IOTBUAGDWMSR :: Volume #16

#1575: The little brothers, wait for this sovereign to return

Is gathering me special didn't the escape route have?” “合着我特么的退路没了?” Chen Shu looked to the above vault of heaven, suddenly also a little compelled ignorant. 陈书望向了上方的天穹,一时间也是有点懵逼了。 He grows stronger recklessly, was the result caught in one's own trap? 他不顾一切的变强,结果是作茧自缚了? Later said......” “以后再说吧……” Chen Shu shakes the head, has not intertwined again anything. 陈书摇了摇头,也是没有再纠结什么。 At least, he now oneself am not the legendary rank, perhaps goes to the starry sky to have no danger, at the worst took back the rabbit on the line. 至少,他现在本人不是传奇等级,前往星空或许没有什么危险,大不了收回兔子就行了。 Also misses a beast sovereign......” “还差一只兽皇……” Chen Shu has not pondered the matter of escape route again, but starts to consider the system the option achievement. 陈书没有再思考退路的事情,而是开始考虑系统的选项成就。 After one year of effort, he has extinguished successfully killed nine greatly ominously, 经过一年的努力,他已经成功灭杀了九只大凶, Now is also left over the last beast sovereign. 如今还剩下最后一只兽皇。 If goes to the starry sky to chase down the severe wound big ominous is not realistic, can only target on for the beast sovereign of new times. 如果前往星空追杀重伤的大凶是不现实了,只能将目标锁定为新时代的兽皇。 By my strength, the beast sovereign who kills a low-rank legend does not have the issue......” “凭借我的实力,杀一只下位传奇的兽皇没有问题……” Chen Shu muttered: Must seek for an appropriate time.” 陈书喃喃自语:“不过得寻找一个适当的时机。” Unlike extinguishing kills greatly ominously, once he designates a new times beast sovereign is the goal, other beast sovereigns will support quickly. 与灭杀大凶不同,一旦他选定一个新时代兽皇为目标,其余兽皇会很快支援而来。 This also means, he must end the fight to be good in a short time . Moreover the oneself big probability will also expose the strength. 这也意味着,他必须要在短时间内解决战斗才行,而且自身大概率也会暴露出实力。 However so long as can complete the option, other is actually unimportant. 不过只要能完成选项,其余的倒是也不重要了。 At this time, Chen Shu flickers to move, follows the beast sovereign who beforehand evacuated quietly...... 此时,陈书一个瞬移,悄然的跟上了之前撤离的兽皇…… ...... …… Today, the greatly ominous time formally ended.” “今日,大凶的时代就正式结束了。” The look of day rabbit is tranquil, in the eye actually covered entirely excitedly, said: 天兔的神色平静,眼中却是布满了兴奋,道: „Did everyone, prepare to welcome our time?” “各位,准备好迎接我们的时代了吗?” Other beast sovereigns grin to laugh wildly, roaring, declared that they are the masters in the world. 其余兽皇咧嘴狂笑,一路咆哮着,宣示它们已经是世界的主人。 Quick, one group of beast sovereigns entered in the deep sea, arrives in front of space that opened newly, 很快,一行兽皇进入了深海之中,来到了一处新开辟的空间面前, Everyone, this is we deposits the resources the place.” “各位,这就是我们存放资源的地方。” Day rabbit light say/way: 天兔淡淡的道: Before to prevent greatly to be been of ominous and human some drop dead found, the position of place of resources continuously only then our five high-rank ominous sovereigns know.” “之前为了防止被大凶和某个杀千刀的人类找到,资源之地的位置一直只有我们五个上位凶皇知晓。” Now the war ended, I want not to need to conceal.” “不过现在大战结束,我想就没有必要隐瞒了。” With greatly ominous battle, everyone had/left vigorously, us divided the resources simply, treated as start fund.” “与大凶的厮杀,各位都是出了大力,索性咱们就分了资源,就当做各位的启动资金了。” Establishes the place of resources one to make the reserve for the war ; second, to prevent to find the resources to restore the injury greatly ominously, now naturally does not need of existence. 建立资源之地一是为大战做储备,二是防止大凶找到资源来恢复伤势,如今自然也没有了存在的必要。 An numerous beast sovereign wear a look of wild with joy, entered the place of long-awaited resources in abundance. 一众兽皇面带狂喜,纷纷进入了梦寐以求的资源之地。 Un? The day knight still therapy?” “嗯?