LTDWMBD :: Volume #6

#548: Mother Goddess

World change colour, this phrase even in Roel, by black-haired youngster still has been thought is described exaggeratingly, after all any magic will be limited by the range, this is the general knowledge, even Regiment Magic is impossible really to make the world change. 天地变色,这个字眼即使是在罗亚的这一世中,也一直被黑发的少年认为是夸张地形容,毕竟任何的咒术都会受到范围的限制,这是常识,即使是军团咒术也不可能真的让天地发生改变。 However today, the Roel cognition was remoulded, crash of Sun like meteor, unthinkable at the same time carried off world all light and heat, but that flash of exposed under moonlight, Roel result already is also doomed. 然而今天,罗亚的认知被重塑了,太阳的坠落就如流星,令人匪夷所思的同时带走了世间所有的光与热,而暴露在月光之下的那一瞬间,罗亚的结局也已经注定。 Found you.” “找到你了。” When the words spread to that moment in Roel ear, everyone on the scene is the complexion big change, but has no person to move the slightest even so, the moonlight that in the sky presents although is gentle, falls on Roel and the others the body actually as if invisible shackles. 当话语传入罗亚耳中的那一刻,在场的所有人都是面色大变,可是即使如此却没有任何一个人能够移动分毫,天空中出现的月光虽然柔和,落在罗亚等人身上却仿佛无形的枷锁。 However seems like sends out the rescue Angel to leave room for maneuver, the person by that moment that the moon/month laser-controlled trigs, soldier within the body of team leader is sent out the bright in the presence of everyone suddenly, the the next moment front not far away golden light beam erupts from the ground suddenly, direct impact horizon. 不过似乎是派出救援的天使留了后手,当众人被月光控制住的那一刻,领队的战士体内突然发出亮光,下一刻前方不远处金色的光柱突然自地面爆发,直冲天际。 Bang-!” “轰-!” Shocks the land erupts, the Angel singing sound from starts to sing in all directions, as recite poem whirling around of fog more and more loud, as if must divide into the Spiritual God state here. 震动大地的爆发中,天使的歌声自四面八方开始传唱,诵念诗篇随着云雾的翻卷越来越响,仿佛要将此处划为神灵的国度。 Angel of hundreds and thousands of illusory images flutter in the fog, will suppress the moonlight interruption of people, the Roel surrounding soldier sees that sends out to shout loudly excitedly. 成百上千幻影的天使在云雾中飘荡,将压制众人的月光截断,罗亚周围的战士见状兴奋地发出高呼。 Is Archangel Divine Country!” “是大天使长神国!” Was saved!” “得救了!” The inspired god blesses the soldiers to wave the weapon, on the face shows the confident smile, to them, rescuing of Archangel then means that escaped the birth day is not certainly accidental, however under surrounding of people, Angel that in the black-haired youngster actually watching sky fluttered looks pale. 振奋的神佑战士们挥舞起武器,脸上露出信心十足的笑容,对于他们来说,天使长的搭救便意味着逃出生天绝无意外,然而在众人的包围下,黑发的少年望着天空中飘荡的天使面色苍白。 一秒记住://bu6. At present Archangel Divine Country, this truly is Roel has seen most powerful barrier, but the issue is the present enemy, actually is also Roel has not seen powerful exist(ence). 天使长神国,这确实是目前罗亚所见过的最强大的结界,但问题是现在的敌人,却也是罗亚从没见过的强大存在 Mother Goddess cannot with it battle, this is the warning that the Ascart House ancestors generation spreads, the so affirmative words are impossible not to have the reason fabricated, but another day will just trade day the prestige to be able also to prove this point. 母神是不能与之争斗的,这是阿卡特家先祖们世代流传下来的警告,如此肯定的话语是不可能无中生有没有缘由的,而刚刚改天换日的威能也证明了这一点。 „It is not good, walks quickly! This degree does not block......” “不行,快走!只是这种程度根本拦不......” Bang-!” “轰-!” Roel that just recovered has not waited to say the order, bellow already that is inconceivable transmits from the sky , under Divine Country covers Roel raised the head to look upwards, the golden eye pupil contracts to the limit suddenly. 