IHAMSS :: Volume #7

#643: New joys

Chapter 643 new joy 第643章新欢 Who is rosy cloud elder sister? Why do I want to look for him?” “霞姐是谁?我为什么要找他?” Hears in the person heart of Lin Yi is hundred taste mixed Chen. 听到林毅的人心中都是百味杂陈。 Although if we had known can be such result, may work as this result really to appear at present, their moods are very complex. 虽然早知道会是这样的结果,可当这个结果真的出现在眼前,她们的心情还是很复杂。 The spirit ripples, replied: „ Rosy cloud elder sister, is my friend. 灵漪顿了一下,才回答道:“霞姐啊,就是我的一个朋友。 Good, since you are not look for her, that told the story to me! ” 好了既然你不是来找她,那就给我讲故事吧!” The spirit ripples shifted the topic forcefully, just like same in front of Bixia. 灵漪是强行转移了话题,正如在碧霞面前一样。 Lin Yi as if not care to this matter very much, has not closely examined, continued to tell the story of The Legend and Hero. 林毅也似乎对这件事情并不是很在意,也就没有追问,继续讲起了封神榜的故事。 Then yesterday's story said that that lump truncated the bone to return the father, truncated the meat also female, the lotus flower brought his skeleton to return. 接着昨天的故事讲,那坨削骨还父,削肉还母,莲花带着他的尸骨一路返回。 Nine mothers knew that the son dies frigidly, sadness. 九娘得知儿子死得惨烈,又是悲从中来。 Knew that lump of ghost is anxious, nine mothers look around for the person of high skill, knew that with three years of the world incense and candle, can remould the golden body, must succeed shortly, that lump of father Li Qing also leads the person to disturb...... 得知那坨亡魂不安,九娘又四处寻访高人,才得知用三年人间香火,可以重塑金身,眼看着就要成功,那坨的父亲李青又带人来捣乱…… Lin Yi reorganizes relative is perfunctory, but the spirit ripples deeply were attracted by the story. 林毅改编得相对敷衍,但灵漪还是被故事深深吸引住了。 Her today's mood is not very good, listening to the story not to invest very much. 只是,她今天的心情不是很好,听故事也不是很投入。 Lin Yi and other time were up, access road/simply said: Today first arrived here, I should also go back.” 林毅等时间差不多了,便道:“今天就先到这里,我也该回去了。” „Will you also come tomorrow?” “你明天还会来吗?” The spirit ripples visit him, in the eye is very puzzled. 灵漪看着他,眼里十分纠结。 She hopes that Lin Yi can come, actually does not hope that Lin Yi comes. 她希望林毅能来,却也不希望林毅过来。 This to Lin Yi is sad place, if he really forgot Bixia, best do not come. 这对林毅是一个伤心之地,如果他真的忘了碧霞,最好还是不要过来了。 But, she does not want to lose Lin Yi this friend. 可是,她不想失去林毅这个朋友。 The time that although two people are together is not long, Lin Yi actually became the spirit ripples most special friend. 虽然两人相处的时间不长,林毅却成了灵漪最特别的朋友。 Lin Yi thinks, said: I do not know that tomorrow has the time, but, if I had the time to come to look your.” 林毅想了想,道:“我不知道明天有没有时间,不过,如果我有时间了就会过来找你的。” Good, said it and meant it!” “好,一言为定!” The spirit ripples were very happy, among them the fetters have not separated because of Bixia. 灵漪很高兴,他们之间的羁绊并没有因为碧霞而断开。 Next day, Lin Yi comes , to continue to give the spirit ripples to tell the story. 次日,林毅如约而至,继续给灵漪讲故事。 Bixia is also observing each time in secret, discovered that some people coax Lin Yi to be happy for her, she wants to thank the spirit ripples very much. 碧霞每次也就在暗中观察,发现有人替她哄林毅开心,她内心是很想要感谢灵漪的。 After all, in she cannot accompany, when side Lin Yi, is the spirit ripples is doing this matter. 毕竟,在她不能陪伴在林毅身边的时候,是灵漪在做这件事。 May look that the spirit ripples and Lin Yi become intimate with day-by-day, her is actually the acid water braves at heart, actually anything cannot say. 可看着灵漪和林毅一天天变得亲近,她的心里却是酸水直冒,却什么也不能说。 