LFAW :: Volume #13

#1214: Unfinished Adventure (Part 2)

Source Great World, Mistecgo. 源泉大世界,米斯特戈 Unlike the condition of Akasha Continent all neglected tasks being undertaken, here is more like by the destruction later end. 阿卡夏大陆百废俱兴的状态不同,这里更像是被毁灭以后的末日。 darkness and filthy, evil and bloody...... various negative power are loafing here, is mixing with everywhere Abyss Aura, the completeness is a forbidden area of life. 黑暗污秽、邪恶、血腥……各种负面的力量在这里游荡着,夹杂着无处不在的深渊气息,完完全全就是一片生命的禁区。 Here has degenerated into the ruins the hunger big wilderness also to compared with the present leave uncultivated, besides the Abyss lifeform, really does not have any lifeform can exist forever in this place. 这里比如今已经沦为废墟的饥饿大荒原还要更加荒废,除了深渊生物以外,真的没有任何的生物能够在这种地方长存。 However, compared with the past, here condition has improved were many. 不过,和过去相比,这里的状况已经是变好了很多了。 In the past, because Mistecgo here has to connect Abyss the relations of crack, the lifeform of Abyss can come here through that crack anytime and anywhere, causing the Abyss lifeform in this land never to reduce, even there are more and more trends, if not for too powerful Abyss lifeform is unable easily through the crack, that this stretch of land to become Abyss part. 过去,因为米斯特戈这里有着连接深渊的裂缝的关系,深渊的生物们随时随地都能通过那裂缝来到这儿,导致这片大地上的深渊生物从未减少过,甚至有越来越多的趋势,若不是太强大的深渊生物无法轻易通过裂缝,那这片大地早已成为了深渊的一部分了。 But now, because the crack had been closed, the relations that the channel has vanished, Abyss that side lifeform was unable to come again, here Abyss lifeform also almost becomes no root duckweed, dying are few. 可现在,因为裂缝已经被关闭,通道已经消失的关系,深渊那边的生物已经无法再过来了,这边的深渊生物也几乎成为了无根浮萍,死一只便少一只。 If did not consider self- multiplication and so on issue, this way, the Abyss lifeform in this land sooner or later becomes rarely rarely, till complete disappearance. 如果不考虑自我繁衍之类的问题的话,照这样下去,这片大地上的深渊生物迟早会变得很少很少,直到完全消失为止。 In addition a while ago as well as in this time period has outsider to slaughter to the Abyss lifeform here, other place not to mention, Mistecgo has rarely been able to see living Abyss lifeform. 再加上前阵子以及这阵子里都有外来者在这里对深渊生物们大开杀戒,别的地方姑且不说,米斯特戈这边是已经很少能够见到活着的深渊生物了。 Taking this into consideration, this Mistecgo city, although cannot withstand like that corrupt, may compared with the past, unexpectedly be becomes peaceful. 有鉴于此,这座米斯特戈城虽然还是那般腐败不堪,可和过去相比,竟是变得安宁了许多。 Perhaps especially Mistecgo, can see the Abyss lifeform everywhere corpse, actually no longer can see living Abyss lifeform, partly visible these roar the angry roaring sound to vanish in the past frequently all. 尤其是米斯特戈内部,或许到处都能看到深渊生物的尸体,却不再能够看到活着的深渊生物了,以至于过去时时刻刻若隐若现的那些咆哮怒吼声尽数消失。 Perhaps, here has also become the restricted area of Abyss lifeform, that also perhaps. 或许,这里也已经成为了深渊生物们的禁地了,那也说不定。 „After it seems like I walked, that two people has not little tossed about here.” “看来我走了以后,那两人没少在这里折腾啊。” Does not know when presents midair Riegel before Mistecgo city is looking out this, started to mumble. 不知何时出现在米斯特戈城前的半空中的黎格遥望着这一幕,开始嘟哝了起来。 —— —— Also in the next second, white meteor flies from Mistecgo, brings the breaking space sonic boom sound and white air wave, at an exceptional pace is close to Riegel. 也就在下一秒钟,一道白色的流星米斯特戈中飞来,带着破空的音爆声及白色的气浪,以惊人的速度接近着黎格 The white meteor regular script, naturally is Melusine. 白色流星的正体,自然便是梅柳齐娜 Silver hair the young girl of dragon then appeared in the most gorgeous form, advanced the Riegel front, just now appeared the complete picture. 银发的龙之少女便以最绚丽的形式出现了,一路突进到了黎格的面前,方才现出全貌。 When finally you came, Master.” “总算等到你过来了啊,御主。” With the joyful mood of not mincing matter, Melusine passes wear a look of the bright smile that is difficult to see, greeted Riegel's arrival. 伴随着毫不掩饰的喜悦情绪,梅柳齐娜面带过去很难看到的灿烂笑容,迎接了黎格的到来 That appearance, that performance, is the a dragon, is one is rather swinging the tail, is waiting for the puppy dog of Master favor. 那模样,那表现,与其说是一条龙,不如说是一只正摇着尾巴,等着主人宠幸的小狗狗。 Sorry, making you wait for a long time.” “抱歉,让你久等了。” Riegel is showing some facial expressions of forced smile to this warm dragon young girl. 黎格对着这过于热情的龙之少女露出些许苦笑的神情。 Because concludes with Melusine bases on the relations of special ties Dimensional Magic Cube has, even in other world, Riegel can through this relation, hold the dialogue of mind/energetic level with Melusine as before. 因为和梅柳齐娜之间缔结的是基于次元魔方而存在的特殊联系的关系,即便是在别的世界,黎格依旧能够通过这种联系,与梅柳齐娜进行精神层面的对话。 Therefore, Riegel can come today here matter, he has also officially informed Melusine. 所以,黎格今天会过来这边的事,他也早已知会过梅柳齐娜了。 Looks at the Melusine appearance, she truly waited to be very long, anticipated very long appearance...... 梅柳齐娜的模样,她确实是等了很久,也期待了很久的样子…… Although this sentimental burning hot, how many making Riegel somewhat unable to endure, may not have the means that who made this girl treat as new mind/energetic to repose him? 虽然这份感情过于炙热,让黎格多少有些吃不消,可没办法,谁让这丫头已经将他当做新的精神寄托了呢? This is one to love survival Fairy, the significance that likes others 's words not having, Riegel cannot only accept without question, making oneself adapt as far as possible. 这是一个为了爱而存活的妖精,不爱他人的话就没有存在的意义,黎格也只能照单全收,让自己尽量去适应了。 Makes the madam wait, truly is not a behavior that is worth praising.” Melusine mood as if not bad, on immature charming face full is the dazzling smile, so said unexpectedly: Because is Master you, therefore I forgave.” “让女士等待,确实不是什么值得夸奖的行为呢。”梅柳齐娜的心情似乎还是不错的,稚嫩的俏脸上满是炫目的笑容,竟是这般道:“但因为是御主你,所以我原谅了。” That also really thanked.” Riegel shrugs, shortly afterwards has doubts saying: Words said why can call me Master?” “那还真是谢谢了啊。”黎格耸了耸肩,紧接着才疑惑道:“话说,为什么要叫我御主啊?” Isn't this Chaldea these Servant to the name of employer? 这不是迦勒底的那些从者使役者的称呼吗? Oneself are not Master, Melusine is not Servant, why can call with this type? 自己可不是御主,梅柳齐娜也不是从者,为什么要用这种称呼? When Riegel feels the doubts for this reason, Melusine actually seems very earnest. 黎格为此感到疑惑的时候,梅柳齐娜倒是显得很认真。 You rein are being the strongest my person, as strongest reining, naturally must have the corresponding name, Master this name on very good.” “你可是驾御着身为最强种的我的人,作为最强的驾御者,当然也要有相应的称呼,御主这个称呼就很不错。” Melusine looks that Riegel's look is very clear, is very bright. 