KI :: Volume #23

#2268 Part 1: Deliberately planning

Soul contract, conjunction soul, so long as do not relieve, even if the opposite party method is exceedingly high, is unable to reduce and solve. 灵魂契约,契合灵魂,只要自己不解除,哪怕对方手段通天,都无法化解。 Probably not dead Emperor little yellow chicken, before was only the god king, he was a Emperor, similarly did not have means solution this agreement. 就好像不死帝君小黄鸡,之前只是神王,他是帝君,同样没办法解决这种约定。 In order to prevent this fellow reneges, appears phenomenon that backlashes, the famous teacher mainland once set specially, even if the opposite party can be separated from the book of Heavenly Dao, is unable to work loose the agreement between souls! 为了防止这家伙变卦,出现反噬的现象,名师大陆就曾专门定下,即便对方可以脱离天道之册,也无法挣脱灵魂间的约定啊! Soul contract, indeed is unable from knowing the sea splits, but I fuse the special gas that even Heavenly Dao can reduce and solve, reduces and solves this type of contract, not difficult......, so long as has the sufficient strength, shells contract whereabouts, can achieve!” “灵魂契约,的确无法从识海中分裂出去,但我融合了连天道都可以化解的特殊气体,将这种契约化解掉,并不难……只要有足够力量,轰击契约所在之处,就能做到!” Ruthless humanity. 狠人道。 The soul contract, is based on Heavenly Dao, special strength even/including Shenjie Heavenly Dao can reduce and solve, reduces and solves the soul contract, so long as processes appropriately, there is what difficulty? 灵魂契约,是建立在天道基础上的,特殊力量连神界天道都能化解,化解个灵魂契约,只要处理得当,又有何难? „...... Hangs the vision to flash so that's how it is. “原来如此……”张悬目光一闪。 Said so many with you, calculates that thanks led me to god!” “和你说这么多,也算感谢将我带到神界了!” Explained, the ruthless person no longer said that the body aura even more ancient distant, black hole became huger, skill that obviously spoke, swallowed did not know many strengths, did nutritiously. 解释完,狠人不再多说,身上的气息愈发的亘古悠远,身后的黑洞变得更加巨大,显然说话的功夫,又吞噬了不知多少力量,做了滋补。 stretch/open Xuan, the black hole swallows are more, his strength is stronger......” “张悬,黑洞吞的越多,他的实力越强……” If the sunlight also discovered is not right, hurried sound transmission comes. 洛若曦也发现了不对劲,急忙传音过来。 Preparation begins!” In the heart has doubts completely disappears, stretch/open Xuanshen inspires, in the hand the long sword, raises suddenly: Such being the case, that under sees the true facts while you are at it!” “准备动手吧!”心中疑惑尽消,张悬深吸一口气,手中长剑,陡然扬起:“既然如此,那就手底下见真章吧!” Bang! 轰隆! Most powerful sword intent, displays again. 最强大的剑意,再次施展而出。 Lives when duplicate/restores submits, dies to work as Sauvignon Blanc! 生当复来归,死当长相思! The life and death all does not care, what also there is to stop? 生死皆不在乎,又有何事可以阻拦? This move of swordsmanship, although has not achieved the Emperor to comprehend, contained all in heart to hold to read, the day in within the body, if felt emotion cultivation technique, displayed the limit. 这一招剑法,虽然是没达到帝君领悟的,却蕴含了心中的一切执念,将体内的天若有情功法,发挥到了极限。 ! 呼! A sword the attack of ruthless person, cuts two halves. 一剑将狠人的攻击,斩成两半。 At the same time, if sunlight also take action, the white hands tumbled, sword glow like snow. 同一时刻,洛若曦也出手了,玉手翻滚,剑芒如雪。 Her swordsmanship and sword god day that youth is somewhat similar, has the unprecedented imposing manner, with Grand Dao natural natural. 