IOTBUAGDWMSR :: Volume #16

#1581: Conquers the vestige, is such simple

Whistling- 呼呼- Chen Shu is riding little yellow, is flying in the sky unscrupulously, but below ominous beast is actually regards , if no thing, cannot detect his existence completely. 陈书骑着小黄,在天空肆无忌惮的飞行着,而下方的凶兽却是视若无物,完全察觉不到他的存在。 Has covering up of strength of space and time, he could be domineering and tyrannical in the entire world now. 拥有时空之力的遮掩,他现在已经可以在全世界横行霸道。 Quick, 很快, Chen Shu brings the contract spirit, arrived at a different space in sea area, 陈书带着契约灵,来到了海域中的一处异空间, Was here?” “就是这里了吧?” He touches the chin, was determining here space coordinate, with the information relative photo that the old gentleman gives. 他摸了摸下巴,确定着此处的空间坐标,与老爷子给的信息相对照。 squeak squeak-” “吱吱-” The dragon pupil of space rabbit has wipes the glimmer to fill the air, is only a time, detected the space difference. 空间兔的龙眸有着一抹微光弥漫,只是一眼的工夫,就察觉到了空间的异样。 Found?” “找到了?” Chen Shu is startled slightly, in the eye had wiped the happy expression. 陈书微微一怔,眼中有了一抹笑意。 The rabbit nods, simultaneously strength of circulation space and time, fills the air toward the present space channel. 兔子点了点头,同时身旁的时空之力流转,朝着眼前的空间通道弥漫。 It does not need to change the time forcibly the speed of flow, although present it can achieve reluctantly, but too consumption strength, even can injure to the source. 它不用强行改变时间的流速,虽然现在的它勉强可以做到,但太耗费力量,甚至会伤到本源。 The rabbit only needs to do a matter, that cheats! 兔子只需要做一件事,那就是欺诈! So long as makes the rule of vestige believe, now is the start-up time of vestige, that is enough. 只要让遗迹的规则认为,现在就是遗迹的开启时刻,那就已经足够了。 The strength of circulation space and time, covered the present vestige channel. 时空之力流转,笼罩了眼前的遗迹通道。 Although is only one minute, but regarding the vestige, actually as if had passed one year or so. 虽然只是一分钟的时间,但对于遗迹而言,却似乎已经过去了一年半载。 This did not change the speed of flow of time truly, but made the vestige rule be cheated regarding the sensation of time, 这不是真正改变了时间的流速,只是让遗迹规则对于时间的感知被蒙骗了, Regarding the living creature, this method is very difficult to play the role, but vestige rule dying thing, is naturally impossible to look through the camouflage of rabbit. 对于活物而言,这种手段很难起到作用,但遗迹规则只是死物,自然不可能看破兔子的障眼法。 Quick, 很快, In the look of Chen Shu anticipation, the front vestige channel trembles, unexpectedly really revealed. 陈书期待的眼神中,前方的遗迹通道一颤,竟然是真的显露了出来。 Really Ok!” “果然可以!” Chen Shu licked the lip, in the eye had the exciting color, like will soon obtain the buried treasure fierce bandit to be the same. 陈书舔了舔嘴唇,眼中有了兴奋之色,如同即将得到宝藏的悍匪一般。 Dragon clan vestige, the Elder Brother came!” “龙族遗迹,哥哥来了!” The dragon clan vestige the first time was not opened, before Fang Si had entered, broke through the gold level with the aid of internal strength, 龙族遗迹不是第一次开启了,之前方思就曾经进入过其中,借助内部的力量突破到了黄金级, However the previous time is only opening of small range, quite therefore experience clothing/taking, 不过上次只是小范围的开启,相当于是体验服而已, Now under the Chen Shu method, this large-scale vestige, truly comprehensive opening! 如今在陈书的手段之下,这一座大型遗迹,真正全面开启了! Clash/To!” “冲!” The channel almost just formed, Chen Shu brings the rabbit to enter the present vestige. 通道几乎是刚成形,陈书就带着兔子进入了眼前的遗迹。 A field of vision revolution, he had arrived in the vestige, 视野一转,他就已经来到了遗迹之中, Sees only Chen Shu to be above the cloud layer, like visiting the sky is ordinary, 只见陈书正处于云层之上,如同踏足天空一般, But in his dead ahead, fills the dignified dragon's head to gaze at him, but the huge body is the concealment in the sea of clouds. 而在他的正前方,有一颗充满威严的龙头注视着他,而庞大的身躯则是隐匿在云海中。 