IJWTPGQ :: Volume #13

#1216: Faceless Buddha

Insufficiently.” brother Nai has not explained so many, but said two characters very much simply. “不够。”奶哥没有解释那么多,只是很简单的说了两个字。 How many also misses?” Hui Wan asked earnestly. “还差多少?”惠玩认真地问道。 Hundred times.” brother Nai said such a number, actually wants to make Hui Wan go back, he does not think that Hui Wan really can achieve, could not achieve at least in a short time. “百倍。”奶哥说出这么一个数字,其实只是想让惠玩回去而已,他并不认为惠玩真的能够做到,至少短时间内做不到。 Good, after I go back, will make more money, until can receive in exchange A'Cai.” Hui Wan after all is only a child, he took seriously the brother Nai words. “好,我回去后会赚更多的钱,直到能够换回阿彩。”惠玩毕竟只是一个孩子,他把奶哥的话当真了。 Good, I deliver you to go out.” brother Nai delivered Zhou Wen and Hui Wan. “好,我送你们出去。”奶哥周文惠玩送了出去。 Old Jin saw that brother Nai brings Zhou Wen they to come out, cannot help but relaxes, he does not want with the brother Nai conflict. 老金看到奶哥带着周文他们出来,不由得松了一口气,他也不想和奶哥冲突。 Everyone, they are only the children, can do not feel embarrassed them, keeps means of livelihood to them?” brother Nai looked that said to the crowd. “各位,他们只是孩子罢了,能不能不要为难他们,给他们留条活路?”奶哥看向人群说道。 Since brother Nai you said like this, that affirmation is only a misunderstanding.” Old Jin backed up to say hastily. “既然奶哥你都这样说了,那肯定只是一个误会。”老金连忙帮腔说道。 Most people give the brother Nai face very much, made way automatically a road. 大多数人还是很给奶哥面子的,自动让开了一条路。 Zhou Wen thanked brother Nai they, is preparing to bring Hui Wan to leave together, actually heard a strange hoofbeat suddenly. 周文感谢了奶哥他们,正准备要带着惠玩一起离开,却突然听到了一种奇怪的蹄声。 This hoofbeat sound, everyone's complexion changed, even if brother Nai, the complexion also in the pallidness that the flash changes. 这种蹄声一响,所有人的脸色都变了,纵然是奶哥,脸色也在一瞬间变的煞白。 Zhou Wen realized immediately had anything, turns the head to look that looks at the past to the direction that the hoofbeat transmits, sees only at the end of long street, a person rides Twin-Headed Evil Dragon to walk slowly. 周文顿时意识到发生了什么,转头看向蹄声传来的方向看过去,只见在长街的一端,一个人骑着一匹双头恶龙缓缓走来。 That Twin-Headed Evil Dragon is all over the body jet black, just like the black gem carving, each piece of scale is sending out the dark light, as if in the mirror the abyss is common. 双头恶龙通体漆黑,宛若黑宝石雕刻而成,每一片鳞片都散发着幽暗的光,仿佛镜中深渊一般。 Sits in the person who the double headed dragon conducts the back, extremely majestic big, a about three meters height, seeming like ordinary like the giant, but he, although is majestic, actually does not seem clumsy, the stature presents the muscle solid streamline shape, making his whole person look was full of the explosive strength. 坐在双头龙背上的人,极其的雄壮高大,近三米的身高,看起来如同巨人一般,不过他虽然雄壮,却并不显得笨拙,身材呈现肌肉坚实的流线形,令他整个人看起来都充满了爆发性力量。 Under the tight-fitting black armor serves as contrast, appears aggressive and mysterious. 在紧身的黑色盔甲衬托下,就更显得霸气而神秘。 Cannot see his appearance, can only see a mask of no face, sees that mask, Zhou Wen had guessed correctly who probably he was. 看不到他的样貌,只能够看到一副无脸的面具,看到那面具,周文大概就已经猜到他是谁了。 Actually does not need to guess, the Red-light Street these people's responses, have fully shown all, coming the person should in Red-light Street like a God, like a Buddha Faceless Buddha. 其实不用猜,烟花巷那些人的反应,都已经足以说明一切,来人应该就是在烟花巷如神如佛无面佛 The Faceless Buddha place visited, everyone falls back on both sides of avenue automatically, holds their palms together to lower the head to salute, like prayed general, even no one dares to raise the head to look straight ahead Faceless Buddha. 