She knows, this aggrievedness, is only the appetizer. 她知道,这种憋屈,只是开胃菜。 She except for enduring patiently, has no alternative. 她除了忍耐,别无选择。 In an instant, was half a month passes. 转眼,又是半个月过去了。 On this day, the story of The Legend and Hero also said. 这一日,封神榜的故事也就讲完了。 The new royal government establishes, the leads defeated the evil emperor, rewards according to merit, enfeoffed the Spiritual God. 新的朝廷建立,主角们之打败了邪恶的帝王,论功行赏,重新分封了神灵。 Listens to the story, the spirit ripples have a pondering feeling. 听完故事,灵漪有种意犹未尽的感觉。 Bixia who has listened secretly, actually listened to the Lin Yi hidden thought idea from this story. 一直偷听的碧霞,却从这个故事听出了林毅暗藏的思想理念。 To overthrow a decayed dynasty, must have the determination of fight! 想要推翻一个腐朽的王朝,就必须要有战斗的决心! Tomorrow, I should not come.” “明天,我应该就不会来了。” This story said that Lin Yi said to the spirit ripples. 这一个故事讲完,林毅对灵漪如是说道。 Spirit ripples immediately at heart one startled, she has been used to every night and Lin Yi dull several double-hour, spoke the conversation with him. 灵漪顿时心里一惊,她已经习惯了每天晚上来和林毅呆几个时辰,和他说会话。 Why doesn't come?” “为什么不来了?” Story has said that moreover, I am very actually busy.” “故事已经讲完了啊,而且,我其实很忙的。” These words are not false, Lin Yi simply is the time management Grandmaster. 这句话可不假,林毅简直是时间管理大师。 Daytime to evening, basically at processing government affairs. 白天到晚上,基本上是在处理政务。 In the evening ended a day of work, arrived spoke the time of story to the spirit ripples. 晚上结束一天的劳动,就到了给灵漪讲故事的时间。 By 11 p.m. to 1 a.m, is the sword immortal waistcoat gets online, his everywhere beheading monsters and exterminating demons, the promotion cultivates is, every night has not rested. 到了子时,则是剑仙马甲上线的时候,他四处斩妖除魔,提升修为,每天晚上都没休息。 Even ten years 20 years of young monster, Lin Yi has not let off. 甚至十年二十年的小妖怪,林毅都没放过。 Night Pacifying Ministry gave entire was speechless, this sword immortal, killing the heart was too rather heavy. 靖夜司都给整无语了,这位剑仙,杀心未免太重。 Their this does not know, Lin Yi must hit four labor. 他们这是不知道,林毅要打四份工。 After waiting cut to kill the evil spirit conclusion, by early morning, Lin Yi must go to big snake there punch-, cutting the monster sword delivered the blood is only its one, what was more important was with a big snake learn/study military tactics say/way, the technique of emperor wait/etc. 等斩杀妖魔结束之后,到了凌晨,林毅还得去大蛇那里打卡,给斩妖剑送血只是其一,更重要的是跟大蛇学习兵法阵道,帝王之术等等。 These things completed, Lin Yi can rest a while, then probably process the royal government shortly. 这些事情都做完了,林毅才能短暂地休息一会儿,然后就要去处理朝政了。 His time arranges tightly, actually to insist very much every day told the story to the spirit ripples. 他的时间安排得很紧,却每天坚持过来给灵漪讲故事。 Insisting is so long, he should also relax. 坚持了这么久,他也该放松放松了。 That can't you tell a new story to me?” “那伱不能给我讲一个新的故事么?” The spirit ripples know own request should not, but she does not want to say directly oneself are does not give up Lin Yi. 灵漪知道自己的这个请求不应该,但她也不想直接说自己是舍不得林毅 Lin Yi sees her not to abandon, has to explain: „ Perhaps I later do not have how much time the story, some people have taken care are looking for the princess to me. 林毅见她不舍,也只好解释道:“我以后恐怕没多少时间来讲故事,已经有人张罗着给我找王妃了。 Waited for the princess, my later evening was not good to go out again. ” 等有了王妃,我以后晚上也不好再出门了。” Princess!?” “王妃!?” Hears this news suddenly, both goddesses are not good. 骤然听到这个消息,两个女神都不好了。 Bixia this listens secretly the crazy demon, only felt like that pulls out the pain. 