IC :: Volume #2

#111: Naturally cannot such forget about it

After Lion King Body Transformation, the Yang An throat sent out has been similar to a lion roar, one step trod, the earth shock, the hard street ground floor burst unexpectedly. 狮王变身后,杨安喉咙发出了如同狮子一声的吼声,一步踏出,地面震动,坚硬的街道地面地板竟然破裂开来。 Strength of the foot, again to this way! 一脚之力,重至如斯! Yang An walked to Huang Xiaolong gradually. 杨安一步一步向黄小龙走了过来。 Each step, the ground floor bursts surely. 每一步,地面地板必定破裂。 The formidable imposing manner sweeps across all around, the ground grit circles in flight unexpectedly unceasingly from the ground along with his formidable imposing manner. 强大的气势席卷四周,地面沙石竟然随着他强大气势从地面不断飞旋起来。 Yang An just like Lion King that goes out of Ancient Desolate Forest, walks gradually from the throne, approaches to his prey. 杨安犹如从荒古森林走出的狮王,一步一步从王座之上走下来,向他的猎物走近。 Huang Xiaolong looks that to Yang An that oneself walk, is calm, under the people gaze, the Huang Xiaolong whole body Battle Qi release, black air currents revolves unceasingly, terrifying slaughter aura sends out, in the meantime, Huang Xiaolong both eyes becomes blood red, the back grew two black long wings unexpectedly. 黄小龙看着向自己走来的杨安,一脸平静,在众人注视下,黄小龙全身斗气释放,一道道黑色气流不断旋转而起,恐怖杀戮之气散发开来,同时,黄小龙双眼变得血红,背后竟然长出了两只黑色长翼。 All people are startled. 所有人一惊。 What Cultivation Technique is this?! Good terrifying slaughter aura!” “这是什么功法?!好恐怖杀戮之气!” „Has his aura promoted these many unexpectedly? very powerful!” “他的气息竟然提升了这么多?好强!” All around people startled discussed, the people discovered the Huang Xiaolong aura continually promotes unexpectedly, even has pressed Yang An after Lion King Body Transformation faintly! 四周众人惊然议论,众人发现黄小龙的气息竟然不断提升,甚至隐隐压过了狮王变身后的杨安 But Fei Hou saw Huang Xiaolong changes behind, both eyes excitedly, Asura Body, this is in the Asura Sect legend Supreme Asura Body! 费侯看到黄小龙的变身后,双眼激动之极,修罗之身,这便是修罗门传说之中至高无上修罗之身 Follows the Huang Xiaolong seven years, he saw Huang Xiaolong to display this Asura Body finally. 跟随黄小龙七年,他终于看到黄小龙施展出这修罗之身了。 Fei Rong looks that the father is excited the appearance that the hair shivers, in the heart has doubts. 费荣看着父亲激动得头发颤抖的样子,心中疑惑。 Huang Xiaolong Asura Body, back Devil's Wings launches suddenly, the shape, the people only noticed that a black shadow flashes through instantaneously, Huang Xiaolong arrived in front of that Yang An. 黄小龙化出修罗之身,背后恶魔之翼突然展开,身后一形,众人只看到一个黑色影子瞬间闪过,黄小龙已经来到了那杨安面前。 Yang An has not responded, Huang Xiaolong Collapse Fist then rumbles instantaneously, the bang to his chest on, a Yang An face pain, formidable fist energy wears out unexpectedly instantaneously his body surface defense, rumbled his within the body five main internal organs (entrails). 杨安还没反应过来,黄小龙一记崩拳瞬间便轰出,轰到他胸口上,杨安一脸痛苦,强大的拳劲竟然瞬间穿破他体表防御,轰到了他体内五脏六腑。 Yang An was rumbled to draw back several steps. 杨安被轰退了十几步。 The Huang Xiaolong figure illness plunders, is wadding holds palm strength to strike instantaneously in the Yang An chest. 黄小龙身形疾掠,瞬间又是一记绵掌掌力击在杨安胸口。 Yang An draws back again. 杨安再退。 Huang Xiaolong has not displayed other battle skill, is Collapse Fist and soft palm, first even/including several Collapse Fist and soft palms struck the Yang An chest, rumbled more than 100 meters far Yang An. 黄小龙也没施展其它斗技,就是崩拳和绵掌,一连十几记崩拳和绵掌击到了杨安胸口,将杨安轰出了100多米远。 Bang! 轰! Yang An pounds to fly, hits above the street construction stone wall ruthlessly, a stone wall collapse piece, the collapse stone wall submerges his huge body. 