梅柳齐娜看着黎格的眼神很清澈,也很明亮。 You hope I did call you Master? Lords? Is......” “还是你更希望我叫你主人?主子?或者是……” heard until here, Riegel always felt that then must jump the scary name from the Melusine mouth. 听到这里,黎格总感觉接下来就要从梅柳齐娜的口中蹦出吓死人的称呼来了。 Therefore, he hurries to prevent. 于是,他赶紧阻止。 Master on Master, so long as you like well.” 御主御主吧,只要你喜欢就好。” Un, do not call him dragon Knight then it will be alright. 嗯,别叫他龙骑士就行了。 „The Abyss lifeform in city is also you crusades against completely?” “城市里的深渊生物也是你全部讨伐掉的吧?” Riegel shifted a topic. 黎格转移了一个话题。 Is your majesty instruction.” Melusine somewhat is slightly disappointed, but is the honest say/way: After all, cannot let these dirty things and your majesty treats in the same place city.” “是陛下的指示。”梅柳齐娜微微有些失望,但还是老老实实的道:“毕竟,不能让那些脏东西和陛下待在同一座城市中。” When Riegel arrives at Mistecgo at first, not only here has many Abyss lifeform of freely loafing, some also place regions are occupied by some extremely dangerous Abyss lifeform. 黎格最初来到米斯特戈的时候,这里不仅有着自由游荡的诸多深渊生物,还有一些地方区域被一些极其危险的深渊生物占据着。 For example Dasheng Gong, there can draw in the incomparably real illusion undifferentiated the Abyss lifeform of killing occupying by that the common Abyss lifeform does not dare to invade. 例如大圣宫,那里就被那能够将人拖入无比真实的幻境中无差别的杀死的深渊生物给占据着,寻常深渊生物根本不敢侵入。 Merlot, Naiysha and Belludi three people then once in a there mourning over life, left behind the serious psychological trauma. 梅洛娜依莎贝璐蒂三人便都曾在那里丧过一次命,留下了严重的心理创伤。 Riegel enough hax, at that time possibly also there total defeat. 要不是黎格足够挂逼,当时可能也会在那里折戟沉沙。 Is similar Dasheng Gong such place, also in Mistecgo are many. 类似大圣宫这样的地方,在米斯特戈还有很多。 But now, they vanished. 但现在,它们都消失了。 Can give to crusade against the Abyss lifeform of these dangers, obviously the Melusine strength will be very strong. 能把那些危险的深渊生物都给讨伐掉,可见梅柳齐娜的实力还会很强的。 Because of the soul and physical body because of 【Idle Transfiguration】 the relations of transformation, do not look that Melusine is moving by Fairy Knight appearance now, in fact she now also only then appearance is Fairy Knight, the performance in other aspects are actually the strongest conditions, when turned into the half human, half dragon filthy shape initially must be stronger. 因为灵魂和肉体都因【无为转变】而改造的关系,别看梅柳齐娜现在是以妖精骑士外形在活动,实际上她现在也只有外形妖精骑士而已,其余各方面的性能其实都是最强的状态,比当初变成半人半龙污秽形态时还要更强。 When present she can take the stance display family background of this vice- young girl as " calamity of flame " power, power when is the whole body changes to jet black Great Dragon appearance can have. 现在的她能以这副少女的姿态发挥出身为「炎之灾厄」时的力量,也就是全身都化作漆黑巨龙模样时所能拥有的力量 This power, endures compared with the Saint boundary absolutely, even compared with the big Saint boundary does not miss anything. 这股力量,绝对堪比圣者境,甚至和大圣者境相比较都不差什么了。 I go to see Morgan now.” Riegel was saying to Melusine: „Do you want to go?” “那我现在进去见见摩根。”黎格对着梅柳齐娜说道:“你要去吗?” „.” Melusine rejects very simply, said: Although I called her for your majesty as before, but in fact, she no longer is Britain Queen, I also no longer was once Fairy Knight.” “不了。”