无面佛所过之处,所有人都自动退到大街的两旁,双手合十低头行礼,如同向佛祈祷一般,甚至没有人敢抬头直视无面佛 The Old Jin complexion is pallid, sees Faceless Buddha to come from afar, but also without he arrived at the vicinity, direct under worships on bended knees saying: Sir, I see them am only a child, thinks that is only a practical joke, therefore wants to let off them......” 老金的脸色煞白,远远看到无面佛过来,还没等他到近处,就直接下跪拜道:“大人,我见他们只是孩子,以为只是一个恶作剧,所以才想放过他们……” Even quite respected brother Nai, were still short of several points of free and easy in front of Faceless Buddha, the look said dignifiedly: Sir, this matter and Old Jin they have not related, is I forces Old Jin to release people, their two are just the children, won't you haggle over with two children?” 即便是相当受人尊敬的奶哥,在无面佛面前也少了几分洒脱,神色凝重地说道:“大人,这件事和老金他们没有关系,是我强迫老金放人,他们两个只不过是孩子而已,您不会和两个孩子计较吧?” I have said that can't the Hui family person enter Red-light Street?” Faceless Buddha said indifferently. “我是不是说过,惠家的人不许进烟花巷?”无面佛漠然说道。 Yes.” brother Nai somewhat replied bitterly and astringently. “是。”奶哥有些苦涩地回答。 „Are the Hui family people?” Faceless Buddha also asked. “他们是不是惠家的人?”无面佛又问道。 brother Nai opens mouth, does not know how should reply. 奶哥张了张嘴,不知道该怎么回答。 I am the Hui family person, I called Hui Wan, was I must come, are not related with them.” Hui Wan is saying, before arriving at the horse, pulls out in own backpack various contracts, pulls out also while introduced the values of these things. “我是惠家人,我叫惠玩,是我自己要来的,和他们没关系。”惠玩说着,就来到了马前,把自己背包里面的各种合同掏出来,一边掏还一边介绍了那些东西的价值。 So long as you put A'Cai, these are your, if you find it also not enough, you can open a price, ten times of 100 times, I will take as soon as possible to you.” The Hui Wan small body stands before majestic Twin-Headed Evil Dragon, to does not dread. “只要你把阿彩放了,这些就都是你的,如果你觉得还不够,你可以开个价,十倍一百倍都可以,我会尽快拿给你。”惠玩小小的身体站在雄壮的双头恶龙前,到是并不畏惧。 Even 1000 times of 10,000 times, cannot trade A'Cai.” Faceless Buddha said lightly. “就算是一千倍一万倍,也换不走阿彩。”无面佛淡淡地说道。 Hui Wan stiffly there , he although will make money very much, but 1000 times of 10,000 times were too difficult, even if can gain, the opposite party is not willing to exchange A'Cai, this let his unprecedented no use. 惠玩僵在了那里,他虽然很会赚钱,可是一千倍一万倍还是太难了,而且就算能赚到,对方也不愿意交换阿彩,这让他前所未有的无助。 Hui Wan at this time likely normal child, helpless looked to Zhou Wen, in the look full was no use and anxious. 惠玩这时候才像个正常的小孩子,不知所措的看向了周文,眼神中满是无助和不安。 Twin-Headed Evil Dragon is still walking forward, has soon bumped into Hui Wan, brother Nai thinks that Faceless Buddha really must start to Hui Wan, drew Hui Wan hastily, actually does not dare to begin with Faceless Buddha, saying of entreaty: Sir, he is only a child, the matter that even if his surnamed Hui, Hui family does are not related with him, asking you to let off him.” 双头恶龙依然在向前走,已经快要碰到惠玩了,奶哥以为无面佛真的要对惠玩下手,连忙拉了一把惠玩,却不敢和无面佛动手,哀求似的说道:“大人,他只是一个孩子,即便他姓惠,惠家做的事也和他没有关系,求您放过他吧。” Also dares to speak on brother Nai now, others, like Old Jin and ghost and so on, basic do not dare to leave the atmosphere at this time, Faceless Buddha was too terrifying to the pressure of person, this person seems to be inborn has a terrifying constriction. 也就奶哥现在还敢说话,其他人,像老金、老妖之类的,此时根本连大气都不敢出,无面佛给人的压力实在太恐怖了,这个人仿佛天生就带着一种恐怖的压迫感。 