The big dragon does not have the life aura, its big mouth opened, extends a dark path, the interior of direct link body...... 巨龙没有生命气息,它的大口张开,延伸出了一条黑暗道路,直达身躯的内部…… Trial is starting......】 【试炼正在开启……】 At this time, in the Chen Shu mind resounded the stiff prompt sound, 此时,陈书的脑海中响起了生硬的提示声, But the eyes of big dragon presented a ray, seems like opening the vestige trial. 而巨龙的双眼出现了一点光芒,似乎是正在开启遗迹试炼。 However, Chen Shu was actually disregarded it directly, 然而,陈书却是直接将其无视了, Present he does not need to participate in the inspection to obtain to reward, this already a little too low...... 如今的他已经不需要参加考核来获得奖励了,这已经有点太low了…… Found the position of spirit of vestige.” “找到遗迹之灵的位置。” He touched the rabbit, issued the order. 他摸了摸兔子,给其下达了命令。 The rabbit nods at the same time, the double pupil presented the golden ray, starts to spy on the present entire vestige. 兔子点头的同时,双眸出现了金色光芒,开始窥探眼前的整个遗迹。 Quick, its look moved, disregarded the big dragon, looked to another direction. 很快,它的神色一动,无视了巨龙,望向了另外一个方向。 The next second, Chen Shu brings the rabbit, flickered to move vanishes in same place, directly soared the spirit of vestige to go. 下一秒,陈书带着兔子,一个瞬移就消失在了原地,直奔遗迹之灵而去。 Roar! 吼! Perhaps is because he violated the rule, originally like the big dragon of dying thing just like living generally, 或许是因为他违反了规则,本来如同死物的巨龙宛如活过来了一般, The aura of false legend fills the air, but has no influence regarding Chen Shu, even cannot catch his trail. 伪传奇的气息弥漫,但却对于陈书没有任何的影响,甚至都捕捉不到他的踪迹。 Now, the Chen Shu rule is the rule! 现在,陈书的规则才是规则! Meanwhile, the deep place of vestige, 与此同时,遗迹的深处, A golden dragonet look is panic-stricken, looks at Chen Shu that is flickering to move to unceasingly, suddenly in the heart even had anxiously. 一只金色小龙正神色惊骇,望着不断瞬移的陈书,一时间心中甚至是有了一点不安。 It is resting well in the family/home, directly flushed a fierce bandit? 它正在家睡得好好的,直接就冲进来了一个悍匪? Moreover now is not the start-up time of vestige, can the opposite party disregard the rule to come in unexpectedly forcefully? 而且现在不是遗迹的开启时刻,对方竟然可以无视规则强行进来? This strength, is not perhaps weak in its master...... 这份实力,恐怕已经不弱于它的主人了…… Anomaly where this special braves?!” “这特么是什么地方冒出来的变态?!” The spirit of brain vestige humming sound, in the heart filled not handled, does not know how should deal. 遗迹之灵脑子都嗡嗡的,心中充满了无措,不知道该如何应对。 Un? Vanished?!” “嗯?消失了?!” At this moment, its mind shook, sees only Chen Shu to vanish from the picture unexpectedly, 就在此刻,它的心神一震,只见陈书竟然从画面中消失了, An ominous premonition appears, it seemed like has detected, turned the head to look instantaneously, 一股不祥的预感出现,它似乎是有了察觉,瞬间转头望去, Sees only a youth positive/direct belt/bring sunlight the smile, such static looks at it...... 只见一名青年正面带阳光的笑容,就这么静静的看着它…… You?!” “你?!” Spirit of instinct vestige backed up several meters, in the eye covered entirely dreaded the color. 遗迹之灵本能的倒退了数米,眼中布满了忌惮之色。 In an instant, it used the strength of entire vestige directly, wants to control the opposite party, 刹那间,它直接动用了整个遗迹的力量,想要控制住对方, But the next second, it gave to be shocked, 但下一秒,它就给愣住了, Although opposite party at present, but actually seems in another space and time, the strength of vestige basic on locking not. 对方虽然就在眼前,但却仿佛处于另外一个时空,遗迹的力量根本就锁定不了。 Although was known as that is one of the human top vestiges, the battle efficiency that but actually it has is also the false legend, even root hair of Chen Shu cannot trace. 虽然号称是人类的顶尖遗迹之一,但其实它拥有的战斗力也就是伪传奇,连陈书的一根毛都摸不到。 Who are you?!” “你到底是谁?!” The vision of spirit of vestige is staring at Chen Shu, even a little suspected that the opposite party is not human, but is some powerful ominous beast camouflage. 