KI :: Volume #16

#1511: Big elder

Qiao Xu, you takes advantage of somebody unexpectedly, the back offends somebody is what skill!” In the mirror can see segment Tianchou the pocket-sized person's shadow indistinctly, he batters in inside, what a pity has been stranded in the mirror world, can only be wild with rage about big Elf king Wuneng. “乔徐公,你竟然趁人之危,背后伤人算什么本事!”镜子中隐隐约约能看到段天仇的袖珍人影,他在里面横冲直撞,可惜一直被困在了镜子世界中,只能对着大精灵王无能狂怒。 Zu An stares, originally this cheap father-in-law name was Qiao Xugong ? 祖安一愣,原来这个便宜岳父名字叫乔徐公? Also right, he is not lives is the big Elf king, has the own name inevitably, but became after the big Elf king, few people will call with the real name, most people forgot his given name. 也对,他不是生下来就是大精灵王的,必然有自己的名字,只不过当上了大精灵王过后,很少人会以真名称呼,以至于大多数人忘了他的本名。 However this name, making him have an impulsion to inquire own female friend one who I and Xu beautiful?” 不过这名字,让他有一种冲动询问自己的红颜知己一句“我与徐公孰美?” This fellow rather too show- package? But looks at surrounding people comfortab appearances, obviously is in the royal court, has seen is not strange. 还有这家伙未免太骚-包了吧?但看周围众人一副习以为常的模样,显然是同在王庭,早已见惯不怪了。 Takes advantage of somebody, does the back offend somebody?” The big Elf king was showing a perfect smile to the mirror, this is not your Night Elf excels, I just studied was using a point, couldn't this bear?” “趁人之危,背后伤人?”大精灵王对着镜子露出了一副完美的笑容,“这不就是你们暗夜精灵擅长的么,我只不过学着用了一点,这就受不了啦?” „!” segment Tianchou scolded one, do not show that disgusting smile to me.” “靠!”段天仇骂了一声,“别冲我露出那恶心的笑容。” Big Elf king was also merry, hears word flies into a rage immediately: „The scholarly is so amiable, the delicate and pretty matchless smile you actually feel the nausea, you are blind!” 精灵王原本还有说有笑的,闻言顿时勃然大怒:“如此儒雅随和,俊美无俦的笑容你竟然觉得恶心,你瞎啊!” segment Tianchou naturally refuses to admit being inferior, two people abuse each other quickly. 段天仇自然不甘示弱,两人很快对骂起来。 People: „......” 众人:“……” Two Prince complexion Yin clear transformations, big Elf king to come, fears game is as good as lost today. 皇子脸色阴晴变换,大精灵王来了,今天恐怕大势已去。 Or evades the point temporarily, leading the Sixth Uncle to depart, keeps the mountain not to fear that does not have the firewood...... the grass! 要不暂避锋芒,带着六叔离去,留得青山在不怕没柴……草! His eye stares the eldest child all of a sudden, because he sees Zu An to have the drawing a bow nocking, aimed at the in the air Sixth Uncle. 他眼睛一下子瞪得老大,因为他看到祖安有张弓搭箭,对准了空中的六叔。 The Sixth Uncle is liver is also trembling, before saw that the bat mister and black tooth broken tooth were killed one after another, he has flustered, was deliberately considering is separated from the battlefield, oneself as Great Grandmaster, can't be popular to where drinks spicily? 六叔也是肝儿都在颤,之前看到蝠先生和黑齿碎牙相继被杀,他就已经慌了,寻思着脱离战场,自己身为大宗师,到哪里不能吃香的喝辣的? But opposite this long hair big chest female is too valiant, skill mysteriously appeared and disappeared, making him want to withdraw not to escape. 可对面这个长头发大胸女实在太彪悍,一身功夫神出鬼没,让他想脱身都脱不了。 Mother-, doesn't everyone has the enmity to be not resentful, serves a need to go all out? 