Although brother Nai asked favor, but Twin-Headed Evil Dragon has not stopped, but Faceless Buddha has not started to Hui Wan, Twin-Headed Evil Dragon walked from their side directly, arrived in front of Zhou Wen. 尽管奶哥求情,可是双头恶龙并没有停止,但是无面佛也没有对惠玩下手,双头恶龙直接从他们身边走了过去,来到了周文面前。 Your when also surnamed Hui?” Faceless Buddha looks at Zhou Wen, asked beyond expectation, making brother Nai, ghost and the others gawk. “你什么时候也姓惠了?”无面佛看着周文,出人意料的问了一句,让奶哥、老妖等人都楞了一下。 My when surnamed Hui? What am I surnamed you not to know?” Zhou Wen said with a smile, Faceless Buddha just appeared, who he has looked at this person is. “我什么时候姓惠了?我姓什么你还不知道吗?”周文笑着说道,无面佛刚刚出现,他就已经看出来这个人是谁了。 When comes?” Faceless Buddha also asked. “什么时候来的?”无面佛又问道。 Today just arrives.” Zhou Wen replied. “今天刚到。”周文回答。 When walks.” Faceless Buddha also asked. “什么时候走。”无面佛又问道。 Originally plans to walk now, since you here, must make you let blood, has the feast to walk again.” Zhou Wen said with a smile. “本来打算现在就走的,不过既然你在这里,怎么也要让你放点血,吃顿大餐再走吧。”周文笑道。 Comes up.” Faceless Buddha turned around Twin-Headed Evil Dragon, obviously is to make Zhou Wen sit. “上来。”无面佛掉转了双头恶龙,明显是让周文坐上去。 This act made all Red-light Street people stare in a big way the eye, although Faceless Buddha was the Red-light Street king, but he always came and went freely, never led anybody in the side, no one place that went to him to live, let alone with riding rode with Faceless Buddha. 此举让所有烟花巷的人都瞪大了眼睛,无面佛虽然是烟花巷的王,可他向来独来独往,从不带任何人在身边,没有人去过他住的地方,更别说和无面佛同乘一骑了。 This little friend is I brings, I have the responsibility his safe sending back, can lead him to go together?” Zhou Wen knows that this person is not one to the person who the child begins. “这个小朋友是我带来的,我有责任把他安全的送回去,能带他一起去吗?”周文知道这人绝不是一个会对孩子动手的人。 Casual, you decided.” The reply of Faceless Buddha let the opening that the people were startled the mouth. “随便,你自己决定。”无面佛的回答让众人都吃惊的张大了嘴巴。 Ghost and Old Jin and the others steal a glance look at Zhou Wen, can who Faceless Buddha makes this concession, they listen not to listen. 老妖和老金等人都偷眼看着周文,能够让无面佛作出这种让步的人,他们听都没有听过。 In the past the Capet family person hit a Red-light Street woman, Faceless Buddha broke that person of hands and feet completely, and issued the order, the Capet family person three months cannot enter Red-light Street. 当年卡佩家的人打了一个烟花巷的女人,无面佛把那人的手脚全部打断,并且下达了命令,卡佩家的人三个月不许进烟花巷 Finally the Capet family direct descendant young people are not serious, came Red-light Street, finally by killing that Faceless Buddha is relentless, what Capet family cannot Faceless Buddha. 结果有一个卡佩家的嫡系年轻人不当一回事,还是来了烟花巷,结果就被无面佛毫不留情的杀死,卡佩家也没能把无面佛什么样。 Now because of Zhou Wen’s a few words, Faceless Buddha not only let off Hui Wan, but also agrees lets be Hui Wan of Hui family person goes to his home, this was extremely really inconceivable. 现在因为周文的一句话,无面佛不但放过了惠玩,而且还肯让身为惠家人的惠玩去他家里,这实在太过不可思议了。 Hui Wan also looks at Zhou Wen, standing is motionless there, does not know that is thinking anything. 惠玩也是怔怔地看着周文,站在那里一动不动,不知道在想什么。 Zhou Wen is drawing Hui Wan, on direct conducting the back of Twin-Headed Evil Dragon, under the gaze of Red-light Street people, Twin-Headed Evil Dragon carried them to vanish in the long street deep place. 周文拉着惠玩,直接上了双头恶龙的背上,在烟花巷众人的注视下,双头恶龙载着他们消失在了长街深处。
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