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#24: great technique of staking all on one throw( three asked recommendation ticket to seek collection!)

Demon Cult besides cult protecting divine art Heavenly Demon Blood, six great unparalleled absolute techniques, 36 secret legacies, as well as other absolute technique hundred, the book reservation has been rich. 魔教镇教神功天魔血以外,还有六大盖世绝学,三十六秘传,以及其他绝学过百,典藏丰富。 after the Cult master practiced the Heavenly Demon Blood, he still successfully practiced 4 of the 6 great unparalleled absolute techniques. 教主修练天魔血之余,还练成六大盖世绝学当中的四种 Other martial arts, totally do not practice. 其他武学,一概不练。 the 36 secret legacies of the Demon Cult that could be the core books in a famous level A organization, Cult Master one type has not practiced. 放在甲级势力一方名门能当核心秘籍的魔教三十六真传,教主一种都没练。 Possibly disdains. 可能是不屑。 Because he has a better choice. 因为他有更好的选择。 Study Scripture of the Ancient Desolate Eight Characters in six great unparalleled absolute techniques, should not also be the same reason. 不学六大盖世绝学中的荒古八字经,应该也是相同原因。 But Sun Exchange Great Technique that another has not studied, Chen Luoyang thinks at first because of the time limited reason. 而另外一门没学的换日大法,陈洛阳最初以为是因为时间有限的缘故。 After all 20-year-old life. 毕竟才20岁的人生。 But now he understood, oneself almost step on a big hole. 但现在他明白了,自己差点踩进一个大坑里。 it's not that this Master of the Demon Cult doesn't have time for cultivating the Sun Exchange Great Technique, but repels at heart. 这位魔教教主并非没时间修练换日大法,而是心里排斥。 Chen Luoyang can want to see, this with one another fought the person, likes just the positive/direct fighting method. 陈洛阳可以想见,这厮跟人动手,喜欢刚正面的打法。 Sun Exchange Great Technique this type of technique that borrows strength and releases it, in his eyes, I'm afraid it's synonymous with cowardice and weakness. 换日大法这种借力卸劲的绝学,在其眼中,怕是窝囊软弱的代名词 Chen Luoyang even can guess correctly how this Master of the Demon Cult thinks probably. 陈洛阳甚至能猜到这位魔教教主大概是怎么想的。 I am so strong, why would I want to borrow my opponent's strength? 我本身这么强,干嘛要借对手的力量 I'll directly smack them to death with a palm and be done with it! 直接一巴掌拍死就完事了 Chen Luoyang has the impulsion of round of supercilious look at heart. 陈洛阳心里有发白眼的冲动。 Nonsense! 废话! The father also knows that a palm of the hand claps the dead opposite party, fights with the fists to explode the opposite party to be happiest! 老子也知道一巴掌拍死对方,一拳打爆对方最痛快! Other such flamboyant your severe wound! 这么牛逼你别重伤啊! Now leaves behind a big hole to me...... Chen Luoyang spits the trough at heart crazily. 现在给我留下一个大坑……陈洛阳心里疯狂吐槽。 He looked at side also uneasy Vajrapani. 他看了一眼身旁还忐忑不安的金刚 Goes, fights a battle to force a quick decision.” Chen Luoyang reorganization mood, in surface calmly: Wants the living witness, this Majesty is useful.” “去吧,速战速决。”陈洛阳整理心情,面上若无其事:“要活口,本座有用。” Vajrapani is busy at replying: Yes, Cult Master!” 金刚忙答道:“是,教主!” He jumps down six dragons imperial cart. 他跳下六龙皇辇 Chen Luoyang ordered to take the living witness explicitly, Vajrapani does not dare to be negligent. 陈洛阳明确下令要拿活口,金刚不敢大意。 