IC :: Volume #2

#112: The Yang Mansion person came

Quick, two days pass by. 很快,两天过去。 practice Huang Xiaolong start to / begin to in Exquisite Pagoda comes out. 玲珑宝塔之中修炼黄小龙方始出来。 Breaks through to Rank 9 Middle Stage, Battle Qi quenchings the muscle unceasingly, the muscle, the membrane, in addition Exquisite Golden Body, now Huang Xiaolong skin simply is more tenacious than the boasting, the muscle is harder than the steel, but the muscle can stretch is extremely long, instantaneous explosive power has been the astonishing degree. 突破到九阶中期,斗气不断淬炼肌肉,筋,膜,再加上玲珑金身,现在黄小龙皮膜简直比牛皮还坚韧,肌肉比钢还硬,而筋可以拉伸得极长,瞬间爆发力达到了惊人的程度。 Huang Xiaolong comes out from Exquisite Pagoda, moves toward the Fei Mansion hall, all the way, runs into Fei Mansion these guards, the servant, all respectful bows to Huang Xiaolong salutes respectfully, calls Young Master. 黄小龙玲珑宝塔出来,走向费府大厅,一路上,遇到费府那些护卫,奴仆,俱都恭敬向黄小龙躬身恭敬行礼,称呼少主 When some beautiful maidservants salute to Huang Xiaolong, even also has that some shyly. 一些漂亮侍女给黄小龙行礼时,甚至还有那么一些些羞涩。 Today was the date of Fei Hou grandson Fei Ming marriage, entire Fei Mansion was extremely busy, Martial Spirit World also had the firecrackers, outside the mansion the front door firecrackers keeps ringing, a jubilance. 今日是费侯孙子费明结婚之日,整个费府热闹非凡,武魂世界也有鞭炮,府外大门鞭炮响个不停,一片喜气洋洋。 When Huang Xiaolong goes to the hall, Fei Rong, the Fei Ming two fathers and sons just and audiences Patriarch sit in the hall joke, sees Huang Xiaolong to come, Fei Rong, the Fei Ming two fathers and sons and audiences Patriarch hurried to stand from the seat suddenly, in reverential awe, that appearance caught fire like the buttocks simply general. 黄小龙来到大厅时,费荣,费明两父子正和一众家主坐在大厅笑谈,看到黄小龙进来,费荣,费明两父子和众家主赶紧从座位上霍然站了起来,诚惶诚恐,那模样简直就像屁股着了火一般。 Has seen Young Master!” Fei Rong, Fei Ming their anxious sound track. “见过少主!”费荣,费明两人急声道。 These Patriarch are also smiles extremely brightly: Young Master Huang is good!” 那些家主也是笑得极其灿烂:“黄公子好!” Huang Xiaolong has selected nodded, asked: Fei Hou?” 黄小龙点了点头,问道:“费侯呢?” Fei Rong goes forward, hurries to reply: Father he in Inner Court, Young Master must look for him, I then call the father now.” 费荣上前,赶紧回答道:“父亲他正在内院,少主要找他,我现在便去叫父亲。” Does not use, I look for him.” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, then leaves the hall. “不用了,我去找他吧。”黄小龙摆了摆手,然后离开大厅。 After Huang Xiaolong leaves, the people relaxed obviously, especially Fei Rong and Fei Ming two fathers and sons, their forehead had the tiny beads of sweat obviously. 黄小龙离开后,众人明显松了一口大气,特别是费荣费明两父子,两人额头明显有了细小汗珠。 When a Fei Mansion jubilance, lively, in the Yang Mansion secret room, thunders suddenly a sound, a silhouette scores, smiles in a profligate manner, the formidable aura covers entire Yang Mansion, Yang Mansion all people are startled. 就在费府一片喜气洋洋,热闹之极时,杨府密室之内,突然轰鸣一响,一道人影破门而出,狂然一笑,强大的气息笼罩整个杨府,杨府所有人一惊。 But defends Yang Zheng outside secret room, the Yang Zhanfei fathers and sons are actually on the face one happy. 而守在密室外的杨正,杨展非父子却是脸上一喜。 Father, Grandfather!” They go forward to say. “父亲,爷爷!”两人上前道。 From person of Grandpa Yang An secret room coming out Yang Dong, Innate Rank 2 powerhouse! 从密室出来之人正是杨安爷爷杨动,先天二阶强者 Yang Dong falls the body to get down, the look sweeps, opens the mouth saying: An'er? How not to see An'er!” 杨动落身下来,眼神一扫,开口道:“安儿呢?怎么不见安儿!” Generally he goes out, his most treasure grandson Yang An definitely greets is right. 一般他出关,他最宝贝孙儿杨安肯定迎接才对。 Yang Zheng, the Yang Zhanfei two fathers and sons have hesitated. 