LFAW :: Volume #13

#1215: Ending Speech

Ended this...... 完本了…… Was ends finally this! o(╥﹏╥)o 总算是完本了啊!o(╥﹏╥)o Becoming from the renewal does not stabilize starts, such as leans has been thinking must end this. 从更新变得不稳定开始,如倾就一直在想着要完本了。 The friend friends also know, if leaned in the family/home to add one this year newly.( Is a young boy, does not have small cotton-wadded jacket o(╥﹏╥)o......) 友友们也知道,如倾今年家里又新添了一员。(又是一个小男孩,没有小棉袄o(╥﹏╥)o……) The truth, this child can be born smoothly, we actually already very happy. 老实话,这个孩子能顺顺利利的出生,咱其实已经挺高兴的了。 Un, the too detailed words we did not say here, in brief this child is hard-won, such as leans also treasures specially, but at the later period of more to was pregnant, more is needs such as to lean in side is looking, if leans is becomes more and more busy, is hard to maintain the stable renewal more and more, causing the mid and late renewal of this book to start becomes very unseemly, finally is almost one day one, really somewhat is more embarrassed daily. 嗯,太详细的话咱也不在这里说了,总之这个孩子来之不易,如倾也特别珍惜,但越是到了孕晚期,就越是需要如倾在旁边照看着,以至于如倾是变得越来越忙,越来越难以维持稳定的更新,导致这本书的中后期更新开始变得很不像样,最后更是几乎天天一日一更,着实有些难堪。 But if leans does not have the means that to let this child lives smoothly, mother and child are safe, we also can only like this. 但如倾也没办法,为了让这个孩子顺利生下来,母子平安,咱也只能这样了。 We know, many friend friends are upset, such as leans also expresses deep regrets...... 咱知道,很多友友们都对此深感不满,如倾也深表歉意…… Here, such as leaned also gives the friend the friends to apologize ——( did obeisance submissively) 在这里,如倾也给友友们赔个不是了——(拱手拜) The countless words those words, hope that the friend friends can forgive! 千言万语都还是那句话,希望友友们能够谅解! Now, this book was ends finally originally, such as leaned can also look after a while the little fellow safely. 如今,本书终于是完本了,如倾也可以安安心心的照料一阵子小家伙了。 When all stable, such as leans to be able finally the loosen one breath, well writing time, we will perhaps open the new book. 等到一切稳定,如倾终于能松下一口气来,好好写作的时候,咱或许才会开新书了。 Perhaps this time really needs to rest well some time, otherwise opened the new book because various matters renew become so cannot withstand, that is injures someone to cause self infliction simply. 这次或许真需要好好休一段时间了,否则开了新书又因为各种事更新变得这般不堪,那简直就是害人害己。 Actually when to open the new book, we also lack self-confidence, when also does not dare to make on commitment again, in order to avoid behind a slap in the face. 究竟啥时候开新书,咱心里也没底,也不敢再许下什么时间上的承诺,以免后面打脸 In brief, must open the new book time, such as leaned absolutely will to say beforehand. 总之,要开新书的时候,如倾一定会事先说的。 Looks at the friend friends to be able the health, difference safe and secure, all things are smooth! (*^▽^*) 望友友们能够身体健康,出入平安,万事顺顺利利!(*^▽^*) We...... under this book see again/goodbye! ヾ( ̄▽ ̄) Bye ~ Bye ~ 咱们……下本书再见咯!ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)Bye~Bye~
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