HE :: Volume #7

#615: Decisive battle! The Djinn strikes!

Chapter 615 第615章 Report!” “报!” Suddenly, a transmitting orders sound has interrupted the Wang Chong's ponder. 突然之间,一阵传令声打断了王冲的思考。 Young Master, in the armed forces the palm spreads the news thinly, 17 soldiers faint in standing guard, this is today's 12 waves, the brothers in armed forces have sent to military doctor there to treat and cure them.” “公子,军中掌薄传来消息,又有17名战士在站岗的时候晕倒,这已经是今天的12波了,军中的兄弟已经将他们送去军医那里救治了。” Military officer respectful kneeling down of transmitting orders under hillside, to the place of high flagpole. 传令的军官恭恭敬敬的跪倒在山坡下,正对着高高的旗杆的地方。 In the Wang Chong heart sinks, but quick returned to normal. 王冲心中一沉,但是很快就恢复了正常。 Knew. After this matter, you leave the principle voluntarily, did not need to report me.” “知道了。这种事情以后你们自行出理,就不用报告我了。” Yes, Young Master.” “是,公子。” The transmitting orders officer has drawn back quickly respectfully. 传令官很快恭恭敬敬的退了出去。 Chong'er, the war is this. Has the victory, has the defeat, has the war, has Death. This is unavoidable. Now this, is quite good. The benevolent does not manage money, merciful people cannot command troops, is the military officer, should not goes to Death of sad subordinate, but how is considers to lead Great Army to win a battle, avoids bigger casualties.” 冲儿,战争就是这样。有胜,就有败,有战争,就有死亡。这是无法避免的。现在这样子,已经是相当不错了。仁不掌财,慈不掌兵,做将领的,不是应该是去感伤下属的死亡,而是考虑怎么带领大军打胜仗,来避免更大的伤亡。” What this is true will be the [say / way]!” “这才是真正的为将之道!” A long sigh, with the serious sound of footsteps, transmits from behind. A Wang Yan military garb, does not know when sincere walked from behind. 一声长长的叹息,伴随着沉重的脚步声,从后面传来。王严一身戎装,不知什么时候语重心长的从后面走了上来。 Father, I knows. Cannot avoid!” “父亲,我知道。只是还是免不了啊!” The Wang Chong response said. 王冲回应道。 No matter this war father or Xianyu Zhongtong, southwest Great Army including entire, all people see only then opposite Daqin Ruozan and Ge Luofeng. 这场战争不管父亲还是鲜于仲通,包括整个西南大军的上上下下,所有人看到的都只有对面的大钦若赞阁罗凤 Regarding them, this is one regular cannot the regular fight. 对于他们来说,这就是一场正规的不能再正规的战斗。 However regarding Wang Chong, more than is these that he sees. 但是对于王冲来说,他看到的远不止是这些。 „The dike of thousand li(500 km) bursts in ant nest, Great Tang this huge Empire, the future destiny will possibly depend on before this fights. This southwest war, Great Tang cannot lose, cannot lose. “千里之堤溃于蚁穴”,大唐这个庞大的帝国,未来的命运可能就取决于这一战之前。这场西南之战,大唐输不起,也不能输。 Because this involves, will be the entire Great Tang future national destiny. 因为这牵扯到的,是整个大唐未来的国运。 Young Master dwelling heart is kindhearted, we can achieve this step, is young master’s merit. Present Meng-U Allied Army, the casualties were actually heavier than us, but also are many. As for later how, fresh,...... Did not care on the contrary very much. “公子宅心仁厚,我们能达到这一步,都是公子的功劳。现在的蒙乌联军,伤亡其实已经比我们还重,还多了。至于以后如何,鲜于,……反倒并不是很在意了。 Nighttime, another sound also conveys. Xianyu Zhongtong is treading the step, at a moderate pace, not anxiously not slow walked from another direction, finally sat left side of Wang Chong's. 黑夜里,另一个声音同时传来。鲜于仲通踏着步子,不紧不慢,不急不缓的从另一个方向走了过来,最后在王冲的左侧坐了下来。 Young Master, do you look for us?” “公子,你找我们?” Chong'er, has any matter you to speak frankly.” 