IACHMND :: Volume #4

#308: My severe wound I

Heavenly Lord Chen Long has not imagined, oneself solemn Heavenly Lord, will reduce to this grade of position unexpectedly. 辰龙天尊从来没有想象过,自己堂堂天尊,居然会沦落到这等境地。 Although his achievement Heavenly Lord only more than ten years, the accumulation is well below established Heavenly Lord, in Heavenly Lord is only a younger brother. 虽然他成就天尊只有区区十几年,积累远远不及老牌天尊,在天尊之中只是个弟弟。 But Heavenly Lord is Heavenly Lord, only has Heavenly Lord, with being the Heavenly Lord opponent. 天尊就是天尊,唯有天尊,才配作天尊的对手。 Below Heavenly Lord, again is heaven-blessed genius, again is supernaturally brave clever in fighting, is good at the border crossing killing the enemy again, certainly not possible wound to a Heavenly Lord soft body hair. 天尊以下,再是天纵奇才,再是神勇善战,再是擅长越境杀敌,也绝无可能伤到天尊一根毫毛。 However today, below Heavenly Lord performs for ants the iron rule was broken. 然而今天,“天尊以下尽为蝼蚁”的铁律被打破了。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long discovered oneself just like became the shame in Heavenly Lord. 辰龙天尊发现自己俨然成了天尊之中的耻辱。 Unexpectedly by one never by the small insect that he pays attention, forces this degree. 居然被一个从未被他放在眼里的小虫子,逼迫到这种程度。 Although made him be injured truly, was he, was Heavenly Lord of half-step Golden Immortal level, ban that left behind. 虽然真正令他受伤的,是他自己,是半步金仙级的天尊,留下的禁制。 But said no matter how, he under that dares to force to the small insect that Heavenly Lord acts, has to the self-detonation itself assign/life magical treasure, and even offered sacrifices permanently two fingers. 但不管怎么说,他都是在那个胆敢向天尊出手的小虫子逼迫之下,不得不自爆本命法宝,乃至永久献祭了两根手指。 But now, he falls into during the ban once again, by compared with previously a worse condition, facing crazy attacking of two bans, as well as that wind of time as if never-ending assailing. 而现在,他又一次落入禁制之中,以比此前更加恶劣的状态,面对两道禁制的疯狂攻打,以及那时光之风仿佛永无休止的吹袭。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long has realized own mistake. 辰龙天尊已经意识到了自己的失误。 He underestimated brave and crazy of two small insects, just now get out of trouble , the paid price were also too few. 他低估了两个小虫子的胆大与疯狂,方才脱困而出时,付出的代价也太少了一些。 If he just is willing to pay more prices, bans and thunder dragon claw banned that also one and destroys, that present aspect, should be that two small insect, under his anger, cannot seek livehood, asked unable. 倘若他方才肯付出更多的代价,将龙爪禁制与雷霆禁制也一并摧毁,那现在的局面,就该是那两个小虫子,在他的怒火之下,求生不得,求死不能了。 What a pity does not have, if. 可惜没有如果。 Once again after falling into the ban, by his condition, wants to defeat the powerful bans of two half-step Golden Immortal levels, completely solves this problem, can only pay a bigger price- before defeated that galaxy sword energy to ban thoroughly together, paid price, was the self-detonation itself assigns/life magical treasure. 又一次陷入禁制之后,以他的状态,想要击破两道半步金仙级的强大禁制,彻底解决这个问题,就只能付出更大的代价-之前彻底击破那一道星河剑气禁制,付出的代价,乃是自爆本命法宝 At this time he has lost this has assigned magical treasure, is unable to put out again with Yin-Yang stone mill rank quite powerful magical treasure offers sacrifices, he can only pay other price. 此时他已经失去了本命法宝,也无法再拿出与阴阳石磨品阶相当的强大法宝献祭,那他就只能付出另外的代价。 