LM :: Volume #4 神秘入侵

#1118: The road of soft food

Radiance Dominion!” 光明主宰!” Numerous Divinity Entity, or various God clone projection, identified the status of old man without exception. 一众神性实体,或是诸神的分身投影,无一例外辨认出了老者的身份。 Most God put in clone to other world, will choose the different shapes. 大多数神灵投放分身去往其他世界,都会选择不同的形态。 For example Tang Qi this Fool's Ship husband, if not pay attention to Dream Dominion, does not pay attention to Tang Qi, is very difficult to know the boatman is Dream some clone. 比如唐奇这“愚人船夫”,若是不关注梦幻主宰,不关注唐奇,很难知晓船夫是梦幻的某个分身 However some minority Ten-thousand Spirits, trade any shape also to be identified. 然而有少数万灵,换任何形态也会被辨认出来。 Radiance, is. 光明,就是其中一位。 When It leaves God Country walks other plane, will change the innumerable shapes, included massive races and sexes. 祂离开神国行走其他位面时,会改换无数形态,囊括了大量种族以及性别。 But will often be recognized, is not the It's reputation high enough to is unable to imagine, making Boundless Occult all lives learn about It's all clone shapes. 但每每都会被认出,不是祂的声名高到无法想象,让无垠神秘所有生灵都知悉祂的一切分身形态。 But is this great Dominion, puts halo toward the oneself top of the head each time. 而是这位伟大的主宰,每次都往自己头顶放“光环”。 Radiance is false shameless, craves greatness and success, and old man of excessive narcissism, It's said, pulls on shoes to My Lord does not match.” 光明不过是个虚伪无耻,好大喜功,且过度自恋的老头而已,祂的道,给吾主提鞋都不配。” Will worship the It's person majority very narcissism, and is blind, without wisdom, for example that 10,000 year could not find old nun of companion.” “会崇拜祂的人大多数都很自恋,且盲目,没有智慧,比如那个一万年也找不到伴侣的老修女。” Above appraisal, from venomous tongue Hallowed Martin Simms. 以上评价,来自毒舌圣者马丁·西姆斯 This has changed to „the stars Dark Period Saint, draws the hatred the skill to be extremely powerful. 这位已经化作“星辰”的黑暗纪圣徒,拉仇恨的本事极其强大。 In Boundless Occult spreads with the Radiance Dominion related black material, half come from this old Saint. 无垠神秘中流传的与光明主宰有关的黑料,一半都来自这老圣徒 It seems like bright knows, Dominion of narcissism is Radiance your distinguished self.” “看来所有神都知道,最自恋的主宰是‘光明阁下。” In surrounded numerous Divinity Entity, some not well-known God spits the mortise. 围观的一众神性实体中,某不知名神灵吐槽道。 Tang Qi drags to entrain three to have the wish fellow to approach respectively, combines in the people, shines under seven color variegated brilliance, sees clearly under that darkness great tree the current conflict. 唐奇拖拽着三个各有愿望的家伙靠近,混杂在群众里面,于七彩斑斓光辉映照下,看清那黑暗巨树下正在发生的争端。 Radiance old person, you lost, the gambling stake needs to give us.” 光明老人,你输了,赌注需要给我们。” Right, since participates in gambling, must be responsible for the result.” “没错,既然参与赌博,必须为结果而负责。” no god understands gambling compared with us, Dominion is also same.” 没有神比我们更懂赌博,主宰也是一样。” Is speaking and pulling three brothers that Lord of Radiance is not making It depart, similarly makes Tang Qi feel familiar. 正在说话并拉扯着光明之主不让祂离去的三兄弟,同样让唐奇感觉熟悉。 Death God Faction.” 死神阵营。” Tang Qi does not feel surprised, Death God Faction is in Boundless Occult hugest pantheon, the member number surpasses most pantheon, including Dream pantheon that Tang Qi wields. 