IACHMND :: Volume #4

#307: Heavenly Lord will also be injured!

Torch Dragon God power of time, serves as to murder, the best method, is carries off the enemy millenniums instantaneously, ten thousand years of life span. 烛龙神时光之力,用作杀伐,最好的手段,莫过于瞬间带走敌人千年、万年的寿命。 wind of time spits the breath to spurt, making enemy instantaneous lifespan dry up, passed away directly. 一口时光之风吐息喷过去,令敌人瞬间寿元枯竭,直接老死。 But in the universe, can disregard power of time to wear down, only has with Golden Immortal of universe same longevity. Even Heavenly Lord only then thousands of years natural lives, do not dare to disregard the time washout. 而宇宙之中,能无视时光之力消磨的,唯有与宇宙同寿的金仙。连天尊都只有千万年天寿,不敢无视时光冲刷。 However even if the Torch Dragon God main body, thinks that only wind of time spits the breath to kill Heavenly Lord, that still wants is too many. 不过即使是烛龙神本尊,想单凭时光之风吐息杀死一位天尊,那也是想太多。 Because is thousands of years long lifespan by Heavenly Lord, even if the Torch Dragon God main body can put out flickers for ten thousand years wind of time, must enough 1000 instances, be able to find time Heavenly Lord lifespan. 因为以天尊长达千万年的悠长寿元,烛龙神本尊哪怕能吐出“一瞬万年”的时光之风,也要足足一千个瞬间,才能将天尊寿元抽空。 But that 1000 instances, regarding Heavenly Lord, already enough long, enough cut to kill Torch Dragon God over a hundred times. 而那一千个瞬间,对于一位天尊来说,已经足够漫长,足够斩杀烛龙神上百次了。 Ni Kun candle dragon incarnation, although extracted the Torch Dragon God corpse remaining all sources, but is not inborn most ancient God. 倪坤的烛龙化身,虽然抽取了烛龙神尸残余的所有本源,但到底不是天生的最古之神 It to the control of power of time, is unable to achieve the Torch Dragon God main body by far the degree. 其对时光之力的掌控,远远无法达到烛龙神本尊的程度。 Even if acts full power, blowout wind of time, at most can in an instance, carries off enemy 3.000 years lifespan. 纵然全力施为,喷出的时光之风,最多也只能在一个瞬间,带走敌人三千年寿元 Normally, Ni Kun is unable to cope with Heavenly Lord Chen Long with this from the start. 正常情况下,倪坤压根儿无法用这一手对付辰龙天尊 Not to mention can wind of time that he spouts, hit Heavenly Lord Chen Long. Even can hit by luck, Heavenly Lord Chen Long can still refute wind of time greatly, rushes to front of Ni Kun, starts the sure-kill to him. 且不说他喷出的时光之风,能不能命中辰龙天尊。即使能够侥幸命中,辰龙天尊也大可以硬顶着时光之风,冲到倪坤面前,对他发动绝杀。 Before was killed by Heavenly Lord Chen Long, how many instances can the Ni Kun spitting breath insist? 在被辰龙天尊打死之前,倪坤的吐息又能坚持几个瞬间? Even if there is a Black-Yellow Karmic Virtue Tower protection, extraordinary can also spurt the Heavenly Lord Chen Long 45 instances, carries off Heavenly Lord Chen Long more than 10,000 years of lifespan. 哪怕有玄黄功德塔保护,了不起也就能喷辰龙天尊四五个瞬间,带走辰龙天尊一万多年的寿元而已。 Golden opportunity that however the present aspect, actually Ni Kun acts. 不过眼下的局面,却正是倪坤出手的大好时机。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long is surrounded by the bans of three half-step Golden Immortal levels Black-Yellow Heavenly Lord leaves behind, is at full power in the condition of defense. 辰龙天尊玄黄天尊留下的三道半步金仙级的禁制困住,正处于全力防御的状态之中。 Although at present only then the strength of defense, but if the time is sufficient, can extract magic power Heavenly Lord Chen Long from the source sea unceasingly, can with the advantage in supplies, wear down inevitably three bans. 虽目前只有防守之力,但如果时间充足,能从源海之中不断抽取法力辰龙天尊,必然可以凭着补给方面的优势,将三道禁制消磨一空。 By that time, he not only can get out of trouble, in process that but can also from resist with three bans, gains the greatest advantage, saves 1 million years of comprehend the Dao skill, the strength again upper layer building. 到那时,他不仅能够脱困而出,还可以从与三道禁制对抗的过程中,获取莫大好处,省下百万年悟道功夫,实力再上层楼。 