身体刚刚恢复的罗亚还没等说完命令,难以想象的轰鸣声已经自天空中传来,神国笼罩下的罗亚抬起头望向上方,金色的眼瞳骤然收缩至极限。 Moon in sky, does not know when already divides into two, one is the silver-white color, at this time is sending out the infinite ray, another for dark, absorbs all cavities like the vault of heaven. 天空中的月亮,不知何时已经一分为二,一为银白色,此时正散发着无穷的光芒,另一个则为黑暗,如同苍穹上吸收一切的空洞。 Two moon, such phenomenon is Roel is unprecedented, when that silver-white moon appears, the cheers of soldiers stop, the Angel singing sound idle time, world as if in this flickered to stagnate, the myriad things all belonged to silent, this was not the tacit understanding of agreement, but witnesses the instinct of marvelous sight. 两个月亮,如此的异象是罗亚前所未见的,当那银白色月亮出现之时,战士们的欢呼声止住,天使的歌声停歇,世间仿佛在这一瞬陷入了停滞,万物皆归于寂静,这不是什么约定的默契,而是目睹奇观的本能反应。 the next moment, Heavenly Punishment from vault of heaven peak arrived, intense ray shining world, lets Roel, even if closed one's eyes still felt dazzling, then by the soldiers is thought the gods state that is unable to destroy still collapsed loudly, tens of thousands of fluttered Angel phantom between clouds in insect rupturing that was similar to is pinched, the surges fog flash scatters in all directions to not have. 下一刻,天罚自苍穹顶端而至,强烈的光芒照耀世间,让罗亚即使闭上眼仍觉得刺目,而那被战士们认为无法摧毁的神明国度也轰然崩溃,成千上万飘荡在云间的天使虚影就如同被捏死的虫子般爆裂,翻腾的云雾一瞬间四散为无。 already is hard to produce to be similar the physical pressure of dragon prestige with the sharp shake that the magic power fluctuation described, making the Roel body instantaneous heavy, if thousand jin (0.5 kg), but under this heavenly prestige, a black-haired youngster brain also blank. 已经难以用咒力波动来形容的剧烈震荡产生出类似龙威的物理压力,让罗亚的身躯瞬间重若千斤,而在这天威之下,黑发的少年大脑也一片空白了起来。 This is, magic? 这是,咒术 Can the magic limit, achieve this degree of? 咒术的极限,是能够做到这种程度的吗? Feels this to cover the world, routed the Angel Divine Country unsurpassed mighty force instantaneously, the Roel world outlook vacillated fiercely, since becoming Transcendent the first time, youngster in had a fuzzy sense of fear. 感受着这将天地覆盖,瞬间击溃天使神国的无上伟力,罗亚的世界观剧烈的动摇了起来,自成为超凡者以来第一次,少年的内心生出了一种模糊的恐惧感。 That is not timidness in the general sense, but to overcoming understand thing natural fear, this fear is the human lifeform instinct feeling, even not by own will control, but in this fear, the attack of Mother Goddess also fell on Roel finally in it place not far away, the contact ground had the radical explosion. 那不是一般意义上的怯弱,而是对超越自身理解事物天然的恐惧,这种恐惧是人类生物本能般的感受,甚至不受自身意志控制,而就在这恐惧之中,母神的攻击也终于落在了罗亚所在之地不远处,接触地面产生剧烈的爆炸。 In that moment that the severe impact arrives, black-haired youngster gets back one's composure suddenly, emitted magic power to protect itself full power, in his god blessed the soldiers actually in shock that can collapse from Divine Country not to get back one's composure. 在强烈冲击到来的那一刻,黑发的少年猛然回神,全力放出咒力护住了自己,然而在他身边的神佑战士们却没能从神国崩溃的震撼中回过神。 white glow and shock-wave arrived, both hands intersect in the chest front Roel crouches/submits Di body deal with the impact full power, but the body was then blown to fly after insistence of moment, after hitting to embark on an official career in a piece of crushed stone, but others side youngster does not have the trace. 白芒与冲击波先后抵达,双手交叉于胸前的罗亚伏低身子全力应对冲击,可身体在片刻的坚持后便被吹飞,一口气撞进身后的一片碎石中,而原本在少年身边的其他人则早已没有了踪影。 