IHPDMB :: Volume #3

#202: You, can die( 3 sought subscription to ask monthly ticket!)

Zhang Tianheng made several hand signals to the subordinate Demon Cult White Tiger Hall disciple, making them continue to process this place the matter. 张天恒冲自己麾下的魔教白虎殿弟子打了几个手势,让他们继续处理此地的事情。 He jumps onto the back of Flame Dragon hastily, stands behind Chen Luoyang. 他本人则连忙跃上炎龙的后背,站在陈洛阳后面。 Chen Luoyang nods to this place cult members slightly, then Flame Dragon holds him and Zhang Tianheng flying. 陈洛阳冲此地教众微微颔首,然后炎龙托着他和张天恒飞天而起。 Under is cult members tsunami tide cheering, surges wave upon wave. 下方全是教众海啸浪潮般的欢呼,一浪高过一浪。 All Demon Cult people, at this moment excitedly. 所有魔教众人,此刻都兴奋至极。 They at present, have presented Divine Cult to sweep away the world, swallows up the Divine Province picture. 他们眼前,已经出现自家神教横扫天下,鲸吞神州的画面。 Flame Dragon in this Chen Luoyang and Zhang Tianheng, to north, had the Min Prefecture boundary, passes through Zhe Prefecture, Jiang Prefecture and Lu Prefecture, goes straight to Ji Prefecture. 炎龙在这陈洛阳张天恒,一路向北,出了闽州地界,穿越浙州江州鲁州,直抵冀州 Here, Demon Cult is also launching the bitter battle with foreign race. 在这里,魔教异族也正展开激烈的争斗。 Snatches before Ghost Dragon Su Ye breaks through Martial Emperor plan fail that encirclement will kill, making the foreign race situation greatly be not wonderful. 抢在“鬼龙苏夜突破武帝之前将之围杀的计划失败,使得异族局势大为不妙。 Sky Wolf Bosal was struck to kill by Su Ye at the scene. 天狼博撒尔苏夜当场击杀。 foreign race one although also has Divine Eagle Eksa and Virtuous King of the Right Zong Le such twelfth realm peak Martial King, but facing has broken through to Martial Emperor Su Ye, presses strength mountain to be big. 异族一方虽然还有“神鹰伊克萨右贤王宗勒这样的第十二境的巅峰武王,但面对已经突破至武帝苏夜,还是压力山大。 Lucky Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe leaves the mountain promptly, just now makes foreign race stop the declining tendency. 万幸左贤王修哲及时出山,方才让异族止住颓势。 However the severe wound does not dare the upfront to meet with Su Ye in Xiuzhe of body, only has the hidden whereabouts as far as possible, uses threat of Black Death Heavenly Book martial artist to the mortal and low cultivation base, forms a deterrent force, diverts the action of Su Ye. 然而重伤在身的修哲也不敢正面跟苏夜碰头,唯有尽可能隐藏行迹,利用自己黑死天书对凡人和低修为武者的威胁,形成一种威慑力,牵制苏夜的行动。 But comparing, he has the wound after all in the body. 但相较而言,他毕竟有伤在身。 The Su Ye deterrent force is stronger, shock and awe foreign race people who really he comes. 苏夜的威慑力比他来的更强,实打实的震慑异族众人。 Therefore in this moment northern border front, Demon Cult is always in the upper hand greatly. 所以此刻北疆战线上,魔教始终大占上风。 Xiuzhe and other foreign race expert also can only maintain the situation do not collapse reluctantly thoroughly. 修哲异族高手也只能勉强维持局势不要彻底崩坏。 They, are towing, to place hopes in Patriarch of the Foreign Race Yuwen Feng to exceed Master of the Demon Cult Chen Luoyang. 他们在等,在拖,寄希望于异族族主宇文峰能胜过魔教教主陈洛阳 At the appointed time Yuwen Feng returns to Divine Province, the threat of Su Ye then threatens again inadequately. 届时宇文峰返回神州,苏夜的威胁便再不成威胁。 Each foreign race expert, is striving the support. 每一个异族高手,都在勉力支撑。 Demon Wolf Bakun meets head-on Demon Cult Vermilion Bird first constellation in Ji Prefecture Crazy Bear Lin Dongyi. 