杨正,杨展非两父子迟疑了一下。 What's the matter?!” A Yang Dong brow wrinkle. “怎么回事?!”杨动眉头一皱。 Father, Yang An his had been injured, severe wound! Now also lies down in family green spring, therefore cannot come to greet the father to go out!” Yang Zheng goes forward to say. “父亲,杨安他被人打伤了,重伤!现在还躺在家族绿泉之内,所以不能前来迎接父亲出关了!”杨正上前说道。 The Yang Family green spring, is Healing Sacred Pond, in the Yang Family core disciple severe wound, then enters therapy. 杨家绿泉,乃是疗伤圣池,当杨家核心弟子重伤之内,便进入其中疗伤。 What?” Yang Dong whole body rays of light flashes, the terrifying aura soars to the heavens, both eyes flashes cold light is bright: Who is, who does?!” “什么?”杨动全身光芒闪动,恐怖气息冲天,双眼寒芒闪烁:“是谁,谁干的?!” Is the Fei Mansion person!” Yang Zhanfei inserts the tastes. “是费府的人!”杨展非插口道。 Fei Mansion? Is Fei Hou, did he come back?” Yang Dong asked. 费府?是费侯,他回来了?”杨动问道。 In his opinion, Fei Mansion, only had Fei Hou to injure to result in Yang An. 在他看来,费府,也只有费侯才能伤得了杨安了。 Yang Zheng shakes the head: Fei Hou came back, but is not Fei Hou, but is a boy surnamed Huang, 15-16 -year-old, he is Fei Hou comes back together!” 杨正摇头:“费侯是回来了,不过不是费侯,而是一个姓黄的小子,十五六岁,他是和费侯一起回来的!” Boy surnamed Huang!” Some Yang Dong accidents and was shocked: Is only 15-16 years old!” 15-16 years old do, defeat Yang An?! “姓黄的小子!”杨动有些意外和吃惊:“才十五六岁!”十五六岁,打败杨安?! Yang Zheng nodded: Yes, moreover what is strange Fei Hou called this boy is Young Master, the father, that Fei Hou broke through Innate.” 杨正点头:“是的,而且奇怪的是费侯称呼这小子为少主,还有父亲,那费侯已经突破先天了。” „, Broke through Innate?” Yang Dong is once more accidental, immediately sneered said: Originally broke through Innate, no wonder linked my Yang Dong grandsons to dare take action, thinks that broke through Innate then not to pay attention to my Yang Mansion, today probably was Fei Hou that grandson's the date of wedding?” “哦,突破先天了?”杨动再次意外,随即冷笑道:“原来突破先天了,怪不得连我杨动的孙子都敢出手,以为突破先天便不将我杨府放在眼里了,今天好像是费侯那孙子的婚礼之日吧?” Yes, father!” Yang Zheng said. “是的,父亲!”杨正道。 Walks, you go to Fei Mansion along with me now, I give a big present to them!” “走,你们随我现在去费府,我给他们送一份大礼!” Yang Zheng, the Yang Zhanfei two fathers and sons should be respectfully, on face one happy. 杨正,杨展非两父子恭敬应是,脸上一喜。 Has father take action, this Fei Mansion died!” In Yang Zheng heart secretly sneered. “有父亲出手,这次费府死定了!”杨正心中暗自冷笑 Therefore, under Yang Zheng leads, the Yang Mansion people are enormous and powerful toward Fei Mansion come, before leaving Yang Mansion, Yang Zheng goes to the green spring to look at grandson Yang An, saw that the Yang An entire chest was almost hit flatly, in the heart is the anger and killing intent. 于是,在杨正率领下,杨府众人一路浩浩荡荡往费府而来,出杨府之前,杨正去绿泉看了一下孙子杨安,看到杨安整个胸口几乎被打扁了,心中更是怒火和杀意 The Yang Mansion people place visited, street pedestrian complete complexion startled changes, all by far hides by the street. 杨府众人所过之处,街道行人全部脸色惊然一变,俱都远远躲到街道两旁。 After the Yang Mansion people walk away, pedestrian dares to discuss low voice. 杨府众人走远后,行人才敢小声议论。 Is the Yang Mansion person! Goes to Fei Mansion evidently!” “是杨府的人!看样子是去费府的!” Then had the good play to look, Fei Mansion is in the wedding today, perhaps waited to want the rivers of blood!” “这下有好戏看了,费府今天正在婚事,说不定等会要血流成河!” Walks, we with go and take a look!” “走,我们跟过去看看!” All the way, the pedestrian follows by far after Yang Dong and other people, comes toward Fei Mansion, at first only then several people, each road many several people, the person of followed are then getting more and more, finally after Yang Dong and other people, is a dark head, there are several hundred people. 