IGE :: Volume #13

#1228: Only fights

The short dialog, disclosed too many news. 短暂的对话,透露出太多的讯息。 But only the genuine litigant, understands that Heaven Emperor and Venerable in the battle companion heart spirit the respective anger. 但只有真正的当事人,才会明白天帝与灵尊战宠心中各自的愤怒。 Violent anger Heaven Emperor, strength just likes in the flame that in the wind burns same, is promoting rapidly. 暴怒的天帝,实力犹如在风中燃烧的火焰一样,急骤地提升着。 But the spirit Venerable the battle companion whole body is burning the golden brilliance, unceasingly is rising suddenly. 而灵尊战宠浑身燃烧着的金色光焰,亦是不断地暴涨着。 Two big to fighting of expert, just likes Mars hits Earth to be the same, bursts out the sound of deafening Dao Sound thundering unceasingly, in the air naked eye obvious principle chains and order turbulent flow rushes, when the surrounding area in hundred meters, two big expert fight the fluctuation that dissipates might be considered as annihilates all, even if Wen Wan and the others other as well as Darkness Domain monarchies, has to retrocede continuously, has terminated the respective fight, once they were involved in such war circle, only feared that also will be instantaneously will exterminate for the flying ash. 两大至强者的交手,犹如火星撞地球一样,不断地迸发出震耳欲聋的道音轰鸣之声,空气之中肉眼可见一道道的法则锁链和秩序乱流澎湃,方圆百米之内,两大强者交手时逸散出来的波动堪称是湮灭一切,即便是温晚等人以及其他黑暗领域的君主们,也不得不连续地后退,终止了各自的战斗,一旦他们被卷入这样的战圈之中,只怕也是瞬间就会剿灭为飞灰。 If not Emperor falls worries snow 3000 zhang (3.33 m) Words that the pure silver field of force has, only feared that is entire imperial capital Snow Capital, already during such terrifying fight, thoroughly changed to the flying ash. 若是没有【帝落愁雪3000丈】纯银力场存在的话,只怕是整个帝都雪京,早就在这样恐怖的战斗之中,彻底化作了飞灰。 Fight intense like this, came from the Darkness Domain monarchies, in the heart may disturbed. 战斗激烈若斯,来自于黑暗领域的君主们,心中可就忐忑了起来。 Before then, they never meet have any match, can contend with Heaven Emperor directly. 在此之前,他们从未遇到过有什么对手,可以与天帝正面抗衡。 In their impressions, no matter how formidable existence, in the Heaven Emperor front, just likes the flying ash generally collapses at the first blow, contemporary Emperor Wu who even if once controlled a time, was hard to resist the prestige of Heaven Emperor, but now, such wears the exploding ape of golden god armor, unexpectedly can be so strong, thinks to think that let their creepy feeling, finally presented one to contend with the Heaven Emperor ruthless role sufficiently directly, if this exploded the ape to defeat Heaven Emperor, they can die without doubt? 在他们的印象之中,不管是多么强大的存在,在天帝的面前,都犹如飞灰一般不堪一击,就算是曾经主宰一个时代的当代武帝,都难以抵挡天帝之威,但是现在,这样一头身披黄金神铠的爆猿,居然可以如此强势,想一想都觉得让他们头皮发麻,终于出现了一个足以正面抗衡天帝的狠角色,万一这爆猿战胜了天帝,那他们岂不是必死无疑? But is opposite with the Darkness Domain monarchies disturbed heart, is Yu Xiao Xing and the others the anticipations and excitements. 而与黑暗领域君主们忐忑之心相反的,则是鱼小杏等人的期待和兴奋。 Wen Wan and collaboration of high ground equal person attacks is more like fighting of sleepy beast puts up a last-ditch struggle, but Venerable battle companion spirit the appearance, made them see the hope. 温晚、高地平等人的联手出击更像是困兽之斗垂死挣扎,但灵尊战宠的的出现,却让他们看到了希望。 Bang! 轰隆! Fights in the circle to erupt the sound of heavenly thunder fire general Dao Sound thundering once again. 战圈之中再度爆发出天雷地火一般的道音轰鸣之声。 Entire Emperor falls worries snow 3000 zhang (3.33 m) The pure silver standpoint fiercely vibrated. 整个【帝落愁雪3000丈】纯银立场都剧烈地震动了起来。 