LCGIR :: Volume #11

#1008: military achievement

? These two army signs you and others took......” Qin Xin to wave two crystal signs to deliver to front of Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua, said, Tiger Commander cannot give you easily, but Sky Commander and Commander have more than enough to spare depending on your merit!” ?“这两个军牌你等拿着……”秦心挥手将两个晶牌送到萧华姜美华面前,说道,“虎敎不能轻易给你们,但长空统领凭你们的功劳绰绰有余!” Many thanks Sir!” Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua took crystal sign to salute once more. “多谢大人!”萧华姜美华拿了晶牌不得不再次施礼。 You and other, and with Han Yu!” Qin Xin has thought also said that I will make her look after you much, draws back!” “你等两个且跟着韩雨吧!”秦心想了一下又说道,“我会让她多多照拂你们,退下吧!” Sir......” Xiao Hua saw with own eyes that Qin Xin must open immortal restriction, said hurriedly, humble official has my presumptuous request, but also looks at the Sir to help!” “大人……”萧华眼见秦心要打开仙禁,急忙说道,“鄙职有个不情之请,还望大人成全!” You said!” Qin Xin stops Immortal Power to say. “你说!”秦心停下仙力说道。 Whether to make a memento to humble official Liu Tiger Commander command writ?” “能否将刘虎敎将牌鄙职做个纪念?” Qin Xin has a look in the hand command writ, said: Liu Yunshu command writ is his Essence Blood refinement, after he falls from the sky, the thing in this command writ was unable to put out, can only make ink immortal disc to use......” 秦心看看手中将牌,说道:“刘云舒将牌是他自己精血炼制,他陨落之后,这将牌内的东西已经无法拿出,只能做墨仙瞳用……” Xiao Hua has gawked, he did not know in this command writ also to have the thing, Xiao Hua has thought evil ways: „The hand of Liu Tiger Commander losing life ganef, the skeleton not saved, this was his final relic, humble official only wants to bring to make a memento, no other his intent!” 萧华愣了一下,他可不知道这将牌内还有东西,萧华想了一下道:“刘虎敎丧身宵小之手,尸骨无存,此乃他最后的遗物,鄙职只想拿来做个纪念,别无他意!” Un!” Xiao Hua explained that Qin Xin also wants to result in understands, she delivers to front of command writ Xiao Hua, said, this thing was useless, and you are remaining! Was right, the matter of human form shadow and fuzzy human form, makes other Immortal know not by any means again.” “嗯!”萧华解释间秦心也想得明白,她把将牌送到萧华面前,说道,“此物已经无用,你且留着吧!哦,对了,人形影子和模糊人形的事情,切莫再让其他仙人知道。” Qin Xin removed immortal restriction, in big tent/account revealed that other immortal general figure, Qin Xin has a look at all around, said: Daoist Xiao and Mei Jiang enter my to make the great merit to the corps for the first time, this general presents them for Sky Commander and Commander, does which have the opinion?” 秦心撤了仙禁,大帐内又显露出其他仙将身形,秦心看看四周,说道:“萧真人梅江乍入我樰沖战队就立下大功,本将军奉他们为长空统领,哪位有意见?” Clarity that said thunderously, in Mending Heaven, only then above Tiger Commander becomes the general, class/flow of Sky Commander and Commander is actually similar to Yellow Past Heaven Banner Leader, therefore numerous immortal general is all viewless. 雷鸣说的清楚,在补天之内,只有虎敎之上才成为将军,长空统领之流其实就跟黄曾天旗长相似,是故众仙将皆无意见。 Sees with own eyes the people to agree, Qin Xin puts out the Sky Commander imperial seal and Commander imperial seal bestows Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua separately. 