妈-的,大家无仇无怨,用得着这么拼命么? He actually does not know that at this time in Yun Jianyue heart gnashing teeth with hatred, Zu An this bastard's first take action helps unexpectedly is the ice barren woman, why first doesn't help me? 他却不知道此时云间月心中恨得牙痒痒,祖安这混蛋第一个出手帮的竟然是冰石女,为什么不先帮我? Is we first knew obviously, in Imperial Palace with locating one room of life is so long, self-examined that two people friendship should surpass the ice barren woman. 明明是我们先认识的,皇宫中同处一室生活那么久,自问两人交情应该会超过冰石女。 Result bastard is also like these smelly men, each and everyone iced barren woman that fairyism floating appearance charming. 结果这混蛋也跟那些臭男人一样,一个个都被冰石女那仙气飘飘的样子给迷住了么。 The men damn! 男人都该死! come from Yun Jianyue Rage Points + 444 + 444 + 444...... 来自云间月愤怒值…… The Sixth Uncle does not understand why opposite this woman aura rises suddenly suddenly, offensive also swift and fierce one time, causing his body quickly several to hang out colored streamers. 六叔不明白为什么对面这女人忽然气息暴涨,攻势也凌厉了一倍,导致他身上很快就好几处挂彩。 Then saw that segment Tianchou was shot by an arrow- exploded, he was frightened the collapse thoroughly. 然后就看到段天仇被一箭射-爆了,他彻底被吓崩溃了。 Must know that during Night Elf can escape into to be void at any time, almost only then they sneak attack others' share, the situation that must escape intentionally, was chased down by others very much difficultly. 要知道暗夜精灵可以随时遁入虚空之中,几乎只有他们偷袭别人的份,存心要逃的情况,很难被其他人追杀。 Finally even if this, segment Tianchou still does not hesitate to take paying half of essence and blood works as for the dead puppet for the price, avoids this arrow, proved at that time his internal energy already completely by that arrow locking, even during escapes into to be void cannot escape, can only choose this solemn and stirring means. 结果哪怕这样,段天仇依然不惜以付出一半精血当替死傀儡为代价,来躲避这一箭,证明了当时他的气机已经完全被那一箭锁定,哪怕遁入虚空之中也逃不掉,只能选择这种悲壮的办法。 Oneself may not have his such escaping method, if were shot an arrow, must explode at the scene. 自己可没他这样的逃生手段,要是被射一箭,恐怕当场要爆掉啊。 He responded also quickly, immediately gave up resisting to compensate the smile to beg for mercy: Misunderstanding, the misunderstanding, misunderstands, we are the people on one's own side.” 他反应也快,马上放弃抵抗赔上笑脸求饶:“误会,误会,都是误会啊,我们都是自己人。” He such made lets Yun Jianyue some actually not, suddenly under did not facilitate Assassin. 他这样一弄倒是让云间月有些不会了,一时间也不方便下杀手 Person on one's own side?” Zu An sneers, the bow and arrow is still locking him. “自己人?”祖安冷笑一声,弓箭依然锁定着他。 The Sixth Uncle whole body is startled white hair perspiration, quickly said: Small Prince, I am your Sixth Uncle, you I gave back to you to buy the candied fruit in childhood. Right, I have no relations with two Prince, because today's Crown Prince cruelly harms the hand and foot brothers, I come out to uphold the justice, does not represent me to support him.” 六叔浑身惊起一层白毛汗,急忙说道:“小皇子,我是你六叔啊,你小时候我还给你买过糖葫芦呢。对了,我跟二皇子没什么关系,只是因为今天太子残害手足兄弟,我才出来主持公道的,并不代表我支持他啊。” Compared with two Prince, I feels small Prince but actually you more suitable, when Monster Sovereign, now you are old Monster Sovereign only direct descendant Prince, after your mother is the monster, naturally most has the qualifications, when Monster Sovereign.” “比起二皇子,我倒觉得小皇子你更适合当妖皇,如今你是老妖皇唯一的嫡系皇子,你娘又是妖后,当然是最有资格当妖皇的。” ...... …… He said planted various reasons respectively, he never knows own eloquence was so unexpectedly good, the language fast can unexpectedly such rapidness. 