Thinks the price of soon paying, even by resolute of Heavenly Lord Chen Long, still hesitant. 想到即将付出的代价,即使以辰龙天尊的果决,也不禁犹豫了起来。 Such a hesitation, that endless wind of time, then carried off he hundreds of thousands years of lifespan. 就这么一阵犹豫,那无休止的时光之风,便又带走了他十几万年的寿元 That makes you look, determination of Heavenly Lord!” “那就让你们看一看,天尊的决心吧!” Heavenly Lord Chen Long sets firm resolve finally, the hesitant color sweeps away. 辰龙天尊终于下定了决心,犹豫之色一扫而空。 He is unemotional, the look is cold and gloomy, lifts only has the right hands of three fingers, makes the sword by the arm, cuts across the sky. 他面无表情,眼神森冷,抬起只剩下三根手指的右手,以臂作剑,横空一斩。 Under cuts, the space shakes loudly, his entire right arm, explodes the fragment powder unexpectedly, is glittering the purple azure ray flesh, changes into a great sword that crosses the world, first sweeps away the sea of all around thunder, subsequently breaks open this different space, cut beyond the space, grasped is grasping above this different space dragon claw. 一斩之下,空间轰然一震,他整条右臂,蓦地爆成齑粉,闪烁着紫青光芒的血肉,化为一口横贯天地的巨剑,先将四周的雷霆之海一扫而空,继而又破开这异空间,斩到了空间之外,抓握着这方异空间的龙爪之上。 Before core palace, above square. 核心宫殿前,广场之上。 In that crystal ball to the dragon claw palm, is going all out to emit wind of time Ni Kun, suddenly heard two crack resounding one after another. 正冲着龙爪手心中那颗“水晶球”,卖力喷吐时光之风倪坤,忽然接连听到了两声咔嚓脆响。 Lu Xiyan also heard these two resounding, then looked, sees on the inscribed horizontal tablet that in the palace is hanging, that lightning dao mark and dragon snake dao mark, was cut by a sharp sword probably, has split. 陆昔颜也听到了这两声脆响,回头一看,就见宫殿上悬挂的匾额上,那闪电道纹与龙蛇道纹,像是被一口利剑斩过,已然从中绽裂开来。 In Lu Xiyan heart one tight: He broke open the ban!” 陆昔颜心中一紧:“他破开禁制了!” Finishes barely the words, sees the crystal ball that dragon Zhaozhua grasps, bang explodes. That is glittering the five colors multi-colored sunlight dragon claw , in the crystal ball explodes, explodes the smashing. 话音未落,就见那龙爪抓握的水晶球,砰地爆裂开来。那闪烁着五色霞光的龙爪,亦在水晶球爆裂之时,随之爆成粉碎。 to become Du the arm Heavenly Lord Heavenly Lord Chen Long figure has reappeared, without delay, a claw grasps to Ni Kun and Lu Xiyan. 已成独臂天尊辰龙天尊身形再现,二话不说,一爪抓向倪坤陆昔颜 This claw is unadorned, when the claw leaves, Ni Kun and Lu Xiyan only think between the world, does not have its thing again, within eyesight, is only left over this Heavenly Lord claw, picks the star with moon/month and control universe, in the heart lives big of universe spontaneously, has no place to go the powerless feeling. 这一爪朴实无华,但爪出之际,倪坤陆昔颜只觉天地之间,再无它物,视野之内,只剩下这天尊一爪,摘星拿月、掌控乾坤,心中不禁油然生起一种宇宙之大,亦无处可逃的无力感。 However, this feelings, are actually the good phenomena. 不过,有这种感觉,其实是好现象。 When acts facing Heavenly Lord Chen Long for the first time, the Ni Kun two people suppress the thought Heavenly Lord aura thoroughly, in the mind not thinks unexpectedly not thinks, a blank, delay just like unpainted clay idol puppet. 因为第一次面对辰龙天尊出手之时,倪坤二人连念头都天尊气息彻底镇压,脑海之中竟是无思无想,一片空白,呆滞宛若泥胎木偶。 But now, the self-torture more than 1000 years in the Torch Dragon God time domain, after cultivation base progresses by leaps and bounds, again facing a Heavenly Lord Chen Long claw, they, although has the feeling of being incapable, but at least also has the power of thought that but can also feel weak and fear. 