唐奇并不感到惊讶,死神阵营无垠神秘中最庞大的神系,成员数量超过大部分神系,包括唐奇所执掌的梦幻神系 If not for massive ancient times Death God fell from the sky to vanish, Death God Faction absolutely was most powerful pantheon. 若不是大量“远古死神”都陨落消失,死神阵营绝对是最强大神系 Even now, they by other pantheon faction were still recognized cannot provoke. 就算现在,祂们也被其他神系阵营认定不可招惹。 Especially before soon, many gods witnessed Death God with own eyes is powerful ancient times Dominion how suddenly/violently to beat up just got out of trouble Rot Father God. 尤其不久之前,众神亲眼见证死神们是如何暴揍刚刚脱困的强大远古主宰腐烂父神”。 Dominion that this says is all God fathers, was almost hit by Death God shouts the father. 这位自称是所有神灵父亲的主宰,差点被死神们打得喊父亲。 At present these three brothers, the height are more than three meters, the skin is pale, the build is emaciated, the body wears the black robe, is drawing gothic heavy powder accidentally/surprisingly, the sound actually cheerful active. 眼前这三兄弟,身高都达到三米多,皮肤苍白,体型瘦弱,身上穿着黑袍,画着哥特浓妆,声音却意外的欢快活跃。 Divinity Entity: Third brothers dying.】 神性实体:死之三兄弟。】 Status: normal.】 状态:正常。】 Info Fragment 1: a Death God Faction member, ancient times Death God black three sons, inherit father all strengths perfectly three brothers, when they stand, in „the Death god sets up under when tree shade, even Dominion Grade Divinity Entity is unable to do to them.】 信息碎片一:死神阵营的一份子,远古死神“黑”的三个儿子,完美继承父亲所有力量的三兄弟,当祂们站立在“死亡神树”的树荫之下时,即便是主宰级神性实体也无法奈何祂们。】 Info Fragment 2: They are wielding massive universe plane Death domain, is the direction endless Dead three dark lighthouses, their existence, will represent Death Order not to wither away.】 信息碎片二:祂们执掌着大量宇宙位面死亡领域,是指引无尽亡者的三座幽暗灯塔,祂们的存在,代表着死亡秩序不会消亡。】 Info Fragment 3: They have several common small hobbies: The mask, peeps as well as gambles.】 信息碎片三:祂们有几个共同的小爱好:参加化装舞会、偷窥以及赌博。】 Info Fragment 4: They keep the commitment extremely, once there is an agreement then not to renege on a promise, because of this, many Life bodies through cheated at gambling or has won them by the luck, thus obtained Perpetual Life, was not admitted by Death, was Undying, Perpetual Life.】 信息碎片四:祂们极为遵守承诺,一旦有了约定便不会反悔,也是因为此,有许多生命体通过在“赌博”中作弊或是靠运气赢过祂们,从而获得永生,不被死亡接纳,便是不死者,永生者。】 Info Fragment 5: Naturally, participated in existence of their gambling house losing mostly, three brothers will not make the loser repudiate a debt.】 信息碎片五:当然,大部分参与祂们赌局的存在都输了,三兄弟也不会让输者赖账。】 ...... …… Death God Faction really also few normal, shar pei dog Thorpe compared also to calculate credibly.” 死神阵营果然也没几个正常的,沙皮狗索普比较起来还算靠谱了。” And, gambling is really harms in a big way, even Dominion has not let off.” “以及,赌博真是危害大,连主宰也没放过。” Tang Qi surrounds silently, complained silently. 唐奇默默围观,默默吐槽。 Although Tang Qi will not aim at Lord of Radiance on own initiative, but does not represent to look that the opposite party falls into troubles It to be able is not unhappy. 虽然唐奇不会主动去针对“光明之主”,但不代表看着对方陷入麻烦祂会不开心。 Mood joyful, Tang Qi considers to admit the three fellows on ship. 心情愉悦之下,唐奇考虑接纳船上的三个家伙。 Helpless smiles, then received divinity eel food that” that God of Eels hands over. 无奈笑了笑,然后接过那鳗鱼之神递过来的“神性鳗鱼饭”。 