他一口气说出了各种了各种理由,他从来不知道自己口才竟然这么好,语速竟然能如此之快。 In the field others somewhat are suddenly absent-minded, today really rises the experience, not only saw that so many Great Grandmaster enter the war, but also saw Great Grandmaster by insta kill, now also sees Great Grandmaster fawns and obsequiouss. 场中其他人一时间有些恍惚,今天实在涨了见识了,不仅见到如此多大宗师参战,还见到了大宗师秒杀,如今还见到了大宗师摇尾乞怜。 Hu Qianxiao somewhat was moved to tears, the sinking injustice suddenly exonerated finally, finally some people understood my just pain, I was solemn Hu Qianxiao, if were not covered by the death will, thinks that I want to turn all of a sudden meow meow meow. 虎千啸忽然有些热泪盈眶,终于沉冤昭雪了,终于有人懂我刚刚的痛苦了,我是堂堂的虎千啸,如果不是被死亡意志笼罩,以为我想一下子变成喵喵喵么。 Two Prince were the nose air/Qi crookedly, oneself raised was any people, these years painstakingly planning results became the joke finally. 皇子则是鼻子都气歪了,自己养的都是些什么人啊,这些年的苦心经营结果最后都成了笑话。 When Zu An in hesitation, suddenly the complexion changes, looked to the one side. 祖安正在犹豫之时,忽然脸色微变,望向了一旁。 At this time in sky blustery, in the cloud layer transmitted terrifying aura, in the sky congealed gradually several face empty shades, everyone face old incomparable, but aura vast incomparable, even Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue instinct will also retreat in the future, these fellows were only the projection, the aura actually stronger compared with them obviously on several points. 这时候天空之中风起云涌,云层中传来一阵恐怖的气息,紧接着天空中渐渐凝结起了几道人脸虚影,每个人脸庞都苍老无比,但气息都浩瀚无比,连燕雪痕云间月也本能地往后退却,这几个家伙明明只是投影,气息却比她们要强上几分。 Specially seems a that person, even the aura could not miss many to initial Monster Sovereign! 特别似乎为首那人,甚至气息离当初的妖皇也差不了多少! Big elder, you came finally.” Sees him, that old man the tears named Sixth Uncle came out immediately. “大长老,您总算来了。”看到他,那个叫六叔的老者顿时眼泪都出来了。 Shut up, disgraceful thing.” That big elder stared his one eyes, two rays cover in Sixth Uncle body, as if can make his scattered ashes and dispersed smoke general momentarily. “闭嘴,丢人现眼的东西。”那个大长老瞪了他一眼,两道光芒笼罩在六叔身上,仿佛随时能让他灰飞烟灭一般。 The Sixth Uncle whole body suffered from the malaria, actually does not dare to make any sound again. 那六叔浑身打起了摆子,却不敢再发出任何一点声音。 Little Demon Empress quickly drew Zu An, hints him to receive the arrow, quietly essence qi sound transmission: These are some old people of royalty, many qualifications are older than Monster Sovereign, year to year proclaims in the imperial tomb ancestor lineage/vein, cultivation base is very astonishing.” 小妖后急忙拉了拉祖安,示意他将箭收起来,悄悄元气传音:“这些是皇族的一些耆老,很多人资历比妖皇还要老,常年自封于皇陵祖脉之中,修为十分惊人。” The Zu An secret nod, before that Sixth Uncle as if was also the person of elder assembly, but was a few years ago just participated, at most was an intern. 祖安暗暗点头,之前那个六叔似乎也是长老会的人,只不过是前些年刚参加进去,顶多还是个实习生。 This batch of person cultivation base are high, will be the life is completely not basically able to break through higher realm, will then get up seal, waits for in the future the world changes, looked that the opportunity breakthrough will obtain the new life. 