Compares renders meritorious service in a person, completes Cult Master to order more important steadily, otherwise does not have the merit instead to have the crime. 相较于一个人立功,还是稳稳完成教主命令更重要,否则没功劳反有罪过。 He first greeted Zhang Tianheng, Hong Yan, Wang Dubao and the others to help. 他第一时间招呼张天恒洪岩王独豹等人帮忙。 Absolute Sword Xie Xingmang, by the strength is not Five Heroes of the Sword Pavilion first. 绝剑解星芒,论实力并非剑阁五杰第一。 But he is tenacious, renounces swiftly and fiercely, with strong, fiercely competes and successfully competes. 但他坚忍不拔,凌厉决绝,遇强则强,越战越勇。 During life and death preying, common extraordinary display, defeats a superior enemy. 生死搏杀间,常有超常发挥,以弱胜强。 The killed foot, take action is ruthless. 杀性足,出手狠。 Would rather die than surrender. 宁死不屈。 To kill his person, often must be careful that is buried along with the dead to him. 想杀他的人,往往要小心给他陪葬。 To capture alive him more difficult. 想生擒他更难。 However, Cult Master issues an order , to continue to safeguard that except for Hong Yan already the seized old court eunuch, other Demon Cult expert, close. 不过,教主一声令下,除了洪岩继续看管那个已经被捉的老太监,其他魔教高手,一拥而上。 Vajrapani, Zhang Tianheng, Wang Dubao, Shangguan Song, Elder Ming Jing. 金刚,张天恒,王独豹,上官松,明镜长老 Vigorous, either violent, either very slides, either vicious, either calm. 或雄浑,或暴烈,或贼滑,或老辣,或沉稳。 Three Demon Cult direct legacy. 三个魔教嫡传 Two family background Buddhism sacred ground. 两个出身佛门圣地 Five people besiege Xie Xingmang one. 五人围攻解星芒一个。 even if he's more tenacious, it's hard fighting against 10 hands with one sword. 他再顽强,也单剑难敌十手 Fights tooth and nail nearly captures, tries to tow enemy to perish together, finally fails when success seemed within reach. 搏命近攻下,试图拖敌同归于尽,最终还是功败垂成。 However one man can hold out against ten thousand. 不过一夫拼命,万夫莫敌 In order to capture alive him, five people of take action besiege, but also pays the Elder Ming Jing injured price. 为了生擒他,五人出手围攻,还付出明镜长老受伤的代价。 reporting to the Cult Master, has seized Sword Pavilion Xie Xingmang.” Vajrapani and the others brought being restrained Xie Xingmang and that Great Xia Dynasty old court eunuch, returns to six dragons imperial cart together. 禀教主,已将剑阁解星芒擒下。”金刚等人带了受制的解星芒和那个大夏皇朝的老太监,一起返回六龙皇辇 The Chen Luoyang indifferent nod, has not paid attention to both eyes blood red, Xie Xingmang of two torching. 陈洛阳淡然点头,没有理会双目血红,两眼喷火的解星芒 He looks at injured Zhang Tianheng and Elder Ming Jing first: Processes.” 他先看受伤的张天恒明镜长老:“都去处理一下。” Two people draw back the processing wound accordingly, taking medicine therapy. 两人应声退下去处理伤口,服药疗伤。 Chen Luoyang looked to remaining two big Protector: Today post-war, Shu Prefecture is this cult, here goes well newly, needs the person to assume personal command, handles the damage control, and guards against the enemy to stage a comeback.” 陈洛阳看向剩下的两大护法:“今日战后,蜀州便属本教,这里新得手,需人坐镇,打理善后,并防备敌人卷土重来。” His line of sight falls on Wang Dubao, said: Qian Prefecture is your place, position is important, connects Shu Prefecture and Xiang Prefecture, and is Dian Prefecture barrier, you need to return to Qian Prefecture to assume personal command.” 