IBSDAR :: Volume #3 待从头,收拾旧山河,朝天

#501: Being filial to the utmost

After the little fellow is calmly good, Chen Xi then directly left the campus. 把小家伙安顿好以后,陈曦便径直离开了校园。 Just went out of the school gate, he raised the head sees Qin Ruoying to wear a white one-piece dress, such a person stood in the roadside calmly was waiting. 刚一走出校门,他抬头就看到秦若盈穿着一身洁白的连衣裙,就这么一个人站在路边静静的等候着。 Actually Chen Xi had already said that sends and picks up child matter fundamentally in less than two people, but Qin Ruoying actually does not respond him, completely delivering Niannian goes to school to regard a matter that oneself every day must do. 其实陈曦早就说过,接送孩子这事儿根本用不了两个人,可秦若盈却根本不搭理他,全然把送念念上学当成了自己每天必须要做的一件事。 Yingying, was good, where do you want to go to stroll today? I accompany you to go.” 盈盈,好了,你今天想去什么地方逛逛吗?我陪你去啊。” The people have not arrived, the Chen Xi's sound then by far passed on. 人还未到,陈曦的声音便远远的传了过来。 After Qin Ruoying thinks slightly, actually gently shook the head, then very indifferent response: Today does not stroll, first goes home, I have several issues about practice to consult you.” 秦若盈略微思索一番后,却是轻轻摇了摇头,然后十分淡然的回应道:“今天不逛了,先回家吧,我有几个关于修炼的问题想请教你。” Consults?” “请教?” hearing this, Chen Xi was happy immediately, therefore collects to say hastily attentively: Our what relates, but also needs with consulting this word?” 闻言,陈曦顿时乐了,于是连忙凑过去殷勤道:“咱俩什么关系,还需要用请教这个词?” Qin Ruoying white his eyes, has not talked. 秦若盈白了他一眼,没搭话。 Sees that Chen Xi actually does not think disobediently, instead cheerful putting out a hand found the rental car. 见状,陈曦却是丝毫不以为忤,反而乐呵呵的伸手招起了出租车来。 After these days being together, Qin Ruoying changed for the better to his manner. 经过这段时间的相处,秦若盈对他的态度已经好转了许多。 On the one hand because of family member to her enthusiasm. 一方面是因为家里人对她的热情。 On the other hand, then completely is because she in daily life, gradually had discovered many had had trace. 另一方面,则完全是因为她在日常生活中,逐渐发现了许多自己曾经存在过的痕迹。 Such as walks the fresh flowers in familiar feeling in lane and courtyard, as well as pictures in cell phone, these things as if all were explaining 诸如走在巷子里的熟悉感、院子里的一朵朵鲜花、以及手机里的一张张照片,这些东西仿佛无一不是在说明 She, is the mistress of this family/home. 她,就是这个家的女主人。 Therefore, Qin Ruoying also gradually had change for the better to the Chen Xi's manner. 因此,秦若盈陈曦的态度也逐渐有了好转。 Although she did not remember any about the past memory, but at least she when the reminder of sister-in-law, has found initially the cultivation feeling. 虽然她还没有想起任何关于过去的记忆,但至少她已经在小姨子的提醒下,重新找回了当初修行时的感觉。 Moreover, she as if also only then in cultivation, can retrieve faintly initially with Chen Xi that intimate feeling. 另外,她似乎也只有在修行的时候,才能够隐隐找回当初与陈曦那种亲密无间的感觉。 Qin Ruoying's many changes, naturally also all looked by Chen Xi in the eye. 秦若盈的诸多变化,自然也被陈曦尽数看了在眼里。 Therefore often thinks this issue time, in his heart cannot bear flood one chuckle to oneself. 所以每每想到这个问题的时候,他心中都忍不住泛起一阵窃喜。 If continues to develop according to this speed...... 如果按照这个速度继续发展下去…… How long it is estimated that could not want, wasn't he can climb up the Yingying's bed?! 估计要不了多久,他不是就又可以爬上盈盈的床了?! ...... …… Today has not strolled everywhere, therefore the couple return to Four Harmony Courtyard time, time also 9 : 00 am. 今天没有没有到处闲逛,所以夫妻俩回到四合大院的时候,时间也才不过上午九点。 Chen Xi just opened the front door, in courtyard has transmitted one fists and feet sound. 陈曦刚一推开大门,院子里就传来了一阵噼里啪啦的拳脚声。 sister-in-law and her two sandbags. 正是小姨子和她两个沙包。 After these days actual combat wearing, heavy magnificence Heyi also had the enormous progress in the fists and feet time. 经过这段时间的实战磨合,重华和逸之在拳脚功夫上也有了极大的长进。 In situation that two people collaborate, even can under Qin Yuqing relaxed very 200-300 rounds. 两人联手的情况下,甚至可以在秦妤卿手底下轻松挺过两三百个回合。 Chen Xi has not disturbed their meanings, after sister-in-law signals by nodding slightly, then with Qin Ruoying directly moved toward the west room. 陈曦没有打扰他们的意思,朝小姨子微微点头示意后,便跟着秦若盈径直走向了西厢房。 However...... 