LCGIR :: Volume #12

#1199: Heart of myriad things thoughts of returning home space

Amitabha......” the Jaded-Document Buddha double palm gathers ten, Leiyin Temple in heart, not in the Buddha State space......” “阿弥陀佛……”玉牒佛陀则双掌合十道,“大雷音寺在心中,不在佛国空间……” Spirit Mountain?” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua moves at heart, looks in the Buddha State space to have Buddha Radiance continuously to show, such as the water breaks in Divine Magnificence Continent, even the fissures of some permeating previous space barriers, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua asked again. “灵山呢?”玉牒萧华心里一动,看着佛国空间内有一缕缕的佛光透出,如水般冲入神华大陆,甚至还有一些渗入先前空间壁垒的裂痕,玉牒萧华再次问道。 Has Buddha Lord naturally to have thunder sound, has the bodhisattva naturally to have Spirit Mountain......” Jaded-Document Buddha to say with a smile, Buddha Lord is always Buddha Lord in bodhisattva heart!” “有佛主自然有雷音,有佛子自然有灵山……”玉牒佛陀笑道,“佛主向来都是佛子心中的佛主!” Fine......” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua nods with a smile, Meru Mountain that then above a finger/refers of space shivers fiercely said that Buddha height one foot there is a way, this words not empty!” “善哉……”玉牒萧华含笑点头,然后一指空间上方剧烈颤抖的须弥山说道,“佛高一尺魔高一丈,此话不虚!” Good!” On the face of Jaded-Document Buddha appears dignified, looks that on Meru Mountain has the mysterious change, moreover there is Heavenly Demon to fly to fall Buddha State following Buddha Radiance, even these fell into Meru Mountain Buddha Radiance to start to darken, he opened the mouth saying that „, if did not have there is a way, how to reveal my Buddha Magical Ability?” “不错!”玉牒佛陀的脸上显出凝重,看着须弥山上有神秘变化,而且有更多天魔顺着佛光飞落佛国,甚至那些落入须弥山佛光都开始发乌了,他开口道,“若无魔高一丈,如何显我佛神通?” Oh......” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua has a look at Jaded-Document Buddha, sighed a sound said, which Buddha was my Buddha of monk......?” “唉……”玉牒萧华看看玉牒佛陀,叹息一声道,“和尚的我佛……是哪个佛?” Amitabha......” on the Jaded-Document Buddha face has a smile, a finger/refers of own heart said that my Buddha of monk here, given heart...... where?” “阿弥陀佛……”玉牒佛陀脸上含笑,一指自己的心说道,“和尚的我佛在此,檀越的心……又在哪里?” Then, Jaded-Document Buddha lifts the hand to grasp, took the seven treasures wonderful tree, sits cross-legged to sit beyond the Buddha State space protects the law. 说完,玉牒佛陀抬手一抓,将七宝妙树拿了,盘膝坐在佛国空间之外为之护法。 Yes, the heart of this poor Daoist where?” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua frowns, talked to oneself in a low voice, the vision from the immortal space and Buddha State space, the Monster Alliance space passed over gently and swiftly one by one. “是啊,贫道的心又在哪里?”玉牒萧华微皱眉头,低声自语,目光从道仙空间、佛国空间,妖盟空间等逐一掠过。 As if the sensation to the doubts of Jaded-Document Xiao Hua, the space void within started to give birth to the light mighty waves, this mighty waves are seemingly tiny, but the might is incomparable, ripples all annihilations! 似乎感知到了玉牒萧华的疑惑,空间虚空之内开始生出淡淡的波澜,这波澜看起来细小但威力无匹,荡漾间将一切湮灭! The mighty waves delay to the void deep place, completely even if Jaded-Document Xiao Hua is unable to control is, humming sound......” the sound of shaking cry gets up, crystalline godship of one foot surrounding area flashes! 波澜延展到虚空深处,那即便是玉牒萧华都无法完全掌控的所在,“嗡嗡……”的震鸣之音响起,一尺方圆的晶状神格闪动而出! This time crystalline godship was different from before, was not glittering and translucent carving, but was pale gold/metal and quiet green and blood red and golden light develops simultaneously. Pale gold/metal and quiet slightly is green overbearing, has the impact, blood red walks randomly in all around, as quiet fuses the pale gold/metal green, tricolor between also has the crystalline godship central golden light such as the flame combustion, is particularly radiant. 此时的晶状神格跟之前不同,并非晶莹剔透,而是淡金、幽绿、血红和金光并举。淡金和幽绿略显霸道,彼此间有冲击,血红在四周游走,随着幽绿融合淡金,三色之间还有晶状神格中央金光如火焰燃烧,分外璀璨。 Crystalline godship, innumerable Power of Faith are used from various places, changes to the shape of rivers to make noise. 晶状神格一出,无数信仰之力从各处用来,化作河流之状汩汩作响。 The crystalline godship revolves slowly, the river of belief also revolves, extremely the mystery, the extremely enchanting multi-colored sunlight and extraordinary splendor map the eyes of Jaded-Document Xiao Hua! 