魔狼巴昆冀州迎战魔教朱雀第一宿疯罴林东夷 When both sides fight is intense, has Demon Cult Azure Dragon First Constellation Nine Yin Illusory Swords Liu Si suddenly take action to plot against the assassination. 双方交手正激烈之际,却有魔教青龙第一宿九阴幻剑刘思突然出手暗算刺杀。 Finally Bakun is seriously battered immediately. 结果巴昆顿时遭受重创。 Vermilion Bird One Lin Dongyi easily not take action, take action no restriction of any kind. 朱雀一林东夷轻易不出手,出手就百无禁忌。 If not another side Wind Wolf Loeb prompt take action rescues, Bakun dies under Lin Dongyi and Liu Si converging attack at the scene. 如果不是另外一边的“风狼勒布及时出手援救,巴昆就当场死在林东夷刘思夹击之下。 However Loeb this also has Demon Cult fourth elder Chai Han to be the opponent. 然而勒布本也有魔教四长老柴翰做对手。 He rescues Bakun, oneself are also surrounded by perils. 他救援巴昆,自己也险象环生。 Besieges faced with Demon Cult expert, the foreign race people have to retreat fighting. 面临魔教高手围攻,异族众人不得不且战且退。 Originally is they attacks Ji Prefecture on own initiative. 本来是他们主动进攻冀州 Now being able to come to a stop heel, is actually expelled Ji Prefecture not saying that the Demon Cult people counter-attack to chase down to beyond the Great Wall. 现在却站不稳脚跟,被重新赶出冀州不说,魔教众人更向塞外反攻追杀过来。 This lets in the foreign race people heart oppressed incomparable. 这让异族众人心中憋闷无比。 Demon Cult that side Su Ye breaks through to repercussions that Martial Emperor brings in the final analysis suddenly, not only them folded Bosal, makes Eksa, Zong Le and other top expert be wary. 说到底还是魔教那边苏夜忽然突破至武帝带来的后遗症,他们这边不仅折了博撒尔,也让伊克萨宗勒等顶尖高手心存顾忌。 But the opposite also has Chen Chuhua, Wang Fei, Xie Chong and the others not to see the sound. 而对面还有陈初华王飞谢冲等人没见动静。 Invisible pressure, was really big. 给人无形的心理压力,着实是太大了。 Everyone present only hopes that Patriarch triumphs to turn over. 大家现在就只希望族主得胜而归。 When everyone always subconscious often looks to the distant place, looks to the south-east side. 所有人总是下意识的时不时望向远方,望向东南边。 We hope that tyrant world, cuts the day of crack place certainly the blade edge, can appear as soon as possible. 希望,那柄霸绝天下,斩天裂地的刀锋,能尽快出现。 Does not know that is their hope the response of ascending the sky. 不知是不是他们的祈求得到上天的回应。 Southeast, really had the sound. 东南方,真的有了动静。 Extremely powerful aura, is surging in that direction. 一个极为强大的气息,正在那个方向涌动。 Everyone elongated the neck to look up. 大家都伸长了脖子仰望。 The Demon Cult people who even pursue, slow down the footsteps slightly, the attention shift behind. 连追击的魔教众人,都略微放慢脚步,注意力转向身后。 Finally, everyone has not seen the blade edge, fiery red auspicious clouds that only sees a combustion, raises from the horizon. 结果,大家没看见刀锋,只看见一朵燃烧的火红祥云,从地平线上升起。 Flame Dragon? 炎龙 Demon Sovereign! 魔皇 The heart of foreign race people, all sinks the valley. 异族众人的心,全部沉到谷底。 Different from the Min Prefecture seashore, at present here is situated in the beyond the Great Wall prairie, sees Demon Sovereign in this place, that can only explain an issue. 不同于闽州海边,眼下这里地处塞外草原,在这个地方看见魔皇,那就只能说明一个问题。 two sovereigns decisive battle, Patriarch of the Foreign Race losses! 双皇决战,异族族主了! Saw with own eyes that Demon Sovereign and its under foot Flame Dragon so come quickly, lets the people of notifying without enough time, responded another lets the foreign race people desperate truth. 眼见魔皇和其脚下炎龙来得如此快,让报信的人都来不及,又反应了另一个让异族众人绝望的真相。 This war, Demon Sovereign not only won, simultaneously wins! 