这批人修为都非常高,基本都是寿元将尽无法突破更高境界,然后将自身封印起来,以待日后天地有变,看有没有机会突破获得新的寿元。 Now their true body has not arrived, but projected the empty shadow, wants to come to also save the life. 现在他们真身没有到来,只是投射了虚影,想来也是为了节省寿元。 See several elders!” In two Prince eyes erupts the exciting ray, thought today game is as good as lost, finally in these clans the elder came out, that had the favorable turn. “参见几位长老!”二皇子眼中爆发出兴奋的光芒,原本以为今天大势已去,结果这几个族中长老出来了,那就有了转机。 Zu An this fellow cultivation base is high, how many elders can high? The especially big elder, has almost to endure to compare the Father Sovereign strength, a person sufficiently steamroll audience. 祖安这家伙修为再高,能高过几个长老?特别是大长老,几乎有着堪比父皇的战力,一个人都足以碾压全场。 Let alone also has several other elders! 更何况还有其他几个长老! That big elder slight nod, then the vision takes a fast look around for a week, fell on Zu An body quickly, and shooting day in his hand bent. 那大长老微微点头,然后目光扫视一周,很快落在了祖安身上,以及他手里的射日弓。 At this time big Elf king Qing cough: „Do several elder how your honorable self visit suddenly?” 这时大精灵王轻了一声:“几位长老怎么忽然大驾光临呢?” His position adds on the character to be proud aloofly again, pours does not fear these elders like the average person. 他地位超然再加上性格自负,倒也不像一般人那么怕这几个长老。 Sees the big elder to look at that cheap son-in-law, was worried that a word does not gather to hit. 见大长老望着自己那个便宜女婿,担心一言不合打起来。 Although this son-in-law looks ordinary, by handsome missed the long distance to oneself, but at least very can shoot, he to this son-in-law was quite satisfied. 这个女婿虽然长得平平无奇,论英俊离自己差了十万八千里,但至少还是挺能射的,他对这个女婿还是相当满意的。 In his eyes, in the world the adjective of appearance, only then three ranks, the first rank naturally is oneself, taking a broad view at whole world is unique ; 在他眼中,世上容貌的形容词只有三个等级,第一等级当然是自己,放眼天下独一无二; The second rank is ordinary, compared to itself to miss that the long distance slightly. 第二等级就是平平无奇,比起自己稍微差了那么十万八千里吧。 As for others, is compels ugly. 至于其他人,全都是丑逼。 The attractive leather bag is stereotyped, the clown compels to be much uglier. 好看的皮囊千篇一律,丑逼丑得千奇百怪。 Therefore this cheap son-in-law can receive the appraisal of ordinary, is quite rare. 所以这个便宜女婿能得到平平无奇的评价,已经极为难得了。 That big elder cold snort/hum: „The entire royal court became a hopeless mess randomly, can I not come?” 那大长老冷哼一声:“整个王庭都乱成一锅粥了,我能不来么?” Little Demon Empress also opened the mouth at this time: Big elder, this may no wonder we, be two Prince, cruelly harms the brothers hand and foot, we are only the passive counter-attack, but also looks at the big elder to take responsibility.” 小妖后这时也开口了:“大长老,这可怪不得我们,是二皇子,残害兄弟手足,我们只是被动反击而已,还望大长老做主。” She as Empress, naturally most has the qualifications speech. 她身为皇后,自然是最有资格说话的。 In addition she lives beautifully peerlessly, in the bosom is hugging the young child, is seriously miserable, making people very difficult to lifting the hostility. 再加上她生得美艳绝伦,怀中搂着幼子,当真是楚楚可怜,让人很难对起升起敌意。 The big elder looks following her vision, happen to saw the Crown Prince corpse that in two Prince camps ties up, black the severed head, the complexion sinks immediately. 大长老顺着她的目光望去,正好看到二皇子阵营中绑的太子尸体,还有乌老的首级,脸色顿时一沉。
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