不过…… Although Chen Xi has not broken their meanings, the flash that but heavy magnificent presents in him, directly jumped out has fought the circle, then fast arrived around him, and urgently urgently said: Mr. Chen, was indebted your days looking , the younger generation in this the first apologizing mister!” 陈曦虽然没有打断他们的意思,可是重华却在他出现的一瞬间,就直接跳出了战圈,然后飞快的来到他跟前,并急急说道:“陈先生,承蒙您这段时间的关照,晚辈在此先谢过先生了!” hearing this, Chen Xi must stop the footsteps temporarily. 闻言,陈曦也只得暂时停下了脚步。 He takes a look at the Qin Ruoying's back, takes a look at a face anxious heavy magnificent. 他瞅了瞅秦若盈的背影,又瞅了瞅一脸焦急的重华。 Finally must long sigh, then face impatient asking: What?” 最终也只得长叹了一口气,然后一脸不耐烦的问道:“何事?” Also the Chen Xi's manner so is no wonder bad. 也难怪陈曦的态度如此恶劣。 After all, he every day also only then can step into the west room at this time. 毕竟,他每天也只有这个时候才可以踏进西厢房。 Was such delayed by heavy magnificent, directly doesn't affect him and Yingying chats the training sentiment time?! 被重华这么一耽搁,不就直接影响到他和盈盈聊天培养感情的时间吗?! Heavy magnificent had a scare by the Chen Xi so bad manner. 重华被陈曦如此恶劣的态度吓了一大跳。 After may stare one next, he actually likely is blows up any courage to result, lowers the head to hold the fist in the other hand hastily to Chen Xi said loudly: Younger generation leaves home for a long time, next month will then be the year of my mother centenarian......” 可愣了一下后,他却像是鼓起什么勇气似得,连忙低头抱拳对陈曦大声说道:“晚辈离家已久,下月便是家母期颐之年……” So big day, but also looks at the mister to allow the younger generation to go home to visit mother......” “如此的重要日子,还望先生准许晚辈回家探望母亲……” Younger generation understands, I wear the body of crime, is dies all relies upon the mister to get angry exactly for a while happily......” “晚辈明白,吾乃戴罪之身,是死是活全仰仗先生一时喜怒……” This request seems like impolite, but asked the mister to read in a younger generation filial piety share, the approval younger generation went home on the 3rd, by completely filial piety!” “此要求看似无礼,但请先生念在晚辈一片孝心的份上,准许晚辈回家三日,以尽孝道!” If the mister does not feel relieved, the younger generation can make the pledge in this, this line settled fast returns at once......” “若先生不放心的话,晚辈可以在此立下誓言,此行定当速去速回……” If disobeys, Xuanyuan heavy magnificent is willing to like a sudden thunderclap, after dying, not returns to Samsara!” “若有违逆,轩辕重华甘愿五雷轰顶,死后不入轮回!” Possibly is afraid Chen Xi not to comply, therefore heavy magnificent like spilling the beans, all said the words that wants to speak at heart all of a sudden. 可能是害怕陈曦不答应,所以重华就像竹筒倒豆子一样,一下子就把心里想说的话全说了出来。 After saying, this boy is child that is similar to made mistakes results, was instigating head eager is looking at Chen Xi secretly. 说完以后,这小子更是如同犯了错的孩子似得,怂着脑袋眼巴巴的偷瞄着陈曦 Mother is hundred years old birthday, therefore you do want to go home to be filial to the utmost?” “母亲百岁大寿,所以你想回家尽孝?” hearing this, Chen Xi has not responded immediately, instead looking pensive looked at sister-in-law one. 闻言,陈曦却没有立刻回应,反而若有所思的看了小姨子一眼。 Although this little devil is he holds personally, but he already had actually given sister-in-law handling two people. 这个熊孩子虽然是他亲手抓住的,不过他却早已将两人交给了小姨子处置。 Looks at this stance, this boy as if calculates that he has been better to speak some than Qin Yuqing, therefore has not solicited the suggestions of Qin Yuqing, directly ran to ask him to authorize? 看这架势,这小子似乎算准了他比秦妤卿要好说话一些,所以根本没征求秦妤卿的意见,就直接跑来求他批准了? Chen Xi did not speak, that side heavy magnificent somewhat was immediately anxious. 陈曦这边不说话,重华那边顿时就有些急了。 Therefore, he knees kneels immediately, bends down to shout loudly: Also looks at the mister to read in a younger generation filial piety share, the approval younger generation goes home! If not so, the younger generation rather suicides at the scene, is not willing to live on dishonorably in the world!” 于是,他立刻双膝跪地,俯身高呼道:“还望先生念在晚辈一片孝心的份上,准许晚辈回家一趟!如若不然,晚辈宁可自刎于当场,也不愿苟活于人世!” That that the heavy magnificence words said called one to be loud and clear, after Chen Xi hear, was actually ‚’ has smiled. 重华一番话说的那叫一个掷地有声,陈曦听后,却是‘呵’的一声笑了起来。 Yo, are you are threatening me?” “哟,你这是在威胁我呢?” After hearing a Chen Xi such saying, heavy magnificent the heart jumped immediately, has remembered the Chen Xi's disposition fiercely. 