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#25: marching throughout the world towards south( asked the recommendation ticket! Sought the collection!)

Chen Luoyang intention moving place, will centralized in great technique of staking all on one throw in six blood characters. 陈洛阳心念动处,意志集中在“孤注一掷大法”六个血字上。 And really has to explain that the atlas and writing analysis present. 其中果然有说明图谱和文字解析呈现。 He carefully read. 他仔细阅读。 Used in the severe wound specially in the body, strength falls short greatly. 专用于重伤在身,实力大打折扣的时候。 When can let the strength recovers to compared in peak condition the altitude of weak level temporarily. 可以临时让力量恢复到比巅峰状态时弱一层次的高度。 However only has a move of strength. 不过只有一招之力。 After this move, in one day is unable to fight the person again. 这一招之后,一天内无法跟人再动手。 I such understand should right...... Chen Luoyang ponders over at heart. 我这么理解应该没错吧……陈洛阳心里琢磨。 So-called stakes everything on a single throw of the dice, but also is really worthy of the reputation. 所谓孤注一掷,还真是名副其实。 But regarding own present situation, really may apply. 但对于自己眼下的情况来说,确实有可能派上用场。 Chen Luoyang kept a mind, looks for the related ancient book dossier to consult specially. 陈洛阳留了一个心眼,专门找相关典籍卷宗查阅一番。 This great technique of staking all on one throw so wonderful effectiveness, properly speaking, should not have the fame. 孤注一掷大法如此神效,按理来说,不该没有名望。 But looked up one, has achieved nothing. 但查了一圈下来,一无所获。 This absolute technique, as if has not existed on this Grand Land of the Divine Province before this, does not have the related historical record. 这门绝学,此前似乎不曾存在于这神州浩土上,没有相关历史记载。 The Chen Luoyang ponder did not speak. 陈洛阳沉思不语。 He ponders over this absolute technique earnestly. 他认真琢磨这门绝学 six dragons imperial cart, is carrying him and Demon Cult people, flies to the southeast, leaves Shu Prefecture, approaches the Qian Prefecture boundary quickly. 六龙皇辇,载着他与魔教众人,一路向东南飞去,离开蜀州,很快靠近黔州地界。 On this day, is responsible for the intelligence collection Azure Dragon Three reporting to Chen Luoyang. 这一日,负责情报收集的青龙三陈洛阳汇报。 reporting to the Cult Master, can determine that initially intrudes on the this cult sacred region enemy, has Xia Dynasty and Northern Desert foreign race, Sword Pavilion, Supreme Unity Daoist Sect, Cooling Monastery and Ksitigarbha Zen Courtyard, as well as Jupiter Gang, in addition other dependency, including level B influence 24, level C and level D hundred.” 禀教主,初步能确定进犯本教圣域的敌人,有夏朝漠北异族剑阁太乙道宗清凉寺地藏禅院,以及太岁帮,此外其他附庸者,含乙级势力24家,丙级丁级过百。” Chen Luoyang sitting high on the seat, indifferent nod. 陈洛阳高居座上,淡然点头。 Great Xia Dynasty. 大夏皇朝 Northern Desert foreign race. 漠北异族 Sword Pavilion. 剑阁 These three cannot raise much. 这三家不需多提。 Supreme Unity Daoist Sect, the Daoism leader, resists central land martial way sacred ground that the Demon Cult manner most renounces. 太乙道宗,道门魁首,对抗魔教态度最决绝的中土武道圣地 Cooling Monastery, Buddhism first sacred ground, this time goes into action, is also expected. 清凉寺,佛门第一圣地,此次出马,也在意料之中。 Especially their interior just had a Elder Ming Jing such Demon Cult spy. 尤其他们内部刚刚出了明镜长老这么一个魔教奸细。 No matter clean up the gateway to give other person of confession, Cooling Monastery this time must strive ruthlessly. 不管是自己清理门户还是给其他人一个交代,清凉寺这次都必然要狠狠出力。 Ksitigarbha Zen Courtyard, and called Buddhism three sects with Flower Garland Monastery and Cooling Monastery, in Gan Prefecture, faced directly the Demon Cult point, south this allied armies drafted, definitely will not be short of them. 地藏禅院,同华严寺清凉寺并称佛门三宗,地处赣州,直面魔教锋芒,这次联军南征,肯定不会少了他们。 As for Jupiter Gang, then many a little surprises people. 至于太岁帮,则多少有点让人意外。 That is the northern Ji Prefecture local despot, just like Yu Prefecture Five-colored Hall, Great Xia Dynasty governs the rarely seen immoral way overlord. 那是北方的冀州土皇帝,跟渝州五色堂一样,大夏皇朝治下不多见的黑道霸主。 