As special God, the eel god can multiply infinitely, oneself cuts oneself, oneself eats oneself, starts once again, will never dry up. 作为特殊神灵,鳗鱼神可以无限增殖,自己自己,自己自己,周而复始,永不枯竭。 Tastes the eel food at the same time, Tang Qi promises the god of big foot blaming to introduce that It looks for Diana, allowing It to join Freak Town, this can realize It's wish from one side, makes Diana many bellipotent subordinate god. 品尝鳗鱼饭的同时,唐奇答应大脚怪之神介绍祂去找戴安娜,允许祂加入怪诞镇,这可以从侧面实现祂的愿望,也让戴安娜多出一尊战力强大的属神 As for seeking a mate of god of dolphin? 至于海豚之神的求偶? Although It declared that oneself can change the sex for Tang Qi at will, is as for the external shape, talked incessantly is saying anything dolphin mother and so on. 尽管祂宣称自己可以为了唐奇随意改变性别,乃至于外在形态,唠叨着说什么“海豚娘”之类的。 However Tang Qi knows, the essence of dolphin god is male Divinity Entity. 然而唐奇知道,海豚神的本质就是雄性神性实体 Although can hurt to worshipper heart, but It was rejects firmly. 虽然会伤到“崇拜者”的心,但祂还是坚定的拒绝了。 Just solved three hard to deal with fellows, Tang Qi quickly also knew their conflict in three brothers and pulling of Radiance old person. 刚解决三个难缠家伙,唐奇很快也在三兄弟光明老人的拉扯中知晓了祂们的争端。 The It's vision falls under that Death god tree, in the shadow is towering a giant-scale gambling machine. 祂的目光落在那死亡神树下方,阴影内耸立着一座巨型赌博机器。 Gambling house of both sides revolves this to call makes Apocalypse belief machine, the process is somewhat complex, but the way is actually the simple and crude. 双方的赌局正是围绕着这唤作“末日信仰机”进行的,过程有些复杂,但方式却是简单粗暴。 Nothing but is bets Radiance and Death two Authority, who can gain the strength of belief. 无非是赌光明死亡两种权柄,谁更能获取信仰之力。 Radiance old person is self-confident, never expected that oneself loses one game after several other hundred. 光明老人过于自信,没想到自己连输数百场。 But the gambling stake of single field gambling house at least is a belief of single body universe, this means old person to several hundred single body universes the letter/believes people and family clan in the oneself rule range selling. 而单场赌局的赌注至少是一个单体宇宙的信仰,这意味着老人必须把自己统治范围内数百个单体宇宙的信民和眷族给卖了。 Even if Dominion, pays this price still incomparably to love dearly. 即便是一位主宰,付出这种代价也会无比心疼。 Therefore does not have the accident/surprise, Lord of Radiance choice repudiates a debt. 于是没有意外,“光明之主”选择赖账。 If the opposite party is ordinary God, by the great strength of Radiance Faction, can indeed repudiate a debt lossless. 如果对方是普通神灵,以光明阵营的强大,的确可以无损赖账。 What a pity, this time is third brothers dying. 可惜,这次是死之三兄弟 Stands three shadows under Death god tree, not only has does not dread the Dominion strength, they are the Death God Faction members.” “站在死亡神树之下的三道阴影,不但拥有不畏惧主宰的战力,祂们还是死神阵营的成员。” Radiance old person, if angers the opposite party, likely must faced with encircling of Death God.” 