梅柳齐娜拒绝得很是干脆,道:“虽然我依旧称呼她为陛下,可实际上,她已经不再是不列颠女王,我也不再是曾经的妖精骑士。” „The person who in the past, I must give loyalty to from beginning to end is Aurora, reason that will become Fairy Knight, but to maintain to have forget it/that's all.” “过去,我要效忠的人自始至终都是欧若拉,之所以会成为妖精骑士,不过是为了维持存在罢了。” „The person who now, I must give loyalty to as before is not she, but is you.” “现在,我要效忠的人依旧不是她,而是你。” In other words , Morgan and Melusine present relations are somewhat complex, among both sides no longer the only pure on subordinate relates, if not for also Riegel this relations, Melusine can stay here to accompany Morgan are being an issue, let alone took orders in her. 换言之,摩根梅柳齐娜现在的关系有些复杂,双方之间不再只是单纯的上下属关系,若不是还有黎格这层关系在,梅柳齐娜会不会留在这里陪着摩根都还是一个问题,更别说是听命于她了。 Reason that will comply with the instruction of Morgan, crusades against the Abyss lifeform in city, only, for does not make Riegel tell Quest that was hindered. 之所以会遵从摩根的指示,去讨伐城内的深渊生物,也只是为了不让黎格吩咐下来的任务遭到妨碍。 But the words of detachment Riegel this relations, Melusine have no reason to continue to take orders in Morgan again, naturally does not want to treat with Morgan in the same place. 而移除黎格这层关系的话,梅柳齐娜已经没有理由再继续听命于摩根了,自然也不想和摩根待在一起。 How to say again, she previously could also be a traitor. 再怎么说,她先前也算得上是一个背叛者。 Therefore, treats with Morgan in the same place, Melusine actually does not support comfortably. 所以,和摩根待在一起的时候,梅柳齐娜其实也挺不自在的。 Also...... 再说了…… She is your wife, I am your lover, among us should also have the clear differentiation.” Melusine vision brilliant looks at Riegel, on the face appears again that glaring bright smile, said: Wife and lover are eventually different, did you say?” “她是你的妻子,我是你的恋人,我们之间也应该有明确的区分。”梅柳齐娜目光灼灼的看着黎格,脸上再次浮现那晃眼的灿烂笑容,道:“妻子和恋人终究是不一样的,你说是吧?” Riegel immediately hollow laugh. 黎格顿时干笑了起来了。 Different? 不一样吗? Indeed different...... 的确不一样呢…… Riegel does not plan in any case now on settlement these two messes, temporarily this. 反正黎格也不打算现在就清算这两笔糊涂账,暂时就这样吧。 I advanced.” “那我先进去了。” After Melusine waves, Riegel under opposite party that scalding hot vision gaze, somewhat dingy ran in Mistecgo. 梅柳齐娜挥了挥手以后,黎格才在对方那灼热的目光注视下,有些灰溜溜的跑进了米斯特戈中。 In a while, Riegel then arrived in the Mistecgo center. 没过多久,黎格便抵达了米斯特戈的中心。 Some here originally buildings, but these buildings also clean up now cleanly, turned into piece of vast open space. 这里原本有一些建筑物,但那些建筑物现在也都清理干净了,变成了一片辽阔的空地 On open space, portrays some mysterious veined mark, Rune and drawing everywhere, constituted heavily technique/spell, each other matching, overlapping. 空地上,到处都刻画着一些神秘的纹路符文以及图画,构成了一重重术式,彼此搭配,彼此重合。 technique/spell chart surroundings, a root by made the Holy Spear ritual to install to be put up at this time, the position of muzzle is aiming at the midpoint upper air. 术式图阵的周围,一根根被制成圣枪的礼装此时都被架了起来,枪口的位置则对准着正中央的高空。 There once was the connection to the Abyss crack location. 那里曾是连接向深渊的裂缝的所在地。 But under that 12 Holy Spear and huge technique/spell chart center, is situated jade throne. 