LTDWMBD :: Volume #6

#549: Chosen King

The Roel Ascart life, it can be said that the battle life, what kind of powerful enemy until now whether it is facing, black-haired youngster is dies to fight does not draw back, and is relying on the strength and wisdom successfully got through the one after another difficult time, strikes down the one after another powerful enemy. 罗亚·阿卡特的一生,可以说是战斗的一生,一直以来无论是面对怎样的强敌,黑发的少年都是死战不退,并凭借着力量与智慧成功渡过一个又一个难关,击倒一个又一个强敌。 However this time, facing was called the Mother Goddess woman, black-haired youngster actually chose the level, moreover lies down exceptionally is quick, even the posture is very smooth, the reason is also very simple......, because cannot really be victorious. 然而这一次,面对被称之为母神的女人,黑发的少年却选择了躺平,而且躺的还异常快,甚至姿势都很平整,原因也很简单......因为真的打不过。 Those words that the Ascart House ancestor spreads is right, with Mother Goddess battle, that is purely is the dead end, when Roel not forgets just to face Angel Divine Country, Mother Goddess that shocking moves the place strikes. 阿卡特家先祖流传下来的那句话是对的,和母神战斗,那纯属就是死路一条,罗亚可没忘记刚刚面对天使神国时,母神惊天动地的一击。 Flutters Angel phantom in Divine Country is not the ornaments, according to Roel sensation these things has the Origin Level 3 strength at least, tens of thousands of Origin Level 3, this is simply shocking, but they is actually similar to the insect to be tiny and insignificant in the Mother Goddess front. 飘荡在神国中的天使虚影可不是摆设,按照罗亚的感知那些东西起码拥有源级3的力量,成千上万的源级3,这简直骇人听闻,可是在母神的面前他们却如同虫子般渺小而微不足道。 The sound that Angels phantom explodes group by group is similar to the cockroach that was stepped on explodes, reverberation in the black-haired youngster mind, however to Mother Goddess is actually the minor matter of being worth mentioning, she appears when the Roel front has not even looked at sky one from beginning to end. 天使们虚影一批又一批爆裂的声响就如同被踩爆的蟑螂,至今还回荡在黑发少年的脑海,然而对母神来说却是不值一提的小事,她出现在罗亚面前时甚至从头到尾都没看过天空一眼。 So the strength of degree, is not present can contend absolutely, this is the judgment of Roel, but his actually didn't expect did that not resist the attitude to make him exempt the disaster of imprisonment unexpectedly. 如此程度的力量,绝对不是现在的自己能够抗衡的,这是罗亚的判断,不过他却没想到这样的不抵抗态度居然让他免去了牢狱之灾。 „...... Does not need to detain, leads him to my side.” “......不用关押,将他带到我那边去吧。” When Mother Goddess said that moment of these words, Roel obviously felt neighbor surprised of Highland Elf, but the youngster also understood, after all these words it can be said that made the Roel status have the thorough change. 母神说出这句话的那一刻,罗亚明显地感受到附近高地精灵们的惊讶,不过少年对此也理解,毕竟这一句话可以说是让罗亚的身份发生了彻底的改变。 Detained person, that is a prisoner, although the significance of Chosen King this special title representative is very probably honored, but handcuff fetters and so on artifact(s) estimate must have. 关押的人,那是囚犯,虽然选王者这个特殊称谓代表的意义好像很尊贵,不过手铐脚镣之类的咒物估计是少不了。 But the belt/bring to Mother Goddess whereabouts, that was not a prisoner, but was the guest, although was the guest who was controlled the action, but compared the treatment to be possible on good with the prisoner is too many, in fact after hearing the order of Mother Goddess, the silent elves also truly received handcuff that is glittering the gem ray. 可带到母神所在之处,那就不是囚犯了,而是客人,虽然是一个被控制行动的客人,但是与囚犯相比待遇可好上太多了,事实上在听到母神的命令后,沉默的精灵们也确实收起了闪烁着宝石光芒的手铐。 However even so, the limit strength is actually must have, Mother Goddess watching Roel the vision after the issue order gradually shines, and glittered rapidly, but another side black-haired youngster was the body sinks, feels magic power in within the body to lose the activeness rapidly. 不过即使如此,限制力量却是少不了的,在发布命令后母神望着罗亚的目光逐渐亮起,并迅速地闪烁了一下,而另一边黑发的少年则是身体一沉,感受到体内的咒力迅速的失去了活性。 - 记住网址m.qu6 I sealed up your strength temporarily, do not think works loose the resistance, such instead can injure to you.” “我暂时封住了你的力量,不要想着挣脱反抗,那样反而会伤到你。” Also is one is the warning resembles is the words of persuasion, making the Roel facial features cannot help but complex, suddenly does not know front woman to him was what attitude, but after speaking these words, Mother Goddess started to exchange with side Highland Elf, is urging anything evidently. 又是一句似是警告又似是劝说的话语,让罗亚面容不由得复杂了起来,一时间不知面前的女人对他到底是什么态度,而在说完了这句话后,母神则开始与身边的高地精灵们交流了起来,看样子是在叮嘱着什么。 For a long time later, finished conversation Mother Goddess looking to Roel, as if wanted to say anything, however after starting to speak but hesitating several times, said several short phrases off and on. 许久之后,结束了交谈的母神重新望向罗亚,似乎想要说什么,然而欲言又止了数次之后,却只是断断续续的说出了几个短句。 „, They will not don't worry harm you, do not escape...... I first to walk.” “不用担心,他们不会伤害你,也不要逃跑......我先走了。” After said that the moonlight in sky was suddenly brighter, the woman body of the next moment black hair golden pupil vanishes baseless does not see, nearby soldier bends down slightly, is seeing off departure of Mother Goddess, but that stretch of open area that the watching person's shadow vanishes, black-haired youngster is big relaxing, this discovered that short time already is streaming with sweat. 如此的说完之后,天空中的月光突然明亮了一些,下一刻黑发金瞳的女人身体凭空消失不见,附近的士兵微微俯身,恭送着母神的离去,而望着人影消失的那片空地,黑发的少年则是大大的松了一口气,这才发现短短的时间里自己已经汗流浃背。 Has saying that without killing the idea of Roel, the appearance of Mother Goddess still gave the Roel enormous pressure, this can be said as it far exceeding shock that all exist(ence) follow, such as Dragon dragon prestige, but after Mother Goddess catches, the Roel route path still had the large change. 不得不说,即使没有杀罗亚的想法,母神的出现仍然给了罗亚极大的心理压力,这可以说是其远超一切的存在所伴随的震撼,就如巨龙的龙威,而被母神抓到后,罗亚的路线轨迹也发生了大幅变化。 Respectable Chosen King, is far away, but also please let us protect your security.” “尊敬的选王者,路途遥远,还请让我们保护您的安全。” After Mother Goddess walks goes forward respectfully step Highland Elf in a tone with said that the meaning in words is self-evident, but Roel also has as guest consciousness, slightly nodded heel of guards stand forth, but nearby each race army rapid encircled Roel and the others in the middle, looks vigilantly to the Saviour sphere of influence. 母神走后上前一步的高地精灵语带恭敬的如此说,话语中的意思不言而喻,而罗亚也有身为“客人”的觉悟,微微点了点头后跟随着护卫们向前走去,而附近各个种族的大军则迅速的将罗亚等人围在中间,警惕地望向救世主的势力范围。 Looked at one behind the battlefield of remnants of destroyed buildings and vigilant soldiers, Roel sighed, numerous questions that enters Fragment of History in the short time accumulates after this to have a headache, after pondering the moment , the youngster shakes the head, walks greatly toward the unknowable front. 望了一眼身后残垣断壁的战场与警惕的士兵们,罗亚叹息了一声,为这进入历史片段后短短的时间内积累的众多疑问而头疼,思考了片刻后少年摇了摇头,向着不可知的前方大步行去。 ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- Generally speaking, after Mother Goddess leaves, the treatment that Roel obtains is very good. 总的来说,在母神离开之后,罗亚得到的待遇很不错。 To go to Mother Goddess whereabouts, first then needs to leave this everywhere wreckage the battlefield, what however made Roel didn't expect was, carried him is not being the prison van, was not the ordinary carriage, but was an artifact, or was the chariot. 想要前往母神所在之处,首先便需要离开这遍地残骸的战场,然而令罗亚没想到的是,载着他的不是囚车,也不是普通的马车,而是一件咒物,或者说是战车。 That is one can with the large chariot that majestic described, during the wheel moving have the thunderous sound indistinctly, pulling a cart was not the ordinary beasts, but was the Pegasus. 那是一辆可以用雄壮来形容的大型战车,车轮转动间隐约有雷鸣之音,拉车的也不是普通的兽类,而是天马。 Good, is in Roel Mythological Lifeform of various time types of legendary/in legend on the back grows pair of wings, remote antiquity senior driver who also shares the honor with the unicorn of Angel clan, what is different from the unicorn, what the Pegasus plays is the speeding car, but the significance that expressed was also more honored. 