LCGIR :: Volume #11

#1007: Dragon Rider Qin Xin

? The Rwandan cloud band Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua step the tent, raises hand to offer a sacrifice to a signal arrow, brushing signal arrow falls on the midair, namely the azure light bridge gives birth, throws toward the flag under straightly. ?卢云带着萧华姜美华步出营帐,扬手祭出一个令箭,“刷”令箭落在半空,即有一条青色光桥生出,笔直投往大旗之下。 Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua before Lu clouds arrives at the big tent/account, bows to salute saying: Reported Sir Dragon Rider, Lu cloud requested an audience.” 萧华姜美华随卢云到得大帐之前,躬身施礼道:“禀龙骑大人,卢云请见。” Who knows, Lu cloud voice falling place, in big tent/account not any echo. 谁知道,卢云声音落处,大帐之内并没有任何回声。 Lu clouds does not care at all, set out the patient waiting. 卢云毫不在意,直起身来耐心等待。 In the big tent/account like cloud brilliance layer upon layer ripples, should be extremely fierce immortal array, in sound camouflage, even if so, humming sound......” often has the sound of brilliance by the big tent/account to be surged. 大帐上有如云的光焰层层荡漾,应是极厉害仙阵,将内中声音遮蔽,不过即便如此,“嗡嗡……”不时有光焰被大帐内动静激荡起来。 Xiao Hua stands, unconsciously secretly unstated criticism. 萧华站在旁边,不觉暗自腹诽了。 Has the less than half double-hour fully, bang......” in big tent/account has the loud sound to give birth, that brilliance was made a large cave/hole, wears immortal general of golden armor, the flying general of ablazing with anger comes out, in the mouth yelled: Qin Xin, your this old husband's aunt, the father does not go, can you my what?” 足有小半个时辰,“轰……”大帐上有巨响生出,那光焰生生被打出一个大洞,一个身着金甲的仙将,怒气冲冲的飞将出来,口中大叫道:“秦心,你这老姑婆,老子就是不去,你能奈我何?” immortal general departs, curls up the strong winds, is really hit to fly Xiao Hua and the others, especially Jiang Meihua is similar to the projectile tumbling. 仙将飞出,卷起狂风,真是将萧华等人撞得飞起,特别是姜美华如同弹丸般翻滚。 Brushes......” does not wait for Lu cloud and the others stimulate to motion Immortal Power to come to a stop, practices from the big tent/account together scarlet departs, curled Lu cloud, Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua, did not have the clear sound of smoke and fire aura along with practice to resound scarlet, Li Bo one, this was Chen Jin Chen Brilliance Treader decides, not being able to allow you not to go!” “刷……”不等卢云等人催动仙力站稳,一道赤练从大帐内飞出,将卢云、萧华姜美华卷了,不带烟火气息的清脆声音随着赤练响起,“李博一,这是陈进步耀亲定,容不得你不去!” Snort......” named Li Bo immortal general cold snort/hum, is similar to the thunder shakes greatly. “哼……”名叫李博一的仙将一声冷哼,如同雷霆巨震。 Xiao Hua and other Immortal were practiced to be involved in the big tent/account scarlet, the Xiao Hua vision sweeps, saw that the big tent/account stands much has 56 hundred zhang (333 m) high below immortal general fully, Xiao Hua knows, here is seven luminaries Demon Grinding Heaven, Heavenly Realm Principle is pressed the pinnacle with Yellow Past Heaven not really same Qi Immortal Immortal Body, these immortal general have five hundred zhang (333 m) Immortal Body, places Yellow Past Heaven possibly is eight hundreds of zhang (333 m) high under. 萧华等三仙人被赤练卷入大帐,萧华目光一扫,就见到大帐站立不少足有56百丈高下的仙将,萧华知道,此处是七曜摩夷天,天界法则黄曾天不甚相同气仙仙躯被压到极致,这些仙将有五百丈仙躯,放在黄曾天可能就是八百丈高下。 Looks at the big tent/account high place again, high, if vault of heaven is, Female Immortal of being indomitable spirit sits after the army case, on the face that has a beautiful face does not have silver light to camouflage. 再看大帐高处,高若苍穹的所在,一个顶天立地的女仙坐在军案之后,那眉目如画的脸上并没有银光遮蔽。 Practices to receive in the Female Immortal sleeves scarlet, Female Immortal lowers the head to have a look at Lu cloud to ask: What important matter Lu can Tiger Commander have?” 