这一战,魔皇不仅胜了,同时还是大胜! After defeating Patriarch of the Foreign Race, does not use any recuperation, does not affect its strength, kills beyond the Great Wall immediately directly, must raise the foreign race native place. 战胜异族族主之后,不用任何休整,也不影响其实力,立马就直接杀来塞外,要掀异族的老家。 If Demon Sovereign can also maintain so the battle efficiency, rather than hard victory, that Patriarch of the Foreign Race, but was more unfortunate than fortunate ............ 如果魔皇还能保持如此战斗力,而非惨胜的话,那异族族主,可就凶多吉少了………… But is this possible? 但这怎么可能? Is three sovereigns, heavenshaking next dozens years, same often win the unbeaten with Demon Sovereign Sabre Sovereign, unexpectedly white so thorough, so easily? 位列三皇,名震天下数十年,跟魔皇一样常胜不败的刀皇,竟然白的如此彻底,如此轻易? In foreign race the person, the subconsciousness rejects this thought that is unreadable, is unable to accept. 异族中人,都下意识拒绝这个念头,难以理解,无法接受。 But Demon Cult cult members, then cheers with one voice. 魔教教众,则齐声欢呼起来。 The Liu Si and other young faction go-getters, are not no need to say. 刘思少壮派干将,自是不必多说。 Then is in veteran faction the person, at least in this moment, has the feeling of admiring. 便是元老派中人,至少在这一刻,也生出敬服的感觉。 Sabre Sovereign domineering, without a doubt. 刀皇的强势,毋庸置疑。 Then is Yan Mingkong breaks through to fourteenth realm, can exceed the opposite party, cannot know. 便是燕明空突破至第十四境,能否胜过对方,也未可知。 But Cult Master so wins unexpectedly, power and influence, obvious. 教主竟如此大胜,其中威势,不言自明。 Although Sabre Sovereign Yuwen Feng only one person, the component steamroll that but this fights previously the war of Southern Cloud Mountain with the war of Luoyang City, the Demon Sovereign prestige, pushed to another whole new altitude. 刀皇宇文峰虽只一人,但这一战的份量碾压先前南云山之战和洛阳城之战,将魔皇威望,推向又一个全新的高度。 fourth elder Chai Han is looking at has flown from the sky fiery red auspicious clouds, sighed, just like other Demon Cult cult members, distant ritual: „The Cult Master invincible might is unparalleled, my Divine Cult is invincible!” 四长老柴翰望着从上空飞过的火红祥云,叹息一声,和其他魔教教众一样,遥遥一礼:“教主神威盖世,我神教战无不胜!” While the Demon Cult people dance with joy, the foreign race people look grief-stricken, when waits for death desperately, actually sees that fiery red auspicious clouds, without the stop, forwards without consulting anybody, flies in prairie another direction. 正当魔教众人欢欣鼓舞,异族众人如丧考妣,绝望等死之际,却见那火红祥云,没有停顿,径自向前,朝草原另一个方向飞去。 Everyone all stares. 大家全都一愣。 In the foreign race people heart raises flame of hope , to continue looks to the southeast, the hope is Master of the Demon Cult is escaping, oneself Patriarch pursues in behind. 异族众人心中升起一点希望的火苗,继续向东南望去,希望是魔教教主在逃跑,自家族主在后面追击。 Although the heart knows such possibly minimal, but they also can only raise at present this slightly read think, can support own fighting spirit. 虽然心底知道这样的可能微乎其微,但眼下他们也只能提起这小小念想,才能支撑住自身的斗志。 However, after fiery red auspicious clouds, the southeast is completely empty. 然而,在火红祥云后,东南空空如也。 The foreign race people despair thoroughly. 异族众人彻底绝望。 But at this time, saw the distant horizon suddenly, fiery red auspicious clouds stopped the footsteps of advance, fell toward below prairie. 而这时,忽然就见远方天边,火红祥云停下前进的脚步,朝下方草原落下。 Raises black mist on that prairie, tenacious Flame Dragon that but the helpless resistance drops from the clouds. 