不错,正是在罗亚的时代各种传说中背生双翼的神话生物,也是与天使族的独角兽齐名的远古老司机,只不过与独角兽不同的是,天马玩的是飞车,而表示的意义也更为尊贵。 The sky is different from the period of human rule in this time, is not can fly at will, let alone the heads of many character go against unable to fly, many air zones have the master, the domain that the wing person clan controls is representative, wants through to make a payment, quite a little style of mountain thief, but this, more fearful direct on was awfully. 天空在这个时代有别于人类统治的时期,可不是随意都能飞行的,别说很多人物的脑袋顶上不能飞,就连不少空域都是有主人的,翼人族控制的领域就是其中的代表,想通过就要交钱,颇有点山贼的风格,不过这都算好的,更可怕的直接就是要命了。 Let Roel take this car(riage), then represents it is being the Mother Goddess most honored guest, can the place runs amuck in the moonlight institute willfully, any people who dare to attack is declares war to Mother Goddess directly. 罗亚乘坐这辆车,便代表着其为母神最尊贵的客人,可以在月光所及之处任意横行,任何敢于攻击的人都是直接向母神宣战。 Has saying that the behavior that although Mother Goddess at the very beginning runs away to Roel displays very excitedly, after the youngster admitted defeat, as if did not have to kill his thoughts, instead started to protect, is also very complete for the security measure that he prepared, but except for giving favored treatment of this material, made the youngster satisfied is in the attitude, these soldiers to his respect. 不得不说,母神虽然一开始罗亚逃走的行为表现得很激动,但是在少年服软了之后,似乎就没有了杀他的心思,反而开始保护起来,为他准备的安保措施也很齐全,而除了这种物质方面的优待,更令少年满意的则是态度上,这些士兵们对他的尊重。 Chosen King this title concrete significance Roel also is not completely actually clear to the present, the attitude that but can actually reveal occasionally from others understands 12, for example everyone sees his time, subconscious bowing slightly, the behavior of this subconscious obviously is not the influence of Mother Goddess. 选王者这个称谓具体的意义罗亚其实到现在也并不完全清楚,但是却可以从其他人偶尔流露出的态度明白一二,比如说所有人见到他的时候,都会下意识的微微躬身,这潜意识的行为明显不是母神的影响。 Army place is punctures many, unruliness is innumerable, the Roel present situation named guest, is actually in fact similar to the captive, if only the order of Mother Goddess, although these soldiers will not harm him, but will look down upon him absolutely, the treatment that even to its obtains feels discontented. 军队这种地方是刺头最多的,桀骜不驯者更是数不胜数,罗亚现在的情况名为客人,实际上其实类似于俘虏,如果只是母神的命令,那些士兵们虽然不会伤害他,但是绝对会看不起他,甚至对其得到的待遇心怀不满。 However the actual situation is actually everyone respects about him very much, such situation can only show that his position is very high, even...... the present was put under house arrest this condition, possibly is offending. 然而实际情况却是所有人对他都很尊重,这样的情况只能说明他本身地位就很高,甚至于......现在被软禁这种状态,可能都是一种冒犯。 Thinks here Roel affected to own again curiously, according to intelligence that the beforehand youngster grasped, Chosen King Clan in Remote Antiquity Period and massive Ancient God signed the contract, but reason Queen of Succubi had not said in detail, Roel only knows that was the so-called surveillant, after arriving at this time, this did not seem difficult to eavesdrop on. 想到了这里的罗亚再次对自己的作用好奇了起来,按照之前少年掌握的情报,选王一族远古时期与大量的古神签订了契约,但是原因魔女之王却一直没有详细讲过,罗亚只知道是所谓的监督者,不过在来到这个时代后,这点似乎也不难探听。 When boards the chariot, in Highland Elf went out of one obviously is the female of leader boards with Roel together, has saying that this was an appearance quite outstanding woman, inherited the beautiful appearance of elf perfectly, but actually missed regarding Roel. 在上战车的时候,高地精灵中走出了一名明显是领袖的女性随着罗亚一同上了车,不得不说,这是一位容貌相当出色的女人,完美的继承了精灵的美貌,不过对于罗亚来说却还是差了些。 Compared with Charlotte. 比不过夏洛特 Such idea produces in the mind of youngster, making Roel cannot help but acclaim for own wife in the heart, according to the common sense, the atavism bloodlines of elf is the ratio true elf, but Charlotte is actually the exception, in the appearance was needless saying that after strength, will realize to exceed, presses ancestor's head to hit. 