Sees only Heaven Emperor cotton robe hat garment, was broken unexpectedly completely, has revealed the following quiet blue flame general body, just likes the human form, resembles is one group is flowing the energy liquid is the same, his both arms were broken by the golden cudgel changed to the powder, the half shoulder was clubbed to collapse, nearly staggers the backlash in the quiet blue personal appearance of collapse, the injury is heavy, but with it opposite will be spirit Venerable battle companion is only the step on step on step on step on will draw back in the future four steps, in the palm tigers mouth had the dark red bloodstain to past, the situation will be much better. 只见天帝身上的布袍帽衫,竟是被全部都震碎,露出了下面幽蓝色火焰一般的身躯,犹如人形,更似是一团流动着的能量液体一样,他的双臂被金箍棒震碎化作了粉末,半边肩膀都被一棍打塌,近乎于崩溃的幽蓝色身形踉跄后退,伤势不轻,而与之相反的则是灵尊战宠只是蹬蹬蹬蹬往后退了四步,手掌虎口之中有殷红的血迹流转出来,情况要好得多。 The Darkness Domain monarchies send out one piece to call out in alarm. 黑暗领域的君主们发出一片惊呼。 Under two relativities, was Heaven Emperor defeats obviously. 两相对比之下,明显是天帝战败了。 Such result, gave their feeling looks like the day collapses to be the same. 这样的结局,给他们的感觉就像是天塌下来了一样。 Your majesty already supposed to kill the bureau eternally, this infinite universe is not you wants to come to come, does not have the meat shell, your soul body did not have including past 1/10 Battle Strength.” The spirit Venerable battle companion to sneer, hand coiled dragon on golden cudgel lived was the same, walked randomly along the stick body, his personal appearance wound around in the golden flame, was the same just like round Clear Sun, the glory made the human not be possible to watch intently radiantly. “陛下早就设下万古杀局,这大千世界不是你想来就能来的,没有肉壳,你的魂体连当年1的战力都没有。”灵尊战宠冷笑,手中的金箍棒上的蟠龙似是活了一样,沿着棍身游走,他的身形缭绕在黄金火焰之中,宛如一轮昊日一样,光辉璀璨让人不可逼视。 Killing bureau under the loser establishment, can my what.” The both arms of Heaven Emperor gradually recovery, the injury and might as well so be superficially serious, says with a smile coldly: Is only then the soul body, no longer in the past 1/10 strengths, you still could not kill me , compared with me, your decline is more obvious, since it seems like these thousands of year, he has not helped you treat the good injury, instead is even more serious, but barely manages to maintain a feeble existence.” “一个失败者设置下的杀局,能够奈我何。”天帝的双臂逐渐恢复,伤势并不如表面上看起来那么重,冷笑着道:“就算是只有魂体,不复当年1的力量,你依然杀不了我,和我比起来,你的衰落更加明显,看来这千万年时间以来,他并没有帮你治疗好伤势,反而是越发严重,只是苟延残喘而已。” The voice falls, Heaven Emperor recovery the arm, the backhand searches, extends dozens meters suddenly, holds a distant place Darkness Domain monarchy directly. 话音落下,天帝恢复了的手臂,反手一探,猛然延伸出数十米,将远处一尊黑暗领域君主直接抓住。 Your majesty......” that Darkness Domain monarchy one startled, but actually does not dare to refuse to revolt. “陛下……”那黑暗领域君主一惊,但却不敢拒绝反抗。 Heaven Emperor unemotionally, his, his quiet blue color liquid general personal appearance, changes to a gloomily blue brilliance directly suddenly, flooded into in within the body of this Darkness Domain monarchy directly, resembling was the flame is ordinary, the Divine Soul directly-burning cremation of this Darkness Domain monarchy, own soul body was in charge in this body. 天帝面无表情,直接将其拉过来,他幽蓝色液体一般的身形,突然化作一股幽蓝光焰,直接就涌入到了这个黑暗领域君主的体内,似是火焰一般,将这黑暗领域君主的神魂直接燃烧焚化,自己的魂体入主到了这具身躯之中。 The quiet blue brilliance has filled the air from this body. 幽蓝色的光焰从这具身体之中弥漫了出来。 Seizes the shed! 