他视线落在王独豹身上,说道:“黔州是你地头,位置重要,连接蜀州象州,并且为滇州藩篱,你需要回黔州坐镇。” Wang Dubao bows saying: Respectfully follows Cult Master to command, Cult Master you return to main altar, needs way Qian Prefecture, the subordinate is willing to be vanguard.” 王独豹躬身道:“谨遵教主谕令,教主您返回总坛,也需途径黔州,属下愿为先锋。” Chen Luoyang nods slightly, then looks at Hong Yan: Shu Prefecture, gave you.” 陈洛阳微微颔首,然后再看洪岩:“蜀州,交给你了。” The Hong Yan expression is invariable, such as the rock is firm and resolute. 洪岩表情不变,如岩石般坚毅。 He salutes saying: Subordinate is compliant.” 他行礼道:“属下遵命。” Song Lun pledges allegiance to this cult, Yu Prefecture then also belongs to this cult.” Chen Luoyang said: Otherwise, permits Song Lun and Five-colored Hall moves similarly in Shu Prefecture, following arrangement, when this Majesty solved that side sacred region main altar to say again.” 宋伦归顺本教,渝州便也归本教所有。”陈洛阳说道:“反之,同样允许宋伦五色堂蜀州活动,后续安排,待本座解决圣域总坛那边再说。” Hong Yan replied: Subordinate understands, unites.” 洪岩答道:“属下明白,团结一心。” Other people, return to main altar with this Majesty together.” Chen Luoyang said “其余人,同本座一起返回总坛。”陈洛阳说道 Zhang Tianheng and Elder Ming Jing simple treatment injury, has returned to front of Cult Master together. 张天恒明镜长老简单处理过伤势,一起回到教主面前。 Hears the Chen Luoyang words, together should say: Respectfully follows Cult Master to command.” 听到陈洛阳的话,都一起应道:“谨遵教主谕令。” The Shangguan Song facial color is tranquil, is at heart disappointed. 上官松面色平静,心里失望。 Takes Shu Prefecture newly, Demon Cult adds branch newly. 新拿下蜀州,魔教新添一分舵 If he can assume there, authority who can enjoy an alone town side seriously. 如果他能坐镇那里,便可重享独镇一方的权威。 However, some Shangguan Song expectations, Chen Luoyang is actually impossible to be cheap this veteran faction. 不过,上官松其实也有预料,陈洛阳不可能便宜他这个元老派 But Chen Luoyang with is veteran faction Hong Yan will stay here finally, calling the Shangguan Song thoughts to be also flexible. 陈洛阳最终将同为元老派洪岩留在这里,叫上官松心思又活泛起来。 Ming Jing, this time first-class honor, is your.” Chen Luoyang said to Elder Ming Jing at this time. 明镜,这次的头功,是你的。”陈洛阳这时对明镜长老说道。 Elder Ming Jing bows slightly: Entire weaponry Cult Master and chief leadership in the right way, other sacred cult colleagues strive together, this poor monk does not dare to claim credit.” 明镜长老微微躬身:“全仗教主首座领导有方,圣教其他同仁一起出力,贫僧不敢居功。” His mouth is polite, but this time not only has the merit really and has the efforts. 他嘴里客气,但这次着实既有功劳又有苦劳。 Xie Xingmang hated him, just now wanted to put together perishing together time, the goal has not looked for the Demon Cult people, aiming was Elder Ming Jing. 解星芒恨极了他,方才想要拼个同归于尽的时候,目标没有找魔教众人,瞄准的就是明镜长老 Shangguan Song, Wang Dubao and the others also know, the Elder Ming Jing on potential is unavoidable. 上官松王独豹等人也都知道,明镜长老的上位势不可免。 Nie Hua ran, you are inappropriate continue to stay in that side.” Chen Luoyang said: Changes individual, this cult can also help you plant the suspicion to him on, enabling you to continue to ambush.” 聂华跑了,你不合适继续留在那边。”陈洛阳说道:“换个人,本教还能帮你将嫌疑栽到他头上,让你可以继续潜伏。” Nie Hua is Sword Sovereign only five direct disciple. 聂华剑皇仅有的五个亲传弟子 Naturally, the Sword Pavilion disciple is not cannot have the degenerate. 