The ray and hurricane continued to stand still for a long time finally, can open the eye until this time Roel finally, but let his didn't expect was, under the dim moonlight already had a person's shadow to stand in the front not far away. 光芒与飓风持续了许久才终于停歇,直到这时罗亚才终于能够睁开眼睛,只是让他没想到的是,朦胧的月色下已经有一个人影站在了前方不远处。 You are......” “你是......” Is panting for breath the youngster both arms intersect in the chest front, subconscious such opening the mouth, when Roel raised the head sees the front person's shadow truly that moment, the words of youngster actually stop suddenly, later stared in a big way two eyes fiercely, but the reason was also very simple. 喘息着的少年双臂交叉在胸前,下意识的如此开口,然而当罗亚抬起头真正看到前方人影的那一刻,少年的话却是戛然而止,随后猛地瞪大了双眼,而原因也很简单。 At this time floats in the Roel front, is a silver blushing pupil, the appearance lets the youngster particularly familiar woman. 此时漂浮在罗亚前方的,是一名银发红瞳,容貌让少年分外熟悉的女人。 ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ In sky over the remnants of destroyed buildings, black-haired youngster raised the head to look, in the golden eye pupil flood is not daring to believe that the brain also nearly freezes. 残垣断壁之中,黑发的少年抬头仰望上空,金色的眼瞳中充斥着不敢置信,就连大脑也近乎冻结。 Who front person is, this issue already does not need to talk too much, on that day in the air two rounds of moon was the best evidence, but exhausted all imagination of Roel, black-haired youngster cannot think, by he treated as of Mother Goddess biggest threats could be this appearance unexpectedly. 面前的人是谁,这个问题已经无需多言,那天空中两轮月亮便是最好的佐证,可是穷尽罗亚的所有想象,黑发的少年也想不到,一直被他当作最大威胁之一的母神居然会是这个样子。 The silver-white long hair, the scarlet eye pupil, looks at it fairly beautifully like the flesh of jade, tall very/straight the bridge of the nose and cherry color lip silent was elaborating honored aesthetic sense, as well as that dominates above Spiritual God, already is unable with exist(ence) and prestige that ya the language described. 银白色的长发,赤红的眼瞳,白皙美丽望之如同玉石的肌肤,高挺的鼻梁与樱色的嘴唇无声地阐述着尊贵的美感,以及那凌驾于神灵之上,已经无法用语言形容的存在与威圧。 The center of the world, Ruler of the world, described this exist(ence) feeling is not overrated with such adjective, but these in the eye of Roel were not the key points, what key was this familiar beautiful appearance. 天地的中心,世界的主宰,用这样的形容词来描述这份存在感毫不为过,不过这些在罗亚的眼中都不是重点,重点的是这熟悉的美貌。 Alicia? 爱丽莎 No, is impossible . Moreover the age is not right, therefore...... is big Alicia? 不,不可能,而且年龄也不对,所以......是大爱丽莎 The watching front semblance age obviously is bigger than Alicia and Roel, the physical growth already quite mature woman, in the brain of Roel appears the idea of so not making sense, but later then sober shaking the head, and discovered some wrong thing. 望着前方外表年龄明显大于爱丽莎罗亚,身体发育已经相当成熟的女人,罗亚的大脑中浮现出如此无厘头的想法,但是随后便清醒般的摇了摇头,并发现了一些不对之处 Although the front almost can determine that is the Mother Goddess woman highly is truly similar to the Alicia image, but examines carefully two people facial features to have of the slight difference, moreover what is more important is the color of his eye and hair is still changing. 虽然面前几乎可以确定是母神的女人确实与爱丽莎的形象高度相似,但是细看起来两人的面容却有细微的差别,而且更为重要的是其眼睛与头发的颜色还在改变。 In these days of Roel gaze, the hair color of woman unexpectedly unceasing is deepening , to continue to turn toward the black hair evolution, but another side, the scarlet eye pupil gradually is also extinguishing. 