她的剑法和剑神天的那位青年有些相似,带着一往无前的气势,和大道自然的潇洒。 Your moves are very fierce, but contrasts me, missed some......” “你们的招数是很厉害,但对比我,还是差了些……” Smiles, the ruthless person grasps again downward. 轻轻一笑,狠人再次向下抓来。 In a flash, blocks the sky, the palm covered the world, the space disruption, the stars as if must be hit forcefully. 一瞬间,遮天蔽日,手掌将天地都笼罩了,空间碎裂,日月星辰都仿佛要被硬生生打下来。 ! ! 噗!噗! stretch/open Xuan, if the sunlight flies upside down simultaneously, the person spurts in the in the air blood crazily. 张悬和洛若曦同时倒飞而出,人在空中鲜血狂喷。 By two people of strengths, cannot resist unexpectedly! 以二人的实力,竟然抵挡不住! Did this fellow achieve what realm? 这家伙到底达到了何种境界 Dissolute!” The clone stride treads, every time walks one step, has the lotus flower to bloom, void has the sound of running water. “放肆!”分身大步踏来,每走一步,就有莲花绽放,虚空中带着流水的声音。 Looks from afar, classy is full. 远远看去,逼格十足。 Refining up nine days of chaos Golden Lotus, his cultivation base compared with stretch/open Xuan, is not weak. 炼化九天混沌金莲,他的修为比起张悬,丝毫不弱。 A fist raises, the strength rushes for nine days. 一拳扬起,力量冲上九天。 With the ruthless person to bumping, flying upside down, cannot block one move. 和狠人对碰,同样倒飞而出,挡不住一招。 stretch/open Xuan covers the forehead. 张悬捂住额头。 The achievement Emperor, clone not to change the acting cool natural disposition as before...... 成就帝君了,分身依旧不改装逼的本性…… Such gorgeous acting cool, might as well the concentration of efforts, the might is bigger! 这么绚丽的装逼,还不如将力量集中起来,威力更大! Together take action, otherwise, they died, we will die......” “一起出手,不然,他们死了,我们都会死……” little yellow chicken drinks greatly, the scarlet flame combustion, the sky seems like lit. 小黄鸡一声大喝,赤红的的火焰燃烧,天空都像被点燃。 Remaining six big emperors, uses the method respectively. 剩下六大帝君,也各自施展手段。 Seven emperors unite, destroy the day to extinguish, a side world cannot resist in the front, but the opposite party absorbed the ruthless person of special strength, nearby the attack arrives, the black hole increases suddenly, suddenly skill swallows the strength cleanly, counter-attacks tightly bit by bit. 七位帝君联合,毁天灭地,一方天地在面前都抵挡不住,但对方是吸收了特殊力量的狠人,攻击来到跟前,黑洞陡然变大,眨眼功夫就将力量吞噬干净,紧着着反击而出。 Bang bang bang bang! 嘭嘭嘭嘭! Seven emperors and stretch/open Xuan and the others were the same, flying upside down. 七位帝君和张悬等人一样,倒飞而出。 Ten big emperors, unite in together, have not blocked opposite party one move unexpectedly! 十大帝君,联合在一起,竟然都没挡住对方一招! Will this fellow, be so how powerful? 这家伙,怎么会这么强大? You can die......” “你们可以死了……” A move routs the people, ruthless person one step, the wrist/skill turns forward, patted again. 一招击溃众人,狠人向前一步,手腕一翻,再次拍了下来。 Petty people dare!” “鼠辈敢尔!” Follows one to drink greatly, before sword god day that old man, the towering appearance, kept off in the front, in the hand the long sword changes to Milky Way. 伴随一声大喝,之前剑神天的那位老者,突兀出现,挡在面前,手中长剑化作银河。 Emperor? Is he also the Emperor strength?” “帝君?他也是帝君实力?” stretch/open Xuan the pupil shrinks. 张悬瞳孔一缩。 This old man followed initially in the youth behind, this thinks that is only accompanies, most the title god king, displays the strength to discover, unexpectedly is also Emperor expert! 