而现在,在烛龙神时光领域之中苦修一千多年,修为突飞猛进之后,再面对辰龙天尊一爪,他们虽然心生无力之感,可至少还有思维能力,还能感受到无力、恐惧。 When this is the instinct fear of life facing predator. 这是生灵面对掠食者时的本能恐惧。 Probably faces the fierce tiger and lion group, fierce person, unavoidably in heart alarmed and afraid. 就好像面对猛虎、狮群,再勇猛的人,也难免心中惊惧。 But the formidable becomes the formidable, lies in being able to overcome frightened, faces frightened, and even...... 但勇者之所以成为勇者,就在于能够克服恐惧、面对恐惧,乃至…… Defeats the fear! 击败恐惧! Since the Ni Kun two people have not been trapped in the opportunity of ban to escape while Heavenly Lord Chen Long, but initiates an attack, the nature had considered the possibility of Heavenly Lord Chen Long breakthrough ban, has completed many have dealt with the plan. 倪坤二人既然没有趁辰龙天尊受困禁制的机会逃跑,而是主动出击,自然早已考虑到了辰龙天尊突破禁制的可能,已经做好了多种应对预案。 In fact, the present situation, compared with Better Heavenly Lord Chen Long that they estimate looks deathly pale, only remains an arm, although the aura was still the steamroll progression, may during the induction of Ni Kun One with the World, Heavenly Lord Chen Long this time aura, gave him unexpectedly faintly one type outwardly strong but inwardly weak the mysterious feeling. 事实上,现在的情况,比他们预想的更好-辰龙天尊脸色惨白,只剩一臂,气息虽然仍然是碾压级数,可在倪坤天人合一的感应之中,辰龙天尊此时的气息,竟隐隐予他一种“外强中干”的玄妙感觉。 Ni Kun felt, breaks three half-step Golden Immortal levels to ban forcefully, price that Heavenly Lord Chen Long pays, perhaps is more serious than the injury of his semblance. 倪坤感觉,强行破掉三道半步金仙级禁制,辰龙天尊付出的代价,或许比他外表的伤势更加惨重。 However, even Heavenly Lord Chen Long injury is serious, outwardly strong but inwardly weak, he was still Heavenly Lord. The realm has not dropped, the strength still went far beyond the Ni Kun two people. 不过,即使辰龙天尊“伤势惨重、外强中干”,他也仍然是天尊。其境界并未跌落,实力仍然远远超过倪坤二人。 But perhaps...... no longer is the steamroll. 但恐怕……已不再是碾压。 Bang! 轰! Heavenly Lord Chen Long picks the star with the claw of moon/month and control universe, grasps ruthlessly on qi of black-yellow that Black-Yellow Karmic Virtue Tower dangles. 辰龙天尊摘星拿月、掌控乾坤的一爪,狠狠抓在玄黄功德塔垂下的玄黄之气上。 qi of black-yellow shakes loudly, the drastic fluctuation, seemingly possibly collapses momentarily. 玄黄之气轰然一震,剧烈波动,看上去好像随时可能崩溃。 But defended eventually, had not been defeated by Heavenly Lord Chen Long. 但终究守了下来,没有被辰龙天尊击破。 This treasure is good.” The Heavenly Lord Chen Long surface sinks like the water, the look is cold and gloomy: Can make up for the loss of this Heavenly Lord reluctantly.” “此宝不错。”辰龙天尊面沉如水,眼神森冷:“勉强能弥补本天尊的损失。” During the speeches, his five fingers grasp, changing the claw is the fist, again bang to black-yellow energy cover. 说话间,他五指一握,变爪为拳,再次轰向玄黄气罩 This fist, grasped a Sun probably in the palm, erupted the infinite light and heat, Batong World such great world, struck to rumble to become fragments, to burn the ashes sufficiently. 这一拳,像是将一颗太阳握在了掌心之中,爆发出无穷的光与热,足以将八通界那样的大世界,一击轰成齑粉、焚成灰烬。 This is not conveniently a fist. 这已不是随手一拳。 But is Heavenly Lord depending on the anger, strikes full power. 而是天尊挟怒,全力一击。 Bang! 