IOTBUAGDWMSR :: Volume #16

#1584: Beast ancestor's son: Dragon!

„?” “?” The gluttony were greatly ominous is startled slightly, has not a little responded actually. 饕餮等大凶微微一怔,倒是有点没反应过来。 This sovereign currently has a matter to need you to help, does not know that you can hope?” “本皇现在就有一件事需要你们帮忙,不知你们可愿?” Greatly ominous had hesitant, but is still firm nod. 大凶们有了一点犹豫,不过依然是坚定的点了点头。 Gluttony, you first go forward!” “饕餮,你先上前!” The dragon sovereign light say/way of: Your strengths are too weak, needs first to restore the strength.” 龙皇淡淡的道:“你们的实力太弱,需要先恢复实力。” One hear of this words, the greatly ominous mind shake, filled instantaneously wild with joy! 一听此话,大凶们的心神一震,瞬间就充满了狂喜! Their seven greatly ominous, including three originally are the rank of high-rank legend, 它们七只大凶,其中有三个原本是上位传奇的等级, Because the injury is too serious, they all dropped the position legend, the powerful gluttony was so. 但因为伤势太重,它们全都跌落到了中位传奇,就连强大的饕餮都是如此。 Now restores the peak strength the opportunity in the front, naturally is to make their mind excited. 如今恢复巅峰实力的机会在面前,自然是让它们心神激动。 Gluttony not again hesitant, flies to empty following the direction of dragon sovereign, arrived at the dead ahead of black dragon's head, 饕餮没有再犹豫,顺着龙皇的指引飞空而起,来到了黑色龙头的正前方, When with dragon Huangshuang pupil looking at each other, in the heart of gluttony had suddenly anxiously, 当与龙皇双眸对视的时候,饕餮的心中陡然间有了一点不安, Small gluttony, you also with me in 3000?” “小饕餮,你也跟了我三千年吧?” At this moment, color of dragon sovereign recalling, really had a feeling the wear a look. 此刻,龙皇面带追忆之色,竟然是有了一点感慨。 The gluttony is startled slightly, but still said truthfully: 饕餮微微一怔,但依然如实道: „In 3300......” “三千三百年……” Really had such for a long time......” “竟然有这么久了……” dragon sovereign sighed, said: If possible, this sovereign really also wants to lead you to go on an expedition the world.” 龙皇叹了口气,道:“若是有可能,本皇真的还想带你征战天下。” „......” “……” In gluttony heart anxious ascends again, in its eye filled immediately vigilantly. 饕餮心中的不安再度升腾而起,它的眼中顿时充满了警惕。 The dragon sovereign light say/way of: This sovereign needs your strength, do not resist......” 龙皇淡淡的道:“本皇需要你的力量,不要抗拒……” Finishes speaking, wish of gluttony instinct flees, simultaneously roared: 话音刚落,饕餮本能的想要逃离,同时咆哮道: It is not the beast ancestor's son, is the beast sovereign of new times in the layout, acts completely!” “它不是兽祖之子,是新时代的兽皇在布局,全部出手!” The gluttony is not the stupid generation, wants to inspire other to act instantaneously greatly ominously, together suppression present dragon sovereign. 饕餮也不是愚蠢之辈,瞬间就想要引动其余大凶出手,一同镇压眼前的龙皇。 You very intelligent......” “你挺聪明的……” dragon sovereign is actually nothing's accident/surprise, but said: 龙皇却是没有任何的意外,而是道: Pitifully, too late......” “可惜,太晚了……” In an instant, 刹那间, The black dragon's head opened the big mouth, wants to take one to swallow the gluttony. 黑色龙头张开了血盆大口,欲要一口吞噬饕餮。 The gluttony facing the life and death crisis, in the heart also filled the air/Qi of ominous offense, roared: 饕餮面对生死危机,心中也是充满了凶戾之气,咆哮道: I can swallow existence of myriad things!” “我才是能吞噬万物的存在!” Finishes speaking, its body dissipates suddenly, changed to a terrifying huge mouth that unexpectedly swallows the world! 话音刚落,它的身躯陡然间消散,竟然是化作了一张吞噬天地的恐怖巨口! Although the black dragon's head is also huge, but with the huge mouth contrast of gluttony body, seemed a little fell leeward. 虽然黑色龙头同样庞大,但与饕餮身化的巨口对比,似乎是有点落入了下风。 