Always can achieve success one way or another between Great Xia Dynasty and northern foreign race. 一向在大夏皇朝和北方异族之间左右逢源。 This being unexpected, mixes south to draft in the demon region team. 这次出人预料,也掺和到南征魔域的队伍里。 Wang family?” Chen Luoyang spoke thoughtlessly to ask. 王氏家族呢?”陈洛阳随口问道。 Azure Dragon Three discrete replying: Wang family has not seen the sound, still strictly adhered to the Lu Prefecture gateway, as if only then the Lord of the Wang family one person alone single sword goes south, converges with the enemy army, but for against cheats, the subordinate has assigned the person to continue to inquire.” 青龙三谨慎的答道:“王氏家族没见有动静,仍然谨守鲁州门户不出,似乎只有王家家主孤身单剑南下,同敌人大军汇合,但为防有诈,属下已命人继续打探。” Chen Luoyang slight nod: Continues to say.” 陈洛阳微微点头:“继续讲。” Yes, Cult Master.” Azure Dragon Three said: Ling Prefecture Feng family and Qin Prefecture Zhao family currently does not have the sound, but after this cult seizes Shu Prefecture and Yu Prefecture, Qin Prefecture Zhao family is anxious, but assumes the defense stance, does not dare to have the meaning of driving intruding on.” “是,教主。”青龙三言道:“灵州冯氏家族秦州赵氏家族目前也没有动静,只是本教占领蜀、渝二州后,秦州赵氏家族紧张起来,但呈防御姿态,不敢有主动进犯之意。” Northern border Feng family. 北疆冯家 Wei River Zhao family. 渭水赵家 In addition Eastern Sea's Wang family, is present Xia Dynasty within the boundaries three big prestigious family aristocratic family. 再加上东海王家,便是如今夏朝境内三大名门世家 Feng family is motionless, is Xia Dynasty has not put down thoroughly to the vigilance of Northern Desert foreign race.” The Chen Luoyang finger raps the seat arm rest gently: As for Zhao family, they in the result that and other south drafted, if this cult is defeated, Zhao family immediately the incarnation is the wolf, will plunge Shu Prefecture and Yu Prefecture.” 冯家不动,是夏朝也没有彻底放下对漠北异族的警惕。”陈洛阳手指轻轻敲击座椅扶手:“至于赵家,他们在等南征的结果,如果本教落败,赵家会立刻化身为狼,扑向蜀州渝州。” Cult Master understands clearly.” Azure Dragon Three bows the head to say. 教主圣明。”青龙三低首道。 In the Chen Luoyang heart deliberately considered. 陈洛阳心中寻思。 Buddhism three sects and Daoism leader and three great aristocratic families, add on Five-colored Hall and Jupiter Gang south-north two big immoral way overlords again. 佛门三宗道门魁首、三大世家、再加上五色堂太岁帮一南一北两大黑道霸主。 This is an numerous level A influence of present Demon Cult Azure Dragon Hall division. 这便是如今魔教青龙殿划分的一众甲级势力。 Long ago must add on Snow Region plateau Great Vajrapani Monastery and rules Xiang River Misty Clouds Palace. 早些年还要加上雪域高原大金刚寺和统治潇湘缥缈云宫 However these two big martial arts sacred ground already destruction. 不过这两大武学圣地都已经覆灭。 Now are many Flower Garland Monastery also to announce to become the history. 如今再多一个华严寺也宣告成为历史。 But the remaining level A influences, mostly join south this time to draft the demon region allied armies. 但剩下的甲级势力,大多加入这次南征魔域的联军。 The leaders are Sword Pavilion, Xia Dynasty and foreign race three big super influences. 领头者更是剑阁夏朝异族三大超级势力。 Although various each other guard, has reservation, is impossible all the notch to go all-out. 虽然各家彼此提防,都有保留,不可能全都豁尽全力。 But these many enemies unite in together, the influence was quite considerable. 可这么多对头联合在一起,势力就相当可观了。 Worthy of the reputation marching throughout the world towards south cuts down the demon. 名副其实的举世南征伐魔。 This pass/test, not easy...... 这一关,不容易过啊…… After Azure Dragon Three draws back next, Vajrapani comes. 青龙三退下之后,金刚进来。 reporting to the Cult Master, Old Longevity and Old Prosperity feed in the news, they are hurrying back as soon as possible, the shame in cannot complete the Cult Master instruction the assignment, apologized to Cult Master.” 禀教主,老寿老禄传回消息,他们正尽快赶回,愧于没能完成教主吩咐的差事,向教主请罪。” Chen Luoyang remembers oneself that entire life to experience. 陈洛阳想起自己那份生平经历。 Inside has mentioned, Cult Master subdues central land three Demonic Path expert to use for oneself successively. 