冲儿,有什么事你就直说吧。” Wang Yan walked similarly. 王严同样走了过来。 As Commander in Chief Great Army, they cannot leave the camp actually easily. However, if the Wang Chong's meaning, all were different. They came to have a while actually, saw that Wang Chong sat there ponders, no one has disturbed. 做为大军主帅,两人其实是不能轻易离开营地的。不过,如果是王冲的意思,一切都不同了。两人其实过来已经有一会儿了,看到王冲坐在那里沉思,谁也没有打扰。 Grew up really!” “真的长大了!” Wang Yan looked under a flagpole, obviously thin many Wang Chong, in the heart have sighed with emotion one, gratified. From the disobedient son who starts that to make him not be free from worry, to the present can for Great Tang, for Central Plains, for the southwest common people, the thousand li(500 km) rush to rescue, the body braves hardships and dangers......, Wang Chong change is not a least bit. 王严看了一眼旗杆下,明显清瘦了许多的王冲,心中感慨一声,欣慰不已。从最开始那个让他不省心的逆子,到现在能为了大唐,为了中土,为了西南的百姓,千里驰援,身涉险地……,王冲身上的变化不是一点半点。 Although until now, Wang Yan is not quite clear, how Wang Chong becomes the essence excels at Art of War suddenly. However at this moment, all these are unimportant. In the Wang Yan heart has one type is the pride and pride of father. 虽然到现在为止,王严都还不太明白,王冲怎么突然之间变得精擅兵法。但是此时此刻,这一切都不重要了。王严心中自有一种身为父亲的骄傲和自豪。 Father, fresh Sir in, the time are not many. At the latest in these days, that side U-Tsang and Mengshe Polity should launch to move. This time, U-Tsang will not leave ground again. This possibly is last decisive battle between we and U-Tsang, the Mengshe Polity.” “父亲,鲜于大人,时间不多了。最迟在这几天,乌斯藏蒙舍诏那边应该就会展开行动了。这一次,乌斯藏不会再留余地。这可能就是我们和乌斯藏蒙舍诏之间的最后一场大决战。” Excessively many exchanging conventional greetings, have not looked at southwest entire Great Tang the biggest pillar, Wang Chong come straight to the point to say directly. 没有过多的寒喧,看着身旁整个大唐西南最大的支柱,王冲直接开门见山道。 Only a few words, the atmosphere under flagpole immediately becomes dignified incomparable. 只一句话,旗杆下的气氛顿时变得凝重无比。 Related to the safety of 60,000 officers and southwest innumerable common people, Wang Yan and on the Xianyu Zhongtong face has also shown the dignified look. 涉及到60000将士和西南无数百姓的安危,王严鲜于仲通脸上也透出了凝重的神色。 Young Master has any words to speak frankly, needs fresh in the coordinate place, I fully coordinate surely!” “公子有什么话就直说,需要鲜于配合的地方,我必定全力配合!” Xianyu Zhongtong stern-faced [say / way]. 鲜于仲通一脸凝重道。 The southwest defeats, he is the biggest crime feudal official, needs to take the biggest responsibility. All that Wang Chong makes now, to a certain extent is helping him. 西南战败,他就是最大的罪臣,也需要负最大的责任。王冲现在所做的一切,某种程度上就是在帮助他。 Nearby, Wang Yan also nodded. 一旁,王严也点了点头。 „!” “唰!” Wang Chong puts out a hand in the body previous stroke, the innumerable dust putties gather to come from four sides, when he puts aside the palm, under flagpole were many immediately a micro sand table. 王冲伸手在身前一划,无数的尘泥从四面汇聚而来,当他将手掌移开,旗杆下立即多了一个微缩的沙盘。 As entire big * the actual direction of team, the situation of entire battlefield now is the deep brand mark in his mind. 做为整个大*队的实际指挥,整个战场的形势现在已经是深深的烙印在了他的脑海之中。 „The present situation, we returned to the same starting line with U-Tsang and Mengshe Polity. We now faced with water source difficult position, but that side Daqin Ruozan is not similarly better than us. But military strength......, Although our military strength also reduced 40%, only remaining more than 60,000 point, but that side U-Tsang also only remaining 300,000 military strength. Their superiority were getting more and more weak.” “现在的情况,我们已经和乌斯藏蒙舍诏回到了同一起跑线。我们现在面临水源的困境,而大钦若赞那边同样不比我们好。而兵力方面……,虽然我们的兵力也削减了四成,只剩下60000多点,但是乌斯藏那边也只剩下300000的兵力。他们的优势已经越来越弱。” Now all keys, no longer are that side the Mongolian black military force......” “现在一切的关键,已经不再是蒙乌那边的军力……” Wang Chong was saying received the sound, has swept two Great Tang Commander-in-Chief slowly. 王冲说着收了声,缓缓扫了一眼身旁两位大唐统帅 【The good news, Huangfu's micro blog clears! If wants to know that I the condition in life, welcome to pay attention! ^-^ 【好消息,皇甫的微博开通啊!如果想知道我在生活中的状态,欢迎关注啊!^-^】 Young master’s meaning......” “公子的意思……” Xianyu Zhongtong knit the brows slightly, in the eye has shown doubts. The Wang Chong's strategic mindset is to go far beyond without doubt his, perhaps Zhangchou Great Protectorate here, will not do absolutely is better than him. 鲜于仲通微微皱了皱眉,眼中透出了一丝疑惑。王冲的战略思维无疑是远远超过他的,恐怕章仇大都护在这里,也绝对不会做得比他更好。 Therefore sometimes, only if Wang Chong stated clearly, otherwise other people also were really the thoughts that was difficult to follow him to jump. 所以某些时候,除非王冲明说,否则其他人还真是很难跟上他跳跃的思维。 Wang Chong had not said that but has put out four gravel, one after another, has placed on the micro sand table, meets the imperial edict Great Army place on behalf of U-Tsang and ignorant. 王冲没有多说,而是拿出了四颗石子,接二连三,一个一个放在了微缩沙盘上,代表乌斯藏和蒙会诏大军的地方。 Huoshu Guicang, Ge Luofeng and Duan Ge Quan, have Daqin Ruozan......, Daqin Ruozan is the article, therefore our true difficult problems are U-Tsang and hoodwink Mengshe Polity three Great General!” 火树归藏阁罗凤段葛全、还有大钦若赞……,大钦若赞是文相,所以我们真正的难题是乌斯藏和蒙蒙舍诏的三名大将!” Wang Chong was saying represents the Daqin Ruozan gravel that has put, took. 王冲说着将那颗代表大钦若赞的石子,放了下去,又拿了上来。 Daqin Ruozan meets martial arts, but is similar to Wang Chong is the same, he bigger threat lies in his wisdom and strategy, but is not martial arts. Truly to the Great Tang biggest threat, is Huoshu Guicang, Ge Luofeng and Duan Ge Quan these three Great General Level Powerhouse extremely. 大钦若赞是会武功的,但就如同王冲一样,他更大的威胁在于他的智慧、谋略,而不是武功。真正对大唐最大的威胁,还是火树归藏阁罗凤段葛全这三名大将级别的绝顶强者而已。 Young Master Wang, I understand your meaning.” 王公子,我明白你的意思。” Xianyu Zhongtong knit the brows: 鲜于仲通皱了皱眉: „The present situation, Huoshu Guicang has Wang Yan General Djinn Heavenly God to resist, that side Duan Ge Quan, I can also use Diamond Heavenly God to be hostile, as for Ge Luofeng that side......, Is Mengshe Polity Empire Country Master, he will be will not be out absolutely easily. Therefore temporarily we will not have the too major problem.” “现在的情况,火树归藏王严将军巨灵天神抵挡,段葛全那边,我也可以用金钢天神敌对,至于阁罗凤那边……,身为蒙舍诏帝国国主,他是绝对不会轻易下场的。所以暂时我们还不会有太大的问题。” Temporarily is not out, will not represent will not be out!” “暂时不下场,并不代表不会下场!” Wang Chong said. 王冲道。 Xianyu Zhongtong immediately bursting out laughing. 鲜于仲通顿时哑然了。 Good that Wang Chong said that Ge Luofeng has not entered the stage, but the present situation did not have to that needing him enters the stage seriously. Once he enters the stage, by the Annan Protectorate Army present strength, cannot resist! 