天骑士还在疗伤吗?” The day rabbit enters, saw a day of knight is sitting in the entry position, both eyes shuts tightly, is absorbing nearby resources. 天兔一进入其中,就看到了天骑士正坐在入口位置,双目紧闭,吸收着附近的资源。 Such economical?” “这么节省的吗?” The day rabbit looked at vanishing resources, is only this place insignificant, imagines compared with it wants few many. 天兔望了一眼消失的资源,只是此地的沧海一粟罢了,比它想象中都要少的多。 Ok, do not disturb the day of knight brothers.” “好了,不要打扰天骑士兄弟了。” The day rabbit looked at a day knight, then said: We first carve up the resources of deep place.” 天兔望了一眼天骑士,接着道:“咱们先瓜分深处的资源。” Other beast sovereigns nod, look have the admiration to the look of day knight, 其余兽皇点了点头,望向天骑士的眼神有着敬佩, Although they left vigorously, but the day knight put together the life, 它们虽然是出了大力,但天骑士可是拼了性命的, Without it solves the azure demon dragon, the war really so will not be smooth, when the opposite party is the biggest hero. 若是没有它解决掉青魔龙,大战还真不会这么顺利,对方当属最大的功臣。 But when one group of beast sovereigns enter the place of deep place resources, one gave to be startled, 而就在一行兽皇进入资源之地深处的时候,一下就给怔住了, Un?” “嗯?” The day rabbit pupil shrank, looks to all around, instantaneous such as was struck by lightning, 天兔瞳孔一缩,望向了四周,瞬间如遭雷击, Sees only the place of resources deep place, is unexpectedly empty, no resources remain, looks like by the specialized fierce bandit is patronized simply generally. 只见资源之地的深处,竟然空空荡荡,没有一点资源残留,简直就像是被专业悍匪光顾过一般。 How can?!” “怎么会?!” Its mouth slightly, brain suddenly a little blank. 它嘴巴微张,脑子一时间都有点空白了。 Next second, it not hesitant, goes to other directions directly, finally is still the same, has not stayed behind including root hair! 下一秒,它没有犹豫,直接前往其余方向,结果依然相同,连一根毛都没有留下! Other beast sovereigns also realized is not right, is seeking for the resources, 其余兽皇也是意识到了不对劲,纷纷寻找着资源, The place of resources compares is big, this that they estimate also means the resources that they deposit are also astronomical figures, 资源之地比它们预想的还要大,这也意味着它们存放的资源也是一个天文数字, However, originally the rich resources vanish now unexpectedly completely do not see, 然而,本来丰厚的资源如今竟然是全部消失不见, Long time, 半晌, The beast sovereigns meet again in the same place, in the eye have with astonishment with wipe the anger, 兽皇们重聚在一起,眼中有着惊愕与一抹怒意, The shark sovereign kills intent wear a look, calls out one: We fight a bloody battle outside, finally was the family/home stolen?!” 鲨皇面带杀意,暴吼一声:“我们在外面浴血奋战,结果家又被偷了?!” Why as for must say that ‚’, naturally thought of that man...... 至于为什么要说‘又’,自然又是想到了那个男人…… Day rabbit, how many times aren't you midway have come back? Had not detected that a point is unusual?!” “天兔,你不是中途回来过几次吗?没有察觉到一点异常?!” The looks of nine quiet pythons ice-cold, even had a suspicion. 九幽巨蟒的眼神冰冷,甚至是带有了一点怀疑。 Although the day rabbit is the temporary leader, but if makes this matter, other beast sovereigns will be impolite. 虽然天兔是暂时的首领,但若是做出这种事,其余兽皇可不会对它客气的。 Damn...... I was swindled......” “该死……我上当了……” Deeping frown of day rabbit, arrived at the entrance position again. 天兔的眉头紧锁,再度来到了入口的位置。 Other beast sovereigns are also follow closely to come, was worried that a day of rabbit will seize the chance to make a getaway. 其余兽皇也是紧随而来,担心天兔会趁机逃之夭夭。 The day rabbit opens the mouth saying: You disperse the sensation!” 天兔开口道:“你们散开感知!” The numerous beast sovereign is startled slightly, disperses the sensation actually in abundance, then detected instantaneously was not right. 众兽皇微微一怔,倒是也纷纷散开感知,接着瞬间就察觉到了不对劲。 Sees only in their sensations, the deep place still covered entirely various higher resources, all that as if they saw a moment ago are only the illusions. 