在那片草原上升起一道道黑雾,顽强但无助的对抗从天而降的炎龙 Regardless of the Demon Cult people or the foreign race people, everyone is first startled, subsequently understands. 不论魔教众人还是异族众人,大家都先是一怔,继而明白过来。 There, is not others, is the Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe hiding place! 那里,不是别人,正是左贤王修哲的藏身之处! Bakun, Loeb and other foreign race expert, have a big shock. 巴昆勒布异族高手,都大惊失色。 In order to keep secret, them does not know the Xiuzhe concrete whereabouts. 为了保密,连他们都不知道修哲的具体行踪。 Absolute Wolf Yamo is unable to learn about similarly, seeks for the Xiuzhe trail is quite difficult by a Demon Cult side. 绝狼亚木阿同样无从知悉,是以魔教一方寻找修哲踪迹极为困难。 Because Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe also needs an intelligence support of foreign race side, therefore there is Eksa and Zong Le few people to know the Xiuzhe general position. 因为左贤王修哲也需要异族一方的情报支持,所以有伊克萨宗勒寥寥几人知道修哲的大概方位。 But they have not fallen to Demon Cult, how does Demon Cult know the Xiuzhe exact location? 但他们都没有落到魔教手里,魔教如何知道修哲的具体位置? World long, the northern border is vast. 天地悠悠,北疆辽阔。 The place that Xiuzhe can choose were too many, can move unceasingly. 修哲能选择的地方太多了,更可以不断移动。 Including Bakun, Loeb and the others, has not thought that at present Xiuzhe unexpectedly nearby them. 包括巴昆勒布等人在内,都不曾想到,眼下修哲居然就在他们附近。 But looks at the appearance of that fiery red auspicious clouds, Demon Sovereign not looks for them, discovers Xiuzhe on the way. 可是看那火红祥云的样子,魔皇并非来找他们,顺道发现修哲 But hits from the beginning, goes to that foreign race Virtuous King of the Left! 而是打一开始,就是冲着那位异族左贤王去的! The Xiuzhe whereabouts, will Demon Sovereign be so clear? 修哲的行踪,魔皇怎么会如此清楚? The foreign race people, are all dumbfounded. 异族众人,全都目瞪口呆。 But the most surprised person, naturally is Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe. 而最惊讶的人,自然莫过于左贤王修哲自己。 The new position after his shift, Eksa, Zong Le and the others have not even informed with enough time. 他这一次转移后的新方位,连伊克萨宗勒等人都还没来得及通知。 Besides him, no one knows him here, does not have some people to leak to betray his possibility. 除了他自己以外,没人知道他在这里,根本不存在有人泄密出卖他的可能。 How however did Chen Luoyang find here? 然而陈洛阳是如何找到这里的? The body shrinks completely in the black overcoat, under dragon prestige auspicious clouds that the thin middle-aged man, looks up to the above combustion, the flame shines, can see his complexion paleness. 身体完全缩在黑色的大氅里,身材瘦小的中年男子,仰望上方燃烧的龙威祥云,火光映照下,都能看出他脸色一片铁青。 In auspicious clouds and flame, huge Flame Dragon is partly visible, finds out the cloud layer dragon head downward. 祥云和火焰中,巨大的炎龙若隐若现,向下将龙首探出云层。 Chen Luoyang stands above dragon head, tranquil looks at below Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe. 陈洛阳站在龙首之上,平静看着下方的左贤王修哲 Less than one month ago, the opposite party while his severe wound, runs up to the Qian Prefecture interception from afar. 就在不到一个月以前,对方趁着他重伤,万里迢迢跑到黔州截杀。 After that is he arrives at this world, first time facing the opponent of Martial Emperor level. 那是他来到这个世界后,第一次面对武帝层次的对手。 Finally a Thousand Tides Mountain war, he successfully beats the opposite party, will also make into the severe wound. 结果千潮山一战,他成功击败对方,将之也打成重伤。 Now is less than one month, his injury recovers gradually, the opposite party was still injury-ridden. 如今不到一个月时间,他伤势渐渐痊愈,对方则仍然伤病缠身。 Position of both sides, radical inversion. 双方的位置,彻底颠倒。 