IJWTPGQ :: Volume #13

#1217: Reunion

It seems like in very ordinary small courtyard, planted many plants, has the grass to have flower, what are more is can eat the green vegetables that. 一个看起来很普通的小院子里面,种了很多的植物,有草有花,更多的是可以食用的青菜。 These are not plant category other-dimensional creature, but most common Earth plant. 这些都不是植物系异次元生物,而是最普通的地球植物。 Also can wear the mask at home?” Zhou Wen looks that sits Faceless Buddha on yard stone stool said. “在家里还要戴着面具吗?”周文看着坐在小院石凳上的无面佛说道。 Does not want to frighten others.” Faceless Buddha was saying picked the mask, revealing one was not ugly, but is quite fierce, is only a look can the scared face. “只是不想吓到别人而已。”无面佛说着把面具摘了下来,露出了一张并不丑陋,但是却极为凶恶,只是一个眼神就能够让人胆寒的脸。 „!” Hui Wan sees that face, repetitive retreat that immediately frightens, seemed saw the fierce series homicidal maniac was the same. “啊!”惠玩看到那张脸,顿时吓的连连后退,好似看到了凶恶的连环杀人狂一样。 Person who this is known as Faceless Buddha, impressively is Schoolmate Zhou Wen’s Gu Dian (classical), before Gu Dian (classical) was also one of the profound literary society, even Zhou Wen has not thought, now he becomes Red-light Street illustrious Faceless Buddha unexpectedly. 这个号称无面佛的人,赫然就是周文的同学古典,以前古典也是玄文社的一员,连周文都没有想到,如今他竟然成了烟花巷赫赫有名的无面佛 How will you rush to here to become Faceless Buddha?” Zhou Wen has not paid attention to scared Hui Wan, looks at Gu Dian (classical) to ask. “你怎么会跑到这里来成为了无面佛?”周文没有理会胆寒的惠玩,看着古典问道。 To go on living.” Gu Dian (classical) said is very relaxed, seemed a normal matter, but Zhou Wen can actually feel, that contained many pain and helplessness. “为了活下去。”古典说的很轻松,仿佛是一件再正常不过的事情了,可是周文却能够感觉到,那其中包含了多少的痛苦与无奈。 A'Cai!” Zhou Wen just wants to say anything, nearby Hui Wan called excitedly. 阿彩!”周文正想说什么,一旁的惠玩却兴奋地叫了起来。 Zhou Wen turns the head to look, saw only the Hui Wan excited to exert charges into a beautiful young girl of wear cape, Zhou Wen finally saw A'Cai in legend. 周文转头望去,只见惠玩正兴奋地冲向了一个穿着斗篷的美丽少女,周文终于见到了传说中的阿彩 A delicate gentle woman, seems like also on the under 20-year-old appearance, smiles sweet, making one look was very warm. 一个清秀温柔的女人,看起来也就不到20岁的样子,笑起来甜甜的,让人看了很温馨。 A'Cai you do not need to fear, I will protect your.” Hui Wan has the courage to keep off in front of A'Cai, looked at Gu Dian (classical) one, the leg somewhat became tender, but he has not drawn back, still insisted very much. 阿彩你不用怕,我会保护你的。”惠玩鼓起勇气挡在阿彩前面,看了古典一眼,腿又有些发软,可他还是没有退开,依然还是很坚持。 Little Wan, no one will harm me.” A'Cai feels the small head of Hui Wan, said gently. 小玩,没有人会伤害我。”阿彩摸着惠玩的小脑袋,温柔地说道。 „It is not he forces you to come here?” Hui Wan wants to refer to Gu Dian (classical), but looked at Gu Dian (classical), actually does not dare to refer to with the hand. “不是他强迫你来这里的吗?”惠玩想要指古典,可是看了一眼古典,却没敢用手去指。 „It is not, is I am willing to come to here with him, although his appearance is very ominous, is the person is very good to be very gentle.” A'Cai said. “不是,是我自己愿意跟他到这里来的,他的样子虽然很凶,可是人却很好很温柔。”阿彩说道。 You do not need to be afraid, I...... I and Zhou Wen will protect your.” Hui Wan actually some do not believe that how to see that Gu Dian (classical) does not seem like a very good very gentle person. “你不用害怕的,我……我和周文会保护你的。”惠玩却有些不信,怎么看古典也不像是一个很好很温柔的人。 Leads him to go out to play.” Gu Dian (classical) said to A'Cai. “带他出去玩吧。”古典阿彩说道。 A'Cai complied with one, bringing Hui Wan to have the yard. 阿彩应了一声,带着惠玩出了小院。 