But that is. 但那是以后。 Now, Heavenly Lord Chen Long, even if the self-preservation no worries, actually have no time it to attend. It with the resistances of Black-Yellow Heavenly Lord three bans, is during an extremely subtle balance. 就现下而言,辰龙天尊纵然自保无虞,却也无暇它顾。其与玄黄天尊三道禁制的对抗,正处于一种极微妙的平衡当中。 At this time, if there is an external force involvement, participates in an attack side, has the opportunity to undermine this delicate balance. 在这个时候,倘若有外力介入,参与进攻其中一方,就有机会打破这微妙平衡。 Naturally, the external force of this involvement must be powerful enough. 当然,这介入的外力必须足够强大。 Probably two elephants in the test of strength, the child of onlooking are wanting to help an elephant, throwing the gravel throws the knife to be useless, at least also with the army crossbow, had better be able have the pistol, even carries a rifle. 就好像两头大象正在角力,旁观的小孩想要帮助其中一头大象,扔石子扔小刀都没有用,至少也得拿把军弩,最好能有把手枪,甚至端上一把步枪。 Only then has the weapon of sufficient powerful, can help upset the balance. 只有拥有足够强力的武器,才能帮助打破平衡。 But Ni Kun, has the weapon of sufficient powerful now exactly. 倪坤,现在就恰好有着足够强力的武器。 What is more wonderful, was stranded during the ban, must resist dragon claw, sea of galaxy sword energy and thunder Heavenly Lord Chen Long simultaneously, had lost the mobile capability. With Heavenly Lord to the war, the hit problem of most difficult solution, at this time no longer is the issue. 更妙的是,被困在禁制之中,要同时对抗龙爪、星河剑气、雷霆之海的辰龙天尊,已经失去了移动能力。与天尊对战,最难解决的命中问题,此时已然不再是问题。 ...... 呼…… In slight wind sound/rumor. 轻微的风声中。 That is glittering clear wave light wind of time, spouts from the Ni Kun candle dragon incarnation mouth, crashes in dragon Zhaozhua is grasping crystal ball, entered that side secluded from the world different space, following the internal energy hauling, assails to go toward Heavenly Lord Chen Long. 那闪烁着粼粼波光的时光之风,自倪坤烛龙化身口中喷出,冲进龙爪抓握着的“水晶球”中,进入了那方与世隔绝的异空间,循气机牵引,向着辰龙天尊吹袭而去。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long sits well the ground, the top of the head stone mill rumbling revolving, galaxy sword energy that the resistance dangles unceasingly. Outside the body has the clear Guangbao tower, resists revolves regarding him crazily, thunder vortex that the unceasing bang hits. Simultaneously must maintain the space to inflate unceasingly, resists the strength that dragon Zhaozhua grasps. 辰龙天尊端坐地上,头顶石磨轰轰旋转,抵御不断垂下的星河剑气。身外有清光宝塔,抵挡围绕着他疯狂旋转,不断轰打的雷霆漩涡。同时还要不断维持空间膨胀,抵御龙爪抓握的力量。 Although seemingly falls in leeward, only then ability to parry, but Heavenly Lord Chen Long is unhurriedly, the complexion is tranquil, a school of calm. 虽看似落于下风,只有招架之功,但辰龙天尊不慌不忙,脸色平静,一派从容。 He knows, the victory is itself sooner or later. These three bans not only cannot do to him, in the end will also give him a big present. 他知道,胜利迟早属于自己。这三道禁制不但奈何不了他,到头来还会送他一份大礼。 Until the cool breeze, sways to come together suddenly, penetrates outside his body that clear Guangbao tower, sways to him on, Heavenly Lord Chen Long changed the complexion slightly. 直到一道清风,忽地吹拂而来,穿透他身外那座清光宝塔,吹拂到他身上,辰龙天尊才微微变了脸色。 The cool breeze raids the body that checks, he felt that oneself lifespan, passed unexpectedly instantaneously 3.000 years. 清风袭体的那一刹,他感到自己的寿元,竟然瞬间流逝了三千年 Although trivial 3.000 years lifespan, to having carries lifespan Heavenly Lord Chen Long is not worth mentioning surely, what is fearful, that cool breeze continuously, sways to him on unexpectedly unceasingly, each instance, can carry off his 3.000 years natural life. 虽区区三千年寿元,对拥有千万载寿元辰龙天尊来说不值一提,但可怕的是,那清风竟然源源不绝,不断吹拂到他身上,每一个瞬间,都能带走他三千年天寿。 