这位老者当初跟在青年身后,本以为只是个随从,最多封号神王,施展出力量才发现,竟然也是一位帝君强者 If he is a Emperor, that youth, what is? 如果他是帝君,那位青年,是什么? He is the sword god day Emperor......” struggling is standing the body, if the sunlight clenches teeth to say. “他本身就是剑神天的帝君……”挣扎站着身来,洛若曦咬牙道。 Youth who that...... passes on my swordsmanship?” stretch/open Xuan cannot bear again. “那……传我剑法的青年呢?”张悬再也忍不住。 He is......”, if the sunlight just wants to reply, the Emperor who a space distortion, sees the sword god day immediately, flew upside down similarly, falls on not far away, pounds a big hole. “他是……”洛若曦刚想回答,空间一阵扭曲,随即看到剑神天的这位帝君,同样倒飞了出去,落在不远处,砸出一个大坑。 stretch/open Xuan the present strength, with the comprehension of swordsmanship, far exceeds him, cannot contend, his cultivation base is not even weak, the sword technique is wise, as before is not the opponent. 张悬现在的实力,和对剑道的领悟,远超过他,都抗衡不住,他即便修为不弱,剑术高明,依旧不是对手。 Haha, Emperor, one flock of range chicken earthenware dogs! Today I extinguish for nine days, extinguished this god, tramples flat all rules!” “哈哈,帝君,一群土鸡瓦狗而已!今天我就灭了九天,灭了这神界,将一切规则踏平!” Beats the sword god day Emperor, the ruthless person laughs crazily, all around space non-stop collapsing, served as contrast he such as monster like demon. 将剑神天的帝君击败,狠人疯狂大笑,四周的空间不停坍塌,衬托的他如妖如魔。 What to do?” stretch/open Xuan the fist pinches tightly. “怎么办?”张悬拳头捏紧。 A moment ago he and clone, displayed the strongest battle efficiency, if even present sunlight , the strongest move will use, has not blocked one move of opposite party...... 刚才他和分身,都施展出最强战斗力了,甚至眼前的洛若曦,也将最强招数使用了出来,都没挡住对方的一招…… don't tell me god, really can no one block at present this? 难道神界,真的没人能够挡住眼前这位? Whatever he does destroy the world? 任由他将世界毁灭? „The only means...... lack your Heavenly Dao, return to Heavenly Dao, making Heavenly Dao suppress...... him, if Xi show fist pinches tightly, eye socket flood red. “唯一的办法……是将你的天道有缺,回归天道本身,让天道将他镇压……”洛若曦秀拳捏紧,眼眶泛红。 Returns to Heavenly Dao?” stretch/open Xuan knows her meaning. “回归天道本身?”张悬知道她的意思。 The library in mind, is in itself Heavenly Dao part, once returns, Heavenly Dao was equal to that thorough was complete, can perhaps restore the loophole, will suppress the person to repel. 脑海中的图书馆,本身是天道的一部分,一旦回归,天道就等于彻底完整了,或许就可以修复漏洞,自我将狠人排斥出去。 It seems like the immune system of human body. 就好像人体的免疫系统。 The immune system is complete, the virus came, easily action of driving away ; Went bad, cannot resist the viral invasion, strong person, will therefore die. 免疫系统完整,病毒来了,轻易驱赶;坏了,抵抗不住病毒入侵,再强壮的人,也会因此死亡。 ...... 只是…… He was too powerful, even if Heavenly Dao restores completely, is unable to suppress!” stretch/open Xuan shakes the head. “他太强大了,即便天道恢复完整,也无法镇压吧!”张悬摇头。 The virus, the immune system can cut to kill, but...... fierce tiger? 病毒,免疫系统是可以斩杀,但……猛虎呢? Strong immune system, what also means there is? 再强的免疫系统,又有什么办法? At present this, is only the ordinary god king, even if confers a title upon, Heavenly Dao can easily kill, may want powerful compared with the emperors...... is not Heavenly Dao can contend. 