杨安砸飞,狠狠撞到街道建筑石墙之上,石墙崩倒一片,崩倒的石墙将他庞大的身体淹没。 All around is once more peaceful. 四周再次安静。 Big Brother!” Yang Zhanfei first responded, before rushing, the Zhu Yi and other Yang Mansion guards also went forward to dig up the stone broken, dug Yang An. 大哥!”杨展非首先反应过来,冲上前,朱意杨府护卫也纷纷上前将石碎挖开,将杨安挖出来。 Yang An was handsome, the arrogant arrogant face and whole body moisten the broken lime, Lion King Body Transformation vanished completely, the whole person reduced two, the facial expression withered however. 杨安原本英俊,孤傲凌人的脸和全身沾满碎石灰,狮王变身已经消失,整个人缩小了两圈,神情萎然。 „!” Yang An only thinks that a throat heat, put out a rank blood, dyed red the ground. “哇!”杨安只觉喉咙一热,吐出一口腥血,染红了地面。 Eldest son!” Zhu Yi and other people were startled. “大少爷!”朱意等人大惊。 But peaceful all around called out in alarm to seethe with excitement immediately. 而原本安静的四周顿时惊呼沸腾起来。 Yang An, displays second Life Source Spirit Skill, after Lion King Body Transformation, including a revolt the opportunity not to have unexpectedly, lost! Loses so simple, thorough! 杨安,施展第二本命魂技,狮王变身之后竟然还是连一点反抗的机会都没有,还是输了!输得如此干脆,彻底! Big Brother, are you what kind of?” Yang Zhanfei asked. 大哥,你怎么样?”杨展非问道。 Yang An weakly gently shook the head, the strength that now, he starts talking does not have, he felt that the entire chest seemed hit flatly, he looks at Huang Xiaolong, both eyes cannot conceal in the heart startled intent, if not for his Spirit Transformation, and Lion King Body Transformation, defends must endure to compare Rank 10 Initial Stage Peak powerhouse, only feared that the chest was hit to explode by Huang Xiaolong a moment ago. 杨安只是虚弱地轻轻摇了摇头,现在,他连开口说话的力气都没有,他感觉整个胸口仿佛都被打扁了,他看着黄小龙,双眼掩饰不住心中惊意,若不是他魂化,并且狮王变身,防御强得堪比十阶初期巅峰强者,只怕刚才胸口都被黄小龙打爆了。 Yang An swallows the next grain therapy Medicine Pill, after having controlled one's breathing a meeting, start to / begin to sound hoarse say/way: We, go back!” 杨安吞服下一粒疗伤丹药,调息了一会后,方始声音嘶哑道:“我们,回去!” Under the Yang Mansion guards support by the arm, Yang An and the others left. 杨府众护卫搀扶下,杨安等人离开。 Young Master!” At this time, Fei Hou arrived at Huang Xiaolong behind. 少主!”这时,费侯来到黄小龙身后。 Young Master!” Fei Rong, Fei Ming as well as Fei Mansion all guards arrive at Huang Xiaolong behind, completely the respectful say/way, at this time, the people looked completely differently to the Huang Xiaolong look already. 少主!”费荣,费明以及费府所有护卫来到黄小龙身后,全部恭敬道,这时,众人看向黄小龙的眼神已经完全不同。 Huang Xiaolong nodded, takes back Asura Body. 黄小龙点头,将修罗之身收回。 We walk!” When Yang An and the others the back vanishes, Huang Xiaolong to Fei Hou and other humanity. “我们走吧!”待杨安等人背影消失,黄小龙费侯等人道。 Yes, Young Master!” “是,少主!” When Huang Xiaolong leaves, all around crowd all makes way by far, falls back on the one side, the look startled fear. 黄小龙离开时,四周人群远远全部让开,退到一旁,眼神惊畏。 Huang Xiaolong and the others left not long, Yang An such as the monstrous waves is swept across the world by the news that Huang Xiaolong defeats generally, entire Foreign Domain Royal City exploded. 黄小龙等人离开没有多久,杨安黄小龙击败的消息如巨浪一般席卷天地,整个域外王城都爆炸了开来。 Yang An, defeated by a 15-16 -year-old youngster unexpectedly!” 杨安,竟然被一个十五六岁少年打败了!” 15-16 years old? I heard the opposite party , is 13 or 14-year-old!” “十五六岁?我听说对方只有十三四岁!” 13 or 14-year-old? I look, only then 5 or 6-year-old!” “十三四岁?我看只有五六岁!” The people discussed, is getting more and more odd, is getting more and more strange, is getting more and more hot, the biography is broader. 众人议论,越来越离谱,越来越离奇,越来越热,越传越广。 