眼见众人同意,秦心拿出长空印玺和统领印玺分别赐给萧华姜美华 Already so, the matter of today discussion arrived here!” Afterward Qin Xin opens the mouth saying that „the war of Yunyuan Little Heavenly Realm is Chen Brilliance Treader plans, imperative, that Li Bo one is not good good. Han Yu, desolate Sky Commander and plum Commander first by your Commander......” “既如此,今元日商议之事就到此处!”随后秦心开口说道,“韵苑小天境之战是陈步耀所谋划,势在必行,那李博一不行也得行。韩雨,萧长空和梅统领先由你统领……” Yes, Sir!” After a Female Immortal sound following the crowd immortal, resounds. “是,大人!”一个女仙的声音从众仙之后响起。 If the Han Yu person, is a surface such as cold cream Female Immortal, she is bringing Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua arrives at the tent, appoints an immortal soldier to arrange Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua at will, oneself enter the big tent/account not to pay attention. 韩雨人如其名,是个面如冷霜的女仙,她带着萧华姜美华到得自己营帐,随意指派一个仙兵安排萧华姜美华,自己就进入大帐再不理会。 After numerous immortal general leaves, the Qin Xin big tent/account was lonely, she narrows the eye to read top the big tent/account, seems in pondering over anything, after the moment, she as if talked to oneself: Wonderful, you said that this makes a move to attack to be thunderous they, is Wen Family that two? They have a mind, has no intention? Do they want to prevent the plan of Sir Brilliance Treader?” 仙将离开之后,秦心的大帐已经冷清,她眯着眼睛看着大帐顶部,好似在思忖什么,片刻后她似乎是自语的:“妙儿,你说这出手袭击雷鸣他们的,是闻家的那两个么?他们是有心呢,还是无意呢?他们是不是想阻止步耀大人的计划?” As the Qin Xin sound falls to the ground, on her left near mail-armor and helmet an unusual animals beautiful slave swims tenderly slowly, this beautiful slave tender is the female head, scarlet flood dragon body. 随着秦心声音落地,她左近甲胄上一条异兽美奴娇缓缓游出,这美奴娇乃是女子头颅,赤红蛟龙身躯。 Sir......” said that the beautiful slave of wonderful raises tenderly, on the beautiful face brings to ponder over similarly the resembles, she knits the brows saying that according to seeing of your slave, these two Immortal, although has not revealed this, but must be Wen Family that two, they have gotten rid several times, but we could not catch the handle. Their strength stronger compared with thunderous, Liu Yunshu and Lu Qing, kills the three delicacies of the land not to have the too major problem, therefore they do not have to conceal oneself whereabouts specially. But appearance of this Daoist Xiao...... Then has disrupted their plan, they have no other choice but to chase down Daoist Xiao, who knows that steals the chicken the eclipse the meter/rice, they fell themselves.” “大人……”名曰妙儿的美奴娇扬起头来,美艳的脸上同样带着思忖之像,她皱眉道,“依奴家之见,这两个仙人虽然没有显露本相,但必是闻家那两个,他们已经出手几次,只不过咱们一直抓不到把柄。他们实力比雷鸣、刘云舒和鲁晴要强,袭杀三仙没有太大问题,所以他们没有特别掩饰自己的行踪。而这个萧真人的出现……则打乱了他们的计划,他们不得已要追杀萧真人,谁知道偷鸡不着蚀把米,他们把自己陷进去了。” „...... As for their goals, your slave thought that should not be that thing, after all they directed the Huo Wu water monster to enter Listening Heaven Snowfall, that Huo Wu water monster will be sufficiently thunderous and the others to extinguish kills, they do not know that Daoist Xiao in Listening Heaven Snowfall, thunderous and the others fell from the sky in Listening Heaven Snowfall, they naturally could not attain that thing......” “……至于他们的目的,奴家觉得不应该是那个东西,毕竟他们引了火舞水妖进入听天雪,那火舞水妖足以将雷鸣等人灭杀的,他们可不知道萧真人听天雪的,雷鸣等人陨落在听天雪,他们自然拿不到那个东西……” Un, your wants with me same......” the Qin Xin slight nod, already so, so Sir report/give Baojin, but, Frost Sword matter?” “嗯,你的所想跟我一样……”秦心微微点头,“既如此,就这般禀报金大人了,不过,冰霜剑的事情呢?” Frost Sword?” The beautiful slaves have gawked tenderly, strange say/way, which Frost Sword your slave does not know!” 