如此的想法在少年的脑海中产生,让罗亚不由得在心中为自家老婆赞叹,按照常理来说,精灵的返祖血脉是比不过真正的精灵的,可是夏洛特却是例外,容貌上不用说,就连实力以后都会实现超越,按着祖先的头打。 However these are currently speaking unimportant, more importantly Roel found the own informed sources. 不过这些目前来说都不重要,重要的是罗亚找到了自己的消息来源。 „Can you talk with me freely?” “你们能和我自由交谈吗?” Yes, Sir, but some issues we may be unable to reply.” “是的,大人,不过一些问题我们可能无法回答。” Your name?” “那你的名字呢?” flatter inferior (Asia).” “阿朵亚。” When riding the chariot gallops in the horizon, black-haired youngster looks to was assigned attendance tranquilly his elf guard, the complexion to ask that these issues, but opposite party polite gives the answer, Roel hearing this nods, starts to chat some at sixes and sevens topics with it. 在坐着战车驰骋于天际之时,黑发的少年望向被分配来“照顾”他的精灵护卫,面色平静的问出了这些问题,而对方则礼貌的予以答案,罗亚闻言点了点头,开始与其闲扯一些乱七八糟的话题。 Speed already of this chariot full speed?” “这战车的速度已经是全速了吗?” What to do if there is a mist to?” “如果有雾气的话要怎么办?” Words said that is you have looked after me?” “话说一直是你照看我吗?” Issue Roel one by one so forth proposed, a flatter inferior (Asia) explains completely, in words and nothing impatient meaning, but Roel the eye in the dialogue narrows the eyes slightly. 诸如此类的问题罗亚一一提出,阿朵亚则全部予以解答,话语中并没有任何不耐烦的意思,而罗亚则在对话中眼睛微微眯起。 These issues seem like that is chatting of safe/without matter, but in fact is the issues of youngster specially choice, for example inquired that the speed of chariot, this actually already was military secret edge ball, relative simple that but a flatter inferior (Asia) replied, has not concealed completely. 这些问题看似是无事的闲聊,但是实际上都是少年特意挑选的问题,就比如询问战车的速度,这其实已经属于军事机密的擦边球了,但是阿朵亚却回答的相当干脆,完全没有隐瞒。 Can these issues ask? So long as in other words doesn't involve Mother Goddess to be all right? 就连这些问题都可以问吗?也就是说只要不涉及到母神都没事? Roughly fished out in the Roel heart of boundary to have some ideas, chatted for a moment with flatter, further after reducing his alert heart, the silver moon in black-haired youngster watching sky voiced the opinions suddenly. 大致摸出了边界的罗亚心中有了些想法,又与阿朵亚聊了一会,进一步降低其戒备心后,黑发的少年突然望着天空中的银月发出感叹。 This time matter, is actually an accident/surprise, I listened to the old friend Mia's words, wants to avoid chaos caused by war that's all.” “这次的事,其实是个意外,我只是听了老朋友拉米娅的话,想要躲避战乱而已。” This...... if so, that is best.” “这......如果是这样的话,那是最好的。” Hears Roel such paradox, a flatter inferior (Asia) does not seem to know how should reply, long time later somewhat reluctant such echoing, but Roel hearing this looks reluctantly, sigh said again: 听到罗亚这样的诡辩,阿朵亚似乎不知该如何回答,良久之后才有些勉强的如此附和,而罗亚闻言则面露无奈,感叹般的再次道: „...... Am I to you, so really important?” “不过......我对你们来说,真的那么重要吗?” Naturally, your function is without a doubt! Your choice is the ownership of Sia will, will affect Sir Mother Goddess images in other person of minds thoroughly!” “当然,您的作用是毋庸置疑的!您的选择将是希雅意志的归属,也将彻底影响母神大人在其他人心目中的形象!” „!” “!” Seemed like hears anything unable the skip over matter, after Roel inquired, the response of flatter inferior (Asia) was very intense, but heard such words, the Roel golden pupil contracts suddenly, after pondering the moment, immediately revealed the sad appearance, sent out a sigh. 似乎是听到了什么不能一带而过的事,在罗亚提问之后,阿朵亚的反应很激烈,而听到这样的话,罗亚金色的瞳孔则是骤然收缩,思考了片刻后立即露出伤心的样子,发出一声叹息。 Primordial Goddess already departs for a long time, what can I control? War already is inevitable, the anticipation of Mother Goddess I am also unlikely hard to respond.” 原初女神已经离去许久,我又能左右什么?战争已经不可避免,母神的期待我恐怕也难以回应。” „...... Even so, you are also the generally recognized surveillant, so long as obtains your approval, these are worried by King of a Race that ugly Sun will mislead surely, will possibly change our influence patterns, moreover...... you will be in the Mother Goddess big person heart unreplaceable exist(ence), this point all of us understand.” “......