眼前这位,只是普通神王,哪怕封号,天道都可以轻易杀死,可比帝君都要强大……已然不是天道可以抗衡的了。 This......”, if the sunlight stopped, in the pure white jade surface reveals the color of losing: Yes...... does not have the means to suppress, but, Heavenly Dao is complete, he can wake, cuts to kill this, is not difficult!” “这……”洛若曦停顿了一下,洁白的玉面上露出失落之色:“是啊……没办法镇压,但是,天道完整,他就能醒过来,斩杀这位,并不难!” He?” stretch/open Xuan knits the brows. “他?”张悬皱眉。 I lead you to see him,...... deeply inspires in the comfortable day, if the sunlight clenches teeth, turns around to approach the forward flight to go. “我带你去见他,就在自在天……”深吸一口气,洛若曦一咬牙,转身就向前飞去。 „To escape?” Ruthless person cold snort/hum, presses to below. “想逃?”狠人冷哼,向下一按。 Bang! 嘭! If the sunlight from in the air crashes. 洛若曦从空中坠落。 You......” hangs the swordsmanship to display again, sword intent magnificently. “你……”张悬剑法再次施展出来,剑意辉煌而出。 Ding! 叮叮叮! The again suppressed person blocks. 再次被狠人挡住。 You walk quickly, I block him......” “你们快走,我来挡住他……” Knows that they want to save god again the method, rather than runs away, clone to revere with not the dead emperor, drinks to keep off in front greatly, 77 also changes, returns to the static spatial bead main body. 知道他们再想拯救神界的方法,而不是逃走,分身和不死帝尊,一声大喝挡在前面,洛七七也摇身一变,回归静空珠本体。 All around space solidifies. 四周的空间凝固起来。 Walks!” “走!” Sees the people to act boldly regardless of one's safety to keep off in behind, not dreaded the death, stretch/open Xuan eye socket one red, but, knows now does not say, if a Larrau the sunlight, the body in a flash, cut the space, the next quarter has appeared in the comfortable day range. 见众人奋不顾身挡在后面,无畏惧死亡,张悬眼眶一红,不过,也知道现在不是多说的时候,一拉洛若曦,身体一晃,划破空间,下一刻已经出现在了自在天的范围。 The comfortable day does not have the beforehand comfortableness now, the god avalanche, in all directions a confusion. 自在天现在已经没了之前的自在,神界崩塌,四处一片混乱。 He who you said that where?” “你说的他,在哪里?” Has no free time to observe the life of average person, stretch/open Xuan looks to the girl in bosom. 没空去观察普通人的生活,张悬看向怀中的女孩。 That person that if she said that really can save god, oneself sacrificed why not! 如果她说的那人,真能拯救神界,自己牺牲又何妨! He is my father, the blood in your pendant, is his, not the dead Emperor, once was his beast favored......”, if the sunlight controlled one's breathing, answered. “他是我的父亲,你吊坠中的血液,就是他的,不死帝君,曾是他的兽宠……”洛若曦调息了一下,解释道。 Father?” “父亲?” stretch/open Xuan is suddenly enlighted. 张悬恍然大悟。 No wonder has felt the blood and in pendant, if the sunlight is similar, is different, originally is her father. 难怪一直觉得吊坠中的血液和洛若曦相似,却又不同,原来是她父亲的。 This also explained that that thought why not the dead Emperor leaves behind, after seeing pendant, immediately recognizes is in itself the lord. 这样也就解释了,为何不死帝君留下的那道意念,看到吊坠后,立刻认自己为主。 „Is your father also a Emperor? Has strength that exceeds the Emperor?” “你父亲也是帝君?或者拥有超越帝君的实力?” Cannot bear say. 忍不住道。 The library confusion, is the blood in pendant, was restored soberly by oneself, is difficult to be inadequate, not only she is a Emperor, the father is also, even is more powerful? 图书馆混乱,是吊坠中的血液,让自己恢复清醒,难不成,不仅她是帝君,父亲也是,甚至更加强大? If so, why can also the stupor? 