Small gluttony, do not struggle again!” “小饕餮,不要再挣扎了!” dragon sovereign the forehead splits suddenly, unexpectedly reveals the third eye! 龙皇的额头陡然间裂开,竟然是显露出了第三只眼睛! Saw only the pupil of dragon sovereign forehead to be full of the blood red color, is filling the pinnacle pressure, in the world as if stagnated generally. 只见龙皇额头的瞳孔充满了血红之色,弥漫着极致的威压,天地间似乎都停滞了一般。 The terrifying strength surges, making the gluttony only feel the body to be defeated and dispersed, the does not have any strength of contending. 恐怖的力量涌动,让饕餮只觉得身躯溃散,没有任何的抗衡之力。 This is not your eye!!” “这不是你的眼睛!!” Gluttony mind, was with amazement faint thought of an alarmed and afraid possibility. 饕餮此刻心神骇然,隐隐间想到了一个令人惊惧的可能。 Eyesight is good.” “眼力不错。” dragon Huangdan smiled one, said: It naturally is not my, but is my father's right eye!” 龙皇淡笑了一声,道:“它自然不是我的,而是吾父的右眼!” Finishes speaking, the blood red pupil of its forehead jumped projected a dazzling red light, illuminated the entire dark world. 话音刚落,它额头的血红瞳孔迸射出了一道耀眼的红光,照亮了整个黑暗的天地。 Gluttony the huge mouth and red light touch, is defeated and dispersed in a flash a piece, 饕餮所化的巨口与红光触碰,转瞬间就溃散一片, In a moment, the gluttony restored the main body, own aura is weak, the blood in mouth wells up crazily, does not have strength of the war. 片刻间,饕餮恢复了本体,自身的气息虚弱,口中的鲜血狂涌而出,已经没有了一战之力。 However the beast ancestor's eyes were also dim, obviously has not seemed like such invincible...... 不过兽祖之眼也是黯淡了下来,显然没有看起来这么无敌…… You?!” “你?!” In the eye of gluttony was full of the hatred with being unwilling, 饕餮的眼中充满了怨毒与不甘, This thinks is the joy after sorrow, finally actually fell into another death hopeless situation...... 本以为是柳暗花明,结果竟然落入了另一个死亡绝境…… Accepts fate......” “认命吧……” dragon sovereign the vision is tranquil, said: This sovereign will revenge for you, the beast sovereign of suppression new times.” 龙皇的目光平静,道:“本皇会为你们报仇,镇压新时代的兽皇。” Without the beast ancestor's bloodlines, what thing you are?! Makes this/Ben sovereign accept fate unexpectedly?!” “若是没有兽祖的血脉,你算什么东西?!竟然让本皇认命?!” The gluttony still has not given up, but looked to another six greatly ominously, said: 饕餮依然没有放弃,而是望向了另外六只大凶,道: You in what? Really thinks that it will let off us?! So long as swallowed it, we can return to the peak!” “你们在等什么?真以为它会放过我们?!只要吞噬了它,我们就能回到巅峰!” One hear of this words, other greatly ominous look moved, looks also had the hostility to the eyes of dragon sovereign. 一听此话,其余大凶神色一动,望向龙皇的眼睛也是有了敌意。 What's wrong? Do you also want to revolt?!” “怎么?你们也要反抗?!” In dragon sovereign the eyes has the taunt, said: 龙皇的眼中有着嘲讽,道: You do not really think a moment ago what you inhaled is the world spiritual energy?” “你们不会真以为自己刚才吸入的是天地灵气吧?” Its finishing speaking, seeing only greatly ominously together is uneven the look changes, tumbles instantaneously in the place, wails. 它的话音刚落,只见大凶们齐齐色变,瞬间就翻滚在地,哀嚎不已。 You?!” “你?!” The gluttony instantaneous look shakes, similarly detected that within the body as if burnt generally, is destroying its body to the strong strength recklessly. 饕餮瞬间神色一震,同样察觉到体内仿佛燃烧起来了一般,有一股至强的力量在肆意摧毁着它的身躯。 Meanwhile, other big ominous is also wails, the battle efficiency was weakened again, 同时,其余的大凶也是哀嚎不已,战斗力再度被削弱, They have not thought, the opposite party from the beginning do not rescue them, but treated as food it...... 它们万万没有想到,对方从一开始就不是要救它们,只是将其当做了食物…… You will not sacrifice in vain.” “你们不会白白牺牲的。” The blood red pupil of dragon sovereign forehead is looking straight ahead the gluttony, instantaneously its control in same place, 龙皇额头的血红瞳孔直视着饕餮,瞬间就将其控制在原地, Its big mouth, the severely wounded gluttony will have swallowed into the mouth, along with making chewing sound of person scalp tingles. 