只见在它们的感知之中,深处依然是布满了各种高等资源,似乎它们刚才看到的一切都只是幻觉罢了。 What situation?!” “什么情况?!” The beast sovereign also being startled, simultaneous/uniform Qiwang to a day of rabbit, wanted a reasonable explanation. 兽皇也是给怔住了,齐齐望向了天兔,想要得到一个合理的解释。 But at this time, 而此时, The day rabbit actually arrived in front of the day knight of sitting well, 天兔却是来到了端坐的天骑士面前, The opposite party the aura is still chaotic, a severely wounded appearance, has not seemed like all normal, 对方依然气息混乱,一副重伤未愈的模样,看起来一切正常, But was also disclosing is not normal, 但却又透露着不正常, A year of therapy , hasn't the opposite party still restored? Moreover only used this point resources? Rather too high character and integrity? 一年的疗伤,对方依然是没有恢复过来?而且只用了这一点资源?未免太高风亮节了吧? Day rabbit not again hesitant, the left eye is filling the gray-black ray, the strength of petrification emerges together, 天兔没有再犹豫,左眼弥漫着灰黑色的光芒,一道石化之力涌现而出, The day knight still both eyes shut tightly, does not have any response, was petrified directly at the scene, 天骑士依然双目紧闭,没有任何的反应,直接是被当场石化, Bang! 砰! In an instant, changes to the statue the day knight at the scene disintegration, 刹那间,化作石像的天骑士当场崩碎, Other beast sovereign simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform are startled, at this time their sensation returned to normal, 其余兽皇齐齐一怔,此时它们感知恢复了正常, Sees only the resources dissipation of deep place not to see completely, the resources that only then the entrance a little covers their ears and eyes, arrive unlike the beforehand sensation completely. 只见深处的资源全部消散不见,只有入口处有一点掩人耳目的资源,与之前感知到的完全不同。 At this moment, they are clear, was given the deceit by the day knight unexpectedly?! 这一刻,它们才明白,竟然被天骑士给欺骗了?! False body?!” “假身?!” The day rabbit double pupil gradually becomes ice-cold, in the heart understands, oneself was planned...... 天兔双眸逐渐变得冰冷,心中明白,自己是被算计了…… Although it the midway has come back several times, but actually looked at a situation of day knight in a hurry, dispersed a sensation, then left hurriedly, 它虽然中途回来过数次,但却只是匆匆看了一眼天骑士的情况,散开了一下感知,接着就匆忙离开了, It is busy with chasing down greatly ominously , without the time to take inventory internal resources, let alone this behavior a little hurts the heart of hero. 它忙于追杀大凶,没有时间清点内部的资源,何况这个行为有点伤功臣的心。 This also causes, was really worked by the opposite party unexpectedly. 这也导致,竟然真被对方得逞了。 Un? Has the thing.” “嗯?有东西。” At this moment, the shark sovereign looked to the place of day of knight false body disintegration, saw only in the ground to have a black flake. 此刻,鲨皇望向了天骑士假身崩碎之处,只见地面上正有一块黑色的石片。 The day rabbit picked up the stone, other beast sovereigns also encircled, above sees is only engraving a few words: 天兔捡起了石块,其余兽皇也是围了过来,只见上面正刻印着一句话: Little brothers, wait for this sovereign to return!” “小弟们,等本皇归来!” Bang! 砰! In an instant, the day rabbit direct crumb the flake, in the eye had wiped the violent anger with killing intent. 刹那间,天兔直接捏碎了石片,眼中有了一抹暴怒与杀意。 Their with difficulty overthrew the greatly ominous rule, finally finally by day knight suspending one?! 它们千辛万苦的推翻了大凶统治,结果最后被天骑士给摆了一道?! A violent anger, the humiliation, the unwilling feeling well ups, 一种暴怒,屈辱,不甘的感觉涌上心头, Their more than ten beast sovereigns, unexpectedly all by day knight playing jokes upon?! 它们十余只兽皇,竟然全都被天骑士给戏耍了?! Although they controlled the entire world, later the resources will also appear continuously, but that actually requires lots of time to be good, 虽然它们掌控了全世界,以后资源还会源源不断的出现,但那却需要大量的时间才行, Present beast sovereign, it can be said that poor one batch...... 如今的兽皇,可以说是穷的一批了……
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