碧霞这个偷听狂魔,心里只觉得一阵抽痛。 Lin Yi must get married eventually. 林毅终究是要成亲了。 Also yes, he forgot himself, as the king, he also indeed should prepare to be passed from generation to generation for the kingdom. 也是,他都忘了自己,作为大王,他也的确应该准备为了王国传宗接代了。 She had given up, knows that this news, sad and useful? 她已经放弃了,知道这个消息,难过又有什么用呢? Bixia wants to be treated as by oneself has not heard, but in her mind is actually reverberating unceasingly Lin Yi that a few words. 碧霞想让自己当做没听到,但她的脑海中却不断地在回响着林毅的那一句话。 Why the spirit ripples do not know, heard Lin Yi saying that must look for the princess, she was angry suddenly very much. 灵漪也不知道为什么,听到林毅说要找王妃,她忽然很生气。 Because of other woman, you can discard my friend?” “就因为别的女人,你就要舍弃我这个朋友了么?” „......” “呃……” Lin Yi had not understood for a while spirit ripples the logic , he explained: I work as the friend you, but after there are princess, I have to the multi- spend some time accompany the princess.” 林毅一时没理解灵漪的这个逻辑,他顿了一下,才解释道:“我还是把你当朋友的,只是有了王妃之后,我也不得不多花点时间陪伴王妃。” In other words between me and your princesses, you chose your princess!” “那就是说在我和你的王妃之间,你选择了你的王妃呗!” Spirit ripples little while was a little aggressive. 灵漪这会儿有点咄咄逼人了。 Looked that she is so maneating, Lin Yi does not want to dispute with her, has reluctantly: I did not have the princess.” 看她如此凶悍,林毅也不想和她争执,只好无奈地到:“我还没有王妃。” Sooner or later will have, by that time, you definitely paid no attention to me.” “迟早会有的,到那时,你肯定就不理我了。” The spirit ripples think of here, the tears flow copiously suddenly, looked at Lin Yi stupidly. 灵漪想到这里,眼泪忽然夺眶而出,把林毅都看傻了。 How did this cry? 怎么这就哭了呢? This child such frail? 这孩子这么脆弱的吗? Lin Yi is helpless, rushes to comfort her. 林毅无奈,赶忙安慰她。 As everyone knows, spirit ripples little while is also very shocking. 殊不知,灵漪这会儿也很震惊。 She asked herself, why knows that Lin Yi must look for the princess, she was angry, was so sad. 她不禁问自己,为什么知道林毅要找王妃了,她这么生气,又这么难过。 After Lin Yi, will be hugging other woman in the bosom, kisses/intimate to hug, like initially just like Bixia...... 林毅以后会搂着别的女人在怀里,亲亲抱抱,就像当初和碧霞一样…… Only is the brain makes up such scene, her does not have the means to be calm. 光是脑补这样的场面,她的心情就没办法平静下来。 How was my?” “我这是怎么了?” Tears that the spirit ripples wipe the face helplessly, Lin Yi also coaxes the child to be the same probably, the compromise said: Do not cry not to cry, even if I had the princess, will not recognize your friend.” 灵漪不知所措地擦了擦脸上的泪水,一盘的林毅也像是哄小孩一样,妥协道:“别哭了别哭了,我就算有王妃了,也不会不认你这个朋友的。” The effect that the words of this comfort, have not comforted completely, instead made the spirit ripples be angry. 这句安慰的话,完全没有安慰的效果,反而让灵漪更加生气了。 You go quite to go with your princess, I do not care about you also to want my friend!” “你去和你的王妃好去吧,我才不在乎你还要不要我这个朋友!” Then, she had no more to do with dash about wildly, ran in the mountain forest, was missing. 说完,她拔腿狂奔,跑进了山林之中,不见了踪影。 Lin Yi: „......” 林毅:“……” The woman in mountain is really strange. 山里的女人真奇怪。 The Spiritual God chassis, he does not dare to intrude rashly, has first to go back. 神灵的底盘,他也不敢贸然闯入,只好先回去了。 Next day, he such as arrived in the past same, sees the spirit ripples not to have the earliest possible time, he also launched the fireworks. 次日,他还是如往常一样到来,见灵漪没有第一时间到,他还发射了烟花。 But the spirit ripples have not come. 可灵漪还是没有过来。 