嘭! When the fist leaves, the space before fist peak explodes directly broken, changes into innumerable space rupture, attaches before the Heavenly Lord fist peak, along with that contains the infinite photo-thermal heavy blows, ruthlessly bang to black-yellow energy cover. 拳出之时,拳峰前的空间直接爆碎,化为无数空间碎片,附着于天尊拳峰之前,随那蕴含着无穷光热的重拳,狠狠轰向玄黄气罩 However...... this fist hit unexpectedly spatially! 然而……这一拳居然打空了! In the fist will soon hit black-yellow energy cover, Ni Kun two people before probably runs away hand/subordinate general from Heavenly Lord Chen Long, vanishes again does not see. 就在拳头即将击中玄黄气罩之时,倪坤二人就好像之前从辰龙天尊手下逃走一般,再一次消失不见。 They started the return trip candle, returned directly nearly in the palace of late ruler...... 他俩又发动了回程蜡烛,直接回到了近在迟尺的宫殿里面…… fist strength that Heavenly Lord Chen Long fails, rumbled ruthlessly above the palace main entrance. Is powerful enough to destroy a full power fist of side great world, unexpectedly has not hit to explode the palace front door, but putting in order the palace of hundred zhang (333 m) square, shakes jumps layer on layer/heavily, surges everywhere windblown dust. 辰龙天尊落空的拳劲,狠狠轰在了宫殿正门之上。足以摧毁一方大世界的全力一拳,居然没有把宫殿大门打爆,只是将整座百丈见方的宫殿,震得重重一跳,激荡起漫天尘烟。 looks at that was ironed one palace front door of fist seal, the Heavenly Lord Chen Long corner of the eye pulled out slightly, deeply inspires, depresses in the heart the flame of anger, coldly said: 看着那只是被烙上了一道浅浅拳印的宫殿大门,辰龙天尊眼角微微一抽,深吸一口气,压下心中无名火,冷冷道: You two juniors, think that hides in the palace, can have no more worries? Also or, you think, only palace, really can block this Heavenly Lord?” “你们两个小辈,以为躲到宫殿里面,就可高枕无忧了么?又或者,你们以为,区区一座宫殿,真的能挡住本天尊?” This palace, is the Heavenly Lord remnant mansion core, has the extremely strong ban. 这座宫殿,乃是天尊遗府核心,拥有极强的禁制。 But can create three attack bans of threat to Heavenly Lord Chen Long, had been eradicated at the heavy price by him thoroughly. The palace remaining bans, are only the pure defense bans. 但能够对辰龙天尊造成威胁的三道攻击型禁制,已经被他以惨重代价彻底破除。宫殿剩下的禁制,只是纯粹的防御型禁制。 The defensive power is extremely no doubt powerful, pure defense that but is unable to counter-attack, how also possibly to block Heavenly Lord Chen Long? 其防御力固然极其强大,可无法反击的纯粹防御,又怎可能挡住辰龙天尊 You have been possible to escape roadless. If comes out to ask to surrender, this Heavenly Lord can also give you a happiness. If resists stubbornly...... waits this Heavenly Lord to break the front door, holds you, must teach you not to seek livehood surely, asked unable!” “你们已经无路可逃。若是出来请降,本天尊还可以给你们一个痛快。若顽抗到底……待本天尊打破大门,抓住你们,定要教你们求生不得,求死不能!” Heavenly Lord Chen Long finishes speaking, Ni Kun has the happy expression sound, then transmits from the palace in: 辰龙天尊话音刚落,倪坤带着笑意的声音,便自殿中传来: Solemn Heavenly Lord, spoke so many idle talk unexpectedly, but also requests us to go out to surrender...... the situation is not a little right!” “堂堂天尊,居然说这么多废话,还要求我们出去投降……情况有点不对啊!” The Lu Xiyan sound also resounds: Good. Heavenly Lord murder, but also needs to speak the idle talk? Begins directly is. He speaks so many idle talk now, perhaps is injured too heavily, had a mind to be incapable, cannot break this palace.” 陆昔颜的声音随之响起:“不错。天尊杀人,还需要说废话么?直接动手便是。