王冲说的不错,阁罗凤没有出场,只是现在的情况还没有严重到需要他出场的那一步而已。一旦他真的出场,以安南都护军现在的实力,根本抵挡不住! If not Great Tang in the long going on a punitive expedition against process, from the Taizong time, to present Sage Emperor your majesty, has pecked to produce one set to be effective, is unparalleled in the world, can rely on the numerical advantage, defeats a superior enemy, counter-balances the single body powerful strength Djinn Heavenly God Great Formation and Diamond Heavenly God Great Formation and other Array secret skill. 如果不是大唐在漫长的征伐过程中,从太宗时代,到现在的圣皇陛下,已经啄磨出了一整套行之有效,独步天下,可以凭借数量优势,以弱胜强,抵消单体强大实力的“巨灵天神大阵”、“金钢天神大阵”等阵法绝学的话。 This issue is not solved, we forever can only come under attack passively, wait for Daqin Ruozan they to attack. Moreover , can never come out of the present difficult position.” “这个问题不解决,我们就永远都只能被动挨打,等着大钦若赞他们来进攻。而且,也永远走不出眼前的困境。” Wang Chong sinking sound track. 王冲沉声道。 Hears Wang Chong these words, Wang Yan and Xianyu Zhongtong are the eye one bright. The Annan Protectorate Army top strength is inferior to U-Tsang and Mengshe Polity, this point is clear, is without a doubt. 听到王冲这句话,王严鲜于仲通都是眼睛一亮。安南都护军的顶级战力是不如乌斯藏蒙舍诏的,这一点明明白白,已经是毫无疑问。 Strategy that therefore from the beginning, the people locate is the protracted time as far as possible, waits for the Royal Court reinforcements. 所以从一开始,众人定位的策略就是尽可能的拖延时间,等待朝廷的援军。 However listens to the Wang Chong's meaning, obviously is not so. 但是听王冲的意思,显然不是如此。 Young master’s meaning......, Also has what other means to be inadequate?” “公子的意思……,难道还有什么其他的办法不成?” Xianyu Zhongtong is half believing and half doubting, is probing the [say / way]. 鲜于仲通将信将疑,试探着道。 The Wang Chong's Art of War attainments are very high, this he does not doubt. But if said that the fight between Wang Chong this top strengths he can meddle, Wang Chong really a little unable to believe continually. 王冲的兵法造诣很高,这点他是毫不怀疑的。但是如果说,王冲连这种顶级战力之间的战斗他都能够插手,王冲就真的有点不敢相信了。 Nearby Wang Yan has not spoken, but the vision is the military and political leaders will doubt obviously. 一旁的王严没有说话,但目光显然也是将相将疑。 Father, you and Huoshu Guicang has fought, felt that he is what kind of?” “父亲,你和火树归藏战斗过,感觉他怎么样?” Wang Chong had not said directly, but asked. 王冲没有直接说,而是反问道。 „The Huoshu Guicang strength is powerful, the golden Buddha strength of his incarnation is greatly strengthened, and has the formidable defense, I gathered 50-60 top military commanders, but also in the Great Army strength, displays incarnation Djinn Heavenly God, suppresses him not to live.” 火树归藏的实力非常强悍,他化身的金色佛陀力量极强,而且拥有强大的防御,我聚集了五六十位顶级武将,还在大军的实力,施展化身巨灵天神,还是压制他不住。” Wang Yan is pondering over the [say / way]. 王严思忖着道。 Although Great Tang large number of elderly persons, but eventually is place of country, impossible to be able simultaneously to resist world all foreign land various countries. This looks like by a person resists the world, therefore and Diamond Heavenly God Array gathers the strength of Great Army like Djinn Heavenly God, resists the opposite party top strength becomes is necessary. 大唐虽然人数众多,但终究是一国之地,不可能可以同时对抗得了天下所有的异邦诸国。