She is pondering an issue, why thinks that Lin Yi and other woman in the same place, will she be sad sadly? 她在思考一个问题,为什么想到林毅和别的女人在一起,她会伤心难过? This issue, she does not dare to ask others, oneself think, cannot think of the answer. 这个问题,她也不敢去问别人,自己一个人想,又想不到答案。 She has to ask oneself friends. 她只好去问自己的朋友们。 The flowers and plants trees in mountain, birds and beasts. 山里的花草树木,飞禽走兽。 This asked that but also the really two birds gave her the answer. 这一问,还真有两只鸟给了她答案。 This is to the acquisitive instinct of spouse, you treated as your spouse him.” “这是对配偶的占有欲,你把他当做自己的配偶了。” No, is impossible!” “不,不可能!” The spirit ripples blushed at that time the face, then entire day, passed in the shyness. 灵漪当时就羞红了脸,然后整整一天,都是在羞涩之中度过的。 But this all day, Lin Yi continuously appears in her mind. 而这一整天,林毅都不断地在她脑海中出现。 She starts to taste with Lin Yi in the together tips, more wants to be at heart more chaotic. 她开始回味和林毅在一起的点点滴滴,越想心里越乱。 In the evening discovered that Lin Yi arrived, she does not dare to go to see him. 晚上发现林毅到了,她都不敢出去见他。 This is the man who Bixia likes, although she was mad Bixia, but treated as the sisters to regard her. 这可是碧霞喜欢的男人,她虽然生碧霞的气了,但还是把她当做姐妹来看待的。 No matter what, can't she have such thoughts to Lin Yi? 不管怎么样,她都不能对林毅有那样的心思吧? Detected that the improper feelings, the spirit ripples feared, starts to hide Lin Yi. 察觉到自己不该有的情愫,灵漪怕了,开始躲着林毅 This passes day-by-day, every day looks at Lin Yi there, she wants to go to see him, actually does not dare. 就这样一天天过去,每天看着林毅在那里,她想出去见他,却又不敢。 However, every night, waited for Lin Yi to arrive became her new program. 但是,每天晚上,等待林毅到来就成了她的新节目。 That window paper had pierced, the spirit ripples carefully examine own innermost feelings unceasingly, knows when she really did not know, likes this man. 那一层窗户纸已经捅破了,灵漪不断审视自己的内心,才知道她真的不知道在什么时候,就喜欢上了这个男人。 But, this man is Bixia...... 可是,这个男人是碧霞的…… Spirit ripples has many worries at heart, for seven days, she has not gone to see Lin Yi. 灵漪的心里有着诸多顾虑,一连七天,她都没有出去见林毅 Until eighth day, Lin Yi has not appeared again. 直到第八天,林毅没有再出现了。 Ninth day, still so. 第九天,依然如此。 Tenth day...... 第十天…… 15 th day, the spirit ripples could not sit still finally, she starts to descend the mountain, the news of inquiry business king. 第十五天,灵漪终于坐不住了,她开始下山,去打探商王的消息。 Must achieve this is not difficult, she has many animal friends, is good at becoming friends, asks, can always ask the answer that oneself want. 要做到这点并不难,她有很多的动物朋友,也擅长交朋友,多问问,总能问到自己想要的答案。 The news that from Northeast the goose that flew to tell her her to want. 一只从东北方向飞来的大雁告诉了她她想要的消息。 However, that after all is only an ordinary goose, its wisdom is not high. 不过,那毕竟只是一只普通的大雁,它本身的智慧并不高。 After was opened the spirit by the spirit ripples, it also can only express the scene that oneself see off and on. 在被灵漪启灵之后,它也只能断续地表达自己看到的场面。 Business king, expedition and mountain forest, entire.” “商王,征战、山林,全死了。” Business did the king die?” “商王死了?” The spirit ripples hear this news, only thought that the whole body strength seemed like stripped instantaneously. 灵漪听到这个消息,只觉得浑身的力气都像是瞬间剥离了似的。 Did he die? 他死了? Suddenly, Lin Yi various appearances flash before from her mind unceasingly, finally frames in him is killed by the sword and spear...... 一时间,林毅的各种模样从她的脑海中不断闪现,最终定格在他被刀枪砍杀…… The final picture is quite fuzzy, because is her brain makes up. 最后的画面比较模糊,因为是她脑补的。 