But meanwhile, Fei Hou breaks through the Innate news also along with it spreading, the Fei Mansion status instantaneously promotes, even because of Huang Xiaolong, Fei Mansion also becomes in the people eyes mysterious. 而同时,费侯突破先天的消息也都随之传开,费府地位瞬间提升,甚至因为黄小龙,费府在众人眼里也都变得神秘起来。 Returns to Fei Mansion, Fei Hou Fei Rong, the Fei Ming fathers and sons to call the room. 回到费府,费侯费荣,费明父子叫来自己房间。 Fei Ming, is the injury what kind of?” Fei Hou sees the grandson, smiles to ask. 费明,伤势怎么样?”费侯看着孙子,笑问道。 Fei Ming hurries to reply: „ Grandfather, the grandson injury restored similarly. 费明赶紧回答道:“爷爷,孙儿伤势已经恢复得差不多了。 Fei Hou happily nodded. 费侯欣慰地点了点头 Father, you broke through the Innate news to spread in Royal City, just received the congratulatory gift that Royal City many super Big Family sent!” Fei Rong said with a smile. “爹,你突破先天的消息已经在王城传开了,刚刚已经收到王城不少超级大家族送来的贺礼!”费荣笑道。 The son Fei Ming marriage, Royal City these super Big Family regarding did not see, but Fei Hou breaks through the Innate return the news to spread now, Royal City had 67 super Big Family to send the congratulatory gift. 原本儿子费明结婚,王城那些超级大家族视之不见,可是现在费侯突破先天归来的消息传开,王城已经有67个超级大家族送来了贺礼。 This makes Fei Rong feel joyfully. 这让费荣感觉欣喜不已。 I can such quickly break through Innate, has depended entirely on Young Master!” At this time, Fei Hou said. “我能这么快突破先天,全靠了少主!”这时,费侯说道。 Young Master?!” Fei Rong, Fei Ming two people are shocked. 少主?!”费荣,费明两人惊呆。 Fei Hou nodded said: Good, because Young Master passes to me one set of Cultivation Technique practice, therefore I can such quickly break through Innate, you remember, all that Fei Mansion has are Young Master grant.” 费侯点头道:“不错,正是因为少主传给我一套功法修炼,所以我才能这么快突破先天,你们记住,费府拥有的一切都是少主赐予的。” Fei Rong, Fei Ming two people nodded should be. 费荣,费明两人点头应是。 Father, that Young Master status?” Fei Rong cannot bear in the heart have doubts, asks. “爹,那少主的身份?”费荣忍不住心中疑惑,问道。 The Fei Hou sudden sound becomes severe: „The Young Master status is not you can guess, later Young Master permits, I naturally can tell you, yes?” 费侯突然声音变得严厉:“少主的身份不是你们能揣测的,以后少主允许,我自然会告诉你们,明白吗?” In the Fei Rong two people of hearts trembles, hurries to be respectfully. 费荣两人心中一颤,赶紧恭敬应是。 At this time, practice Abundant Thunder of Huang Xiaolong in the Fei Mansion alone institute, after with Yang An this fighting, he to Abundant Thunder this move of sensibility deeply. 此时,黄小龙正在费府独院之内修炼丰都之雷,经过与杨安这次交手,他对丰都之雷这招感悟又深了许多。 After practice has met Abundant Thunder, Huang Xiaolong then entered Exquisite Pagoda, swallows Fire Dragon Bead, starts practice Asura Arts, several months pass by, Huang Xiaolong broke through Rank 9 Middle Stage. 修炼了一会丰都之雷后,黄小龙便进了玲珑宝塔,吞服一颗焰龙珠,开始修炼修罗诀,几个月过去,黄小龙已经突破到了九阶中期 But in Huang Xiaolong when Exquisite Pagoda practice, in Yang Mansion, Yang Zheng looks that by son Yang An that guard Yang Mansion lifts, face darken much. 而就在黄小龙玲珑宝塔修炼时,杨府之内,杨正看着被杨府护卫抬回来的儿子杨安,脸色阴沉得可怕。 Father, this matter, we cannot such forget about it!” Yang Zhanfei opens the mouth to say. “爹,这事,我们不能这么算了!”杨展非开口道。 The Yang Zheng sound is gloomy: This matter naturally cannot such forget about it, but your grandfather is still closing up, waits for Acquired (the day after) your grandfather to come out, we go to Fei Mansion again, at the appointed time, I must make the Fei Mansion wedding turn into the funeral rite!” 杨正声音阴沉:“这事自然不能这么算了,不过你爷爷还在闭关,等后天你爷爷出来,我们再去费府,到时,我要让费府的婚礼变成丧礼!”
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