如果是这样的话,又为何会昏迷? Also needs Heavenly Dao to lack, can make its sober? 又需要天道有缺,才能让其清醒? He is not a Emperor, but is...... Heavenly Dao!” “他不是帝君,而是……天道!” If Xi show fist pinches tightly. 洛若曦秀拳捏紧。 Heavenly Dao? Is your father...... Heavenly Dao?” stretch/open Xuan shakes, cannot believe. 天道?你父亲……是天道?”张悬一震,不敢相信。 Yes! 50 years ago, the father cannot resist that only big hand, falls into the stupor orderly, the Heavenly Dao collapse Sancheng three parts, Heavenly Dao lacks with Heavenly Dao, enters the space turbulent flow, my control Heavenly Dao nature, maintains the balance of god. Wish makes him restore, some collections that only will then disperse......, therefore, I so renounce, cannot be defeated! Enters the famous teacher mainland specially, studies the Spring and Autumn Period grand ceremony, finding the way to defeat Kong master! With Kong master fights, asks his matter, is this.” “是!五十年前,父亲抵挡不住那只大手,陷入昏迷,天道崩散成三部分,天道有序和天道有缺,进入空间乱流,我代为掌控天道自然,维持神界的平衡。想要让他恢复,只有将散开的部分收集……所以,我才如此决绝,不能失败!才专门进入名师大陆,研究春秋大典,想办法战胜孔师!和孔师战斗的时候,拜托他的事,也是这个。” If the sunlight said. 洛若曦道。 Opens hangs suddenly. 张悬恍然。 Shortly after the famous teacher mainland just knew, the present girl, had told with oneself her story, must save a close relative, oneself were not clear at that time, now is suddenly enlighted. 名师大陆刚认识不久,眼前的女孩,就和自己讲述过她的故事,要救一位至亲,自己当时还不明白,现在才恍然大悟。 Unexpectedly is her father, moreover god Heavenly Dao! 竟然是她父亲,而且还是神界天道 Heavenly Dao really can turn into the human form, and bears children? 天道真的能够化成人形,并且生儿育女吗? control Heavenly Dao nature...... your within the body, without the Heavenly Dao fragment?” Suddenly, realizes in her language is not right, stretch/open Xuan looks. “代为掌控天道自然……你体内,没有天道碎片?”突然,意识到她语言中的不对劲,张悬看过来。 control, with this fusion in within the body, is two concepts. 代为掌控,和自己这种融合在体内,是两种概念。 I am only control, is not Heavenly Dao part......”, if the sunlight said. “我只是掌控,并不是天道的一部分……”洛若曦道。 stretch/open Xuan relaxes. 张悬松了口气。 Like this said, only needed oneself to lack Heavenly Dao to strip to be good, did not need her also dead. 这样说起来,只需要自己将天道有缺剥离出来就行了,并不需要她也死亡。 Although this destiny, is not willing to accept, is actually not willing the present girl, injured. 尽管这种命运,不愿意接受,却也不愿意眼前的女孩,受到伤害。 I have to lack to strip Heavenly Dao in within the body, your father can live, will suppress the person to strike to kill?” Opens floating looks like. “我将体内的天道有缺剥离出来,你父亲就能活过来,甚至将狠人击杀是吧?”张悬看来。 This...... I do not determine......” “这……我也不确定……” Looked up crashed god , if the sunlight hesitated. 抬头看了看已经崩塌的神界,洛若曦迟疑。 God is father's foundation, now the foundation like this, even is sober, really can beat that powerful ruthless person? 神界是父亲的根基,现在根基都这样了,就算清醒,真的能够将那个强大的狠人击败吗? Really did not say! 真不好说! It seems like you cannot affirm, such being the case, asking others for help to might as well ask oneself...... we, only then try to find the solution!” stretch/open Xuan clenches teeth: You and I, clone, unite for nine days nine emperors, if Kong master in the coordination, not necessarily cannot win!” “看来你也不能肯定,既然如此,求人不如求己……我们只有自己想办法!”