它的大口一张,将已经重伤的饕餮吞入了口中,更是伴随着令人头皮发麻的嘴嚼声。 Was known as that swallows the myriad things the gluttony, fell a swallowed fate unexpectedly finally...... 号称吞噬万物的饕餮,竟然最终落了个被吞噬的下场…… „......” “……” Other live greatly ominously all over the body coldly, in the heart filled alarmed and afraid, 其余大凶通体生寒,心中充满了惊惧, Was this swallowed? 这就被吞了? Spelled!” “拼了!” At this moment, another ruthless color, burnt greatly ominously wear a look of decisively the nearly complete bloodlines! 此刻,又一只大凶面带狠色,果断燃烧了自身近乎全部的血脉! They can grow into the legend, besides bloodlines noble, the character also filled arrogantly, will not easily submit and admit defeat. 它们能成长为传奇,除了血脉高贵以外,性格也是充满了高傲,不会轻易屈服与认输。 At this time, other big ominous so, burnt similarly in abundance the bloodlines, 此时,其余的大凶同样如此,纷纷燃烧了血脉, Suddenly, the severe pain in their within the body was suppressed, restored the battle efficiency reluctantly, 一时间,它们体内的剧痛被镇压而下,勉强恢复了战斗力, They are looking at the dragon sovereign forehead beast ancestor's eyes, without desire of attack, but directly soars the vault of heaven to go, wants to escape from the mainland fragment. 它们望着龙皇额头的兽祖之眼,没有攻击的欲望,而是直奔天穹而去,想要逃出大陆残片。 Ignorant......” “愚昧……” dragon sovereign has no movement, but looked up one. 龙皇没有任何的动作,只是抬头望了一眼。 In a minute, the gluttony in its mouth was swallowed completely, cannot bear roars loudly: 片刻,它口中的饕餮被吞噬殆尽,忍不住放声咆哮: Finally restored a strength......” “终于恢复了一点力量……” At this time, its faint eyes looked at one escape big ominous, cracks into a smile, then the giant head dissipates loudly. 此时,它淡漠的双眼望了一眼逃亡的大凶,咧嘴一笑,接着巨大的头颅就轰然消散。 Six turn head look greatly ominously, in heart anxious rises suddenly instantaneously, as if has placed oneself the boundary of death. 六只大凶回头一望,心中的不安瞬间暴涨,仿佛已经置身死亡之境。 Do not run away.” “不要逃了。” At this moment, six greatly ominous ear banks broadcast a ridiculing sound. 就在此刻,六只大凶的耳畔传来了一道揶揄的声音。 Their mind trembles, only thought that the entire world is opening the mouth general. 它们心神一颤,只觉得整个天地在开口一般。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! At this moment, greatly ominous is reckless, wants to escape from this piece of mainland fragment, 此刻,大凶们不顾一切,想要逃出这一片大陆残片, But in any event, they cannot be close to the vault of heaven, even is getting more and more far, 但无论如何,它们都接近不了天穹,甚至越来越远, This is not the strength of space and time, because the above vault of heaven...... is moving similarly! 这不是时空的力量,而是因为上方的天穹……同样在移动! You, since said balking at ten thousand deaths, that sovereign did not have the psychological burden.” “你们既然说了万死不辞,那本皇就没有心理负担了。” Beast ancestor's the sound reverberation of son in the world, making the will of the people oratorio tremble. 兽祖之子的声音回荡在天地间,令人心神剧颤。 In an instant, sees only the vault of heaven to start the extreme speed to cave, but the land is floating to empty, just like huge mouth that can open and close...... 刹那间,只见天穹开始极速塌陷,而大地则在浮空而起,宛如一张可以开阖的巨口…… Bang! 轰! The land and vault of heaven touch in the same place, greatly ominous life aura was obliterated thoroughly...... 大地与天穹触碰在一起,大凶们的生命气息彻底被磨灭…… Until before the point of death, they recall the beast ancestor's son's real name...... the dragon! 直到临死之前,它们才回想起兽祖之子的真实名字……界龙!
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