听到陈曦这么一说后,重华顿时心头一跳,猛地想起了陈曦的性格。 Went bad! 坏了! Mr. Chen always opens to persuasion but not to coercion, must change a way to ask him to be good! 陈先生一向吃软不吃硬,得换种方式求他才行! Thinks of here, heavy magnificence Like changed the strategy, then by a grief and indignation, also has several points of pitiful expression to look at Chen Xi. 想到这里,重华立刻改变了策略,转而以一种悲愤不已,同时又带着几分可怜的表情望着陈曦 Saw with own eyes that this boy no longer gnaws the sound, such eager is taking a look at itself, Chen Xi was also but actually disinclined to tease him again, therefore then the direct opens the mouth asked to Qin Yuqing: Since they turn over to you to manage, then you thought how this matter should handle?” 眼见这小子不再啃声,就这么眼巴巴的瞅着自己,陈曦倒也懒得再逗他了,于是便直接开口向秦妤卿问道:“既然他们俩归你管,那么你觉得这件事儿应该如何处置?” hearing this, has not waited for the Qin Yuqing opens the mouth, on the heavy magnificence face has flashed through a despair. 闻言,还没等秦妤卿开口,重华脸上就闪过了一丝绝望。 Everybody was together for a long time, Chen Xi is all right also to call them to sit to eat meal together, was Qin Yuqing? 大家相处这么长时间了,陈曦没事儿都还会招呼他们俩坐下来一起吃饭,可是秦妤卿呢? Every day except for beating savagely except for beating savagely, has almost not given them the good complexion to look. 每天除了暴打就是除了暴打,几乎就没给他们好脸色看过。 Therefore, hears Chen Xi to inquire that the flash of Qin Yuqing opinion, heavy magnificent has not hugged at heart any hopes. 因此,听到陈曦询问秦妤卿意见的一瞬间,重华心里就已经不抱任何希望了。 But heavy magnificent has not thought is...... 可重华万万没有想到的是…… The reply of Qin Yuqing, actually compared with he imagines also wants happy 10,000 times. 秦妤卿的回答,却是比他想象中的还要美好10000倍。 „Everybody has the parents, since he has this filial piety, then this request does not calculate but actually excessively......” “人人都有父母,既然他有这份孝心,那么这个要求倒也不算过分……” Both of you remember......” “不过你们俩记住……” This line cannot delay too for a long time, I heard that comes one to require four days of time from Earth to too the slightly wall......” “此行不能耽搁太久,我听说从地球到太微垣一来一回需要四天时间……” Such being the case, that has your seven days of vacation.” “既然如此,那就放你们俩七天假吧。” If seven days later I have not seen both of you to come back......” “如果七天之后我还没看到你们俩回来的话……” What consequence my miss you should very be also clear that is......” “我想你们应该也很清楚那将会是个什么样的后果……” Then, Qin Yuqing then does not return moved toward the east wing, only remaining two people also silly on the spot. 说完,秦妤卿便头也不回的走向了东厢房,只剩下两人还傻乎乎的愣在原地。 Did this comply?! 这就答应了?! A heavy magnificence face delay, Yi blinked, somewhat suspected oneself misunderstood. 重华一脸呆滞,逸之则眨了眨眼睛,不禁有些怀疑自己是不是听错了。 It is not his old mother celebrates a birthday, has not thought that he can also go home to visit relatives with heavy magnificent unexpectedly together?! 又不是他老母过寿,没想到他居然也可以跟着重华一起回家探亲?! Did Qin Yuqing comply unexpectedly?! 秦妤卿居然答应了?! Sees with own eyes their two one damn expression, Chen Xi shows a faint smile, immediately also turned around to enter the west room. 眼见他们俩一副见了鬼的表情,陈曦不禁微微一笑,随即也转身走进了西厢房。 If regarding as of student heavy magnificence Heyi, then Qin Yuqing obviously is their two fearing such as the teacher in charge of tiger. 如果将重华和逸之看作学生的话,那么秦妤卿显然就是他们俩畏之如虎的班主任。 The mischievous bad child always does not ask for the teacher to like. 调皮捣蛋的坏孩子一向是不讨老师喜欢的。 They poured have self-knowledge, must therefore make them ask the teacher in charge to sign the batch of leave applications words, they rather fabricated a leave application, will not step into the office half step of teacher in charge. 他们俩倒也有自知之明,所以要让他们去求班主任签字批假条的话,他们俩宁愿伪造一份假条,也不会踏进班主任的办公室半步。 This is the bad child regarding the universal prejudice of teacher in charge. 这就是坏孩子对于班主任的普遍偏见。 In fact, will the teacher in charge discriminate against each child in oneself class? 实际上,班主任又怎么会歧视自己班里的每个孩子呢? Therefore do not look that sister-in-law is beating savagely them every day...... 所以别看小姨子每天都在暴打他们俩…… Actually, she may be chummy...... 其实,她心里可热乎着呢……
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