赤练收入女仙衣袖之内,女仙低头看看卢云问道:“卢虎敎可有什么要事?” „It is reported that Qin Dragon Rider......” Lu cloud bowed to say hurriedly, humble official met the subordinate urgent report, No. 760 Realm passage place had the mutation, not only the immortal of that place elected to have the problem, Listening Heaven Snowfall presented the Dark Star Realm water monster, was receives the warning to go to Yellow Past Heaven Listening Heaven Snowfall to chase down the Huo Wu water monster thunderous and Lu mild Liu Yunshu also to fall from the sky in the Plane channel......” “禀秦龙骑……”卢云急忙躬身道,“鄙职接属下急报,760号界冲处发生异变,不仅那处的仙选出现问题,听天雪出现黎星境水妖,就是接到警报前往黄曾天听天雪追杀火舞水妖的雷鸣、鲁晴和刘云舒也都陨落在界面通道之内……” What?” The name said that Qin Xin Sir Dragon Rider listened, urgently said unconsciously, was thunderous they to fall from the sky? How do they die?” “什么?”名曰秦心龙骑大人听了,不觉急道,“雷鸣他们陨落了?他们怎么死的?” These two they strike to kill the Dark Star Realm water monster in Listening Heaven Snowfall with thunder Tiger Commander together Daoist Xiao and Mei Jiang......” Lu cloud has not covered Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua merit, is sideways slightly finger/refers of two people, they bring back to Liu Yunshu Liu Tiger Commander command writ, Liu Tiger Commander also recommends Daoist Xiao to join my to flush the corps, no matter what a Tiger Commander duty!” “这两位是在听天雪跟雷虎敎他们一起击杀黎星境水妖的萧真人梅江……”卢云并没有掩盖萧华姜美华的功劳,微微侧身一指两人到,“他们将刘云舒虎敎将牌带回,刘虎敎还推荐萧真人加入我樰沖战队任虎敎一职!” Lets him, when Tiger Commander?” Qin Xin has not opened the mouth, some side combat generals have laughed, even some people called out, „does Liu Yunshu crack a joke?” “让他当虎敎?”秦心还不曾开口,旁边一些战将已经哄笑,甚至有人叫道,“刘云舒是不是开玩笑?” I and others establishes meritorious military service to be innumerable in the corps, can promote Tiger Commander, this Immortal just stepped into the corps, can wait for Tiger Commander?” “我等在战队立下战功无数,才得以提升虎敎,这仙人刚刚踏入战队,就要等虎敎?” don't said that I and others refused to accept, is these Chevalier, Sky Commander also not necessarily is convinced!” “莫说我等不服,就是那些骑射,长空也未必心服啊!” Boisterous!” The Qin Xin look changes, reprimanded one excitedly lightly, red water glare everywhere gushes out, all camouflaged all immortal general. “聒噪!”秦心勃然色变,轻斥一声,赤色水光漫天涌出,将所有仙将皆是遮蔽。 Daoist Xiao......” Qin Xin looks at Xiao Hua, said, Liu Yunshu except for command writ, what did give back to your?” 萧真人……”秦心看着萧华,说道,“刘云舒除了将牌,还给你什么了?” „It is reported that Sir Dragon Rider......” Xiao Hua has a look at all around, knows that this is immortal restriction, he bows to say hurriedly, Liu Tiger Commander thing is Mei Jiang takes, does not know below.” “禀龙骑大人……”萧华看看四周,知道这是仙禁,他急忙躬身道,“刘虎敎的东西是梅江拿的,在下不知。” Sir......” Jiang Meihua fishes out Storage Ring from immortal armor, respectful offering, said, this is Liu Tiger Commander gives below, he once had urged, non- saw Qin Dragon Rider, cannot put out absolutely! Moreover no one can inform, what does not know below, does not dare to search to observe!” “大人……”姜美华从仙甲内摸出一个纳虚环,恭敬的奉上,说道,“这是刘虎敎交给在下的,他曾叮嘱过,非见到秦龙骑,绝对不能拿出!而且谁也不能告知,在下不知何物,不敢探察!” Good!” The Qin Xin great happiness, the big hand searches, has not displayed Magical Ability, has met Storage Ring personally, when her Amplified Sense sweeps, claps hands saying that „ you and others had contributed to the great merit! “好!”秦心大喜,大手一探,并未施展神通,亲手将纳虚环接了,待得她衍念一扫,抚掌道,“你等立了大功! Jiang Meihua said tactfully: Cannot be regarded anything in Low Class person merit, Liu Tiger Commander, before he dies actually, still remembers in the army the important matter, respectable lamentable!” 姜美华知趣道:“在下等人这点儿功劳算不得什么,倒是刘虎敎,他死前还记得军中要事,可敬可叹啊!”” Oh, yes!” Qin Xin sighed, a big hand revolution, Liu Yunshu command writ in the hand, her Amplified Sense has swept, having a look at Xiao Hua saying that Daoist Xiao, you said the long and short of the story of matter!” “唉,是啊!”