张悬咬了咬牙:“你、我、分身,联合九天九帝,如果在配合上孔师,未必不能获胜!” Hole master? He......”, if the sunlight knits the brows. “孔师?他……”洛若曦皱眉。 Hole master had died! He had not died truly, if guesses right, he was cut to kill by you, but is used to be separated from the Heavenly Dao method...... accidentally/surprisingly, he should be the same with Wei Changfeng, yes Innate embryo soul body!” “孔师已经死了是吧!他并未真正死亡,如果猜的没错,他被你斩杀,只是用来脱离天道的方法……不出意外,他应该和魏长风一样,是【先天胎魂体】!” stretch/open Xuandao. 张悬道。 Sees Wei Changfeng, understands, hole master so-called maintains the spirit wisdom, should be the same with him, is the innate embryo soul body. 看到魏长风,就明白过来,孔师所谓的保持灵智,应该和他一样,是先天胎魂体。 Can achieve in the embryo not to confuse. 可以做到胎中不迷。 The subsequent hand who in addition leaves behind ahead of time, resurrecting, is only the time issue. 再加上提前留下的后手,复活,只是时间问题。 If the sunlight is shocked, as if she has not thought, can be this. 洛若曦愣住,似乎她没想到,会是这样。 In the past had a look to know, guessed good, he should restore, otherwise, his these students, were impossible even the tide sea not to go to......” stretch/open Xuandao. “过去看看就知道了,猜的不错,他应该已经恢复,不然,他的那些学生,不可能连潮汐海都没去……”张悬道。 Kong master these students, child deep pool ancient Saint and the others, each one are strong, even if no Emperor to help, still has the means to enter the tide sea inevitably, but has not actually seen. 孔师的那些学生,子渊古圣等人,个个实力强劲,就算没有帝君帮助,也必然有办法进入潮汐海,可却一个都没见。 Has a more important matter to wait inevitably, wants to take advantage that all emperors go to the tide sea to have no time to take into consideration does! 必然是有更重要的事情等着,想要趁所有帝君去潮汐海无暇顾及的时候去做! But this important matter, obviously is to make the hole master restore. 而这种重要的事,明显就是让孔师恢复。 This......”, if in the sunlight heart shakes, is suddenly enlighted. “这……”洛若曦心中一震,恍然大悟。 Walks!” “走吧!” No longer explained, the single-handed stroke, opens the hanging load to arrive is, really saw that an old man who newly Kong master lives sits cross-legged float in in the air, sees them to arrive, shows a faint smile: Came!” 不再解释,单手一划,张悬重新来到孔师居住的所在,果然看到一个老者盘膝悬浮在空中,见他们来到,微微一笑:“来了!” It is not Kong master, who is also! 不是孔师,又是何人! The master of this ten thousand th, has not really disappointed himself! 这位万世之师,果然没让自己失望! With guess, will focus on while everyone tide sea, resurrected. 和猜测的一样,趁着所有人都将注意力集中在潮汐海的时候,重新复活了。 You......”, if the sunlight tender body shakes. “你……”洛若曦娇躯一震。 She knows that the Emperor can resurrect, not the dead Emperor also lived, but...... has not thought that the speed was so fast! 她知道帝君可以复活,不死帝君也活过来了,但……没想到速度这么快! I conceal Heavenly Dao, ahead of time prepared the subsequent hand, that in ghost pond giant who does not have the name, is I stays behind, on the same day was cut to kill by you, I took the opportunity to break out of the fetter of Heavenly Dao, condensed the mortal body, now also just restores!” “我隐瞒天道,提前就准备了后手,幽魂池中的那个没有名字的巨人,就是我留下的,当日被你斩杀,我借机摆脱了天道的束缚,重新凝聚肉身,现在也刚刚恢复罢了!” Kong master shows a faint smile. 孔师微微一笑。 He is skilled in the time ability, seemed like god only to pass for one and two days, in fact to restore the strength, how long experienced did not know. 