conceal. 他话音未落,灵感突有触发,因为某个角落里出现了强烈的情绪波动,那愤怒痛恨之意难以掩饰。 Klein half revolution of body, looked immediately. 克莱恩当即半转身体,望了过去。 His left palm glove appears instantaneously the overlapping golden scale, his pupils also caught the pale gold/metal, as if has set upright. 左掌的手套瞬间浮现出层层叠叠的金色鳞片,他的眼眸也染上了淡金,仿佛竖了起来。 Silent within, the Tracy form one outlined, the expression pain twisted. 无声无息间,特雷茜的身影一下勾勒,表情痛苦而扭曲。 She has the pitch-black curl of feminine qualities to develop extremely crazily, spreads toward all around. 她极有女人味的乌黑卷发疯狂滋长,向着四周蔓延开来。 Psychiatrist hysterical/frenzy! 心理医生”之“狂乱”! The mood originally transferred Tracy facing such attack, nearly collapses immediately, lost the reason short. 情绪本就被调动的特雷茜面对这样的攻击,当即近乎崩溃,短暂失去了理智。 Klein seizes the opportunity, hit a sound to refer. 克莱恩抓住机会,啪地打了个响指。 The air bullet leaps the distances of two worlds, directly soars Tracy, even if twists also as before beautiful face. 空气子弹飞跃两人间的距离,直奔特雷茜哪怕扭曲也依旧美丽的脸庞 Suddenly, a wisp of pitch-black sturdy sending silk has swept, the air bullet changed the direction, bang hit in the left shoulder of Tracy, knit her shirt to burst, the flesh splash, the white bones revealed. 忽然,一缕乌黑粗壮的发丝扫过,空气子弹改变了方向,砰地打在了特雷茜的左肩,打得她衬衣破裂,血肉飞溅,白骨露出。 „!” “啊!” Tracy sent out a sad and shrill pitiful yell, the black flame in within the body inexhaustible gushed out, covered her completely. 特雷茜发出了一声凄厉的惨叫,体内的黑焰无穷无尽般涌出,将她完全笼罩。 Outside the black flame congealed the thick ice crystal. 紧接着,黑焰外面又凝出了厚厚的冰晶。 Beside this, the black hair of crazy growth rewinds, layer upon layer the winding, wraps in within/inner Tracy, the black flame and ice crystal completely, as if wove one giant silkworm cocoon comprised of the human race hair. 在此之外,疯狂生长的乌发倒卷,层层缠绕,将特雷茜、黑焰和冰晶全部包裹于内,似乎织出了一个由人类毛发组成的巨大蚕茧。 Bang! Bang! Bang! 砰!砰!砰! The Klein's air bullet makes one after another, actually can only penetrate the black hair, falls in the ice crystals. 克莱恩的空气子弹接连打出,却都只能穿透黑发,陷在冰晶中间。 He stops, making the left palm glove glow the ray of Sun. 他停顿下来,让左掌手套焕发出太阳的光芒。 At this time, his throat one itchy , is hard-to-control, to cough fiercely, the attack of preparation does not realize to launch. 就在这个时候,他喉咙一痒,再也难以控制,剧烈咳嗽起来,预备的攻击未能如愿展开。 Tracy in black hair silkworm cocoon restored the reason at this time, raises the sound, shouts sharply: 黑发蚕茧内的特雷茜此时已恢复了理智,拔高声音,尖利喊道: Enemy raids! “敌袭! Enemy raids!” “敌袭!” At this moment, Klein has gawked unexpectedly for one second, as if returned to Beckland, when returned first time to meet the Devil dog, he knew not to beat, can only shouted murder to save a life, ran away crazily, finally got rid of the danger successfully. 这一刻,克莱恩竟愣了一秒,恍惚间仿佛回到了贝克兰德,回到了第一次遇见恶魔犬时,他知道不敌,只能边喊“杀人啦”“救命啦”,边疯狂逃遁,终于成功摆脱了危险。 At this moment, Tracy enemy raids shout to have the wonder of equally good results from different methods. 此时此刻,特雷茜的“敌袭”喊声有异曲同工之妙。 But Extraordinary on The Black Death does not have one dozen, will not compare this too to be much less, and sequence high is the case everywhere. 黑死号上的非凡者就算没有一打,也不会比这少太多,并且序列较高者比比皆是。 Really, fast killed pirate admiral is too difficult, even if were the assassination...... Klein has coughed two, hit a sound to refer, no longer the attack, no longer hesitated, turns around to rush to the captain's cabin window position. 果然,速杀一位海盗将军还是太困难了,即使是行刺……克莱恩咳嗽了两声,啪地打了个响指,不再攻击,不再犹豫,转身奔向了船长室的窗户位置。 His final line of sight left that to mount the full diamond the bracelet, but actually does not dare to collect. 他最后的视线留给了那镶嵌满钻石的手镯,但却不敢拾取。 This is the fear intense negative effect affects itself to escape \; second, after to be worried about Tracy recovers consciousness, leads numerous Extraordinary, with the aid of this thing locking oneself, carries on the sea to run away to kill greatly. 这一是害怕强烈的负面效果影响自己逃跑,二是担心特雷茜缓过来后,率领一众非凡者,借助此物锁定自身,进行海上大逃杀。 Cannot be greedy! Klein has turned the head, bang dashes the window, fell to the deck. 不能贪婪!克莱恩扭过脑袋,砰地撞破窗户,落向了甲板。 Two pirates happen to come, simultaneously punctured the long sword. 两名海盗正好过来,同时刺出了长剑。 ! ! 噗!噗! What their long swords prick is paperman. 他们的长剑刺入的是一个纸人 The Klein's form appears in instantaneously a pirate behind, the left hand searched, the palm split one to be fierce and evil different mouth. 克莱恩的身影瞬间浮现于其中一个海盗身后,左手探了出去,掌心裂开了一张又狰狞又邪异的嘴巴。 Hunger's Squirming has bitten own food, before Klein takes advantage of the Extraordinary encirclement, is raising that pirate, the starting to walk stride, rushed to near the broad side, in bang bang bang the firing, plop plunged into the pitch-black sea under dim light of night. 蠕动的饥饿”一口咬住了自己的“食物”,克莱恩则趁非凡者合围前,提着那名海盗,迈开大步,冲到了船舷边,在砰砰砰的射击声里,噗通跳入了夜色下的深黑大海。
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