冰霜剑?”美奴娇愣了一下,奇道,“奴家不知道哪个冰霜剑!” „, I was somewhat muddled!” Qin Xin has rubbed with the hand own temples, the forced smile said, resulted by that Li Bo air/Qi!” “哦,我有些糊涂了!”秦心用手揉了一下自己的太阳穴,苦笑道,“都是被那个李博一气得了!” Li Bo one behind is Xue Mingbai Xue Tunteng, he naturally must contain the words that Jintun leaps to the gold/metal rain...... First questioned three points, but he also understands, this was the arrangement of Sir Brilliance Treader, was the Sir why also worried?” 李博一背后是薛明柏薛屯腾,他自然要对金雨涵金屯腾的话……先质疑三分,不过他自己也明白,这都是步耀大人的安排,大人又何必苦恼?” Is corps, does so complex, I thought that the heart is tired!” Qin Xin beckons with the hand, said, considers as finished, does not propose this. Said Frost Sword, Frost Sword is mountain in linfen long arched......” “都是一个战队,搞得这般复杂,我觉得心累!”秦心摆摆手,说道,“算了,不提这个。说说冰霜剑,冰霜剑是姑射长穹的……” „?” The beautiful slaves call out in alarm a sound said tenderly, I know that Frost Sword! How? Was the long arched Sir has the news?” “啊?”美奴娇惊呼一声道,“我知道那个冰霜剑!怎么了?是长穹大人有消息了?” Yes!” Qin Xin said the related Gu Sheqiong matter, finally said, Liu Yunshu the Frost Sword matter with secret technique in command writ, no one is able to see except for me, just Daoist Xiao must walk command writ time, I cancelled that record!” “是的!”秦心将有关姑射茕的事情说了,最后道,“刘云舒冰霜剑的事情用秘术记在将牌内,除了我谁都无法看到,刚刚萧真人要走将牌的时候,我已经将那记载抹去!” Looked like this Daoist Xiao interesting......” beautiful slave looking pensive said tenderly, he has attained Gu Sheqiong Frost Sword unexpectedly, that did Frost Sword except for Gu Sheqiong, no one have more than enough?” “看起来这个萧真人有意思了……”美奴娇若有所思道,“他竟然拿到了姑射茕冰霜剑,那冰霜剑不是除了姑射茕自己,谁都用不了吗?” How long arched Sir said......” Qin Xin shakes the head saying that she was reincarnated, is so who does not know.” “长穹大人是怎么说的……”秦心摇头道,“不过她老人家已经转世,是不是这般谁也不知道了。” You suspected that Daoist Xiao is the long arched Sir is reincarnated?” “你怀疑萧真人是长穹大人转世?” No, I did not suspect!” Qin Xin shakes the head saying that „, if the long arched Sir is reincarnated, she such will quickly not come Mending Heaven, moreover she, even if came, will not come here absolutely. Therefore, what only then possible Daoist Xiao to say is real, although the long arched Sir is reincarnated, but she cultivates to not reply, already arrived at the Higher Realm day, looked for place cultivation.” “不,我不怀疑!”秦心摇头道,“若是长穹大人转世,她不会这么快来补天,而且她即便是来了,也绝对不会到我这里。所以,只有可能萧真人说的是真的,长穹大人虽然转世,但她老人家修为未复,早就到了上界天,找地方修炼了。” What do you suspect?” “那你怀疑什么?” I have not suspected anything!” Qin Xin said with a smile, you did not say that he was interesting?” “我没怀疑什么!”