遗迹之灵的目光盯着陈书,甚至有点怀疑对方不是人类,而是某个强大的凶兽伪装。 Chen Shu shows a faint smile, said: 陈书微微一笑,道: Nanjiang fierce bandit, Chen Shu!” “南江悍匪,陈书!” „......” “……” The spirit of vestige does not know how suddenly should open the mouth, 遗迹之灵一时间不知道该如何开口, Long time, it is said slowly: You want to make anything......” 半晌,它才缓缓道:“你想要做什么……” Senior does not need to fear, I am not an unprincipled person.” “前辈不用怕,我不是坏人。” „......” “……” Spirit of earnest nod of vestige, is its not intertwining opposite party an unprincipled person, but is the worry is the person...... 遗迹之灵认真的点了点头,它不纠结对方是不是坏人,而是担心是不是人…… Chen Shu shows a faint smile, said: 陈书微微一笑,道: I have no fear of great distances, fill with the sincerity, is to accept the inheritance of vestige, but also looks at the senior to help.” “我不远万里,满怀诚意,就是想要接受遗迹的传承,还望前辈成全。” „??” “??” The spirit of vestige one gave to be startled, 遗迹之灵一下就给怔住了, This special the violence scores, then disregards the vestige rule, dares to say unexpectedly do oneself fill with the sincerity? 这特么暴力破门,接着又无视遗迹规则,竟然还敢说自己满怀诚意? Chen Shu spoke frankly again: 陈书再度直言道: Senior, the situation is now urgent, I need the resources of vestige, gives an opportunity troublesome.” “前辈,现在局势紧急,我需要遗迹的资源,麻烦给个机会。” Your disposition extremely in irritable, the inheritance of vestige I cannot easily decide.” “你的心性太过于急躁,遗迹的传承我不能轻易决定。” The spirit of vestige sized up Chen Shu, shakes the head, expressed the rejection. 遗迹之灵打量了一下陈书,摇了摇头,表示了拒绝。 Chen Shu does not have the accident/surprise, opens the mouth saying: Senior, I thinks that you did not understand temporarily the situation, allowing me to say......” 陈书却是没有意外,开口道:“前辈,我想你暂时不了解外界的局势,容我来讲一讲……” In a minute, he tense situation will say simply, otherwise the spirit of vestige also really thinks that is the peace age. 片刻,他将紧张的局势简单的说了一下,否则遗迹之灵还真以为是和平年代。 „Was human compelled this position?” “人类被逼到这个境地了?” The look of spirit of vestige was also cannot help but dignified. 遗迹之灵的神色也是不由得凝重了起来。 Without a doubt, now is the life and death time of human. 毫无疑问,如今已经是人类的生死存亡时刻。 Chen Shu opens the mouth to say again: I controlled the strength of space and time, is the successor who Old Master ancient Shun selects, simultaneously controlled three big vestiges, I thought that I can hold the post of this inheritance.” 陈书再度开口道:“我掌控了时空之力,又是古舜老爷子选中的接班人,同时掌控了三个大遗迹,我觉得自己可以担任这个传承者。” He carried out oneself status, 紧接着,他又是搬出了自己的身份, Even if with the buttocks pondered can know, present Chen Shu is the only candidate of vestige inheritance. 哪怕是用屁股思考都能知道,如今的陈书才是遗迹传承者的不二人选。 „......” “……” The spirit of vestige is sizing up Chen Shu back and forth, has not suspected the genuine and fake of opposite party words actually. 遗迹之灵来回打量着陈书,倒是没有怀疑对方话语的真假。 Strength that the opposite party show, was best to explain. 对方展现出来的实力,就是最好的说明了。 If the senior does not hope, I not reluctantly......” “若是前辈不愿,我也不会勉强……” Chen Shu held holding the fist in the other hand, wear a look of the say/way of profound meaning: My rabbit has the strength of space and time, can seek for the resources......” 陈书抱了抱拳,面带深意的道:“我的兔子有时空之力,可以自己去寻找资源的……” „!” “!” The spirit of full heavy line vestige, puts this naked threat...... 遗迹之灵满头黑线,搁这赤裸裸的威胁是吧…… According to the view of opposite party, the present world, has no resources to take, 按照对方的说法,如今的世界,已经没有什么资源可以拿了, Only resources point, only then its this top vestige, 唯一的资源点,就只有它这种顶尖遗迹了, But opposite party so-called of seek for the resources, had been indicating clearly: 而对方所谓的自己寻找资源,已经是在明示: If not give, that can only snatch...... 如果不给,那就只能自己抢了……
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