一路上,行人远远跟在杨动等人身后,往费府而来,起初只有几人,每一段路便多几人,跟随之人越来越多,最后杨动等人身后是一片黑乎乎的人头,有数百人之多。 Fei Mansion. 费府 Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou sit on hall seat of honor, with the audiences Patriarch joke, suddenly, before Fei Mansion front door, transmits two pitiful yells, a piece calls out in alarm resounds. 黄小龙费侯坐在大厅主座上,正与众家主笑谈,突然,费府大门之前传来两声惨叫,一片惊呼响起。 At this time, a guard Fei Mansion ran startled, said to Fei Hou: Old gentleman, the Yang Mansion person came, is Yang Dong!” 这时,一名费府护卫惊慌跑了进来,对费侯道:“老爷子,杨府的人来了,是杨动!” Yang Dong!” Patriarch that in the hall all comes to congratulate is all startled. 杨动!”大厅上所有前来恭贺的家主俱都一惊。 Yang Dong, representative, but Innate Rank 2 powerhouse! 杨动,代表的可是先天二阶强者 Moreover hiding shortcomings that Yang Dong became famous, a Marquis son has hit a Yang Mansion guard, this Yang Dong personally arrives at that Marquis your family place to condemn unexpectedly, even makes Yang Mansion that guard hit that Marquis son half dead, afterward complained that Marquis to King in front, but lets it go finally. 而且杨动可是出了名的护短,有一次一位侯爵儿子打了杨府一名护卫,这杨动竟然都亲自到那侯爵府上问罪,甚至让杨府那名护卫将那侯爵儿子打得半死,后来那位侯爵国王面前告状,但是最后不了了之。 This time, severe wound, but Yang Dong most treasure grandson Yang An, Yang Dong this time, only feared! 这次,重伤的可是杨动最宝贝孙子杨安,杨动这次来,只怕! Finally came! 终于来了! Fei Hou complexion one cold, these two days, he has been ready that Yang Dong comes. 费侯脸色一冷,这两天,他已经做好杨动前来的准备。 Young Master!” Fei Hou transfers to ask Huang Xiaolong. 少主!”费侯转首过来问黄小龙 We have a look!” Huang Xiaolong stands saying that Fei Hou, Fei Rong, Fei Ming as well as all Patriarch stood up, follow Huang Xiaolong to leave the hall, came when toward the front door, arrived at the front door, sees only Yang Mansion several guard but actually lying down grounds, all around walled-in courtyard was knocked down one piece, the guard who on the front door beforehand street guard Fei Mansion and Yang Mansion came is still fighting, Battle Qi surged. “我们出去看看!”黄小龙站起来道,费侯,费荣,费明以及所有家主站起,跟随黄小龙出了大厅,往大门而来,来到大门时,只见杨府几位护卫倒躺地面,四周墙院被撞倒一片,大门之前街道上费府护卫和杨府前来的护卫还在打斗,斗气激荡。 Yang Dong, Yang Zheng and the others are crossing the hands behind the back to stand. 杨动,杨正等人正负手而立。 By the street, surrounded the a lot person from afar. 街道两旁,远远围观了不少人。 Fei Hou comes out, Yang Dong looked, their look collides, Yang Dong takes back the look, looks to Huang Xiaolong, both eyes like the blade, cold glow suddenly to launch. 费侯出来,杨动看了过来,两人眼神碰撞,杨动收回眼神,看向黄小龙,双眼如刀,寒芒暴射。 Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou and the others came out, guard Fei Mansion and guards Yang Mansion of fighting stopped fighting, has fallen back on the one side, at this time, Yang Dong, Yang Zheng and the others went forward gradually. 黄小龙,费侯等人出来,打斗的费府护卫和杨府护卫停止了打斗,退到了一旁,这时,杨动,杨正等人缓步上前。 Boy, are you that boy surnamed Huang?” Yang Dong coldly looked at Huang Xiaolong: I, no matter your anything status, since you have injured my grandson, my request is not excessive, so long as you are willing from breaking two arms, I can let off you.” Here, swept Fei Hou and the others: Otherwise, you not only need die today, must be buried along with the dead to you including the Fei Mansion person together!” “小子,你就是那个姓黄的小子?”杨动冷冷地看着黄小龙:“我不管你什么身份,既然你打伤了我孙子,我的要求也不过份,只要你肯自断两臂,我可以放过你。”说到这,一扫费侯等人:“不然,你今天不仅要死,连费府的人也要一起给你陪葬!” <\; a <\;a href = h reading. \; href=h阅读。\;
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