The short several instances, Heavenly Lord Chen Long has then damaged more than 10,000 years of lifespan, making his no longer calm color, in the eye flash through wipes the shock. 短短几个瞬间,辰龙天尊便已损了一万多年的寿元,令他不复从容之色,眼中闪过一抹震惊。 What's the matter? Why will have wind of time to attack unceasingly?” “怎么回事?为何会有时光之风不断来袭?” If in the outside world, by the Heavenly Lord ability, easily can avoid wind of time, will not be blown by wind of time. 若在外界,以天尊的能力,轻易便可避开时光之风,根本不会被时光之风吹到。 But he was being diverted by three bans at this moment cannot move, where has the leeway of circumvention? 可此刻他正被三道禁制牵制地动弹不得,哪有规避的余地? Also in an instant, was several instantaneous in the past, Heavenly Lord Chen Long natural life, lost for 10,000 years. 一转眼,又是几个瞬间过去,辰龙天尊的天寿,又损失一万余年。 This way, even if he is Heavenly Lord, feared that must be blown to pass away by this wind of time continuously while still alive. 再这样下去,即使他是天尊,怕也要被这源源不绝的时光之风活活吹到老死。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long looks dignified, knows that the present aspect, could not have allowed him to wear down the ban calmly. 辰龙天尊神情凝重,知道眼下的局面,已容不得他从容消磨禁制了。 Must break three bans as soon as possible, restores the mobile capability, dodges wind of time. 必须尽快打破三道禁制,恢复移动能力,规避时光之风 But the conventional method, is not enough to break the bans of these three half-step Golden Immortal levels, wants to withdraw as soon as possible, can only pay the price. 但常规手段,不足以打破这三道半步金仙级的禁制,想要尽快脱身,就只能付出代价。 As the northern spirit star sea, is next to Spirit Firmament Heavenly Lord big shot, Heavenly Lord Chen Long naturally does not lack the resolution. 身为北灵星海,仅次于灵霄天尊大能,辰龙天尊自然不缺决断。 Realized that present aspect, is quite disadvantageous to him, he simply has not delayed hesitant, even if only then, he also only lost 40,000-50,000 years of lifespan, but he makes the resolution resolutely. 意识到眼下的局面,已然对他极为不利,他根本没有丝毫拖延犹豫,哪怕直到此时,他也不过只损失了40,000-50,000年的寿元,可他还是毅然作出决断。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long lifts hand one finger/refers, top of the head that stone mill bang, explodes the powder, changes into the black white clouds of Yin-Yang two air/Qi helix windings to clash together, shoots up to the sky, rumbles into that unceasingly dangling galaxy sword energy six radius arm galaxy, one routs that say/way six radius arm galaxy. 辰龙天尊抬手一指,头顶那石磨轰地一声,爆成粉末,化为一道阴阳二气螺旋缠绕的黑白气冲,冲天而起,轰入那不断垂下星河剑气的六旋臂星河之中,一下就将那道六旋臂星河击溃。 That Yin-Yang stone mill is Heavenly Lord Chen Long from Golden Core Realm, then the sacrifice still has refine along the assigns/life magical treasure, originally the plan the promotion will be Heavenly Lord's treasure, what a pity not competition entire merit. 那阴阳石磨乃是辰龙天尊金丹境起,便一直随身祭炼至今的本命法宝,本打算将之提升为天尊之宝,可惜未竞全功。 At this moment, when his self-detonation this future Heavenly Lord's treasure, assigned/life magical treasure self-detonation huge power using the itself unexpectedly without hesitation, struck to crush the galaxy ban. 此刻,他竟然毫不犹豫地自爆了这一件未来的天尊之宝,利用本命法宝自爆时的庞大威能,一击粉碎了星河禁制。 But in the Heavenly Lord Chen Long eye, does not have meaning of not abandoning unexpectedly. Although magical treasure is heavy, actually cannot compare the life. Even without Heavenly Lord's treasure, may take a broad view at the entire northern spirit star sea, except for Spirit Firmament Heavenly Lord, who is his opponent? 辰龙天尊眼中,竟无一丝不舍之意。法宝虽重,却也比不上性命。即使没有了天尊之宝,可放眼整个北灵星海,除了灵霄天尊,又有谁是他的对手? magical treasure without , there would be no, keeps the life, in the future can refine Heavenly Lord's treasure greatly seriously. 