就在罗亚注视的这一段时间里,女人的发色居然不断的在加深,持续向着黑发演变,而另一边,赤红的眼瞳也正在逐渐熄灭。 On the same day when the in the air even-numbered month changed into a body, shape already of woman had the radical change, becomes black hair golden pupil shocking beauty, but saw this change colour scene, the Roel spirit was actually under until now the biggest impact. 当天空中的双月重新化为一体时,女人的形态已经有了彻底的变化,成为了一个黑发金瞳的惊世美人,可是看到这变色现场,罗亚的精神却受到了至今为止最大的冲击。 How can......” “怎么会......” Gazes at the woman in not far away, Roel is staring the big eye to mutter, black hair golden pupil, this shape is simply familiar regarding the youngster, that Blood of the Chosen King main lineage necessary characteristics, is Roel never in other person of body have seen the characteristics. 注视着不远处的女人,罗亚瞪大眼睛喃喃自语,黑发金瞳,这个形态对于少年来说简直再熟悉不过,那正是选王之血主脉必备的特征,也是罗亚从未在其他人身上见过的特征。 But must say whether front person has the Chosen King Clan bloodlines, answer actually negative, because front person , if really consistent with the Roel bloodlines, then a phenomenon almost definitely will just appear, that is the bloodlines resonance. 可是要说面前的人是否拥有选王一族血脉,答案却是否定的,因为面前的人如果真的与罗亚血脉一致,那么刚刚一个现象几乎必然会出现,那就是血脉共鸣。 The same bloodlines same clan when the same place stimulation bloodlines, the resonance is almost the inevitable phenomenon, Roel and Lilian is therefore recognizes each other, but compares with Imperial Princess, the front Mother Goddess strength must be higher than several ranks, is really the Blood of the Chosen King's words Roel blood vessel estimated that must explode. 相同血脉的同族在同一地点激发血脉时,共鸣几乎是不可避免的现象,罗亚莉莉安就是因此相认,而与皇女相比,面前母神的力量要高出数个级别,真是选王之血的罗亚血管估计都要爆。 But is the words, this appearance is could it be really the coincidence? 可是不是的话,这幅样子难道真的是巧合? Such question inevitable flutters in the heart of Roel, lets black-haired youngster immersion, but also therefore, making him neglect the expression and manner of this time dark-haired woman. 这样的疑问不可避免的在罗亚的心中飘荡,让黑发的少年沉浸其中,不过也正是因此,让其忽略了此时黑发女人的表情与神态。 When Roel observes Mother Goddess, hair color already changes into the black woman also to observe him, in this short time, stared in the Mother Goddess golden eye pupil of Roel to flash through the innumerable complex mood, the expression also underwent several changes. 罗亚观察母神的时候,发色已经化为黑色的女人也在观察着他,在这短短的时间里,盯着罗亚母神金色的眼瞳中闪过数不清的复杂情绪,表情也经历了几番变化。 The sad, angry, frustrated, such expression flashes through one by one, silent disclosed that its innermost feelings inexpressible intertwining, however after the unceasing hesitation, the Mother Goddess expression actually changed into finally did not endure, continued silent long time, the dark-haired woman who is hard to start has some hoarse sounds to resound finally. 悲伤,愤怒,失意,如此的表情逐一闪过,无声的透露出了其内心无可言说的纠结,然而在不断的犹豫之后,母神的表情却最终化为了难以下手的不忍,沉默持续了良久,黑发女人带着些沙哑的声音终于响起。 „...... I give you again an opportunity.” “......我再给你一次机会。” Yeah?” “哎?” The sudden words made Roel awaken suddenly, blinking reflectively raised the question, but seemed like regards the accident/surprise youth's response, woman voice hoarse continuation of black hair said: 突然的话语令罗亚猛然惊醒,眨着眼睛反射性地提出疑问,而似乎是将少年的反应当成了意外,黑发的女人声音沙哑的继续道: You can not approve me, but I will not make you help him...... do not compel me.” “你可以不认可我,但是我绝不会让你去帮助他......