这就像是以一个人对抗天下,所以像“巨灵天神”、“金钢天神”这样的阵法集合大军之力,来对抗对方顶尖的战力就变得很有必要。 In fact, this also initially gathered Great Tang innumerable Expert to ponder together that studies. 事实上,这也是当初集合了大唐无数的高手一起思考,研究出来的。 Wang Yan also because of the family background military and political leaders' family|home, is the child of Great Tang Duke of Jiu, must bestow this set Djinn Heavenly God Great Formation. 王严也是因为出身将相之家,是大唐九公之子,才得赐这套“巨灵天神大阵的。 Father, if once more and Huoshu Guicang fights, aims under his internal organs, or well palace hole.” “父亲,如果再次和火树归藏交手,就对准他的腑下,或者井府穴。” In the darkness, the Wang Chong look is bright, suddenly opens the mouth to say. 黑暗中,王冲眼神熠熠,突然开口道。 Oh? 哦? Wang Yan is staring at Wang Chong, in the heart accidental. 王严盯着王冲,心中大为意外。 Chong'er, where do you hear?” 冲儿,你是从哪里听说的?” Huoshu Guicang is U-Tsang Great General, big date Tathagata golden body Wang Yan was first time saw definitely that Wang Yan this veteran does not know any armpit and flaw of well palace hole, Wang Chong first time arrived in the southwest battlefield, Wang Yan does not know how he knew this. 火树归藏乌斯藏大将,大日如来金身决就连王严都是第一次见到,王严这种老将都不知道什么腋下、井府穴的破绽,王冲不过第一次抵达西南战场,王严不知道他是怎么知道这样的。 Father knows that child initially when outside muddled along, has learned some U-Tsang languages, the side that therefore some U-Tsang people with in the capital also walked was near. Child also has one time to hear accidentally that Great Snow Mountain Temple martial arts flaw majority of centralized in armpit, or is the well palace hole. If the father fights with Huoshu Guicang once more, might as well tries to try, perhaps has the harvest of accident.” “父亲知道的,孩儿当初在外面胡混的时候,学了一些乌斯藏语,所以和京中的一些乌斯藏人也走的极近。孩儿也是有一次无意中听说,大雪山神庙所处的武功破绽大部分集中在腋下,或者是井府穴。父亲如果和火树归藏再次交手,不妨试上一试,或许有意外的收获。” Wang Chong honest sound track. 王冲诚声道。 Wang Chong has not certainly associated in in the capital with any U-Tsang person, if powerful official's scion(s) of family|home barbarian walks extremely near with these, is very easy to receive the repels of other people. 王冲当然没有和什么乌斯藏人在京中交往,权贵之家的子弟如果和这些“野蛮人”走得极近,很容易受到其他人的排斥。 However to convince the father, Wang Chong also can only say. 不过为了说服父亲,王冲也只能这么说了。 Great Snow Mountain Temple martial arts altogether has eight big schools, naturally not flaw only centralized in armpit or well palace hole. The two days ago war, Wang Chong, although has not fought with Huoshu Guicang, but has found out his vein basically. 大雪山神庙武功共有八大流派,当然不会破绽只集中在腋下或者井府穴。两天前的大战,王冲虽然没有和火树归藏交手,但是已经基本摸清了他的脉络。 As once Soldier Saint of Saint Martial Realm peak, Wang Chong this vision had. 作为曾经圣武境巅峰的兵圣,王冲这点眼光还是有的。 【The good news, Huangfu's micro blog clears! If wants to know that I the condition in life, welcome to pay attention! ^-^ 【好消息,皇甫的微博开通啊!如果想知道我在生活中的状态,欢迎关注啊!^-^】 Beyond public person number exclusive «Big * God Su Zhengchen» ( 1 ) high and low has uploaded, welcome everybody to pay attention. The additional micro letter public number, searches Huangfu strange then. The click head picture, can examine in the historic record.:)】 【公众人号独家番外《大*神苏正臣》(一)上下已经上传,欢迎大家关注。加微信公众号,搜索皇甫奇即可。点击头像,在历史记录里可以查看。:)】
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