他精通时间能力,看起来神界只过了一、两天,实际上为了恢复力量,经历了不知多久。 Dozens years of time, had. 几十年的时光,都有了。 Our strengths, are very strong, but wants to exceed the ruthless person, without that easy......” “我们三人的实力,是很强,但想要胜过狠人,也没那么容易……” Sees Kong master to restore, if the sunlight shakes the head as before. 见孔师果真恢复,洛若曦依旧摇头。 Does not rise others power and prestige, extinguishes the spirit, but is the fact. 不是涨他人威风,灭自己志气,而是事实。 So many people united a moment ago, without blocking the opposite party, even increased a hole master, how can also? 刚才这么多人联合,都没挡住对方,即便增加一个孔师,又能如何? Similarly cannot change the aspect! 同样改变不了局面! Our single strengths, even unites in together, indeed is not the opponent of opposite party, but......, if everyone's strength, fuses in body of person?” “我们单个的实力,甚至联合在一起,的确不是对方的对手,但……如果将所有人的力量,都融合在一个人的身上呢?” Kong master looks with a smile. 孔师笑着看过来。 Fusion in person body?” “融合在一个人身上?” Not only this time, if the sunlight knits the brows, stretch/open Xuan is also full is the doubts. 这次不光洛若曦皱眉,张悬也满是疑惑。 That palm can tear god, scatters Heavenly Dao, strength, the unquestionable, ruthless person absorbs this strength completely, swallowed a god 50 years of spiritual energy, the only strength, our more than ten emperors, take individually, indeed is not the opponent......” “那个手掌能够撕裂神界,将天道都打散,实力之强,不容置疑,狠人将这股力量全部吸收,又吞噬了神界五十年的灵气,单凭实力,我们十几位帝君,单个拿出来,的确不是对手……” Kong Shidao: But unites in together, concentration of efforts in person of body...... not necessarily!” 孔师道:“但联合在一起,将力量集中在一人身上……就未必了吧!” How to concentrate?” “如何集中?” If the sunlight looks. 洛若曦看过来。 Simplicity that said that does difficultly. 说的简单,做起来难。 The emperors have stood in god most peak, if so easy to absorb others' strength, she is also insufficient so many years, bogs down. 帝君已经站在神界最巅峰了,如果这么容易吸收别人的力量,她也不至于这么多年,停滞不前。 Very simple...... we body strength, the centralism are opening floating body, once he can break through the Emperor shackles, can rescue god!” “很简单……我们将身上的力量,集中在张悬身上,一旦他能冲破帝君桎梏,就能救下神界!” Kong Shidao. 孔师道。 I?” stretch/open Xuan stares: Why is I?” “我?”张悬一愣:“为什么是我?” What cleverness emperor reveres cultivation is the free, unique nature! But had the restriction of father affinity Heavenly Dao, had the person of worrying, does not have the means to be truly unique forever! If I have not misread, initially with I fought, you had also once given up, planned that was cut to kill by me!” “灵犀帝尊修炼的是自由自在,超脱自然!但有了父亲和天道的制约,有了牵挂的人,就永远没办法真正超脱!如果我没看错,当初和我战斗的时候,你也曾放弃过,打算被我斩杀吧!” Kong Shidao. 孔师道。 If the sunlight could not speak. 洛若曦说不出话来。 Fight time, indeed this plan, therefore two people of fights, just started, leaves room for maneuver respectively, just like comparing notes, not like life and death fight. 战斗的时候,的确有过这种打算,所以二人的交手,刚开始的时候,各自留着后手,宛如切磋,不像生死搏斗。 „It is not able to be aloof, naturally also on display strongest strength, even gives much real air/Qi, similarly is unable to attack that to high realm! As for me......” “无法超脱,自然也就发挥不出最强力量,即便给与再多的真气,同样无法冲击那至高的境界!