LCGIR :: Volume #12

#1198: Karma breaks through a wall the Buddha State formation

In Thunder Sound Temple, Dīpankara Ancient Buddha Revered One of the World, is other disciple, can it be that the mouth read buddhist name, in entire Thunder Sound Temple flooded the distortion Buddha Radiance. Vairocana raised the head, in the double pupil gives birth to the scarlet light, the scarlet light falling place, entire Thunder Sound Temple Buddha Radiance is similar to the wave condensation revolves, finally forms a fist size vortex. 雷音寺内,无论是燃灯上古佛世尊,还是其他弟子,莫不是口念佛号,整个雷音寺内充斥扭曲的佛光大日如来抬起头来,双眸中生出赤光,赤光落处,整个雷音寺佛光如同水波般凝聚旋转,最后形成一个拳头大小的漩涡。 Goes......” to raise hand along with Vairocana, the five colors stone brought infinite Buddha Radiance to fall into this vortex. “去吧……”随着大日如来一扬手,五彩石块带了无穷佛光落入这漩涡之内。 The light shadow fluctuates, as if across space and time, a piece dim, the leisurely multi- Bodhisattva Mohesa Revered One of the World brow selects, in the eye reveals surprisedly, because he saw Ananda is displaying to cut three corpses the images. 光影变幻,似乎是穿过时空的,一片朦胧中,阿逸多菩萨摩诃萨世尊眉头一挑,眼中显露惊讶,因为他看到了阿难陀正在施展斩三尸的影像。 This......” “这……” This is......” “这是……” Leisurely multi- Bodhisattva Mohesa Revered One of the World shouted lowly, because the stone falls, when a mountain peak, Ananda cuts the instances of three corpse failure. 阿逸多菩萨摩诃萨世尊低呼了,因为石块落在一个山峰的时候,也正是阿难陀斩三尸失败的瞬间。 In the five colors stone at this time only the brand marks of some lives, many remnant souls in the gathering that annihilated from Ananda gradually in the past! 五彩石块内此时仅有一些生命的烙印,更多的残魂正从阿难陀逐渐湮灭的所在汇聚过去! Oh, disciple understood......” leisurely multi- Bodhisattva Mohesa Revered One of the World sighed, said, Revered One of the World was to settle disciple Karma uses big Magical Ability, who once thinks that the good intention held the misdemeanor, has disturbed the arrangement of disciple!” “唉,弟子明白了……”阿逸多菩萨摩诃萨世尊叹息一声,说道,“世尊为了结弟子因果动用大神通,可谁曾想好心办坏事,干扰了弟子的安排!” Salutes Amitabha......” infinitely merciful Guanyin Bodisattva Revered One of the World to say with a smile, Revered One of the World, if doesn't interfere?” “南无阿弥陀佛……”大慈大悲观世音菩萨世尊笑道,“世尊若不干涉呢?” Haha, many thanks Revered One of the World reminded!” Leisurely multi- Bodhisattva Mohesa Revered One of the World said with a smile, all Karma ended, does not matter the interference not to interfere.” “哈哈,多谢世尊点醒!”阿逸多菩萨摩诃萨世尊笑道,“一切因果都已经终结,无所谓干涉不干涉。” Revered One of the World, the disciple also heart ties......” afterward leisurely multi- Bodhisattva Mohesa Revered One of the World to bow to say once more, disciple enters the samsara, harms the falling livestock unfamiliar road, seized the Six-Eared Macaque body, where actually doesn't know that Six-Eared Macaque this life?” 世尊,弟子还有一个心结……”随后阿逸多菩萨摩诃萨世尊再次躬身道,“弟子强入轮回,误坠畜生道,夺了六耳猕猴的躯壳,却不知那个六耳猕猴今世何在?” Sakyamuni Buddha has a smile as before, lifts a hand point, in Buddha Radiance presents a piece of mountain ridge, a hedgehog hydnum of hand dance iron rod is bluffing and blustering, how many female monkey can it be that eyes in side to have the worship, was not just Xiao Hua formerly monkey Hou clear(ly) who saw in Kunlun Mountain? 释迦牟尼佛依旧含笑,抬手一点,佛光之中出现一片山岭,一个手舞铁棒的猴头正耀武扬威,旁边几个母猴莫不是眼中生出崇拜,不正是萧华先前在昆仑山上所见的猴子侯明? Salutes leisurely multi- Bodhisattva Mohesa Revered One of the World......” the leisurely multi- Bodhisattva Mohesa Revered One of the World mouth to proclaim buddhist name, whole body Buddha Radiance like the flame combustion, arrives at left side of Sakyamuni Buddha along with him step by step, entire Buddha State vibrates, infinite Buddha Radiance curled the Buddha sound to break in void, expansion that the Buddha State space kept...... “南无阿逸多菩萨摩诃萨世尊……”阿逸多菩萨摩诃萨世尊口宣佛号,周身佛光如焰般燃烧,随着他一步步走到释迦牟尼佛左侧,整个佛国震动,无穷的佛光卷了佛音冲入虚空,佛国空间不停的扩张…… „When saluting infinitely merciful Guanyin Bodisattva Revered One of the World......” the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua figure falls to the space, the expansion of Buddha State arrived at the last act, the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua vision fell on setting up leisurely multi- Bodhisattva Mohesa Revered One of the World on Grade 9 lotus throne, in the eye has the unusual look, endured not to stop talking to proclaim buddhist name. “南无大慈大悲观世音菩萨世尊……”玉牒萧华身形落到空间时,佛国的扩张已经到了尾声,玉牒萧华目光落在立在九品莲台上的阿逸多菩萨摩诃萨世尊,眼中生出异色,忍不住口宣佛号了。 