里面提到过,教主先后收服中土三个魔道高手为己用。 Now looks like, was this Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity people. 现在看来,就是这福、禄、寿三人了。 What a pity before only then, has seen grey clothes old man Old Fortune, he can the person to number. 可惜只有之前见过的灰衣老者老福,他能将人对上号。 Made them come back to say first again.” Chen Luoyang asked: That side Old Fortune?” “让他们先回来再说。”陈洛阳问道:“老福那边呢?” Vajrapani replied: Old Fortune repayment, after Miss Qingqing to Sword Pavilion, had not left.” 金刚答道:“老福回报,青青姑娘到了剑阁后,一直没离开。” Makes him continue to stare.” Chen Luoyang said. “让他继续盯着。”陈洛阳言道。 Vajrapani replied: Yes, Cult Master.” 金刚答道:“是,教主。” At this time, below person of incoming telegram, Zhurong Protector Zhang Tianheng interview. 这时,下面人来报,祝融护法张天恒求见。 After Chen Luoyang, Zhang Tianheng then walks, knees down. 陈洛阳准了之后,张天恒便走进来,单膝跪地。 reporting to the Cult Master, the subordinate interrogated that old court eunuch, according to him, Emperor of Xia Li Yuanlong this royal cart drafted, commands Xia Dynasty majority of expert to go south to intrude on this cult sacred region together.” 禀教主,属下审问那老太监,据他所言,夏帝李元龙这次御驾亲征,统帅夏朝大部分高手一起南下进犯本教圣域。” But the security of Li Yuanlong to Xia Dynasty Imperial Capital is quite as if confident, was not worried that some people go to enter, where actually does not know his energy.” “但李元龙夏朝皇都的安全似乎颇有信心,不担心有人趁虚而入,却不知他底气何在。” „The Sabre Sovereign words were too rather unthinkable, can be Sword Sovereign assumes personal command, coordinates the north and south?” Vajrapani guessed. 刀皇的话未免太匪夷所思了,会不会是剑皇坐镇,策应南北?”金刚猜测道。 Although Shu Prefecture is empty city strategy that Nie Hua and Xie Xingmang sang, but cannot judge Sword Sovereign certain severe wound unable to begin in turn. 虽然蜀州这边是聂华解星芒唱的空城计,但不能依次判断剑皇一定重伤不能动手。 He possibly in other place. 他可能在别的地方。 Told, continued to nose.” Chen Luoyang told: You, pay attention to the injury.” “吩咐下去,继续查探。”陈洛阳吩咐道:“你自己,注意伤势。” Promoted Zhang Tianheng to withstand/top Shangguan Song the position of Zhurong Protector personally, then this person should be his hardcore trusted aide. 亲手提拔张天恒顶了上官松祝融护法之位,那么这人应该是他的铁杆心腹。 Zhang Tianheng grinned to say with a smile: Cult Master you know that I did not fear goes all out with the person, feared that you not to the opportunity that I begin.” 张天恒咧开嘴笑道:“教主您知道的,我不怕跟人拼命,就怕您不给我动手的机会。” Vajrapani said with a smile: You relax, before you were injured, Cult Master does not need to keep Stone Hong to defend Shu Prefecture.” 金刚笑道:“你还是悠着点吧,要不是你之前受了伤,教主也不用留洪石头蜀州。” Defends Shu Prefecture, where has to follow in Cult Master side chapter of main altar to sweep good that these chop suey come?” Saying that Zhang Tianheng does not care about: As for Stone Hong, works steadfastly well, he dares to have the small thoughts, so long as Cult Master issues an order, I catch up with him to return to plateau to eat the snow immediately.” “守蜀州,哪有跟在教主身边回总坛扫荡那些杂碎来的好?”张天恒不在意的说道:“至于洪石头,踏踏实实干活儿就好,他敢起小心思,只要教主一声令下,我立马赶他回高原去吃雪。” Chen Luoyang said: Has the opportunity that you raise one's head.” 陈洛阳说道:“有你出头的机会。” Zhang Tianheng is happy: Thanked Cult Master.” 张天恒喜形于色:“谢教主。” At this time, in the palace blew gust suddenly. 这时,殿中忽然刮起一阵风。 Covers the person in wind, appears in front of Chen Luoyang. 一个笼罩在风中的人,出现在陈洛阳面前。 Left Envoy Xiao Yuntian came back. 左使萧云天回来了。 eldest brother Xiao, did you let slip?” Zhang Tianheng carries a shoulder-pole load the brow tip: „Does Nie Hua run you?” 萧大哥,你失手了?”张天恒挑挑眉梢:“聂华跑不过你吧?” Chen Luoyang of Xiao Yuntian in toward place salutes, then the sinking sound said: reporting to the Cult Master, foreign race Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe, comes to the west, the intention intercepts you to return to main altar.” 萧云天朝座上的陈洛阳行礼,然后沉声说道:“禀教主,异族左贤王修哲,向西而来,意图拦截您返回总坛。”
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