即使如此,您也是所有人公认的监督者,只要获得您的认可,那些被丑恶的太阳蛊惑的种族之王们必定会有所顾虑,甚至可能改变我们的势力格局,而且......您是母神大人心中无可替代的存在,这一点我们所有人都明白。” „......” “......” Hears a flatter inferior (Asia) to bring to admire that with words that slightly loses, the Roel golden pupil twinkle was unceasing, is pondering what conclusion the dialogue, but saw Roel this appearance, a flatter inferior (Asia) does not dare to make noise again. 听到阿朵亚带着些艳羡与些微失落的话语,罗亚金色的瞳孔闪烁不断,沉思着什么般的结束了对话,而看到罗亚这幅样子,阿朵亚也不敢再出声。 The elf guard was mistaken that was the own words touches the Roel innermost feelings, making him to going to Saviour produced hesitant, however in fact, whose meaning black-haired youngster simply does not want to turn to at this time, he is analyzing this to chat brought intelligence. 精灵护卫误以为是自己的话语触及到了罗亚的内心,让他对投奔救世主产生了犹豫,然而实际上,此时黑发的少年根本没有想投靠谁的意思,他是在分析着这段聊天所带来的情报 Present situation already relatively was actually bright, through the words of flatter inferior (Asia) as well as understanding of Roel the Chosen King Clan history, the youngster basically is always certain, Chosen King should be replaces Sia to witness various clan King, gives its Crown and status, and does the inspection to it exist(ence), is the surveillant in Altasia mouth. 现在的情况其实已经相对明朗了,通过阿朵亚的话语以及一直以来罗亚选王一族历史的了解来看,少年基本可以肯定,选王者应该是代替希雅见证各族王者,给予其王冠与身份,并对其进行考察的存在,也就是阿尔塔西娅口中的监督者。 Such status, is quite a bit like in Roel previous life the emperor for the censor who supervises hundred officers, what from its is different, the power of Chosen King is larger many, is more centralized, to some extent even can regard it is under Sia the second person, but most important is it to each race King powerful influence. 如此的身份,颇有点像罗亚前世中代天子监察百官的御史,但是与其不同的是,选王者的权力要大的多得多,也更为集中,某种程度上来说甚至可以视其为希雅之下第二人,而最为重要的便是其对各个种族王者的强大影响力 When Sia has not departed, the position of Chosen King is not shakable, but even if the Sia not present/doesn't exist present, signs the contract with each race all previous generations King Chosen King Clan also absolutely is most special exist(ence), even Mother Goddess and Saviour will be affected. 希雅尚未离去之时,选王者的地位无可动摇,而哪怕是希雅不在了的现在,与各个种族历代王者签订契约的选王一族也绝对是最特殊的存在,甚至于母神救世主都会受到影响。 Which Chosen King stands in one side, which side basically represents is being orthodox, but after understanding this point, Roel also understood at that time the Mother Goddess words, as well as she did not hesitate to come to personally the reason that Roel had. 选王者站在哪一边,基本就代表着哪一边是正统,而在明白了这一点后,罗亚也理解了当时母神的话,以及她不惜现身亲自罗亚带回去的原因。 Has saying that the Roel present function may be called the political bomb simply, once were gathered by one of the sides, will create morally the beyond any help attack to the other side, and large vacillation morale of troops, but after understanding this point, black-haired youngster immediately gave up all the thoughts of escaping. 不得不说,罗亚现在的作用简直堪称政治炸弹,一旦被其中一方招揽,将对另一方造成道义上无可挽回的打击,并大幅动摇军心,而在明白了这一点后,黑发的少年立即放弃了一切逃跑的念头。 This Mother Goddess can let off him, to be honest already was the miracle, but the miracle should not present for the second time. 这一次母神能够放过他,老实说已经算是奇迹了,可奇迹应该是不会出现第二次的。 Is so thinking the youngster lingering fear, such situation actually also gave him to prompt secretly, making him cannot help but look to the system, that has not come and Fragment of History synopsis of analysis, however the next moment, the accidental/surprised data appeared in his eye, making the Roel body fall into stiffly. 如此想着的少年暗自后怕,不过这样的情况却也给了他提示,让他不由得看向了系统中,那还没来的及分析的历史片段简介,然而下一刻,意外的数据却出现在了他的眼中,让罗亚的身躯陷入了僵硬。 New and old change, day and moon/month contention, key of choice belongs to your hand, extends different paths 【新与旧的轮替,日与月的角逐,选择的钥匙重新归于你的手中,延伸出不同的道路】 Bloodline Promotion Degree: 17 血脉晋升度:17】 evaluation: ( 52 )】 评价:中】
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