Gu Dian (classical) then said to Zhou Wen: You come to here are the coincidence, looks for me specially?” 古典这才对周文说道:“你来这里是巧合,还是专门来找我?” Coincidence, after I returns to the school, has inquired your whereabout, but where actually no one knows you, exactly what happened? Why will you turn into Faceless Buddha?” Zhou Wen opened Supreme Opening the Heavens Scripture and Great Brahma, a shield the regular strength that may have, prevents nearby some people to listen secretly their dialogues. “巧合,我回学院之后,打听过你的下落,可是却没有人知道你在哪里,到底发生了什么事?为什么你会变成无面佛?”周文打开了太上开天经大梵天,一个屏蔽有可能存在的规则力量,一个防止附近有人偷听他们的对话。 Gu Dian (classical) said: „The influence needs one to carry out the transaction in every way the place, but the person in management this place, must not relate with either one, simultaneously must be trusted in every way.” 古典说道:“多方势力都需要一个能够进行交易的地方,而主持这个地方的人,必须和任何一方都没有关系,同时又要被多方所信任。” Such person should not be difficult to look.” Zhou Wen said. “这样的人应该不难找。”周文说道。 Such person is not difficult to look, but is the person of person are not many.” Gu Dian (classical) said unemotionally. “这样的人不难找,可是不是人的人却不多。”古典面无表情地说道。 Zhou Wen cannot help but silent, Gu Dian (classical) has half of bloodlines is not human, although Zhou Wen and Xuanwen Union people do not care, is in the entire human community, community that he will be divided the different kind. 周文不由得沉默了,古典有一半的血统不属于人类,虽然周文玄文会的人都不在意,可是在整个人类群体当中,他还是会被划分到异类的群体当中。 Gu Dian (classical) actually as if does not care about these , to continue saying: The most important thing is, other dimensions also needs my such a is not the person of person works for them, therefore I can become Red-light Street Faceless Buddha.” 古典却似乎并不在意这些,继续说道:“最重要的是,异次元也需要我这样一个不是人的人为他们工作,所以我才能够成为烟花巷无面佛。” other dimensions?” The Zhou Wen body shakes. 异次元?”周文身子一震。 If Gu Dian (classical) went to other dimensions, then later Zhou Wen and other dimensions fight time, how is Gu Dian (classical) going from the place? 若是古典投向了异次元,那么以后周文异次元战斗的时候,古典将要如何自处? Here something, take away to have a look, looked that destroyed it, nothing words, later do not come.” Gu Dian (classical) puts out a package to give Zhou Wen. “这里有些东西,拿去看看,看完就毁了它,没有什么事的话,以后就别来了。”古典拿出一个包裹递给周文 What?” Zhou Wen asked. “什么?”周文问道。 „After going back, look.” Gu Dian (classical) said that sets out to turn toward outside the courtyard to walk. “回去后自己看吧。”古典说完就起身向着院子外面走去。 Zhou Wen sees him to be determined to see a visitor out, has to receive the package, set out Gu Dian (classical) to go out of the yard together. 周文见他已经决意要送客,也只好收起了包裹,起身着古典一起走出了小院。 A'Cai, you really do not need to fear, I will certainly save you to go out.” Hui Wan does not believe, A'Cai stays here voluntarily. 阿彩,你真的不用怕,我一定会救你出去的。”惠玩还是不相信,阿彩是自愿留在这里的。 A'Cai also wants to explain anything, a Gu Dian (classical) hand held the small head of Hui Wan, mentioned in front of him oneself directly. 阿彩还想解释什么,古典却一只手抓住了惠玩的小脑袋,直接把他提到了自己面前。 Come, I do not fear you, I must rescue A'Cai.” Hui Wan from the sky beats, but the small arm calf cannot bump into Gu Dian (classical). “来啊,我不怕你,我要救阿彩。”惠玩在空中拳打脚踢,可是小胳膊小腿根本碰不到古典 You had the skill to rescue her time comes again.” Gu Dian (classical) loses conveniently, lost Hui Wan on the ground, the fallen Hui Wan buttocks soon became eight petals, painful screaming. “等你有本事救她的时候再来吧。”古典随手一丢,就把惠玩丢在了地上,摔的惠玩屁股都快要成八瓣了,痛的叫出声来。 