King died, entire!” “王死了,全死了!” The goose continues to give the torn to pieces information, the spirit ripples hear, immediately falls on the ground. 大雁继续在传递支离破碎的信息,灵漪听闻,顿时跌坐在地上。 The goose sees that also continued to face south flies away. 大雁见状,又继续朝南边飞走了。 It does not know that this person understood, but it does not need to manage, after all, it is only a goose. 它也不知道这个人听懂了没有,但它也不必管,毕竟,它只是一只大雁。 Spirit ripples alone sad for a long time, cannot accept Lin Yi already the matter that died in battle. 灵漪独自悲伤了许久,还是不能接受林毅已经战死的事。 She starts to intercept the migratory bird that came from Northeast, the obtained information is mostly the same except for minor differences. 她开始拦截从东北方向过来的候鸟,得到的信息大同小异。 War, frigid, many people, death. 战争,惨烈,多人,死亡。 The spirit ripples more listen to the heart to be cooler, as the saying goes a lie or story repeated often enough will begin to accepted as true. 灵漪越听越心凉,有道是三人成虎。 When more and more birds mentioned the northeast direction war, the truth also seemed so. 当越来越多的鸟说起东北方向的战争,真相也仿佛就是如此。 How the spirit ripples have forgotten themselves to return to Mount Tai. 灵漪已经忘了自己是怎么回到泰山的。 But when she arrives at the foot of the hill, made her worry about for a long time person to stand there. 可当她走到山脚下,一个让她牵挂了许久的人正站在那里。 That person of Lin Yi. 那人正是林毅 Sees Lin Yi, the spirit ripples are shocked at the scene, for a while cannot believe. 看到林毅,灵漪当场愣住,一时不敢相信。 For a long time does not see.” “好久不见。” „!” “呜哇!” The spirit ripples dash to Lin Yi side, one grasps, the person is hot, is not the ghost, is not the illusion. 灵漪飞奔到林毅身边,一下抱住,人还是热乎的,不是鬼,也不是幻觉。 The spirit ripples weep immediately, she has a regaining pleasant surprise. 灵漪顿时喜极而泣,她有种失而复得的惊喜。 Lin Yi has not thought actually, oneself is casual a few words, makes the spirit ripples so rude. 倒是林毅没想到,自己只是随便一句话,就让灵漪这么失态。 Suddenly, he does not know that makes anything, has dumbfounded motionless. 一时间,他也不知道做点什么,只好呆住不动。 This miss is good, but one excited likes holding person shortcoming is not good. 这姑娘是挺好的,但一激动就喜欢抱人这个缺点可不好。 Naturally, hugged him even. 当然,抱他就算了。 He is an honorable gentleman, will not seize the chance to profit. 他是正人君子,不会趁机占便宜。 Where for several days you went, why did not look for me!” “这些天你去哪里了,为什么不来找我!” Lin Yi is just about to explain, the spirit ripples also first said: They said that you died! Scared to death me!” 林毅正要解释,灵漪又抢先道:“它们都说你死了!吓死我了!” Lin Yi: „......” 林毅:“……” Is who is fabricating a rumor I dead? 是谁在造谣我死了? But the spirit ripples are so sad, makes Lin Yi think that some are not right. 而灵漪这么伤心,也让林毅觉得有些不对劲了。 The words saying...... 话说…… Why was she sad to this degree? 她为何伤心到了这种程度? Does she really only treat as herself the friend? 她真的只把自己当做朋友吗? Ok, this issue cannot ponder. 算了,这个问题不能细想。 Lin Yi then spits the mortise: Who said that I did die?” 林毅转而吐槽道:“谁说我死了?” The spirit ripples then mentioned themselves to inquire the information matter to the bird, the Lin Yi hear, was speechless. 灵漪便说起自己向鸟儿打听情报的事,林毅听完,也是一阵无语。 Has a possibility, you solved to misread.” “有没有一种可能,你解读错了。” Lin Yi spits the mortise: Indeed was entire, but death was not I.” 林毅吐槽道:“的确是全死了,但死的不是我。” „?” “啊?” This being a long story, you listened to me to say slowly!” “这个说来话长,你听我慢慢说吧!” Lin Yi thought that this matter mentioned is also very odd. 林毅觉得这件事说来也挺离谱的。 Also 78 days ago, he receives the message suddenly, Li tiger bandited suppression the sacrifice. 