当然,剑阁门下不是不能出败类。 But this war, Nie Hua and Xie Xingmang have knowledge of the Sword Sovereign Sharpening Sword Stone secret. 但这次一战,聂华解星芒掌握剑皇磨剑石的秘密。 If he is the Demon Cult spy, this information revelation, Demon Cult already can win total victories theoretically. 他如果是魔教奸细,将这情报泄露,理论上来说魔教早就可以大获全胜。 The suspicion is very difficult to frame in him. 嫌疑很难栽赃到他头上。 You have the wound at present in body, is not suitable keeps Shu Prefecture alone, first temporarily together moves along with this Majesty.” Chen Luoyang said. “你眼下有伤在身,不宜单独留在蜀州,就先暂时随本座一道行动。”陈洛阳说道。 Elder Ming Jing replied respectfully: Yes, Cult Master.” 明镜长老恭敬答道:“是,教主。” Chen Luoyang sitting high on the seat, waves gently. 陈洛阳高居座上,轻轻一挥手。 Was good, leaves.” “行了,都动身吧。” The people obey the order to go into action immediately respectively. 众人当即各自遵照命令行动起来。 Hong Yan leads the subordinates troops, handles the Golden Summit damage control, and coordinates Song Lun to sweep Shu Prefecture. 洪岩带领麾下人马,处理金顶善后,并配合宋伦扫荡蜀州 Azure Dragon First Constellation Liu Si already brought Xia Dynasty King Zhao to vanish. 青龙第一宿刘思已然带着夏朝赵王消失。 Wang Dubao advances one step, in front is the Cult Master opening. 王独豹先行一步,在前面为教主开路。 Other person and Chen Luoyang travels together. 其他人与陈洛阳同行。 The Demon Cult army starts off, returns to demon region main altar. 魔教大军重新上路,返回魔域总坛 Has there compared with a today's bigger weaponry. 在那里有远比今天更大的阵仗。 Chen Luoyang deliberately considered at heart. 陈洛阳心里寻思。 To oneself, this matter advantages are accompanied by disadvantages. 对自己来说,这事儿有利有弊。 The advantage is the foreign enemy current, the Demon Cult interior opposed that own veteran faction, should not seize the chance to rebel. 好处是外敌当前,魔教内部反对自己的元老派,应该不会趁机作乱。 The fault is one fights, victory or defeat truly difficult material. 坏处则是一场大战下来,胜败着实难料。 If this lost, possibly can by match subdue monsters and defeat demons. 这要是输了,可能会被对手降妖伏魔 If must fight the person, what to do oneself should? 如果真的要跟人动手,自己该怎么办? The Sun Exchange Great Technique appropriate present uses. 换日大法正合适现在用。 But is actually a pit. 但却是个坑。 Oneself no doubt can make one to be subject to changing moods, the intention changeable appearance, acted shamelessly to say oneself want to study Sun Exchange Great Technique. 自己固然可以做出一副喜怒无常,心意多变的模样,耍赖说自己又想学换日大法了。 In the current this crucial point, the enemy unavoidably suspicion is he is but afraid. 可是当前这个节骨眼上,敌人难免怀疑是他心虚。 Sun Exchange Great Technique must practice. 换日大法要练。 But must some hard methods be good. 但自己还必须有些硬手段才行。 Chen Luoyang thinks of here, in intention communication mind that mysterious black pot. 陈洛阳想到这里,心念沟通脑海中那尊神秘的黑壶 After he thinks, asked the issue. 他想了想后,提出问题。 In light of my current physical condition, can lethality achieve the biggest means? 结合我当前身体状况,杀伤力能达到最大的办法? In black pot had the response. 黑壶中有了反应。 blood red nectar that these time consumes quite a lot. 这一次消耗的血红琼浆颇多。 pot's mouth blood fog transpiration, congeals the blood character. 壶口血雾蒸腾,凝结成血字。 great technique of staking all on one throw. 孤注一掷大法
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