光明老人若是惹怒对方,很可能就要面临死神们的围剿了。” That crowd of extremely unities Death God, but even/including ‚the rot universe dares to attack, Radiant Country is very powerful, but is not definitely able to make Death God flinch.” “那群极度团结的死神可是连‘腐烂宇宙’都敢攻打,光明国度很强大,但肯定无法让死神们退缩。” What is most pitiful is that several hundred universe letter/believes people and family clan, to Dominion of incomparable worship selling.” “最可怜的是那数百宇宙的信民和眷族吧,给无比崇拜的主宰给卖了。” Is somewhat strange, Radiance old person to have been famous deceitfully and shameless, how to lose continuously several hundred times, must know that including a mortal to borrow third brothers method deceit dying thus to obtain the Undying qualifications.” “不过有些诡异,光明老人一直以狡诈、无耻著称,怎么会连续输几百次,要知道过去连一个凡人都能借用手段欺骗死之三兄弟从而获得不死者资格。” You cheat, I do not approve the beforehand gambling house.” “你们作弊,我不认可之前的赌局。” Top of the head halo old person, a face grief and indignation points at three brothers, the complaint was saying. 头顶着光环的老人,一脸悲愤的指着三兄弟,控诉道。 Even the crowds can not realize right, as Dominion clone old person naturally, when especially It after betting in the stimulation sobers. 连围观群众都能意识到不对劲,身为主宰分身老人自然也可以,尤其当祂从对赌刺激中清醒过来之后。 In crowd, leisurely „the Fool's Ship husband shows the Occult smile. 人群中,优哉游哉的“愚人船夫”露出神秘笑容。 Other Divinity Entity are unable to understand clearly the mystery, It naturally. 其他神性实体无法洞悉奥秘,祂自然可以。 The truth is, the gambling house indeed has the trick. 真相是,赌局的确有猫腻。 But is not at third brothers dying, but called makes Apocalypse belief machine the gambling machinery because of that. 但并不在“死之三兄弟”身上,而是因了那唤作“末日信仰机”的赌博机械。 many gods knows, that belief machine is actually three brothers commonly used gambling paraphernalia. 众神都知晓,那信仰机其实是三兄弟的常用赌具。 Is considered as absolute Fair, has never had the mistake. 被认为是绝对的公平,从未有过错误。 Three brothers and many gods do not know, the essence of belief machine, is special divine object. 只是三兄弟众神都不知晓,信仰机的内核,是一件特殊神物 Destiny wheel disk! 命运轮盘! ancient and old, condensed the Destiny Divinity utensil, was mounted in machine most deep place. 古老的,凝聚了命运神性的器物,被镶嵌在机器最深处。 Destiny is variable, unfairest, most Fair.” 命运无常,最不公,也最公平。” What if with third brothers dying to gambling is other Divinity Entity, then loses many can be three brothers most probably.” “如果和死之三兄弟对赌的是其他神性实体,那么输最多的大半会是三兄弟。” May be Radiance old person, although new Destiny Goddess has not announced that but had actually marked some existence silently.” “可偏偏是光明老人,新一任命运女神虽然未曾宣告过,但其实早已默默标记了一些存在。” Marked existence, ordinary God is also good, Dominion is also good, is equal is included the Destiny blacklist, by constant a powerful incomparable unlucky halo.” “被标记的存在,普通神灵也好,主宰也好,等同于都被列入命运黑名单,都被恒定了一个强力无比的倒霉光环。” Radiance, is this/should blacklist one.” 光明,正是该‘黑名单’中的一员。” That list also has another name, calls is...... the Tang Qi's enemies.” “那个名单也有另一个名字,唤作……唐奇的敌人们。” ...... …… Although this seems a little narrow-minded, but has saying that this very joyful.” “虽然这显得有点小心眼,但不得不说,这很让人愉悦。” ship lamp drags, the vicissitudes boatman who is enjoying the eel food said after a sigh. 船灯摇曳,一个享受着鳗鱼饭的沧桑船夫感叹道。 Feels nothing oneself in living by pimping on this path, has more walked is farther. 浑然不觉自己在吃软饭这条道路上,已是越走越远。 Had the idea of schadenfreude to surround the moment, Tang Qi remembered oneself also to have the proper business to finally do. 带着幸灾乐祸的想法围观了片刻,唐奇终于想起自己还有正事要做。 Seeks for the funny starfish! 寻找滑稽海星! Said accurately, seeks for this Supreme Divinity dwelling room. 