The middle-aged man under black wool overcoat package, the vision gazes above Chen Luoyang. 黑毛大氅包裹下的中年男子,目光注视上空的陈洛阳 In years past, defeated under this young opponent fist for the first time, making him be unwilling. 昔年,第一次败在这个年轻的对手拳下,让他不甘至极。 The unceasing attendance cultivates to train hard, even success breakthrough all previous dynasties predecessor older generation, successfully the Black Death Heavenly Book promotion to all previous unprecedented realm. 不断勤修苦练,甚至成功突破历代前人先辈,成功将黑死天书提升至历代未有的境界 Who once thinks, finally again and again defeats in the opposite party hand. 谁曾想,结果一而再,再而三败在对方手里。 But now, own life, must even come to the end. 而现在,甚至自己的生命,已经要走到尽头。 Resembled unexpectedly will not have the day of turning over forever. 竟似永无翻身之日。 Your elder brother Yuwen Feng has died.” Chen Luoyang said: I kill.” “你兄长宇文峰已死。”陈洛阳说道:“我杀的。” Xiuzhe fierce cough. 修哲剧烈的咳嗽。 Dies in battle, he will not regret, this King will also go along with him immediately, only hates itself to be incapable of killing your Chen Luoyang revenges for him and Helian.” “马革裹尸,他不会后悔,本王也将马上随他而去,只恨自己无力杀你陈洛阳为他和赫连报仇。” He thinks so to speak. 他想这么说来着。 However Chen Luoyang simply not the meaning that waits for him to open the mouth, said without consulting anybody: Now this you.” 然而陈洛阳根本没有等他开口的意思,径自道:“现在该你了。” Then, is a fist falls directly. 说罢,直接就是一拳落下。 Calamity general wild strength, Virtuous King of the Left Xiuzhe when situated in oneself peak is hard to resist, let alone the body of present severe wound. 天塌地陷一般的狂暴力量,左贤王修哲就算处于自己巅峰之时都难以抵挡,更别说现在的重伤之身。 Only in instantaneous, then the skeleton not saves! 只在瞬间,便尸骨无存! After his body dies, there is inexhaustible terrifying black mist, erupts from the body, as if endless raging tide sweeps across to all around. 其身死之后,有无穷无尽的恐怖黑雾,从躯体里爆发出来,仿佛无尽的狂潮向四周席卷。 Black Emperor Xiuzhe trains hard the Black Death Heavenly Book many years, the body dies the later within the body ominous vigor to erupt, reappeared past Dead Sea black tide directly! 黑帝修哲苦练黑死天书多年,身死之后体内凶劲爆发,直接再现昔日的死海黑潮 Chen Luoyang turns a blind eye. 陈洛阳对此视若无睹。 Also does not display firm blazing "Zhurong", then is still only "Chi You". 也不施展阳刚炽热的“祝融”,便依然只是“蚩尤” Wild killing intent and vicious tendencies shoot up to the sky, suppress Dead Sea black tide. 狂暴的杀意和戾气冲天而起,镇压死海黑潮 Brought the black death tide of endless disaster tribulation and death to the world, in front of "Chi You" of ominous and fierce bloodthirsty, as if also became existence that had the life, was then submerged by that dreadful killing intent destroys, life on the wane. 给人世带来无尽灾劫和死亡的黑死大潮,在凶厉嗜杀的“蚩尤”面前,仿佛也成了有生命的存在,然后被那滔天杀意淹没摧毁,“生命”凋零。 One possibly spreads affects the thousand li (500 km) surrounding area catastrophe, is quiet, by the Chen Luoyang still in imperceptibly. 一场可能扩散影响千里方圆的浩劫,悄无声息间,被陈洛阳平定于无形中。 After Sabre Sovereign Yuwen Feng, foreign race final pillar/backbone Black Emperor Xiuzhe, was destroyed. 刀皇宇文峰之后,异族最后的支柱黑帝修哲,也被摧毁。 Chen Luoyang flings to wave the arms about, as if did an insignificant minor matter. 陈洛阳甩甩手,仿佛干了件无足轻重的小事。 He looked that does not look at skeleton no saving Xiuzhe. 他看也不看尸骨无存的修哲 In the mind communicates black pot, inquired the Wang Fei information information. 脑海里沟通黑壶,查询王飞的信息情报。
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