也是在七八天前,他忽然收到消息,李虎剿匪牺牲。 Li tiger guards one of the Eastern big aristocrats, his position is quite important, having an accident, Lin Yi naturally was the earliest possible time knows. 李虎是镇守东方的大贵族之一,他的地位相当重要,出了事,林毅自然是第一时间知道了。 But after looking at the relevant record, Lin Yi is dumbfounded. 而查看了相关记录之后,林毅更是傻眼。 On two characters, odd. 就两个字,离谱。 5000 regular armies walk into the mountain to bandit suppression, unexpectedly is annihilated. 五千正规军进山剿匪,居然全军覆没。 You as if are teasing me. 你仿佛在逗我。 Knows news time, Lin Yi even felt, in this definitely has the conspiracy. 知道消息的时候,林毅甚至觉得,这里面肯定有阴谋。 Perhaps, some people are planning him quietly also perhaps. 或许,是有人在悄悄算计他也说不定。 Therefore, Lin Yi set out three different intelligence organizations to inquire the news, the truth surfaces quickly. 于是,林毅出动了三个不同的情报组织去打探消息,真相很快就浮出水面。 Received three difference not big information, the Lin Yi hemp. 收到三份出入不大的情报,林毅麻了。 The Eastern Dayueshi tribe, the total population is less than thousand people, annihilated the big business 8000 elite. 东方一个大月氏部落,总人口不到千人,前后歼灭了大商八千精锐。 This is not 8000 mixed soldiers, but is 8000 elite! 这可不是八千杂兵,而是八千精锐啊! This special goes to war with the foot is also insufficient to make into this? 这特么用脚打仗也不至于打成这样吧? The Lin Yi first feeling is this Li Hupa is not the tiger ratio, delivers the head/number of people one after another. 林毅第一感觉是这个李虎怕不是虎比,一波一波送人头。 But he also soon realized, three raids, the population is different, leading troops not possible to tumble in a pit. 但他也很快意识到,三个批次,人数不同,带兵的不可能在一个坑里跌倒。 Therefore, is not Li tiger may be very stupid, but is Dayueshi has the issue. 所以,很可能不是李虎愚蠢,而是大月氏有问题。 Li tiger this dies, the created consequence is quite serious. 李虎这一死,造成的后果相当严重。 First lost the face countenance of big business , four sides the big business present is the enemies, but the power and prestige dissemination four directions of big business, the square barbarians do not dare easily to provoke the big business. 首先是丢了大商的颜面,要知道,大商现在四面都是敌人,但大商的威风传播四方,四方的蛮夷都不敢轻易招惹大商。 But, after Li tiger defeat body dies, Dongyi Clan and tribe starts to be ready to make trouble. 可是,李虎战败身死之后,东夷部族开始蠢蠢欲动。 Thought probably the big business is only the paper tiger, the power and prestige blows. 大概是觉得大商只是纸老虎,威风都是吹出来的。 Therefore, Dongyi deploying troops border, crazy provocation. 于是,东夷陈兵边境,疯狂挑衅。 How does this enable Lin Yi to endure? 这让林毅怎么能忍? Handed over adjusts 20,000 armies to go to battle. 转手就调了两万大军出征。 Right, only has 20,000. 没错,只有两万。 Hits Dongyi, cannot use too many soldiers. 打东夷,用不上太多士兵。 This 20,000 were sufficient. 这两万够用了。 Cut the monster sword to realize, Lin Yi happen to needed the blood to give to cut the monster sword to hold the front. 恰好,斩妖剑已经练成了,林毅正好需要鲜血来给斩妖剑开锋。 The east barbarian hits toward the cutting edge on, Lin Yi will not be certainly polite. 东边的蛮夷往刀口上撞,林毅当然不会客气。 The Lin Yi direct royal cart drafts, to that side, discovered that these barbarian wrong behaviors, rape to plunder very much, even similar eats. 林毅直接御驾亲征,到了那边,才发现这些蛮夷很不当人,奸淫掳掠,甚至同类相食。 This barbarian Lin Yi has not persuaded their ideas, cuts the monster to come out of the sheath, killed for three days and three nights, killing a head/number of people was billowing, rivers of blood...... 这种蛮夷林毅可没有感化他们的想法,斩妖出鞘,杀了三天三夜,杀了个人头滚滚,血流成河……
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