不要逼我。” „......” “......” In that resembles finally is the warning resembles is in the words of plea, Roel stared in a big way the eye to fall into silent, cannot help but rapid ponder present situation. 在最后那似是警告又似是恳求的话语中,罗亚瞪大了眼陷入了沉默,不由得迅速的思考起自己现在的处境。 Through the Mother Goddess words, Roel generally knows now conducts with it exist(ence) replace The situation of character, seemed like the Chosen King who Roel held the post of is very as if important to Mother Goddess, causes to grasp by her personally make a move after missing, but in the very beginning, the idea of Mother Goddess did not seem to keep a Roel life, but killed it. 通过母神的话语,罗亚大致的知道了现在与其进行【存在替换】的人物的处境,看起来罗亚担任的这个选王者似乎对母神很重要,使得在失踪后由她亲自出手抓了回来,不过在一开始,母神的想法似乎并不是留罗亚一命,而是将其杀死。 The possible threat will exterminate thoroughly, means that this it can be said that gets it over and done, but among two people as if has anything to relate, causing Mother Goddess unable to start finally. 将可能的威胁彻底剿灭,这可以说是一劳永逸的办法,但是两人之间似乎有着什么关系,导致母神最终没能下手。 Was so pondering the youngster does not know how at once should open the mouth, in the vision disclosed puzzled, actually didn't expect this slight mood by the Mother Goddess keen discovery, and opened the mouth to ask back. 如此思考着的少年一时之间不知该如何开口,目光中透露出不解,却没想到这细微的情绪被母神敏锐的发现,并开口反问起来。 You do not understand why I this?” “你不明白我为什么这样做?” „......En.” “......嗯。” „Very simple, because you are I the child who is hard to give up, therefore...... do not disappoint me again.” “很简单,因为你是我最难以割舍的孩子,所以......不要再让我失望了。” „!” “!” When hears the Mother Goddess so words that moment, the black-haired youngster golden eye pupil contracts suddenly, observed closely stubbornly woman who called Roel the child, in brain in great confusion. 当听到母神如此话语的那一刻,黑发少年金色的眼瞳骤然收缩,死死地盯住了称罗亚为孩子的女人,大脑中乱成一团。 Child? Am I the Mother Goddess child? No, is not right! 孩子?我是母神的孩子?不,不对! Although Roel is replace, letter as well as all kinds of that information but according to the former youngster received, although Mother Goddess black hair golden pupil, but was not Blood of the Chosen King, should not have the relations to be right with Roel, if after all were really a biological mother, that Mother Goddess and Saviour conflict, Chosen King does not need to intertwine to be right, closed one's eyes to elect the biological mother to finish up directly. 虽然罗亚是替换者,但是根据之前少年收到的信件以及各种各样的信息来看,母神虽然黑发金瞳,但是并不是选王之血,与罗亚应该是毫无关系才对,毕竟如果真的是亲妈,那母神救世主的争端,选王者根本不需要纠结才对,直接闭眼选亲妈就完事了。 Roel does not believe that in this world also has the person who such simple choice question cannot elect, at least regarding taking seriously Chosen King Clan of bloodlines is unlikely, then remaining only possibly was two situations. 罗亚不相信这个世界上还有这么简单的选择题都选不出来的人,起码对于重视血脉的选王一族来说不太可能,那么剩下的就只可能是两种情况了。 First, Mother Goddess short-circuit, the brain had problems recognizes the son everywhere. 第一,母神秀逗了,脑子出了问题满地认儿子。 Good, the Mother Goddess present behavior, making Roel natural remembered the previous life senile dementia patient not to recognize child's situation, did not produce relates voluntarily. 不错,母神现在的行为,让罗亚自然的想起了前世老年痴呆患者认不出自家孩子的情况,也不自觉的产生了联想。 However regarding this possibility, pondered carefully after the moment, Roel then shakes the head, in the heart is not approves very much, after all just magic of Mother Goddess operation world was not the lunatic can achieve, it needed the strong controlling force and analytical ability, moreover strong to this situation , was really unlikely the senile dementia. 