夺舍! He be relentless extinguished has killed one loyally in his subordinate, has captured its body. 他毫不留情地灭杀了一位忠心于自己的属下,夺取了其身躯。 Other Darkness Domain monarchies are gingerly, look the scared look, but actually does not dare to avoid in the future. 其他黑暗领域君主战战兢兢,面露惧色,但却并不敢往后躲避。 Now, I had the body.” “现在,我有身躯了。” Flying bear gasping, is Heaven Emperor sound/noise. 飞熊张口,是天帝声音 But the first several scales are very strange, resembling is the stone rubs, is very strange, obviously his also not suitable this body. 但前几个音阶很奇怪,似是土石摩擦,很古怪,显然他还并不适合这身躯。 But the latter several scales, become normal. 但后几个音阶,就变得正常。 Emperor Wu of this body this appeared, was a black desiring to fly high great bear, on ancient age, this heterogeneous called the flying bear, was the past overawes the Heaven and Earth primitive life, its huge black body, under the stamped pass of gloomily blue colored light flame, appeared incomparably strange faint, was moving the body slightly, sent out the snap snap skeleton explosive sound/noise, took gradually, toward Venerable battle companion to approach spirit. 这尊身躯的武帝本相显现出来,是一尊黑色的插翅巨熊,在上古年间,这个异种称之为飞熊,也是昔日威震天地的原始生灵,它巨大的黑色身躯,在幽蓝色光焰的印照之下,显得无比诡异幽微,微微地活动着身躯,发出咔嚓咔嚓般骨骼爆响的声音,一步一步地迈出,朝着灵尊战宠逼近。 Others' body, can hold you several points of strength...... Idle talk these many, war!” The spirit Venerable battle companion to sneer. “别人的躯壳,又能容纳你几分的力量……废话这么多,战吧!”灵尊战宠冷笑。 His big and tall body squats slightly, then the ground shakes greatly, his personal appearance prances, such as a lightning, the golden cudgel changes to the mountain thunder to be the same in his hands, revolving, is carrying to bind the strength of heavenly thunder fire finally, a stick bang gets down. 他魁伟的身躯微微一蹲,然后地面巨震,他的身形腾跃而起,如一道闪电,金箍棒在他的手中化作山岳雷霆一样,旋转着,最终携裹天雷地火之力,一棍轰下去。 Ha Ha Ha, tried to know.” Heaven Emperor face upwards to roar, the fang of flying bear is fierce, the back both wings shake, the whole person flew, like the lightning, snatches quickly unexpectedly before the golden cudgel falls, arrived Venerable battle companion under spirit, a fist bang in Venerable the lower belly of battle companion spirit. 哈哈哈,试试就知道了。”天帝仰天咆哮,飞熊的獠牙狰狞,背后的双翅一震,整个人飞了起来,快如闪电,竟是抢在金箍棒落下来之前,就来到了灵尊战宠的下方,一拳轰在了灵尊战宠的下腹。 Bang! 轰隆隆! The spirit Venerable the battle companion golden personal appearance by flying upside down of rumbling, does not know that hit many to change to the pure silver hot tree, silver leaf everywhere danced in the air, just liked the floating snow is the same. 灵尊战宠金色的身形被轰的倒飞出去,不知道撞断了多少棵已经化作了纯银色的火树上,银色的树叶漫天飞舞,犹如飘雪一样。 Once was the same, you collapse at the first blow.” The sound/noise reverberation of Heaven Emperor, he one step takes, arrived Venerable the place above of battle companion personal appearance spirit, a foot stepped on. “还曾经一样,你还是不堪一击。”天帝声音回荡,他一步迈出,就到了灵尊战宠身形的上方,一脚踩下去。 The spirit Venerable battle companion personal appearance Flashed, when is at a crucial moment avoids. 灵尊战宠身形一闪,千钧一发之际避开。 Bang! 轰隆! A Heaven Emperor foot steps on the ground, the entire pure silver field of force domain vibrated, in the silver ground blasts out a big hole immediately, the under silver hot tree rhizome is filling the air, obviously this treads the strength the terrifying, including Emperor falls worries snow 3000 zhang (3.33 m) formation suffered so destroyed, nearly in being hard to withstand. 天帝一脚踩在地面上,整个纯银力场领域都震动了起来,银色的地面上顿时炸开一个大坑,下方银色的火树根茎在弥漫,可见这一踏力量的恐怖,连【帝落愁雪3000丈】阵法都遭受到了如此破坏,近乎于难以承受。 