晶状神格缓缓的旋转,信仰之河也随之旋转,极其奥秘,极其炫丽的霞光和异彩映入玉牒萧华的双眸! The Jaded-Document Xiao Hua figure starts to flutter, falls for the first time toward the crystalline godship! 玉牒萧华的身形开始飘飞而起,首次朝着晶状神格落去! When Jaded-Document Xiao Hua approaches, the crystalline godship falls into the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua chest slowly! 当得玉牒萧华靠近,晶状神格缓缓落入玉牒萧华心口! Bang......” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua whole body big quake, instant is unable to maintain the human form, melts the shape of Jaded Document obviously! “轰……”玉牒萧华周身大震,瞬时无法保持人形,显化出玉牒之状! This time Jaded Document already no longer incomplete, similarly with the crystalline godship revolves! 此时的玉牒已经不再残缺,同样随着晶状神格旋转! Jaded Document even more big, entire coverage, but revolving has not stopped. 玉牒愈发的大,将整个空间覆盖,而旋转并没有停止。 Therefore, the space rises again in a big way with revolving of Jaded Document! 于是,空间随着玉牒的旋转再次涨大! Not only this time is the space increases, the fissure on Plane barrier also follows to increase, many fissures have penetrated the Plane barrier, concentrates to make the space channel! 这次不仅是空间增大,界面壁垒上的裂痕也跟着加增,很多裂痕已经深入界面壁垒,凝做空间通道! Has not known how long, perhaps perhaps is a tribulation flickers, the crystalline godship disappears suddenly, the river of belief also follows not to see, that flooded the space Jaded Document also to stop revolving! 不知道过了多久,或许是一劫或许是一瞬,晶状神格蓦然消失,信仰之河也跟着不见,那充斥空间的玉牒也停止了旋转! Spirit Mountain is Spirit Mountain of bodhisattva, thunder sound is Buddha Lord thunder sound, the space naturally is also the space of myriad things!” “灵山是佛子的灵山,雷音是佛主的雷音,空间自然也是万物之空间!” Buddha Lord in the bodhisattva heart, I...... in the myriad things heart, my heart does not need, the heart of myriad things...... is my heart......” 佛主在佛子心中,吾……也在万物心中,吾之心不必有,万物之心……即吾之心……” The Jaded-Document Xiao Hua sound is low and deep, even if Heavenly Dao Xiao Hua and Karma Xiao Hua may not perceive, but be indomitable spirit waited Jaded-Document Xiao Hua to stand in the human form, brushed......” innumerable light shadow to be similar to the tsunami to flood into his forehead. 玉牒萧华的声音低沉,即便是天道萧华因果萧华都不可觉察,而待得玉牒萧华以人形顶天立地的站立了,“刷刷刷……”无数光影又如同海啸般涌入他的眉心。 Meanwhile, Heavenly Dao Xiao Hua and Karma Xiao Hua reveal the figure respectively, the light shadow fall changes to the bright star light and purl. 与此同时,天道萧华因果萧华各自显露身形,光影又落入其中化作灿烂星光和潺潺流水。 In the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua eyes has flashed the light shadow that non-stop, then slowly reduction, when he returns to the original condition, that light shadow also stops suddenly! 玉牒萧华双眸中一直闪动不停的光影,然后缓缓缩小,当得他恢复原状,那光影也戛然而止! The light shadow vanishes at the same time, the entire space also restores such as beginning, fellow daoist......” Jaded-Document Shaman going for a walk light, on the face brings the pleasantly surprised say/way, this poor Daoist sensation to the aura of ten three Great God......” 光影消失的同时,整个空间也恢复如初,“道友……”玉牒巫踏青光而出,脸上带着惊喜道,“贫道感知到十三大神之气息……” Good!” On the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua face has a smile, in the place of forehead, a point, a joint congeals gently, gives Jaded-Document Shaman saying that this poor Daoist saw ten three Great God, but......” “不错!”玉牒萧华脸上含笑,在眉心之处,轻轻一点,一个骨节凝结出来,递给玉牒巫说道,“贫道见到十三大神了,只不过……” During the speeches Jaded-Document Xiao Hua will previously see some situations to pass to Jaded-Document Shaman! 说话间玉牒萧华将先前所见一些情形传给了玉牒巫 On the Jaded-Document Shaman face gives birth to the rare discretion, said in a low voice: That...... that does exist is?” 玉牒巫脸上生出罕见的谨慎,低声道:“那……那个存在是?” Concrete also not too clear......” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua shakes the head, said, that has no doubt is fused by this poor Daoist, but he wipes to extinguish most news, this poor Daoist can only obtain with the thing that his source has nothing to do with......” “具体还不太清楚……”玉牒萧华摇头,说道,“那个存在固然被贫道融合,但他将大部分讯息抹灭,贫道仅能得到一些跟他出处无干的东西……” Magical Ability your I who that has cannot compare now, even if obtained his origin is still useless......” Jaded-Document Shaman received the joint, in the forehead split a slit, put in the joint, then said that „, but his Magical Ability......” “那存在的神通非你我如今能比,即便得到他的来历也是无用……”玉牒巫接过骨节,眉心中裂开一个缝隙,将骨节放入,接着说道,“但他的神通……” Cannot Jaded-Document Shaman say, rumble......” Jaded-Document Shaman within the body has an intermittent thunderclap, the Jaded-Document Shaman figure is to first appear the shape of Shaman Mountain, is immediately quiet the green thunder light to run out from various Shaman Mountain places, enters to congeal dragon head person the shapes of ten three Great God! 