Then Gu Dian (classical) brought A'Cai to return to the courtyard to go, the front door was also closed. Hui Wan is clenching teeth to crawl, but has not actually pursued again, has not quarrelled again must rescue A'Cai. 然后古典就带着阿彩回院子去了,大门也被关上了。惠玩咬着牙爬了起来,可是却没有再追过去,也没有再吵着要救阿彩 Goes back.” Zhou Wen brought Hui Wan to leave Red-light Street, this Hui Wan has not been determined to remain again. “回去吧。”周文带着惠玩离开了烟花巷,这一次惠玩没有再执意要留下来。 This they passed by from Red-light Street time, everyone very aware allows to pass through for them. 这一次他们从烟花巷路过的时候,所有人都很自觉的为他们让路。 Goes out of Red-light Street not far, Hui Wan asked Zhou Wen suddenly earnestly: Faceless Buddha is very polite to you, are you also very certainly fierce?” 走出烟花巷没有多远,惠玩突然认真地问周文:“无面佛对你很客气,你一定也很厉害吧?” Careless, but can also pass.” Zhou Wen shrugs the arm to say. “马马虎虎吧,还过得去吧。”周文耸了耸肩膀说道。 You and Faceless Buddha who is fiercer?” Hui Wan also asked. “你和无面佛谁更厉害?”惠玩又问道。 Without comparing, has not known, you did ask this doing?” Zhou Wen somewhat looks at Hui Wan surprisedly. “没有比过,不知道,你问这个干什么?”周文有些惊讶地看着惠玩 I must defeat Faceless Buddha, Hui family no one can be stronger than Faceless Buddha, I want to ask you to teach me, you had what condition to say freely, so long as I can achieve.” The Hui Wan small face is very serious. “我要打败无面佛,惠家没有人能够比无面佛更强,我想请你教我,你有什么条件尽管说,只要我能够做到。”惠玩小脸很是严肃。 I am not short of money.” Zhou Wen said with a smile. “我不缺钱。”周文笑道。 Hui Wan somewhat flustered immediately, said hastily: „Do you have wish companion pet or mythical liquid? I can find the way to help you attain.” 惠玩顿时有些慌了,连忙说道:“你有想要的伴生宠或者神话液吗?我都可以想办法帮你拿到的。” Such companion pet, can you attain? If you can attain, I teach you.” Zhou Wen summoned Immortal Banana. “这样的伴生宠,你能拿到吗?你要是能够拿到,我就教你。”周文芭蕉仙召唤了出来。 Hui Wan looks that Immortal Banana that happy form disappears in oneself gradually at present, cannot help but stared in a big way the eye: Fear Rank companion pet of kind of human form?” 惠玩看着芭蕉仙那美好的身影渐渐在自己眼前消失,不由得瞪大了眼睛:“类人形的恐惧级伴生宠?” What kind of? Also can learn from me?” Zhou Wen said with a smile. “怎么样?还要不要跟我学?”周文笑道。 Hui Wan lowers the head, but quick lifted, a face said earnestly: I can work for you, I am very young, now I cannot attain such companion pet, is ten years 20 years later, I can certainly attain, in the ten years...... 20 years...... I can work for you......” 惠玩低下了头,不过很快又抬了起来,一脸认真地说道:“我可以为你工作,我还很年轻,现在我拿不到这样的伴生宠,可是十年二十年之后,我一定可以拿到,这十年……不……二十年……我都可以为你工作……” Sees the Zhou Wen complexion to have no change somewhat afraid, Hui Wan continues saying: Or...... 30 years......” 周文脸色没有任何变化,惠玩有些心虚的继续说道:“要不……三十年……” If makes you work for me for a lifetime, you do want?” Zhou Wen smiles looks at Hui Wan to ask. “如果让你一辈子都为我工作,你愿意吗?”周文笑眯眯的看着惠玩问道。 The Hui Wan body trembles, but the quick vision strengthens, looks at Zhou Wen saying: If you can guarantee that helps me defeat Faceless Buddha, I can work for you for a lifetime.” 惠玩身子一颤,不过很快目光又坚定起来,看着周文说道:“如果你能保证帮我打败无面佛,我可以为你工作一辈子。” Some Zhou Wen surprise look at Hui Wan to ask: „Is A'Cai so important to you?” 周文有些诧异地看着惠玩问道:“阿彩对你那么重要吗?” Not only for A'Cai, I cannot make my family member be injured like A'Cai again, I must protect their strengths, be only money cannot achieve.” Hui Wan said. “不光是为了阿彩,我不能再让我的家人像阿彩一样被伤害,我要拥有保护他们的力量,只有钱做不到。”惠玩说道。
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