而在那下面,十二杆圣枪及巨大术式图阵的中心,则坐落着玉座 On luxurious wasteful jade throne, huge Magic Power is flowing to all around, injects the technique/spell array, and in veined mark through technique/spell array flows to that 12 Holy Spear. 豪华奢靡的玉座上,一股庞大的魔力正在流向四周,注入术式阵列,并通过术式阵列上的一道道纹路流向那十二杆的圣枪 thanks to this, 12 Holy Spear muzzles are then gathering astonishing Magic Power, is in glittering the dazzling brilliance. 拜此所赐,十二杆圣枪的枪口便在汇聚着惊人的魔力,正在闪烁着耀眼的光辉。 Morgan then stands in the jade throne front, grasps the black spear, ties the clothes to bind the body, the lower hem still flutters in the air current that Magic Power raises back and forth, seeming like night Goddess is ordinary. 摩根便站在玉座的前方,手持黑枪,束衣裹身,衣摆还在魔力掀起的气流中来回飘荡,看上去就像是一个黑夜女神一般。 Has completed?” “已经完成了吗?” Riegel arrives at Morgan's side, looks at the surrounding this condition, inquired hastily. 黎格来到摩根的身边,看着周围这状况,连忙询问。 „If no accidental/surprised.” Returning of Morgan calm and composed said: Also thinks needs to complete in a while, but progresses actually imagines me must be smoother.” “如果不出意外的话。”摩根古井无波的回道:“原本还以为需要再过一阵子才能完成,但进展却比我想象中的要更加顺利。” My only uses the strength of that Holy Sword a point you transmitted slightly, sure enough, Holy Sword of this world to the blockade effect of Plane then weakened.” “我只是稍微利用了一点你传输过来的那种圣剑之力,果不其然,这个世界的圣剑位面的封锁效果便变弱了。” No, should not say that weakened, but is in remaining that two Holy Sword, the detected that oneself or is your power, thus eased the limit to me.” “不,不应该说是变弱了,而是剩下的那两柄圣剑中,有一柄察觉到了自己或者说是你的力量,从而对我放宽了限制。” Therefore, the time was then shortened significantly.” “于是,时间便大幅度的缩短了。” hearing this, Riegel nodded, looks to the midair. 闻言,黎格点了点头,看向半空。 Such being the case, he should also be willing to sacrifice itself that crashed into the Abyss silly thing bringing by oneself. 既然如此,他也该将那个甘愿牺牲自己,让自己坠入深渊的傻丫头给带回来了。 Prepared?” Morgan shot a look at Riegel one, suddenly said: „After you meet the person who should meet, we must enter another world.” “准备好了吗?”摩根瞥了黎格一眼,突然这么说道:“等到你接回应该接的人以后,我们就要进军另一个世界了。” Riegel recovers, raised the brows slightly. 黎格回过神来,眉头微微一挑 „Have you prepared to in Akasha Continent found a nation?” “你已经准备好要在阿卡夏大陆建国了吗?” Riegel knows certainly that Morgan is what meaning. 黎格当然知道摩根是什么意思。 This was also they initially approximately the good matter. 这也是他们当初约好的事情。 My desire has not always changed, is to establish one to let anybody peace happy country.” “我的愿望从来都不曾改变过,就是要建立一个能够让任何人都和平幸福的国家。” Morgan in the most direct way, spoke frankly for the first time own dream to man. 摩根首次以最直接的方式,向身边的男人坦言了自己的梦想。 „The Fairy state is invalid, that constructs Britain in the human state.” 妖精的国度行不通,那就在人类的国度中重新建造不列颠。” For this purpose, I am ready at any time.” “为了这个目的,我随时都做好着准备。” Actually you......” “倒是你……” Morgan narrows the eye, said. 摩根眯起眼睛,这么说了。 „Have you prepared to assist me?” “你已经准备好协助我了吗?” Facing Morgan this just like probe inquiring, Riegel returns to smile. 面对摩根这宛如试探般的问询,黎格回以一笑。 Relax.” Riegel indifferently said: I can also start momentarily.” “放心吧。”黎格淡淡的道:“我也随时都可以开始。” World that Akasha Continent, a war frequency sends. 阿卡夏大陆,一个战争频发的世界。 