This time leisurely multi- Bodhisattva Mohesa Revered One of the World not too many Ananda's appearances, what are more looks like Victorious Battle Buddha stone monkey! 此时的阿逸多菩萨摩诃萨世尊并没有太多阿难陀的样子,更多的还是像斗战胜佛石猴 „When cheap Ananda......” in the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua heart liked, cannot bear secretly the unstated criticism, but at this time Jaded-Document Buddha quietly appears in his side, the mouth proclaimed buddhist name saying that Amitabha, this poor monk space in the future Buddha Lord already homing, but also please give the mercy......” “便宜了阿难陀……”玉牒萧华心中欢喜之余,忍不住暗自腹诽,而此时玉牒佛陀在他身边悄然出现,口宣佛号道,“阿弥陀佛,贫僧空间未来佛主已经归位,还请檀越慈悲……” How did buddhist name change?” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua was surprised. “怎么佛号又变了?”玉牒萧华纳罕了。 Gives to know, performs to Buddha State to ask infinitely merciful Guanyin Bodisattva Revered One of the World......” Jaded-Document Buddha has a smile, does not meet the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua words directly. “檀越想要知道,尽可以到佛国问问大慈大悲观世音菩萨世尊……”玉牒佛陀含笑,并不直接会玉牒萧华的话。 „......” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua has a look at buddhist image dignified Guanyin Bodisattva Revered One of the World Avatar, said with a smile, had Karma respectively, good that do not interfere, in the future Buddha Lord, only then, have not bred confusion Buddha State in the future......” “罢了……”玉牒萧华看看宝相庄严的观世音菩萨世尊法身,笑道,“各有因果,还是不要干涉的好,未来佛主只有一个,别把佛国未来搞乱了……” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua loudly exclaimed to the Demon Pool space: Jaded-Document Shí where?” 玉牒萧华冲着魔泽空间大吼道:“玉牒弑何在?” He does not resound in......” a timid sound, is Jaded-Document Shí blood shadow clone. “他不在……”一个怯怯的声音响起,正是玉牒弑的一个血影分身 Hehe......” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua has smiled, said, he always takes Demon Pool as the family/home, how possibly not in? Makes him come back quickly!” “嘿嘿……”玉牒萧华笑了,说道,“他一向以魔泽为家,怎么可能不在?快让他回来!” Yes, is......” blood shadow clone flashes several in the Demon Pool space, as if the sensation to Jaded-Document Buddha Buddha Fire, busy does not select the place reply several. “是,是……”血影分身魔泽空间内闪动几下,似乎感知到玉牒佛陀佛火,忙不择地的回答几声。 The blood shadow clone sound just vanished, the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua brow selects, in the eye reveals to be startled, looks to various space places. 血影分身的声音刚刚消失,玉牒萧华眉头一挑,眼中显露出吃惊,看向空间各处。 This...... What's all this about?” “这……这是怎么回事儿?” But sees void edge that fitted together perfectly, at this time has the innumerable fissure, this fissure is similar to a spider web, 但见原本严丝合缝的虚空边缘,此时生出数不胜数的裂痕,这裂痕如同蛛网, Also in different expansions. The partly visible Plane channels start to take shape! 还在不同的扩大。一个个若隐若现的界面通道开始成型! In the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua eye flashes the nine colors light shadow, examines carefully the moment slightly, claps hands to say with a smile: I understood, this is the Hand of Karma strength.” 玉牒萧华眼中闪动九彩光影,略微细看片刻,抚掌笑道:“我明白了,这是因果之手的力量。” Amitabha, congratulates to give, congratulates to give......” Jaded-Document Buddha also to contain to say with a smile in side, formerly gave in the space the Karma self-closing, no doubt some Immortal Realm Karma, is not enough to break through the space barrier, if there is Karma Great Hand, assorted Karma starts to link up the space, this Plane barrier must present the channel, the space that gives is even more mature!” “阿弥陀佛,恭喜檀越,贺喜檀越……”玉牒佛陀也在旁边含笑道,“先前檀越空间内因果自闭,固然有些仙界因果,也不足以冲破空间壁垒,如有因果大手,各色因果开始贯通空间,这界面壁垒要出现通道,檀越的空间愈发成熟!” Same to you, same to you!” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua smiles grins with ear to ear, in the space the resources are limited, only then had the relation with the outside space, the space can a better development. After the space exposes, can have Magical Ability powerful Immortal to come, completely is not the issue of Jaded-Document Xiao Hua consideration. “同喜,同喜!”玉牒萧华笑得合不拢嘴,空间内资源有限,只有跟外面空间有了联系,空间才能更好的发展。至于空间暴露之后,会不会有神通强悍的仙人进来,完全不是玉牒萧华考虑的问题。 Big brother, the big brother......” Jaded-Document Shí really comes quickly, the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua smiling face has not vanished, he flushed hurriedly, calls loudly, what matter, such worries?” “大哥,大哥……”玉牒弑果然来得快,玉牒萧华的笑容还不曾消失,他已经风风火火的冲了出来,高声喊道,“什么事情,这么着急?” Amitabha......” the Jaded-Document Buddha double palm about ten, donor space has taken shape, this poor monk space has not taken shape......” “阿弥陀佛……”玉牒佛陀双掌合十道,“施主空间已经成型,贫僧空间还不曾成型……” Jaded-Document Shí sees that blood red eyeball racing, the Demon Pool space has taken shape, but Legislation Writ are many in the Demon Pool moment, Demon Pool many one point of advantage, Jaded-Document Shí naturally is not willing to put out Legislation Writ immediately. 玉牒弑见状,血红的眼珠急转,魔泽空间是已经成型,但律笏多在魔泽一刻,魔泽多一分好处,玉牒弑自然不愿意立即将律笏拿出。 However his eyeball just moved, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua some do not bear, said: Jaded-Document Shí, puts out Legislation Writ quickly, the Buddha State space is different from other spaces, in had three big Buddha Lord, now future Buddha Lord just the homing, will be the best turning point of Buddha State formation......” 不过他眼珠刚动,玉牒萧华就有些不耐,说道:“玉牒弑,快将律笏拿出,佛国空间跟其它空间不同,内中已经有三大佛主,如今未来佛主刚刚归位,正是佛国成型的最佳契机……” Yes, the big brother......” Jaded-Document Shí one hear, understands immediately, consented turns around to return immediately, but Jaded-Document Xiao Hua defends outside the Demon Pool space, when Jaded-Document Shí takes Legislation Writ to hand the Demon Pool edge, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua lifted the hand to grasp the law fluorene to fly beyond the Buddha State space! “是,大哥……”玉牒弑一听,立即明白,答允一声立即转身返回,而玉牒萧华就守在魔泽空间外面,待得玉牒弑拿着律笏递到魔泽边缘,玉牒萧华抬手抓了律芴飞到佛国空间之外! Always on the face of calm Jaded-Document Buddha gives birth to the rare excitement, goes to......” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua to stand beyond the Buddha State space, does not fly into, but throws toward in the law fluorene, bang......” law fluorene falls into the Buddha State space, blasts open myriad temple apparition unexpectedly, this apparition falls in abundance to Sakyamuni Buddha and Dipankara Revered One of the World and leisurely multi- Bodhisattva Mohesa Revered One of the World! 一向镇定的玉牒佛陀的脸上生出罕见的激动,“去……”玉牒萧华站在佛国空间之外,并不飞入,而是将律芴往内中一丢,“轰……”律芴落入佛国空间,竟然炸裂成万千寺庙虚影,这虚影纷纷落向释迦牟尼佛锭光佛光明世尊和阿逸多菩萨摩诃萨世尊 When temple apparition after the present Buddha, in the past Buddha and future Buddha, apparition holds the jelling to be solid, changes to a shape, if big Thunder Sound Temple bronze inscription. 而当得寺庙虚影透过现在佛、过去佛和未来佛之后,虚影开始凝实,化作一个状若大雷音寺的金文。 Such bronze inscription were many gradually, seemed one brick one watt constituted a huge temple outline! 这样的金文逐渐多了起来,就好似一砖一瓦般构成了一个庞大的寺庙轮廓! Amitabha......” looks at two to emit the extraordinary splendor including Jaded-Document Xiao Hua, endures not to stop talking to proclaim buddhist name saying that original big Thunder Sound Temple so completes!” The Xiao Hua space can relate with outside space finally, then the earliest space channel can go to where? “阿弥陀佛……”连玉牒萧华看得都两眼放出异彩,忍不住口宣佛号说道,“原来大雷音寺是这般建成的呀!”萧华的空间终于可以跟外面的空间有联系了,那么最早的空间通道会前往何处呢?
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