至于我……” Kong master nods saying: Has the common people, wants to bring salvation to whole world, actually did not want others to sacrifice for me, were too benevolently many, was a shortcoming! If stingier, the different spirit clan extermination of the clan, will not have the present aspect......” 孔师点头道:“心怀苍生,想要普度天下,却不愿意别人为我牺牲,仁慈太多,也是缺点!如果心狠一些,将异灵族灭族,就不会有现在的局面……” Initially if can extinguish the different spirit clansman completely kills, the ruthless person was impossible to resurrect, will not have the present situation. 当初如果能将异灵族人全部灭杀,狠人就不可能复活,也不会有现在的情况。 Therefore, I am not suitable! But stretch/open Xuan, cultivation technique is satisfactory, without flaw. The art lives, even if the body dies, so long as lives has no qualms, on heart in broad and level. This person has in a big way contains, bigger development opportunities, only by doing so, can walk is higher !” “所以,我也不适合!而张悬,功法顺心,没有缺陷。讲究活出自我,哪怕身死,只要活得无愧,就心中坦荡。这种人拥有更大的包容,更大的发展空间,只有这样,才能走的更高,更远!” Kong master continues to say. 孔师继续道。 Lives when duplicate/restores submits, dies to work as Sauvignon Blanc! 生当复来归,死当长相思! Did not care the death, how can also by other things the fetters? 连死亡都不在乎,又怎么会被其他事情所羁绊? This......” stretch/open Xuan knits the brows, just wants to say anything, sees the hole master flashing eyes looks: Did not need to decline, first said the time without enough time, trains others, even with enough time, I still thought not necessarily some people can do well compared with you! The cleverness emperor reveres within the body, although does not have the Heavenly Dao fragment, control Heavenly Dao, has to be the own understanding of Heavenly Dao year to year ; My control Heavenly Dao is ordered, if we instill into the strength to you, your within the body will have the complete Heavenly Dao strength! Nine days of chaos Golden Lotus that in the coordination clone, can definitely achieve to decide for nine days, holds the universe, fights the highest heaven, extinguishes the myriad things!” “这……”张悬皱眉,正想说些什么,就见孔师目光炯炯的看过来:“不用推辞了,先说时间来不及,去培养其他人,就算来得及,我也觉得未必有人能比你做得更好!灵犀帝尊体内虽没有天道碎片,却常年掌控天道,对天道有着属于自己的理解;我掌控天道有序,如果我们将力量灌输给你,你体内就会拥有完整天道的力量!配合上分身的九天混沌金莲,完全可以做到定九天,掌乾坤,战九霄,灭万物!” Good!” “好吧!” Sees the opposite party to make the decision, oneself explained that again many also useless, opened the center or point of suspension the nod. 见对方已经做出决定,自己解释再多也无用,张悬点了点头。 Bang! 轰隆! Sits cross-legged to complete, a blink skill, two vigorous strengths, fill to well up from the both sides. 盘膝做好,一眨眼功夫,两股雄浑的力量,就从两侧灌涌而来。 stretch/open Xuan whole body one stiff, the whole person as if incarnation Heavenly Dao, hovers in an instant above nine days. 张悬全身一僵,整个人仿佛刹那间化身天道,翱翔在九天之上。 The soul and mortal body, are really mad, was obtaining the baptism instantaneously, is getting stronger and stronger, is getting more and more vigorous. 灵魂、肉身、真气,都在瞬间得到了洗礼,越来越强,越来越雄浑。 ...... …… „Do you also want to block me? Also good, killed you, goes to kill stretch/open Xuanzhan again......” “你们也想拦我?也好,杀了你们,再去将张悬斩杀……” 77 and clone and the others to pat flies, the ruthless person coldly smiles. 将洛七七和分身等人拍飞,狠人冷冷一笑。
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