秦心笑道,“你不是也说他有意思么?” Yes!” beautiful slave tender say/way, he took Frost Sword, can achieve success one way or another in Mending Heaven depending on Frost Sword, stands the small space, he does not know that Frost Sword origin, seemed he knew, but also was so aloof, was really strange, was different from many immortal general? Also, Tiger Commander duty, can lead troops, has the essential difference with Sky Commander, he struggles not to struggle one unexpectedly, I suspected that he is Male Immortal?” “是啊!”美奴娇道,“他拿了冰霜剑,正是可以凭冰霜剑补天左右逢源,站得一席之地,他不知道冰霜剑的来历也就罢了,好似他已经知道了,还如此无动于衷,真是怪哉,跟很多仙将不同呢?还有,虎敎可是将职,是可以带兵的,跟长空有本质区别,他竟然连争都不争一句,我都怀疑他是不是男仙?” Such Male Immortal desire are few!” Qin Xin said, is not quite good to control, such Male Immortal likes doing the practical work, some thorny matters can give him to be done!” “这样的男仙欲望少!”秦心说道,“不太好掌控,不过呢,这样的男仙喜欢做实事,一些棘手的事情可以交给他去做!” Un, un, that...... beautiful slave nods actually tenderly. “嗯,嗯,那倒是……”美奴娇点点头。 I must catch up to follow close on Sir gold/metal to report this matter......” Qin Xin to speak, lifts the hand to take up own Dragon Rider imperial seal. “我得赶紧跟金大人禀告这件事情……”秦心说话间,抬手拿起自己的龙骑印玺。 The beautiful slaves have thought of anything tenderly suddenly, reminded: Daoist Xiao and Mei Jiang did military achievement give?” 美奴娇突然想到了什么,提醒道:“萧真人梅江军功给了吧?” Has given, gave......” Qin Xin to purse the lips to say with a smile, others were also saved from death the corps, this grade of military achievement must have their.” “给了,给了……”秦心抿嘴笑道,“人家也是死里逃生到得战队,这等军功少不了他们的。” Did not say that Qin Xin wants to store to leap gold/metal Yuhan to report, said only the immortal soldier of that Han Yu designation hears Xiao Hua is Sky Commander, Jiang Meihua is Commander, cannot bear in the eye give birth to colorful adore/admire, leads Xiao Hua to arrive among military tent earnestly a crevice space, said: Two Sirs pitch camp here!” 不说秦心想屯腾金雨涵禀告,单说那韩雨指派的仙兵听得萧华长空,姜美华统领,忍不住眼中生出艳慕,殷切领着萧华到得军帐间一处空隙的空间,道:“两位大人就在此处扎营吧!” Xiao Hua has a look at all around style completely same military tent, said with a smile: How I didn't and others have military tent to pitch camp?” 萧华看看四周样式完全相同的军帐,笑道:“我等没有军帐如何扎营?” The immortal soldier is surprised saying: Two Sirs......” 仙兵纳罕道:“两位大人……” However, he just spoke of here, suddenly awakens, urgently said: Is it possible that did two Sirs just join the corps?” 不过,他刚说到此处,突然醒悟过来,急道:“两位大人莫非刚刚加入战队?” Yes!” Jiang Meihua said with a smile, „, therefore a lot, I and others do not know!” “是啊!”姜美华笑道,“所以很多事情,我等都不知道!” Sir first general sign sacrifice refining up......” that immortal soldier to look that two people vision had different, careful say/way, if then had anything unclear, then asked humble official then!” “大人还是先将军牌祭炼一下……”那仙兵看着两人的目光有异了,小心道,“然后若有什么不明白的,再问鄙职即可!” Right!” Jiang Meihua pats oneself forehead saying that how I did forget this matter?” “对呀!”姜美华一拍自己额头道,“我怎么把此事忘记?” Looks that Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua offer a sacrifice to Lian army, immortal soldier respectful waiting, when two human sacrifices refine, he opens the mouth saying: Does not know that what two Sirs have to ask?” 看着萧华姜美华祭炼军牌,仙兵恭敬的等候,待得两人祭炼完毕,他才开口道:“不知两位大人还有什么要问的吗?” Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua Amplified Sense already swept passed/lived army, inside will pitch camp, march and so on customs to write clearly, therefore Jiang Meihua waves saying: Did not have!” 萧华姜美华衍念早就扫过军牌,里面将扎营、行军等等规矩写得清清楚楚,于是姜美华挥手道:“没有了!” That humble official!” The immortal soldier accompanies to say with a smile, humble official is called Fan Qing, two Sirs have any matter, performs to be possible through the army sign to call humble official to come.” “那鄙职去了!”仙兵陪笑道,“鄙职叫做范青,两位大人有什么事儿,尽可通过军牌唤鄙职过来。” The immortal soldier salutes to walk, suddenly thinks of anything, reminded: humble official sees two big human sacrifices to refine to use the technique to be common, if two Sirs have a mind, available Essence Blood offers a sacrifice to Lian army once more, has a look whether has the mystery!” 仙兵施礼要走,突然又想到什么,提醒道:“鄙职见两位大人祭炼所用手法寻常,若是两位大人有心,可用精血再次祭炼军牌,看看是否另有奥妙!” “Oh?” Xiao Hua gawks, strange say/way, what has the mystery?” “哦?”萧华微楞,奇道,“什么叫另有奥妙?” Fan Qing smiles bitterly saying: Is good to teach the Sir to know, I and other army signs of common immortal soldier, only then passed on a message and energy of storage, Sir and other immortal general the army signs can have the immortal market function, the Sir in military achievement that in the war obtained can in the thing that in Mending Heaven Immortal Market bid to need......” 范青苦笑道:“好教大人知晓,我等寻常仙兵的军牌只有传讯和储物之能,大人等仙将的军牌会有仙圩功用,大人在大战中得到的军功才能在补天仙圩中竞买所需要的东西……” Wha...... What?” Xiao Hua was stunned, does the startled say/way, in Mending Heaven have immortal market? Also...... What military achievement also has?” “什……什么?”萧华错愕了,惊道,“补天内也有仙圩?还……还有什么军功?” Yes!” Fan Qing said with a smile, didn't have military achievement, humble official wait/etc. to come the corps to do really? Without immortal market, where usually did cultivation use Immortal Pill, Cultivation Art wait/etc.? The Sir beside the corps, can bid cultivation using with crystal coin, to corps, except for crystal coin, but must have military achievement, especially some scarce Cultivation Art, not having military achievement are unable to bid!” “是啊!”范青笑道,“没有军功,鄙职等来战队作甚?没有仙圩,平素修炼所用仙丹功法等从哪里来?大人在战队之外,可以用钱晶竞买修炼用度,到了战队之内,除了钱晶,还要有军功,特别是一些稀缺的功法,没有军功无法竞买!” Quick, quick......” Jiang Meihua hears excitedly, urgently said, our also sacrifice refining up, having a look at this army sign to have the mystery!” “快,快……”姜美华听得兴奋,急道,“咱们也祭炼一下,看看这个军牌有没有奥妙!” Two Sirs just entered corps to be Commander and Sky Commander, Sir Tiger Commander Ci army the nature with common different!” “两位大人刚入战队就能位列统领长空,虎敎大人所赐军牌自然跟寻常不同!” The Fan Qing small flatter delivers, then bows to leave. 范青小小的马屁送到,然后躬身离开。 First leaves the sacrifice to refine anxiously!” Xiao Hua has a look at all around, not good immortal soldier immortal general to go see toward here, says with a smile, first made a tent to say again.” “先别急着祭炼!”萧华看看四周,不好仙兵仙将朝这里探看,笑道,“还是先弄个营帐再说。” Ps: Fellow Daoist who likes this book, welcome to beginning( book. /info/1010594608) subscription supports, casts a monthly ticket, casts the recommendation ticket, the collection, hits to enjoy, thank the support of all forms!! 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