法宝没了便没了,留得性命在,日后大可以重炼一件天尊之宝 However the will again is firm, the conduct again is resolute, but this assigns/life magical treasure self-detonation, created to Heavenly Lord Chen Long backlashed seriously, making him stuffy snort/hum, looked deathly pale, the corners of the mouth dripped to wipe to glitter the blue and purple ray blood. 不过意志再是坚定,行事再是果决,可本命法宝自爆,还是对辰龙天尊造成了严重反噬,令他闷哼一声,脸色惨白,嘴角淌出一抹闪烁着青紫光芒的鲜血。 But he has not stopped there, ignores the injury, the guidance remaining dark two air/Qi, change into the black and white cyclone fast, covers around him, erupts loudly, shakes together the crevice body week that the thunder sea that he wraps all round. 但他并没有就此停下,不顾伤势,飞快引导残余的阴阴二气,化为黑白气旋,笼罩在他四周,又轰然爆发开来,将身周那将他团团包裹的雷霆海洋震开一道裂隙。 The crevice one presently, the Heavenly Lord Chen Long body clear light, passes through quickly, was separated from the fetter of thunder sea. 裂隙一现,辰龙天尊身化清光,倏地穿越过去,脱离了雷霆海洋的束缚。 Does not need the thunder sea to throw again, Heavenly Lord Chen Long refers to for the sword, a sword wields. 不待雷霆海洋再次扑来,辰龙天尊并指为剑,一剑挥出。 When the sword leaves, he eats two fingers bang, explodes. Is glittering flesh splattering of blue and purple ray, changing into a Qingxia is shining, the great sword that auspicious sign winds around, cuts across the sky. 剑出之时,他食中二指嘭地一声,爆裂开来。闪烁着青紫光芒的血肉喷溅而出,化为一口青霞灿灿、紫气缭绕的巨剑,横空一斩。 crack! 咔嚓 The great sword cuts, this was grasped the independent different space that grasps by the dragon claw peeling, immediately splits open together the jet black opening, Heavenly Lord Chen Long without hesitation, body one vertical, submerges in the jet black opening. 巨剑一斩,这被龙爪剥离抓握的独立异空间,顿时绽开一道漆黑的裂口,辰龙天尊毫不犹豫,将身一纵,没入漆黑裂口之中。 Before core palace, above square. 核心宫殿之前,广场之上。 Is grasping the crystal ball that grasps to the dragon claw, emits unceasingly wind of time Ni Kun, suddenly sees on the crystal ball, splits open together the tiny opening, light/only in the illness/quick from that opening plunders together clear, is against the wind long, in an instant, changes into one to wear the emperor robe, Emperor who wears the flat crown. 正冲着龙爪抓握的水晶球,不断喷吐时光之风倪坤,忽然看到水晶球上,绽开一道细小的裂口,一道清光自那裂口之中疾掠而出,迎风就长,转眼之间,就化为一尊身穿帝袍,头戴平天冠的帝君。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long. 正是辰龙天尊 Paid the self-detonation itself to assign/life magical treasure, as well as offered sacrifices permanently the heavy prices of two fingers, withdrew with great difficulty, but Heavenly Lord Chen Long, looked that has not looked at Ni Kun and Lu Xiyan, lifted the hand to make a fist, is rumbling to a palace in inscribed horizontal tablet fist. 付出了自爆本命法宝,以及永久献祭两根手指的惨重代价,好不容易脱身而出的辰龙天尊,看都没看倪坤陆昔颜一眼,抬手握拳,对着宫殿上的匾额一拳轰出。 Above that inscribed horizontal tablet, is representing sword-shaped Dao Mark of galaxy sword energy ban thoroughly shatter, but dragon snake-like Dao Mark, as well as thunder Dao Mark, still kept complete. 那匾额之上,代表着星河剑气禁制的剑形道痕已然彻底破碎,但那龙蛇般的道痕,以及雷霆道痕,仍然保持完好。 Therefore Heavenly Lord Chen Long cannot attend to small insect general Ni Kun and Lu Xiyan, must first crush the bases of other two bans, otherwise he likely falls into during the ban again. 所以辰龙天尊根本顾不上小虫子一般的倪坤陆昔颜,第一时间就要粉碎其余两道禁制的根本,否则他很可能再次落入禁制之中。 Although the galaxy ban has broken to pieces, but also exchanged him to assign/life magical treasure. Remaining two bans, there are the ability to surround him. 虽然星河禁制已碎,但也兑掉了他的本命法宝。剩下两道禁制,还是有能力将他困住。 In Heavenly Lord Chen Long wields the boxing to the inscribed horizontal tablet, a yellow and black pagoda to/clashes unexpectedly, keeps off before the Heavenly Lord Chen Long fist. 