不能玉牒巫说完,“轰隆隆……”玉牒巫的体内生出一阵阵霹雳,玉牒巫的身形先是显出巫山之状,随即又幽绿雷光从巫山各处冲出,进入凝结成一个龙首人身的十三大神之像! Jaded-Document Xiao Hua looks at the Jaded-Document Shaman shape, said with a smile: „Can fellow daoist result in ten three Great God blessings lefts by predecessors, how could this poor Daoist abandoned the essence of that with one another?” 玉牒萧华看着玉牒巫化形,笑道:“道友都能得十三大神遗泽,贫道岂能舍了那厮之菁华?” responsibility......” Jaded-Document Shaman lowers roars, quiet blue zu character falls in front of Jaded-Document Xiao Hua, this poor Daoist has realized from experience to have, these give the fellow daoist, oh, I...... must close up!” “荷……”玉牒巫低吼一声,一个幽碧的“诅”字落在玉牒萧华面前,“贫道已经体悟有成,这些交给道友,唉,吾……又要闭关!” Congratulates the fellow daoist!” The Jaded-Document Xiao Hua opens the mouth zu character will swallow, said submissively, enters the Shaman Mountain chance to follow on somebody's heels!” “恭喜道友!”玉牒萧华张口将“诅”字吞了,拱手道,“一入巫山机缘接踵而来!” Same to you, the same as you!” “同喜,同喜!” The Jaded-Document Shaman words saying that the figure falls the Shaman Mountain space again. 玉牒巫话说间身形再次落回巫山空间。 Bang......” in the Shaman Mountain space emerald light such as the thunder flashes, the space rises unceasingly in a big way, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua narrowed the eye to look at the moment, at heart yes, Jaded-Document Shaman appeared again, should be the turning point of Shaman Mountain space formation. “轰……”巫山空间之内碧光如雷霆闪动,空间不断涨大,玉牒萧华眯着眼睛看了片刻,心里明白,玉牒巫再次出现,应该是巫山空间成型的契机了。 Space all calm and steady, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua leaves the space, when results in the mind homing, a Xiao Hua intention revolution zu character with will come out, this zu character is quiet green light thread, in seemingly has infinite green script glyph to flash, Xiao Hua pats the forehead at once, Breaking Deception Eye opens, zu character sends in which this. 空间一切安稳,玉牒萧华脱出空间,待得心神归位,萧华心念一转将“诅”字拿将出来,这“诅”字乃幽绿光丝所化,内中看起来有无穷绿篆文闪动,萧华旋即一拍眉心,破妄法眼睁开,将这“诅”字送入其中。 Card......” parched beans sound from Breaking Deception Eye endogenous, green script glyph change to the infinite sensibility to break in the Xiao Hua mind! “卡啪啪……”炒豆子般的声响从破妄法眼内生出,一个个绿篆文都化作无穷的感悟冲入萧华脑海! Xiao Hua closes eyes to realize from experience the moment, sees with own eyes the sensibility of Breaking Deception Eye into the lane, branches out the mind, he waved to take Storage Ring! 萧华闭目体悟片刻,眼见破妄法眼的感悟入巷,就将心神分出,他挥手将纳虚环拿了出来! When Xiao Hua Amplified Sense sweeps, when Lu Shu first comes out, Lu Shu sees Xiao Hua, bows the head in greeting, has a lingering fear saying: Originally is the master returns, by luck, lucky......” 待得萧华衍念一扫,陆书当先出来,陆书看到萧华,纳头便拜,心有余悸道:“原来是老爷归来,侥幸,侥幸……” Gets up......” Xiao Hua to help up Lu Shu, said, you and others were laborious!” “起来吧……”萧华陆书扶起,说道,“你等辛苦!” Ps: Fellow Daoist who likes this book, welcome( https://) subscribe to support to the beginning, casts a monthly ticket, casts the recommendation ticket, the collection, hits to enjoy, thank all forms of support!! Ps:喜欢本书的诸位道友,请到起点(https://)订阅支持一下,投个月票,投个推荐票,收藏,打赏,感谢一切形式的支持!! The Xiao Hua space can relate with outside space finally, then the earliest space channel can go to where? 萧华的空间终于可以跟外面的空间有联系了,那么最早的空间通道会前往何处呢? 3 d highest place in hanun new book «Six Years of talisman manufacturing Study Compulsory education», the protagonist is Xiao Hua son Xiao Ming, starts to serialize in the beginning: https://. Everyone can have a look, to help offer an opinion, recommends the ticket to give the new book! The new book is the relaxed style...... 探花新书《六年制符学义务教育》,主角是萧华的儿子萧明,在起点开始连载:https://。大家可以看看,帮忙提个意见,推荐票都给新书吧!新书是轻松风格的……
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