However below split second, the ground is ordinary on such as the mercury, in a flash again recovery. 不过在下一瞬间,地面就如水银一般,一晃重新恢复了。 Including these hit silver hot tree, unexpectedly during silver optical scintillation, thorough recovery. 连那些被撞断的银色火树,竟然都在银光闪烁之中,彻底恢复了。 Emperor falls worries snow 3000 zhang (3.33 m) The wonderful place of pure silver field of force, is really impressive, no wonder initially once had the eternal immortal to add by this field of force formation holds the immortal palace, makes its eternal not fall does not extinguish. 【帝落愁雪3000丈】纯银力场的神妙之处,真的是让人惊叹,怪不得当初曾有永恒仙人以这种力场阵法来加持仙宫,使其永恒不坠不灭。 Roar roar!” “吼吼!” The spirit Venerable battle companion to get angry, in eye pupil has the bloody ray to fill the air, resembling is overflows the blood to be the same, the strength aura also once again rose suddenly unexpectedly, promoting Realm, the golden cudgel to change to the angry coiled dragon to be the same directly, was grasped by him in the hand, swept crazily, the speed does not know that many times, the black flying bear only with enough time has turned quickly head, was stretched a stick to sweep, was struck to fly. 灵尊战宠发怒,眼眸之中有血腥光芒弥漫,似是溢动鲜血一样,力量气息竟然也是再度暴涨,提升了一个境界,金箍棒直接化作了愤怒蟠龙一样,被他握在手中,狂扫过来,速度不知道快了多少倍,黑色飞熊只来得及一回头,就被懒腰一棍扫中,被击飞了出去。 The fight entered frantic beyond description instantaneously. 战斗瞬间就进入到了一种难以形容的狂热化。 Moreover, is almost one type as sincere as the fight style of meat, absolutely did not have the bearing pattern of emperor, pours is more like two Destroying the Heavens and Exterminating the Earth primitive lives such as the wild animal is thrashing generally together, two personal appearance each other were struck to fly unceasingly, back and forth hit in hot woods. 而且,几乎是一种拳拳到肉的战斗风格,完全没有了帝者的气度格局,倒更像是两头毁天灭地的原始生灵如野兽一般在一起厮打,两道身形不断地被彼此击飞,来回撞击在火树林之中。 In the combat process, various Divine Ability changes display in the flash, particularly Venerable battle companion spirit, is skilled in technique of the change obviously, can in the wink of an eye change to various ancient times heterogeneous beast of prey, dragon and snake reveals as one desires, the golden cudgel in hand is transforms the wind and thunder, Panlongkou spits the immortal light, several times, almost body direct refining of Heaven Emperor flying bear! 战斗过程之中,各种神通变化在一瞬之间就施展出来,尤其是灵尊战宠,明显是精通一种变化之术,可以瞬息之间化作各种上古异种猛兽,龙蛇随心而显,手中的金箍棒更是幻化风雷,蟠龙口吐仙光,好几次,差点儿将天帝飞熊的身躯直接炼化 This is a different kind frigid fight, two big were injured to expert in an instant. 这是一种别样惨烈的战斗,两大至强者转眼之间都受了伤。 Even can say that this is not fighting, but is worrying. 甚至可以说,这不是在战斗,而是在撕咬。 To finally, did not have the style, is more like the wild animal is striving for success, the spirit Venerable battle companion to hate Heaven Emperor, gasping not to know that worried many meat obviously from the flying bear, the both wings of flying bear directly is also torn, the personal appearance was tattered, but the spirit Venerable the battle companion whole body to be also bathed in blood! 到了最后,已经没有了招式,更像是野兽在拼搏,灵尊战宠显然恨极了天帝,张口不知道从飞熊身上撕咬下来多少块肉,飞熊的双翅也直接被撕裂,身形破破烂烂,而灵尊战宠也浑身浴血! Ahhhhh, making all settle.” Heaven Emperor roared, just liked the wild animal, his Shan Zhang held Venerable the head of battle companion spirit, pinched to explode it directly, another fist bang in Venerable the waist abdomens of battle companion spirit, has infiltrated under him the mercury ground directly. 