更准确的说,寻找这位“至高神性”宅着的房间。 „Can that room, where?” “那房间,会在哪儿?” Tang Qi is moved, without the sea water and wave, Fool's Ship rows automatically, rises toward the vault. 唐奇动念,没有海水与波浪,愚人船自动划桨,往穹顶上升。 If the normal region, for example some vast universe, or secret plane of danger, is unable to resist one „the Fool's Ship husband exploration. 如果是正常区域,比如某个浩瀚的宇宙,或是危险的秘密位面,根本无法抵挡一位“愚人船夫”的探索。 However here is funny dance party, here incredible and does not need to say strangely. 然而这里是“滑稽舞会”,这里的荒诞与诡异无需多说。 Here existence anything, the Life body, is both powerful and funny, is strange. 这里存在的任何物事,生命体,都是既强大又滑稽,又诡异。 When Tang Qi operates the Fool's Ship rise, has to use Divine Power, deals with various strange Divinity Entity. 唐奇操作愚人船上升时,也不得不动用神力,应付各种稀奇古怪的神性实体 Mostly, and factory and dolphin god and eel god wait/etc. was similar to Giant Goddess, is exceptionally hard to deal with. 大多数,都和“巨人女神”、“工厂”、“海豚神”、“鳗鱼神”等等类似,异常难缠。 However quick Tang Qi then discovered, is blocked may not only be only his Dominion. 不过很快唐奇便发现,受阻的可不仅仅只是祂一位主宰 Other descends here players and Dominion, encounter various problems: 其余降临这里的玩家和主宰们,同样遇到各种麻烦: For example by one crowd puts on magnificently, named founder Divinity Entity surrounding pair of mother and child God, although sneaks a peek for the first time, but Tang Qi still identified, that mother should be another Dominion Grade God that Lady of the Night as well as just returned to morning star's son. 比如被一群穿着华丽,名为“铸造者”的神性实体包围的一对母子般的神灵,尽管是首次窥见,但唐奇仍旧辨认出来,那位母亲应该是“黑夜女士”以及刚刚回归的另一位主宰级神灵“晨星之子”。 Also or was being pestered by princess giant-scale red dragon, latter that familiar divinity aura demonstrated that the It's status, drags to entrain crowd of stars Heretical God, Flesh Dominion Appodoras Ophelia...... is entangling Divinity Entity of It's that princess contour, position standard impressively is powerful God, and has the terrifying extremely background origin. 又或者正在被一位公主纠缠着的巨型红龙,后者那熟悉的神性气息显示出祂的身份,拖拽群星的邪神,血肉主宰阿波多拉斯·奥菲利亚……缠着祂的那位公主外形的神性实体,位格赫然是强力神灵,且有着极其恐怖的背景来历。 Whole body rot actually wears magnificent tall Mao Giant, his continued wish of long years to be satisfied finally, at this moment It has the different shapes Divinity Entity that massively revolves, each Divinity Entity called Giant for the father, and requested It to pay Authority as raising the expense. 还有一尊浑身腐烂却又戴着华丽高帽的巨人,祂那持续了漫长岁月的愿望终于得到满足,此刻祂正被大量有着不同形态的神性实体围绕着,每一尊神性实体都称呼巨人为父亲,并要求祂支付权柄作为养育费用。 ...... …… Because of the limit of Supreme Divinity, even the Dominion brilliance also becomes dim, becomes ordinary.” “因为至高神性的限制,连主宰们的光辉也变得黯淡,变得平凡。” Therefore this fellow, where does hide?” “所以这家伙,到底躲在哪儿?” The vault, Fool's Ship mixes in a group of strange Divinity Entity, Tang Qi sits in the bow, is carrying ship lamp shining, attempts below seven color variegated world, found a funny pink starfish. 穹顶,愚人船混在一大群古怪神性实体中,唐奇则坐在船头,拎着船灯照耀下方,试图在下方七彩斑斓的世界中,找到一只滑稽滑稽的粉红海星。 ps: First, seeking the chapter saying that asked the monthly ticket, sought the subscription. ps:第一更,求章说,求月票,求订阅。
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