The war that because between the country and country will never stand still, many common people are destitute and homeless, either for no reason loses the life, either degenerates into the refugee. 因为国家与国家之间永不停歇的战争,许多平民百姓流离失所,要么平白丢失性命,要么沦为难民。 Regarding the general public, that world just like hell. 对于普通民众而言,那个世界宛若地狱。 Therefore, Leni will join Temple, Temple by so-called revolution covers own real motive, the intention subverts the world. 为此,莱妮才会加入圣殿,圣殿才会以所谓的“革命”来掩盖自身的真实目的,意图颠覆世界。 Although Riegel solved all these, but he also heartfelt believing, Akasha Continent truly needs a revolution, needs some people to unify. 虽然黎格解决了这一切,可他也由衷的认为,阿卡夏大陆确实需要一场革命,需要有人去统一。 This person, since is not Reinnail, then works as by Morgan this Queen, not necessarily is not a good thing. 这个人,既然不是莱因纳伊尔的话,那由摩根这位女王来当,未必就不是一件好事 Facing with Fairy Kingdom completely different Akasha Continent, this Witch does not want again with the way that terrifying rules, establishes Britain? 想必,面对和妖精国完全不同的阿卡夏大陆,这位魔女也不会再想用恐怖统治的方式,去建立不列颠了吧? In order to achieve this goal, Riegel prepared the manpower. 为了达成这个目的,黎格连人手都准备好了。 Once Rain Clan, he has been starting preparing to resurrect. 曾经的雨之氏族,他已经在着手准备复活了。 Baobhan Sith and Woodwose, are one of them similarly. 芭万·希伍德沃斯,同样在其中。 also Danmachi World Loki Familia, Riegel planned that in makes everyone help the helper when necessary, believes that they will also be interested very much. 还有地错世界洛基眷族,黎格打算在有必要的时候让大家过来帮帮手,相信他们也会很感兴趣。 also Demon Slayer World, Overlord World and Cursed Technique world wait/etc, if necessary, Riegel did not mind that was supported by own acquaintances. 还有鬼灭世界不死者之王世界咒术世界等等,有必要的话,黎格也不介意让自己的熟人们来捧捧场。 Had own assistance, unification entire Akasha Continent, should unable to use the long time is. 有了自己的协助,想必统一整个阿卡夏大陆,应该用不了多长的时间才是。 Is that side Yanifett as well as Sendore, how it is estimated that must think to with them chatting. 就是雅妮菲特以及圣倪多尔那边,估计得想想要怎么跟他们“聊聊”了。 thought until here, Riegel's vision gazes at to the midair. 想到这里,黎格的目光重新注视向半空。 The eye is shining. 眼睛在发亮。 The heart is burning. 心脏在燃烧。 Actually, what I anticipate is Abyss.” “其实,我更期待的是深渊。” By his present strength, taking Akasha Continent is not difficult. 以他如今的实力,拿下一个阿卡夏大陆并不难。 Because is not difficult, therefore Riegel did not anticipate. 正因不难,所以黎格也并不怎么期待。 What he anticipates is Abyss. 他更期待的是深渊 There has with the powerful enemy of Yarakulon same level, and not just. 那里有和亚拉库隆同一层次的强敌,且不止一个。 In there, I can obtain the new adventure.” “在那里,我才能得到新的冒险。” Riegel's heart silently is reading. 黎格心中默默的念着。 level up turning point, perhaps also there.” 升级的契机,或许也在那里。” Waits to meet Belludi, after the matter arrangement of Akasha Continent is appropriate, Riegel prepares toward Abyss to set out. 等接回贝璐蒂,将阿卡夏大陆的事安排妥当以后,黎格就准备朝着深渊进发了。 My adventure, but also was far from the conclusion time.” “我的冒险,还远没到结束的时候。” Riegel with a smile so whispering. 黎格笑着如此呢喃 In order to light the heat in heart, his adventure, will never end. 为了点燃心中的热量,他的冒险,永远都不会结束。
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