啊啊啊,让一切都了结吧。”天帝咆哮,犹如野兽,他单掌抓住灵尊战宠的头颅,直接将其捏爆,另一拳轰在了灵尊战宠的腰腹之间,直接将他打入了水银地面之下。 Only feared that you do not have this skill.” The spirit Venerable the head of battle companion to grow instantaneously, roars, direct hammer hit on the great bear head, hits it. “只怕你没有这个本事。”灵尊战宠的头颅瞬间重新生长出来,怒吼,直接一个头锤撞击在巨熊头颅上,将其撞开。 But the disparity of both sides strength, exposes finally, Heaven Emperor will occupy the other people's body of Emperor Wu not to care about the injury, such as initially fought to be the same with Ye Qingyu in the starry sky battlefield, and his strength eventually was stronger, places Venerable battle companion to hit to explode spirit, everywhere flying blood, incarnadine pure silver hot woods. 但双方力量的差距,终于还是展露出来,天帝占据他人的武帝之躯根本不会在乎伤势,就如当初在星空战场之中与叶青羽一战一样,且他的实力终究是更强,一次次地将灵尊战宠打爆,漫天飞血,染红了纯银火树林。 The person who the surroundings observe, places retrocede. 周围观战的人,都一次次地后退。 Such frigid fight, even if were these grasped Emperor's Power expert, does not dare to have slight mixing, for fear that was involved. 这样惨烈的战斗,即便是那些掌握了帝力强者们,亦是不敢有丝毫的掺和,生怕卷入其中。 Ha Ha, initially he taught to your Heaven and Earth Divine Ability 72 changes, how many such as did you also remaining change? You have 72 lives, I one after another will also obliterate you, today, makes in the past all flutter with the wind, ends all these thoroughly.” “哈哈,当初他传授给你天地神通72般变化,如你还剩下了几变?你就算是有72条命,我也会一条一条将你磨灭,今日,就让往昔的一切都随风飘去,彻底来终结这一切吧。” Heaven Emperor roared cruelly cruelly, erupts the terrifying the strength, hit to explode once again Venerable battle companion spirit. 天帝残忍暴戾地咆哮,爆发出恐怖的力量,再度打爆了灵尊战宠 The blood light fills the air, the blood fog scatters. 血光弥漫,血雾飞迸。 Ahhhhh, you kill Undead/Immortal I.” The spirit Venerable the battle companion body to meet again recovery. 啊啊啊,你杀不死我。”灵尊战宠的身躯再一次重聚恢复 A pair of great claw of Heaven Emperor fixed Venerable the head of battle companion spirit, in the double pupil sprayed the light of quiet blue nether world, the irrigation entered to honor in the eye socket of battle companion forcefully spirit, must extinguish the strength of killing to obliterate by the nether world thoroughly Venerable battle companion Divine Soul spirit, cut to kill the soul body after all, the spirit Venerable battle companion nearly in having the body of Undead/Immortal, the mystique that in the past that person taught indeed was very terrifying. 天帝的一双巨爪固定了灵尊战宠的头颅,双眸中喷射出幽蓝色的幽冥之光,强行灌注进入到了灵尊战宠的眼窝之中,要以幽冥灭杀之力彻底磨灭灵尊战宠神魂,斩杀魂体毕竟,灵尊战宠近乎于拥有不死之躯,当年那人传授下来的秘法的确是很恐怖。 Starting off, marks the period for all.” Heaven Emperor sound/noise just likes the mighty bell equally in Between Heaven and Earth reverberation. “上路吧,为一切都画上句号。”天帝声音犹如洪钟一样在的天地之间回荡。 , The spirit Venerable the body of battle companion to start flood to move quiet blue strange brilliance gradually, its revolt also weak. 渐渐地,灵尊战宠的身体开始泛动幽蓝色诡异光华,它的反抗也微弱了起来。 „The body of your Undead/Immortal is also good, but after is not my body, initially I once fought with you, in the share of sentiment of old friend, I did not occupy your body......” Heaven Emperor to sneer, have stimulated to movement the final murderous intention. “你的不死之躯也不错,但毕竟不是我自己的躯体,当初我曾与你一战,故人之情的份上,我不占据你的身躯……”天帝冷笑,催动了最后的杀机。 The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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