秦心叹息一声,大手一转,刘云舒将牌拿在手中,她衍念扫了一下,看看萧华说道,“萧真人,你将事情的来龙去脉说一遍!” Yes!” Xiao Hua does not dare to have any concealment, meets the Huo Wu water monster from oneself in Listening Heaven Snowfall, to kills two powerful enemies with the idea finally, inspired the Plane turbulent flow to say. “是!”萧华不敢有任何隐瞒,从自己在听天雪遇到火舞水妖,到得最后用计袭杀两个强敌,引动界面乱流皆是说了。 Finally Xiao Hua said with a smile: Formerly was also surprised below, thinks that Liu Tiger Commander to favors below, really must recommend below, now looks like, that is Liu Tiger Commander wants to borrow the action of recommendation, lets take to Sir Dragon Rider below with Mei Jiang his Storage Ring, therefore any Tiger Commander said, does not raise!” 最后萧华笑道:“先前在下还纳罕呢,以为刘虎敎对在下青睐有加,真是要推荐在下,如今看来,那是刘虎敎想借用推荐之举,让在下跟梅江把他的纳虚环带给龙骑大人,所以什么虎敎之说,不提也罢!” Qin Xin has not paid attention to Xiao Hua, narrowed the eye to think the moment, suddenly asked: „Can you freely Heavenly Realm of shuttle high level and underlying bed, do not make a false counter-accusation by Plane Principle?” 秦心没有理会萧华,眯着眼睛想了片刻,突然问道:“你能自由的穿梭高层和低层的天界,不受界面法则反噬?” Xiao Hua explained hurriedly: „It is not the free shuttle, but has different below Cultivation Art, can withstand the strength of Principle backlash!” 萧华急忙解释:“不是自由穿梭,而是在下功法有异,能够承受法则反噬之力!” Un......” the Qin Xin slight nod, then the vision sweeps Xiao Hua saying that Daoist Xiao, you made a mistake actually!” “嗯……”秦心微微点头,然后才又目光扫过萧华道,“萧真人,其实你错了!” „Did I make a mistake?” Xiao Hua stares, naturally asked very much, where made a mistake below?” “我错了?”萧华一愣,很是自然反问道,“在下哪里错了?” You can put to death Huo Wu water monster, explained that you have to be competent the Tiger Commander strength!” Qin Xin said, you can bring back to Liu Yunshu Storage Ring, explained that you have with...... They face, ability of socializing, therefore you hold the post of a Tiger Commander duty to have more than enough to spare!” “你能诛杀火舞水妖,说明你有胜任虎敎的实力!”秦心说道,“你能将刘云舒纳虚环带回,说明你有跟……他们对垒,周旋的能力,所以你担任虎敎一职应该绰绰有余!” Sir do not tease!” Xiao Hua beckons with the hand to say hurriedly, „below most feared managed the person, can join the corps already in the below biggest expectation.” “大人别逗了!”萧华急忙摆手道,“在下最怕管人了,能加入战队已经在下的最大期望。” Jiang Meihua also accompanies to say with a smile: Sir, other combat generals have the opinion, even if the Sir made Daoist Xiao work as Tiger Commander, was disadvantageous in the development of corps to him, not, if after treating can, had the meritorious military service, promoted again not lately.” 姜美华也陪笑道:“大人,其他战将也有意见,即便大人让萧真人当了虎敎,也对他在战队的发展不利,不若待得以后有了战功,再提拔不迟。” „!” Qin Xin said with a smile, since you and others understood this Dragon Rider difficulties, that Dragon Rider except for thanks, cannot say anything again, you and others felt relieved, so long as after you and others, had the merit, these merit Dragon Rider met one and rewards! ” “也罢!”秦心笑道,既然你等明白本龙骑苦衷,那本龙骑除了感谢,也不能再多说什么,你等放心,只要你等以后真有功劳,这些功劳本龙骑会一并奖赏!” Many thanks, Sir Dragon Rider!” Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua great happiness. “多谢,龙骑大人!”萧华姜美华大喜了。 Not anxious......” Qin Xin puts out two with the Liu Yunshu command writ same crystal sign, raises hand to offer a sacrifice to the midair, is single-handed in the army case grasps, takes up the Dragon Rider imperial seal, „” two, the imperial seal falls on the crystal sign respectively, two brilliant brilliance dodge to pass in the crystal sign. “莫急……”秦心拿出两个跟刘云舒将牌一样的晶牌,扬手祭在半空,然后单手在军案上一抓,拿起龙骑印玺,“啪啪”两声,印玺分别落在晶牌上,两道绚烂的光耀在晶牌内一闪而逝。 Ps: Fellow Daoist who likes this book, welcome to beginning( book. /info/1010594608) subscription supports, casts a monthly ticket, casts the recommendation ticket, the collection, hits to enjoy, thank the support of all forms!! 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