他现在说这么多废话,恐怕是受伤太重,有心无力,打不破这宫殿了。” that's reasonable.” Ni Kun said with a smile: Heavenly Lord Chen Long, you, since is injured, that is hurries Spirit Firmament Heaven to heal from a wound. Why also to pester with our two juniors continuous? Pesters again, if not careful in the sewers to capsize, you may really probably become the shame of Heavenly Lord!” 言之有理。”倪坤笑道:“辰龙天尊,您既然受了伤,那还是赶紧回灵霄天养伤去吧。又何必跟我们两个小辈纠缠不休?再纠缠下去,若是不小心阴沟里翻了船,那您可真要成天尊之耻了!” Lu Xiyan said: „If really unwilling, really wants to take our life, you are begin, force one's way into! However in my opinion, the shame of your Heavenly Lord, feared does not dare to begin again.” 陆昔颜道:“如果实在不甘心回去,实在想取我们性命,那你还是自己动手,打进来吧!不过依我看呐,你这位天尊之耻,怕是已经不敢再动手了。” The Heavenly Lord Chen Long complexion is gloomy, knows just now that inducing somebody to capitulate the words, have exposed own actual situation. 辰龙天尊脸色阴沉,知道方才那一番“劝降”的话,已经暴露了自己的虚实。 The Ni Kun two people said right, his present condition is not very good. 倪坤二人说得没错,他现在的状态很不好。 When destroys forcefully that dragon claw bans, the thunder ban, he seems like that was only offered sacrifices a arm, but has in fact injured and primeval spirit, and even damaged the source. 强行摧毁那龙爪禁制、雷霆禁制时,他看似只是献祭了一条手臂,但实际上已经伤及元神,乃至损伤了本源。 His realm, no doubt has not therefore dropped, but the strength has fallen short greatly. 他的境界,固然并未因此跌落,但实力已经大打折扣。 Struck to destroy a full power fist of great world like that type a moment ago sufficiently, is he at present, strongest attack that can display. If wants to wear down to dismantle defensive restriction of this palace forcefully, breaks the palace front door, he at least must launch same degrees the attacks of over a hundred times. 像刚才那种足以一击摧毁一个大世界的全力一拳,已是目前他,所能发挥的最强攻击。而若是想要强行消磨拆解这宫殿的防御禁制,打破宫殿大门,他至少还要发动上百次同等程度的攻击。 But the attack of similar degree, starts every time one time, will make his injury aggravate a point. If launches same degrees again the attacks of over a hundred times, under the injury aggravates, even if he realm will not drop, the strength will further still weaken. 可同样程度的攻击,每发动一次,都会令他的伤势加重一分。若再发动上百次同等程度的攻击,伤势加重之下,他就算境界不会跌落,实力也将进一步削弱。 By that time, but also is really not necessarily able to break the defense of that yellow and black pagoda. 到那时,还真未必能打破那玄黄宝塔的防御。 Therefore, he must speak to induce somebody to capitulate. 正因此,他才要出言劝降。 What a pity, that two dare to the avid follower who Heavenly Lord acts, not only bold nearly crazy, is very slier, unexpectedly looked through his actual situation...... 可惜,那两个敢于向天尊出手的狂徒,不仅胆大包天近乎疯狂,更无比狡猾,居然看破了他的虚实…… Heavenly Lord Chen Long knows that two fellows, the present will be will not come out in any event. 辰龙天尊知道,那两个家伙,现在是无论如何都不会出来了。 But Heavenly Lord Chen Long not because of „the shame of Heavenly Lord prodding, braves the danger that the injury aggravates, attacks the palace forcefully. 辰龙天尊也不会因为一番“天尊之耻”的激将,就冒着伤势加重的危险,强行攻打宫殿。 His cold snort/hum: I must have a look but actually, how long you can shrink in inside!” 他冷哼一声:“我倒要看看,你们能在里面缩上多久!” Said that unexpectedly sits down before the palace gate, acting in a completely informal or uninhibited manner sits in meditation therapy. 说完居然就在殿门前坐下,旁若无人的打坐疗伤起来。 Asked a ticket!】 【求勒个票!】
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