不过对于这个可能,仔细思考片刻后罗亚便摇了摇头,心中并不是很认可,毕竟刚刚母神操纵天地的咒术根本不是疯子能做到的,其需要强大的控制力与分析力,而且强到了这个地步,也实在不太可能得老年痴呆。 But the second possibility, is Roel thinks that comparitively credible, that is Mother Goddess and Sia has the relations. 而第二种可能,则是罗亚认为比较靠谱的一个,那就是母神希雅有关系。 When this idea presents that moment in mind, in Roel heart numerous questions simple, includes the Mother Goddess name. 当这个想法出现在脑海中的那一刻,罗亚心中众多的疑问都简单了起来,其中就包括母神的名称。 Mother Goddess, this title until now Roel finds it very strange, because normal mother this phrase cannot easily abuse, even if must with still be such as Petra adds on the term of definition generally, for example Earth Mother Goddess, but the reason is also very simple, because this is disrespecting to Sia. 母神,这个称谓一直以来罗亚都觉得很奇怪,因为正常来说“母”这个字眼是不能轻易乱用的,即使是要用也是如佩特拉一般加上限定的名词,比如地母神,而原因也很简单,因为这是对希雅的不敬。 Sia is Primordial Goddess, is called mother of all living things, normal, only then she can use mother unscrupulously this phrase, like Mother Goddess this title Remote Antiquity Period should be absolutely not permitted is right. 希雅原初女神,也被称为众生之母,正常来说只有她才能够无所顾忌的使用“母”这个字眼,像母神这种称谓远古时期应该是绝对不会被允许的才对。 However if Mother Goddess and Sia has some unusual relation, then all can explain, but Roel was called child's reason by it also logical, after all the life of this world is considered as the Sia child. 不过如果母神希雅本身就有着某种奇特的联系,那么一切就能解释了,而罗亚被其称为孩子的理由也将顺理成章,毕竟这个世界的生灵都被认为是希雅的孩子。 In the heart had Roel of suspicion not to dare to say anything, but another side, in the land of distant place started to present numerous person's shadows, their figure varied, obviously was the different race allied armies, is turning toward here to catch up rapidly. 心中大致有了猜想的罗亚不敢多说什么,而另一边,远方的大地上则开始出现众多的人影,他们身形各异,明显是不同种族的联军,正向着这边飞速赶来。 Migration like phantom Blood Race, big werewolf, figure scary Undead Race, the allied armies' advance of systematic each race, but in the frontline, is one team of Highland Elf that is throwing over the long gown, they march forward rapidly, surrounds all round Roel, waits for the Mother Goddess decree. 移动如魅影般的血族,高大的狼人,身形骇人的不死族,各个种族的联军井然有序的前进,而在最前方,则是一队披着长袍的高地精灵,他们迅速行进,将罗亚团团包围起来,等候起母神的旨意。 The watching fully-armed elves, the Roel facial features did not have the fluctuation, already completed preparation that worked as the captive, however the youngster actually does not know, his such behavior actually changed the idea of Mother Goddess imperceptibly. 望着全副武装的精灵们,罗亚面容毫无波动,已经做好了当俘虏的准备,然而少年却不知道,他如此的行为却在不知不觉中改变了母神的想法。 Gazes at the youngster who has not been showing the dislike expression, the black hair golden pupil woman is surprised, does not understand how he can endure this type to Chosen King unprecedented offending, but after again careful ponder, the woman stared in a big way the eye, in the heart raised the point hope. 注视着并没有露出厌恶表情的少年,黑发金瞳的女人大感意外,不明白他怎么能忍受这种对选王者前所未有的冒犯,不过再仔细思考后,女人又瞪大了眼睛,心中升起了点点的希望。 Was don't tell me, my these words has an effect? 难道说,是我的那些话起作用了? Thinks these woman nervous getting hold of hands, after silent moment, revised the initial decision. 想到了这些的女人略带紧张的握紧手,沉默了片刻后,修改了自己最初的决定。 „...... Does not need to detain, leads him to my side.” “......不用关押,将他带到我那边去吧。”
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