就在辰龙天尊挥拳击向匾额之时,一座玄黄宝塔蓦地冲起,挡在辰龙天尊拳头之前。 Bang! 嘭! In the earth-shaking loud sound sound, the fist of Heavenly Lord Chen Long, the solid bang above the yellow and black pagoda, hits buzz greatly to shake the tower. Ni Kun and Lu Xiyan under tower, the mouth spurts the blood simultaneously. 惊天动地的巨响声中,辰龙天尊的拳头,结结实实轰在玄黄宝塔之上,将塔身打得嗡嗡巨震。塔下的倪坤陆昔颜同时哇地一声,口喷鲜血。 But said no matter how, a Heavenly Lord Chen Long this fist, had kept off full power. 但不管怎么说,辰龙天尊这全力一拳,已经被挡了下来。 But that while the Heavenly Lord Chen Long fist kept off, in that two complete Dao Mark, departs dragon claw again, a lightning. 而就在辰龙天尊拳头被挡下的同时,那两道完好的道痕之中,再次飞出一只龙爪,一道闪电。 The Heavenly Lord Chen Long complexion changes, the body flowing light, dashes void, spans trillion li (0.5 km) instantaneously. 辰龙天尊脸色一变,身化流光,撞破虚空,瞬间跨越亿万里。 However dragon claw Heavenly Lord Chen Long distant locking, the five fingers has grasped, in Heavenly Lord Chen Long trillion li (0.5 km) away, together with his body a zhang (3.33 m) space, had then been stripped on Wednesday , before returning to the palace, changes into a crystal ball, was gripped by the dragon claw firmly in the claw. 然而那龙爪已将辰龙天尊遥遥锁定,五指一握,已在亿万里之外的辰龙天尊,连同其身周三丈空间,便被生生剥离下来,又回到了宫殿之前,化为一颗水晶球,被龙爪牢牢攥在爪中。 Afterward that five dragons refer to grasp furiously, must pinch to explode this crystal ball. 随后那五根龙指奋力一握,要将这水晶球捏爆。 Heavenly Lord Chen Long shouted angrily, the body week space speed of light inflates, counter-balances dragon claw the strength of grasping grasping. 辰龙天尊怒喝一声,身周空间光速膨胀,抵消龙爪的抓握之力。 But has not waited for him to break open this space again, the golden lightning melts, wraps him all round, changes into the thunder vortex, release innumerable lightning thunder ball, hits to his crazy bang. 但还不等他再次破开这空间,金色闪电又化雷海,将他团团包裹,化为雷霆漩涡,释放无数闪电雷球,向他疯狂轰打。 In the Heavenly Lord Chen Long heart flashes through wipes the regret. 辰龙天尊心中闪过一抹悔意。 He knows that oneself extremely despised that two small insect, thought that two small insect, after he was trapped in the ban, the only choice was seizes the chance to escape, has not actually thought that they not only have not run, instead remained to participate in this fight. 他知道自己太过轻视那两个小虫子了,原以为那两个小虫子,在他受困禁制之后,唯一的选择就是趁机逃跑,却没有想到,他们不但没跑,反而留下来参与了这次战斗。 They truly are insignificant. 他们确实是无足轻重。 Even if they have the yellow and black pagoda that to defend supreme treasure, Heavenly Lord Chen Long can still easily write off them, nothing but acts several things. 即使他们有玄黄宝塔那等防御至宝,辰龙天尊也可以轻易抹杀他们,无非就是多出手几次的事情。 But currently has that sufficiently with his Heavenly Lord Chen Long evenly matched ban strength, two should the insignificant bug, become has also been able to decide the situation unexpectedly the major force! 可现在有那足以与他辰龙天尊势均力敌的禁制力量,两只本该无足轻重的小虫,居然也成了能够决定局势的重要力量! However things have gotten to this point, the regret is also useless. 不过事已至此,悔亦无用。 Falls into Heavenly Lord Chen Long in ban again, was surrounded by the thunder vortex all round. Even at this time did not have galaxy sword energy, but he did not have the Yin-Yang stone mill, but also is injured heavily, aspect compared with before, not only has nothing to change for the better, instead aggravation. 再次落入禁制之中的辰龙天尊,又被雷霆漩涡团团困住。即使此时没有了星河剑气,可他同样没有了阴阳石磨,还受伤不轻,局面比起之前,不仅没有任何好转,反而更加恶化。 But that wind of time, blew once again, sways to Heavenly Lord Chen Long on, carries off his lifespan fast. 而那时光之风,也又一次吹了进来,吹拂到辰龙天尊身上,飞快带走他的寿元 Asked a ticket!】 【求勒个票!】
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